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I t at I I
' form Word of the meeting place fca9 ' arrested him for moongh'nlng and h
been sent through the lines to the served a year In the penitentiary as
enemy, and the messenger rode back the result of that arrest You will pur-
! with Grlswold, who was followed don me. sir," Cooke continued, ad-
qulckly by the adjutant general of dressing Grlswold directly, "but this
South Carolina and- half a dozen oth- Is undoubtedly tho man you had your-
er officers. The guard saluted as C,rls- self captured at Mount Nebo church
wold ran up the steps of the veranda, two nigtits ago, but who was laken
and at the door Ardmore met him and from you. as you may not know, by
greeted him formally. ( Mlss Cieraldine Dangertleld. She was
At the end of a long table Jorry lost In the woods and came upon the
Dangertleld sat with her arms folded, captive much to her own surprise.
She wore as befitting the occasion, a Grlswold lifted his brows in amaze- BETTER WHEAT MOVEMENT ON
gray riding-dress and a gray felt hat ment and turned toward Jerry
perched a trifle to one side. : "" that Is the case. Miss Ilanger-
Grlswold, ' salute you! I am sorry to con-
1 fess, however, that I did not myself
] Oklahoma Directory
Ktpalr work carefully ni
promptlj doMi Write* esllofphoMu
Interesting Items of the New State Gathered by Wire and
Special Correspondence and Condensed for Busy Reader*
Ml til mill NICHOLSON
Illustrations By
She- bowed coldly
whose hand, as he surveyed the room
and glanced out at the flag that flut-
tered in the doorway, went to his
mustache with that gesture that Ard-
more so greatly disliked; hut Grls-
wold again bowed gravely to his ad-
i "Miss Dangerfleld, and gentlemen."
began Grlswold, with at. air of ad- . ^ ^ aa thu man
same slight stoop in the shoulders.
see the man who w as captured by
my friends at the church, owing. It
appears, to Miss Dangerfleld's prompt
and daring action, and the regrettable
cowardice of my men. I want to say
| to you. gentlemen, in all frankness,
| that I am greatly astonished at what
I you toll me. Our prisoner is about
has the
Oop* aght 1U08 by The Bobbs-Merrill Company.
dressing a supreme tribunal.
lleve this whole matter depends upon ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Ul„re
the arrest of ^ Applewelgl t a well , ^ r,.soniblan,.(. end,
known outlaw of North Carolina- Ardmijra wa8 trying not to show too
"I beg your pardon— I plalnly hlg joy ttt Grlswold's discom-
It was Jerry who Interrupted him. , Non(, nf lh(, gouth Carolina
her little lists clenching, a glint of fire j |)fflrprs had cver SPen Applewelght, as
Special Car for Young Folks on Grain
Gospel Train
Oklahoma City, Okla.—As the result
of a conference here in which Senator
Campbell Russell, representing the
state board of agriculture, and 11. M.
Cottrell participated, the "Better
Wheat Train" will start upon its Itiner-
ary September 5. The itinerary will
cover twelve days and will include
stops at !Hi places. Professor Cottrell.
agricultural commissioner of the Hock
Island railroad company, will have
charge of the Wrain. The complete
itinerary will be announced later
McMurray Has Received Thousands
of Dollars From Redskins
Sulphur, Okla.*—It was brought out
in the testimony of J. F. McMurray
before the congressional committee in-
vestigating Indian land affairs hero
that he held as many as half a dozen
contracts with the Indians for legal
services, all covering the same period
of time.
Mr..McMurray testified, under ques
tioning, that for general services he
had two contracts with the Chicka-
saws al $5,000 a >ear each, two with
Dow knocking All who seek a professional
life work should investigate the science of
Third tud Broadway OKLAHOMA CITY, OELE.
"CHINESE GORDON," tued to say
that the stomach ruled the world.
Hut tho man or woman who has
suffered from l iver Trouble has a
different opinion; it's THE LIV1 It
And there's just one known reme-
dy which in its very nature seems
to control liver-action, and that is
In her eyes.
"It is for me to ask your pardon.
Thorns. Ardmore ami Henry Maine I Miss UanBerfleld' I,et us agree that
Grlswold stumble upon intrigue when the t ti is person is an unworthy citizen or
an\ prnors of North and South c'arollna i
„ \ernors of North and South
arc.* reported to have quarreled. cJriswolu
sllleR himself with Barbara Osborne,
daughter of tho governor of South Caro-
lina, while Ardmore espouses the ca ise oi
jerry Da npor fieM, da ■ ^111. i- of the
•rnor of North Carolina. These two l:uli«s
■ar* trying to till the shoes of their if
they lived remote from the scene of
his exploits Habersham's men, who
had so signally failed in the descent
upon Mount Nebo church, had taken
to the woods on the appearance of the
the Choctaws at $5,000 a year each,
Professor Cottrell, discussing the I another contract for special services
conference, said that one of the fea-. at a t'(?e of $15,500, only $3,000 of which
tun s of the better wheat movement in | waB paid( tt yearly expense allowance
could not bo found to identify tho
nian seized at the house on the creek
any state, and proceed It has been
your endeavor to see this man under
arrest in South Carolina, thus reliev-
ing North Carolina or her chief exec-
utive of responsibility for him. We, , Habersham had discreetly declined to
thersV"uiVTle ihe'iaii. i nr • missInK Both 0n our side, have used every effort to sup.)0,.t Grlswold's venture at the last
w°iKht.ttan mitfaw'w'itll'givat rioliticol hi- ; louge Appleweight In Jail on your side monient; to do so would ho pleaded,
fluence. Unawnre^ot each ottur'a posl^ | of the state line. All) I correct? I n]jn ^ ^liances nf political prefer-
Jerry nodded affirmatively I hient in ^he future; or worse thing*
"Then, Miss Dangerfleld, and gen- j mlg|lt indeed, happen if ho ooim-
tlemen, I must tell you that you have | teimnped .,n[| supported tho armed in-
lost your contention, for Applewelght ! vaslon o( !s-orth Carolina by South
spent last night in jail at Kildare, and Carolina militia. The zealous young
to secure his safe retention there, we mj||tlamen w|u) had captured the
generously lent your state a few of , Btranger |D the house on the creek
our militia to guard him. The pro- ; had pronounci.(1 ttK, man Applewelght,
ceeding was a triflo irregular, we ad- | an(j statement had been accept-
mit the least bit ultra vires—but the an(j enmhasizecl when the man was
emed to Justifv
Oklahoma will be the work among
school children. He has decided to
set aside a special car for the little
ones, as he thinks they will be easiest
to interest in the work. "We propose
stato soldiery along the border, and j rofc^ssor Cottrell, to have thf
tlon. both cirls'volfl and Ardmore set o * i
to make thy other pr< -rCUte have ■
foroea limiting tlie ivrdcr. Grlswold cap-
ture* Applewelght, but Jerry flnds him (
*a-J takes h'ni to Ardsley, her own prls- |
Ardmore art est.«i a man on his
property who says be Is f*ov. Osborne.
Meanwhile another man Is arrested as
Applewelght by the South Carolina ,
mil I ti n The North Carolina militia Is
called Into action. When Col. Gllllngwa- ]
ter. Jerry's fiance, find? that real war Is .
afoot, he flet«s. Appl< weight Is taken s«-- ]
cretly by Ardmore and lodged In a Jul I in ,
South Carolina, Ueu:;!n* to AnUW.
Ardmore flnJs tiial Vt m««-. V1,Iiur-I peculiar situation
nd Poster, treasurer of North Caroling ■ • m
hav« been arrested 1 US.
| "There are not two Uiil Appie-
| weights," remarked Col. Daiibeftspeck.
j "J assure you that the real criminal
I spent last night in jail at Turnef
Court House, guarded by trustworthy
men. and we are able to produce him."
I in the Red Bungalow.
"What do you think.' cried Mrs
Atchison, glowing before Jerry and
Ardmore on their return; "we have a | „The qu|cke3t way to Bettle this
'hew guest! ^ i p0jn(;j prof Griswoid. is by bringing
"Iri the coal cellar Inquired her j jn y0ur man," remarked Ardmore
brother. [ iCjiy
"No, In (lie blue r,.oni adjoining ; ..()|1 ttl(, („h„r liami" and Gris-
Mlss Dange rfleld s' And what do you 1 mold's tone was confident—"as there
think! It Is none other than the j jg nQ reason (or doubt that we have
daughter of the governor of South | tbe real Applewelght. and as we are
Ca rollna."
"Oh, Nellie!'
gasped Ardm■ i ■ •
i on your territory and in a measure j
i your guests, it Is only fair that you
produce the man you believe to be
Applewelght, that we may have a look
at him first."
"Certainly," said Jerry. "Our pris-
oner does not deny his identity. It
gives us pleasure to produce him."
At a nod from Col. Daubenspeck the
orderly at the door ran off to where
Cooke and the prisoner waited.
In tho interval there was a general
exchange of Introductions at the
"Why, what's the matter?" demand
*d Mrs. Atchison. "I had gone In to
Turner's to look at that memorial
•church we're building there, and I
learned from the rector that Miss Os-
borne, with only a maid, was stopping
at that wretched hole called the Ma-
jestic hotel. I had met Miss Osborne
in Washington last winter, and you
may forget, Tommy, that on our moth-
er's side 1 am a Daughter of the Sem-
inole War, a society of which Miss
Osborne is the president general. I
hope Miss Osborne's presence here
will not be ofti-nsive to you. Miss |
Dangerfleld. She seemed reluctant to 1 ^'"-yv.
come, but I simply would not take no., . -
arid I am to send for her at four (
"Miss Osborne's presence Is not '
only agreeable to me, Mrs. Atchison," 1 o
responded Jerry, "but 1 shall Join you
in welcoming her I have heard that !
the ancestor through whom Barbara
Osborne derives membership In the |
Daughters of the Seminole War was
afterward convicted of robbing an
orphan of whoso estate he was the
trusted executor, and such being the
case 1 feel that the commonest Chris-
tian charity demands that I should
treat her with the most kindly consid-
eration. I shall gather some roses,
with your permission, and have them
waiting in her room when she ar- j
rives, with my card and compliments."
Ardmore had rarely been so busy
as during the afternoon. Several more
newspaper correspondents were found ! bungalow. The adjutant1 general of
prowling about the estate, and they South Carolina was In a merry mood
were added to the howling mob in the
Ardsley cellars.
diwL M W
T '
At the Door Stood an A".'**'4 A^ifltla-
deadly character of apples found In
his orchard beyond the Raccoon
I deeply regret," said Ardmore,
rubbing his chin, "that the adjutant
general of North Carolina Is suffering
from a severe attack of paralysis
agitans and will be unable to meet
with us."
"1 deplore the fact," replied the ad
Jutant general of South Carolina, "for
one of our scouts picked up a darky
in the highway a while ago who had
on a uniform dress-coat with tho In-
itials II G.' sewed In the pocket."
"If you will return that garment to
me, general," said Ardmore, "I will
see that It reaches Col. Gillingwater
by special messenger, where, upon his
couch of pain, he chafes over his en-
forced absence from the field of dan-
Steps sounded on the veranda and
all rose as Cooke appeared In the
door, leading his handcuffed prisoner,
who stood erect and glared at the
company in gloomy silence.
"This man," said Ardmore, "we de-
clare to be Hill Applewelght, alias Po-
teet I ask you. sir"—he addressed
the prisoner—"to state whether you
are not known by one or both of these
The man nodded his head and grum
They finally agreed on the red bunga- [ bled a reluctant affirmative.
Ion - as convenient and . uilleiently j "Prof Griswoid," Ardmore went on,
modest for the purpose. And so It was
A lew minutes before fist the flag
of North Carolina was hung from tho
wide veranda of the bungalow. At the
door stood an armed militiaman. Col
"It has all happened very handily
for us," said Colli lis; "we've got the
highest-priced newspaper talent in the
world right under our hands, and be
fore we turn them loose we'll dictate
exactly what history is to know of
these dark proceedings."
"When we've settled with Griswoid
and proved to him that he's lost out
and that the real Mr. Appleweiglit Is
In his Jail, not ours, we'll have to
And Gov Dangerfleld and be mighty
quick about It," replied Ardmore.
"Paul says there's a battery of South
Carolina artillery guarding the Dll-
well county Jail, and that they've
fooled the people Into thinking they're
North Carolina troops, and nobody
can get within four blocks of the Jail.
They must haye somebody in Jail at
Kildare f don't like the looks of It."
Jerry—a pleasing figure to contem-
plate In white lawn and blue ribbons
—suggested that the meeting take
place In the library, as more like an
imperial council chamber; but Ard-
more warmly dissented from this. A
peace should never be signed, he
maintained, In so large a house as
Ardsley. At Appomattox and In
many other cases that he recalled, the
opponents met In humble farmhouses, i
| taken beioi'O Griswoid, to whom he
[ stubbornly refused to make any state-
ment whatever.
[ "Now that you cannot deny that we
i have the real Appleweiglit," began
| Jerry, ' who Is, you must remember,
I a fcris^ner 'A the state of South Caro-
j Una, slid' "nu't be returned to the 1
Mingo county Jail at once, I think we
! may as well look at your prisoner, j
Prof. Griswoid. He may bo one of
Mr Appleweight's associates In bust-
! ness; but as we are Interested only in
j (he chief culprit, the identity of the
man you hold is of very little interest
I to us."
"If." said Grlswold, "he Is not Ap-
pleweiglit, the original blown in the
"Jug, if you please!" interposed
Ardmore very seriously.
"Then wc don't care about him and
I shall make you a present of him."
"Or," remarked Ardmore, "I might
exchange him for a ruffian I captured
myself down on the Raccoon. He
seemed quite Insane, declaring liiir.-
self to be the govei nor of South Caro-
lina and 1 locked him up in a corn-
crib for safe keeping."
Showing How Easily Makers of Mirth
May Be Involved In Personal
T ragedy.
A pathetic story of the tragedies of
the stage is revealed by David Beeh
ler, who has just returned from Sioux
City. la., where he encountered I)e
Wolf Hopper and Arthur Dunn
The trio were in the West hotel in
JjJoux City It was their first meeting
in yearn After the exchange of cour-
tesies hod been passed Mr. Dunn
asked Hoppfif, "How are your folks"'
and received the reply, "Very well,
thank you How are yours?" "Im
mense,' replied Dunn
Three days later Mr. Mopper re'
ceived a wire announcing 4eath of
his mother and was forced to etincel
engagements. That same day,
hours later. Mr. Dunn received a tele-
graphic announcement of his father's
death, and on the same night was in
formed that his brother-in-law, Ezra
Kendall, had passed away. The men
met on the outgoing train from Sioux
City and condoled with each other
over the bereavement which had be
fallen them. Chicago American
schools dose in very town we visit in
order thot the Oklahoma school chil
dren may oe taught how to differenti
a' <• be'.ween pure wheat and the mon-
grel variety As to the outlying coun-
try schools, we have arranged to have
Ujc i. riners bring their children with
them in onior that they too may re-
ceive the benefits of our efforts."
The importance of pure wheat seed
cannot be overestimated, according to
the commissioner, and to the end that
Llie farmer may make no mistakes, ar-
rangements have been made with C. V.
Topping, secretary of the State Mi1
lcrs' association, whereby Mr. Topping
has agreed to have every miller in the
-t;ite buy pure wheat seed in his local-
ity, grade It and then sell the seed
without profit to the Oklahoma farmer.
Models of the various seeds thus col-
lected will be exhibited on the "Hetter
Wheat Train."
of $2,700 uude^r one contract and other
general expenses amounting to $180,
000. All of this money was in addition
to the $750,000 allowed his law firm as
a contingent fee in what are known as
the "citizenship cases," and in addi
tlon also to the contracts by which ho
now seeks to obtain 10 per cent, or
$3,000,000, as a contingent fee on the
sale of $30,000,000 worth of asphalt
and coal lands.
To Seek Land Due Oklahoma
(Juthrie, Okla. C. H. Hyde of Alva
has been appointed by the state board
of agriculture as the agent, of the
board and the attorney general's of
flee to make a list of the public lands
j that may be filed upon by the state at
{Various government land offices in
Oklahoma. Hyde is secretary of the
school land lessees' organization and
is the man whom, it. is claimed, first
discovered that the state of Oklahoma
may be entitled to 210,000 acres of
public lands for the endowment of an
agricultural school under an old con-
gressional act to states that might be
admitted after I860.
J la Yellow Tin Boxes Only
Liver Purifier
Its action is different. It never
Irritates the liver, but energizes it,
cleanses the organ i>l all impuritie*
and restores natural function.
It makes your liver young again,
without injury, harmlessly, but
with all speed. Nothing like it.
Cures Contispation absolutely, and
never gripes.
At All Druggists, Everywhere, 25o. and $1.
«. B. RICH AMDS MEDICINE CO., Shermin. feiat.
"Having taken your wonderful 'Casca-
rets' for three months and being entirely
cured of stomach catarrh and dysjx-psia,
1 think a word of praise is due t
'Cascarets' for their wonderful composi-
tion. I have taken numerous other so-
called remedies but without avail, and I
find that Cascarets relieve more in a d«4f
than all the others 1 have taken would in
a year." James McGune,
108 Mercer St., Jersey City, N. J.
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent. Taste (ioo<l
1)<> Uooil Never Sickm.Weaken or (.rip*.
10c,2Sc, SOi Never sold Jo bulk. The gen-
uine tabift stamped Ct: C. liuwauteei.no
cuie or your muncy back.
Sapulpa! Teamster Drowned
Sapulpa, Okla.—While fording
flat creek with two other men arid a j the Garfield
team and wagon, Floyd K. Dunham, a
teamster in the oil field, was drowned.
The stream was unusually high, due
to recent heavy rains, and when they
reached the ford in the darkness, the
horses plunged in and all were carried
down stream. The two other men and
the team swam ashore.
Sentinel Planning Big Fair
Sentinel, Okla. Sentinel will hold
aer annual celebration this year on
September 1, 2 and 3. Thousands al-
ways attend and this year a larger
crowd than ever is expected. There
will be a trades day and agricultural
exhibit that will.he excellent. Washita
county is th< seventeenth best county
in the United State
reports, hence there
Forty Court Cases Dismissed 1
Knid, pkla.- Out of fOrfy case in
WiTfr joUrt at Enid,
thirty eight of wlncll ^are for Viola :
lions of the prohibition law, every one
was dismissed. The case of K E. 1\
Messail, a former councilman, charg-
ed with working in conjunction with
the violators of this law, was dismiss-
ed. It was the third time he had been
brought to trial. H. W. Henderson,
charged with violating the t) foot sheet
law, also wps dismissed.
The crop that never fails year after
year is trouble.
Use Red Cross Ball Blue and tnajce them
vhite again. Large 2 oz. package, 5 centa
Jxjts of 11s never put of* till tomor-
row what wo can have done for u
Making Preparations for Exposition
Blackwell, Okla. The directors cf
the Blackwell Fair Association have
decided to hold an exposition on Sept.
20 to 24, inclusive. The program Is
not completed yet, but ii is known
there will be some good races and
government other attractions, and it is up to the
will be fine farm f
tners and the people generally to
ente r their products and make a good
display in the live stock, agricultural,
poultry, floral, art and other depart-
Commissioners to Appoint Officers
Snyder, Okla. After a deadlock of
lour hours, in which twenty ballots
were taken, the
mow county of
Charles Hunter
treasurer. This
pointing of oflU't
f. is have been furnished by the peo- at the home of a neighbor.
of Mountain Park for offices and > ficers are seeking Jack Kelly, aged 20,
of regular routine work goe^j^vitlx whom Uc ll was fighting Both
unin!-slouers of the J Fight at Dance Ends Fatally
SWiinson appointed; Durant. Okla. Tom Bell, aged 20,
o fill the office et a farmer residing south of Bokchito,
1; 1 > 11> is 1 |c;11i fmtn a stab in the let' lui •.
s. Temporary quar j inflicted during a fight at a danc e
The of-
the hum
To Gain Social Success.
To be successful socially, a woman
must possess brains and looks, a
ready wit and perfect manners. She
must be well posted on general top-
ics and have a fund of what the En«
llsh call "small talk." She can never
rise to any prominence in the social
world unless she has a firm will,
sound sense and ready sympathies.
These qualities, added to enough of
wealth to do as she would do, make
the best and most representative type
of the American society woman But
then, our women possess all these
qualities even when their lives are
not thrown in tbe moat pleasant
places. No woman in the world pos
sesses the adaptability of th* Ameri-
can woman She always know* what
to do. and when to do it
No Place for Him.
'it's a funny thing," said the tall
man," but when we lived on the first
floor of our apartment house we had
one baby Twins came when we
moved to the second floor and—"
"That's enough." yelled the short
man In wild excitement. "I'm going
to vacate to-morrow. We've just
moved on the fourth floor!" .
merrily Oh.
Railroads Make Reduced Rates
tyuskogee, okla. Reduced rates of
two cents per mile in each direction
throughout ail parts of Oklahoma and
Arkansas to Muskogee will he granted
on all railroads iiS this territory for
the big Muskogee fair which opens on
October 10.
Four Towns After Chautauqua
Anadarko, Okla The annual state
c.iautaurfuft of the Kpworth league,
closes its session here this week The
attendance is large. A permanent
chautauqua location will not be se-
lected until the bvm! meets in Ard-
more, November Lawton, Ana-
darko, Sulphur and Oklahoma City
have offered sites.
Dirigible Balloon at State Pair
Oklahoma City, Okla. Visitors to
the Oklahoma State Fair here this
year will get to see a real sure-enough
dirigible balloon that has made good
It is the same one that startled all
the people of New York city one night
by sailing twice around the Times
building and about over the houses for
some time.
I men bad been drinking.
Buys Wrong Kind of Liscense
Tulsa, Okla.—A Mexican tamale
peddler Procured a marriage license
and then }° Vs? it in his ta-
1 tale business, i' «« me time to
explain to Espiradrion Vajdldio, that
he had bought the wrong kind 01 a
There Is In every man's heart, as In
a desk, a secret drawer; the only
thing is to find tho spring and open
Domestic Amenities.
"Hubby I gave your light pants to
a poor tramp."
' And what am I going to wear thla
summer? Kilts?"
An Operatic Expletive.
"Biffertoa. is awfully gone on grand
opera, isn't he?"
I should say he Is! Why, he even
swears by Gadski!"
Tuberculosis in the Prisons.
| The fact that 100,000 prisoners ar©
discharged from the Jails and prisons
of the country annually, and that from
10 to 15 per cent, of them have tuber-
culosis, makes the problem of provid-
ing special places for their treatment
while they are confined a serious one.
So important Is tbe problem that the
Prison association of New York In co-
operation with the State Charities Aid
association, is preparing to l^augurat#
& pl^cia! campaign for the prevention
of tuberculosis in tho penal institu
tions of the state, and will seek to en
list the co-operation of all prison phy
slcians and anti-tuberculosis socletiew
in this work.
No Foundation to Charges
Sulphur, Okla.-—The select commit-
tee appointed by t:ie house of repre-
sentatives to investigate Indian land
affairs and the so-called McMurray
contracts, and which also has been
investigating the Gore bribery charges
has issued the following statement;
"The committee have heard and
carefully considered all of the testi-
mony submitted and is unanimous
in the opinion that there is and was
no warrant for any person to use the
names of Vice President James S.
Sherman and Senator Charles Curtis
in connection with any improper re-
lation with any Indian contract
Dahlman Leads for Governor
j (itfiaha, Neb. With returns avail
able from 1,041 out of 1,645 precincts,
Mayo; ' DAhlman maintains his lend
Many Adventists Attend Meeting over Cloveinor ShftllenberKer for the
Oklahoma City, Okla. Seventh Day , gubernatorial nomination on the demo-
Adventists are arriving from ;iil parts cratic tickfct. These precincts give
of the state and by the last of th< | Oahlman 22,015 and Stf&llenberger 18,-
• eek probably 2,000 of them will have j 277, a majority for the mayor of 3,2fi7.
reached the camping ground on ('■■ip-lcady has conceded the republican
itol Hill, where they will hold their j nomination to Ills opponent, State Sen*
annual meet extending over ten days, j t.or Aldrlch.
Two Held on Murder Charge
Hujio, Okla. Charged with the mur-
der of Jackson Nottubbees near Bog
gy last Friday, Mose Tom and Frank
•i'e continuing: Morris, tWo young Choctaws, were ar
ttlement, Okla | raigned before Justice Sam Downing
"the gentleman In charge of the pris-
oner Is Roger Cooke, for many years
In the secret service of Abe United
States. He novf conducts a private —
agency and is in my emplojf Mr A Tongue Twi ter.
Cooke, 1 will ask you whether you ' that watched the watch
Daubenspeck had been invited to be Identify this man as Applewelght?" 1 matched that watch, watched the
present, and he appeared accompanied | "There Is 110 doubt of It whatever. *'atch that watched that wateb that
by several other officers In full uq! I have known him for vaara I «nn* watched that watch watch that watcfc
C03I Famine May Cause Suffering
Oklahoma Clt>, Okla. With fall
weather fast approaching and the
strike whic h has ti •<) up practically
every mine in tie-
without prospect of
homa is threatened by one of the I at Boswell and
worst coal famines that ever gripped bond each, wh
any state and spread suffering among
thousands of poor families during the
winter months. Coal dealers of Oklu
homa City are authority for the In
formation that there are not more
than 500, and more likely only 400
tons of coal in the city at present.
tfere admitted ^o
eli was furnished
Newspaper Man Robbed
Lawton, Okla.—C. F. Adelsperger,
advertising manager of the Daily
News, was relieved of $f 5 in cash,
which he had drawn from the bank
preparatory to taking a vacation trip.
Cut Out
Easy to start the day
cool and comfortable if
are in the pantry ready
to serve right from the
package. No cooking
required; just add some
cream and a little sugar.
Especially pleasing
these summer mornings
with berries or fresh
One can feel cool in
hot weather on proper
"The Memory Lingers"
Battle Creek. Mich.

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Fox, J. O. Lexington Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 19, No. 49, Ed. 1 Friday, August 26, 1910, newspaper, August 26, 1910; (https://gateway.okhistory.org/ark:/67531/metadc110430/m1/3/ocr/: accessed April 17, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History, https://gateway.okhistory.org; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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