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Local Happenings
Notice of Sheriff's Sale
Oklahoman's in Colorado
Colorado Springs, August 9-
Of The Past Week.
F> r li.'m> -- repair sr
-non cotton pickinjj
saje by E. J. Keller.
Geo. °C. Burke
will begin.
N > j -■ *:, a * i ■ 1 •
-uauee of an nrj-j.-'cf -ale is-u<-d unt of B .
., () -• ;t i ' ( • • •}. <>A Hi- •• • • • I I • \ I.* Ill
Oklahoma, on the artth day of July. 1UI0, , 'njxj, ,j.,v" wil,lHciwer excursion
and a tleb it< - t th relativ hut-
it? if the co: ineil systeil md "..t
pure oral method in tin- educiti n
of the deaf
WondtilH ^mith 1 W' I-
iii au action wherein C. W. Snyder .va-
plaintiff. auU J. H. Cruzen ami M. 1). from t olorildo f-prillgs oil lliurs.lay
Long were defendant*, directed t,. •.L| this week. The i.K« <>f such an to-do farmer from n<mr Oklahoma
the undersigned sheriff o f Cleveland •
The streets are heing worked thi- county, commanding me t i levy upon, outing w i- first -uggeste. 1 li\ sever-
apprai-e a:..l-eil the following deaenbed :1| visjtors jn t)„ p,.ak Region
pr-'.petty tn .'.
\ Some full blood Red Duroc pigs The tooth halt Of) of the «t>nthwe«t «"d was carried out by a committee
w i l-p t r..ii t • qoartw (U) of teotion -n (6), townahip of which J. II Mandervilte 01 lexas
Mot '3 *■" * • vtii (71, north ranire 0110 (1). Eli.-*t Iudi- *. mi
Was a business an Meridian in the oonoty of Cleveland, was chairman. I he excursion fas
. .. . ! *tate ..f Oklahoma) to -ati-fy a .Judge- through Ute Pass and Eleven Mile
visitor in (lUthrie Alonuil\ . mei.t at.J dtcreeof foreclosure in favor
City, died at Colorado City on Aug-
ust I. Ht 1- -urvived by wit
tiv sons and one ^daughter and a
sifter. Folli .ving brief si-rvic - the
body is to I • taken t<> CotTeyvilh
Kansas, for interment.
ops $ a i \'
Aycr'i Hafi Vigor is composed of
chloiiJ, s.psiaim. •!.
injurious ingredient in thi- n-. t i
Follow his advice. A had .J. '
Promptly checks falling hair. C apk;
a 1 r 1
. ;i, sodium
not ,0.
r dressing.
: ti dandruff.
Obcs not Color the Hair
J < Arm t ■ >m ast. I.
See the G. W. Lt
before buying that lumber bill.
1 li1 l)«*r ('<> against saiJ defend-
' ' ants obtained and made in said court on
the Sth .! ly of July. 11)10. for the sum of
. . . itexen Hundred Seven and l" ! 1"" L>ol-
Farm loans: low. rate: spe- lars ($707.3ii) debt and damagi s. which
cial privilege.—J. F. Shockley. . ;
, ... 1 . \i- 11 , thereof, and for the -um of Twenty ami
fust received a new *tOCn of \\ all ,t. , „„ ,;0|iars (s._,o.2i'.) for taxes, inter-
Paper at E. J. Keller's furniture est ou ,amc at # per cent from January
H. A
first of the week in Oklahoma City.
visiting relatives.
27th, 19iii. and costs of -nit, and cost
acorunig: 1 will on the 12th day of S p-
I lawk and familv spent; teuibcr, Htm. at the h ut of 10 o'clock a.
, t m. of sai 1 day, at the ea-t front door oT
the coart hoase in the city of N Tinan. in
-:.i l county and state, ©tier foi -ale aij'i
- . • . tli. ■ igifest bi i : r t., citsh, the
-tid property above lescribe.l, ir -o
much thereof as vi 11 sat.-fy -aid jndge-
m. ;.* *h : •> res' -mi] cm-.
Murray Northcutt left Tuesday
morning f >r Mineola Tex 1 n i
Uf" ' w i t! i ]■• !. i t-i
- to.J iy 1 a ■. visit with fri-:i :-
i i ■ ., t ( '
It you, want lee on Sunday.
in limn oil t!i -tr. . t

-onie nice shower- thi- v
••vi.ieh are a great help t < tie c
- ■ to every orn- in i ni: ti
H ving roof tinitbli %i ■■-.
•!.. I. . Lumber Co Ti •
ii. them with Malt!...id i> •
a goo<
canon to South Park, frequent stops
being made for the fathering of
wild llowv-rs. Many informal re-
unions were a feature of 111'■ dhy.
The Abernathy's Progress
Those individuals who have gone
awav for tin summer, and who were
has ha I one frightful drawbui k-mala - .
ria trouble-that haa In -ught -tiU'erina Cicncr.ll I iactltlOll(-l
anil ileath to thouaanda. The germs .
cause chills, f&ver and ague, bilious- Mcdicint and Surger\
ness, jauiidiee, lnstitu le. «eakneas nn.I , , Re-.dene I'ho.
general lei ility. Bui Klectrii* I ters
and although no formal program careless encnigh t• > tail to h.iu
was attempted, the many visitors their home paper follow them, have
made the occasion a delightful one be,-„ the gainers in ..lie way. They
through the gathering together of | have not had to read about the do- nevir tail to lestroy them an I . ire
smalkand large groups of natives ingsof tfci \bemathy kids, of Ok- malaria troable. bottle. coa -
N li, j !etely cure I me yf a very severe at-
from the two state?. It is not un- I U>onin tack T malaria," writes Wm \. l . -t-
*>th lay
I. B. 8.
V S'l.M ff
A nu
:all at
likelj-tliat steps will be taken for a
.■ •in nl Oklahoma reunion, hast
sunnnei at Manitou, such a meet-
ing and picnic was held and attend-
..I by several hundred visitors.
tIklalu>:11 i City ha.- s< nt many d
ii- r -id- its to Colorado Springs tnd
•: Pit.-. - p. !< re.-i. .• i for th vac , -
i gut'-t foi the reina
. ... : .if Mi- t ■ .vgi
Hie Abei thy kid- nr. the s..ti-
ll the Catch '«m-Alive Marshal of
Iklahoin i I whose spta ialty i-
iitching w - with his bare hands.
-i cured more press no-
distinguished I ither
i'-ihji k from Okli-
York ti .reel Col
■ Owe
J. K
j( ■ -lad,. C
ler of tlu
I I iger .il
Mr- I. L
They have
tic. - than th
by travelin,
lioma to K.
This publ
well, of l.matna. v <"
good health evei -iace.
Liver an 1 and Ki In."
prevent Typhei 1 ">
All lruaizists
, "and I've bad
('lire Stomach
Tronl'.es, and
Uuat .int e 1 l.v
Young I
and harnt
nan, buy m
-.- Iron. !•:. J
luty l
11 ving
11 you need
thine, seethe
at E. J.
and wife return-
aft (r a few days
. - nt < ik^dloii;
Heavy mius in thi
If it is cheap Liu
want - th
. I .mi better prepai
to make your f irm
If it i- Lumh.-r iir Building Ma-
. i that y .
L.unr .a Ci
.1 than evei
ems.—J. F

Le. Lumber Co.
A new line i t ir. ;i i
were visiting relatives in ln'' mattresses o h
.. xington a few days last furniture store.
G \Y
i i t our -tin !;
\Yi will do
Dry Goods
• a oi I lent 1
d Blanche
11 low cut
:imiiiu to-

I!..Iit. Musgrav.
• 1 hone Sunday
visit with n Inti'
Sum Ashton and family. 1 -t w -t
i-l Purcel
and near
Come in an.I in.-p
and compare prices.
-.-en right.—Brown -
L. G. Pantier, Dot
S I gery. Oflice 11vi r tie Chi • • ■
National Bank, Phone 319. Pure.!!.
Misses Ora Beth
H !' nd. id Norma 11
Mi-s Lois perkins i f
part of last week.
You people who
Colorado or elsewheri
.. i ,-r : d a t - i nut :■■ in P.
■ ■ailing . arils.—LEADER. Jin
K. W l.orton, mother and daugh- c.istli
tci Mi-- Willie, of Texola are w< ek
here visiting the families of T. L. A\ Jarboe:
\Y: d B'id W-. i''-i Come and ae. those Whis-
I a. Cran-on. the photographer, ^gy barrels tor kraut, sor-
ghum and cider at L. tile's and
Wit!i tnel.d-
tin. Mo T
i ant trip.
\- n
Grapes For Sale
ware - spe hilly -t.iti d i wine
jelly, and Cn
wi.i . 1 • ; • | ■ I 1 1 - a l.v ill
Lexington today in the building
tWo doors west of Ille's grocery.
( ha-, t ii.'.'inoil' and daughters.
Mi--. - Minnie and Rtith. left Mon-
where tliev visit" d wi'.i: ri lativt- j. r
a few ilays.
Y ti can get More Lard:
Better Lard: Absolutely More
Pure Lard at Crawfords Meat
. Market than anywhere else n
Mrs. 11 \ I 'ill 1 d lit:!'
da ii~:iter. la i.it i ■ i Miawnee w la
Iiave b- en visiting the families . i
t , - l'U'-!;.'i i nil! U ' ■ I- •
' two weeks, returned iiome yester-
F. I! ^I ison, of near McIntosh
was in town Monday with a load of
the linest water melons and musk-
melons that we have seen so far
this year, lie favored us with a
v fine inuskni'varf. I hank you.
* .1 ,1,1a-", iva- '" -. - ;' • ' ■ 1 '
Oklahoma Farmers Institute, which
met at Stillwater tirst of the week.
At which meeting two nienibt rs of
ti'. Coi r 1 of i'ir.. ! rs were elected:
Mes-i- Hayi y and llavnies. Mr.
Brown i 'limed Wednesday atter-
ii- ii. -i ■ . 1 '
while gyla .
Mr. Evans, make-uii-inan on the
Oklahoma City Times, is being di-
tained in Lexington against his
wj|; \ Mill hi- w ile -1 -ted 11 a
first of the w< ek on an outing trip, paid for the hay i- te|
traveling to "'I'-phlir il^ a hack, and 'on. I '
they arrived in Lexington Tuesday
morning ind have not as yet be ■
able to get nci'oss the river.
family also plan on
iumniei' in Colorado
Springs !.. in. t the home t Mi-
R - . Mi tnd Mr- W ii ml i'tt-
t> • ■ ni l f • :nily are r. .: -P re 1 at the
[! ,tel N in M it.>u -1 ilm
Stout ■ nd familv iri visiting in
Colo, el City. Mrs. -Ii. I!. Ri.-lv
arrived this last week for a visit
with Mis- Harriet Shea for
W. T IIavard of Hobart i- mce
ii i ire a . - - i: • >r in Colorado Springs
-prmog having recently registered at the
Ki 'dor's i -toyi e hotel. This is the tenth sum-
ii). I Mr. IL''.'. i 1 has -p, ii' in the
cool Pikes Peak region.
•Indg. L. W. Cunningham has re-
; turned to Colorado Springs from his
ran. h in Kay county. Oklahoma
( ia j i:!i hin ii <t la- ■ laii.is t..
ill,- ti, largest ears of corn and the
: ■ :-t apple ever brought into Col-
i -
! inch.— in circumstances an
• x . ti;, one p,mud. whih th- tin
' i■.rs of ■ an avttiiue 1". inches
on. ii.ilf pound.-. Judgi
ham says that the samples were
j. . T - ■ 'ti I ' ! '.
!iiy in.■ in- the best -]e i iniens that
e.i• iM hav. I • • n obtaine.I H- re-
. .■nt-ly brought from tin -a me ranch
. ,mpl. - of pi ars of thi pri/a win-
ning Variety.
Mr. and Mr.-. Clyih Walton who
motored from their home to C'olor-
trip to Boulder. They have taken
■ rail
Chas. Lisszauer's. Lexington. . hotels and . re .-i-aidin.'
Eaijn Bp. Mi'N'rv ■ ." doing n j min'li of their time in making fit-
little work aft' i busine-s hours. > quent automobile excursions to the
Addre-s, Circulation Manager. Ok-1 various : art's ..f tla -fate.
la.i'.l: New- Ok.'la ' cit\ 'Ik- , ...I,,: - . ,'hi
_-,t t • M
t M
i l.-lliC \Y"lla
". a 111*-
icing di-i hars.'-
wrung -ever d
papers the Ah
havi bei ii sent
Automobile men
youthful Oklaho-
d upon th ir father
nfike an overland
■ ■
seized upon
man- and pr
to let the !
trip* of it.
ear, whii- the father follows in
th. i ■ lebrated runabout. A
press agent - along to see that each
ear is mentioned in the local papers
where stop- ar. made, and under
th. -• conditions the Abernathy
He jure and tak
Keu'edv with y
obtaine.1 on I
ei's Changes
a ii" ■ i : '
f writer
for $1
Surveyor and
.. Engineer..
Phone 168 '10RMAN. OKLft,
% ;
\/%jA o
A. J. BREWER, i>l. D
Tenders his professional seriicc*
t.) the people of Lexington
ad vdrrountlin^ countr>
V/o.'if or l);iv
staggers Skeptic-
I i.at a. fit an. . fi agriiii' . mi- >' "
poilllil. like BilCKien'H Arnica "a '.e m.l i
wound or pilef, ftng^ere nkeptii -. Hut j ic-
grent curM prove its a wonderful healer kn<
of tlie wrnst - i-1-. lifers. t. i., l'e a.- ' '
Reduced prica -
shoe- at K. lilakf
day. August oth
Plenty .1 grip..- at 'Ji
pound at the Hanu-s Fnu
— ('h. s. Williams
R. , ■ ipt ': ' ' a - 11'-"
just printed and for sale
la uler office 10 cents • . eli.
Two i the hildr.ii .1 Mr.
visited with Mr.-. J. O. Mnr-
v days latter proved, while or
A pycloni struck Lexington thi-
re going to week with 1 . ir load of Cyclone
to spend ti a Flour t i - du ■ d price-, -j- K.
.ir Blake.
lvountre. and v. it- 1 New-
rame in Friday for a two
visit with th. iaini 1 y of I!.
b< y- ari aeinj piloted hack to their eczema, skin erupt i .n-, as ale i bapped
art gr.ntly mi-; length weighing
,- -till very -ick. j ,,
mi l le me From the {jan-
p '. ■ t: i k • tin !• 'How in J
comment on tla— tender youths of
ten and .-evei
'I dont knfiw which 1 like In si —
, a*. i ' . nacliit " - a-
111'. - 12 Louie h. si 'ted hin,-el, at the
.1 weighs steering whe. l. The horse is fine
and I like to ride him. but 1 like to
run tin ear. too. Temple, who is
eight and tli j .- . ■ \ -■ '
'cute.' had donned his u,to cap mi !
goggles. ],ad tied a ^ilk hankerehief
about h;s neck ind w is frisking
with the mechanician.- of the big
ear. 'I'm a tough guy.' h> called
t . oin . : them, ind thi- a - th.
sign: i for a romp. II is father conies
in i - ]■ t ti i in an
hands, sprains
at All druggist
When in net
suit ti- bell 1.
Pain auvwher
sme with one
Tablets. The
box. Ask y
ipped in -0 lulnnteB
a! Hi S|. ; I'lnk Pain
formula i- cn ihe . j-oeut
air Doctoi or UruagiHt
about this formula! Slops womanly
pairs, li. adiiche. pains nuywliere.
Wiite Dr. Sli "| llacine 'a is. I n free
' .
oi "ink Piin 'lata.'!-.. - ■! I;.' Mi i-
man v Evrett.
The Leader giv.- the i.< i\>
The Hest Hour of Life
>yeentery is a dangeroiii disease but
era and Diarihoea Remp.ly ban
oi sue . s-f i ,v l-eil in nine epidem-
f Ivsentery. It has never been
■ ,\ii i tail. It iH equally valuable
children and a lulls, and when re-
• ■ ,vitii ivater and sweetene I it is
i-ai ' ' take Sold by al! drug.. -Is
Good Idois. |
Good Entertain- |
ment.At tivel'•l ot |
Is Wits and His Hands |
dln.t ' '■
'.loto^i ;i[.hy
t:*' Ity. < .ir;'.'' y, : ti
t:- it- d, and fvrry I ■■■■• m li.irrr. t
home 1 v.ifiint' : end it sen by'.'f O,11
r a fml \
stan Is nt locents.
]-• ^ SHi'iG CO. 33 8ifS 2
p '.rents.
Mr. Temple was
ii special kind
tiijipe. 1 merrily in
N. L\
as lie
t summer-set.
Then i a da shed for his grip am
kh iki'long-coat anil manfully ear
lied it to the car. A -mall crowd lu1,1; 1 tllel1 1 ,
atuaet'd by the two ear-, lined up what w-nderfu. Co.
on the sidewalk and the boy- sinm- I ',ugb
lated the actions of the political IB-
candidate for tliev knew tliev w. re entirely cured. You . an t say anything
uiid'-r -erutiny. But they are used too good of a medi. ine like thai. Its
to being observed as curiosities.
Probably Mr- Catch-'em-Alivej
Ahem think- '!•• i- an ideal
hen \ a I') - tne gieat deed oi
> r gome wonderful fact. Miis ;
came to I. H. Pitt, of K< i kv Mt..
vhen he was suffering intensely,
says, "from the worst cold I evei
veil to my 1:1 eat sat is
ure ur. King's New hiscover.
For. after taking one bottle. I was }
T-.' Sri
r a t. ."
■j,; f V': r
• '* *'l " i'Z .
';-*s c-. .-.. r.
r: ,?
a A,,
„ ' -C'S
to CE:-'!"'
t (.alia-'
..st plea-
the number oi southern
.die- iii his ,, gular programs,
majority • f requests which he j
ive- ar. for suell s.-li"- i ins.
,-ai.g tla pr. i" lah 1 • ■!le, ,p.-o-
from Oklahoma. Texas and
l southern -1ate - ill tla Pike-
; lb ... II. With - > l111: 111 *'-
:- 1) i x i " My < 'al Ki a •«, ky
1 . ■ - : p. ia I e - H %.
2c ,iei pound picked. "Old Folk- ,t Home" and "t arry
mile north of McIntosh school: Me Ba k to Old Virgin;. " the
f itliei .
many ii
If it 1
s . v. ill
r; 1-111 .li
mil perlm
• i. i - publi
h him.
'ru> that publi, ity i- lie
goal of lit. . and that the
is the only light wolf'
Aberniithy kid- an
the sniest and III -1 remedy f«■ i di->-as- 1
ed lungs. HemorbageB, LaOrlppe, As- i
thina. Hay KeVermr, I'll",at or li'n,.
i-in in-an tee 1 " v a, -1, a.-gi-i -
i. I \T MIKl ll
hen ti
g the
leni ii
he chance- ..
uir.-e tli.>t .- i
icm insufli-rahl
' ists. Hid ' he
11 aw are ' , a-
ulculated to
■ little snobs
sooner 'heir
southern programs have proven de-
Frank Jackson, idly popular.
The World's Congress of tic Deaf.
dad -huts uti the line light an I -tops
the pr. - notici - tli" 1- tt.-r it. will
be for ! i- young-tors.
0( ei.in- the AbeinntI-y kids may
be proof against dangers of public-
Alfalfa Nets S5.000.000
probably the most unique gathering ity. but when grown men and w
N". tw * hst* in Iii i _ •: • dry . • • : n ' iv ; . te i ~
the I Iklahoa I ;n,ei has all', fid;, ye r. will eon-en •' •
cut tin aVI rag, of 1 .do tons pei Springs Monday. Nug-st s
., .1 ,rdmg ' d ta .. thered by week' ion which, it i- -X|
correspondents of the A. & M. Col- will he attended !•> mmy del
Hardly a
li of Millwntei

On the ab.ivi ii- i

r.' eived $-1.still ■)■>'.
crop to date. Th
■iked from (Iklahoin
for a
■ ■ d
n -in i inilb as . asy victims, it
nly reasonable to suppo
,oys an' not immune to tin
.' 1 e111 per
lit up to
avy already
this year's
: ge pri i c
rfrted at ti 1
will be
! to the
i sign
from p
-I iken fr eii t
end of tla
rations'; will
languag' . P
i white light,
- in t
vi r Repul
-tit lit 1011 ol
-hoilldin -
to lit tin -a 1
v kid-. — Den-
average of from one to out
half tens pel ai re. hi sid
seed crop.
■1 : tatl".--
.•ivilii'a d na-
t; -ii will hi in a 11 e 11 > I a 11 ■ • Alin' 11 g
1 i;e I'.pie- f. il' . li-.'U-sioIl Will
"The deaf man in th« busin.--
bi .nt an wo.',,1—how he-t to i verconie/ |n-
.■ and OI , - ."MlceS l ost his eli.I . a eli,
II good the evil f cla-sifyinv tl.eilcaf '.th j left :1 in the photograph busim-s
'the delinquent and dependant";, under his father's instruction.
Li -< - ' nil reh' is. s of .'>nit.tei
n.ortgag. -. a full supply ,11st print-
ed ad foi sab- at the Li e'er olliee.
.limmie Crans hi will take up tin
work where his father. L. Crimson.
of Heart Trouble Cured by
Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy
"Before 1 began taking Or.
Miles' 11','art, Remedy 1 had be. 11
suffering from heart trouble for
over five years. 1 had pains in
my left, side, and under my
shoulder blade, could le t sleep
on the left side, and was so short
of breath the least exertion
would bring on the most distress-
ing palpitation. I had scarcely
taken a half bottle of the Heart
Remedy before I could see a
that marked change in my condition.
-- When I had taken six bottles I
was curcd."
North field, Va.
If there is fluttering or palpi-
tation it is an indication of a
.. akin ' s of the ner\ os and mus-
cles of the heart. It is not neces-
sarily diseased—just \ycak from
over-work. The heart may be
we;ik just the -atne as the eyes,
stomach or other organs. . You
can make a weak heart strong
by taking Dr. Miles' Heart Rem-
edy. . Get a bottle from your
druggist, take it according to di-
rections, and if it does not bene-
fit he will return your money.
. _ *9, sS
or t!
;;h a/it
mi kones
1 y r
stORU.W ni'.l
I- -t I • -t < full.
ri.sk whatever,
Tin v kh w ti.; t wh« n In i-lth Pi!- to n turn T>r
;• wiil l.ii;. • : -'i. •' pay tf. • flnii? ri.-t mr
!. ;t test An 1 1 ,nh: t test a luil iiJ day treat,
ii nt is fre. ly'grahtcil.
Li.it write U'.c first t*,r cn ord r.
Tbis will gave d ley ami disappointment.
rrrpi ' - ,lr Shoot's 1. tor .', ve and
Dr. sIi.K.i'
mt lv, bit
• 1,1 a ma mm-. « n
i<n ..lit.
• r I "" ™ ™ "**' ™ "" 1 o 1 T' .:' '
1 un iu>i. : and n-i" ti cln;nprir-t in aim' -•
-1 v i:.tir .ty t". r> n ' . -e, t. i>su« my "x.o
ti. n«, i ay. i:.f.]ici: . s to the 1
• >1 me also which book y< :i need.
1 (i k- t eliiw ill sure ly < ; • •; up n< w bt i
11fill a- ti Wjt ti. Who
31 * i::-.i
• ir-etocf
,■ o u
just a*
. 1 ti.
My odv
• lov.- are yours—and w it'
or! aysaw' dor two fr' tti i:ie will el<>ar up
: ■ ' ' '
. • . t..-ami? i .. ti iy i ' 1"' "
- -.aI advice plan. My I t
wc rth your simple rtqin <t. -o write n« w wl ih
y u have it m-r-h in mind, '< r i•m:rr< .\v luv« r
-. : i Bhoop. B i i .. H «Ine, Wis.- •
Which Book Shall I bend Tt u?
No. 1 On Dtspcp.^ft No. \ K< r Women
No. 2 On the Betrt Ko 5 Fo# Men
No On the Kidney■ No. ti On Rhemnatiem

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Fox, J. O. Lexington Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 19, No. 47, Ed. 1 Friday, August 12, 1910, newspaper, August 12, 1910; (https://gateway.okhistory.org/ark:/67531/metadc110428/m1/5/ocr/: accessed May 13, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History, https://gateway.okhistory.org; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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