Lexington Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 17, No. 41, Ed. 1 Friday, July 3, 1908 Page: 4 of 8

•T. O. FOX, Proprietor.
The Official City l'ujter.
THE republican party is an outgrowth of the old
Whig Party. Id convention assembled at Albany,
New York, that party adopted a resolution condemn-
ing the action of President Van Buren and the ad-
ministration in dictating to the democratic convention
the nomination of Lewis and Cass, and the adoption
of certain planks in the platform.
The people of the country resented the interfer-
l) isjilay ndvertUomenU 10 per inoh cach insertion.- Additional ence of federal government at that time by defeating
Suhsorljttion One Dollar I'cr Year.
Telephone Number IS.
oharge for special position. Locals 5 cents per line each in
sertion. All advertisements run until ordered out.
All church, school and other uotices of entertainments, where
money is derived from, and cards of thanks, will be charged for
at the regular advertising rates.
Jfor President
For Vice President
JOHN JOHNSON, ol Minnesota.
For United States Senator
For Congressman, Fifth District
Cass, and it looks as if they will repeat the dose in
November. The people, not the federal office hold-
ers, should rule.—El Reno Democrat.
There is no need of men and boys in and around
Lexington being idle at present. The farmers are
wanting cotton choppers, and are paying §1.25 per
(lay and board,
Tiif. weeds in Lexington have gotton a rather
good start. Lexington is a good town and it is a
shame to see the weeds so thick and tall. A good
mowing is a wise thing to do, and it should be done
at once,
j Knockers never build a town, but pushers make
All announcements under this head are paid for. live ones. The harder they push the more thriving
$10.00 in advance.
For Representative
We are authorized to announce W. N. Newell for
the town is. A united push among the business
men and citizens would make a great difference in
the well-fare of the city. Organize and try it.
Taft's grand stand play for an anti-injuntion
ntiitizc to the legislature from Cleveland coun- plank in the Roosevelt platform was really amusing.
It appeared as if he were saying to the convention—
"you know my failing in this injunction business, and
I won't go in without you tie my hands so I can't fol-
low the practice of my past life." And then they
tied him with a slip knot.—Purcell Register.
ty, subject to the action of the democrats at the pri-
mary August 4th.
IT is easy to understand Mr. Bryan's certainty of ________
election, and the general feeling that l'.'OS is to be jj ^ Hawk, cashier of the Farmers' National
a democratic year. In a time of unexampled nation- 13^,^ 0f Lexington, Okla., is gaining fame for himself
al prosperity, and when the national resources of the an(j ^ dividends for the stockholders of his growing
United States were never greater, we have seen in- j)au|£ thr0Ugij the medium of judicious advertising,
dustry crushed and business crippled. jn every is8ue 0f the Lexington Leader the ad of his
In the midst of plenty there is want and suffer- [)anj£ 0CCUpies tbe left hand top quarter page. Every
ing, and where work should lie ready for every willing a(j j8 entire]y original and is made so readable that
hand not a city but has its pitiful meetings of desper- pr0Sp0Ctive depositor is forced to pause long
Ute unemployed. There is sickness in the land a to read and digest it. As a result to this per-
creeping chill of the sheer misery—and the blaine is gj8tant advertising the bank has distanced its compet-
laid at the door of the republican party. jtor8 jn the race for new business—The Southwestern
Why not ? The republicans have been in power J3anijer.
for more than a decade, occupying the White House , - ■
and holding substancial majorities in both branches ^ q[ ^ exchanges are having a great dea]
Of congress. Just as they have taken the credit for ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ]egi8,ation by tb(} oklahoma le„.
good times, so must they stand the blame for >a< . jsiatUre overlooking the many good measures passed.
The republicans, to be sure, are coming before ^ ^ other ,egi8lature8 as well a9 the Ok-
<kU1i vmli nfAmiooa rvf viiniuilv ocrtPPin V
the people with rich promises of remedy, especially
with regard to tariff revision, but not only does the
lahoma legislature that passed freak measures. The
recent legislature of New Jersey, almost solidly repub-
Dast eive them the lie, but their present deeds are , . . . , . , , ,,
jjaoi s,ivc mew , r an(j a mo(jei ,n the way of passing laws for the
sadly out of keeping with their words.
Look at the punishment meted out to those re-
publican leaders who are sincerely for reform. Hugh-
es discredited, LaFollette hnmilated, Cummins defeat-
ed—all of them fought by the republican party back-
ed up by the administration itself.
Who doubts the honestv of these men, distrusts
encouragement of corporations to do business with
the state, of which we hear so much here, put on the
statute books that when a citizen of the state finds
that a rabbit was destroying his tree he shall make
an affidavit of the fact and forward the same to the
secretary of state, who will then grant him license to
traP ^e aforesaid rabbit and when trapped his rab-
their remedies, or dares asperse their sincerely? And ,g ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ hou8e _claremore
can anyone recall that Mr. Roosevelt, or Mr. L aft, or a .
any republican leader, has ever done anything to help
them, or even so much as said a good word for them ?
No! Relief does not lie in the Republican party, Tins pretty story is told by the Nebraska City
for the machinery of that party is owned by corrupt (Neb.) Times: "A young lady, in hastily turning a
monopolies, and operated solely in the interests of ™mer of a street, accidently ran with great force
special privileges.—Exchange. aKainst ft raeSed I,e86ar b°y and neftr]>' k"ocke(1 hl®
over. Stopping as soon as she could and retracing
her steps she said very kindly : 'I beg your pardon,
my little fellow. I am very sprry that I ran against
yov.' The little fellow was wlioly amazed; he looked
at tbe lady a moment and then taking off his tattered
cap, made a graceful bow and said, as his face lit up
with a smile: 'You have my pardon miss, and ye're
welcome to it. And say, the next time you run ag'in
me, ye kin knock me clean down and I won't say a
word.' After the lady had passed on, the boy said
to a companion : 'I say Jim, it's fine to have some-
body asking your pardon, ain't it?"
Don't be a knocker, but a booster.
Just a month from tomorrow the primary will
be held.
It will be Bryan by acclamation at the Conven-
tion at Denver Tuesday.
The city council should arrange for a general
clean-up. It is badly needed.
Three of tbe largest piano manufacturing con-
cerns have been merged into a harmonious trust.
If our business men would put a little more en-
ergy into their business, they would profit greatly
Tomorrow is the Fourth and everybody should
celebrate. They should also sing praises of Oklaho-
ma, the 4<Sth star.
Wm. J. Bryan will be nominated at the conven-
tion at Denver Tuesday, and elected by an overwhelm-
ing vote in November.
Everybody has a glad hand for tbe man who
boosts his town, while they pay no attention to the
man who is continually trying to run the town down.
Pay no attention to tbe knocker. He amounts to
nothing, and should be overlooked. What we need
in Lexington is some ttore good, sound boosters.
If you are not a subscriber, we invite you to
become one. SI.00 per year.
Our Job Department is complete. We print
anything in the printing line.
We solicit your printing.
Local Agents Wanted at Once.
Tomorrow is The Fourth and We Wish You a Happy Day.
We do not claim to sell all the Gro=
ceries, but we do claim to sell more
Groceries than any one of our competitors,
and it is by handling the best goods for the
least tttoney that does the business.
Our stock is complete at all times,
and our Groceries are always Fresh.
If you have not been a customer of
ours, we kindly ask you to give us a trial,
and we will convince you that it will be to
your advantage to buy from a live mer-
For candies, cookies, etc., for the
Fourth, 'phone No. 11.
Watch This Space For Another Talk Next Week.
We have moved into the building
with the Palace Drug Store, next door
to J. M. Tuggle, where we are pre=
pared to serve our many customers
and friends.
Our stock is large and our goods
are the best to be had for the money.
Our line of Optical goods is com=
plete in every particular.
Call and see lis for anything car=
ried by a first=class Jeweler and Opti=
Jeweler and Optician
..Farm Loans..
Privilege to Pay Part or All After One Year.
Clet Your Abstracts For You
Buy or SeU your Land, Write Insurance, Renew
your old loan
See me if you want money, or want to save moneys
Lexington, Okla. The Real Estate and Loan Mau.
DeWitt's Little Early Hisers, 111e
famous little liver pills, are sold by
The Pallaee Drug Store,
Sherman .1 Everett, Props.
The animal stock holders meet-
ing of the Farmers Union Gin Com-
pany ol Noble, will meet in Noble,
on Monday, July (*. lrios. at 10 a.
in., for the purpose of transacting
any business that may com$ before
said body. All stockholders are re-
quested to be present.
L. L. McCo.mii,
Secretary and Treasurer.
DeWitt's Kidney aud illadder pills
are prompt and thorough and will in a
very short time strengthen the weak-
ened kidneys and allay troubles arising
fram intlammation of the bladder.
They are recommended everywhere.
.Sold by
The Palace Drug .Store,
Sherman & Everett, Props.
For Sale at a Bargain
1 will sell my house, household
goods and piano in Lexington at a
bargain. Piano almost new. If
interested, j ilea se i ,>11 it hiy resi-
dence at once. •
Mrs. Sam Kaufman.
Phone all the news to No. 18.
Kenedy's Lazative cough syrup is the
one that children like so well to take
as it tastes nearly a* well as maple
sugar. It is ditierent from the others
as it does not constipate, bat on the
otherhand it acts gently yet freeely on
the bowles anil thereby it drives the
colt! out of the system. Sold by.
The Palace Drug Store,
Kverett & Sherman Props.
Card of Thanks
\\ e wish to thank our many
friends for their kindness and assis-
tance during the illness and death
of our little daughter, Mary Mitch-
ell. Mr. and Mrs. W. Kemp.
Stomach troubles are very common
in the summer time and you should
not only be very careful about what
yiu eat just now, but more than this
you should not allow your stomach to
become disordered, and when the stom-
ach goes wrong take Kodol. This is
the best known preperation that is of-
erei to the people today for dyspepsia
or ind igestion or any stomach trouble.
Kodol digests all fonda. It is pleasant
to take. It is sold lure by
The Pallaee Drug Store,
li "mau 1 Kvenjlt Vropi.

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