Lexington Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 19, No. 24, Ed. 1 Friday, March 10, 1905 Page: 1 of 8

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We have the Material
Can Print
(Consolidation ol You Alls Doins, Established 1899: Cleveland County Leader, Established 1891.)
"Entered June 9,1903. at Lexington. Okla. as ftecon<l-clas8 matter, uudor Act of conjr^s of March isto." ^
I Every l>a^
| A Bargain day at Inc
| St. Louis Bargain Stare
I^LonU fnr tin'111.I K KI.AIi
l*** 11 n i i"i"i' 1111im 111111*tmwwwwtwwwwHwwww'..
8. 0. HAWK, President,
P, J. HAWK, Oaahier,
H. A. HAWK. Vice President.
Capital i|25,()00
(Originally established by S. C. Hawk, in 18!)1 as a private ioan office.
Incorporated as Farmers Bank in 1901. Nationalized 1904.)
We Always Help our Customers uheti Iheij Xeed Help
Prompt attention given all business entrusted to us. On thin basis wo solicit your banking business.
Wo also collect taxes for this end of Cleveland County.
In Memoriam.
At a regular meeting of the Wom-
an's Home Mission Society, of the
Methodist church, Tut-sday after-
noon, March 14th, the following res-
olutions were adopted:
Whereas, in the Providence cf
I|i God, He has seen fit to take away
from us, and to Himself, one of our
co worker?, Mrs. S. B. Pautier.
Resolved, First; That with sad
hearts but with a firm faith that it is
better with her, we bow in submis
sion to His divine will.
Resolved, Second; That we shall
\\'c< /ssne Itiiiitc Money Orc/ors I'uyiilile Anywhere
E. M. Abernathy. S. C. Hawk. Chas. Greemore. A. I). Hawk.
W. II. P. Trudgeon. II. L. Forehand. F. J. Hawk.
Jay Sherman. H. A. Hawk.
Local Correspondents
Items of Interest Oathered by our Associate Kilitors
During the Week
Too late for last week.
W. R. Seig treated his school with
cfangeB last Friday. A nice time
was reported.
Rev. Hopper preached at Spring
Creek Sunday, auil a Sunday school
was organized.
Mr. Hipp's family is reported sick.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wood,
Friday, a boy, mother and baby get-
ting along nicely.
Lawrence Pidcock, of Oklahoma
City visited Bush Clemens this week.
Mrs. Ward, of the Chickasaw na-
tion is visiting her son, Ed Ward
this week.
There will be singing at Banner
Sunday evening.
Mrs. McKay and Miss Willie vis-
ited Mrs. Luper Monday.
Mrs. Basham spent Sunday at
Mr. Page's.
Mrs. Lock returned from Wauette
Mr. anil Mrs. Atlas Loupi r visited
at Mr. McReynold's Sunday.
Mrs. Edna Avey visited her par
ents a few days last week.
Will Summerly weut to Norman
John Rose is hauling his cotton
to Wanette.
Miss Cora Wheatley took dinner
with Miss Easter Warden Sunday.
Mrs Fannie Grogen and children
Mrs. John Hollmau who has been visited at Robert Fowler's Tuesday.
very sick, is some better.
Several of Geo. Butler's family
are reported on the sick list.
Will Vice aud family, John Wil-
liams and family, Miss Bertha Ben-
nett and Lawrence Peacock spent
Sunday with Bush Clemens and fam-
The Farmers' Union, of Banner,
is increasing ia membership very
Mrs. Ora Barns and grandmother,
Mrs. Bryant, shoppiug were in \\ a
uette Friday.
Mrs. John Rose visited Mrs. W.
E. D, Dragoo Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lewis of
Heuderson took dinner with Oscar
Dragoo Sunday.
Buckheaditers are busy planting
erer cherish the memory of her sweet
J j Christian character, her gentleness
♦ jaml conscientious performance of
T every duty. And now that she is
T | gone, no one can remember au un-
* kind woril spoken, or an unpleasant
? | act performed by her.
Re^olverY, Third; That earth is
all the better that she has lived, and
Heaven is all the dearer that she is
there, And that though our sitter
Mallow was in Wanette is dead h' r inlluencs shall live among
lis, and that we will do all in our
power to ,ul.tt" the spirit of her
1 if•. - ) that we may finally r. ali/.e
the ilivit i!i mi her life ^|i Ii", "AJei-t
Me There.'
Resolved. Fourth; That these res-
olutions be recorded upon the min-
ut< s of the ci1 ty, a copy be sent to
th" bereaved family of tin * deceased,
and that th> Lexington Leader, and
Western Christian Advocate be re-
quested to publish same.
Mrs. W. L. Coleman Chairman.
Mrs. Marion Georoe.
d Mrs. Ci.
E. I
on business, Tuesday.
Mrs. 1. W. Elliott visit
A Bailey Sunday.
Mrs. Maggie Fouce took dinner
with her aunt, Mrs. Caskey, Mou
Will Caskey aud wife visited Mrs.
Joe Caskey Saturday night aud Sun-
Mrs. Sallie Caskey visited at Gran-
ville Thompson's several days this
Mrs. Maude Peacock is visiting
friends aud relatives at this place.
Mrs. Bob Webb and little daugh-
ter, Oneta, visited Mrs. Jim Caskey,
Jim Mays and family took dinner
with his brother, Elbert and family,
Misses Lula Menasco aud Cora
Whaley took dinner with Easter
Warter, Sunday.
Mrs. W. E. D. Dragoo took dinner
with Mrs. Mallie Masters Sunday.
Mrs. Eva Slavin took dinner with
Mrs. G. A. Bailey Sunday.
Mrs. I. W. Elliott visited Mrs.
Bob Burds Monday.
Mrs. Webb was the guest of Mrs.
Bailey Tuesday.
Held at City Hall Tuesday
In response to a call by the Cen-
tral Committeeman for a Democratic
Mass Meeting Tuesday eveniug, a
goodly number turned out. The
meeting was for the purpose of elect-
ing five committeemen.
As the Central Committeeman was
not present on due time, J. D. Ly-
dick was elected to preside over the
meeting and J. O. Fox was elected
A motion was carried to elect a
Central Committman from each of
the four wards and oue at large.
A motion passed that the Demo
crats cf each ward go into caucus
aud select aud present the name of a
Democrat before the house, aud then
let the Ii ,us - elect.
The Central Committeemen are as
follows: G. W. Rountree. first ward;
W. J. Stevens, second ward; J. C.
Dowdy, third ward; J. P. Perkins,
f nirth ward ,onl H. A. Ingram, at
| After a few short talks the meet-
ing ;• 1 j niriied.
The Central Committeemen uiet
Wednesday morning and decided to
hold a Democratic primary. Also
placed the hours of voting from S
a. in. tj 12 m., as the count will
have to be made in order.to send the
ballots olf ou the afternoon train.
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, In God's wisdom, Hc-
has Been proper to call from earth to
heaven our beloved sister, Mrs. S. B.
Be it resolved: First, that the
Sunday School has lost a faithful
teacher, whose every desire was to
the will of the Master, and whose-
labors of love aud devotion in pro-
moting the interest of the Sunday
school, was a part of her life work,
and for which we will cherish her
memory as one we dearly loved.
Second: That the Methodist Epis-
copal church, south, will feel her loss
deeply; for wheuever there was work
to do in the church she was always
ready, and her life was filled with
deeds of kindness and love; always
remembering the poor and distressed,
and ready to lend a helping hand:
| and the good influence left b hind,
j will be felt long after the 11 iwers
| bloom above her Bleeping dust.
I hird: That we bow in submission
to the deviue will, knowing ti,at God
. doith all tilings well, and that while
our hearts are bowed in sorrow, she
, is basking in the sunlight of His
lov • in the realms i i et. i n. I bliss.
Fourth: That a copy of tl.sC
, resolutions be seut to the family ut ;
the deceased, and a c ;.y >-,.1,1 to the
| Lexington Leader for publication.
\ J. Ii Bell,
Committee - (in.u 1: Thacker,
( Mary Mitchell.
Mrs. Ned Wynne.
Mrs. R E. Thacker.
Pupil's Examination.
The examination for Common
School Diplomas will beheld Thurs
day and Friday, April 13, 14, at the
following places: Norman, Lexing-
ton, Noble, Moore, Center Point and
District No. (50.
All pupils, who are prepared,
should take this examination as the
diploma shows that a systematic
course of study has been completed
aud is an iuceutative to higher
work—admitting the holder, without 1 ,, , . , . „ ,,
0 , He was buried in the Purcell
examination, to the classes of the!
Killing at Purcell.
! Alfred Kerr, of Washington, 1. T.,
|and Roy Newman, of Purcell, were
engaged in a scutlle at school Tues
day, aud after school, it seems as if
one of the Kerr boys went home and
got a pistol, and brought it to his
brother, and they got 011 the trail of
young Newman, who was ill Joe
Schwartz tailor shop, so they went
and struck young Newman, who ran
to the door, and as he did Alfred
Kerr shot him in the back of
I the head, killing him instantly The
I killing occured at about 0 o'clock.
, Roy was taken to the undertaking
i house, where be was well cared for.
corn and "taters" and making gar-
den—all of which we predict will
have to be done over soon. j Mrs' 15aile-v> who was 35 yellr8 oki
Monday, was surprised with a fine
Lone Star. I Uncle John Applewhite thinks birthday cake The baker wag ^
Anna Collins came down from | Ho,ace Greel>,,! aiivlC«\ 7°Un« maQ Ada Holiday. Mrs. Baily was proud
Moore and spent Saturday aud Sun 1 a,u' 8row "I1 "le L°1IU 0f the cake, and invited a few friends
1 frv " rrnnil uihI iu nrnnnpin(r fn cftirf ...
I years of age.
, tery Wednesday afternoon. Alfred
first vear in the preparatory depart- ,, ,, ,, .. , _
m \r ii„„. 1 11 " . , „ . Kerr was IS and Hoy Newman 1 /
Mrs. Mallow was a pleasant caller ; ment of the I uiversity of Oklahoma.
at Mrs. Mongolds Tuesday after- j Those who failed in the examina-
tion last year may retain grades of <
80 per cent aud above ou the exam-
ination this year. Mr- Ge0- E- Carpenter and Miss
Bradley Gambell was up from
Asher Saturday and Sunday.
Misses Nora and Grace Jarboe and
Sadie Wallace Bpent Tuesday night
with Miss Bird Boggs.
Earl Stevens and sister, Miss Net
ti*, and Misses Corban and Henry
spent Sunday with Miss Faunie
try," good, and is preparing to start tQ Mp hef eujoy thueatin2 xh()se
to north western Texas soon. preseut w(jre Maggje MalloW(
The protracted meeting at Mt. Misses Ada Holiday and Etta Bai-
Zion closed Saturday night. |ey.
Rev. Everett of Noble filled his Dr. Ball has bought a driving
appointment at Mt Zion Sunday. ' horse aud 15 buggy whips to break
Viola Trostel is very sick. , him with.
Rev. John Bean will preach at | Evergreen Bailey moved a cedar
Mt. Zion next Sunday. Everybody tree from the bottom and transplant-
come. 1 ed it on his farm at Box Tuesday.
Mr. Geo. E. Carpenter and
A fee of 50 ceil ti will be charged Emma Witteu, of the
to defray the expanses of the exam ! neighborhood were happily married
illation. at ''le residence of Rev. T. O. Shanks
Teachers are asked to not rec j Wednesday at 11 a. m.
ouimend their pupils to take this ex I -^r- Carpenter is a very prosperous
amination unless they have thor- ! yoll"P farmer and a very pleasant
oughly completed the eighth grade gentleman, young a n d energetic,
work, while the bride is a lovely aud ac
F. B. Swank , Co. Supt. complished young lady.
We wish the young couple all the
For Sale or Trade ^'8 au''
A good gin and corn mill in good When you want a tablet, don't
location.—S. W. Hutchiu. pass us up, for we have a large line.
Epworth League Social.
The members of the Epwcrtb
League gave a very "enjoyable social
at the residence of Miss Almetta
Williams last Friday night. Abuut
all the members of the League and a
goodly number of other iuvited
guests were preseut.
1 he young folks enjoyed tome of
the new games of the season until
a late hour, when delicious refresh-
ments were served. After which they
enjoyed some choice music, that was
rendered by Misses Williams and
At about 11:4o the young folks
bade their hostens good night, only
wishing for another such occasion.
A Correction.
Last week our stenographer got
the word Police instead of Probate,
iu the article relative to the gamblers
being tried iu the Police Court,
when it should have read in the
Probate Court at Norman.
James Milligan, a prosperous far-
mer of the Buckhead community, wat
a business visitor iu Lexington Mon-
day, and while here he paid this of-
fice a pleasant call, also paid up his
subscription. Mr. Milligan has been
suffering with a carbuncle on his
hand, though it is almost well at
1 present.
j A fresh supply of bulk aud pack-
age garden seed at Evans & Keller's.
COST SALE ON AT THE FAIR - Below We Quote Our Cost _ Mark:
iji {Jtpjl ^'9fcjj5Js f'J
f ! i-: if Jtw ; •< if J *j v
2 3 4 5
m g .., <*«*
The entire stock will be sold out as we are going out jfof business. Nothing Will be reserved Everything goes.
Bring this Cost Mark with you. THE FAIR Lexington, Oklahoma
No Discount Stamps Given.
Xo\t door to Leader otHee.

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