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Captured by African Hunter, It Is
Playful and Tractable.
You would scarcely choose a baby
leopard for a pet, for such an adop-
tion, on the face of it. promises many
drawbacks. An eminent prizefighter
not long ago made a pet of a lion cub,
but it is not recorded that the experi-
ment was in any way successful. Leop-
ards in their baby state are usually
more tractable and as playful as kit-
tens. The cub here shown was one of
the three captured by an African hun-
ter, who successfully set them out to
nurse to a goat. This little tellow
thrived and grew and its owner re-
garded it with the same affection that
one bestows upon a regular household
pet. What happened when the leop-
ard grew to maturity is not told. We
can dispense with this, however, and
only look upon the bright, childish
side of the beast, which, as in the
lives of men and women, is the period
to be best and most gratefully remem-
bered.—New York Herald.
North Carolina's Oldest Lawsuit.
The oldest lawsuit in North Caro-
lina is now being finally settled. It
is that of the Eastern band of Chero-
kee Indiana against W. II. Thomas
and others, involving a ^reat many
thousand acres of land, and also oth-
er interests. Thomas was for some
years before the civil war the chief
of the Eastern band, and raised a
legion of troops from among his Cher-
okees which was in the Confederate
service, being one of the North Car-
olina regiments.
The case began in 1867, in the fed-
eral court for the western North Car-
olina district, and since that date
over ninety attorneys have been em-
ployed. Every lawyer who wa3 first
employed has died.
Too Strong a Joke.
One of the girl pupils at an Eastern
high school was expelled for cutting
up an onion and putting it on the
teacher's desk.
Ocean Liner's Immense Funne'.
The Caronia, the largest completed
addition to the Atlantic fleet of the
Cunard company, is a giant. Her Im-
mense length and height of broadside,
topped by three promenade decks
fronted by tho bridge, 75 feet above
the loadline, is impressive, quite apart
from the funnels, which rise to 150
feet above the keel, and wide enough
ro:- two railway trains to pass through
tbm abreast.
Rockefeller's Wealth
A Wall street banker, who is said
to be the head of one of the largest
financial institutions of New York, s
credited with the statement that the
fortuno of John D. Rockefeller will,
In a few years, amount to $1,000,000,•
000. There are many estimates cur-
rent of Mr. Rockefeller's wealth, es-
timates ranging all the way from
$■100,000,000 up to several times that
amount, but the Wall street authority
adds that all estimates of the Rocke-
feller fortune have been too low.
Years ago Mr. Gladstone was one of
the guests at a dinner in England
where the oldest member of the Van-
derbilt family was also present. Some-
body whispered to the English pre-
mier that the rich American had one
hundred million dollars, and Mr. Glad-
stone commented, after looking curi-
ously at Mr. Vanderbilt: "Then f
choiild say that he constitutes a peril
to the American republic."
"How's Vour Cough?"
"If you are still coughing your life
away, we desire to tell yci once more
—lest you forget—that Simmons'
Cough Syrup will cure you, and do it
quickly. It gives you rest, peace and
The world generally gives its ad-
miration, not to the man who does
what nobody else ever attempts to do,
but to the man who does best what
multitudes do well.—Lord Macaulay.
"Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy
sarinl my life! I had dyspepsia and kidney dlleue."
E* Senator Albert Merritt, Park Place, N. Y'. II a bottle.
We wish we could work all day as
fast as we can dress in a cold room
in the morning.
Talking' machines—Victor and Edi-
son are the best; cash or payments, $1
weekly. Write to-day JENKINS' MUSIC
CO., KANSAS CITY, WIO. 30,000 records in
stock, Mention this paper.
There is a general impression that
a certain young and pretty Atchison
girl is using something yellow on her
Insist on Getting It
Some grocers say they don't keep
Defiance Starch. This Is because the>
have a stock on hand of other brands
containing only 12 oz in a package,
which they won't be able to sell first,
because Defiance contains 16 oz. for
the same money.
Do you want 16 oz. Instead of 12 oz.
for same money? Then buy Defiance
Starch. Requires no cooking.
The decline of literature indicates
the decline of the nation. The two
keep pace in their downward ten-
98cts., 16x20 Bust Crayon 98cts. 6endyonr
£hoto and Sfcct® and we will make a 16x20 Bu6t Crayon,
outbweatern Artists' Association. Dallas. Texas.
Anation's literature is always ilie
biography of its humanity.—Robert
Lord Lytton.
Hinton Dollar Grass,
Yi non the John A. Salzer Seed Co., of
La Crosse^ Wis., introduced this remark-
able grass three years ago, little did they
dream it would be the most talked of grass
in America, the biggest, quick, hay pro-
ducer on earth, but this has come to pass.
Agricultural Editors wrote about it,
Agr. College Professors lectured abost it,
Agr. Institute Orators talked about it,
while in the farm home by the quiet fire-
side, in the corner grocery, in the village
post-office, at the creamery, at the depot,
in fact wherever fanners gathered, Salzer's
Billion Dollar Grass, that marvelous grass.
f[ocd for 5 to 14 tons hay per acre ana
ots of pasture besides, is always a theme
worthy of the farmer's voice.
Then comes Bromns Inermis, than which
there is no better grass or better perma-
nent hav producer on earth. Grows wher-
ever soil is found. Then the farmer talks
about iSalzer's Teosinte, which produces
100 stocks from one kernel of. seed, 11 ft.
high, in 100 days, rich in nutrition and
greedily eaten by cattle, hogs, etc., and is
good for 80 tons of green food per acre.
Victoria Rape, the luxuriant food for
hogs and sheep, which can be giown at
25c a ton, and Speltz at 20c a uu., both
great food for sheep, hogs and cattle, also
come in for their share in the discussion.
"just send 10c in stamps
and this notice to John A. Silzer Seed
Co., La Crosse, Wis., for their big catalog
and many farm seed samples, [w. N. b.J
ping out the prob-
lems of the future, gives
first place to the necessity
bers increase with health or decrease with illness or mal-
nutrition. The best tonic for increasing the red blood coi">
puscles and building up healthy tissue is no doubt Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. This medicirii lias been
on the market for over a third of a century and numbers
its cures by the thousand.
A tonic made up largely of alcohol
will shrink tho corpuscles of the
blood and make them weaker for
resistance. A cod liver oil makes
the stomach groan because it is irri-
tating. What is needed is an alter-
ative extract made of roots and
herbs, without the use of alcohol,
that will assist the stomach in as-
similating or taking up from the
food such elements as are required
for the blood, also an alterative that
will assist the activity of the liver
and cause it to throw off the poisons
the inventor, in mi
of fighting the baoteria which give us j jn the blood. When we have accom
our diseases. Next to the actual bacte- j plighed this we have put the system in
ria of disease, the mosquitos and flies: a fortified condition so strong that it
are the^most dangerous enemies oi i can repel the germs of disease which
A 1~"i" we find everywhere—in the street-cars,
man. The mosquito with its bite in-
jects into our veins malaria, yellow
fever, and other fatal troubles. .The
fly, with spongy feet, collects the invis-
ible germs of diseases, spreads them
over our food and poisons us with ty-
Ehoid, cholera and other plagues of the
uman race.
The blood which flows through our
veins and arteries should contain
healthy red blood corpuscles which are
capable of warding off the attack of
the disease germs if they get into the
Dr. Pierce, the eminent physician of
Buffalo, N. Y., says, "if each person
will consider his system as an army of
men which he controls as a general, and
will see to its proper provisioning and
that it has plenty of ammunition in the
shape of good red blood, he will be
able to overcome the enemy in the
shape of the germs of disease." Fv-
ery healthy person has five million red
blood cells or corpuscles to every square
millimeter of blood. The number of red
blood corpuscles in the average human
being is so great that it is almost in-
comprehensible. However, their num-
thc shops, the factories, the bedrooms,
wherever many people congregate, or
where sunlight and good air does not
Accept no substitute for "Golden
Medical Discovery." There is nothing
"just as good" for diseases of the
stomach, blood and lungs.
Dr. R. V. Pieucb, Buffalo. N. Y.:
Dear Sir—Your "Golden Medical Discov-
ery" Is a sick man's friend. For the past
seven years my health gradually failed. I
lost my appetite, became nervous and debili-
tated, very despondent and unable to sleep.
No medicine helped mo until I tried Doctor
l'lerce's Golden Medical Discovery. It put
new Ufo Into my veins and Increased vitality
until I could once more enjoy llfo and attend
to my business. Eight bottles affected a com-
plote euro and gladly do 1 recommend It.
Very sincerely yours,
Geo. N. Turner,
2208 California St., Denver. Cola
Ex. Financial Secretary International
Brotherhood of Teamsters.
The bible of the body is the name
given to Dr. Pierce's Ciommon Sense
Medical Adviser, of which over two
million copies have been Bold. Send
21 cents in one-cent stamps, for this
1000-page book in paper covers, or 31
stamps for the cloth-Dound. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
$3.I§ & s3.92 SHOES
XV. L. Douglan S1.SO shoe* are the greatest teller* In the
world l)«cuuac of their exeelleut style, easy till in c ai «l supe-
rior wearing qualities. They are Just as cnod us those that
ontt from • .<*© toST.OO. The only'inference 1s the price.
XV. L. l> uxlas #.!.. O shoes cost more to make, hold their
sh:ipc l e tier, wear longer, and are of greater value than any
other $'!.• <> shoe on the market to-day. W. L. Douglas guar-
antees their value l y stamping his name and price on the
bottom of each shoe. Look lor it. Take no substitute. W. I,.
Douglas $.}.•>() shoes are sold thraicch his own retail stores in
the principal cities. nnJ by shoe dealers everywhere. No mat-
ter where you live, W.I^. liouglas shoes are within your reach.
"For the latt three f/ears f have irorn IP. L Omglnt $3J/>shoe in4 f vm 'itnot
only as goSd. Out better than any shoe that / erer hi l.reg-ir ti six of p-,re."
('has. L. Farrdl, Asst. Cashier The Capital National Dank, Iniianap tits, Ind.
Boys wear W. L. Douglas $2.50 and $2.00 ihosj because th?y fit
batter, hold their shape, and waar loader than othar raakss.
W. /,. l)ohqlax uses Corona Colt skin in his $3.SO shoes. Coronm
Colt is considered to be the finest patent leather produced.
W. I- Douglas has the largest shoe mall order bnilneng In the world.
No trouble to get a tit by mail. 25.*.. extra prepays delivery. If you rtes're
further information, rente /or Illustrated Catalog ie of Spring Styles.
makes aru^se'^
$3.&0 nboes r '
than any o£p$r« «
manufiptUrer ^
in tho "bird.
$10,000 W&jf'
^ w an,
la fi tiispiovethisM-atgjji
Every woman who marries faces
tho question of the kind of a' houso
she will make, and decides it.
Much valuable information free about
band instruments; write for the new cata-
logue to-day. JENKINS' MUSIC HOUSE
Literature Is the fruit of thinking
CITC permanently cored. Wo fits or nervorumw* aft«#
■ lid first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Kestor'
©r. Rend for FRKK §2.00 trial bottle and treatise^
Vu. U. II. Klixk, Ltd., 931 Arch Street, Philadelphia, F*
About every pretension there Is an
air of avoiding to pretend.
A large 2-oz. package Red Cross Hall nine, only
♦ cents. The Russ Company, South Bend, Ind.
About a big display of temper there
always is a flavor of being ill-used.
"Do You Itch"
"The cup of human misery is never
quite full until some form of itching
skin disease is added. Then It over-
flows. Hunt's Cure is a specific for
any itching trouble ever known. One
application relieves. One box is guar-
anteed to cure any one case."
The popular notion of an easy job
is doing just as you feel like.
You Pay 10ot
for Cigars*
Not so Good.
F. P:L*EWIS Peoria,ffl
All Upto-Date Housekeepers
use Defiance Cold Water Starch, be-
cause It It better, and 4 oz. more 9( it
tor •ame money.
CHFAP I £on? ^rand none so
Jr " I faF!■ .Jlow in price, leper pkt.
rni„.(Ji^up' P<)stPala. Finest
mus rated catalogue ever
> 8ent FREE- En*rav-
lup of every variety. A great
l« nrtJ extrapltR&of fwwds, new
'nwS Presented'free with every
* n^T m ™7!e sortsJ onlons only B0o
► velJ* „£„5ier Beed equally low. 40
" £j? „. Ted grower and dealer and
a e58tomers satisfied. No old
' fSFhi5^?i ?2d no'Khbor'g names
i B U ill IIUM/i wnCat^iOB,Je-
IB. H. SHUMWAY. Rockford. lift.
W. N. U.—Oklahoma City—No. 9, 1905
SYRUP cum coughs and colds,

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