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The Honey Bee.
The oldest literature of the world
contains frequent allusions to the bee
and its honey. The Hindu, Egyptian,
Hebrew, Grecian and Roman writers
refer much to what the Latin poet
Horace calls the "golden treasures of
the bee." Back in old Grecian days,
Plato wanted a law "to run as follows"
about poisoning: "He who employs
poison to do any injury, not fatal, to
a man himself, or to his servants, or
any injury, whether fatal or not, to
his cattle or his bees" should be pun-
ished by death or as the court might
determine. Six hundred years B. C. it
was one of the laws of Solon,
Greece's lawgiver, that "if any one
should raise stocks of bees, he was
to place them three hundred feet from
those already raised by another."
Strangely enough our American In-
dians did nc* have these busy workers
to provide for them. The hive bee
was brought to America during the
seventeenth century, it is supposed.
Swarms escaped continually, of course,
and Thomas Jefferson noted that "the
bees have generally extended them-
selves into the country a little in ad-
vance of the white settlers. The In-
dians therefore called them the white
man's fly."
Washington Irving says: "The In-
dians consider them the harbinger of
the white man, as the buffalo is of the
red man, and say that in proportion as
the bee advances the Indians and the
buffalo retire."
Last December I met Mr. W. F
Marks, of Clifton Springs, N. Y., who
is president of the New York Associa-
tion of Beekeepers' Societies. Mr.
Marks, like most successful keekeep-
ers, is an enthusiastic friend of his
tiny workers. He calls attention to
the fact that the bee thrives in every
state of our Union, and the total num-
ber of colonies is near three-quarters
of a million. The last census places
the number of colonies in New York
at 22,738. The association has secured
legislation for the protection of bees,
and of honey on the market. When
one per cent of any adulterant has
been used with honey, the product can
not be sold on the market under the
name of "honey."
' By the way, we often hear the asser
tion that a counterfeit comb honey
chd be manufactured. The falsity of
the statement is evidenced by the
standing reward of $1,000 offered by
the National Beekeepers' Association
for a pound of such honey. It is one
of the idle stories that should die
there not being a single instance of a
claim for the reward.
Extracted honey is sold largely to
manufacturers of cakes, and its price
is affected by the trust that controls
the manufacture of the cakes.
Mr. Marks reminds us that the
honey bee is the only insect of value
whose product is finished. It fur-
nished the only sugar in very early
times. Its product to-day is not ei
celled in delicacy by any manufac
tured sweet. It is a friend of the hu
man race, and needs our protection
The industry grows in importance, and
public-spirited men like Mr. Marks
are doing a public service in watching
over its interests.—Alva Agee in Na-
tional Stockman and Farmer.
A Crazy Expression
Tn a contest over the will of the late
J. Alexander Yoell, a shrewd but ex-
citable business man of San Jose,
Cal., one of the facts cited as proof of
hi unsoundness of mind was that, in
a dispute with Bob Fitzsimmons at a
hotel over the use of a bathtub, when
the pugilist said to him: "If you
were not so small I would break every
bone in your body," he replied: "Try
It; you will get the ^orst of It."
An interesting cave has just been
discovered on the allotment of Nancy
Fatubby, a fullblood Choctaw, living
near Antlers. It is about four miles
southwest of Davis on what Is known
as Wild Horse creek. Those who
have visited this cave claim that it
seems to widen out into large under-
ground river which flows rapidly.
They say it can be traversed 300
yards without difficulty, but from
there on for a quarter of a mile it is
a difficult task. Notches are cut in
the wall, and Indians living in the vi-
cinity claim that the cave was once
Inhabited by robbers.
The Smallest Dictionary
The University of California has re-
ceived what it thinks is the smallest
dictionary in the world. The book
is a French-English dictionary, one
and one-eighth inches long by three-
fourth of an inch wide. Ii. was print"
ed first in large type and then reduced
to its present size by photographic
methods. Each page contains about
110 words, the book containing C30
state of obio, city of tolido, f
Luoas couktt. f
Frank J. Chkniy nuei oath th t he II sentor
partner of tbe firm of F. J. Chxnst * Co.. dulog
justness In the CItjr of Toledo, County and State
aforesaid, and that said Arm will pay tbe sum of
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every
cane of Cataksii that cannot be cured by the uae of
dau'i Catahb Cum. _
Sworn to before me and subscribed In uiy pret-
ence, tbl* 6th day of December, A. D. ISM-
| s,Al- ( notary Public.
Hall'• Catarrh Cure t talce Internally and actl
directly on tbe blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by *11 Druggists. 75c.
Take Hr'i'a Family Pills for constipation.
No Doctor Bills
Swedish doctors never send bills to
their patients. Each patient pays what
he deems just or is able to give. The
rich pay the physician liberally,
whether they have need of his ser-
vices or not, if he has been only re-
tained by them. The poor, If they
possibly can, pay him a small sum,
and the very poor pay him nothing.#
Yet he attends the poor as faithfully
as he does the rich.
Red Cross Ball Blue. Large 2-oz. package 5
cents. The Kuss Company, South Bend, Ina.
Every woman, as she cooks three
meals a day, and washes dishes after-
ward, decides that the next time she
marries it will be to a traveling man,
one who is not home more than once
a week to cook for.
From a Merchant. *
"I have sold three bottles of Hunt's
Lightning Oil to Frank Swartz of Gal-
lup, N. M. They think it is the only
medicine for all purposes."
C. P. Fisher,
Plymouth, O. T.
The great standard of literature as
to purity and exactness of style is
the Bible.—Blair.
Piso's Cure is the best medicine we ever used
for all Affections of the throat and lungs.—WH.
O. Ehd8l«t, Vanburen, Ind., Feb. 10,1800.
Preparing the Orchard Area.
In preparing a piece of soil for the
setting of orchard trees of any kind
we would advise to plow the whole
rea to the depth the trees are to be
set. This makes the whole surface uni-
form and the soil uniforn. to the depth
:he tree roots are to be placed. Such
i preparation will not encourage the
forming of pools of water about the
roots at the trees.
The noblest mind the best content-
ment has.—Spencer.
Why !t It the Best
Is because made by an entirely differ-
ent process. Defiance Starch is un-
like any other, better and one-third
more for 10 cents.
For Infants and Children.
AVfegetabte Preparation for As
tipglhcStoinachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digeation.CheerPul-
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
wot Narcotic.
jimp* oroujrssMuaPtrcwi
flmatw Sad'"
j4lx Smna *
K Jkuefmd *
* teW,
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
Tion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish-
rvess and Los9 of SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
. A I t> 111 «> ii I h •
l)(isi S — K(_ I MS
For Over
Thirty Years
tmr otkt*uh sommhv. mm tom oct*.
Conviction Follows Trial
J "When buying loose coffee or anything your grocer happens
I to have in his bin, how do you know what you are
getting ? Some queer stories about coffee that is sold in bulk,
could be told, if the people who handle it (grocers), cared to
apeak out. ,
Could any amount of mere talk have persuaded millions of
housekeepers to use
Lion Coffee,
the leader ol all package coffees for over a quarter
of a century, if they had not found it superior to all other brands in
Purity, Strength, Flavor and Uniformity ?
This popular success of LION COFFEE
can be due only *o Inherent merit. There
Is no stronger prool of merit than con-
tinued and Increasing popularity.
H the verdict of MILLIONS OF
HOUSEKEEPERS does not convince
yon of tbe merits of LION COFFEE.
f* costs vou but a trifle to buy a
package. It is tbe easiest way to
convince yourself, and to make
LION COFFEE ii sold only In 1 lb. sealed pickages,
and reaches you as pure aud clean as when it left our
I,ion-head on every package.
Save these Lion-heads for valuable premiums.
WOOLSON SPICE CO., Toledo, Ohio. -
<20 to S40
Clark, Kimball, Chit
Highest trade Estey,
Mason & Hamlin, Story &
, Chicago Cottage, slightly used,
guaranteed like new; special descriptions and
prices tor the asking. Write to-day.
When writing mention this paper.
WANTED —For the U. 8. Army, able-bodied
unmarried men, between ages of 21 and
86; citizens of United States, of good character
and temperate habits, who can speak, read and
write English. For information apply to Re-
cruiting Officer, Postoffioe buildine, Oklahoma
City, Okla . or Tulsa, ind. Ter.. Bnld, Shaw-
nee or Guthrie. Okla.
Oklahoma City, No. 9.
Tbe country road needB to be beauti-
led with trees as well as tbe Tillage
' - ■
On Deformities and Paralysis
will be cent free postpaid upon request. Thta book i* of a hundred pages,
handsomely Illustrated throughout and tells of an experience ojover thlrty years m
the treatment of Crooked
other mere treatment. Send lor tbl* book, and If directly interested, mention character
jMt *111 be teat with tbe book. THC U C. MOLAIN CRTMOPKDIO SANITARIUM

_ pinal Deformities, Infantile Paralysis,
Hip Disease, Deformed Limbs and Joints. Etc. It tells of the only
thorougly equipped Sanitarium In this country devoted exclusively to the treatment
of these conditions and how they rosy be cured without surgical operations, piaster
uw they rosy be cured without surgical operations, piaster
of the affliction and mclal literature bssrlM on the

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