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K,eep your Com in t^e pen at tfee present low prices and feed it to your Pigs and Cl?iek,ens tfyat are wort}} two bits eaefo.
Makers and. Leaders of Ijdw Prices. JT'oundatiori of Prosperity.
Purcell. I. T
Sneed's Hoff and Hominy Stored
and in August of 5o per ccnt ovor the cor-
renponding months of 1801. Over 40,<HX),WH)
pounds of inspected pork havo boon ex-
ported nineo the law wus put luto opera
tion, and a comparison of tho four months
of May. June, July and August, 18P2, with
the sttniu mouths of 1801, shows on in-
crease in iho number of pounds of our ex-
port of perk products of 02 por cent
and an increase in vaiuo of tVIW nor cont.
Tho exports of dressed l>ecf increased
from 1H7,U.M),000 pounds in l*s0 to U*-J0,MK*,-
000 pounds in 180-'. or about to per cent.
During the pist your there havo been ex-
ported 894.H07 head of cattle, against 5,-
7Kft expo-ted in 1HK0. This increased ex-
portation has been largely promoted by
tho inspection authorized by law and
the faithful efforts of tho secretary and his
official subordinates to make that inspec-
tion thorough and to carefully exclude
from all cargoes diseased or suspected
cattle. The requirement of tho Kuglish
regulations that llvo cattlo arriving from
tho United States must bo slaughtered at
the docks hud its origin in tho claim that
pleuro-pncumonia Existed among Ameri-
can cattle and tho existence of tho disouso
could only certainly bo dotcrinmed by a
postmortem Inspection.
Tho department of agriculture has
labored with great enorgy and faithful-
ness to extirpate t his disease; and on tho
L'fith day of September last a
public announcement was made by
the secretary that tho disease no
longer existed within tho United
Stutes. He is entirely satisfied, after tho
most searching inqulty, that this state-
ment wns Justified an I that with a contin-
uance uf tho inspection and quarantine
now required of ttle brought into this
country the disease can ho prevented from
again getting any foothold. Tho value to
the cattio industry of the Unitea State's of
this achievement can hardly bo estimated.
We cannot perhaps at once insist
that tho ev.denco shall Ihj ac-
cepted as s itisfnctory by tether coun-
tries; but if tho present exemption from
the disease is maintained and tho inspec-
tion of our cattle arr vingnt foreign ports,
in which our veterinarian* participate,
confirms it, we icuy Justly cNpcct, that tho
requirement that our cattlo shall Ihj
slaughtered at (ho docl:s will bo revoked
as the sanitary restrictions on our pork
product. hnvo been. If our cattlo can bo
taken ulivo to tho interior the trado will
be enormously Increased. Agricultural
products constitute 71.1 per cent of our
unr eccd« nted exports for the fiscal
year, wlilc.i closed Juno :t0. 18'.fJ Tho
total cavorts being ♦ 1,0K).387,030 and tho
value of tho agricultural proJucts |70:i,-
717,' V >. which cKCe. ds by more than $1">0. -
0 0,00 the shipment of agricultural pro-
ducts in unv nioviou year.
An Interesting and a promising work for
tho benefit of the American farmer has
been begun through agents of tho agricul-
tural department in Effrop \ and consists
in efforts to introduce the various pro-
ducts of Indian corn as articles of human
food. The high price of rye offoroJ a
favorable opportunity for tho
experiment in Germany of combining
corn men I with rye to produce
a cheap broad. A fair degree of hucivhi
has been attained and some mill* forgrind-
Ing corn for food have been introduced.
Tho secretary is of the opinion thai this
new use for tho produi is of corn has al-
ready stimulat"d exportation."* and that if
diligently prosecuted large and imprrtant
markets can presently lie opened for this
great American product.
Tho suggestions of the secretary for an
enlargem nt of the work of the depart-
ment are iccommended to your favorable
consideration. It may bo. i think, said
without challenge t hat iu no corresponding
period ha* no uiuoh boen done as during
the last four years for tho benofitof Amer-
The subject of quarantine relations, in-
spection and control was brought sudden-
ly to my attention bvr the arrival at our
ports in August last of vessels in fee tod
with cholera. Quarantine regulations
should bo uniform a' ail our ports. Under
the constitution they tire plainly within
the exctusivo federal jurisdiction, when
and so far at coiiKrcsH shall legislate. In
my opinion the " whole subject should
be taken into national coutrol and ade-
quate power given to tho executive
to protect people ugniuit pbigno
invasions. On the UVst of September last
1 approved regulations establishing a
twenty-day qua rant iu for all vessels
bringing imni rr.nits from foreign ports.
'1 hia order w|!l be coutinuyd iu force
Sonic Ion* and suffering have resulted to
pussongers, but a due careforthe homes of
our people Justities iu such eases tho utmost
precaution Thorn is daugcrthut with the
coming of spring cho'era wili ngaiu appear
and u liberal appropriation should bo made
at th s session to enable our quarantine
and port officials to exclude the deadly
Hut the mo it careful and stringent quar-
antine regulations in iy not be suf-
ficeiit absolutely to exclude t'io
disease Tic progress of medical
and sanitary seienc has been such,
however, thut if approved precautions are
taken nt once to put all of our cities and
towns in the L«mt sanitary condition and a
provision s inadu for isolating any spora-
dic cases and for a thorough disinfection,
nn epldem'c ean, I am sure, be avoided.
This work api ertuins the locn! authori-
ties and fli'j r'"*pon iblllty and the penalty
will be appalling if it is neglected or un-
duly delayed.
w o uro p yru'u a.*y subject In our great
ports to tie sproud of infectious dis-
eases bv u'as«m of the. .fact, that
ino unr H.rn-iMi nmiigrations brings
to us out of European cities iu tho
overcro.• it *d steerages of great atonm-
shij'S a largo number of persen whoso
Hurrouudiugs in itto them easy victims of
tho platrue. 'J hi; considerat on, as well
ns those iifTeetlui; th i political, morul and
Industrial lulerchf* of our country lead mo
to renew tho suggestion that admission to
our country and to tho high privileges of
its citizenship shall bo more restricted
and more careful. We havo,
1 think a right and owe a
duty to our own people and especially to
our working pi tipl", not only to keep out
the vicious, the ignorant, the civil distur-
ber, the pauper and the contract laborer,
but to c.ieek the too groat flow of ; firth i-
g ration uow coning by fur the c limita-
TUe woiu.n's PAIR.
The report of tho World's Columbian
exposition has not been submitted. That
of tho b ard of m ina^omont of tho govern-
ment exhibit tins bjcn reeolvod, and is
herewith transmute I. Tho work c.f con-
struction and of preparation of tho open-
ing of the exposition In May, next, has
progressed m st satisfactorily and upon u
scale of liberality an I magnificence that
will worthily sustain the honor of tho
United States.
|>I TltlCr OF COI.UM1UA.
Tho District of Columbia is loft by a de-
cision of the supremo court of the d strict
without any law roguUuof tho liquor
traffic An old statute of tne legislature
treated by the commissioners as giving
them power to grant or refuso licenses to
persons selling intoxicating liquors uud as
subjecting thus > who sold without
license to penalt es. In May
last the supreme court of tho
district held against this view of tho pow-
ers d commission -i\s. It is of urgent im-
portance therefor.) that congress should
supply, either by d root enactment or by
conferring discretionary powor.i upon the
commissioners, proper limitations and re-
straints upon the liquor traffic in the dis-
trict. The distr el has suffered in its
reputation bv many crimes of violence, a
large per cont of them resulting from
drunkenness and tho liquor traftl Tho
cap tal of the n itl ui should l>e freed from
thia reproach by th 1 enactment of strin-
gent restrictions and limitations upon the
1"Ijoti:ct:on of iuii iioao employi:*.
In renewing tho recornmondatlon which
I 'or the protection of railroad employes
gainst tho dangers incident to the old
l id inadequate methods of broaklng and
coupling which are still in uso upon
freight, business, I do so with the hope
that this congress may tako action on tho
subject. Statistics furnished by the in-
terstate commerce commission show that
during tho year ending Juno 80, ISO), there
wero 47 different styles of car couplers
reported to be in use. and that during the
aamo period there wero •) fifiO
employes killed and 20.110 injured No u\y
10 per cent of the doaths occurred in the
coupling and uncoupling of cars and over
30 per cent of the injuries had the ame
The civil service conimiss'on ask for ai
appropriation for needed e erica! ass st in o
which 1 think should bo given I cvten led
tho classified service March I. ISC', to in-
clude physicians, superintendents, assist
ant superintendents, school teachers and
matrons iu tho Indian service, and have
had wider consider Hon tho subject of
some further extensions. Out havo no* as
yet fully determined the lines upon whit h
extensions can most properly and usefully
be made.
election 1(e Foil MS
1 have in each three annual messages
whit; i it has boon ni.v duty to aubin t to
congress culled attention to the evils and
dangers connected with our election meth-
ods and practices as they are related to
tho choice of officers of tho nitimal
government. In my last message I endea-
vored to invoke Horiou* attention to tho
evils of unfair apportionments for con-
gress. I cannot close this message without
again calling attention to these crave and
threatening evils. I hud hoped that it was
possible to secure a non partisan inquiry
by means of a commission to inquire into
evils the existence of which is Known to
all and that out of this might grow legis-
lation from which all thought of partisan
udvantago should be climiuatoJ and only
tho higher thought appear of maintaining
the freedom uud purity of the ballot and
tho equality of tho elector, without the
guaranty of which tho govcrumetil could
never havo been formed and without
tho continuance of which it
cannot continue to ex st in
peace and prosperity. It is time
that the mutual charges of unfairneai ami
fraud b-tween tho great part cs should
cease and that th ) sincerely of those who
profess a desire for pure and honest elec-
tion* should l:o brought to the tost by their
willingness to free our le;r slat ion una our
e'eotion nvt oJa from everything that
tends to impair th* public confidence in
the untioune. d re u: t The necessity for
an inqury and for ic : is la tie ti by congress
upon this subject is emphasized by that
fact that th 5 tendency of the legisla-
tion in some states in recent yc<rs has
been in some important particulars
away from and not toward free and
fair olcclioQs and oqual uppovtlonmenU.
T 1- ' at tlm* that wcvabnuH OOtnttovothtr
uponlholiigh plane M patriotis.il Woile
we devise methods that shall s curo tho
right of any man qualified by law to casta
free ballot and give to every such o.d ot an
equal value in choosing our pubiic officers
and in directing tho policy of tho govern-
lynching of coi.ohed peopi.b
Lawlessness is not less such but more
where it usurps tho functions of the
poace officer and of tho courts. The fre-
quent lynchliigs of eolored people accused
of crime is without the cxcuso which has
sometimes been urged by mobs for a fnil-
uro to pursuo tho appointed methods for
the punishment of crimo that
the accused havo an uuduo influ-
ence over court and juries. Such acts
aro a reproach to the community
where thov occur and so far as thev cm
be made subject of federal Jurisdiction tho
strongest repressive legislation is de-
manded. A public sentiment that will
sustain the officers of tUo lfwr i a resisting
mobs and protecting accused persons in
their custody should be promoted by
evePy possiblo means. The officer
who gives his life in tho brave
discharge of his duty is worthy of
special honor. No lesson needs to be so
urgently Impressed upon our people than
this, that no worthy end or cause can be
promoted by lawlessness.
This exhibit of the work of tho executive
departments is submittted to congress and
to the nubile in tho hope that there will lie
found in it a due sense of responsibility
and an earliest purpose to main-
tain the national honor and to promote
tho happiness and prosperity of all our
people. And this brief exhibit of the
growth and prosperity of tho country will
give us a level from which to note the in-
crease or decadence that new legislative
policies may bring to us There is no rea-
son why tho national influence, power
and prosperity should not observe
the rates of increaso that havo charac-
terized 'he post thirty years. We
carry the great impulse and iticroase of
these years into tho futuro. There is no
reason why in many lines of the produc-
tion wo should not surpass all other na-
tions as we have n'ro.idy done in some.
There am no near#frontiers to our possiblo
dovolopment. Retrogression would be a
crime. Hbniamin Hahbison.
OuIIhwd nn the Mlssouri-Iowii llortlrr
Hot.I I |i the Wrinig Cnrs.
Kkokik, la., Dec. 0. — Hctwccn
Wyaconda and Medill, Mo., last night,
robbers stopped a freight train in a
lonely woods, thinking it was the
Santa Fe passenger.
When the freight reached Medill the
conductor telegraphed back to the
passenger following. When it reached
the robbers the engineer pulled the
throttle wide open and dashed past
To Siinprml all Immigration.
Washington, Dec. 0. — Senator
Chandler has prepared an immigration
bill which will be pushed as rapidly as
possible, suspending all immigration
acts for one year after March 1 next,
immigrants from North antl South
America alone excepted. Penalties
are provided for all aliens violating
the law antl for nil persons aiding such
aliens in entering.
I.tr.xle llnrtlttii'M Froipprt Dark.
Itosro.v, Dee. 0 —A dispatch from
Kali River says that the Lizzie Borden
grand jury ia talking now that the
hearing is over. Iu speaking to a
friend of his experience at the hear-
ing a juror said: "They will hang her
All except one of the jurors express
the conviction that the defendant is
111m Funeral Very yulet.
Nf.w York, Dee. 0.—From early
morning the sidewalk opposite the
Uouldresidence was lined with men
antl women, who gathered more
through curiosity than anything else.
It was the day of the financial king's
burial and they wanted to at least
catch a glimpse of the casket as it was
carried out.
I'rolitthly I.nnt With AH llnntlH.
Livkkihx)!,, Dec. 0. — A very heavy
gale antl a tremendous sea at tho
mouth of the Mersey river caused tho
wrecking of a Norwegian bark. Life
boats put out but the bark weiit down
before they reached her. It is cup-
posed that everybody on b ard was
A I !« « llortli'ii i;rjv>rior Dead.
hamilton, o . Dee ft - i enry
Tie key, the Ho^ton reporter, who
wrote the sensational story about the
Lizzie H mien murder case and was
under indietmenr, was killed in at-
tempting i< cut l\ n moving train ot
the timet! Trunk st&lioQ hero yeitcr-
The Senators Pay llut Little Attention to
tlio Document Save to That l'lirt
Treating; of tlio Tariff-— Prajrors
for the Family of tiiu Nation's
Chic! Ktecutlve—Scciios
in tlie llonsc.
Washington, Dee. o. — In marked
contrast with the bustling scene of
yesterday was the meeting of the
house to-day. There were few persons
in the galleries ami upon the floor the
members seemed to have settled into
the old routine
In a feeling mannner and amid tho
devout attention of tho members-—
who remained standing—the chaplain
alluded to tho recent afflictions which the
the president had .suffered and in-
voked the divine protection upon the
bereaved ones.
Mgr. Satolll'* Power.
Hai.timohk, Md., Djj. ti — Arnounca
ment was made last night by Cardinal
Uibbuiis that Mon*cigneur Satolli, the
papal delegate, has been investe I by
the pope with full power to settle
without appeal all religious question*
between bishops and priests in the
United States Why Cardinal Gibbons
.should be overlooked and such power
given to one dire tly from the Vatican
is only one among the many per-
plexing questions asked about it.
Italy's Consul General IVra'liy.
Coi.rMiirs, O., Dec. ff —Governor Mc-
Kinley to-day received a peppery letter
from U. IV Riva, Italian consul general
I at New York concerning the killing
November of Frank Anthony tiaro-
sola at Cleveland, by two policemen.
The letter was referred to Mayor llti.se
of Cleveland. It alleges that the man
was resisting an effort to arrest him
on a mere pretext of drunkenness and
disorderly conduct and that his daugh-
ter and wife were in vain pleading
for mercy.
Anvr'ci Interfering Witli Cub*.
Nkw Yohk, Doc. 6.—A morning pa-
per says that the United States gov
rnment will probably interfere with
leine of Cuba to farm out its
< revenues to a French syndicate
which has long been bidding for the
j privilege, and that Secretary of State
Mr. Kaymer of Maryland introduced iFu-ter has sent a diplomati • note to
a bill for'the better protection of coin- 'authorities at Havana warning them
merce and to establish a national 1 that the United States is strongly op-
quarantine, and at 12:1 r o'clock Mr. I posed to the pla
Vrnden, one of the president's secre-
taries, presented the annual message,
which Clerk Kerr immediately began
to read.
The reading of the tr.cssage met
with little attention. Many of the*
members left the hall, preferring to
study the recommendations of the
president at their leisure at home.
Those who remained entered into con-
versation or devoted themselves to a
perusal of tbe newspapers.
There were a few exceptions to the
general rule. Mr. Hooker of Missis-
sippi was an Interested listener from
beginning to end lie left his seat in
the rear of the chamber and occu-
pied a desk directly in front of the
speaker's desk antl paid the closest at-
tention. For a short time he had as
his companions Messrs. Herbert of
Alabama. Dinglev of Maine and Butler
and Dollivar of Iowa.
When the question of the tariff: was
reached Mr. McMillan of Tennessee
strolled down one of the aisles and
listened intently, but hts criticism of
the excerpt was a mere smile. He then
resumed his seat and paid no further
attention to tho message.
The discussion of the Indian ques-
tion arrested the attention of Mr.
Simpson of Kansas for a few mo-
ments, and he then turned to his col-
league, Mr. Otis, and thereafter heard
no word of the message
An hour and a half was. onsumed in
the reading of the message which was
then on motion of Mr. McMillin of
Tennessee referred to the committee
of the whole-
Mr. Outhwaito of Ohio announced
the death of Representative .John U
Warwick, ami in respect to the memo-
ry of the deceased the house ad-
As soon as tho secretary of the sen-
ate had finished the reading of tho
iournal of yesterday's business, Mr
rruden, one of the president's seereta
ll tlley Wag?cncr Will Accept.
Atchison, Kan., Dei fi.- IV 1*. Wag-
goner went to Topcka last night at the
request of prominent Democrats and
Republican * to attend a senatorial con-
ference 11 is believed that there are
enough votes in sight to elect him
Unite I States senator Ex-Uovernor
(Hick says there is no doubt about tho
scheme working successfully. Wag-
gencr, if elected, will accept.
A Murdered IUI>y in a Well.
Lihkktv, Mo., D >c. 0- The body of
a baby with its throat cut was found
yesterday on the farm of Pelon Clark,
near Missouri City, antl Coroner Sevier
held nn inquest. Mary 10. Clark,
daughter of Clark, is under suspicion,
but the Claries declare that they know
nothing of the child and th'nk it is a
put up job. They arc respectable
A Point of l
Of tll<
Derided in I nvo
l*r jre «ur \V« r < II- gun.
Nf.w Yohk,Dec. 0.— When Professoi
Charles B. Briggs, on trial before tho
New York presbytery, hid con
eluded reading from his evi-
d-nco Colonel McCook of tin
prose .'U tion asked that tho doc
tor be sworn as to tho evidence. Tho
latter objjb.'led that there Was n<
provision for an oath upon the submis-
sion of mere do •uinetitary evidence.
After a sharp discussion, Moderatot
llliss decided that Dr. Briggs wa
right. This provoked applause and
some hisses from the body of the hall,
which caused Dr. l'avson to threaten
to have the galleries cleared if it
should be repeated.
Colonel McCook then offered an ex-
ception to the decision, but the pres
ries, presented the president's annual | bytery adopted it by a large majority,
message, which was thereupon laid | " ' ' '- "" '
before the senate and read by sec- I
retary McCook.
The commercial and business statis- <
tics given iu the iirst part of the mes-
sage and the paragraphs on the
effects of a tariff for revenue j
seemed to meet general approval .... «v.
on tho Republican side of the ! hlanc, is tleaJ.
chamber, while they attracted little '
attention on the other side. During j
the reading Democratic senators
for the most part chatted list- I
lessly with each other or attended t«> j
their correspondence, while the Re- ■
publican senators, on the contary,
paitl the president the compliment of i
giving his message their undivided at- j
ten tion. The various other subjects
after Whi h Dr. llurch, chairman of
the prosecuting committee, opened
the case with a long argument
Death ot a Noted Divine.
Nkw Yoiik, Dec. 0 —The lit. Rev
Charles Wordsworth, I). C. L., bishoj,
of St. Andrews, Dunkeld and Dun
discussed in the message, however,
seemed to have very little interest
for senators tin either side The
Democrat * made no pretense of listen-
ing antl tho attention of the Republi-
cans showed a marked falling off.
Keats in tho diplomatic gallery were
occupied throughout tho niading of
tho message bv tho Spanish niinlstoi
and by the flr t sroretary of t-he 0
man uwl Nubian locations,
hilled Ills 'Little Sinter.
Wichita, Kan , Dec. 5.—IJy the ac-
cidental discharge of a shotgun
Charles Anderson of Dover, Ok., in-
stantly killed his 10-year-old sister.
He didn't know it was loaded.
Frank Garvin, the young newspaper
artist who shot and killed his wife,
Cora Red pith, in Pittsburg, I'a , three
days after their marriage, was sen-
tenced this morning to niri" years' im-
prisonment in the penitentiary.
To the various demands presented Ic
the government by the organizer.-, o/
the unemployed workinguicn of L n
don. Mr. Gladstone has sent a report
in wlii h he says that the government
is consider'.ng the whole question.
The Russian l'olc, Ilendiger, who
defrauded the Russian government
out of a large sum of money by reveal-
ing the alleged dynamite conspiracy
a^ain t the czar, has been convicted of
dece t and sentenced to ten years at
hard labor.
Lott'o Sm th. the wife of a tinner of
Columbus, <>., while at the home of
Mrs. John Holly, a friend, last night,
playfully p jinted the handle of a re-
volver at Mrs. I lolly, at t he satue time
pulling the trigger, and fell mortally
«ioe M i'if re go r, an attorney of
Waynesville, Mo., has mysteriously
Cardinal Gibbons has written a let-
ter favoring the Sunday opening of
tho world's fair.
A man at Springfield, O , surrendered
to the policc, claiming he had killed
live people in 25 years
The miners' convention at El 1'aso
next week will be the largest gather-
ing of the kin I ever held in tho West.
Hy the accidental d Biharge of a
| shotgun C larles Anderson of Dover,
; Ok., instantly killed lirj 10-year-old
i sister.
I Two immense blinking owls regu-
larly roost in an apple tree with s
flock of turkeys near Quakerstown,
lice Hing is a name for Freemasons
among tho Celestia.s, while Kong lloo
is the grand master of the Gee Ilings
in the United States. He lives In
Au English experimenter. Mr. E. T.
Chaplin, has given an account of hyp-
notizing a laying hen, and inducing
her in that manner to set ou a setting
of eggs n"""* >*b.i o* them had
A Prize Picture Puzzle.
EXPLANATION. Thr f >11 'wipr picture contain-, f«:r fvr?, n nan and hi* ihree
Any < nc can find th? man > fate, hut it i-.ii- t s > r.i-.y ih.stingui-.i tlic f.itcs of tlic litres young l. ti-«.
The picture was published in a f-j^- newspaper. limn . , and attracted considerable attention I .
our standard remedies. Wc now offn a new prire co:n|«jtiliun in connection wiih it. a* liie sole object
is to introduce "ur incdicincs int • new h^ri-.es, tb-; .-wlio enter-d ihc former competition aro rrqn.«i^l
not to compete in thii one. A* to lb ? r- liability < t " fh > Ford fill Co.," and the estimation in «rhich thfir
medicines are held in'l'oront". < '.m ,m.i, c h- re ib-y . c b' -t kn > n, paeons are referred lo l!u daily
-newspapers, v iiolesale druggu>u and Iwding buiiiiCw ihuuL^j generally ot lurunlo.
Tlio ohl fool lias this advantagi
over the young fool; he will never lit
a young fool, whereas the young fool
may some day be an old fool.
Husband, irritably — Can't you re-
member where I said I left my glassel
at breakfast this morning? Wife —
I'm sorry, dear I really can't. 11 us
baud—That just shows tho forgetful
ncss of you women.
The Jir*t thing to be done in pro
pitriug a recipe for piccalilli is for tin
houspko^or to run to a dictionary
and find out how piceallili |ss polled,
In thoso days of broiyl att<l cxtOQilfQ
ouHurv lily5'
4. W im
Til" proprietors of Thfi Ford Pill Co.." v ;I| ->n clrrmnt pair rf GhetltUld Ponl©«
Carriago and Harness* valued $000, el-loered iv«e in any p-tt Ml the t nited State*.
t • lln- iM-i 1,11 wli., , . ti ui.ii.i ( lit t!;«: tlir.-c o.mi'.bn-i . f; c I . tti'- >. III l.<- Ri>rn an •
LacJy'o Cold Watch. ; in sap;-hit ;• I ili im- nd-,. T > th<! thi'd will b- ptv^n r rnii ■ (
ventiii.- Diamond Ear-rlnKS. I 1 «bo / .//•> will Riven a handsome Chinn Dinner
Servlco. i-th ,///;v hi . t- Kodak ramora. To the sixth, a Swiss MiihIi
I3ox. lo the st-'tni'\ ;■ Fronch Wlantol Clock. ' > the ei.ktk, nn eleMi ' Ba[t(|uot
Lamp. To the '.•/ /7. np • I Crown Lcr by Vq8C3. Tolhe tenth, ncotnpl'te LdWii
Tpnnls Sot, "id m..ny • • m • ■ ; •' «•( nirrit. ) - y coui| edtor must cut out th« nl>
•• Pii/./Te IMcttirc," thstii./oii ,b tb ti.u .-1-,'faces I . mart,ij,jj a cro« with n l«id pencil on w >.
and enctoM mine with ti U. s. • ipo for otto of the following "Pri e Reinedh
••Ford's Prize I'llIs." ••Ford'H I'vl/.o Catarrh llcmedy," rr ••Ford's I'rtyr*
'"onglt Select ar« cncci t'
1*111 Co.," Cor. Wellington I- iy ^
1 o*tmnikcd llrst will 1^ awattled the i'.i
liseiuent appeals siniulinn.-uusly ibroti I nt il
tuniiy. To ihe person sending the /.i f < iirc-tnn
itrantl 1'htno, v.ilned at P.'jOn.OO. I >i
will l e given a gentleman's fine Cold ••p.-tnd
hotirson small c.ithrdml :• >ng at pl«-a a:..I v.
f.i st-class Silfet y Ufcyclc, pneur
ffun. To ihe f.nnth In.in the l.itt,
b.unlsome Silver TeuScrvJce. I
siT'fith from the Inst, a I .mdsomc
F.nRli<h leather travelling TrtlllU*
Htatiiary, and many ether pi. r
i In order of merit. A* this ad
Uniird Stales, every c ne has an equal opp'
er v. i.l bo given an elegant Upright Colice*-*
' rst t v«n fiutn the but sending a coire^tn.
" Wliteli, vbich stril es tlie hours and qusrtet
■ I r.t bllOO.OO, To the tecend from the lmt, y
t the first -class English Shot-
i Vjirior Fitrnltare. Vo ii« //rt fmm tin /i'//.
i th-; /.ti ', an ek-gant I'lano Ltlltip. 'I o tht
l'ortJorOH. To th« tt^ht/i from the /a t, a genuin-*
' b <ji.x tlic but, l.vo pieces of genuine Fteneh
k' I
A special prize «.f a
Row lug Blncliine (..i
1?. S. who can maVe <-"t th
besides M-ecial prices, (if ib«*t
nnd pa< king of pii/fv The
ndveriitement in leading th-•
willing tons-i.| in iuu.,lu,
are altM.luiely given n*ay t
ard me.li. ines, and will I-
pri/e-- will |je awarded • > t'
will be kent by mail, |kis||mi
1'attorn (sixtocn yards, any colorX
► •Il b- published in c onnection with c
•ntr- uill I c given toon'y those who sre
J for th<? pii'M in any war. They
'r! 7e Itcmctl Ic*," whii h r« stnni-
ti. havo be**n on - inir«luceil. All
■ciion to the public. The remedies
fAn extris premium of a genuin 411
eru n who semis a . orrect answer within y*ilays tilt
t fortunwu snoush to secura c.ia otihelat tr prw<
•StlOM 11) til ••• ith:ii d if ' U ti:ae tiiii I
rttnrsnteod either rne of the Icadir.g pri
" Wutch. ('.tem winder,) will be a warded to every
ertihctnent i-ppears, in case they should r oC
i h.it is, if any 'nc ran l.rid the three faces and
• M.onent appears in the new.pspsr, th«y
- jvrrrrl'm rt watch on oondltioru Malady
h nnsw«r will be ed th.il doe- u.; .. utntp i 'Fcjfd'g prlio Hemctllr#,
AddfMsTHt FOHO riULen • st." C#r.\V !|ing: n & U; *! ,, Towio, CtMflb
i 1

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