The New Era. (Davenport, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 33, Ed. 1 Thursday, September 24, 1914 Page: 2 of 10

Entered as second class mail matter
■it the post office at Davenport, Okla
according to act of Congress of March
3rd, 1879.
W. M. TRYON, Editor.
M. A. HUMPHREY, Publisher.
The New Era—$1 the year.
Saturday will be a big day in
Louis Disbrow, a World's Champion,
to Battle for Title in Thrilling
Motorcar Races.
Tho roar of (he exhausts and the
flash of the mighty automobile racers
•« they sweep down and around the
track, duelling with death In the fight
against tlmo, will be one of the thrill-
ing features of the fifth annual pro-
duction of the New State fair which
will be held at Muskogee. October
5. S. 7, 8, !< and 10. Lovers of Inten-
•Ifled speed of the circular tracks will
have the opportunity of seeing the
world's champion, Louis Disbrow, the
•peed marvel who defies the laws of
accelerated motion when dally he
hangs a price on his head and com-
bats with Fate In hlo great exhibition
Disbrow, who evidently has an un-
quenchable thirst for speed, Is the
holder of several records on dirt race
tracks. In his Simplex Zip he has
driven at bullat like speed filing away
the seconds as he has chipped down
other records. In the same way he
will battle with others for the honors
In Muskogee.
Lou Helneman, a former member
of the Marmon racing team, will be
ene of the contestants In the auto
races Helneman Is no less a dare-
devil than Disbrow, When he races
Helneman formerly was a racing
partner of the famous Darney Olil-
fleld. It was from this Individual that
Lou acquired the insane desire for
Eddie Hearne, the great llflle Chi-
cago driver, Is another one of the
autolsts who has entered In the con-
tests. Hearne Is another of race
The increase in prices of farm
products has not kept pace with
the increased cost of living.
- tr tr
Best lor Constipation
Mild and pleasant to take. Simmons'
Liver Purifier is recognized as the best
liver medicine now in use. It causes
no unpleasant feeling, but gives new
life ank vigor to the liver. Sold in 26c
yellow tin cans only.
«• «r *•
The farmer can produce with-
out organization, but to success
fully market he must unite his
Skin Disease Cured
\ our Druggist guarantees to return
your money if Hunt's Cure fails to
cure skin disease,-Itch, Eczema Tet-
ter, Ringworm, and other forms of
skin trouble. Also fiDe for piles, old
sores. Costs nothing if it fails to
cure. Give it a triai.
The farmer cannot be helped
until he organizes and the go-
vernment cannot help the farm-
er except through organization.
Lives of giraffes all remind us,
it would surely get - ur goat, if
we naught a cold and bad to
stand for two yards of sore
throat.—Daily Oklahoman.
The farmer is the directing
head and operating head of his
business He combines, directs
and carries all responsibilities.
tr tr tr
Fine Draft Team At Fair
Dizzy? Bllllous? Constipated?
Dr. King's New Life Pills will cure
you, cause a healthy flow of Bile and
rid your Stomach and Bowels of
waste and fermenting body poisons.
They are a tonic to your stomach and
liver and tone the general system.
First dose will cure you of that de-
pressed, dizzy, bilious and constipated
condition. 25c, all DruggistB.
jn .* js
V\ e certainly appreciate the
way our subscribers are renew
ing their subscriptions since we
have been offering special maga
zine clubs with The New Era.
If you haven't sent us you re-
newal. do it now and get three
magazines for one year.
The MAGIC Washing Stick
The Magic Washing Stick is not a
soap, nor is it a washing powder, but a
very peculiar article which makes dirty
clothes clean and snowy white with-
out a bit of rubbing, thus doing away
with the hard work on washday.
Washes colored clothes without fading,
woolens without shrinking or harden-
ing, and for lace and lace curtaining it
is simply fine. Guaranteed perfectly
harmless and can be used with perfect
safety on the most delicate fabric.
Price 10c per Magic Stick or three for
25c. If dealer can't supply send
stamps or money order to A. B.
Richards Co., Sherman, Texas.
j Ji Jt
Aunt Well, Johnny, I sup-
pose you had a nice sojourn in
the country ?
Johnny—Um, well, 1 had lots
of nice apples an' peaches au'
watermelons an' things, but I
guess them sojourn things was
n't ripe yet.
Rheumatism Pains Stop
The first application of Sloan's Lini-
ment goes rght to the painful part-
it penetrates without rubbing—it
stops the Rheumatic Pains around the
joints aud gives relief and comfort.
Don't suffer! Get a bottle to-day! It
is a family medicine for all pains,
hurts, bruises, cuts, sore throat,
neuralgia and chest pains. Prevents
infection. Mr. Chas. H. Wentworth,
California, writes:—"It did wonders
for my Rheumatism, pain is gone as
soon as I apply it. I recommended it
to my friends as the best Liniment I
ever used." Guaranteed. 25c a}
your Druggist.
tr tr t
Census returns show that 350,-
274 persons in Oklahoma are
employed at farm work.
A K insas paper hands out the
following cyclonic wisdom:
Early to bed and early to rise,
cut the weeds and swat the flies,
mind your own business and
tell no lies, don't get gay and
deceive your wives, pay your
debts, use enterprise, and buy
from the ones who advertise.
Clip this notice—Its worth 50c
When your hair turns gray,
streaked with gray, white,faded
brittle, falling out. itching scalp
or dandruff, try the followin
On retiring rub Q-Ban like
ehampoo on hair and scalp.
The gray disappears and anotb
er application or two of Q Ban
tne hair is beautifully darkened
and restored to original color
It also becomes fluffy, flossy
luxurant with real hair health.
Q-Ban stops itching and dan-
druff, and falling hair and pro
motes its growth. Qfein is not
sticky or messy, and cannot in
jure or stain the hair or scalp.
Delightful to use and sure to
darken gray hair so evenly and
naturally no one can tell. 50c for
a big 7oz. bottle by parcle post,
or return this notice and (1 and
wo will deliver you three bottles
If not satisfied by its use we
will give you back >1.50.
Address Hessig Ellis Drug Co.
Front Street. Memphis, Tenn.
We take this method of thanking
our many friends and patrons for the
large number of letters we have re- I
ceived telling us of the truly wonder- j
ful results gained by the u-e of Hunt's
Lightning Oil in the treatment of
Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Headache and ;
other character of pain. We appreci- i
ate this spontaneous outburst of ap- I
proval. A. B. Richards Medicine Co., |
Sherman, Texas.
The value of farm crops is
determined not only -by the
amount, of labor necesnarv to
produce them but hy having
them on the market when need
Stop That First Fall Couyh
Check your fall cough or cold at once
—don't wait—it may lead to serious
lung trouble, weaken your vitality and
develop a chronic lung ailment. Get a
bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Honey
today; it is pure and harmless—use it
freely for that fall cough or cold. If
baby or Children are sick give it to
them, it will relieve quickly and per-
manently. It soothes the irritated
throat, lungs and air passages.
Locsens Phlegin, is antiseptic and
fortifies the system against colds. It
surely prevents cold germs from get-
ting a hold. Guaranteed. Only 25c
at your Druggist.
tr tr tr
I he farmer sells at prices fixed '
in free trade markets and buys
everything he wears and uses in
a high protective market,
*' «• «.•
Pat was drowned yesi-erJay.
Couldn't he swim?
Yes, but he was a union man.
He swam for ei«ht hours
then quit
Only once a year the people of this
st -Jon of the country have an op-
portunity to experience the fascinat-
ln; excitement of horse racing.
Yt.rly the New State Pair offers the
thrills which are relished by nearly
\.lth $10,000 being offered in the
wu of purses for the racing depart-
me: t the best oird ever presented to
tlife lover; oi this spo:f in this sec-
tion of the country will be se«i dur-
ing the six big days of the Eastern
Oklahoma attrii lion The handsome
J- ti p wbic! ,r being offered have
lira ;n nearly three nundred harness
tcries to the big event. In addi-
tion to this ti; -n will be at. least two
Those From the Mississippi Only
Slightly Second In Demand to
D*ep Water Products.
Arkansas Is the greatest pearl pro-
ducing state In the Union, and hun-
dreds of men engage In the peart
hunt. It is said that tho fresh water
pearl of Arkansas of the highest rlnas
cannot be distinguished from tiie fin-
est deep sea jewel. Throughout 'he
south generally thousands of people-
follow the pearl fishing indiisti..' and
make a comfortable living at It. Up
to a few years ago the jewel wer.lth
contained in the river beds of the
Mississippi valley was completely hid-
den. It was not supposed that the
fresh water mussel was a pearl bear-
er, or that it had any value except for
fish bait. I
The fresh water mussel is sought
now not only for the precious stoue It
may have hidden in its shell, but for
the shell itself, which is manufac-
tured into stick pins, cuff links, and,
buttons of every description. Thej
shell fisheries have for years extend-
ed far up the Mississippi river. A re-
cent writer on the subject puts fresh
in t e races when the fair opens
TI j 2:18 tr. t for $1,000 has drawn
the largest number ot entries. Fifty-
t< o of the finest animals that ever
stepi ed over a haif mile track in the
mid; e we.-t have been entered. The
inte:t-st in this e -nt is unusually
V h forty , ifeht horses entered in
the : :';0 trot for $1,000. this prom-
ises o be one cf the . exciting events
of 1'ie year. 1! rsemen say that
amo; g the list are seveiai wonderful
hors which will be in the first
mon . of champion racers by the end
of t'.e season. Many have already
deim unrated much speed on the
tracl this year and when they are
ready ; ( iter the racing next season
they vtil have k irks which will send
them into the very fast classes.
Tho 2:14 pace for $1,000 probably!
will 1 e one of the most lively events
on l ie eard. Animals which have
'.ieen making remarkable records 1
, r. . I thru '. out the middle west this sea-
s inls. sou . ro jn tjj|a race Several horses
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re- ; lhat ,ave fcren rivals in other races I
,,, , .... 1 oa various circuits during the present i
ward ior any case of Catarrh that can- ,r v. ili r.-ain meet at the New State I
not be cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure. ; i'ft--" to compete for the money in this j
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Q- ' ct;il 'Ibis of < ur.-e has whetted :
We, the undersigned, have known i
[n:i red rum horses ready to start j water pearls into four classifications
—true pearls, baroques, slugs, and
a IK
chicken feed.
The first, or true, pearls are of a
definite shape, and regular form,
round, oval, or pear shaped. These
command the highest prices. Baroques
are pearls of irregular form. Slugs
are low grade baroques. The smaller
size, the kind used in inexpensive
though genuine and neat jewelry, go
oy the professional name of chicken
I 1
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, a:id
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
National Dank of Commerce,
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intern-
ally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti-
l)o you know you can gi t
three popular magazines in com-
bination with the New Eta by
paying only 25 cents extra?
Send your order by mail or
phone us.
tr tr tr
Old papers for sale at the New
;fpre t In this race until now ;
. iiy j],'crested sporting meu are out
•oi. the cquntry inspecting the !
, :.'c entered in this event.
In ne pace for $1,000- fortv-five
i we entered their horses to I
. for the big money. The 2:25
;! alv ay:i interests the public for
e, of animals with this mark j
are always good. The big money of- |
■ ' :or the event has attracted :
good horses, so the lovers of horse
races raay feel sure they will see a j
classy exhibition of speed In this con- I
Many persons love tlie thrill of the
running races. There is a lure of ex-1
citement about it lliat dellghtB the;
Bagdad and Queen of Sheba.
The liagdad of the "Arabian Nights"
etill exists, but in a greatly diminished
form. In fact the grand old palaces
and mosques of its prime are nearly
all in mins, and only a small popula-
tion lives where once was a city of
2,000,000 people. A new city la
gradually coming into existence on
the opposite (east) bank of the Tigris,
the site being valuable from a com-
mercial point of view. The inhabitants
cumber about 200,000, and are mainly
Bedouins. The famous palace of Har-
oun-al-Raschild has disappeared, and
the foreign consulates occupy its site.
It ia only a tradition which asserts
that the queen of Sheba, who once
visited King Solomon, lies buried un-
der an eight-sided brick tower bear-
ing her name in old Hagdad. The citi-
zens have ceased to venerate it, we
are told, and the tower is approaching
a state of ruin.
(First Published Sept. 3rd. 1911.)
Vea Jones, Plaintiff In the Justice Court
V8 before E. B. Moore, iii
Henry James. Def. and for the town of
Davenport, Lincoln
Co., Okla.
audience and whi ll the time comes j The ulwv'' named defendfcat. Henry James,
for the jockeys, in their screaming ' wi" take notlco that he has been Bucd in the
colors to mount their horses, the pat- above named oourt by said plaintiff. That the
rolls of the New State Fair Will have ' ob->t'ctand prayer of bill of particulars filed in
to be prepared for excitement for
th e is going to be plenty of it. More
runners have been entered in this de-
partment than ever before in the five
years of its history.
Hear E. E. Brown Satuulay
on the cotton situation.
Does general repair work. Tire setting *1.50 the set.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Saturday, September the 26th will be a Farmers' Day —— _j
Having purchased the!
barber shop, I solicit
Get Col. L. Roberts
said cause is to recover a judgement against said
defendant in the sum of $41.50 together with cost
and attorney's fees, and unless paid defendant
answer or otherwise plead to said bill of particu- ."
liirs on or before the hour of one o'clock p. m. of J®**
the ^4th day of September. 1914, the allegatioi / Il«
of said bill of particulars will be taken as tru< / . i
and judgement rendered accordingly and the at J 1
tachment herein issued and levied will be su f I red.
tained- e. b. moore;, .
John J.Davis. Justice of Pe i* . IVaSil
Atty. for Plaintiff. §.
Summer Tourist Fares






To Cry your Sales. The man
that gets you the most money.
You will find him at Daven-
your trade at the usual
Forrest Chapman.
To The
Mountain and Lake Resorts
Very cheap tickets, with liberal return limit and stop
over privileges. Tell me w here you want to go, and Jet me
figure your trip and iii < ke your sleeping car reservations.
W. P. Woodruff
But you will find me at my place, ready and
willing to accommodate my trade at any and
all times. Bring your produce and get the
best prices.
Better Protection
For Your Farm Machinery
It s like burning up money to leave your farm machinery in
the fields at night—exposed to damp grass and soil and possibly
Vital parts may rust and weaken. Onk weak part may
cause the whole machihe to go to pieces.
to build a cheap implement shed out in your fields to protect your
reapers, mowers, harrows, seeders, tractors, scythes, etc.,
every night and rainy day.
A dollar saved is a dollar earned." Such a shed will save
you hundreds of dollars. It will avoid annoyance, loss of time
and repair expense and add years to the life of your machines.
The shed is quite likely to earn its cost the first year.
We have a large stock of good roofing and "common'.' lumber
—just the stuff for low cost sheds.
Get the materials next time you're in town—they're ready
for you any time—at prices that will please you.
The J. W, Giaves Company
Oby Olson
Delivery and Hauling
Trunks hauled to or from both
depots promptly and carefully.
F. M. Stock well
Will drill anywhere. Always
^itisfy. Call me up.
I >a veil port • Oklahoma
A full line of cottins and cas
kets always on hand
Embalming done.
W COUloIL«^„°?
'j. , vr-T* ?*r'.<■>■-<■■ m--"
Cleaning and Pressing parlOi
Hats made good as new.
"Ladies work" Orders for
suits, bhoes Repaired.
VVm. Nash
Dr. W. D. Baird
Physician and Surgeon
Special attention to Res. Phone 6
diseases of women Office I
and children
Sanitarium fully equipped
" n,'1i}e 6
Ins. Louwien & Hanson
Rooms 1, 2, and 3, Feuquay Bldg
Chandler, Okla.
East Bound
114 Governor
444 Local freight
10 Meteor (don't stop)
112 Pasttengei
108 PaaaenRor
12 a. m
11:35 a. ni
:<X) p. m
12:53 p. m
^ uwvemor
J 9 Meteor (don't
9 111 V
North J
414 Local freiurht
ihe I\ew Lra-$1.00

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