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hennessey Democrat.
Hennessey, Ok.1 oi
Mr* TntilLE of (Teor^la Tia« re-
futed to marry a foreign title. The
owner of the title is almost insane
It la probably not no much grief as
eurpriso that ha* overthrown his
Whex thepo w e r < f Germoy I* to
be defied, all Frenchmen, whether
monarchist, bonapartist. republican
or socialist in opinion, stand to-
gether with real enthusiasm. The
kaiser will find no disunited Kranee
to face if war over com - a^'ain bo-
tween Teuton and (iaul.
Thf. popular superstition nsainst
traveling Friday has had macn to
support it within the last few weeks.
The \\ buh eollition al K
Jn<L, occurred Friday, th terribla
catastrophe at Jackson. Mich.. took
place Friday, and again the fatal day
has claimed twenty-six lives at battle
Thf. "tall" man and the "short"
man of many a fabled robbery aro at
their highway tricks again. There
is a growing belief that in somo of
the reported deeds of violence these
wicked two are myths. I'ho truth
appears to bo that somebody t.*' ts
very ••short'1 occasionally, and does
somo "tall" talking to account for It.
An Immense trunk which belong*- I
to a newly wedded couple furnished
plenty of amusement to passengers
at tho Baltimore* and Ohio railroad
depot in Pittsburg, the ether day.
Tho trunk wan decorate.! with old
fhoes, tied with gay-colored ribbons
and two hearts pierced by Cupid's
arrow were drawn on tho sido with
Thf. railroad magnates who aro
morally responsible for tho long
sories of deadly wrecks of trains
bound to or from tho world's fair
should bo placod in charge of guard-
ians for weakmlndedness. Anyone
with a grain of sense would have
been able to foresee that six months'
business could not safely bo crowded
Into six weeks.
Sporting writers and telegraph
editors used "battle royal" in half
the newspapers of the country when
telling of the last Vigilant Valkyrie
race. There is no such thing as a
battle royal between two contestants.
Thelerm is exaet and technical A
battlo royal is n fight of many, in
which every one is against every
other ono, and tho best wins.
Or tho 2,000,000 foreigners found
by a recent census to bo living in
Franco. 800,000 have received a mil-
itary education at.d belong to the re-
servo in their respective countries.
Mora than MO,00 * aro Italians, who
in caso of disruption would at once
array themselves against the coun-
try which now affords them shelter.
America is not, therefore, alone ic
her troubles, present and prospect-
ive, with aliens.
A corkesi'oxdkxt writos from Bal-
moral that during Queen Victoria's
breakfast, and usually for fifteen
minutes beforo, the hoad piper
••plays a succession of tunes upon
tho bagpipe at a distance of a quar-
ter of a milo." This must suroly be a
pleasant accompaniment to break-
fast, but tho pleasure would be en-
hanced if tho piper were removed to
a distance of. say, a mile or even
across tho border.
Nkw Zealand Is the first of Fug-
lish colonies to givo women equal
political rights with men A bill
giving them such right9 has just be-
come law. It gives to all women,
roarriod or single, tho same right to
vote as is now possessed by men.
The first eloction under tho new law
will bo held in December. Tho only
other state in the world in which
men and women have th.- same po-
litical status is Wyoming, in this
Most Indications of approaching
winter are unreliable. 'i'ho wild
geese sometimes make mistakes and
start southward too earl> brer b'ar
occasionally retires to his hole sooner
than necessary; even the ground hog
is not infal 11 bio. But when the street
car driver dons a long, vari-colored
patchod ulster und wraps three or
four yards of red woolen comforter
around his nock, the citizen laaj pre-
pare for cold weather. I'ho street
car driver makes no mistakes.
Undoi arKui.Y the biggest monu-
ment of folly in connection wit.i tho
world's fair, although not a part of
it, is Steele McKayo's auditorium,
which was projected as H.o largest
and grandost building of the kind
the world has ever seen. Tho com-
pany which erected it was organized
with a capital of ♦*.,000,0 > >. and
$550,000 was a dually spent on the
building beforo the work stopped.
And now the entice structure has
been sold for old junk for tho bum of
$2. 25 a
Fram e effervesces on slight prov-
ocation. Of course thero is much
in tho friendly attitude of KusBla to
enthusothe French people and to
bring visslons of the day when the
allied forces of tho empire and tho
republic will swoop down on
Germany with revengeful fury. But
tho present talk of war should be
taken with a great deal of salt. While
Paris Is now wild and warlikr. tho
tumult is chiefly o:i the surface.
Things will be different in a short
time, when the incident of tho Kua-
biau visit will have been forgotten.
Experiments are being made in the
problem of "liquid iiel" through te-
solving tho water of tho sea Into Its
elements by chemical action, and
burning it on ocean .-hip Man i-
posaibly destined, a tor all, in the
near futuro. to "set th e m on tire.'
Now comes an uccused murderer
into the court and dap ■ in^ ■ i ■ that
the officers of the law dr-.i • _-ed him
and fooled hi? ir.anin at digiu into
signing u confession. IV y lie is
guiltless of bloodshed,but hi - -hune'--
of being rated a^ a liar U' excellent.
An Indian at Winnemu -. a. Incom-
ing disguste I at hit luck :: a gam*
of cards, killed anoth- ma • 'i liu-i
a squaw, wounded two more, and a
L'hinarnan and color. 1 woman While
advices are monger, it is believe-
that this broke up the o Ten,iv
Almost any ment on of a m-ah,;-
in-law can by real t mart \«■ ■■ i>.
construed into a jo!.:; A W ahil-
ton farmer has just been ehot b. hi-
mother-in-law. and tin circumstance
pivea an opportunity to those real
smart people to show their mettle.
Allen nf K«briik«, ftliupton anil 1'cffrr
' Enjoying Doomi for tli* I'rtildeac/.
W'ashixoto.x, Nov. 3. - The repre-
sentatives of the Populist party in
congress are elated over the prospect,
| as a result of the passage of the un-
conditional repeal bill, and claim that
it will mass the advocates of free sil-
I ver in the South aud West under their
banner. They say they expect to cap-
ture the presidency in 1 •*'. <, Already
they are discussing the ticket serious-
ly in the belief that the nomination
tions ami seventeen bills became laws. I will not prove an empty honor.
Three of the joint resolutions were A strong sentiment favors .Ferry
signed yesterday aud cine of the bills Simpson and Senator I'cfTer also has a
No vetoes were sent in by the presi- following, but the energetic oratory
dent and no bill or resolution that had j of Senator Allen of Nebraska, who
rem bed him remained unsigned. made the fifteen hour speech in
The last proposition to become a law the senate, seems to have charmed
Friday .was the joint resolution t he members of his party iu the house
amending the act approved April -5, to such an extent that he is just now
1 s'.io, relating t< the admission of ar- enjoying a presidential boom. Hepre-
ti. les intended for the world s Colum- : sentative I avis of Kansas openly es-
bian exposition. other bills signed poused his cause and says that his
yesterday were as follows: running mat* should be Torn Watson
Transferring the model battleship of Oeorgla. who immortalized Kepro-
A Ilrlrf Itraume of the More Important
.Meaaurrs That Have Heroine Laws—
1 ha ( hinese t itemlnu Hill signed —
Other Hill* That lterauia Laws
Washington. Nov. ti At the extra-
rdinary session of congress which
closed Friday sixteen joint resolu-
Illinois to the state of Illinois
naval armory.
Donating abandoned cunnon to the
(5. A II. at Pittsburg, I'a.
Act amending the Ueary Chinese
Providing for the construction of a
revenue cutter for service on the
(iicat lakes, aud an act in regard to
the world's fair prize winners.
Additional important bills were also
signed by the president during the
'• Where am
I 11 u <<•••• f u I Attempt to -teal Montana'*
Silver Mitt ue of .lustlee.
Nkw Yokk, No. ti — Bandits made a
bold attempt in broad davlight yes-
terday to steal the famous Moutana
silver statue of justice, but were
checkmated by th«* engineer of the
\tra session, including tho famous ; train and tho statue was landed here
silver bill repealing the purchasing ia t night. While the train
clause of the Sherman act was passing through the Monte-
Also the following: ' ' ........ ...... „
Authorizing acknowledgments to j , . , ^ " .o< ies « t
the various foreign governments who thrf« highwaymen boarded the
participated in tho commemoration of ! train at lo:l. o clock, jumped <>n the
the discovery of America by Chriato- platform of the express car where the
pher Columbus. | statue lay ami tried to force open the
For reporting, marking ami removal door. '1 he express messenger was
of derelicts. about to open the door when the on-
Ad in a:d of the California midwin- gineer prevented him
ter international exposition. 1 h«' robbers, thus baffled, sprang
Act to extend tho time for complet- from the train and made no further
log the work of the eleventh census, attempt to steal the statue, which
Act umending the act to repeal tiin- was, to say the least a verv heavy
ber culture laws. 'oa<|-
Several bills relating to the t hero- ( With the statue traveled \ ice Pras-
keo outlet and a bill to settle the Mor* Ident Higgins, cx-Hoyernor Mouser
on church fund. I ttl,d A Clarke of the Montana
Of the 1,153 bills which were Intro- Statue company.
dueed in the senate during the session. _
only twelve passed that body and of TO TREAT WITH THE INDIANS,
these only three have parsed the i Ex-Senator l>awe Named a« Head of the
house of representatives, received the t Klve Civilised Trll e« Commlulon.
ident's signature and became WahiiinoTOX. Nov.
There havo been introdcced in tho
house at this session 4.3S0 bills and
eighty-seven joint resolutions. Of
this entire number 10(1 have been re-
ported from commiteees and fifty-six
iiave passed the house-
condition or k inkas iiankh.
I "ue of Uuaineis
The presi-
dent to-day sent the following nomina-
tions to the senate: Kx-Senator llenry
I~ Dawes of Massachusetts, Meredith
H. Kidd of Ituliana aud Archibald S.
i McKennon of Arkansas to be cominis-
1 sioners to negotiate with the five eivil-
! i/.ed tribes under the provision of the
1 act of congress approved March -t.
j 1893; William It Anderson of Illinois '
to be pension agent at Chicago; Ueorge
Harper of Georgia to be agent for In-
dians at Umatilla agency in Oregon;
Davis F. Day of Colorado to be agent
for the Indians of tho Southern L'te
agency In Colorado.
Statement >!«<!• at
mi October .
Washington, Nor. fl.—'I he report
made to the comptroller of the cur-
vy of the condition of the 116 banks
the state of Kansas at the close of
bus ncss of the 3rd nil shows the aver- 1 a Trusted ( attiler skip* Out.
e bald, M W jht while 1 Chicauo. Nor. 4 — llolwrt s. Potion,
}h° ',,r, '-lh. "I •>">>■ (.QAhier (or the co,nmi si.,n Hrmof Me-
last shows reserve held. .13.17 percent: ,. .. . .. . , , ,,
loans 11 ntl ditioounltt r ,07J,715; while i° * 1 S,,K-? -v-r,U-
the .Inly statement shon-s loans ami I hM ' he amount at money
.liseounts. y ..'.ISO O]ii overilraIts i '""'h has iliuppeared alonf with, while the .Inly nialnnl I'Mto" U i tia>te<l st tl.-..!*' I. i'oston
■ hows g.l.'': Individual deposits, h a younK man who i-nme to I'hieairo
?|| '.M 100, while the .Inly statement •™nl a year a|fo from Kansas City,
ihows iudiviilual denoaitn of IM«V >«<t
i0; resources; W.-..SM.4*.-.. while tho I known and
Inly statement shows
of |
and financi
eahthv Western catta
Mi Meu Killed,
Nkw Yohk, Nov. 4.—Six men killed,
others supposed to be dead under the
riiw Contest will Come off at New ruins, a persons injured, several
OrlaMtm. 1 horses dead aud property damaged to
Nkw York, Nov. 0. An agreement t,,e extent of about Slo.oon is the sum
was signed last night by Hilly Thouip- | '°tal of the havoc wrought by a
ion, representing Charley Mitchell, boiler explosion in the stables of the
ind W. A. Hrady, for James .1 ,)r.V Dock and Hattery street railway
orbett. which will have the effect of 011 Kast Twenty-fourth street between
■ IT the big fight in Nov
Vtvful Slauslitrr
avenues A und H.
I M«t:ili(ilei by I
Hud Stone Senteui-ed to Hun?.
Washington, Intl., Nov. ti Hud
I Stone, the murderer of the Wrattan
family, has b en sentenced to hang
j February l( next. The six inen whom
A dispatch he implicated as accessories in the
tent from Fort Victoria gives an esti- ( murder were released on their own
mate of the Matabele losses as report- ! recognizance. On being arraigned
•d bv natives. In the first skirmish i Stone pleaded guilty.
be Matabele lost ?ooiuen; in the fight M M — — —
the larffer. •.•..V.HI; on the following , *
lay, "• >. The chartered company's " asiiin<.ton, Nov. ti There aj>-
ps have burned l.obengula's great : pears to-be very little, if any
military camp at !lulu<|ayo.
Train lloliher Woimiled.
Knowii.i.k, Tenn , Nov 4.—Two
bandits att -inpted to board the north-
(>ound express train at Coal Creek, on
he Ohio division of the Kast Tennes-
ce last night One of the robbers is
I 'in Smith, who was mortally wound-
d. The authorities of the roatl had
nformation that the robbery would
be attempted ami a special force of
cd men was on the express car for
r reception Mnith will die and
couditiou of the other robber is
dot known.
Ke«iiiiiplloii of Silver Coinage.
Washington. Nov. ti In reply to
inquiries it is stated at the treasury
lepartmcnt that the actual resumption
jf the coinage of silver dollars has
not as yet Wen ordered, but the mints
have been directed to manufacture the
ignots and blanks so as to be prepared
to resume the coinage at short notice
in case it should be decided to do &a
Fire at l.atliain, Kwumis.
Wichita. Kan., Nov. fl.—The little
city of Latham, or at least the busi-
ness portion of it, came very near be-
ing wiped out of existence at an early
hour yesterday morning by lire. Sev-
eral business buildings anil stocks of
merchandise were reduced to ashes.
The loss is v.M.uoo, half of which only
is covered by insurance.
pect of an immediate reassembling of
the international monetary confer-
, ence. The sessions in Hrussels in May
last were adjourned until November
at the suggestion of the delegates of
1 the I'nited States.

a (rank AlU-r 1 levclim).
I Washington, Nov. >. A number of
officers in citizens dress hiivti been de-
tailed to guard the white house and
protect the life of the president which
is supposed to be in danger from a
murderous crank who is at large in
this city.
('lilneae Felon* to llo Imported.
W ashinoton,Nov.G. — Attorney Gen-
eral Olney Saturday sent a letter to
I'nited States District Attorney Davis
of Kos Angeles. Cal., instrusting him
to proceed with the deport ition of
Chinese felons heretofore coavieted.
To Hold Ollli-e Anyhow.
Washington, Nov. ti It is said that
tho president will issue temporary
commissions, good until the next
meeting of congress, to all those per-
sons nominated for public office who
failed of confirmation by the senate.
1 lie l'nper Money of America.
amount of paper ccurre
ing October .TI
which S.'HI.'isi.oiti was in I'nites States
notes. Si -,TV., 1 so in treasury notes,
s.'us,s.-i, in national bank notes,
•Tti.oo.-i, 100 Id gold certificates, $3.13,-
411,.'404 in silver certificates and 8V',-
C.Tt.oOOcurrency certificates
Senator .lone* n ro|inllst.
W ASUiinoVi Roy. fl The Populiat
mombef . < f congress, including sen-
ators and members of the house, have
issued an ml dress appealing to the
people to tuke up the silver cause. It
i- significant that the name of Senator
Ices of Nevada appears among the
signers of the document.
Starr Koulroced IUiij.
I'oi:i Smith. Ark , Nov. •. Henry
starr, the boy leader of the Starr
,'ang of train robbers and outlaws
and murderer of Deputy 1'uited States
Marshal Floyd Wilson, was sentenced
by Judge Parker of the district court,
to be hanged Tuesday, February 20,
I S'.t I.
Kveiled Over a Murder,
Macon, Mo. N v. •■. 'I he uorth-
nest part of this county Is greatly ex-
ited i ver the murder of lieorge Hak-
er. which occurred about ten days
ago. but w hich has just been discov-
ered. The bod}' was found in a corn
field and Frank Hill Is under arrest
for i lie i rime .lealousy is believed to
be the cause of the murder.
U liulow Mum ( oiubliie llrokeu.
Fit Ikiii i:.. Fa . Nov fl.— It is slated
Ciat tlie Window CIiks Manufacturers
.i-so-iutlon, embracing eighty percent
of the trade, will lie dissolved at the
next meeting iu Cuicago, December W.
.t li I'araly*!*.
MkXICO, Mo.. Nov. >'• Kx-Congress-
man A. W. Huekner yesterday suffered
a stroke of paralysis from which it is
thought he will not recover. He was
attacked while at the breakfast table,
ir'mtor .May Not He He tire.
Washington, Nov. 4.—Tho bill to |
retire Judge Foster cannot become a
The total law liefore the regular session und it ]
■rency outstand- it now appears to be doubtful whether >
91,141,117,570, of it will then.
Oendly l'Ue)« e In A trillion.
Atchison, Kan., Nov. 4.—Scarlet
fever and diphtheria arc epidemic in
Atchison. All tho physicians in the
city held a consultation this
to decide on the course to psrueu.
lTiiiiik«£lvlni{ rror'n niatlon.
Washington,Nov. ti The president
bus issued his annual proclamation
naming Thursday. November .to, as a
day of thanksgiving
Seven Thousand .Miner* to He turn to Wm
Asi'kv, Cola, Nov. ti. The miners
and mine owners have effected a set-
tlement of tin' wage scale. Over go to work tit once.
Sunt Ander, Kpalo, the Srnoe of One of
Ilia Most Frightful Horrors of tlia Age
— Tin* Ooveroor Oeoaral and Many
l.eadliic titl/en* Ainou< the Vletliu*.
Maihiiii Nov. «i. The governor of
the province of Santander, the mayor
und muiiy ofilcials of the city of San-
tander. all the members of the fire de-
partment of the place and 1.0 Hi citi-
zens were blown to attoins or burned
to death by an explosion of dynumite j
and the fire which followed there last ■
night while the whole town was laid ,
The Calx) Machichaco, a Spanish j
steamship belonging to Itilboa, caught
fire at about I o'clock Friday after-
noon while the steamer was along the j
quay discharging part of her cargo. |
hich comprised nearly 2,000 tons of
merchandise, though the main part of <
this cargo wan iron ore and a number j
of sacks of flour, barrels of wine, many
cases of petroleum und over .100 cases
of dynamite, of which only twentv ,
cases were declared on the steamer's
manifest The remaining 4H0 cases
of dynamite were contraband and, to
the shame of the shippers of this con-
traband dynamite, it has caused im-
mense loss of life and vast damage to
leading municipal authorities head-
ed the nremen and guards in the
effort to save the steamer. The
provincial governor, who was one of
the first to reach the spot.displayed the
greatest activity in directing the >per-
atious, and up>n learning that the
ship's manifest showed that there
were twenty eases of dynamite on
board, the firemen were directed to
assist the crew in bringing this quan-
tity of explosive material ashore.
This was done in safety. It was be-
lieved no more dynamite remained on
board and a tug which had been sum-
moned to the spot was ordered to tow
the burning vessel out into the bay in
order that the dames might not com-
municate to the wharf and to adjoin-
ing property, which was of a decided- 1
ly combustible nature.
At about 4:30 p m. a detonation on
board showed, as it afterwards turned j
out, that the boilers had burst, aud
soon after there was another terrible j
detonation heard. The steamer seemed :
to open in half, sending a blaze of tire
skyward, over which a crown of smoke
rested for several minutes. The re- j
port was of such awful intensity that
it shook the earth for miles around, i
caused houses to totter, smashed every !
window pane within the radius of a
rifle shot, tilled the air with a mass of
flying iron, burning wood, blackened
timbers and scorched beams, which
coon after fell, a death dealing hail,
upon the neighboring houses, scatter-
ing death and destruction wherever it
crushed downward.
The scene following the blowing up
of the steamer is almost indescribable,
and tho effect of the explosion of
those 4*0 cases will hardly be be-
lie veil
The power of the explosion shot
tons of iron into the air, where it min-
gled with the burning fragments of
the st> amship, tug and wooden quay,
as well us the mangled bodies of hun-
dreds of unfortunate people who were
hurled upward at the same time, and
the failing of this horrible mass can
bo better imagined than described.
On adjoining buildings, tottering with
wreckage,fell a shower of iron.follow-
ed by huge pieces of wood and the re-
mains of human bodies, and above all
dropped flaming splinters which set
tire to hundreds of buildings, causing
a scene of panic similar, one would
imagine, to the one which would have
succeeded the bursting forth of a vol-
cano at the water's edge.
The force of the exploding dyna-
mite caused such a concussion that in
addition to shaking hundredsof build-
ings off their foundations, it actually
sank a small craft in the harbor, in
addition to setting tire to a large num-
ber of other vessels and starting fires
upon several of the larger ships, in-
cluding the Alfonso Nil, which vessel
caught tiro and burned so fiercely that
forty of her crew lost their lives ou
board of her.
The quay promenade close to the
scene oi the explosion presented the
most sickening sight ever witnessed
Mangled and blackened corpses were
scattered here and there or were in
heaps in mauy cases upon the wounded
ami dying, whose fearful shrieks of
agony tilled the air and struck terror
into the hearts of those who, after a
time, summoned suflicient courage to
venture near the carnage ground.
Over 100 people are said to have
been precipitated into tho sea by the
explosion and there, beneath this hail
of iron and wood, they met death with
the crews of the unfortunate steamer
aud tugboat which was about to tow
her into the bay.
The whole country is indignant at
the criminal conduct of the crew of
the steamer as well as the criminality
of those who shipped the contraband
480 cases of dynamite, aud the general
opinion is the government must take
immediate steps to punish the people
who shipped the dynamite.
The explosion of the dynamite lifted
the sea up into the air like a water-
spout. mingling enormous quantities
of mud and stones with the wreckage
and hurling them for a great distance
The number of people who have lost
their senses through the explosion is
very great, an,I it is openly asserted
hundreds of people have completely
lost their minds and will have to be
confined in asylums for the remainder
of their lives.
KiioukIi U heat 1'robably Forwarded to
ln«nre a Very Fair Planting.
Toi'kka, Kan., Nov. —Forty-one
thousand bushels of seed wheat have
been forwarded to the impoverished
settlers of Western counties bj* the
secretary of the state board of railroad
commissioners. How much has been
forwarded by the railroads independ-
ent of the board or by th
cret i
Nine I'ernou* Ill-owned.
Nkw Yohk, Nov. ti Nine lives
were lost by the cupsi/ing of a yawl
in the lower bay Saturday afternoon
Francli li Wiekii tho abtoondor
ami forger, has arrived at New York
and is now domiciled in the tombs.
The tialena -melter Iturued.
Cai.kna. Kas., Nov. G.—The entire
plant of t h 3 tialena smelter
works burned to the ground at
noon Saturday, wiping out an invest-
ment of 100,0v o. The works had just
been remodeled and started up la* t
week with two blocks of furnaces
About forty men were employed at
Aiiotlier llattle (reek \lrliin.
HaTii.i: Chkkk, Mich., Nov Mrs
Robert Vance of Siincoe, Ontario, who
wa. injured in the wre-k here, died
ut the Nichols hospital this miming
This makes twenty-eight victims from
the coition.
jf knowing, but lie esti-
mates that the total amount will seed
an acreage equal to the fall of ism,
but not so large as that of last fall.
The transportation has been furnished
by the rnilroads free of charge.
Arkanaas Whiteripper.*.
ldTTi.F. Hot k, Ark., Nov. t —White
caps are playing havoc with the farm-
ers of Northwest Arkansas. A dis-
patch from livening Shade, Sharp
county, says the premises of T. It.
Peebles, a few miles from that place,
were burned. Severul other gins have
been destroyed in the country the last
few days. Another dispatch from
Cotton i'lant, Woodruff county, says
thirty bales of cotton were fired at
the depot and the tire destroyed all
the business portion of the town be-
fore it was extinguished.
A llov Murder* Another. Kan.. Nov.6.—Lester Hush
shot and instantly killed schuyleyr
Wright, near Oberlin yesterday after-
noon. Wright is about 17
years old and Rush about '.<5. The
two boys got into a friendly scuffle
the I'ulplt.
Ni.w Ca si if, l'a , Nov. 5.—Rev.
Binghnm. one of the oldest United
Presbyterian ministers in this section,
while predating to his congregation
at l'lain Grove yesterday morning was
Stricken with paralysis. He is still
alive, but unconscious.
Tbrae Thousand I inner* Gather to Lyach
Two Murderers—Th* sheriff Warned.
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 6.—Harry Hill
and Charles Foster, the two haekmen
and corn buskers who murdered
Farmer Akeson, near Weeping Water,
last week, and tried to rob and
murder his family, were arrested last
night and identified by Akeson's son,
who was wounded .
The sheriff started to take the two
: to Plattsmouth, tho county seat Satur-
day morniug. but was notified by tele-
graph that If he took his prisoners to
I'iuttsmouth they would surely be
lynched. As a consequence of this he
' und his prisoners took a train for
Omaha and the murderers were safely
landed behind the bars of tho county
iuiI here, .sheriff Tighe says he will
eep the men here until the mob at
l'lattsmouth disperse*,
Three thousand farmers had gather-
ed at the depot at Plattsmouth Satur-
day morniug and when the train ar.
arived made a rush for it They were
wild when they found that they had
been foiled and swear that they will
yet lynch the men.
Mi Slen Killed to a Collision on the
Central I'aelllr., Cal., Nov. fl,—One of the
worst railroad wrecks that ever hap-
pened on the Western division of the
Central Pacific occurrcd at8:.'t0 yester-
day morning, between freight trains
No. 10, west-bound, and No 7, east-
bound, about a mile west of Salvia,
eighteen miles east of Reno, resulting
in the death of Fred I<each, brakeman
on the west-bound, and Charles
i livens, fireman of the same train, and
four tramps not yet identified.
Kngineer Leech was caught between
the boiler-head and tank. He lived
two hours after the collision, perfect-
ly conscious all the time and bogging
his fellow workmen to kill him.
After death it was found necessary to
cut off his legs close to the body In
order to extricate the body from the
wreck. The cause of the wreck was a
misunderstanding of orders. None of
the dead tramps havo been Identified.
The iron Mountain Held t p and Con-
<1 actor McNally Killed.
Little Rock, Ark . Nov. 4 — Fast
express train No Si of the St. Louis,
Iron Mountain and Southern, known
as the cannon ball, due here at 2:10
a. m , was held up and robbe-l by
seven masked men at Ollphant, Ark.,
seven miles north of Newport, at 1
o'clock this morning. Passenger Con-
ductor J. P. McNalley was shot and
killed while trying to protect his
The robbers entered thtfexpress car.
over-powered the messenger and
looted the car. Leaving two men to
guard the trainmen the other robbers
proceeded to rob the passenger cars.
They entered the coaches and sleep-
ers, and at the point of a revolver re-
lieved the passengers of their valu-
ables They then left with a parting
volley, taking a northerly direction.
Arkanian* Funlsh Negro llarn Horner*
—One of the Yn-tlui* a Woman.
Fayettevili.k, Ark., Nov. 6—Sat-
urday morning on the farm of Jack
Daniels near Lynchburg, Ned Wag-
goner, his son Will, his daughter
Mary and his son-in-law, Mottlow, all
colored, were found hanging to one
tree. They were supposed to have
been implicated in numerous baru
burnings in Moore and Lincoln coun-
ties recently iu revenge for Waggon-
er's conviction a year ago for stealing
The lvnchings were committed by
over 20(1 men, all mounted, who came
from the west end of Moore county.
Ned Waggoner's wife was terribly
whipped ami given three days in which
to leave the country.
He Has Mauafed to Derspltate a (iood
Many Post master*.
Washington, Nov. 4.—R. A. Max-
well, tho fourth assistant postmaster
general, in his annual report, shows
that appointments of fourth class
postmasters have been made during
the year as follows:
On resignations and expirations of
terms, 0,151; increase 1,908. Ou re-
movals, 3,flAl; increase, 2,4.r>6. <>n
ofli.-es becoming presidential, -08, de-
crease, ','7. On deaths of postmasters.
v.'T: decrease, 204. On establishment
of postoftiees, 2,021; decrease, 1,4si.
Total appointments, 10,238; increase,
4,3.18; decrease, 1,71.%.
The Majority of tlie ludlsns Agree to
Accept Allotments and Cash.
Guthrie, Ok., Nov. 4.—A majority
of tho Kickapoo Indians have at last
agreed to accept the government pay-
ment of $200 and bo enrolled for allot-
ment at once. Major Moses Neal, the
alloting agent, will begin making the
A portion of the tribe still holds out
and refuses to accept the payment,but
if thev do not come in allotments will
be assigned them and all the prepara-
tions for the opening of the reserva-
tion bo completed at once.
loin Edwarilft. a Prominent Kansaa City
Mini Cniler Arre*t.
IIakkisonvh.i.e,Mo.,No. 4. —Thomas
11. Kdwards, for four years assessor of
Kansas City, and for two terras as-
sessor of Jackson county, once a
wealthy m:in and Repub.ican politi-
cian, occupies a cell in the county jail
here. The charge against him is that
of assault and battery, but he was
captured after what is supposed was
an attempt to rob the First National
bank of Harrisonville, and that in
broad daylight.
The Senate Adjourn* Without Acting on
the Supreme Court Nominations.
Washington, Nov. i —The senate
has adjourned without confirming
the nomination of Mr. Hornblower to
be justice of the supreme court.
This failure to confirm has the effect
of a rejection. The president will
therefore be compelled to either send
in his name again or to nominate an-
other man for the office.
Hallroad tlfllee Kohheil.
Jefferson City, Mo . Nov. fl.—Three
highwayiucu committed a bold rob-
bery ut Honnots Mill, fourteen miles
oust of here on the Missouri Pacific
rrilroad, last night. They held up the
Missouri Pacific agent. \Y S. Williams
at the point of a revolver and plun-
dered the ticket office. They coin
uianded hint to open the safe and on
his refusal to do so, he was knocked
down by a pistol und gagged and the
robbers proceeded to blow the safe
open. They only received $30. Upon
departure they took the agent's shot-
The Greatest (iun of Them All.
Sandy Hook Proving Groi nd, Nov
4.—The Brown segmental five Inch
wine gun broke the world's record yes-
terday. With thirty pounds of the
Leonard smokeless powder and n tfO',
pound shot a muzzle velocity of 3,130
feet per second, with u breech pres-
sure of 53,500 pounds per square inch,
was obtained.
A Preacher Drops Dead.
Nevada, Ma, Nov I. — Rev. John
Hendrlckson, a Haptist preacher,
dropped dead while husking corn in
I his field in Bacon township, this
I county. Heart ditease was his trouble.
There are forty-five saloons in Enid.
Perry is figuring for free mail de-
The musicians of Enid are organiz-
ing a brasa band.
The two cotton gins at Norman are
kept busy day and night.
Perkins ia proud of her flouring mill
which runs night and day.
The big money f. r the farme r
be made in the culture of fruit.
The Indian tiailers have been or-
dered out of the Kickapoo country.
A wild cat weighing seventy-five
pounds was killed near Pond Creek.
Thomas P. Smith, of the Indian
Territory, has been appointed Indian
The yield of cotton in some patches
around Oklahoma City is UK.0
pounds to the acre.
The board of commissioners of
Cleveland county has aceetepd the
gift of two court houses.
1 Farmers in tne southwest portion of
Logan county are losing their young
cattle by a disease called blackleg.
4 A farmer named J. B. Miller, living
near Seward, had u hand crushed Sut-
urday while feeding a sorghum mill.
The social features of Ft. Scott have
been enlarged by the organization of
two whist clubs on the west side of
(on n
There are but few places iu Q coun-
ty. says the Scout, where good wells
cannot be secured at a rcr.sonabla
Guthrie claims the possession of two
madstoncs; one owned by Captain
'annon, and the other by General
J. R. Johnson, a barber of Guthrie,
obtained a judgement again*t the
Santa Fe road for J.'i.OOO for the loss
of a leg.
A wild man was caught near Tulsa.
I. T., one day last week. He had sub-
sisted on raw corn and wheat for sev-
eral weeks.
The Hutchinson and Southern, bet-
ter known as the II. O. A li. i.s still
pushing its way south and will soon
reach Wakita.
A bill has been passed by the Chick-
asaw legislature levying a tax of 1
per cent on the cost of all merchan-
dise sold in that nation.
Coon and 'possum hunting i nan
Arapahoe recreation. We suppose
they have the sweet potato accompa-
niments in those parts.
The contract to furnish the Heaver
county officers with coal has been
let to Mr. Crammer at ?J4per ton. This
is a big price for coal.
The Logan county board of commis-
sioners of insanity met Tuesday in the
county court room and adjudged J. S.
Fox insane and ordered him sent to
The Eagle says El Reno is destined
to be known as the Sylvan city. The
authorities have concluded to plant
trees, and they will be planted all
over the city.
In a quarrel near San Antonia, Tex,.
Clarence Cotton, 10 years of age, son
of a prominent attorney, nnd Mac
West, a well known rancher, shot
each other fatally, Cotton dying Mon-
Chelsea Forum: The news goes
over the world that the president und
his wife have decided not to visit the
world's fair. We and our wife have
just about reached the same conclu-
Sante Fe is preparing to erect a ?10,-
00o hotel building.
The G. A. R. and W. R. C of Bur
llngtoii combine to give a "Seven
Ages'' fair the last of this week.
The new paper mill at Fort Scott
which utilizes the waste from the
sugar mill, is reported to be doing a
flourishing business.
The highest e'ovation in Kansas is
Carthage. Meade county; the height
above the level of the sea is 5,000
feet. The next highest is Hugoton.
The laud office officials of Wood-
ward are engaged in hearing a num-
ber of contest cases -the most impor-
tant one • being the Hall-Flood
An expert engineer has estimated
that it will cost the taxpayers of New
ton •10-.,,734 to construct a system of
water works to supply that city with
Sheriff John Love has returned to
Woodward from a six days' trip cov-
ering over 1,000 miles, after a man
named Moss, charged with an attempt
to defruud his creditors.
llavid Forney while engaged in dig-
ging a well near Cheyenne was killed
by poisonous gases, und his brother
while trying to rescue him was fatally
Mrs. N. E. llronson, of Atchinson
Kan., learned typesetting in her
father's office when a child, and has
worked steadily at her trade for over
forty years. •
The state fish commissioner can
find some good work to do in his line
iu Franklin county if reports are true
that people there are taking black
bass in shallow water with spears ani
A cow belonging to Governor Gass*
ner of Salem, N. J., gave birth to a calf
having a forehead resembling that of
a man. It had no forelegs, but in
their place two arms, resembling
those of a human being. The freak
had an underjaw .ike that of a man,
no tail, a curious back, and neck sim-
ilar to a man. It is dead.
Two members of the Dulton gang
entered Hall's store at Cushing on
Thursday evening, and ordered the
proprietor to deliver all the money in
the safe, amounting to $120. The rob-
bers then cooly walked out and
joined the remainder of the gang who
were awaiting them. Twenty men
were in the store at the time, but
none raised u hand.
. The first car load of buckwheat
ever raised in Oklahoma, was bought
for shipment by P. L. Welch this
week. It was raised by two farmers
near Moore, one of them. Mr. Atkins,
having in some twenty-five acres this
season. As buckwheat is a crop that
can be planted after wheat Is har-
vested. mature und be ready for mar-
ket by the middle of September.
.' Leader: John Fox, the foxy prisoner
who escaped ^from the county jail
with a colored prisoner named Wil-
lam Frazier, alias Moses Lyle, is be-
hind the bars agaiy, and now occu-
pies quarters in a secure nnd remote
cell in the bastik* from which he es-
caped. Fox was recaptured in the
Sac and Fox country by Turnkey T.
I) Jackson, the man over whom the
jail birds bounded when they sought
their liberty. J
2 The settlers in the Cherokee strip
will ut least have an abundance of
meat this winter, for on the prairie
are thousands of quail, prairie chiek-
enaand pheasants, aud in the tim-
bered portions many deer. The
streams are stocked with an abund-
ance of fish, those of the buffalo and
cat varieties often weighing fifty
pounds ami over. and millions of
ducks and geese are beginning to set-
tle upon the lagoons.
Dispatches from Guthrie state that
I Let congress extend the govern- the probability of the early openii g
ment of oklahoma over the Indian of all of the remaining Indian lam s
Territory and you will see the citizens in the Indiun terrtiory lying west i f
flock to the new order of things like ] the reservations of the five civiliztd
mad. It would simply open their i tribes has stimulated railroad er.ter-
eyes to a better thing. 'prise in that section. Already two
. ... I companies have been organized under
A Washington telegram says Hi'1 I Oklahoma's laws, anil should both
sub-committee of the house committee in iliu,lvs,in,, capital in their
on judiciary havinif in charge llic bill |lr,, t|,„ il! be a sharp strnif-
to increase the number of judges In the possession of the same re-
Oklahoma held ameetinjrlrideyand ' io„ BS their roads lie parallel.
decided to recommend that two more ;ire tl,.. Kansas. Oklaho-
judges be added. ma , en^er Southwestern, and the
Guthrie News: I. N. Terrell has St- Louis. Oklahoma & Albnquraue.
been admitted to bail in the sum of ' In addition to these roads is the Kan-
84.000. That he will have a now trial 1 sas ( ity- oklahoma & Pacific whose
is now a pretty well settled fact: and I charter was filed in Kansas Tues-
if he does, his counsel. Judge Buck- <lu.v Its projected line runs through
ner, has an abiding faith that this practically the same territory.
time he will be acquitted. ^ following picture of the situa-
Chief Taylor of the Guthrie fire do- : ,ion in thc Indian Territory is taken
partinent inspected the 'chimneys of' fi'om".I°hn Three. Sixteen, a relig-
that city. All brick chimneys not ! *?us journal published by J. K. and
three feet above the roof must be 1 ^"'te T. Wolf. I lie latter is a ( herokee
built higher. All precautions are to ! Indian, and knows whereof she talks,
li® taken by the lire department | tt°d Mrs. Wolfe are evangelists
against fires this w inter. | among the Indians and are devoting
! their lives to the couse '"The condi-
Tlie body of a murdered man has | tion of affairs in the Indian Territory
been discovered eleven miles southeast | js almost indescribable. The whole
of Pawnee. The deceised, from all ! conntrv is in a transition state.
indications, was murdered about the
time of the opening. His wagon and
camp utensils weie by his body. The
sheriff will make a full investigation.
Thomas K. Tingle, of Guthrie, grand
master workman of the A. 0. 1*. W. of
Oklahoiuu, accompanied by S. L.
Johnson, grand recorder, was in Nor-
man Wednesday to make arrange
ments for paying the ? insurance
due to Mrs. W. C. Crawford by reason
of her husband's death.
Thc past five years have witnessed
many changes. not the least among
them being the attitude i.f the Indi-
ans towards the question of land allot-
ment. Tho in-rush of white people
has been unprecedented. There aro
probably ten white people to one In-
dian at present injth s country, and
still they are coming. The duller
minds of the fu'l blood red men arc
beginning dimly to grasp the situa-
tion, and instead of talking of holding
the lands in common any longer
looking to their legislators to
uiie plan by which they may
e tin ir quo a of t lie soil given
f ever there was a helpless
l the face of the earth, slaves
surroundings aud
The Tecumseh Republican state
that Thomas Alford, the surveyor for ! devi's
Major Neal, was in the city Monday. ! each
He says the allotments will begin to j them
be made the first of next month. The ! peop!
Indians are now being enrolled and ' of tni
while there is opposition by some he j stances, dupes of the tricky politic
they will all be enrolled. 1 lie Indians 1 iatis who abound, gouged and cheated
will probably take their allotments , by the white shvloeks of the laud,
west from Kickapoo Springs. ; these are the people."
A team ran away with Hee Guthrcy | The tecnicallties of the law under
one day last week at Orlando, threw which I. N. Terrell, the Payne county
him out of the vehicle and broke his j murderer, was released front thc Kan-
His friends arc congratulating , sas penitentiary, have been over-
41 worse, j come, so the GuthrieNcws states, and
The "Flat Iron" country, sixty • ,he prisoner will have to be returned
miles cast of Perry, is said to be the I to Pnson lo sorvo out h,s ,lfe sentence,
best watered and timbered country in 1 It is said that a few deputy i'nited
Oklahoma. The numerous hills and | „laI,h„ls made their 'appear-
valleys are covered by a fine grc «• •■' 11
of walnut, oak and pecan trees, u
of the oak measuring 7 and the
nut .*> feet in diameter. They pick up j day night about
•oal from the ledges and the indica- ' generally regarded as "scout
tions are that there are rich fields of blarded the train with their pa
him that the accident v
at Waukomis und
nuitry on Saturday last and that Sn
land petroleum in that i
Chandler had a jail delivery one day
last week, the four prisoners making
good their escape. One of the prison
ners complained of being sick and
begged the jailor to let him out of the
cage in which he was confined, to
a little fresh air. The jailor opened
the door when one of the prisoners
struck him on thc head with a billet
of wood which felled liiiu to the floor.
They drugged him into a cell and es-
caped before thc jailor recovered
sufficiently to give the alarm. Three
of the prisoners were in on charges of
horse stealing and the other for mur-
der. All were still at large Friday.
Perry claims to be underlaid with
d left for their homes not intern.-
! ing to return to their claims.
T. J. Weeden of Clear Creek was in
! Heaver Monday aud reports having
i raised 400 bushels of milo inai'/e, und
says that he has twelve acres of corn
that will make) at lei-l thirty-live
bushels to the acre. Mill the report
goes out that nothing but buffalo
grass will grow iu Heaver county.
Counterfeit coin, principally iu the
denomination of twenty-live and lii'ty
cent pieces, was put in unlimited cir-
culation in HI He no the first of the
week. The ofiieers are after the
tlemen who did the act. but thero is
little hope of capturing them.
James Thatcher, ; oi of J. M.
T. atdicr. whose s reirCnt>
arron City, was shot wii ehnntiig
tmkeys in company with his father
and others about ten mil* s below
Pawnee City Sunda. i ijht. Th' party
were hunting a -.: ? lie buy was imi-
tating th; call of tl.e turkey, when lie
was mistaken for
The Osage Iudians who recently re-
fused to treat with the government
commissioners for thc sale of their
lands to the government, are circula-
ting an agreement to take their allot-
ments if the government will allow an old" gentleman in
thein to sell their surplus lands to name \%e failed to learn
the settlers in their own way. They key shots enterc' the .
bought the land themselves ami want in thc hip and the other-
10 sell it as they please The leading part of the leg. Tin >
men Of the tribe |*y the reason they WOttOdt, and beyond til
refused to sell to the government was i soreuess « ill not ran-, i.,
that the government owes them tro K J. Ha dels hrs bee
much now. 1 treasurer of O county.
b oil Iksh
Scrrrtury Carlisle aid lh* I'rMliUat Cob-
frr In ltes*r<l Iu l'ullf(>torihl|M.
Washington, Nov. 3. — Secretary
Carlisle had a long conference with
the president to-day with relation to
the many vacancies to l>«* filled in the
internal revenue service. He with-
drew from the office of the appoints
ment clerk the papers filed by dozens
of candidates (or coUeetorehipe >a
various sections of the country,
among thein being all those submitted
by applicants for the Kansas City
Refused One-llalf Million.
Chicago, Nov. 6.—The ma'tera of
No-To-Hac, the guaranteed tobacco
habit cure, lately refused a syndicate
offer of one-half million for their busi-
ness. No-To-Hac is an absolute
guaranteed cure for chewing, snuff-
dipping and cigarette smoking. It is
sold by nearly all the druggists in this
country and Canada. Made by the
Sterling Remedy company, box 15, In-
diana Mineral Springs, ind. Chicago
office, 45 Randolph street. They print
a book, called "Hon't Tobacco Spit and
Smoke Your Life Away." Every
tobacco user should read it and they
mail it for the asking.
The district court convened in Enid
the 30th, ult.
Six more United States steamers
have been purchased by the llrazilian
government for use as wa'ships, giv-
ing to the llrazilian government ten
new vessels.
It is intimated that it is the plain
duty of France to take tho initial
step, should any interference be nec-
essary upon tiio part of auy other
power than Spain, in thc affairs of
At Kcithsburg, III., a tiro starting
at 1:00 Friday morning, burned three
blocks of residences and store build-
ings, twenty-two residen -es and clev
en places of business. Loss, 945,000.
Very little insurance,
At Anderson, Ind., the Irondale roll-
ing mills burned Friday morning.
Loss, #100,000; insurance #50,000. The
miMs were about to start aftei
six weeks general repairs; 50 men ard
made idle by thc fire.
In a duel in Paris, fought betweei
Emile Laffou, governor of New Cale-
donia, and (iaston Morey, owing to an
article written by thc latter in tne Li-
bre 1'arote, Morey was severely
wounded in the left side.
A terrific boiler cxnlosion occurred
at Windfall, Ind., Friday morning.
The boiler in tho fl uring mill of
Summerton «fc Conkling exploded,
wrecking the building, and instantly
killing Engineer J. T. Now.
Albert Altemir, aged 9, was struck
and dragged to death by an Avondale
car while on his way to school at Cin-
cinnati. His mangled body was taken
out by his brother Edward, who waa
the conductor on the next cur.
At Southamption an American
named Windell, accompanied by his
wife and son. was Thursday taken
into custody at the request of United
States Minister Hayard, and is said to
be wanted in New York charged with
a heavy defalcation.
Mr. Sayers, of Texas, chairman ot
tho house committee on appropria-
tions, says that ho presumes that he
will earn the title of the meanest man
in congress because he intends to in-
sist on rigid economy in all expendi-
The Illinois supremo court Thurs-
day reversed tho decision of the lower
court in the case of the people against
the Uraceville Coal Company, and de-
clared tho weekly pay law passed by
tho Illinois legislature unconstitu-
The carriage factory of (harles
Waugh & Co.. of Cambridgeport,
'Mass., was burned Monday night.
Fifteen pungs of the New York His-
cuit company anil a number of other
vehicles were destroyed. Loss, #30,-
000. Insurance #12,000.
At Kokoino, Ind. Buck Harland
and Stove Finebolt were arrested by
I'nited States Marshal Haskins Thurs-
day for counterfeiting: Harland is
said to have made somo of the best
counterfeits in this country. Lew
Harlan, a brother of Buck, made his
The bill introduced by Congressman
Black, of Illinois, ex-commissioner of
pensions, to repeal in toto the Indiun
depredations act of 1890, is attracting
considerable public attention und has
caused the claim agents much trepida-
tion. it has been referred to Chair-
man lloltnan of the committee on
Indian affairs.
The grand jury which has been in-
vestigating tho recent bunk failures
in Milwaukee reported Friday morn-
ing und was discharged. The findings
of the jury have been suppressed, but
it is understood that only three true
bills were found. None of the officers
of tho Wisconsin and Fire Insurance
bunk or Commercial bank are indicted
As a result of a fire in an immigrant
car near Stanton, Neb., Tuesday
night, ono girl lost her life, four
horses and a cow were consumed nnd
the car and its contents were entirely
destroyed. Three immigrants in tho
car, a woman, a boy and a girl, wero
forced to jump for their lives. Tho
girl turned a somersault in jumping
nnd struck on her head, breaking her
neck. The others were only slightly
A German at Warsaw, 111., about 35
or 40 years old was found on top of u
straw stack at 7 o'clock, Saturday
morning perfectly nude and stiff with
the cold. The city marshal took him
in charge, and after warming up and
giving him drinks he was able to talk,
and gave his name as Hoffman jind
his residence as St. Louis: said ho had
come to Keokuk from St. Charles,
walked over tho Keokuk and St.
Charles bridge, nnd was taken sick in
the woods north of Warsaw about 5
o'clock Friday afternoon, and knew
no more until brofight to conscious-
ness at the city hall. He knewnoth-
iug about his clothes, and a new suit
was purchased for him, but as soon as
they were placed on him he ceased to
act rational, and in a short time tore
them from his person, und is now u
raving uintrue, lie Is about 5 feet 8
inches, complexion and dark
hair. He is minus one front tooth in
his lower jaw.
:t In the circuit court of Fayettevtlle,
Ark.. Monday, <i. L. Lee. u prominent
politician, reached in a joking manner
for Policeman Sam Hilton's star und
was shot live times und killed by li 1 in.
The president made the following
nominations Monday. Edwin F. I * hi,
of Michigan, to be assistant secretary
of state; .lames It. Roosevelt, of New
\ ork to be secretary ot embassy of tlni
United States at London. To be con-
suls of the I lilted Stales: J. Edwurd
Nettlei, of South Carolina, at Trieste,
Austria: Robert J. Kirk, of St. C hris-
tiana. at Copenhagen. Denmark.
Charles E. Davis, of Illinois to be
agent for the Indians of tho Colorado
river agency in Arizona.
3 At a sale of standard bred horses in
Chautauqua county the average sale
price was only #35.
The monthly report of the Denver
mitt for October shows bullion pur-
chases amounting to $.'10,443.71, all of
which was gold with the exception o!
53 in silver, which was con-
tained in and and purchased in con-
nection with tho gold bullion.
The first snow of the season fell it
Michigan Saturday. A storin raged
on Lake Superior, aud as it cams
without warning it is feared souie ves-
•eli uif out wiii meet disaster.

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Tansel, A. & Weesner, R. The Hennessey Democrat. (Hennessey, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 2, No. 7, Ed. 1 Saturday, November 11, 1893, newspaper, November 11, 1893; Hennessey, Oklahoma Territory. ( accessed April 18, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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