The Hennessey Democrat. (Hennessey, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 1, No. 39, Ed. 1 Saturday, June 24, 1893 Page: 4 of 8


Why HV Mould Uroii- Fr. II. | THE following dispatch WO* sent
Why? Because the all-wise fj-^m )V&nbiiLgton June 17th: It
Creator gave lis lruit before grain j [1US been announced at the Interior
ami meat. A supply of lruit we department that General Land Office
owe to our families ami to our I Commiit<ioner Loch ran will return
health. Our noil anil climate is | to the city on tht iiOth ami that the
Every farmer or dairyman should
grow clover fur the milch cows. It
has no superior an a cow feed.
Unless butter is sent to market i%\
good shape there is no use in send-
ing it, for there will be no profits
adapted to fruit culture second | a|>poiiitm<auts of the registers and j I'rof. Henry says the profitable
none. The more the nature of this | r,.,.elvori) „f the Oklahoma land dairy cow is one that will make a
pound of butter per day fur iOO
days, or 250 pounds per year.
11 n an cajivwvm h v nw*%/««*• j ^ 1
distant day, rank lirst in fruit t)le territory would be named to
culture, as it should—the veritable I ,]ayt j,ut action has again been
garden spot of the world-—it the deferred until next week. It is also
science of fruit culture is studied. predicted that the chief justice and
associate for the third district w ill
be appointed next week.
country is studied, the more we be- offices will be made at that time,
come convinced that it will, at no jt was expected the secretary of
Are Showing the largest in Smiimrr l>ri** Uooil*. H hite tjooitn.
Embrohlerh'*. Para*ol and Vuibr.lln*. An Elegant line of line
('tirtniitx and II Vwi/oir Shude.«
Why are not farmers the most in-
dependent class of men on earth?
We can live longer on a bushel of
corn, potatoes or apples than a
millionaire can on a bushel ot
dollars. The appetite of an
aristocrat craves for the fruit we
can have with little work and en-
Strawberries (those luscious,
healthgiving beauties) commence to
ripen in the month of May, and can
be raised for 12 rents per <|uart. I
have grown 400 bushels per acre,
though perhaps 'Jf>0 bushels would
be called an average yield. Before
strawberries are gone raspberries
will ripen. They can be grown
rt cents per quart, anil yield
seventy-five bushels per acre
fore raspberries are gone the black-
berry will ripen. 'I he Early
Harvest blackberry will ripen two
weeKs before the other varieties or
the wild ones. Blackberries can be
grown for 9 cnets a quart, 100
bushels to the aere. Before these
are gone grapes will ripen, and on
up to October. During this time
other fruits will ripen—gooseberries,
currants, plums, pears ami the
apple, which itself will supply us
the whole year. What more can
we ask of nature?
To be successful we must read
and attend horticultural meetings
and farmers' institutes. If one
fourth ol our working hours were
devoted to brain work (reading and
finding out what varieties of fruit
are adapted to our soil and how to
cultivate them) they would be
profitably spent. A mistake
grain can be remedied in one season,
but in fruit is a lifetime disappoint-
ment or a lifetime treasure and
Sonic years the producers fail to
realize paying prices, not knowing
where to market. AN e have learned
how to grow small fruits, now we
should stuky where to ship and how
to market. But I predict tliat-
berries will not be a drug in the
market the coming season. The
same may be said of tree fruit, al-
though I never saw a better prospect
for all kinds of tree fruit at this
time ot year—apples, peaches,
plums, pears cherries, mulberries
and grapes. Our fruit market is
empty, and consumers multiplying
faster than producers, and I believe
as men become more civilized and
refined they will consume less meat
and more fruit and vegetables.
To see people eat strawberries, the
first fruit to ripen, reminds me of a
cow or horse turned in on green
pasture after a tough siege of stall-
More painful is the fact that so
many families have not enough
fruit, and labor under the impression
that fruit is a luxury only for the
rich, when, in fact, it is the cheapest
and healthiest diet the farmer can
grow and eat. I cannot withold
my pen as I look over the broad
fields of nature, with the sun pour-
ing down its rays of cheerfulness,
and see the rich, unoccupied land,
which should be made beautiful and
profitable, and so many families
without fruit. Why is it so? Few
farmers provide an ample supply of
what would add so much to their
own and their families' pleasure.
The appetite for fruit is a natural
I low I should love, in this fruit
blessed country, to place at every
housekeeper's disposal a fruit garden
of a size in proportion to her needs.
If I could, I know that my name
would be blessed in every home.
Last, but not least, do not neglect
brain food. Read horticultural and
agricultural reports and instructive
papers, in which is embodied the
accumulated experience, to lead to
success. Jacob Faith, in Smith's
f ruit farmer.
An exchange says that the raw puts her feed on her back in-
stead of into the bucket, had better
be converted into beef.
President Gilbert, of the New
York Dairy Association, says this
is the way lie makes premium butter:
'•As soon as the milk is brought in-
to the creamery, it is put into Coolev
cans, 12 per cent of water added lint
enough to raise the milic to os-, and
is then put into the tanks and eooled
down to 4~>' and sets for eleven
hours. The cream is ripened fur
twenty-four hours, being first
, warmed up to 70- in winter. I
regular and no attempt was made to, . . '. ,
" 1 churn in winter at OR* and in summer
transact business of any character. al ou, As Koon as tlu> Gutter
Several important lnattiTH were sejierateM, 1 a<l<l cold water t< the
discussed after which the meeting ' mass to crystalizc the grains, then
was turned into a regular "Demo- ,lnuv "tF tlu' mixed ,m,u'r
Always full and complete. The people
surpassed for Wear and Style.
irniT riVT/' 1
our Silt IKS and SLIl'PEHS are un-
No business was transacted at
the meeting of tlu- Territorial
Central Committee held in (Suthrie
Thursday week. The member.-;
present were :ill < f the opinion that
the call of the com mitten? was not
And Children in all tin
Latest Styles and No?eltier
An endless varie.CV in
Groceries and Flour Sold as Cheap as
any House in Kingtishcr County.
Price for
cratic love feast," all democrats
present participating. Resolutions
were adopted strongly endorsing the
fur appointment of Gov. Kenfrow,
about Marshal ^'v an(' Judge Dale after
Be- which the meeting adjourned.
I In i'i i/j/inj.
We were called upon last Monday
morning to witness one of the most
loathsome and humiliating spectacle
of our life, i . the remains of Mr.
J. W. Keith who had suddenly and
from causes unknown died in a little
shack on Cleveland avenue. His
body was discovered ou Monday
morning in a sitting posture on the
fioor of his little house, leaning
against a box partially dressed and
one foot bare and a penknife in one
hand hut no marks of violence on
his person. It is believed that the
posture was assumed in trimming
an ingrown nail and that he was.
seized by cramping of the heart
causing death. He had perhaps
been dead 4H hours when discover-
ed. Mr. Keith was an inoffensive,
in l^ooil man hailing from Eldorado,
Kansas, from whence his wife sum-
moned by telegram arrived in
Guthrie this Tuesday morning.
The deceased was a member of the
M. E. church and also of the
Ancient Order of United Workmen,
of which order his widow is the
beneficiary of two-thousand dol-
lars.—West and South.
i more water until the water shows
no trace of butter milk. Butter
should bp at 00* to properly salt and
work over. I use three-quarters of
an ounce of salt to the pound and
pack direct from the workers."
The American Agriculturist says:
"Those who want to make dairy
cows do their best must, in some
way, provide clover pasture in
summer and clover hay in winter.
The cow is doing hard work when
she converts her food into milk, and
ought not to be required to •hustle'
much for her living. If it takes hi
all day to get three square
she cannot do what she would really
like to do in the milk producing
line, hut when she stands half deep
in fragrant clover and has only to
take a few nips for a 'well-balanced
ration' and then lies down with a
grunt of content anil meditatively
chews her cud, she will do justice
to her pedigree and show what she
was made for. Clover seed is high
and likely to be higher, but clover
seed is the one thing that the pro-
gressive farmer must have, no matter
what it costs. If he grows his own
seed, so much the bet* T, but he
must sow it, if lie his to buy at the
seedmen's prices."—Home, Field
and Formn.
We always pay the Highest
Country Pro&ucc.
(is at the A'ei r Prick, the Finest and Best Lighted St orr Room
ome and si'(
Old a-horn a.
Near the Mill
I Have all Kinds of Lumber, Lath and Shingles, jflotild-
Doors, Screen Poors, 'Paper and everything usual/;/
kept in a First ('/ass Lumber Yard.
J. B. KEI N, Mgr.
Hennessey Hardware do.
If you want double duty for every
dollar and every penny go to Cox
Bros. Racket Store.
Shelf# Heavy HARDWARE,
.Veir I'la no Hinder with fly wheel. Old Hickory Wagons.
Hulen at the !lennrs r\j #1« tel.
If you find the mosquctoes arc bad
you will find the cloriform in a
biicKet on the shelf.
Gents going to bed with their
pants on will be charged extra.
Three raps at the door means that
there is murder in the house.
Please register your name on the
wall that we may know you have
been here.
The other leg of the bed is in the
closet, if you need it.
Crap-shooting strictly forbidden.
If that hole in the window is too
To Whom It May Concern:—
Notice is hereby given that (ieo. '/
Osborne and (ieo. L. Moslier have
made application for license to sell at
retail, malt, villous and spiritous liq-
uors. in Hennessey. Kingfisher county
Oklahoma Territory, ami that said li-
cense therefor will be granted to the
above named applicants after the ex-
piration of two weeks from the publi-
cation of this notice, if there lie no
ibject ion in writing made and filed to
the issuance of said license.
Dated at Klngtlshed this 1 lith day
of.lutie, 1 ssi.'i. W. C. Long. Co. Clerk,
first published June 1". 181K1.
A. DINKLEH, Pr prietor.
department I expect
t'i keep complete ill every
resjwet. The best Machine
Oil in town for the money.
I carry a large stock of School
Hooks". The cheapest and best
line of tablets. Toilet Articles,
i'crfumcs. Tooth snap* brushes.
tlblished ill The Hennessey
Democrat June H 181)3.
Notice for Publication.
Land OtHee at Kingfisher. O. T. I
June 1, 18skj. t
Not ice is hereby given t hat t he fol-
lowing named settlci has tiled not ice
of his intention to make final poof in
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Register
and Receiver at Kingfisher, on July
much for you, you will find a pair of nth. IS!).'!, viz:
pants in the pantry to stuff in it. j JAMES MAXWELL. U.K. No. WOT.
The shooting of a pistol is no for the nef section 13, township 18
rinse fur inv ilirni 1 north, range li west.
tor .inv alarm. lie names the following witnesses
If you are too cold put the oil- j to prove his continuous residence U]«in
land cultivation of. said land viz:
John Sliull. of Myrtle (). T.. James
To Double our
cloth over you.
Carosene lamps
extra. Candies
tree, but thev can't burn all night.
Don't jerk otf the laths to light
vour pipe, enough of that all
Guests will not take out those
bricks under the mattress.
If it rains through that hole over
head, you'll find an umbrella in
the bed.
The rats won't hurt you if they do
cliase each other across your heart.
Two men in a room must put up
with one chair.
Please don't empty the saw-dust
out of the pillows.
Don't Rick about roaches we don't
charge extra.
DUliner. of Wauumaker, O.T.. Wil-
1 iain Nelson, Myrtle.O. T.. Samuel K.
lilt riken, of Myrtle, <), T.
J. C. Uomjkuts. Register.
Spice and
Tjftast S'de Ma'" Street. He|)"esseil-
The Great Stock salesman.
Farm or city.
Farm sales a specialty.
Call or ad
E. E
Hennessey, Oklahoma.
And Confectioner.
First published in The Hennessey
Democrat June 17. 1893.
In the I'robate Court, in and for
| Kingfisher County. Oklahoma
; Territory.
I John Roberts. Plaintiff, f
Mary Roberts.defendant \
'■ The Territory of Oklahoma,
i To Mary Roberts, non-resident dc-
| fondant..
You arc hereby notified that you
have been sued by the above named
| plaint iff John Roberts, in the above
| named court: that said suil was
brought by the said plaintiff for the
purimse of obtaining an absolute
If there is no towel handy, *isc J <iiv< rco from you on the grounds of
the carpet. I willful desert ion.
Wiinn A Chapman. ! You are further notified that the
' I said plaintiff tiled an affidavit that
—ihiiru sotf-n youatva non-resident of Oklahoma
„ ... , . ,i ,i ... Territory, and that personal service
Cows will respond to the change l |() 1)o( in
of feed even when the grass is good. , oklahoma Territory and asking that
When the cream of different I service be made upon you by pubjica-
. i. .,,1,1 lion. And you are further notified
skimmings are put togetht r it should [ tl)a( y(m arp r,,,lUir,,(i a,,pi.llr arid
be thoroughly stirred. i answer or demur to plaintiff's com-
To succeed a dairying requires ; plaint on or.l-f^.t^l-t «l-.v -Mjj.v
close attention to business and a ,.ausowl|; 1)e |„,ar,| in your absence
thorough knowledge of details. I and judgment rendered according to
. . f
And are presenting
our Customers with a
Card like the follow-
Furniture and Carpets, Oil Cloth,
Picture Frames, CurtaiQ Poles, all
KiQds of Chairs Bedroom Sets, bed-
steads &c,
If von want to see the Best Stock of these goods
in this part of Kingfisher county, sec us.
a Complete Line of
Funeral Supplies
Always on hand.
Tea, Coffee,
Spiii* (ini/ Making I'oieder
ttandnome Present
tiri/Jin *• (irijjin'
Good cows and plenty of good I the pleadings and the pro
1 f « «... Witness im hand and the <>l
feed are Dm. | t|||g ^
and summer
things in profitable
I his i
I son.
this l.ttli day of .1 unc A D
Thos. i< M \i:Gee.
Pmh.itt fiulce.
Griffin & Griffin.
Stock. Tlie McCormick
MRS. W. L. FARQUHf RSON, Prop,r.
good RooiTJS, Board bq Qeu| or \Yeel5.
v (Oklahoma,
* -

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