The Davenport New Era (Davenport, Okla.), Vol. 9, No. 12, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 3, 1917 Page: 4 of 6

War News.
The battle of Arras, which hail been
smouldering lor a week |>ast, has
burst into flaming fury again and Is
still raging, with some of the heaviest
lighting of the war in progress.
4- 4- 4-
The Turks in Mesopotamia have
evacuated the Iztabilut position on the
right bank of the Tigris, ten miles be-
low Samara, the British war office
announces. They are now being at-
tacked at a point six miles newer
French forces have pushed forward
in the neighborhood of Sancy and
Jouy, on tho Relms-Soissons battle
front, but on the rest of the front Ni-
velie's men apparently are taking
"time out" for a breathing spell bo-
fore again hurling themselves against
tho Qarman lines.
4* rb 4*
The British troops fighting in
France have made additional gains
between Arras and St. Quentin and
also souibeast of Loos, in tho latter
district taking prisoners, according to
an official communication.
4* 'I* +
The big Franco-British offensive has
so disrupted Von Hindenburg's plans
that the contemplated offensive
against Italy has been abandoned.
Italy Is thus free to undertake an of-
fensive of her own in co-operation
with the British and French.
Tho French success In the forward
movement was much more consider-
able than Indicated by the published
reports or tho ariny communiques,
which narrate a very sober tale of the
•vents. There is no intention of re-
laxing the pressure on the Germans
■who are opposing a tonaclous resist-
ance without avail.
+ + +
South of I-ens a German bombing at-
tack upon one of the British advanced
positions was successfully beaten off.
The total number of guns captured to
date is 228.
+ + +
British Foreign Secretary Arthur
James Balfour, formally presented by
Secretary Lansing to President Wil-
son, was the guest of honor at the
most notable dinner given at the
■White House in a generation. During
the day he was presented to Vice
President Marshall at tho capitol.
A surface cave-In along a fault into
I an enormous worked out stope, which
let the waters of Gastlneau Channel
into tho lower workings, has forced
the abandonment of the Alaska Tread-
well, the Alaska I'nited and the Alas-
ka Mexican, three of the largest units
of the famous Treadwell group of
♦ + +
A bill to authorize th President
during the war to proclaim prohibi-
tion against the sale, manufacture,
gift, transportation, importation or ex
portation of all alcoholic spirits, malt
or vinous liquors or any other Inloxi-
| eating drinks has been Introduced in
] the House.
Cancellation of fun and frolic and
elimination of all social features at
the 1917 session of the Imperial coun-
cil of tho Ancient Arabi.* Order No-
bles of the Mystic Shrine for North
America, to be held In Minneapolis
June 26, 27 and 28, has been deter-
mined upon.
Six persons are dead and a score
are suffering from minor Injuries as a
result of a fire, said to have re lilted
from an explosion of moving picture
films in the office of a film exchange
at Indianapolis.
■fr + +
The War Finance Bill providing for
Issuance of 7 million dollars In secur-
ity the largest single war budget in
the Nation's history, has been passed
unanimously by the Senate.
+ + +
Men of military age who have mar-
ried since a i.tate of war against Ger-
many was declared will not escape
their obligation of military service, un-
der a War Department policy formally
announced recently.
+ + +
Fifty thousand cans of condensed
milk for the babies of Northern Franca
were shipped the other day by the New
York Chapter of tho American Ited
+ + +
Major J. W. Downs, 79 years old,
founder of the Waco Daily Examiner,
the first dally newspaper in that city,
was burned to death in his home re-
cently. The cause of the fire has not
been determined.
■f + +
The Texas senate has adopted a
resolution indorsing President Wil-
son's selective conscription policy. A
resolution was also passed recom-
mending to the President that he is-
sue an order that until peace Is as-
sured no more foodstuffs be used in
the United States for the manufacture
of intoxicating liquors.
4* 4* 4-
The use of any or all of forty-seven
planing and sawmills, represented by
industries centering around Kansas
City, has been tendered the govern-

i\ .i • jqijt
Positive Proof 1 hat Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Relieves
1—Sergeant oil inspection round of soldiers guarding a ruilway. -—Sailors on an American battleship taking theii
daily exercise. 3—Col. Chester A. Harding, who has succeeded General Goetlials as governor of the Canal Zone.
lunched with Ambassador Jusserand
at the French embassy and received j mont and the Council of National De-
cards or calls from many prominent J tense.
persons. + 4- 4-
4- 4- 4- A Villa column under personal com-
Despite the German submarine cam- j mand i I' Villa and Jose Ynez Salazar
jialgn American exports in March
reached a value.of $551,278,000. which
has been exceeded only once, last
January, the best month In the coun-
try's history. Imports of $270,484,000
act a new American record.
+ + +
was defeated at Babicora Ranch, Chi-
huahua. by (I* neral Murgula's Carran-
j zlsta forces, according to a message
just received from Murguia.
4- 4- 4-
Pmdenclo Miranda, who, at one
lime was alleged to have been the
The government's program for food ; loader of th
control during the war has been put
before Congress by Secretary Hous-
ton In a communication to the Senate
asking power for the department el'
agriculture to take direct supervision
of food production and distribution in
the United States and requesting a.
$25,000,000 appropriation for putting
tho plan into operation.
4* i +
The American capital extended a
simple but heartfel*. welcome to the
British minister for foreign affairs,
Arthur J Balfour, and the other mem-
bers of the British commission, which
has come to Washington to hold a
war conference with United States
4- 4- 4-
A nation-wide advertising campaign
of extraordinary proportions has been
decided upon by Secretary McAdoo as
the most effective means of disposing
quickly of the $5,000,000,000 bond Is-
sue soon to be offered to the public.
4* 4* 4*
President Wilson and his Cabinet
have taken up the question of regu-
lating food exports to the Northern
European neutrals and thus prevent
food reaching Germany from the
United States.
4- 4- 4*
The door of the Senate naval affairs
committee in the Capitol Building was
"Jimmied" the other night and was aboard, have been torpedoed without
Mexicans who raided the
Corner Ranch near Hachita, N. M.
and captured three Mormon cowboys
and later killed them, has been ar-
rested in El Paso/
4. 4. +
Snipers who fired rt an American
sentry stationed at tho viaduct in the
suburbs of El Paso were fired upon in
return by a squad of United States
soldiers. One Mexican was seen to fall
after a volley had been fired across
the border.
+ 4* 4*
One person was killed, another was
probably fatally Injured and four
others seriously Injured by a tornado
u-ar Panhandle City, thirty-six miles
nartheast of Amarlllo, Texas.
4* 4- 4-
German transports have left Llbntt
on the Baltic south of tho Gulf ol
IVIga. fo<- an unknown destination, ac
.-o>d'ng to a Central News dlsp&tcb
from Petrograd.
* 4- 4-
According to a Hnnover news >3 pel
rocelved here, Colonel General Baron
Von Falkenhausen has been appointed
governor general of Belgium to sue
ceed General Von Blsslng,
♦ 4- 4-
The British hospital ships Donegal
and Lanfranc, with many wounded
found standing open. Police bolieve
(he job was the work of s'deg seeking
InformaUon of naval plans.
*■ 4- 4-
The battleship New Mexico, compar-
ing favorably, offensively and defen-
sively, with any other fighting vessel
afloat, wa* launched at the New York
navy yard recently. With no unto-
ward incident marking the cere nony,
which was prlv- te, because tho Na
lion is at war.
+ 4* 4-
Official notification that the Turk-
warning Of those on tho Donegal
twenty nine wounded men and twelve
of the crew are missing The Lan
franc carried German wounded as well
as British. Of those aboard nineteen
British and fifteen Germans are bo
lieved to have perished.
4* 41 +
The British war cabinet has de-
cided that every physician and sur-
geon and every man with medical
training of military age must be call-
<-d up for service Immediately.
4* 4* 4-
Upward of Hires hundred thousand
Ish government haB broken off diplo- copies of President \\ ilnon s war ad
matte relations with th'- United States
has been received by the State De-
partment in a dispatch from American
Minister Stovnll at Berne, Switzer-
4" 4- +
Sarah Bernhardt, after rntMng from
the effects of the operation i.he under-
went in New York recently, apparent-
ly has suffered 4 relapse and is again
In a critical condition, according to a
•somewhat cryptic bulletin im.ued by
iter rhyulciana
dross to Congress are to be dropped
over the German lines by French and
American aviators. The text of thf
message, translated into German, ha
been delivered by the printers anu
now Is ready for distribution.
•I* 4* 4-
Ten thousand strikers, mostly mu
nltlon workers, tried to burn the towt
hal! t Magdeburg, Germany, reccntlj
according to a dispatch to the Ex
uji-uvge T< lograpb Company from Old
enzaul, Holland
Bridgeton.N.J. —"I cannct speak too
highly of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta-
ble Compound for
inflammation and
other weaknesses. I
was very irregular
and would have ter-
rible pains bo that i
could hardly take a
step. Sometimes i
would be so misera-
ble that I could not
sweep a room. I
doctored part of the
time but felt no
change. I later took Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound and soon
felt a change for the better. I took it
until 1 was in good healthy condition.
1 recommend the Pinkham remedies to
all women as I have used them with such
good results. " — Mrs. Milford T. Cum-
MINGS, 322 Harmony St., Penn's Grove,
N. J.
Such testimony should be accepted by
all women as convincing evidence of
the excellence of Lydia E. Pinkham'9
Vegetable Compound as a remedy for
the distressing ills of women such as
displacements, inflammation, ulceration,
backache, painful periods, nervousnesa
and kindred ailments.
, Didn't Cleo Use Her Needle?
Customer (In rug shop—You are
positive that tills Is an antique?
Salesman—Positive, madam! Why,
this rug is known to have been in the
home of Cleopatra.
Customer—What are those four lit-
tle holes?
Salesman—H'm—it Is known, too,
madam, that the rug was In her sew-
ing room, and that is where the sew-
ing machine stood.
A miniature battleship mounted on an automobile Is attracting much attention in the streets of New York. It
Is being used In promoting naval recruiting by the Militiu of Mercy, an organization of women whose aim
Is to aid th" families of men called out for duty in the navy. Below is a portrait of Mrs. John Hays Hammond,
president of the Militia of Mercy.
Is Cuticura for Purifying and Beauti-
fying the Skin—Trial Free.
For cleansing, purifying and henutl-
fying the complexion, hands and hair,
Cuticura Soap with touches of Cuti-
cura Ointment now and then afford tho
most effective preparations at the mini-
mum of cost. No massaging, steaming
creaming, or waste of time.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Fugitives From Many Lands in Canea
Where No Extradition Treaties
Are in Force.
"On to Paris" was the German slogan In 1014. Here is the "On to I'arla
prisoners taken in recent battles in northern France.
ifcKfeU'f *1
Here are three feminine additions to Uncle Sum's navy, the first y«>-
Vomen to enlist at the Newport navy yard. Left to right, they are: Miss
K. S. Harry. Miss 11. N. Murray and Miss J. E. Smith. All three have been
--.lined to clerical duty In the navy yard.
of 1017—a long line of German
. .........
i w)
utw*1 ■ ,'vT ■
Canea is in Crete, and is a most
lisreputably picturesque and interest-
place. Crete is a land of troubled
politics, a strategic point on which
four or live states have had their eyes
for the last decade, and until recently
| It was garrisoned by the troops of
' Ave nations. Canea is a seaport on the
! busiest Mediterranean route, where
no extradition treatiesVre in force. All
1 if which is another way of saying that
|j L'anen Is a • place to display a roll
I I if banknotes and then go home alone
% ' tiy n (lark street. There is always po-
ll , Utica 1 trouble of one sort or another
mi foot, and there are always numer-
ous gentlemen of elastic morals from
Europe, Asia and Africa hanging about
the cafes, writes a traveler.
They are an interesting crew, these
exiles from three continents. They
range all the way from polished sol-
diers of fortune who have organized
and led revolutions of their own brew-
ing. to ragged Egyptian donkey boys
fleeing from justice for heaven knows
what petty crime. One and all, they
have traveled considerably; they have
the sophisticated polish of men of the
world whether they are In rags or
Conspicuous Is the use of many
tongues among this doubtful element
>f the population; they shift from lan-
guage to language and dialect to dia-
lect without effort and apparently
without thought. A Greek and an Al-
gerian may be quarreling In their nn-
tlve Idioms, and the ultercatlon is fol-
lowed with amused Indifference by
Turks, Egyptians, English, French,
Arabs, Italians. A very cosmopolitan
circle, the half-world of Canea.
to tile
often lies
in a
change of
table drink


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