The Moore Messenger. (Moore, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 35, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 29, 1910 Page: 1 of 8

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VOL. NO. 35
*1.00 PER VEnR
P. R. Simms. Local Editor
Mr. Harms of Wichita, Kans. ia vis-
iting bis cousin, Mrs. 11. P. Dreessen
and family this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bell are proud of
the arrival of a line new baby girl born
n r ui.u - Chas. Everett of Sulphur Springs
witnessed the play "Uraustark" at the ' had his arm broken in an autoniobue
Overholser opera house Sunday even- accident.
Angus McLennan and Burn Lever-
ich were Oklahoma City visitors Tues-
day evening.
! Wm. Wood left Friday for western
I Oklahoma to visit friends and rela
tives and to enjoy a tew days bird
Tom WUks of western Texas visit-
ed his mother and brother here Xnias.
Dr. York and wife. Mr. Peacock f>"d
wife and Mrs. Hadley and two chil-
dren took dinner with L)r. jorns tam-
er and mother at the LeeHuckins in
Oklahoma City Wednesday and attend-
ed the play at the Overholser Wednes-
day night.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Leverich enter-
tained a large crowd of relatives at
an Xmas dinner Sunday. The follow-
ing guests were present: Tod Lever-
ich and family of Oklahoma City, Ebb rv ~ th"
Leverich and family of El Reno. Ben ms
Leverich and wife of Moore, Geo. Lev-
erich of Moore, Mrs Faris and chil
dren of Moore, Fred Shade and wife of brands parents at Cameron
Yukon, H. Gouka of Moore and Jasper
Leverich and family of Moore, and
Fred Gerford and family, besides tin-
home folks, making a total of about 40
guests. A splendid dinner was spread
Jas. Wilks came down from Okla-
homa City Tuesday in an auto to visit
C. H. Brand and wife and son re-
turned Wednesday from an Xnias visit
Dr. J. L. Womack made a business which was much enjoyed and the fam-
trlp to Norman Tuesday.
W. D. Januwy and daughter Delia
made a business trip to Oklahoma
City Saturday.
J. Hall was an Oklahoma City vis-
itor Saturday.
ily reunion was a pleasure to all pres-
Mr. Ed Harris of Cleveland, Okla.
is spending his vacation with home
Mr. Bat Dreessen of Seward has
been visiting his parents the past
Miss Nina Faris spent Christmas In i lahoma City Saturday.
the country with her grandparents. |
Mrs. James Conley
Mrs. G. D. Kitchen and daughter Mrs. F. K. Rhudy and cnlisren took
Charlie were shopping in Oklahoma dinner with Mrs. D. TUeson Sunday.
City Thursday. !
W. H. Peachee and wife called on
C C. Row and family spent Sunday j Albert Wallar and wife.
with Grandma Baker near Mishak.
Miss Baron spent Sunday night with
Gladys Rhudy.
W. H. Peachee and wife were in Ok
Miss Emma Bishop, teacher of Lawn
and children Ridge school, Is on the sick list at this
Miss Cora Hendrix spent Christmas j gpent Tuesday night with his brother writing but we hope she will be up
with her parents in Norman. Frank Conley and family. in a few days.
Mr. John Harris is visiting his par-1
ents during his vacation.
O. J. Smith will move about Jan. during holidays
15th into the A. H. McCartney house. atlvea durme holidays.
Mrs. Frank Farris was in Oklahoma
City visiting Tuesday.
B. A. Reudy and wife, after a three I Moore this week,
days visit with Mr. Ruedy's brother,
C. Ruedy in Oklahoma City, returned |
to Moore to be with Mrs. Ruedy's rel-
Mr. Sigmund Mahler entertained Mr. <lay nij,lit.
Angus McLennan for dinner Monday
at the home of his parents at Brit-
ton, Okla.
Wonder who it was that killed a
' spring calf and had chilli made Mon-
Mlss <5oldie Higgins of Mustang has
i been visiting her uncle and family in
Dr. Nail's niece. Miss Nail, returned
Thursday to her home at Crumb, Tex.
Dr. Nail accompanied her as far as
Clias. Schnltzler will move to South
Dakota about Jan. 1st and VV. T. muui-
din will move into the house now
occupied by him.
Miss Bess McLennan came up Wed-
nesday morning to spend Christmas
holidays with home folks.
Geo. Bruce is here from Wyoming
visiting his father, Frank Bruce, and Guthrie Saturday
Mrs. Hicks was shopping In Okla-
homa City Tuesday.
Jno. Payne made a business trip to
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brand and son
llarrold left Wednesday for Camer-
on, Mo. to visit Mr. Brand's parents.
Mrs. York's mother, who now resides
in Oklahoma City, visited her son, Dr.
j York Wednesday.
Geo. Houston and Harry Williams
returned Monday from a hunting trip
Into the Seminole country.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Payne are rejoic-
ing over the arrival of a fine baby
A. S. Ash of Shawnee, but formerly
of Moore, died Monday after an ill-
ness of six months. Mrs. Robert
Mauldin and Miss Dela Ash left here
Friday for Shawnee and Robert Mauld-
in was called Tuesday by telephone.
A. H. McCartney and family are vis-
iting Mr. McCartney's brothers, A1
and Earl McCartney, at Tulsa this
Mrs. Jno. Payne and children spent
Christmas with her parents at Edmond.
H. Applegate left Tuesday for Hal-
lot Okln. to visit his sister-in-law, Mrs.
Cal Taylor, and family.
Carl Rifle and wife and daughter
returned Tuesday to their home at
Holdenville, Okla., after spending
Chrlshmas with Carl's mother here.
His mother and two daughters accom-
panied them as far as Oklahoma City.
Mr. and Mrs. Gauka were Oklahoma
City shoppers Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. York of Denver, Mr.
and Mrs. Peacock from Texas and
Mrs. Hadley and two daughters of
Ardmore took Christmas dinner with
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. F. A. York.
Mrs. Don Sanders of Red Cloud,
Neb. arrived here Thursday to spend
the holidays with her mother, Mrs.
Miss Elsie Matthesen left Wednes-
day for Illinois where she will spend
the Winter with her brother and grand-
Miss Mary Petty spent Sunday with
OUie Rhudy.
Charlie and Claude Kitchen and
Delia Rhudy spent Sunday with Min-
nie Moeiler.
Mrs. Eva Curnett and children of
Anadarko, Okla. arrived here Friday
of last week to visit her brother and
sister, Ben Rayburn and Ethel Wal-
Ithmer Winstade was in Moore Sat-
urday on business.
Mrs. Clay Bean and daughter Myrtle
were shopping in Oklahom City Thurs-
James A. Cowan
"The Farmer*' Financier"
Land Title* ■ Specialty
Mr. Grover Wynn was an Oklahoma j
City visitor Saturday.
Miss Edna Smith is visiting her j
parents this week.
Miss Helen Olander and mother
were shopping in Oklahoma City Fri- j

Miss Gertrude Dowd is visiting Miss !
Zcla McBride this week.
Mr. Walter Morrow is spending the
holidays at his home this week.
Mr. Earl Rogers and Mr. Abner j
Sullivan of Capitol Hill were in Moore i
Sunday evening.
Mauldin & flauldin
Dealers In
Groceries and General Herchandist
Highest Prices Paid For All
Kinds of Farm Produce
We Carry a Fall ami Well Selected Stock of Staple Articles in All Lines
Your Trade is Especially Solicited
Angus McLennan and Miss Tompson
attended the«play "Graustark" at Okla-
homa City Sunday evening.
Mrs. Lillio Cottrell was shopping in
Oklahoma City Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ash and Mrs. Jones
returned to their home in Shawnee
Friday after a couple of weeks visit
with Mrs. Mauldin. Mrs. Mauldin re-
ceived a message that her father, Mr.
Ash, was worse and left for Shawnee
Monday evening.
Short Orders
Cold Drinks
Fish and Oysters
Cakes and Pies
Nuts and Fruits
E. S. Holmes
Horseshoeing, Carriage
and Wagon Work a Specialty
Also Complete Line of
Mr. ad Mrs. Carl Riefle and daugh-
ter Gretchen of Holdenville, Okla.
spent three or four days during holi-
days with Mr. Riefle's mother at this
Quite a number of young people
spent Thursday evening at the home 1
of Mr. and Mrs. Higgings, preparing!
decorations for the Christmas tree. |
A most delightful time was reported, i1
Kenneth McLennan, Pre s., F. J. Shade, V. Pres., C. H. Brand, Cash.
A number of the Moore young peo-\
pie attended the Christinas tree at
Antioch Friday evening.
M'. and Mrs. Edd Dreessen find
and Mrs. Henry Dreessen enjoyed the
: play "Graustark" at the Overholser
Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Payne are rejoic-
ing over a baby girl in the way of an
Xmas present, born Thursday night.
Mrs. Mae Leverich was an Oklahoma
City visitor Monday.
W. H. Petty and family, J. W. Petty j
and family took Christmas dinner Sun-!
day with their mother. Mrs. Mary I
W. T. Gilmore and family spent Sun-,
day with her father, Mr. Geo. Gable, j
Bank of floore
Appreciates your business. Deposits Insured
under the State Guarantee Law.
W. H. Peachee and wife spent Christ-
mas with their daughter and family,
Mrs. E. K. Rhudy.
Call On Us For
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes. Full line of up-
to-date Groceries, including Vegetables and Meats, Syrups,
Vinegar, Pickles. Etc. Up-to-date lire of Dry Goods.
New store, new stock. Come in and get our prices nd be convinced.
A. J. Smith, 0kl'-
Jacob Nicholas and family entertain-
ed friends and relatives from Oklaho-
ma City at dinner Christmas day.
Miss Edna Smith is spending vaca-
tion with home folks.
Word from Roy Pinkerton and fam-
ily at Merrill, Michigan says they are
having snow and a lot of it. Mr. and
Mrs. Pinkerton are friends to OVIa-
lioma and we hope to see them pulling
in in the spring.
Mrs. Albert Waller and daughter)
Laura spent Saturday night with her
brother, Ben Rayburn, and attended ]
the Xmas tree at Schwartz school
Berthold Anerbach and Mr. Hall-
mark spent Saturday night and Sun-
day with Berthold's aunt, Mrs. G. D.
Kitchen and family.
Mr. D. J. Bean, who has been visit-
ing in Missouri returned home Satur-
day night.
Oklahoma City Mill and Elevator Go.
Highest Market Price Paid for Grain.
W. E. Williams and family took
supper with his cousin, W. A. Taylor!
and family, Sunday night.
Unique Barber Shop
Work Promptly and Efficiently Done.
Patronage Respectfully Solicited.
P. R. Simms and L. P. Chism
Mr. and Mrs. Higgins and two daugh-
ters of Mustang arrived here Friday
evening to spend Christmas with Mr.
Higgin's brother. A. F. Higgins, and
his sister, Mrs. Frank Decker.
Mrs. Clara Ruedy of Denver, Colo,
was in Moore Friday. This is her old
home and her friends were glad to
see' her back. She has been visiting
her parents, Rev. and Mrs. S'tokes-
horw, of Oklahoma City three or four
Mr. Van Vleet and son Dewitt were
Oklahoma City visitors Monday.
Cleo Row, who lias been visiting his
old home place in Indiana, returned
home Saturday night.
Miss Pearl Schwartz is quite
with appendicitis.
Notary work done, buy or sell real estate, sell your
sale notes, have your sale clerked, your property in-
sured, or borrow money on real estate, see
S. A. PAYNE, Moore, Oklahoma
The Christmas tree at S. L. Rhudy's i
Sunday was attended well and every
one reports a pleasant time.
Mr. James Conley and family of]
Capitol Hill spent Sunday with her
parents, W. T. James.
Mrs. Mary Petty and granddaughter
spent Tuesday with Mrs. John Petty.
Norman Milling and Grain Company
A. H. McCAFTNEY, Manager
All parties knowing themselves
indebted to H. P. Dreessen will
please call and settle at once.
Now don't think it means the
other fellow; it means you.
H* P. Dreessen
Misses Lela and Ilo Rogers and
brotther Irl Rogers visited relatives
in Moore Sunday night.
Mrs. Wiseman and two daughters,
Misses Libby and Ethel Clay, and son
of Britton, Mr. Neil of Oklahoma City,
Mrs. Holmes, Miss Ruth Holmes and
Mildred Simms enjoyed a glorious
Christmas dinner at the home of Mrs.
Clyburn in west Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. Edd Dreessen of Mus-
tang visited their relatives at this
place during Christmas holidays.
Ira Peachee departed Saturday even-
ing for Chattanooga, Okla. to spend
Christmas with his brother and wife, j
Bruce and also his sister and family.
Mrs. Will Chappell.
Moore, Okla.
All kind* of Grain Bought
All kinds of Mill Stuff and Coal Sold
"* T.ffi i 'TVf r'fB IT * ***' rr'
aj it B ft B 3 I
3 9 £ t&iuY □ M
Mrs. Mertie Dyer returned home
Sunday from Altus, Okla., where she
has been at the bedside of her mother
who died last Thursday.
Signor Mahler went to Britton Sun-
day to eat Christmas dinner With his
friends, returning Monday.
Mrs. Etta Payne and two sons left
Friday evening for Edmond to spend
Christmas with her parents.
Richard Kitchen, who has been vis-:
iting his cousins at Muskogee, Okla., j
returned home to spend Christmas |
with his best girl and home folks, i
Nina Winstade was in Moore Friday.
Misses Emma and Winnie Bishop]
who are quite ill with the fever, are j
improving slowly.
Misses May and Bess Kelly of Sny-
der are visiting friends in Moore this
Miss Bess McLennan is spending her
vacation at home this week.
Mr. Richard Kitchen returned Sat-
urday evening from Boynton, Okla.,
where he has been visiting his uncle.
Mr. Amos Dreessen has stopped go-
ing to business college and will help
his brother in the hardware store.
Southbound or West.
411 (R) 9:31 a.m.
17 (F) 12:19 pm.l
115 (R) 10:05 a.m. |
405 (no stop) 1:20 a.m.
423 Local freight 10:20 a.m. J
North bound or east.
412 (R) 6:50 p.m.
406 (no stop) i
116 (R) 7:05 a.m.:
18 (F) 3:23 p.m.
420 Local freight 4:40 p.m.
(K) means regular stop and (F)
means flag stop.
Moore is on the Oklahoma branch of
the A. T. & S. F., is 24 miles from j
Purcell, 9 miles from Norman, 9 miles
trom Oklahoma City, 40 miles from
Outhrie, 130 miles from Arkansas City,!
187 miles from Wichita, 208 miles from
Newton and 409 miles from Kansas
First car on Moore Interurban
leaves 6:30 A. M. and each hour after, j
through the day last car leaving Moore
11:30 P. M. Fare to Oklahoma City, i
15 cents.
We handle a complete line of Building Material,
Vitrified Brick, Oak and Bois D'arc posts.
Let us figure on your wants.
■ Jt ■ H B
umr m m ■ ^asaemcBiiifaa 3
Some Prices From Our Grocery Department j
12 Vic
Potatoes, per bushel
10 lb Can White Syrup
2 lbs Comb Honey
2 lb. can Pineapple
Dried Figs, per lb
All our California Canned Fruits at a reduction as follows:
Peaches, Plums, Apricots, Cherries 15c can now
20c can now
25c can now
We want to call your attention to Viscol Oil for waterproofing
shoes. Guaranteed to make them water-tight. Try a bottle.
Dry Goods Groceries Shoes

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