The Moore Messenger. (Moore, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 15, Ed. 1 Saturday, February 19, 1910 Page: 2 of 8

Svjired Trn Ytars—Ktltevrd in Three
Months Thanks to PE-RU-NA.
C. B. FIZER, Mt.Hurling,Ky., « y :
"I hat e Buttered with kidney mo4
bladder trouble tor ten yearn past
•'Last March I commenced oslni
Perun* and cod tinned for three month*.
I b v« not UMd II ■lnoe, Dur have 1 lei*
• pain."
Wall-Meant Comp'iment to American
Woman Somewhat Marred by
Unfortunate Error.
Mona Prucer, who from bla triumph
at tbe Savoy hotel In London lias
come to New York to conduct a very
fashionable reataurant, was compll
merited by • reporter on bla perfect
"Well," said Mons. Pruger, smiling
"my English Is, perhaps, better than
that of the Marquis X., who supped
here after tbe opera the other evening
"Our line supper rooms looked very
gay and fine, diamonds flashed, pule
fabrics shimmered, and everywhere,
turn where It would, the eye rested on
dimpled, anowy shoulders shining like
aatln above decollete bodices of Paris
"Tbese decollete bodices Impressed
the Marquis X. Me waved his band
•nd aald:
" '1 'ave knowed parfaitement that
tb* American young ladles was beau
tlful, but ah—I cannot say how far
more beautiful tbey seem in their
Bight dresses."—N. Y. Press.
The Fight Agalnat Tuberculosis.
Interest In the anti-tuberculosis cam-
paign now being waged throughout the
United States Is evidenced by the fact
that In the year 1909 163 new anti-tu-
berculosis associations were formed,
133 tuberculosis sanatoria and hospit-
als were established, and 91 tubercu-
losis dispensaries were opened. Com
pared with previous years, this is the
best record thus far made In the fight
against consumption In this country.
During the year 1909, 43 more asso-
ciations for tbe prevention of tubercu
losls were formed than during the pre
vloua 12 months, and 62 more hospitals
and sanatoria were established. On
January 1, 1910, there were In the Unl
ted States 394 anti-tuberculosis associ-
ations, 386 hospitals and tuberculosis
sanatoria and 265 special tuberculosis
A Gift to Bryn Mawr.
Miss Cynthia M. Wesson of Spring
Held. Mass., has given $7,000 to Bryn
Mawr college. Miss Wesson, who was
graduated from Bryn Mawr in 1909,
waa prominent In the athletic affairs
of tbe Institution, and her gift Is to
be expended toward the betterment of
the swimming pool. All undergrad-
uates are required to qualify ae swim-
mers, as tbe exercise Is one of the
most popular of the college sports.
Unkind Husband.
Mrs. Myler.—You say your husband
la unkind to your pet dog?
Mrs. Styles.—Indeed he Is! Why. he
absolutely refuses to let Fldo bite
blm!—Yonkers Statesman.
Every man is worth just as much as
the tbhigs are worth about which he Is
concerned.—Marcus Aurellus.
Head Bookkeeper Must be Reliable.
The chief bookkeeper In a large busi-
ness house in one of our great West-
ern cities speaks of the harm coSee
did for htm:
"My wife and I drank our flrst cup
ot Postum a little over two years ago.
and wc have used It ever since, to the
entire exclusion of tea and coffee. It
happened In this way:
"About three and a half years ago
I had an attack of pneumonia, which
left a memento In the shape of dyspep-
sia, or rather, to speak more correctly,
neuralgia o' the Btomach. My 'cup of
cheer' bad always been coffee or tea,
but 1 became convinced, after a time,
that they aggravated my stomach trou-
ble. T happened to mention the mat-
ter to my grocer one day and he sug-
gested that I give Postum a trial.
I "Next day It came, but the cook made
the mistake of not boiling It sufficient-
ly, and we did not like it much. This
was, however, soon remedied, and now
we like it so much that we will never
change back. Postum, being a food
beverage instead of a drug, has been
the means of curing my stomach trou-
ble, I verily believe, for 1 am a well
man today and have used no other
"My work as chief bookkeeper in our
Co.'s branch house here Is of a very
confining nature. During my coffee-
drinking days I was subject to nerv-
ousness and 'the blues' In addition to
my alck spells. These have left me
alnce I began using Postum and I can
conscientiously recommend It to those
whose work confines them to long
hours of severe mental exertion."
"There's a Reason."
Look In pkgs. for the little book,
-The Road to Wellvllle."
Ever read Ihf ib«rf lefferf A ifn
•at atpprmrm from llm* to time. Ihr;
•rw grt«lar, trme, mm4 fall of bun i
f .... . ^
The Charming Individuality of Fashions and
Most Perfect Conceptions are Faithfully Portrayed
In the Large Gathering of the
Choicest in all lines at the House of
Spring Silks and Dress Goods—More New Arrivals
.N'lIW AHR1VALS almost dally of Spring Silks, in which the newest designs which
have been produced BimhowTi In tasteful selection. We take pride In showing exclu-
sive piiierns. many of which may be had in individual dress patterns and are shown
at no other store.
SILK 8HANTUN0 In the popular semi-rough, raw silk weave—lustrous finish—shown
In white and fifteen of the soft shades for Spring dresses. mm
We price it the yard only f
ANOTHER 8HIPMENT of Woolen Dress Goods reached us late last week. Tbey em-
brace an exquisite assortment of Imported fabrics, showing original designs and color-
ings. German Vlgoreaux, French Diagonal Serges, Shepherd Checked Suitings, phan-
tom striped Suitings, cream Serges and hairline striped cream Serges are shown in
v. Ide latitude of weaves at yard $1. $1.25 and $1^50.
NEW TRIMMINGS—Appiques, Jeweled Trimmings, Set Pieces of Pearl, Girdles,
Plaques, Slides and Pendants for the new flschu and other modish garniture.
The New Foulards at 75c, 85c and $1.00 the Yard
Special Sale and Exhibit of Dress Goods at $1.00 a Yard
And the great variety of correct and exclusive designs aud choice colorings are en-
hanced by the Intrinsic value of the weaves. French Serge Novelties, grey Vigor-
aux in pbantom checks, Kngllsh Worsted Novelties and Serges In ffc |
widths from 44 to 66 Inches—and the special price, a yard only | «Ul/
Foulards are fashioned Into many of the most elaborate Paris costumes for Spring.
We show selected designs from the representative weavers of Foulard Silk and our
elections arc exclusive patterns, designs and colorings to be found * Aft
onfy at Mellon's. Prices 75c, 85c, and Jp | #UU
Our Annual February Sale of Household Linens In Full Blast
A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for the frugal home-keeper to practice her intuitive proclivity of economy. The savings are made possible by diligent watching and persistent effort
to procure merchandise for this sale under value. And our efforts have been crowned with success. From Mill Agents, Importers, Manufacturers and Jobbers we sought out more
than two car loads of dependable Household Linens. We began this searching months ago and the products of our work will redound to the advantage of every Mellon patron.
-best flax, 72 inches wide, reduced as follows: $1.75 Damask $1.49, $2.00 Damask, $1.69; $2.50
FINE IRISH AND GERMAN DAM ASKS—exclusive Importation*, line double satin finish-
Daraask. $2.12; $11.00 Damask, $2.59; $li.50 Damask, 2.98
PURE LINEN—72-Inch bleached Irish Damask in eight |
choice putterns—conventional and new floral bor-
der designs. A special 85c value—for this sale ...OVC
$3.00 NAPKINS 1.98 DOZ.
PURE LI.VEN—Satin damask Napkins—22 inches square
and shown In very attractive pattern assortment—five de-
signs to chooso from. A clear (] | fkQ
saving of a dollar a dozen—at 1 «VO
$1.25 DAMASK AT 97c YARD
PURE LINEN SATIN DAMASK—72 inches wide, bleached
—shown both In the heavy Scotch weave, and the fine
Irish damask. $1.25 quality, 97c yard.
NAPKINS to match the above damask—21-inch size; reg-
ularly $4.50; $3.75 dozen.
STILLER'S PRUSSIAN DAMASK, silver bleached, extra
heavy and ever-wearing Table Linen—two yards wide—
reduced for this sale to a yard $1.07.
DOUBLE SATIN DAMASK—bleached Irish and German
qualities—72 Inches wide. Our regular $1.50 grades; sale
price $1.29.
V X '• £\x v ■*"
75c for 22-Inch Squares with pure linen Jap-
anese drawn centers and Hattenberg bor-
85c for 22-inch round Centers of pure linen
hand drawn work and hand made Renais-
sance border.
$1.25 the sale price marked on 28-inch Re-
naissance Squares with hand-drawn linen
$1.50 for elegant Centers In hectagon b-hape.
Pure linen, hand drawn centers with Renais-
sance borders.
25c for 17-inch Renaissance Doilies. Made
with pure linen, hand drawn centers. Regu-
lar 40c value.
39c for solid Battenberg Doilies—excellent
quality of material; 18 inches in diameter
—50c value.
5(i-!nch mercerized cotton damask-—full bleached—woven in floral and
scroll patterns; regular 35c; special atyard
72-inch full bleached yarn mercerized Damask; best quality on the market.
sold as "Satin Damask" by spurious dealers; regular price 75c
the yard. Sale price
We have on Sale and shown, 3-piece, pure linen centers, with good quality
Battenberg hand work border. Regular value $1.50. Marked for this sale 98c.
Sheets-Cases-Towels-Bed Spreads-Crash-Etc-All at Good Savings
MKLLON'S DELMAR—81x90, heavy linen finish Sheets 63c
NEW YORK MILLS—81x90 Sheets; seamless, torn, worth $1.15 88c
"NINE-FOOT" SHEETS—linen finish; 81 inches wide; $1 value 76e
S!Ii;KTS—72x90—soft finish; bleached; regularly 65c 49c
MELLON'S DELMAR CASES—46x38%—linen finish, regular n%e 14c
MELLON JEWEL CASES—42x36—lineil finish; regular 15o ,....12c
j?<"'\LLOPEI> CASES—Dwight Anchor—embroidered edges; value 69c 49c
Hostelry and family supplies should be purchased now.
PLAIN COUNTERPANES—11-4 size, good weight,
white crochet Quilts selling during this sale at $1.05
FRINGED COUNTERPANES—12-4 size; fine finish,
made with cut corners. Our $2.25 quality; sale price
finest white cotton yarn, with cut corners. Regular
$3 value, $2.39.
Large COUNTERPANES—13-4 size—of very
heavy white cotton yarns—neat patterns, $3.00 val-
ue; sale price, $1.98.
59c. Bolt for Red Star, sanitary absorbent Diaper
Cloth. Put up in hermetically sealed packages of
ton yards.
69c—regular $1.00 Turkish Bath Rugs—22x48-lnch
size—heavy tufted in brocade effects—assorted col-
ors and white.
25c for heavy tufted, unbleached Turkish Bath Tow-
els; 27x54-!nch (note size). Cheap at 40c each.
12c tor 18x36-inch extra absorbent HuckTowels—
62HPer cent pure linen; hemmed ends.; plain white
and red borders.
SEND TODAY FOR SAMPLES of our beautiful piece
goods, such as Silks, Dress Goods, Muslins, etc. etc.
FASHION MAGAZINE every month. This is a very
interesting publication and is an ideal book for ordering
from. Send today for copy
State Fashion House. Okla-
homa City
The Great City Store and
Mail Order House
Rich Mexican State
The state of Jalisco has long been
known as one of the richest ijA'tlie re-
public of Mexico in agrlculwr© and
Bitter Denunciation
Samuel Johnson: If he had two
ideas they would (all out with each
Never Thinks of Himself
"A man will complain av his ine-
niies, an' slape wut th' woorst wan,
ivery night"—Cleveland News.
Life's Injustice.
"What do you think? Mrs. Zizzel,
who never goes to church, has won
the flrst prize in the church lottery!"
License, but No Muzzln
'He's got no license to talk the way
he does," "Oh, he's got a license all
right. What he lacks is a muzzle!"
Philosophy of Eplctetus
Nature has given to men ono
tongue, but two ears, that we may
hear from others twice as much as
we speak.—Eplctetus.
"Don't give up too easy, onlrss you
are facln' a cocked revolver."—Boston
Londoners Flock to Work
Between eight and nine every morn-
ing 164,000 persons enter the city of
Why do we labor in this world? The
attainable nobody wants; the unat-
tainable nobody can have.—Smart Set.
Spanish Proverb
Shear tlie sheep, but don't
A Meerschaum City.
Tbe town of Vallocas in Spain, is
almost entirely built of meerschaum.
Vallecas has on its outskirts great
quarieg of a meerschaum too coarse
for pipemaking.
Making Textiles Fireproof
Textiles may be rendered fireproof,
according to the Paris board of fire
commissioners, by steeping them in a
10 per cent solution of phosphate of
immonia, then drying them in the
open air.
Make the Home Happy
Make the children feel that home
is the happiest place In the world. I
value the delicious home feeling as
one of the choicest gifts a parent can
It was announced last week that Dr.
D. H. Randell and associates of Mus-
kogee aud Dr. J. T. Wiggins of Sul-
phur, had bought the Sulphur sanita-
rium and bath house.
After skipping a year In the baseball
field, Oklahoma City high school Is
rutting out a team this spring that is
looked upon as being able to land
state honors.
Your Eyesight is Priceless
Ptrhaps you are needing glasses. It costs nothing to consult
with us. Being manufacturers of Lenses, we protect our
patients for a period of ten years, making an additional grind-
ing of Lenses free of Charge. If you feel that you are in need
of glasses consult us.
Office and Factory 132 1-2 West Main Oklahoma City
A Sweeping Opinion
A fool is one who gives advice to a
wise man and thinks him a fool for
not taking it.—Life.
A Way To Success
Tun will succeed in life if you resist
doing things you know you shouldn't
do.—Atchlnson Globe.

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