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Unci* Eph Had at Leaat On Idea of
Hew His Hog* Might Have
Got Away.
Suaiay StWool Ltuw lor Feb. C, 1910
Specially Arranged lor This Papar
Arriving In Canada In 1891, just
eighteen yearn ago, E. A. GulUouiln
could speak but bis native language.
He Is a Frenchman. He had but
a little over two dollars in his pocket,
thus being short over seven dollars ot
the ten dollars required to secure en-
try for a homestead of one hundred
and sixty acres. He eventually bor-
rowed the money and near Forget.
Saskatchewan, ho started life In Can-
ada on the homestead in which to-day
ho Is the fortunate possessor of fifty
quarter sections of land, or 8,000 acres.
Now Mr. Guillomin did not acquire
all these acres as a result altogether of
hia farming operations, which were
extensive. He looked with satisfac-
tion upon what he was doing on his
limited area, he was saving, careful,
and had foresight. Surrounding land
could be had for about $3.00 per acre,
and ho continued buying as his sav-
ings would permit, until now h® has
fifty quarter sections, some of which
he can sell at $25.00 per acre.
Threshed Fifty Thousand Bushels.
This year he was engaged in thresh-
ing on his place for 04'^ days. He
threshed out 50,000 bushels of wheat,
of which he sold 34,000 bushels, one
train load, at a price varying from 84
to 87 cents per bushel. He has on
hand still 16,000 bushels. In addition
to wheat he raised 30,000 bushels of
oats, 7,000 bushels of barley and 500
bushels of flax. He owns 104 horses
and a number of cattle, but since the
construction of the railway he has
been engaged chiefly in raising wheat.
This year he bought his first thresh-
ing machine, paying for it the sum
of $2,100. He estimates that the ma-
chine earned for him this fall $3,000,
thus paying for itself in one season
and leaving $900 to the good. The
weather was very propitious for farm
threshing, not a single day being lost
In the two months which wero spent
In this work. The wheat averaged 23
bushels to the acre and graded No. 1
and No. 2 Northern. In the past nine
years seven good crops have been har-
vested on this farm. For six succes-
sive years the returns were excellent,
that is in the years 1901, 1902, 1903,
1904, 1905 and 1906. In the two fol-
lowing years there was a partial fail-
ure. As the years have passed the
Quality of the buildings on the farm
have been steadily improved, and are
now as good as can be found in the
distrhjt. About $10,000 has been in-
vested in this way by Mr. Guillomin.
The farm consists of 6,880 acres, of
which about 6,000 acres were under
crop this season.
Her Idea of Discipline.
One day recently, just after the
opening of the Baltimore schools, the
teacher of a primary class had occa-
sion right at the start to enforce dis-
"Here, young man!" she exclaimed,
Indicating a pupil whose name she did
not yet know. "I saw you laughing
Just now. That won't do. No laugh-
ing in this school."
"1 was only thinking about some
thing ma'am," said the youngster,
"Well, don't let that happen in
school again," said the teacher, stern-
ly—Sunday Magazine of the Cleve-
land Leader.
I.B8SON TKXT.-Matt. 6:1-15. Memory
TW— 6-
GOLDKN TEXT.—'Tak® hiwi that y
do not your rlchieousrwM beforo men, to
be iwn by them."—6:L (It V.)
TI MR — The summer ot A. P. 3. near
the middle of Christ's ministry.
PLACE. The traditional sit" In the
Horns of llattin. two or three miles west
ot tho Sea of Galileo.
Suggestion and Practical Thought.
The lesson to-day dwells on sin-
cerity and truth applied to giving and
I. Sincerity versus Hypocrisy In
Giving.—Vs. 1-4. First, the Principle, j
underlying the actions referred to Is,
that so tar as relates to virtue or
character in the doer, it Is the motive
that determines the value of an ac-
tion, no matter how good the action
In Itself, or how Important tho gift
may be to the receiver.
Second. Its Application to Giving.
I. "Take heed," emphatic because
what follows is very important. "That
ye do not your alms." R. V., accord-
ing to the best MSS., "your righteous-
ness," your good actions both moral
and religious, "before men" for the
purpose or design to be seen of them,
to gain applause, in order to be re-
garded as righteous and generous.
II. Sincerity versus Hyprocrisy in
Praying.—Vs 5-8.
as the hypocrites are
For Remarkably Quick Action on CoMi
and Coughs.
Thla prescription will frequently cure
the worst cold in a day's time and It Is
a sure cure for any cough that can be
cured. "Two ounces Glycerine; half
ounce Concentrate! Pine; Pat these
into half a pint of good whiskey and
use in doses of teaspoonful to a table-
spoonful everr four hours. Shake bot-
tle well each time." Any druggist has
these Ingredients In stock or will quick-
ly get them from his wholesale house.
The Concentrated Pine is a special
I pine product and comes only In half
ounce v*als each enclosed in an air
tight case; But be sure it is labeled
Concentrated." This formula cured
j hundreds here last winter.
Vncle Ephraim had two hogs, which
be kept in a pen at the rear end of his
little lot They were of the "raior-
back" variety, and although they were
fed bountifully with kitchen waste,
it seemed Impossible to put any fat
on their attenuated frames. One morn-
ing when he went out to feed them
they were not there. They had dis-
appeared, leaving no clew to the man-
ner in which they had made their es-
"What's the matter, ITncle Eph?"
inquired a neighbor, noticing the deep
dejection with which the old man was
looking down into the empty pen.
"My hawgs is done gone, sah," he
"Stolen ?"
"No, sah. ! don't see no signs dat
anybody tuck 'em."
"Did they climb out over the top?"
"No, dey couldn't 'a done dat."
"How do you think they got away?"
"Well, sah," said Uncle Ephraim,
"my 'pinion is dat dem hawgs kind o1
raised deirselves up on aidge an' crope
through a crack."—Youth's Com-
Shoemaker—Well, if that isn't all
us r,Kht Inst„ad of paying my bill, he
who do not kl("k8 mo down B,alrs' and wllb th*'
really pray, do not desire or expect
what they ask, or hold communion
with God; but desire to appear very
religious to men, and hence stand
apart like the Pharisee, in the para-
ble, as if absorbed In devotion.
III. A Form of Prayer Filled with
the Spirit.—Vs. 9-15. The Lord's Pray-
er as given in Luke, perhaps on an-
other occasion, is prefaced by a re-
quest from the disciples that Jesus
would teach them how to pray.
1. We need to learn how to pray, if
we would gain the most possible from
prayer. "Let the soil be tilled that
the germ may grow.
2. Jesus gave a model, expressing
the true principles of prayer.
3. A model or form Is useful only
new boots I've made him, too.
How Relief from Distressing Kidney
Trouble Was Found.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wolf, 388 W. Morgan
St., Tipton, Mo., says: "Inflammation
of the bladder
reached its climax
last spring and I suf-
fered terribly. My
back ached and
pained so I could
hardly get around
and the secretions
were scanty, fre-
quent of passage
An Educational Problem.
Little Margery has just begun to go
to the kindergarten, and is tilled with
a due sense of the importance of her
studies there and the solemn value ol
the attainments that have thus been
put within her reach. The other aft-
ernoon, after coming home from
school, she remained in a brown study
for a time, and then said: "Mamma,
do I know as much now as I don't
know ?"
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna appeals to the cultured
and the well-informed and the
healthy because its component
parts are simple and whole-
some and because it acts with-
out disturbing the natural func-
tions, as it is wholly free from
every objectionable quality or
substance. In its production a
pleasant and refreshing syrup
of the figs of California is unit-
ed with the laxative and car-
minative properties of certain
plants known to act most bene-
ficially, on the human system,
when its gentle clcansing is de-
sired. To get its bcneficial ef-
fects, always buy the genuine,
for sale by all reputable drug-
gists; one size only, price
fifty cents a bottle. The name
of the company — California
Fig Syrup Co.—is always plain-
ly printed upon the front of ev-
ery package of the genuine.
a. a moaei or iuiiu ■= —.. | and painful. I was
when filled with the real Spirit of tired bjj tj,e tjme and very nervous. I
prayer. began using Doan's Kidney Pills, and
4. We can interpret the model by after taking a few boxes was cured
the way Jesus and his disciples used an(j have been well ever since."
it. We have no recorded instance of ] Remember the name—Doan's. Sold
their using this prayer, but the pray- (,y all dealers. 50 cents a box. Foster-
ers of Jesus were In accordance with milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
its principles. —
The Hearer and Answerer of Praper. Jim's Cost a Dollar More.
•'Our Father which art in Heaven." Richard Le Gallienne, the noted
This expresses that aspect of God poet, was entertaining a group ^ of
which most attracts us to pray to him. J magazine editors at luncheon in New
He Is not a mere "bright Essence In- j York.
create," a "power that makes for, To a compliment upon his fame Mr.
righteousness." but a Person, as really Le Gallienne said, lightly:
as our spirits are persons; Infinite,! ..But what is poetical fame in this
omnipotent, omniscient. King. Creator, : age of prose? Only yesterday a
Ruler, but withal a Father whose qual-! schoolboy came and asked me for my
itles we learn from his Son, our Elder: autograph. I assented willingly. And
Brother Jesus. | to-day at breakfast time, the boy again
The Chief Aim and Goal of Prayer presented himself.
Is expressed in a threefold form, " 'Will you give me your autograph,
which represents the highest, the best, sir?' he said.
the happiest, the noblest conceivable " 'But/ said 1, '1 gave you my auto-
ideal and goal for every child of God graph yesterday."
and for the whole human race. "Eye " 'I swapped that and a dollar, he
hath not seen nor ear heard, neither answered, 'for the autograph of Jim
How's This?
Wf offer One Hundred Hollars reward for any
ot Catarrh that cannot bo cyred by llall'a
CUrrB Cure. F } rI[FN.[rY ro., Toledo, o.
We, the undersigned. have Known F. J. rhrney
for tho last 16 yearn. and believe him perfectly hou-
orablc In all bualne* transactions and financially
able to carry out any obllpatlona made by his arm.
Waii>i.NO. Kinnan A Mahvin.
Wholesale Druggtata. Toledo. O.
flall't Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directlv upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. Testimonium sent free. 1'rlcs 71 cent* par
bottle. Bold by all DrueKtats.
'lake Hail's Family Fills for oouatlpatloo.
All In the Name.
Phylils (up from the country)—But,
Dick this is just like the last piece you
brought me to see here.
Dick—My dear Phyllis, don't be ab-
surd. This is "The Naughty Girl of
Nice," and that other was "The Grasse
Widow." Surely you know that Nice
and Grasse are two entirely different
)} :Fwfr
(p/orr\iaj$ Syrup (o.
when you allow any of your
stock or poultry to remain sick
a day.
They give you less results in beef,
pork, work, or eggs, when they are
not in perfect health. Take a little
interest in your own pocket book
and doctor them up with
-Stock and Poultry
It will pay you to do this.
It has paid thousands of other
successful farmers and stock and
poultry raisers.
This famous remedy is not a
food, but a genuine, scientific med-
icine prepared from medicinal herbs
and roots, acting on the liver, kid-
neys, bowels and digestive organs.
Sold by all druggists, price 25
cents, 50 cents and $1. per can.
*i~Write for valuable book: "Success
with Stock and Poultry.'' Sent free lor a
postal. Address Black-Draught Stock
Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn.
has entered Into the heart of man
anything beyond these "which God
hath prepared for them that love
Prayer for Our Material Welfare.
II. Give us this day, or as Luke re-
ports, "day by day," our daily bread.
Renowned Doctor's Prescription for
Rheumatism and Backache.
„„ ( "One ounce Syrup Sarsaparilia com
"Dally bread" includes supplies for all1 p0umi; 0ne ounce Toris compound;
our wants, food for hungry hearts as Add these to a half pint of good whis-
well as bodies, for the mind, the spirit, ^ey; Take a tablespoonful before each
the taste, for beauty and music, and meai and at bed time; Shake the bot-
for every appetite and longing. J before using each time." Any drug-
Prayer for Deliverance from Evil.— gjst has these ingredients in stock or
Vs. 12-15. The deliverance Is three wjjj quickly get them from his whole-
fotd. sale house. This was published previ-
t. From the Burden and Effects ol ously and hundreds here have been
Past Sins. "Forgive us our debts," CUred by It. Good results show after
the duties we owe to God and man jje grBt few doses. This also acts as
and have not. Forgiveness is thus a system builder, eventually restoring
the first step in being delivered from strength and vitality.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully evc;y bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and suit remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
In Use For Over SO Years
The Kind You Have Alwayi Bought.
Spoiled the Story.
Tattered Terry—I'm a newspaper
man, but I can't get a job.
Lady of the House—Indeed! Why
Tattered Terry—You see, I saved
train from a terrible accident once,
and all de editors have been sore ou
me ever since!—Puck.
The Secret of Youth
Do you ever wonder how you can remain young, or
why other women older than you, look younger than you do?
The secret can be put in a few words: Preserve
your health, and you will preserve your youth."
Dy "health" we mean not alone physical health, but
nerve health, as, sometimes, magnificently strong-looking
women are nervous wrecks.
But whether you are week physically or nervously,
you need a tonic, and the best tonic for you is Cardui.
It builds strength for the physical and nervous systems.
It helps put flesh on your bones and vitality into your nerves.
CC 46
"Does you believe it's lucky to see
de now moon over yoh right shoul-
"Sho I does," replied Mr. Erastus
Pinkney. "Dese here stormy days
you's lucky to see any kind of a moon
anyway."—Washington Star.
Children Who Are Sickly.
Mothers should never he without a >*>* of
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children.
They break up colds In 24 hours,cure Feverish-
ness, Constipation, Headache, Teelhilitf I>is-
ordprs and Stomach Troubles. Over 10,000
testimonials. At all Druggists, 25c. A«k to-
day. Sample mailed FKEE. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Iloy, N Y.
Counter Irritants.
Fuddy—Well, I suppose men and
women both have their troubles.
Duddy—Yes, and I've notlccd that
the chief trouble of one is generally
the other.
The Carlsbad of Am-
erica, hottest mineral
, water in the world.
Cures rheumatism. stomneh trouble, skin and blood
Thousands eurt'd. For i Hast rated lit *ra-
wre wrtte, MAKI.1N (OMUKKUAL CLUB.
BATCUT your ideas. Ther may bring too
PflTtn I wealth. «-pnK« Book t ren. Bit.
nuierald A Co . I'm.Attn .Boi K. W a Uln 1«iUJ.O.
The Second Step in Deliverance
from Evil Is Victory Over Temptation.
13. "Lead us not into temptation."
Thou, who art the guide of our life,
lead us. but away from temptation.
Temptation is trial, proving, the con-
ditions meant to test our characters,
our choices.
3. Deliverance from All Evil of All
Kinds. "But deliver us from evil")
"The evil," not "the evil one," as in
the R. V., for that narrows and belit-1
ties the prayer (the "one" is not in
the Greek) but from evil, every evil,
temporal and spiritual, including the j
evil one, but most of all from sin the
great evil, and the source of most
other evils. God gnawers this prayer
by removing many evils.
The Power That Assures the An
swer—v. 13. The rest of this verse
is not found in the oldest MSS., and
the R. V., puts it in the margin.
"For thine is the kingdom," the rule
and the right to rule over nature and
man. All forces are under his con
And the power. All power natural
and spiritual.
Illustration. "In a Russian palace
there is a gallery in which are hung
several hundred portraits of young
maidens. These pictures were paint-
ed by Count Rotari for Catherine II.
The striking feature in the collection
Is that those who were familiar with
the empress and her habits and tastes
could find in each'portrait, half con-
cealed. half revealed, something that
reminded them of her—(a jewel, a
flower, a feature, etc). The whole gal
levy was a glorifying of the empress."
"Everything in this world has in It,
for a devout mind, some suggestion of
Rather Tall.
"That," said Senator Tillman of an
opponent's arguipent, "is an amusing
He smiled.
"In fact," he continued, "it is as
bad an exaggeration as the story
about Ben Johnson's height. They
said of Ben, you know, the candidate
for sheriff, that when he made a stump
speech, instead of getting a stump
ready for him to mount, they would,
because he was so tall, dig a hole for
him to stand in."
His Broad Charity.
Imogene—I know papa is cross and
surly sometimes and says things that
are unjust, but you should judge him,
Philip, by his best.
Philip—Oh, I do, dear. You're his
There is no conversation so agree
able as that of a man of integrity, who
hears without any intention to be
tray, and speaks without any intention
to deceive.—Plato.
The Modern Polonius.
"Pay your debts promptly, my son."
"All right, dad."
"Then when opportunity knocks you
won't be afraid to go to the door."
Before she is married to a man a
-woman always wants to think of him;
afterward she wants to think for him.
Work is the grand cure for all the
maladies and miseries that ever beset
mankind —honest work, which you in-
tend getting done.—Thomas Carlyle.
That l> I.AXATIVK HKOVICI VlJlNlNK. 1-ook for
the signature of K. W. UltoVK. Used the World
ovar to Cure a Cold in One l>ay. 25c.
We would all write our names on
the scroll of fame but for the innum-
erable tribe of elbow joggers.
Clear white clothes are a sign that the
housekeeper uses Red Cross Ball Blue.
Large 2 oz. package, 5 cents.
It might improve the pound cake to
hit it with an ax.
The Woman's Tonic
"My mother," writes Mrs. Z. L Adcock, of Smith-
ville, Tcnn., "is 44 years old and is passing through the
chance of life.
"She was irregular and bloated and suffered terribly.
My father stepped over to the store and got her a bottle
of Cardui, which she took according to directions and now
she is up, able to do her housework and says she feels
like a new woman." Try Cardui in your own case.
Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dept., Chattanooci Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn,
for Spcci^l Instructions. ar.d Gl-pace book, '"lone Treatment lor Women." sent tree.
f "California
ufcoTort H. I, Hollister, Dept. K, 205 LaSalle St., Chicago, IIL
Now or
The Wretchedness OO It NOW
of Constipation
Many who used to smoke lfle cigars are now
smoking Lewis' Single Binder straight 5c.
A friend is merely a person we can
tell our troubles to.
C n quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable J
—act turel v and
gently on tne
liver. Cure
Biliousneu, .
Di/zi' — —
oe«, and Indigestion. They do their duty.
Small Pill, Small Doae. Smell Price.
GLNUINE must bear signature:
Tomorrow A. M. too !ate. Take
a CASCARET at bed time; get
up in the morning feeling fine and
dandy. No need for sickness
from over-eating and drink-
ing. They surely work while you
sleep and help nature help you.
Millions take them and keep welL
CASCARKTS ioc a box for a week a
treatment, all druggiata. Biggest seller
iu the woilU. Million boxes a mouth.
CASH I OR PROPERTY whornvrr located. II
" - t>xrliungo
i At.fc.M V, nInnrapollt, X1m*
Thompson's Eys Watir
U.. Oklahoma City, No. 6-191(X
eli our irouuica iu. -
Combination Wood and Wire Fence and Corn Cribs
« ... i ] ......nlmil (onrn maHfl for V2rti. lsWB.
* m 7. T . Ono tor narkaao -nlor« all flberi. They d e in cold water belter than any other d «. You can dm
UD,4• 'M*"nMOMROE ORUa CO" °u,nc*- """Ol:
To act with common sense, accord-
ing to the moment is the best wisdom
I know.—Horace Walpole.
will euro not only a trc-n j-oWl. I>iU um-ot those ,
burn coughs t h; t usually h.tng «>n for monthh. Giva
It a trial and prove its worth, tic, ( 0c and 11.00.
Time cannot remove kindly acts
rrom a grateful heart.
The most practical and economical fence made for yard, lawn,
garden, orchard or stock. Sold in 75 and 8o-foot rolls and
painted with the celebrated "Monitor" paint. Easy to erect
and more durable than ordinary fences. Made in heights ol
three to six feet of selected straight grained yellow pin
pickets. S«'e your lumber dealer or write
THE HODGE FENCE A LUMBER CO.. Ltd.. Lak. Ckarlae, L*
Because of tho * ugly, grUxiy, gray halre

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