The Moore Messenger. (Moore, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 13, Ed. 1 Saturday, February 5, 1910 Page: 4 of 8

He greatness of oklahoma city
The City That Does 1 hings--The Eyes of the Industrial
World are Focused Upon Us.
The semi-annual event that enable, you to |et clolbinf from thebe.t maker, known
in this country at such remarkable reductions as we quote below:
By the
217 North Harvey St
B. F. COLc & SON, Owners
Subscription Rates.
On* year (in adv«u*«**>
Si\ month* (In advance)
Tl r «- months (In WlVlluw)
Advertising Rates
Our Katf for u1\«*rtisinir *r« 10 <«nU
jht liwh wl.l MM*h Immm* to lo<«J
home mrr 'liHiits, allowtMH chanic* « t vopy
twice I'iU'h month. I>k*sJ m-.4*Jimk notices
f. oe>nt« fH-r I in* KorHicn h-I rat**w made
known upon application thromfh Oklaho-
ma OK* office
Strenuous Church Worker.
Whitefield, one of the founders of
Methodism, who died iu 1770, wan a
strenuous preacher. His usual pro-
grain was 40 hours' solid spcakuiK
lahoma City iu tbelr hand., had land I ^ Md ^ w cougr(;gutlou.
ed the great M'jrris Ac Company Pack mf agUred in thousands, but he often
in# plant. This was great dope and spoke for six hours. This was not all.
It took *400.000 to land I For "after lilt labor*, Instead of tak
lug u rest, be wan engaged in oflering
up prayers and intercessions or in
n:erce, which is manned by such | mi i>k i n is hymns, a a hi* inannei waa, in
tbun aix mouth* ago the ne >
flashed over the wire* that the "Men
Behind" who have the destiny of Uk
good dope.
the prixe. The Chamber of Com-
Communications fii way of news 11*
cli«nu**a In ubscHj>t|oo, nhould h«*
addressed to the l c l Editor whose
app« ujs on flrwt j>aK«-
Kales for foreign a<l* and general In-
foimailon must he* obtnlued through
« r: l office.
OkUtumn Clt>, ukla.
u* it.' ond-cleMK iilfltUM, at tin-
i-oyt"tTin* at OkUttoma City, ok'ihona.
under the Act of (!on«re . Marrii o, 1S<9
Governor Haskell has paroled Julia
Carroll, a negro girl, who waa con-
victed in Creek county In June, 190S,
along with three negro boys, of per-
jury, and given a five-year sentence.
Charles L. Daugherty, state om-
missioner of labor, made a visit to
Enid last week, to Investigate the
charge that certain contractor* of
that city are violating the eight-hour
A. C. Cc-bb. superintendent of the
(emonstratlon farm work department !
of the board of agriculture, reports
that sixty counties of the slate have
wade contracts for conduct lug dem-
onstration farms.
An Indian newspaper will he es-
tablished In Muskogee in the near fu-
ture, the llrst copy appearing prob
bably on February 15. Tin* pup<: will
be printed in the vcrlous languages
of the Hve Civilized Tribes
In a letter to Governor Haskell,
Attorney General West accepts the
decision of Judg? Howies, knocking
out the gross revenue tax law, as
final, and urged the Immediate pas-
sage of a new law alcng the same
J B. Thompscn, chairman of tie*
democratic state committee lias Is
sued a call for a meeting of that com-
mittee at Oklahoma City, Feb. 11'. to
discuss the political situation in the
•fite and to make arrangements for
ths coming campaign.
State Enforcement Officer Bronnnn
and Deputy Sheriff Hums lust week
confiscated a dlstlllPry which wns dis-
covered in the hills six miles east of
Hominy. Two men found at the dis-
tillery made their escape.
gladiators as Sidney L. Hrock, A. H.
Classen, C. F. Colcord, O. G. l.*e, 8
C. Heyman, A. K. Monroney, Sol
Ilarth, Henry 11. Scales, A. W. Me-
Keaud, O. P. Workman and a score
of others, took the bit in tber teeth
and in leas than Ave hours every cent
of this vast amount had been raised.
Nothing of the l>ke hail ever been
heard of In this or any other country
on earth. The Morris people were
pleased as everybody else was. Work
started and today Morris City is a
hummer—with men—hundreds of
them—working like beavers upon the
mammothi establishment. The world
at large are staggered to learn of
every bouse to which be was invited."
Why Kettles Sing.
The reason a kettle "sings" Is a
very simple one. As the water get*
hot little bubbles of steam are found
at the bottom of the kettle. Theae In
their rush upward strike the sides of
the kettle and set the metal it is
made of in vibration thus causing the
humming sound we call singing You
will notice a copper kettle, which has
thin sides, will make a much louder
and more musical note than a com-
mon iron kettle.
The Wisdom of the Serpent.
The serpent tempted the woman not
because she was the weaker, but be-
cause she waa the leader; not because
of her subordination, but on account
of her superiority. She was the
such stunts Oklahoma City pulls on stroDf$bolcl of the fortress, and
Don't Miss This Opportunity
Every dollar of these reductions is a saving of real money
flS and $16 Suite
All $35 Suits
and Overcoats
All $30. $25 and $22.50 Suits
Overcoats $17.50
$3.00 Shirts
$2.50 Shirts
$2.00 Shirts
$1.50 Shirts
$1.00 Shirts
All $20,
All $15 Suits
and Overcoats
On all Trousers, Wool Underwear,
Coat Sweaters, Hath Kobes,
Fancy Vests, Woolen Shirts,
lid iMOKltl DivUfXiJ W rt. *
People who live here and know the
men in charge are not surprised at
anything. Oklahoma City is twenty
yfrs ahead of any other elt.v in the
I'nited States.
The Morris :dant was great. Hut
the stunt pull-d off this week sets
them all tumbling aal the outside
world is simply holding its breath
the shock is too great.
Another packing plant. The great
Schwarzehild & Sulzberger, with rf.i
much money and with as great a ca.
paclty as the Morris & Company, is
iu Oklahoma City's net.
It took as much money to land it
as did the Morris plant, but there is ,
where the gladiators came in and '
the prize was easy. Nothing is to 11
win her was to win all. She held the
key to the situation. She was the
keeper of the castle. Where she led
for good or evil the man would follow!
—From a Sermon by Rev Mr. Kerr
of Chicago.
Business Courtesy.
The adage, "Courtesy costs noth-
ing,' would, if true, offer sufficient rea-
son to Insure its observance by prac-
tically every member of the commer-
cial community; it being fairly obvi-
ous to most of us that courtesy is an
excellent lubricant for the machinery
of business, however, requires a very
considerable expenditure of mental
effort, which very few of ub are ca-
pable of sustaining at all times.
Spot for Lady Godiva.
"Talk about vanity!" exclaimed the
woman who keeps her eyes open "1
passed a big new building the other
day—big enough to be a school or a
big for the gi it men of Oklahoma theater and what do you suppose it
City to tackle. [ w'us to be devoted to? Hair—hair!
At a monster meeting yesterday the! P""" •"> uml 8W,rls and
money was raised for the S. & S.
plant. It was done in the twinkling
of an eye. The big men of Oklahoma
City put up $20,000 and *10.000 with-
out a blink. Such things are charac-
teristic of the Oklahoma City booster.
President Sidney Brock, who is now
in tin
switches and curls and rats and things
for women to pin on their heads and
make believe belong to them. A build-
ing full of hair!"
Life and Strife.
The law of the worthy life is funda-
mentally the law of strife. It is only
through labor and painful effort, by
grim energy and resolute courage,
st looking for greatei things t w(, |,1Uve on to better things.—
for hit home town and laying in a j Theodore Roosevelt,
mammoth stock for his great store, |
telegraphed to put him down for $10 Russian Mendacity.
000 worth of b. & S. stock.
Russian ethnologist concludes that
"the highest type of humanity in the
These two industries mean a popu- wor|4| existed In northwestern
The Lnlverslty of Oklahoma foot-
hall team has been awarded the chain
plonslilp cup offered by,the Hartwell
Jewelry Co., of Oklahoma City, for
the team making the best record of
the season.
Because the Are chief, In his auto-
chemical npparatus, and oilier nieir-
bers of the Tulsa fire department.
In the auto'-flre engine, have h"en
er.Joylng numerous Joy rides about
the city, ijolng at breakneck Breed,
the city commission has passed a res-
olution, using the emergency clause,
prohibiting the use of the at toino-
t!lea exc.jpt when gjlng to fires.
It is rumored in Guthrie that Jus-
tice Thomas II. Owen, of the criminal
court of appeals will resign beforo
the expiration of the present session
of the legislature to form a law pir<-
nerahin In Oklahoma City, probably
wlih W. A. Ledbetcr.
A charter was asked last week for
the Exchange National bank of Tul-
sa. which is to talcs the place of the
Farmers' National hank which failed
December 13, with deposits araregnt
Ine I4S0.000. The new Inetito'tnn
will have a capital stock of $l.ri0,000,
and surplus of $50.Cfl0.
Ardmore will this spring spend
more monev for inunlripal improve-
ments than probably any other city
In the state. A high school btilldln
will be built at a cost of JIOO OOO. the
water and sewer mains will he ex
tended, a Alteration plant und septic
tanks will be built and $15,000 will be
spent fcr grading street crossing to
accommodate the property owners
who are paving with Carter county
asphalt mined near that city.
latlon for Oklahoma City of 250,000
In the next ten years. It means tin*
lacking center of the southwest. It
means prosperity to the farmer, mer-
chants and all business interests.
The future destiny as a great city
for Oklahoma is made and the citi-
zens of the state at large and the clt-
izens of Oklahoma City in particular
have occasion to rejoice.
The slogan from now on should lie
Oklahoma a World Beater; 250,000
population for Oklahoma City In
Varied Mental Diet.
Monotony of thought Is the destruc-
tion of the brain. Watch yourself
and give your mind a varied diet.
Force yourself to put away all
noughts of your life work for a few
hours every day, and for a few weeks
every year. Learn to be frivolous if
you are engaged in serious work, and
earn to be seriouB if your work is of
a humorous or light character. The
brain, like the body, needs more than
one kind of food to keep in health.
Associate meberehip cards grint
Ing the privilege of the Chamber of
Commerce rest room, cafe, etc., in
Oklahoma City, have been mailed to
the editors of newspapers over th
it&te, who are Invited to take advant-
age of the same while in Oklahoma
Ninety-seven applications for fifty
two census Jobs in Oklahoma countj
Is the latest record at the United
States census buteau in Oklahoma
America." No consolation in this for
New England. — Cleveland Plain
Guests Carved for Themselves.
It was the custom in medieval times
to serve roast meat on a spit, and to
pass it round the table for each guest
to cut off what he liked.
Compulsory Reading.
Some of the ministers are asking
again why the church attendance is
small. Perhaps It is because the Sun-
day papers are so large.
Loves Music,
Miss Essie Clevenger is doing work
for the bounty clerk In Oklahonvi
Pearl Pray accepted a position
with Mr. Armstrong, of Oklahoma
Roy Stephens accepted a ,->osition
with an Oklahoma City hardware
company last week.
Miss Kinlock is doing work for A.
B. Snell, attorney at law. Oklahoma
I.ast week we bad calls from a
large milling company outside of Ok-
lahoma Cltv; from a wholesale sup-
ply house, Oklahoma City; combina-
tion bookkeeper and stenographer '
with a wholesale firm: a stenograph-
er for a large corporation and several
other positions, which I cannot call to,
mind, but we had na one ready to put I
in them.
Our calls are Increasing all the time
as business is getting better and ev- i
ery young man or young woman jnho
will qualify himself as a stenographer j
or a bokkeeper and stenographer |
combined, can be absolutely sure of a j
position just as soon as he is ready i
to take It.
To show what the best firms think j
1 of our students below we give an ex-
tract from a letter received from Mr.
W. E. Brown, superintendent of the I
M. K. & T. Ry., Oklahoma City:
"I fully appreciate the good work
you are doing in your school. We
have used several of your students I
and found them quite 'efficient for the |
limited experience they had had in j
practical office work, and evidently j
well trained.
"Yours truly
(Signed) "\V. E. BROWN,
"Superintendent." j
Mr. Brown was so much Impressed j
with our school and advantages that
f he placed his boy i.i our charge for
I a combination course.
Send for catalogue. Address
Oklahoma City, U. S. A. j
We have a fine list of farms that
aie first class and worth the money.
I* will cost you nothing to look and
we are sure on investigation you will
find what you want. We know the
land, its producing quality and can as-
Lyon Saddlery Co.
Harness and Saddlery
Robes, Blankets, IVhips and fine Horse Qaods oj all kinds.
Gilliam Turf Goods, and Williams Toe Weights.
We also Carry a complete line of Buggies and Carriages
Oklahoma City, - - - Oklahoma
We make factory price* F. 0. B.
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma Seed House OKLAHOMA CITY
An Alma girl who is considered as s(jre ^Qu everything will be exactly as
belonging to the high brow crowd was
the object of a serenade the other
night, and in telling a friend about it
said: "I don't think there is nothing
more nicer than to be woken up at
night with vocal singing."—Alma
(Kail.) Signal.
Forest Possibilities.
The forest service considers that it
would be entirely possible, if the for
est land is improved and the timber
economically cut and
ized, to produce
it is represented.
197 acres of fine bottom land, 12
miles of Oklahoma City all in culti-
vation, good improvements. No finer
bottom land to be found, especially
adapted to corn or alfalfa. This is
one of the finest bottom farms. Price
160 acres 10 miles north of Okla-
homa City, four miles of Britton. An
ompletely util- exceptionally fine upland farm, good
the remaining improvements, splendid German neigh !
Thirst for Novelties.
The curse of modern life—the thirst
for the new, the rage to get out of the
old skin—is the blight on our lltera-
tre, our art, our drama, our manners—
even our morals. !t is passion with-
out aim, or conviction, or feeling—a
mere restless itch to get free from old
habits and to get Into something un-
common, It hardly matters what, if
only It can announce Itself as "uncon-
460,000,000 acres sufficient wood for borhood. Actually worth $8,500 cash,
a population much greater than that Pr|ce for 10 days, only $7,000.
now 111 the country.
A New Metal.
A new material, called by Us inven | on the Innocent
tor "cork metal," has been Introduced |
for the manufacture of aeroplanes It
Is about 40 per cent, lighter than 4.
aluminum, and Is nothing more than J
an alloy of magnesium with small :
quantities of aluminum and iron. The j;
drawback to the "cork metal" is that ;
It reacts chemically with hot water, ,
giving off hydrogen, but doubtless this
illfllculty will be got over In some way |
Few Have the Knack.
It is one of the hardest and most j
eful accomplishments In the world to |
ie annoyed without letting the fact
innoy others.
Two Ways.
One man sees a raccoon or squirrel
close at hand, and is greatly interested
In its wild beauty nud pleasing inde-
pendence. Another man sees it, and
mourns for his gun that he might kill
it, out of pure love of slaughter. Its
Innocence and love of life mean noth-
ing to him. One enjoys the brother-
hood of all life—great and small; the
other would shed sorrow and trouble a snap at $6,500.
160 acres one-half mile of Choctaw
City; interurban to Shawnee runs
through farm; a good acreage propo-
rtion and is worth the money; only
160 acres; nine mile* nrtheast of
Oklahoma City, a fine dairy farm;
this is cheap; $4,200.
160 acres four miles of Britton, two
miles of Ladies College; good im-
provements; 120 acres in cultivation;
New State and Louis Brands--- i
Oklahoma's Best Canned Goods, |
Coffee and Pure Food Products at I
your grocers, |
! The Williamson-Halsell-Frasier Co. f
+ Oklahoma City, Okla. J
Farm Journal.
FOR S3 per year READERS OF
Receive 2200 p**e of iotereiting Mechanical Jt
icriptioM and toui.nj Kinta.
We are glad to show you and can
deliver the goods.
10th Floor Campbell Building,
Phone P. B. X. 133.
With Putnam Co.
Law of Compensation,
That which we acquire with most
difficulty we retain the longest.—
' Cotton.
Easy Information.
If you would know just what people
! say of you behind your back, listen to
! what they say of others.
Sou hi western
and Granite
228 W. RENO AVE.
PHONE 2697

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