Cleveland County Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 19, Ed. 1 Saturday, November 16, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

latest time cakl>.
A * ?• F.
S«. W1-. Arrives dally.
No. It*. Deparli ii,.ii)'.
No, 407. Arriver daily "
>1). to*. l>«p>r<i dally. -
XV «U. Loml. arrtvei. - •
Ho. BO. Local, deperii. - -
O , C. k 8. F.
\"o. 1. Arrtvei 4aljp, -
So. 11. Arrive! dai y, • - *
No. 1. Depart! •lailT. - -
No. 11. Depart! daily,
n otiun vnn# P.BTfdV &
1 00 nm
4 (K am
2.45 pin
2.45 pui
7.U0 IQI
4.50 nm
6.20 pin
2.00 am
11.'W am
O, ti. i/cpaiva unii/i
No fraifhttrnini on thia road carry paieen
t«rc. VaaaenffrB iavo 10 per cent by buying
tiaund-trip ticSot. between ^^ A,ell,
nH. J. U. COLBY.
Hoefial attention given to dUemea of Kyo and
Kar UIbmpi accurately fitted Artlftcliil
on hand. Office at Jonci' Drug Store, I u reel I.
6 o. P Jobnaon.
J J Hendricks
Drs. Johnston & Hendricks.
Physicians & Surgeons.
Proprietors of The
Office over Post-O^fice.
Lexington, Okla.
|.L. MTHT. • •
attorneys at law,
Will practice in the*Courts of Indian and
Oklahoma Territories
Physician and Surgeon
Office OT r People'! Drug Store.
A. A. DUNN, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon
ofllec IB Purcell National l)mk.
^irst-class barbers
Ctnb hairdressers,
Agents for Knnsns Steam
WHhop on North Side, Lexington.
Prove Up!
It moot lie done Home time,
ami why not now?
At Die Lkadp';, office your
papers will >•;, made out free.
Sove-^', things are essential—
Yotir signature.
2. The number of your Lome,
stead entry.
8, A dene ri pi ion of the land.
4! The names, pro|ierly spell
od, of four witnesses.
Get your Furniture at Cash Mosley's.
Bud Garvin, of White Bead, I. T.,
was in town Tuesday.
Cash Moseley will guarantee prices on
Scott, who escaped from the Norman
jail, has surrendered to the officers.
Money to loan, 30 days to Byears; see
Shaver & Hawk.
Furniture, furniture at Cash Mose-
Ex-sheriff Geo. smith was tu town
Thursday last.
Buy your drugs at People's Drug Store
and you will get more drugs lor the
money thau you ever got in your life.
These frosty mornings serve to re-
mind us that winter is not far away.
Those who want money can get it
from Messrs. Shaver & Hawk for from
30 days to six years.
The weather has been beautiful for
the past few days and the mud is fast
drying up.
Large stock of new furniture at Cash
Don't forget that Elkins & Booker
ate agents for the KansaB steam laun
Remember the special Saturday sales
atSig. Simon & Bro., of Purcell. It
will pay you to do so.
Last Saturday was a busy day with
our merchants, notwithstanding the
mud and unfavorable weather.
Go off and kick yourself and watch
your neighbor's wheatfield as the
young plant shoots upward.
Good advice: Never leave home on
a journey without a bottle of Chamber-
lain's Colic, Cholera and diarrhoea
Remedy. For sale by all Druggists.
Abernathy Bros., have bought the
W.J. Grow stock of goods and are
selling the same at very reducd prices
We buy drugs intlftrge lots, and will
give our patron's the benefit of the dis
count, at the People's Drug Store.
Elkin A Booker are agents for the
Kansas Steam laundry. Bring your
laundry to their office and they will do
the rest.
The "Black Crooks," a traveling show
of forty people, will be in Purcell on the
20th of November.
Our people will be glad to know that
hereafter the Lexington mail will come
over at 5:40 instead of 0:00, p. m.
Now is your chance to obtain a high
grade photo at a very low price. All
work guaranteed. Gallery open from
9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Main St. Purcell, I,T
The People's Drug Store has just re-
ceived a large stock of new drugs direct
from the manufacturing pharmacist,
E.J. Keller made a business trip io
Kansas City thisiweek in the interest of
the well known inplement firm of
Keller & James Bro".
Nt. I.oiiIn, OUIhIiu • a A Southern,
A meeting of the directors of the St.
Louis Oklahoma & Southern railroad
was held in this city last Saturday, at
which some very important business
was transacted. Hon. John Brown
President of the Seminole nation was
elected Vice President of the road. Mr.
Brown is probably one of the wealthiest
and largest shippers in the Southwest
and his connection with the road will
have great weight. Mr. Trudgeon, one
of the heaviest property owners in Pur-
cell, was also elected director. Arrange-
ments were made for the preliminary
survey which will bo commenced in a
few days. This road ns projected will
run through the finest portion of Okla-
homa mid will be a big card for the
towns securing it. The people of St.
Louis are very anxious to have it
built, and are willing to help to their
fullest extent.—Shawnee Quill.
Kind Indulgent fathers and mothers,
should you happen to hear your son
yell out in the dead hour of night:
Seven eleven! Seven! Get there Phoebe,
Eighty days!! Come out, Big Dick! Two
dark Traysl! Poopla, Sallle Nine!! de-
pend upon it good Christian parent,
that boy has not been to a prayer meet-
ing or a temperanco lecture. No that
young man and hopeful genius has been
out shooting craps.—Ex.
riirillcn Sow Hlieat"
can now buy good
You can now buy good seed
wheat for from 40 to 60o per bushel.
Fall rains are now coming which
will bring your wheat up and give
it root enough to stand the winter.
This is an important matter and
should have your immediate atten-
tion. You have one of the best
coutries in the United States for
growing small-grain. Then why
not take advantage of thia great
opportunity to do well
The Sunday School Convention.
The Territorial Sunday School con-
vention which met at Guthrie Novem-
ber tith and 7th was well attended, and
was a grand success, the delegates going
home filled witli enthusiasm and a de-
termination to push forward the work
The officers elected for the ensuing
year are:
President, I>r. L. H. Buxton, Guthrie
Vice President, Mrs. L. E. Hartley,
Recording Secretary, Miss Jessie
Hammer, Oklahoma City.
Corresponding Secretary, I red L.
Wenner, Guthrie.
Treasurer, A. Webb, Guthrie.
Executive Committee—Dr. L. H.
Buxton, Guthrie; Rev. T. L. Riley,
Oklahoma City; Rev. E. . Cameron,
El iteno; Prof. 1). It. Boyd, Norman:
Prof. G. E. Morrow, Stillwater; D. T,
Morgan, Perry; Judge A. B. Hammer,
Oklahoma City; Rev. I<- II. Holt,'Guth-
rie; Fred L. AVenner, Guthrie.
Member International Executive
Commitee, Rev. J. E. Piatt, Guthrie
The Convention urges the formation
of Normal classes everywhere, the
thorough organization of counties and
townships, the putting into efloct
house to house visitations, the estab
lishment of a Territorial Sunday School
paper, and tliq observation of the iirst
,Suuday In Ftjbruai'y aB "Oklahoma
Day" in all of the Sunday Schools in
the Territory.
Every Sunday School officer or teach
cr is urged to send his or her address
and the addresses of such other work-
ers as they can to the Corresponding
Secretary, Fred L. Wenner, Guthrie
before December 1, in order that an
nouncements and important communi-
cations may be sent them. Invest in a
postal card at once and do this; it will
repay you a thousand fold.
Assistant Cashiei
Capital $.r>0,0n0; Surplus, $7000. ' .
A Home Bank Controlled by Home People
L. Williams, Howard lioss, George P. Glazier, R. M. Smittf
Collections a Specialty.
f S L. Williams, Howard Ross, George r. Ol
L. C. Wantland, E. C. Gage, F. M. Strong.
* % i* l ti U Jr? > U %•' °
T. <fc S. F.
I have been a Watchmaker and Je w«lfr f'jr 1 Y"
live years, and UNDERSTAND MY iitloINI'.Sri.
I do all kinds of watch, clock and jew-
elry Repairing- and GUARANTEE
Any work of this kind left with C. II. Griffith, the
druggist, will receive (uompt and careful attention
and, when possible, returned the same day as received.
Frank A. True, The Jeweler, [
information, [but we all know thai
Nobody knows of the work it makes,
To keep the home together;
Nobody knows of the steps it takes,
Nobody knows—but mother.
Nobody listens to childish woes,
Which kisses only smother;
Nobody's pained by the naughty blows
Nobody—only mother.
Nobody knows of the sleepless care,
Bestowed oU baby brother;
Nobody knows of the tender pray'r,
Nobody—only mother.
Nobody knows of the lessons taught,
Of loving one another;
Nobody knows of the patience sought,
Nobody—only mother.
Nobody knows of the anxious fears,
Lest darlings may not weather
The storm of life in after years,
Nobody knows—but mother.
Nobody kneels at the throne above,
To thank the Heavenly Father,
For that sweetest gift—a mother's love
Nobody can—but mother.
Tliw is a Question upon which we have no definite
all of his descendants do, and they should all know that
Will make you a fine pair of Pants for *4.00 or a fine Business suit for 18.00. lie has|
just received a complete line of novelties and is prepared to do first class work.
/■ it ice
The lubacription prico of
The Kansas City Times
cuuucu nittectonr.
Sunday School at 10 o'clock and preaching at
11 o'clock .. m. aud S.SU ill the cvoiiiiu. htraa-
f«ri oor4i*lty invitwt. Bi utu asuck.
Sund at to O'clock Preaching at
11 a ui. and at 8 p. lu, tin the Unit and fourth
''ord'! day in each m.mUl, Prajormoctimoach
ccerr Thuridny at 3
•otrte, Fretident. . . ^ ,
LIO .Society m.«t!t >«I Urit^Sunday
Tht. i. 'flTA
neill tiling. inc. au.ij:". *V"u
enlarged to 24 pngen Think of it.
About lo a day for a fir>t-clas metropol-
itan newspaper.. Every onj can now
afford to tako a daily paper. Sutienbe
at once. Xho Time! ulwnyi loadi.
Kansas City. Mo.
n. in. kri. route! Freiident.
Divine ierrlc.1 at ti a.m. the .econd Sabbath
U I A.os Pa.tor.10
n>«cl i arraineiuent with tho publisher#
ftlWVort Worth VtekJy;® wo are en-
Jit aiiecii
f lb a Tort norm iu ai;
f to m:\ko thia extraordinary offer:
ed to inn ciu""!"'""'/ . ' ,, ,v,_
Horn it u $1 fo. one year • •ub cru«tion to tne
will nend j« u free, at a t-reBaium, 1
iiaaette for qne year. TnU offer nppllei«>nly
tu poreoni eyHt) r" ow mb criberi to the
la a large eight pa(e pa .r. aevwi column! to
the pMii ieatted on tfridw of each weak. Its
•ubtcriptlon price i« W f®nti a
IIMi ita readert more f« r their money than the
If3f York. ChleMO of Atlanla
'TheUaaAfcte It a plain Democratic paper,
yfithoutflflUor fur^fp*t in U politic. It
^BSSS coinage o( Salter at 16 to 1—tho inoit
n rwtorui ma« •■ •" —
chance with the manufacturert.
tho ttate tiauk tax. t _
' United Statei tonatoii by
The fret twinw *v
lmuortant ittue now Before the oountry.
"ffrif reform that *t|l «iv« tko pro«fuoeri an
^Slld economy in publio elpcnditarel.
Th". oaaouu i, hot ?« ..tbJ1'V.SSj^anj.
eil by I
Remit II tu ua for one Tl'ar'l .-■■■.■ L,
the Leader fcnd we will eend you the "®®Vt Twe for on. year. If your .ubicrlptlon
to lb* Uad*<baa not eiplred we «'• credit you
with one year;, nabaorlplloa from the tliue or
lie .tpiration.
The stock and fixtures of Jack Gates
saloon were sold at auction to the high-
est bidder Monday evening, for the
benefit of creditors. The stock of whis
key brought a very fair price.
Rev. Whitehurst, who has succeeded
Rev. L. J. Amos as pastor of the M. E.
church at this place and Noble preached
Saturday night and Sunday in the old
city hall. Rev. Whitehurst is a fluent
speaker and we predict that our people
will be well pleased with him.
On Saturday evening the floods ceased
to deoend and" OldSol once more deigned
to shine upon this "wicked little city of
Lexington," (in the language of some
of our near neighbors), and our business
men once more wear broad smiles of
satisfaction on their fapes.
The wheatcrop through't the oountry
are looking tine and give promise of a
heavy yield ne*t spring, (live Okla-
homa the proper season for a wheat
crep and her soil will do the rest.
F. L. Connor, tl e Purcell photograph-
er haB made a big out on all styles of
pi,oto's tp continue nnt'ii Jan. 1st. As
a photographer, Connor has no equal in
either of the territories.
The Rhoto House has changed hands
again recently. Mrs. Bowleil retired
from the management of t|te same Sun-
day, apd Mr. John Cruise taken chftVge
We hope that he will succeed.
Kverij mother should know that
croup r n be prevented. The first symp
tom of true croup is hoarseness. This
is followed by a pecqliar rough cough
If Chamberlain's Cough Remedy ii
given freely as soon as the child becomes
hoarse, or even after the cough has de-
veloped it will prevent the attack. 28
and 50 cent bottles for sale by all
Hon. Selwyn Douglas, representing
Mrs. Antone Dahl, wife of the professor,
has filed a motion to strike the profes-
sor's divorce petition from the tiles and
throw him out of court on the insuffic-
iency of his affidavits. If this fails, he
has other motions to introduce and says
the case will be fought to a finish at
every stage. The professor charges
that .Mrs. Dahl was neglectful of her
duties as a wife and used the hard end
of a broomstick on his devoted head,—
A. M. Bailev. a well known citUen of
Eugene, Oregon, savs bis wife has for
years been troubled with chronic diarr-
hea and used many remedies with little
relief until she tried Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera, and diarrhcea Remedy,
which has cured her sound and well.
Give it a trial and you will be surprised
at the prompt relief it affords, 126 und
50 c«nt bottles for sale by all Druggists.
One of the special featureswill be the
unusual number of European specialties
that will be introduced in the splendid
spectacle, "Tho Black Crook" which
Will be seen here Nov. '20th. Over
people and two car loads of scenery are
necessary to jive a perfect presentation
of this grand legendary drama, You
can't afford to miss it,
The enrollment has reachod 216.
Six new desks were placed In the
school building last Tuesday.
Eight new students were enrolled
Monday and more heard front.
Lige Cooper is the hsitoriau of his
Charley, Thomas, and Joe Herring-
ton entered school last Monday.
Parents, are your boys at home pre-
paring their lessons at night?
Mr. A had a herd of cattle in Mr. B's
pasture. A would visit the pasture
regular, onoo a week to seo how the
cattle were doing, he would pass the
school house where his children were
attending, but never stop, Now, A
thought more of his cattle than he did
of his children or he had more confi-
dence in the teacher than he did in B.
James Cease entered the high school
When a child Is little it tramps on its
parents toes; and when it is grown, it
may tramp on their hearts.
Only those who reach perfection in
deportment and attendance can have
their names entered on the roll of hon-
After a long, long wait, our theatre- j
goers will have a chance to witness that
magnifficent spectacle "The Black
Crook." Manager Brown has arranged
to present it to liiB patrons Nov. 20th
and it will no doubt attract a big audi-
ence. It ran all of last winter in N. Y„
at the Academy of Music, and press and
public voted that it was the grandest
production as well as the most novel
ever seen in New York.
The scenery surpasses all former ef-
forts, and the ballets are particularly
poetic and entrancing. The dramatic
portion is exceedingly strong, and the
vast amount of scenery and the large
number of people carried insures a
splendid production. Again Manager
Brown shows his sagacity in booking
this superb attraction.
How to PreKiil «'ron|>.
Some reading that will prove inter-
esting to your mothers. How to guard
against the cliseaBe.
Croup is a terror to young mothers,
and to post them concerning the cause,
first symptoms and treatment is the
object" of this Item. The origin of
croup 1b a common cold. Children who
are subject to it take cold very easily,
and croup is almost sure to follow. The
first symptom is hoarsness; this is soon
followed by a peculiar rougli cough,
which is easily recognised, and will
never be forgotten by one who haB
heard it. The time to act is when the
child first becomes hoarse. If Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is freely given
all tendency to croup will soon disap-
pear. Even after the croupy cough has
developed it will prevent the attack.
There is no danger in giving this rem.
edy for it contains nothing injurious
For sale by all Druggists.
IIiMI—wTneiffT-^-r niMni'nK.
yext door to postojjicc, 13roadway, lcxiiii/ton. "to*
Murder! murder!! MURDER!!!
That'r what this copper thohght
when he saw that big crowd in
front of The Racket Store; and he
found that it wan murder, indeed:
Murder of hish prices, and he ar-
rested several persons for not tak-
ing fldVa'utagd of the good offers.
Lnw PricBS
Small Prnfits
Quick Sales
Need WIleal.
The county Commissioners of Cleve-
land county have made arrangements
to supply all the farmers of Cleveland
county with seed wheat. D. L. Larsh,
of the Mill 4 Elevator CompanyofNor-
man agent for the commissioners. Wheat
will fie furnished for cash at cost less
freight. All farmers needing seed-wheat
may apply to D. L. Labsh,
Norman, O.T.
Anqt||er Disappointment.
There to lie preaching in tho old
city hall Sunday night, and a very large
prowd gathered to witness the good
speaker, Mr. Whitehurst, the successor
of L. J. Amos, of the M. K. cUtirch, for
this place and Noble. Tho crowd was
wbll content until about 7:!KI o'clock,
^l\en' all lost patience and returned
home dSsHi^tlsfli'd.
Tom llanim, of the Paul's Valley
News, wat In town Thursday evening.
He cam3 up to Purcell in the afternoon,
and of course could not resist the temp-
tation to come over and view the beau-
ties ofonr growing city. "Only this
aud nothing more."
Highest Honors—World'* F lr.
A New Steel Bridge.
Jit WH! rd, a son of J. E. Willard of
Lexington, Ky., Is stopping at Bit-cell.
Mr. Willard is a civil engineer and is
here in the interest of his lather, who
has tl e contract for building a fine
steel bridge for the Santa l'e wl,ere tit,,
old bridge no* stands, between I't|rpel(
and Noble,
The miitnriui has been ordered and
work on the bridge will begin at some
time in the near future. We suppose
the Santa te people are tired of datch*
ing up the old bridge the year ip-round
and have decided to put ill a snhaUnt
ial structure'..
The school is better and in bettor
condition than ever before.
More new students are to enter the
school 80011.
Only three pupils whispered in room
No. 1 last week.
Thanks to our marshal for disarm-
ing >the boys of slingshots; and now
the parents should disarm them of
The "Stalacta" of "The Black Crook
Which appears here Nov. 20th is said to
be one of the best formed ladies on the
stage. Her face is nearly perfect ac-
cording to artistic measurements, and
she was for along time in Dixey's Ado-
nis company.
A gentleman, God save tho mark,
who lias been a subscriber to this paper
for nearly 18 months, within the past
week refused to take the paper from
the post office. Only a short time ago
he met the editor on the Btreets near
Cissna's harness shop and stated that
he was coming around in a few days to
settle up arrears. Evidently ho thinks
he has discovered an easier method of
Bettling arrears, but we will endeaver to
convince him of his error. We wonder
how he wouid like to see his name in
print under the head of dead beat? He
is a church member, and we understand
says grace regularly. We make no kick
when a miserable old worldling beats ua
out of a tew dimes, but wo draw the lino
at church members. We have a right
to and do expect better things of them, j J loii't For get the 1 lftce,
—Tecumseh Loader.
$5oo,oo worh of new
goods just received!
cfy oit to Sonic of ©ut Prices
most perfect made.
A pure Grips Cream of Tartar Powder. Fres
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
12 Boxes matches • lOets. Window shades • 19cts
♦ 1 0C Ax • • • 59ct . 12 Marbles • - • 2ets
100 Pieces of English Semi Porcelain Dinner S#t |7,76ctJ
X SetofEnglnhDeooratWCupiiwdSauwiw • •
1 Suit of all Wool Underwear *ll()Cl
Your attention in called to the fact
that my sawmill having been complet-
ed, I am prepared to operate the same.
Cottonwood and oak lumber for Bale.
Hon. Sidney Clarke, chairman oi thoj
executive committee of the Statehood)
committee, is considering the advisa-
bility of calling a convention at Shaw-
nee for December 4, as there seems to be
a general desire among the friends of
the movement that a Statehood conven-
tion should be held in the eastorn part
of the torritory. The Shawnee people
are very hospitable, and dellgales to
such a convention would be welcomed
with open arms, and tho meeting would
be one of the most notable ever held in
the territory. It will probably to called
for that date.—Oklahoman.
It Will Save Yon Money to Remember it.
Bring Along Your Cash aud Drop In.
We Will Treat You Rigl]
xkxv doqii to p0st0ffice, 0.v broadway.
O r •«*MMTf
wnnl* nn<l murio
20 populnr
" Co
ilenmu i«.u -j
Makins SocVet.-,. .Vit Jul? J"ke« Inr (unjovcr.
CDCP! tepuValurl,
inLLt 1 lendid tlainnv I CO valuable Money
it*"s'l.,.lion 1 for A ilitoaa|>h Alliums, <1
Splaiidid ilatnos, The aliove on I lee linn j'
be lent, |io*tpaid. nlxolutelv rsss lo U wb
■end III et. In ill«nrtor my rrenohl-riam
nii I Poi,norn K H reol iei. Addma, u, t/.
Hetbemejer, 1'ubli.her. oVeto. haiMa!.
Good work at fair prices on ordorB
oft at theLlADKR office.
Dallatl ii publilhwi Tueidan and Friday.
Kach iaiue conliiliof eight pagei. Thorn are
special dcpsrtmnnti tor thu farmer*. Ihe l di
and the tin,, nndiprla, bwUtea a orld of len-
eral new. mailer, lllu.lraled article!, ete.
We offer thu Semi-Weekly Newt and Till.
month! for tho low clubl.ins price of 11 Moasll.
Thi! give! you three paperiaweek, ur toll
p pa era a year, for a vary low prlofr.
Give the Liaokk your Job work.
Satisfaction guaranteed and fair prices Laundry.
(heap Hill for Unlet" Lex
Good gri:,t mill, good saw ill •
good gin, all in good running ord
Will Bell for part cbbIi, balance trade
or on time. 1 sell it for less than it
, ost me, the reasjn whv because 1 lost
one of my arms and I can't handle it.
Timothy Martkli,.
• *-
"I ould rathor trust that medicine
than any doctor I know of," sayB Mrs.
Hattic Mason of Coilon, Carter Co,,
Mo., in speaking of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhu a Kemedy.
For sale by all Druggissts.
Take your laundry to Elkin A Booker,
They are agents for tho Kansas Steam
.t rt. BR
mam ag

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Yeargain, G. W. Cleveland County Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 19, Ed. 1 Saturday, November 16, 1895, newspaper, November 16, 1895; Lexington, Oklahoma Territory. ( accessed March 25, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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