Cleveland County Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 18, Ed. 1 Saturday, November 9, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

A. T. A S. F.
. Mjl. AtHlCI daily,
.V ( . inn. 1 . i. !• tuily,
\.i. 4 \ Arru : -laily -
.No. 4 \ l'"pa<-ij daily, -
N'«. 4'- Local, inrifeg.
Wo. VJ ■ Lecal. <i-parn, -
100 n in
4.INI ,1111
2.1ft fin
2.45 piii
ft.>'liI |iin
7.Ob am
0 , C. A S. F.
No Arn > .-j daily - . - 4.50 nin
Nil. 12. Arr■ r«.\< <l«i's - 5.20 pin
Nft. i. Dep.trKi ... 2,11) ill)
Jvo. 11. Dcyarteel*ib'« •. - - 11.'"U am
No freight" • • Ui l carry pa*«on
W*ra l'a#gongeiV • 10 per ei-nt by buying
ro^.'l trip ti-.-kcH t' •' u UvhI | uts.
■v i i\| AX&ON. Agent.
II BQi jif.
icJl"' n A
.. 'rcu • did)
yvf. yvj. v\|^ ymji
% ID LOSTOH, ?,?
6pe<'ii. 'tioii g rr" ! dUeageiiof Eye and
Kar icouri tk'b" ' "ed Artilieinl eyos
on h arid. Ofiiccut« f ,e* 'rut Store, Purcell,
Geo. 1* John* III,
in %*'h
t. ¥ "«•
Drs. Johnston ^ Hendricks.
Pbysiciaiisi& Surgecns.
TV pi, t M of 1 ie
PE01..J ■ 0.VTBB 0EE
Office over P<"
t.L. arkunkthy.
Loxin ^tc i, Okla
Physician and Surgeon
Office over People's Drug Store.
A. T. lloss. C. W. Brbwkr.
Will practice in the Territorial and Federal
Courts. )' • ' - al land officii and the Depart-
ments at Washington.
A. A.DUNN, M. I).,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Purcell Nutlonftl Dank.
3 irst=class barbers
(Tub f)air=bresscrs
/\gt*nts for kansas 5twlln
JtaTSI.oj) on North Side, Lexington.
I <J W t J I
It must be done some time,
anil why not now?
At tlie Leader office your
papers will be made out free.
Several things are essential—
1. Your signature.
2. The number of your home-
stead entry.
3. A description of the land.
4. The names, properly spell-
ed, of four witnesses.
ch uiicu i) inecTon i\
gerg cordially invited.
Sunda School at 10 o'clock. Preaching at
11 a. m And at 8 p.m. on tin-Aral and fourth
Lord's day in each month. Prayer meeting each
Wednesday nt H p. m.
The Ladies' Aid Society every Thursdny at .1
p. m. Mr*. Petrie, President.
The Sunbeam Society meets the find Sunday
In each month. W. A. HOWE, l'oitor.
Divine services at II a.m. the second Sabbath
of ea ti month. Uuiou Sunday Soh >o| at 10
o'clock. L. ). Amok Pastor.
Norman Notei
State Democrat.
Mr. E. F. Taylor of the Farmers' &.
Merchants' Hunk, returned from Kan-
sas City last week.
Mrs. Simon Turk returned from
Kingfisher, Sunday, accompanied by
her sister, Miss JOrna Wolf,
Sam Gordon, who has ben residing
at Halfway, Mo., for the past year, re-
turnee Sunday and is looking after his
business affairs.
Miss Hose Compton of Britton a for-
mer student at the University was mar-
ried last wetk lo Chauncey T. Rosen-
crans, of Winlleld, Kansas.
M. Mc (iinley took in the Dallas Fair
last week.
II. A. Doftkc of Franklin was in the
city Friday.
Dr. Munire of I it tie River was in the
city Saturday.
Jitiimle Warren of Lexington wu in
tlie city Saturday.
Miss Metta St oval I of hexengton
visited the Dallas Fair luMt week.
Miss Lida White is quite ill with
maluriul fever. She was forcod to quit
her school at Lexington and coine home.
Her sister, Mils Nanni^, is teaching her
'• „d '1 • P'lbstitUte.
Buy you a flat boat and pray for ruin
Cash Moseley will guarantee prices on
Some of our street crossings need at
Just received a well assorted line of
shoes, at Thompson's
Kentucky went republican in the
election Tuesday
Large stock of new furniture at Cash
The present bod weather means good
• nips next season.
Have you seen the Star & Crescent
Hoots and Shoes? Just received at
E\-Sheri>T George Smith was in town
Those who want money can get it
from Messrs. Shaver & Hawk for from
.'10 days to six years.
Sheriff Newhlock came down from
Norman Thursday.
The election of Tuesday last resulted
in u landslide for the republicans.
Furniture, furniture at Cash Mose-
Money to loan, 30 days to 6years; see
Shaver & Hawk.
Buy your drugs at People's Drug Store
and you will get more drugs lor the
money thau you ever got in your life.
Remember the special Saturday pales
at Sig. Simon & Bro., of Purcell. It
will pay you to do so.
Cuss the weather and sow wheat.
The rainfall of the past two weeks is
worth millions to Oklahoma.
Our Alaska caps and gloves are on
the shelf. Call and see them. Thomp-
The Doctor on the hill does not give
the druggist a chance to work off cheap
drugs on his patients.
Don't forget that Elkins & Hooker
are agents for the Kansas steam laun-
d ry.
Mrs. C. P. Flowers of this''place, re-
turned home Saturday last, from a visit
to her old home in Arkansas.
No trouble to show goods at Thomp-
Elkin & Hooker are agents for the
Kansas Steam laundry. Bring your
laundry to their office and they will do
the rest.
The druggist recommends the doctor
who prescribes the most cheap drugs.
The Doctor on the bill obtains histlrugs
fresh from the manufacturing pharma-
A. E. Bennett made a trip to Denison
Texas, this week in the interest of the
Lexington Broom & Brush Factory.
Get your Furniture at Cash Moslev's.
Ladies' dongola kid and calf shoes in
all lasts, toes and styles at Thompson's
In our absence last week our devil
forgot to mention that Henry Easton
is the father of twins. No need to men-
tion the fact, for the way Henry treads
the air proclaims it.
Call and look over our last invoice of
dry-goods. Thompson.
The People's Drug Store has just re-
ceived a large Stock of new drugs direct
from the manufacturing pharmacist.
Don't fail to see the Seibert family
comedy Co., at the Keller it James ball
Monday night.
Good advice: Never leave home on
a journey without a bottle of Chamber-
lain's Colic, Cholara and diarrhoea
Remedy. For sale by all Druggists.
We buy drugs in large lots, and will
give our patron's the benefit of the dis-
count, at the People's Drug Store.
The Seibert family will play all next
week at the Keller it James hall. Little
Mike, the ten-year-old Cunediun of the
companv, is a genius in his line.
Our city dads ought to have some of
the sewers on Broadway drained. The
first thing thev know the small boys
will be fishing and duck hunting along
that thoroughfare.
Mr Haws of this place and Dr Lynn
A report reached here Thursday
morning of a jail delivery at Norman
Wednesday evening. It seems that
when the guard came into the room
with the supper for the prisoners he w as
knocked in the head and there of the
prisoners, Tooks Grow, a man by the
name of Scott, and a Negro whoso name
we did not learn, made their escape.
At this writing nothing is known as
to the probable whereabouts, of the
escaped prisoners. Scott isa bad man
and may cause some touble before he
is recpturcd.
AX :VKVlri l. 1YKF.K.
All Cpacli In |||<> Ilisliir)' of Lexing
The week that bus just passed since
the last issue of the Lkaoer has been
full of stirring events, and will be long
remembered by those who Happened to
be in town during the time those things
First came the arrest last Saturday of
Dr. G. P. Johnston, charged with com
mitting abortion. We were not present
at the examining triai, which took place
before Judge Hardwick. The doctor
was placed under (5,000 bond, which he
readily gave. Some of his enemies are
at the bottom of the prosecution and
formation of the charge.
Next came a row in the Catholic
church between some of the prominent
members, and a squabble in the Bap-
tist church about the calling of a preach-
er to preside over the little flock at this
Then came the marriage Sunday
evening of two of Lexington's best
known young people, Henry Gregg and
Miss Etta Frigon.
Next on the calender was the report
that Bill Carr had bid his wife good-bye
and left for purls unknown. Saying
that the evidence was too strong against
him to stand the trial. His friends and
bondsmen are loth to believe that Carr
has done such an ungentleinanly trick,
but eireumstaneial evidence points very
strong to the truth of the rumor, for it
is nothing more than a rumor.
All of this was followed by floods and
floods of rain and another wedding
Wednesday night at this place and a
bold jail delivery at Norman.
Oh, Lordy! Lordy! When will it all
end? When will peace, and quiet, and
prosperity, and good will reign supreme
again in the Land of the Fair God?
Another MarriirIri<.
Last Sunday afternoon, at the resi-
lence of the groom's father in this vil-
lage, Miss Etta Frigon and Mr. Henry
Gregg were united m marriage by J. E.
Basham. Only a few friend's and rela-
tives were present at the ceremony.
There were no "fixins" or bridal tour
connected with the affair—simply the
joining together of two loving hearts.
We us is usual in connection with such
happenings, wish the young people
much joy in wedded life. Mr. and Mrs.
Gregg will remain here, where the
groom is employed, for the time being.
Mrs. Robert Abernathy, wife of the
well known Racket store man, arrived
here, with their two little boys, a few
days a ago. Mrs. Abernaby came from
their old home in Pulaski, Tenu., and
was met at Dallas by her husband.
They u ill reside permanently in Lex-
The Seibert Family Comedy Co., will
be in our town next Monday night,
playing one week with an entire change
ot program nightly. Don't miss seeing
the most original and the funniest show
on the road. Come the first night,
don't wait to see what your neighbors
say of it. It is all right or we would
not advertise to stay all week. Every-
body gets a prize the first night. The
smallest prize will be equal to the price
of admission or money refunded.
General Admission, - - - 20 cents.
All Children, 10 u
A. M. Bailev, a well known citizen of
Eugene, Oregon, savs his wife has for
years been troubled with chronic diarr-
htea and used many remedies with little
of Wichitaw, Kansas, went to the gold relief until she tried Chamberlain's
and silver mines near Johnsonville I. Colic, Cholera, and diarrh<ca Remedy,
T. on Monday. Of course they brought I which has cured her sound and well.
Give it a trial and you will be surprised
at the prompt relief it affords. 25 and
a fortune back with them.
Your attention is called to the fact
that my sawmill having been complet-
ed, 1 am prepared to operate the same.
Cottonwood and oak lumber for sale.
T. Martkm..
50 cut bottles for sale by all Druggists.
FitrmerN How V lieur
You can now buy good seed
wheat for from 40 to 00c per bushel.
V. E. Ray and J. B. Collins wont out j prt|| rnjns ,ire now coining which
hunting last Monday. They walked
down to the river and waded across
over into the territory and walked un-
til they were so worn out that they
hired a cart to come home in. The
next time you go hunting don't try to
catch wild geese on the river until you
have killed them.
Highest honors—World's Fair.
A pure Crape of Taitar Powder. Fret
front Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
will bring your wheat up and give
it root enough to stand tho winter.
This is an important matter and
should have your immediute atten-
tion. You have one of tho best
coutries in tho United States for
growing small-grain. Then why
uot take advantage of this groat
opportunity to do well?
Members of the School Board Get Gay
The local school board held a meet-
ing Mondav night and one of those old-
time monkey and parrot seances fol-
lowed. Four of the members got on
their muscle during the discussion of
the sale of school bonds, and one mem-
ber went after another with a knife. It
was great fun for the spectators but
disgraceful to the city schools.
The board sold $11,000 of school
bonds at W5 cents to M. L.Turner. The
total attendance io our schools is 1.2MI,
composed of 587 boys and 702 girls. Thi
per cent ago of attendatce lust month
was M. There are 23 non-residence
pupils in the schools. Guthrie Leader.
A I OS !
One ol Our Farmer's I.iille One* Trill*h
ii I.oiix Stroll
Many stories have been written of tlu
little babe, scarcely able to toddle, who
strayed away from home, and of the
entire surrounding country having been
searched before the wanderer was
found; but it is not often that a verifi-
cation of this popular fiction is met
with in everyday life. However, the
story of the lost child was most j' < i!.|v
brought to mind here lust Mou
when the three-year-old boy of Mr.
Bradslutw, who lives about a mile and
a half east <>f town, took a notion to go
out into the world and see all that it
At noon the child was missed, and
careful search of the farm premises
failed to disclose its whereabouts. As
hour after hour passed, and no tidings
came of the lost one, the parents wore
almost distracted. The alarm was
given; the neighboring farmers and
many of ouj citizens learned of the lost
child, and soon a hundred men were
traversing the country in search of the
adventurous little one.
It was not until abut 6;30 o'clock in
the elening that the uthful wanderer
was found. He was discovered on the
Cut ter farm, about a mile from home,
by one of mr Carter's sons, and seemed
all unaware of the anxiety he had
cuus'jd or the danger to which he had
exposed himself.
Of course, there was much rejoising
in the Bradshw husehold when the lit-
tle wanderer wus once more placed, un-
harmed, in the mother's loving arms.
Evrrybody felt good over the result and
we arc glad to know that all ended so
happily. Many u time will those par-
ents and that boy have to tell how he
was "lost iu a cornfield," ami how the
country was aroused to find him.
"llciiuli'iriil In Puce"
Born, at Lebanon Chickasaw Nation
I. T,; died, Oct 24th, at the residence of
her Parents, Mr and Mrs W. A. llalford
seven miles South-East of Lexington,
Mary Agnes, Aged 12 years 11 months.
*'C insole if you will I can bear it
Tid a well meant aim a of breath;
But all the preaching sinco Adam
Has not made death, other than death.
God in his infallible wisdom has seen
fit to call from earth to those celestrial
shores, the brigt, interesting and win-
ning Agnes, of your home. Why he
afflicted you with this terrible bereave-
ment is beyond our limited vission to
penetrate, Gladly would we offer words
of comfort to the sore and lacerated
hearts of the bereaved family. But we
realize only too well, how vain are
words, for
"That little shoe in the corner,
So worn and wrinclcd and brown
With it's einptyness comforts
And argues our wisdom down,"
L. D.
V ire-President.
E. ('. GAGE,
Assistant Cashiei
Cu|iital $50,000; Surplus, $7000.
MilCEI.L, I. T.
A Home Bank Controlled by Home People.
i.; , . ( S. I .. Williams, Howard Hoss, George P. Glacier, R. M.
1 I . ('. WaUtland, E. C. Gage, F. M. Strong.
JmlSe lllerer Gives Wln*koy Seller.--, u
'fonrli of Hitch I.ife.
Over twenty persons were sentenced
to pay heavy fines and spuu 1 l'rom
thirty days to one year in t!i I' leral
jail by District Judge Bierer at Pawnee.
Twenty-three pleaded guilty and were
sentenced at one time. Among them
were two girls aged 15 and 17 years,
who suid they had run away from their
parents in Kansas and had been selling
whiskey to Indians f jr several months
and hud made considerable money. Tn
commenting on the matter Judge
Bierer stated that the prevalence of
this particular crime had become al-
larming, and added: "I have given you
ail the heaviest times on this account.
Every mother should know that
croup can be prevented. The lirst symp-
tom of true croup is hoarseness. This
is followed by a peculiar rough cough.
If Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
given freely as soon as the child become-
lioarse, or even after the cough has de-
veloped it will prevent the attack. 25
and 50 cent bottles for sale by all
Miss Dela Smith is still teaching in
the absence of Miss White. Miss
Smith is a good teacher and gives satis-
faction, besides she is a ltuly • f culture.
When a child goes home from school
with the complaint that the teacher has
"a pit k" at him, the pareiu should im-
mediately investigate that "pick."
Lost health, lost wealth, and lost
knowledge may be recovered; but lost
time, never.
The order is so perfect in Mrs. Mitcli-
el's room that the door can be opened
and not a n se is heard, even in the
hall. She is one of the best disciplina-
rians Lexington ever had.
No scarlet fever now, and the water
in the cistern did not produce that
which was here.
At last examination the pupils ranked
in tho Grammar department us follows:
B class 5, grade, Leonard Pauticr ranked
first. A class 4, grade, Rosa Wuitcen-
hotter ranked first. B class 4, grade,
Willie Gregg ranked first.
Mas. Makv Mjtciiki., TeacbetJ
We have long looked for the presence
of the editor in our school for u visit hut
ulas! he bus gone to Paul's Valley.
The Leader is the (test paper pub-
lished in the county.
The following members itppearon the
Roll of Honor for the month of <let:
II 1 -\o.Vt ,v> • .V
o 9 o ■> a « O 0
: a. t. tfc s. f.
- , * < « t r C * o ■
Why send your Diamond, Jewelry, or your fine watch
away to be repaired when you can have as good work
done in Purcell as you can got any where in tlie world
I Make a Specialty of Repairing
Fine and Complicated Watches
French Clocks, Musical boxes, etc. I also do diamond
mounting and Hno Jewelry repairing at hoine, and
Guarantee all my work.
Piistoi'fice Brri.mxu,
Frank A. True, The Jeweler, f|
. m •
„ 6 ♦ «V* * . «.> *>•*'*«'*> «r i
This is a Question upon which wo have no definite information, but we all know that
all of his descendants do, and they should all know that
Will luake you a fine pair of Pants for $4.00 or a fine Business suit for 18.00. He has
just received a complete line of novelties and is prepared to do first class work.
i*i>i in ri niiniinv.
choctaw count"'
Tuskahoma, I. T., Nov. 5.—Nothing
but sensation huve been sprung around
tho Choctaw capital to-day.
To begin with, the board of educa-
tion declared every academy and sem-
inary in the nation vacant. This leaves
seven without superintendents. The
cause of the ruling is that the con-
tracts with the nation had not been
signed by the different superintendents
Some of tho old ones will be reappoint-
ed, but the majority will be let out. The
election of new superintendents will
taKe place next week.
On the heels of the action of the
board of education Judge Fulsom,
president of the senate, introduced into
the senate the following bill, which
passed with only one dissenting vote,
that of Joe Everidge:
"Be it enacted by the general council
of the Choctaw nation assembled that
if litl I ( it;. lav i ' 1«.I >11Y ei ; 11 of
LTioci .... . I ... «
throw the L.i \ mil" . • 111 ;
by exciting or subverting the minds of
the people against the Choctaw form of
government, and shall not hold or at-
tempt to hold Choctaw land in severalty
or shall attempt to convey any part or
parcel of the Choctaw land to a 11011- or citizens, or attempt to betray
said laud and Choctaw country into the
bunds of u foreign power.
Be it futher enacted that any person
or persons violating this first section
shall be prosecuted by the circuit court
having jurisdiction, and proven
uilty of treason by two or more wit-
esses shall be punished by confine-
ment in jail for not less than six nor
more than twelve months and fined
not less than £1000 nov more than $10,
000 at the discretion of the court.
Be it further enacted that if any
person or persons violating this act for
the second time he or she shall be ar-
rested, sentenced and executed until
"Be it farther enacted that any act
or part of act coining in conflict with
this act is hereby repealed, and that
this act ahull take effect und be in force
from und after its passage."
From the foregoing it will be seen
that the second offense dot s not require
a conviction.
An adjournment bill has been passed
for noon Tuesday.
The Dawes commission has submit-
ted a proposition tothcChoctaws.
There are two bills beforo the council
asking fur charters f> r railroads
through the nation.

.**•'..-...vmttiiM'****> j6
W" A'ext Door to Postoffice, Broadway, Lexington.
a :: vO-r-OvO
«, , . w
Murder! miudkh!! MTUIIKR!!! i
I hat's what this copper thohght
when he saw that big crowd iu
front of'TuK Rai kkt Stork; and In
found that it wus murder, indeed
Murder of high piicea, and In
rested several persons for not tak-
ing advantuge of the good offers.
« a ~ vs: SvOve*e:<K-tK-e*c-:.<K
Law PricES
Small Profits
Quick Seles
*5|i* ^ 'A* tvi" *7iV W
$5oo,oo worli of new
goods just received.
on to Some of CDur Pricc*.
prjppi Popular 8<>ngi , word* and mnric;
rKrrl 7 Complete Mm-icg. Portraits
I l!i.kl filcihti.i || III I -I, l« I'rtlliul If M'. icy
Making Seen te . i'JI .loly Joke* f< r f m lover*.
.Selection! f i Augliloguph Albuing,
Splendid (Same*, tc. The ahovn collect! n will
be gout, pout pa nl, abgolutelv imo: to all **ho
geud 111 ot* in g||v<r for in/ 1 run eli Cream T iffy
an Popcorn Mill reeinc. AddroMi C\ 0.
Kutbciueyor. l'ublither. okefo. Kanlai.
Geo. Goodin,
Fred Hawk,
llellen liarness
Edna ('ooper,
Hindu Mowlev
Alice Floweis,
Rachel Peters,
Willie Nesbitt,
Arthur Petrie,
Andy Forehand
Gertie Pantior, '. • \
The following names apis-uruji
Star Boll for ti"' month < I'Ot
i 'hi I Schuiuuker
Lige (.oop« r,
Dttlla Wtdlace,
.h i lie I nions,
Lillie Black,
Luev BluekwcM,
I oulie Mupes,
w liber ElUa
l)ab i- J'lu- in.
Iloiv t« I'revmt * roup.
Some reuding tliut will prove inter-
sting to your mothers. I low to guard
j against the disease.
j ('roup ia a terror to young mothers,
und to post theni concerning the cause,
lirnt symptoms uud treatment is the
object of this Item. Tho origin of
croup is a common cold. Children who
j are subject to if take cold very easily,
and croup is almost mire to follow. The
| lirst symptom is honisness; this is soon
j lollowed by u pen liur rough cough,
| which is easily recognised, and will
never be forgotten by one who has
heard it. The time to act is when the
| 12 Boxes matches - lOcts. Window shades
J $1,0C Ax • - - 59cts. 12 Marbles • •
100 Pieces of Kmflish Semi Porcelain Dinner Set
1 Set of English Decorated Cups and Saucers
1 Suit of all Wool Underwear
t-t :ta w flija n tJ-o n o O ia' a .m rt
Don't For get the Place,
It Will Save You Money to Remember it.
Bring Along Y0111 Cash and Drop
We Will Treat You
■ 'Jets,
r, 75cts.
TilK >
km l-v
Morv K
Bee ki-
pear, i
I develop!
| 1 here is
Igbt pHg« -
the firme
.est id eg a «
o\« nolo:.
Judge Hardwick performed the cere-
mony that made Mr. G. K, Bray and
Miss L. M. Flowers husband and wife
at fin* residence of tlie bride's mother
at this place. It is tho wish of the
I .p. much that they may live long and
riierl' ap' i haM'y iu Ibis land of the fair God.
1 it will pr«'
no danger it
> nt in atiack.
xi\ ing (hi rt m-
«. the ladiCH
■ rl.l tifig*
iV'.'Ofl", t i.- Sei' i-\Vi < kly News «tid THE
1,1 V I.I.AM i> for MTV MADKH f« r twelve
iionthg fiT th< clubbing prieeef It.Wieiwh.
[ Takevoni laundry to Elkin A Booker.
They are agents for tho Kansas Steam
r .sundry.
Gi\ the Lkadiu your Job work.
.vntiHi';i<-tloii gnarunteed and fair prices

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