Cleveland County Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 18, Ed. 1 Saturday, November 9, 1895 Page: 2 of 4

(The £ea5cr.
G. W. Ycargain, Editor and Publisher,
Entered nt the I'natoflioc nt l.flxinaton. Ok In
homa territory. «a si--on<l cliiaa mutter, f.u
tranamiai >n Uimuzh nil inni.a.
Siilmrripllon ISntt'N.
< nc year,
Six months, -
One square, or Ira*. 7fi cent* for on eli insertion
Loci.-tl notice* 5 cents per lino for ench in
fi Tri« n.
Rata* for standing adrertiaamenta made
known on application.
Account* tine tbo flratof each month.
Com m unicM (iona of h pcr«ooal nnliiro. when
not if genera* intereO. will ho inserted na ml
vertiaing matter, and charged for accordingly.
I> I'll II .4 XT < OWH Itn,
The Jury In the case of Tlioodore
Durrmil, ehurged wllli the murder
i.f Blnnche ,;IjHiiiont, <!<• IiIx-rat<•«!
but nbouO twrnty'inlnntex, mid
then brought in n verdict of guilty
of murder in the flist degree, with-
out any reeonimemlfltlmi of inerey.
The penalty, in (lie absence ol suc h
a tecoimm'luliithm, is bunging. The
verdict, was not unexpected, and
Jyet there was a wild manifestation
of approval in the court room
when it was announced. Even
though the evidence was circum-
stantial, it was of such a very
strong and corroborative character
that the justness of the verdict
will hardly be questioned.
The murder of Blanche Lamont
Avas a most atrocious affair, antl
punishment to the limit of the law
is but slight atonement, and little
satisfaction to those who were ber-
eft of nn Innocent ami lovable
daughter because of the lustful de-
sire of n fiend. The prisoner wu-
sentenced yesterday, and nil appeal
was taken to the supreme court.
It may bo a year before a decision
is rendered and, meantime, Dur
rant will be tried for the murder of
Minnie Williams. Thus, the pros-
ecution mean to clear up both mys-
teries and make a certainty of the
accused for at least one of tin
Crimea with which he is charged.
The most affecting of all the in-
cidents of tlie trial was the unflag-
ging devotion of the mother to the
son during the entire proceedings.
Many a tear of sympathy was shed
for the grief-stricken old lady by
those who had no pity in their
hearts for the boy. 'lis but his-
tory repeating it-olf: Duri int may
suffer all the horrible tortures of a
guilty conscience and experience
the terrible fate which his actions
have insured him, I ut ho will
never know such heartaches and
misery as were felt by the mother.
\\ hat bright hopes did she not
have for him when as a chubby
babe he nestled in those loving
arms? Long years have passed,
and this is her reward. God pity
her; we do, and all other mothers
whose boys have gone astray.
A VEX Ell <tllSll<>\.
It is not often that we nre led to
express ourselves in what might
be termed a rabid manner upon
the race, or any other, question;
but the recent assault upon a white
citizen by several burly negroes at
a riverside resort, a few miles from
this place, makes us believe that
we Would feel somewhat relieved
if we were to give vent to a few ol
our thoughts on this subject. The
white man, in the above mentioned
episode, was assaulted because lie
refused to include the niggers in
his invitation ton friend to have a
drink. Now, aie no. things coming
to a pretty pass in this "white
man's country" of ours when one is
to de forced to "treat" bystauding
niggers ?
In the absence of any oilier
method of holding these people to
their place, w e would suggest ail
old-fashioned organization of "reg-
ulators." We are perfectly willing
to exist on the "live and let live"
plan, but we w ant other people, and
especially the niggers, to observe
the same sort of tolerance.
Of course, there aie niggers, and
then there are niggers, but they
are all one when it comes to a
question of social equality, We be-
lieve in the color line being sharply
drawn and strictly adhered to, anil
think that those who overstep the
bounds should be taught not t > re
peat the offense.
Many of us have pleasant
recollections of the old uncles and
jiunties of former days, and we may
know some types even in the pres-
ent times, but tho actions of the
iriodorn article almost completely
efface the good Impressions created
by their ancestors. The nigger-
have insisted upon their separate
rights where they are numerous in
tiie south, and we insist on their
enjoying such separate preroga-
tives as long us they exist among
our people.
We can tolerate a good nigger in
a nigger's place, but as soon us lie
commences to think his social com-
plexion Is changing, lie should be
promptly and effectually squelched
mid taught his proper place.
Jack Mi mpskv, for a long time
middle-weight champion pugilist
of the world, died at his home in
Portland, Oregon, November 1st
lleupiey was, iierhujinure gen-
™ 11 ■ "iM M90MMB—LUMUaMMkUtMH 4nllun u
orally i « i dot'!tii; l is eureer
than liny other pugilist flie country
has known. ]I<* nut Iih Waterloo
in hi* Sinttie with Filx-iimiion«,
who mo greatly I Mm, «n<l j
has never been the siune mini
since. Dempsey was a thorough
gentleman, devoted to his I tmilv,
and above thi) average in all tht
attributes go to make a mai
well liked, in spite of his prpfe.s>ioi,
I'he best that can be said of i>.• mj
sey is that he never made a fluk
of a match, and did no ne\v*pu|>.
Tin: Dallas Fair, just cloyed, wns j H ¥ JJsJ [j
Hie most successful, from a general I
standpoint, ever given by the en-
terprising city. The fair this year
attracted a greater number of visi-
tors from other states, and was
more generally attended by Texas,
than any former event. Texas has
good reason to congratulate ht iseh
upon this great exposition, and the
managers have the pleasure of
knowing that they have succeeded
in pleasing tho public beyond their
own expectations and the hopes of
Texans—and Texans, as a people,
are very sanguine.
-• i tntir •uvaimMamnTi
\\ i! ai'e now in oiii' New Brick Btiililiri;_r, and arc ready to ftirni h
the Farmers anything tln-y want from a
Bourbon and R7yre Whiskies.
Hottled and Draught iieer, Fino lirandios, Wines. Cigars
Etc., ulwuys ou hand, tlivo us call wlieu in tha city.
Hot,mes, the multi-murderer,
tried for the murder of the elder
I'ieizel, in Philadelphia, was con-
victed of murder In the first de-
gree. Comment is useless in this
instance. If Holmes hail the lives
of the proverbial cat, lie could not
stretch htfmp often enough lo ex-
piate his horrible crimes.
A I'ltlzj: Foil NOI lis.
We have noted, with a feeling
somewhat akin to displeasure, that
many alleged newspapers in the
country are offering prizes lo tiieir
readers for the foremost in some
competition which they have in-
augurated. We say we have noten
tills with displeasure, but do not
wish to be understood as saying
that envy at any time entered into
our thoughts. Far be i! from us to
wish t i eli '"go places with tbo ed-
itor who offc red a year's subscrip-
tion to the unmarried lady who re-
ceived tho I irg st number of votes
for having seen the most changes
of the moon; neither do we hanker
after the emoluments that will ac-
ciuutotliat far sighted publisher
who offered evenly cents' worth of
job-work to the most unpopular
merchant in his town. Theso are
but traps to ensnare the unwary
and trusting—we are trusting them
—subscribers, and such methods of
securing patronage and notoriety
should be beyond the depths of de-
pravity to which some editors deem
it necessary to go.
However, we have bad to suc-
cumb to the inevitable in order to
prevent two of our paid-up sub-
scribers from going over to one of
our rivals. Therefore, we offer a
year's subscription to this great
paper, including all supplements,
extra editions, almanacs, and two
copies of the number containing
the delinquent tax list, to the per-
son, male or female, married, sin-
gle, widowed or divorced, regard-
less of race, color, or previous con-
dition ol character, for the best pair
of socks to fit a No.9 foot. We will
carefully consider and test t.ll of-
fers, and will givo-our decision on
February I'D, 1801); after which we
will return nil entries Ihsit have
not met with our approval. We
prefer cotton socks, but will try all
that come. This proposition will
remain open for an indefinite per-
iod of time. No limit to the num-
ber of soeklets you are permitted
<?'; H FO RT
rr' •,
C ..'
; .• vv? ' ' '*
New American"
S3 8
Solid Comfort Sulkies
arid Gang Plows
South Sidii East Bhoadway
We have a liu • stock on hand: Fish Biw.
Clinton, Sterling, celebrated IVter Schuttler
I'nil Stock ol Work and Driving Harness.
tAlOl?. Full Stook of Work and Driving Hiinies.^. t
Fall Stock of Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Boors, Lime, Cement and Plaster
t bring: that's the beauty of this
contest—you are not hampered by
impecunious restrictions, and the j la-en made
(|iiiet!y attending lo our own affairs
and leaving those of the other na-
tions severely alone. We have the
mightiest realm that was ever
gathered together under one gov-
ernment, and if we continue In th"
future as we have in the past to
develop it upon the marvelous and
magnificent scale which lias be-
come the wonder and envy of tlie
world, the day will soon come
when our simple word will be om-
nipotent for peace or for war.
And in choosing between those
two paths of development, who can
doubt that the greatest and uoblest
mission of our colossal empire will
be to practice and lo enforce the
Christian, tho sensible, the inevit-
able doctrine that pease and reason
-hall rule the world, mid not cruel
schemes of conquest?
The United Slats should uphold
her dignity by a vigorous policy
among the nations of the e.ietli,
and surely protect her humblest
citizen at limine or abroad, but she
needs no alliance with Euglaii! or
any other power to accomplish
such a purpose, and she should "till
cling to her title of "The Peace-
maker Among Nations."
Cheap .Hill fi r Suit* In L<*xlugfwi .
Good >:riHt null, pood saw mill and u
good gin, nil in good running order.
Will Bell for | nrt cash, balance trade
or on time. I sell it for ! is than it
cost n e, tin* reason why 1 •, rause 1 lost
one of my arms and 1 can't handle it.
Timothy Maktbll.
Chickasaw Excitement.
Ardmore, I. T., Nov. 5.—Great ex-
Do You Know
That "a dollar saved is a dollar made?" If you
do or if you don't, you want to see
"Gasl'r' Moseley
Before you buy your Dry Goods, Groceries or
Furniture. It will pay you, because he
Will Sell You
More and better goods for your dollars than any
other house in Lexington, llis stock of
Bpy Goods
Is complete and his prices are the lowest. Only
first-class goods kept in stock, whether dry-goods
Op Groceries
Hour and bacon kept in wholesale quantities* anci
sold at wholesale prices. See his large stock of
F Lirnifure
All kinds of kitchen, bed-room and parlor furni-
ture at prices to suit the purchaser.
, 'V
- - V
. > • 0-i
r . • i;
. '
Dealer in Harness
&H0£ HARMe&S ii£P.niRiMX: Jl SPeC^LTV.
Opposite Little Sam's Sal > >n, Broc 'w . LEXINGTON, OK.
Tho Farmor's loyal Friend, Oklaho-
ma's Agricultural Paper
| ¥68
Kvory farmer snlisci ibinp: or renewing
liin Hiibhcription t« the Ch \ eland Coun-
ty JA a«ler will receive
'us citement prevails in this secti jn of tht
by ; Chickasaw nation where the fai ls ha .t
more socks you brinp, tho hotter
your chance of winning this "un-
precedented offer."
The proposition which the Brit-
ish ambassador, Sir Julian Pauncc
:• of the passuu
hill by lh'.' Imliau legislature totally re-
pudiating tho intermarried citizens of
this nation and declaring them non-
citizens without any rights whatever.
The hill not only disfranchises them
but takes away their lights heretofoie
uiKiUt >tioned of holding lands in the
No. 1. Farm Harness
No. 41. Wagon, fc4 111.
Have Snl;1 To Cou u,". r4 For C2 TfV%
Wivrfh m the i. tlera' p,Wouro the M4mi
this wm) ."si.lp hubjwt to approval. Wepavfrci<iirt
hi'/h wuui if not Mt I-factory, rvorytiitni t.r.
ranto«l;> Why puy aii Agent lit) to %5*i t< order r
" n orr«?r. Boxltif; fre«. Wo
uuiago iu hhip'jiuK.
Spring Wagons, $30toS43. ( a, trod
panic . tell I r to t>;5. 1J style* of Rend
Wagons. Gurreye with J -np fenders. rco,
Bau.oiujwilfi rt ' t \ Top i gtf'OS ^ 1 -< V®"
at. ^39, Plioctonaa^loM-as
90ntrlM,Rlnirlff, Double anil harm. Hl<1!nfr!
Sildleit and Fly Nets. Send 4 cent* la hU-i
pay r ootAjr®, 112 i .^.0 catulogiiti.
w. B, F'RATT, Secretary, Elkhart, Ind.
No. LW. Koad Wagon.
Lund Offco ut Oklahoma, 0. T., i
fone, Is reported to have made, un-1 llul'0,l l-artieipating in annuities and j ,u u for Cleveland County, iorritory yf ''Kin Notice i« i ic' v irivru tiuit tho f«>n .-'ing
.. .. , in iro .rniULUt ftiuds held bv tin- U s I h« :na. antl t> me direeUd. whereby. I. II. 1 uainud fettler hiu tiled uoii-e of Ms ino , tion
l( r Instructions, t' our govern* 1 * ««« uwiwjrim v. o. I M«wbloek .therJjfor aid eoonty, am command to waka Anal oro*i
nonl, to J..i„ In ,.n nltlan.-e to ,.r«-!,V,° V"^' a"y ""U "'1 ***** \ e" ,wii'^'i^V-h!"':■ J
:ect KnglUli hihI AmcriiMii nub- „ '".k aw ku\<'i"nu nt. I ^or""1"',1"•1 '•, •.«!.. '
<>ctH In Turkey nnd AfldanU, ' 'be fu.-t in rMMmbered that j t«« ihrr win, „ vn.'", BI1 fUte.n ' in « m
mors ti .. h ill ofthe i i < t v i. ' .it ■ n.\ i to utlifr a Mrtals iom 1, i im a * wi Hf( lii tip I it | lw
menus a jjood deal more than
appear* on the surface. England
has never asked or needed any as-
sistance in protecting her own
subject--. In this respect she Is al-
most as celebrated and as justly,
as Koine In the days when it was
her citizens' proudest boast to say:
"Civls ltomanum sum."
Hut what England wants h to
involve the United States in such a
way as will oblige us to assist her
when (he tug of war comes with
Kussia or any other power.
One of the American doctrines, a
good deal older than the Monroe
doctrne, Is "no entan^lin^ alliances
with foreign nations, no interfer-
ence with European affairs."
Many of our people and state -
men believe that the time has come
to reverse (his policy iu tho inter-
est of our future influence and
greuliM st. But it would seem a *
and as true a principle now, Litnation.
in the days when we can ntford to j
assume the offensive, us it was
when wo were acting on the defrn
sive, to avoid becoming otvibrolled . f
with any other power, after tin' MASM tlt| M0.| StJM /ifflS
fashion of the European nations, | f mA
and, on tlw contrary, to develoj , J1
our own resoure<*s and strenirth b WJ (i Av"o
the natun is owned by (his class
citiicns in coiiforinity with former laws
and that i( means the praeticnl conlis-
cation at one swoop of millions <>f dol-
lars worth of property, the magnitude
and importance of law can be compre-
hended. Tho intermarried citizens are
by far (he wealthiest in the nation ami
they are even now preparing to take
decisive steps in tho matter and prevent
if possible the execution of a law which
would convert the millionaires into
paupers in a day. The <|Ut stion is des-
tined to become the most inportunt one
in the history of (he live tribes and will
in the halls of congress, iu the interior
departuieut and in the white house.
I Organizations are beiu^ brought
j ibout an 1 money without t lint will be
poured into a H^htin^ fum! f r a cam-
j j aign in W ihhln«rt>oi this white . !t is
pro! a')le this question'will do more to
solve the Indiau problem than ,nv
. iu<l|Miieot tor mid amounts, render I by rniil I
Ol -ourl on il e- itl dny of Ucinbor, Iv.Ci, mrniinf • liutiieioii.-rt-s'.dc
K. Wh iff. and in l'avor oi U. I', (iittw. i of an id i.iud, viz:
" tlpn, 0 II Jones,
id Jnii
out of tlie goods and ohattels of tho
L. White, 1, sheriff os afora«ai*li Save i-'vicd f'tiruuT
unon the followIdk goods nnd «• li:i■ t«•!•«. lo-v* it:
Tnirty ii< ros of growing aud itHieliiig corn in
t' e Held, being nil tho corn on tho M; (,l the
SK W "I Seetiv n t'. 1'tovnfhip N «.f K l.wcst,
in Cleveland County, Tirrlt- ly of Okh.h 11.
rhorelore,ooeording toaaldcou n nnd, I H Hill vnTHM.'
exaoca for tale at pubTl 11 in, to t highatl I
tind hext bidder for ff h in IihuiI, ml the ruht, (
title and lntcre i of tho nbove named Jsnii'" K. '
Whito iu and to the abuv o miine t and det>enb«'ij
property, nt ti, • '.our « | la o'clock, a. m . or
Saturday, the 16th dny ol November. 1 >;i.r, a
the northeast e n,or of tho Keller .lames
building, in the Village ; lexington, Clave-1 Ji i' w',
land County,'I ory t' Oklahoma. j i i,
DatadatLo> > • n, l .rit ry of Oklahoma, |. ,
November 2nd, 1 i« . It - I . N Kwai.ora
the only agricultural paper published
iiii.I printed in Okldiiuma, ( nc vvir frcu
A H/!l4550flE
:) of
Blzo ol pay., 11 by IS'l luchM.
* Elaborate Cover in OolJ and Colors.
|j Highly Enameled Paper.
99k if WORTH ^stl.OO.
e. knv psssqf'wwwi-izzz
$ I for one year's subocriptlon to the
Land Office ut Okluhoina.
1805. J
N« tico ia 'lercby givon that the followii a
lined aetller ha^ lied notice of hia inten
n to make flnal proof in 4U|>|iort of his
id proof will be inado beft
ter ;
mil K.. t'l
l Oklaho.u
Ily J. F. IU.HHA
* rilt .
otic lhat he hn
noli lied ilmt rc
o'clock in tho I (
U . lint torn-
i thut iliey h<
... ,i |q|t|
Mel nnald. Janira War
nil • 1 Loxnigtoii, 0, T.
II M. DII.I.HV, Hrgiatc
ind Tboo, Hehulta
>t tiff.
n ).\L ' ( i\i C
Penion i irnhhcti
nl. n
for attorney t
gainiahmnnl vn< l <iicd i
. ipa I that it i ■
tha. he la iui'.ei>t' d to you
ili t (t tho plui.itill
i per
! "I would
I than any d<
11 attie M a
llo, la i
Coil', Choi.
rather tniat that niQjlicine
i tor I know of," say* Mr*.,
ion of Coilon, Carter Co.,
>t iilii • of ( hamberlaiu'a
ra and Diarrhoea Itemed) ,
nil PriiuuiBHtF.
r -ni I amount a 11
[ly A. .N i. .. a.
Attorney for IMaintllT.
Hi,id i.clion to H. ('
I'roi s ha iinaweroi
n an amount area! ei
aim. You are further no
.rill bo boaril by aui>l jua
' till the Hnt lay t-f Ueoombor
* ut'uu u'ctock iu the forenoon
r rot met' ui.-.vei aai<l Hill < > t
rbolor' the iiiue heroinbef ir.
t o ri'iidvred ugalntt you
-scs, Picture Frames, Coffins, Caskets ami Burial Rober
Fl.XEIl.ll. l)H:i:CTOIl A\l> KM BALM Eli.
'Ihe uikI ,if{!ied having secured the Agency for tiie Sale of
ALFRED PEATS, Chicago and New York,
kB I .ipir, has just icoii,nl ft complete line of MfflplH displaying «ver 300
K«w Patterns, including the famous
'' 11 .. ' '• -T ' : do not fail to toe these (ample,
\ , J"! |: ' : i n t complete line ever manufactured, at pricef
V /Om net It ion I ^&°<',",P,:r3c.perroll. ..
I ' '• 0"ld pn-ei 4 •. p.-r roll and upwartft.
o.imples di*pla> d r t j • h, ir 1 sirt !. Call onoraddres*.
r 1 <
y-|f V

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