Cleveland County Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 50, Ed. 1 Saturday, December 15, 1894 Page: 3 of 4

pubm8hrd kykry saturday, at
Church Directory.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock and proaehing at
U o'clock n. m., evening at 8 30. Strangers cor-
dially invited. Elder Warlicr.
Union Sunday school at 10: Baptist at 3p. w.
Preaching nt 11 a. m. on the first and fourth Sab-
hat I) in each month, prayer meeting each Wed-
nesday at 8 p. i \V. A. Howie. Pastor.
A - Rows, Paitor.
i.adikb aid
The l.nillcs Aiil Sociaty of the B*ptift church
meet, every W^Ro^. Pm.
m. ti chfrch. booth.
Devlnee Services at eleven o'clock a. m. sec-
ond Salt bath of each [,"* : "nday
School at 10 a. in. Key. C. W •
Will practice in all the courts of Oklahoma
and the Indian Territory, and give prompt
attention to business.
Hetors by permUsion to lion. J. K. Jones.
United States Senator, Arkansas; lion. James
W. Butler. Judge of Third Judicial Circuit,
Uatesville, Ark.; Hon. John B. McCaleb. Judge
of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, Evening
Shade, Ark.
Physician and Surgeon
A. T. Boss. 0. W. Binn.
Will practice in the Territorial and Federal
Courts, the local land office and the Depart-
ments at Washington.
Notary Public, Stenographer
Special attontion given to the taking of depo
sitiona. All notarial work executed promptly
Will practice in all the oourts.
Will practice i.i District, Probate and Justice
Office with L. Gwjrnne.
Ex-Surgeon A. T. A 8. F. and I'.ock
Island lly. Twenty years experience.
Office over Griffith's Drugstore,
A. A. DUNN, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Purcell National Bank.
Purcell Dental Office,
PURCELL, ... I. T.
E. W. COX,
Veterinary Surgeon and Trainer,
Graduate of the New York Veterinary Col
lege, is located at Koondtree s Livery Stable,
Norman. Dehorning and all kinds ot vet jri
nary work done on short notice.
Practical l.lackumith
and liorHcnhoer,
Has permanently locate*! in Lexington and
rolicits your trade. Carriage, machine an I
plow work doue in workmanlike manner.
Special attention paid to horseshoeing.
llest fl a day house In tho
ciiy. Don't forget to stop
with me when in Lexington.
Daily trips to and from Purcell.
Two doors west of the Shoto House,
HEN Hi' MOltlTZ♦ Proprietor.
Shaving, ilaircntting and work pertaining Jo
a Arstclasi liar bar Shop, neatly an promptly
nRCCUtrd. Kvervthlng neat and clean, t all
once and you w.ll need no invitation to repeat
your visit. Don't forget the place.
Shaving 10 cents; hairoutting 25 cents.
Fanrv line of Toilet Cases at Griffith's
Judge Cease of Norman was in the
city Tuesday.
Heavy Boots at cost at Abernathy
Col. Stovall paid a visit to Guthrie
this week.
Christmas presents for all at Grif-
Tom Owens of Norman was here sev-
eral days this week.
White laundered Shirts 50 cents, at
Abernathy Bros.'
Henry Moritz tho barber has been
pretty sick this week.
Have vou seen the jewelry at Grif-
N. F. Cheadle of Guthrie was here
this week.
See what 5 cents will buy at Aber-
nathy Bros.'
Sheriff George Smith was hereThurs
day on ofiicial business.
See those elegant Parlor Lamps at
Mr. and Mrs. Cook have returned to
the city after a brief absence.
Farmers, see Pratt Bros. Grain Co
before you sell your grain.
Several of the Purcell boys were over
this week.
Finest line of Chinaware in the city
at Griffith's.
The report of the grand jury is print-
ed in this issue.
Cash for grain. See Pratt Bros. Grain
Co. before you sell.
Guaranteed all-wool Pants for $.'i, at
Abernathy Bros.'
The Lexington Orchestra will bo kept
rather busy during the holidays.
For practical horseshoeing go to John
Pulvit, West Broadway.
Bob Maxwell was in Paris, Texas, sev-
eral days this week attending court.
If you want a good job in blacksmith-
ing try John Pulvit, West Broadway.
Dr. Owsley and Ed Jarboe have spent
several days with u hunting party, re-
Pratt Bros. Grain Co. wants your
grain and will pay highest prices.
Samuel L. Enell proved up on a fine
farm situated a few miles southeast of
towh, this week.
Johnnie Booker fell from a horse last
Sunday evening and painfully injured
Oiie of his feet.
Come to this office to have your final
proof notices made out and save $1.
The Shoto house has taken the con-
l tract to serve the Odd Fellows' suppe
Christinas night.
Look at those eolored laundered
Shirts for 60 cents, at Abernathy Bros
The Laney Printing Company of Pur-
cell are prepared for job printing. See
their advertisement.
Mr. and Mrs. William Clardv of Pur-
cell were the guests of Col. and Mrs.
L:\ney last Sunday.
lleavy duck Overalls 50 cents, worth
75 cents, at Abernathy Bros.'
The Berry bill providing for the or-
ganization of the territory of Indianola
fails to name Purcell as a county scat.
For fine carriage work go to John
Pulvit, West Broadway.
Mr. Walter Condreay was called to
Davis, I. T., a few days ago by a tele-
gram stating that his brother was dy-
Look at those 75 cents buck Gloves,
at Abernathy Bros.'
S. W. Hutchin moved a house from
his farm, two and a half miles north
of town, Monday, to the lots on east
Broadway, just over the Shoto creek.
The Lexington Lumber Co. can till
all bills in regard to lumber. Go and
see them.
Miss Alice Keller, who has been
teaching the Goober Hill public school,
has been re-engaged to conduct the
school for the next four months.
Keller J ames have in stock all
kinds of pumps. See them before buy-
The land office at Oklahoma City
rules that "notices of intention to make
final proof," where consolidated, must
be typewritten.
Tho Lexington Lumber Co. have a
full line of building material, such as
Lime, Cement, Plaster Hair.
Fred James had the misfortune to be
thrown from his horse Sunday while
out riding and was considerably bruis-
ed up about the face.
Pratt Bros. Grain Company. Honest
weights. The highest prices paid for
The old Hardwick hotel is being torn
down this week by Jake Hocker, of
Purcell, and the lumber and inaterisljis
buing moved to that place.
Little A Smith's store is headquarters
for burb wirt? and everything in their
Officer James Elkins said to tho Lkat-
t this week that the korsethieves have
lately renewed their depredations and
that scarcely a day passes but complaint
on this account is made to the author-
ities. The thickets of Pottawatomie
county and the hills and gorges of the
Seminole nation afford an asylum to
this class of evil-doers, and apprehend-
ing them is all but impossible.
Mr. Ira P. Westinore, a prominent
real estate agent of San Angelo, Texas,
has used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy in his family
for several years as occasion required,
and always with perfect success. lie
says: "1 find it a perfect cure for our
baby when troubled with colic or dys-
entery. I now feel that my outfit is
not complete without a bottle of this
Remedy at home or on a trip away
from home. For sale by all druggists.
Bear in mind the box supper to be
given by the Baptist ladies at their
church building on Thursday evening,
December 20. They have reconsidered
the scale of prices and adopted the fol
lowing: Ladies' boxes, 85 cents; misses
boxes, 15 cents. All the ladies and
misses are invited to come and bring a
Mr. Henry Goeble of Iowa was the
guest of Ed Bitsclie for several days re-
cently. Mrs. Goble, his wife, visited
this country several months ago and
was so well pleased that she persuaded
Mr. Goeble to seek a home here or in
this vicinity and such was the object of
his visit. He will return shortly
A party of United States marshals
passed through Lexington last Satur
day morning at a Gil pin gait and an-
nounced as they went that the were
had ' . .. . b,...c.vne t- - .it-
Canadian. This, however, is believed
to be a ruse, and that the marshals
were in pursuit of other game.
The conspiracy cases against Charley
Elkin and a number of others, arising
out of the attack on some negroes in
Lexington two years ago, will likely be
called up in the United States court
December 20. The defendants, it is
said, will try to have the cases dis-
The following from the Tecumseh
Democrat suggests that the people <>f
that city haven't abandoned the hope
of securing the Choctaw road: "Judge
Asher left on Monday for Oklahoma
City and Guthrie to look after Tecum-
seh's interest in the Choctaw railroad."
A fellow representing himself to be a
pugilist was over from Purcell a few
nights ago, and he hadn't been in the
town an hour before he was knocked
out twice, and his antagonists were not
pugs either.
Pauls Valley Enterprise: The Lex-
ington orchestra, which has more than
a local reputation, will furnish sweet |
music for the Valley Amateur Dramatic
Company on the night of the 17th.
Ed Exleton, the Lexington Heights
grocer, addresses a few lines to the pub-
lic through the Leader this week. He
has a profusion of holiday goods in ad-
dition to staple articles.
The Leader acknowledges the receipt
of an invitation to attend a ball and
banquet to be given by Crescent lodge,
Knights of Pythias, at Pauls Valley,
Monday, December 17.
Rev. Aiuos, pastor of the Lexington
ami Noble cirt uit preached two very ii -
teresting sermons here last Sunday
llis appointment here is the second
Sunday in each month.
We need money, cash talks. Wc
have in store a surprise in the way of
cheap good*. Call and see us. Ahek-
nathy Bros.
The ladies of the Methodist church
will give a "poverty partty" at the city
hall Saturday night. Everybody is in-
vited to "kutn and hav sum phun."
Before buying any Dry Goods or No-
tions call in one door east of postoffice
and see us. We will surprise you in
yrices. Abernathy Bros.
Bill Marcum has been to Dallas, Tex-
as, this week purchasing bar lixtiwe-.
for his new saloon. When completed
he will have one of the linest places
in the city.
I.exliiKtou, TecsiiwioSi nn«l the Nii| nt| n
Lexington lias for quite awhile in-
dulged tlui hope of BcouiiiiK the Frim:o
when that road was extended west-
ward from Sapulpa, anil in a former
issue of the I.kaiikk attention was call- L, .. .; „ Cnsnialtu
ed to the fact that the people ofTeiun.- | COllOCllOOS 3 OPBCialllf.
soli hail appointed a committee to so- ■ _____
licit the aid of Lexington and other
towns looking to such extension.
In considering the possibilities of the ^ lheTr,nlrtl,lt.
extension it may be well to regard the ,
legal embarrassments in which
S.L.WILLIAMS, —- Cashier.
Assistant Cashier.
Capital, $50,000. Surplus, $7000
A Home llani. Controlled by Home People
S. L. Williams, Howard Ross, C*«'« . 1'. Glazier, R. M. Smith,
L. C. Wantland, E. C. Gage, F. M. Strong.
Xormitii Mote*.
road-finds itself. Receivers Aldiu
Walker, John J. McCook and J. C.Wil-
son of the Atchison-Frlisco arrived in
St. Louis a few days ago and soon there-
after had filed a petition in the federal
court for authority to annul or disaffirm
contracts with certain leased lines. On
this subject the Globe-Deuiocrat says:
In the case of the parent company—
the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe and
the Frisco—a petition was filed by the
receivers for authority to annul the
contracts with the Atlantic and Pacific,
which have been a heavy burden upon
the Atchison and the Frisco, and have
been quite a factor in the insolvency of
those companies. In January, 1HH0,
the Frisco was the owner of a majority
of the stock of the Atlantic and Pacific,
which at that time owned the line ex-
tending to Vinita, I. T., and was au-
thorized bv act of congress to construct
a line from Vinita to the Pacific coast.
In July, 1888, the Atchison and the
Frisco entered into the contract by
which the Atchison acquired ownership
of one-half the capital stuck of ,the At-
lantic and Pacific, owned by the Y risen.
The Atlantic and Pacific line extends
from Albuquerque, N. M., to Mohave,
Cal., and the gap from Sapulpa to Al-
buquerque has nevStbeen filled in.
, John Andrea, John llavner and Her
tho i man Menke of Lexenlmrg, Iowa, were
■ F. • ' " '• ° ""
W. Allison wns'fin Kansas City
itl\ and was interviewed by the
i ike Chiekaoaw
nation, aid .... Allison, "there will
not be 10 per cent less cattle fed than
there were last season. I recently made
an extended trip through Texas from
Gainesville to Houston, and am of the
..pinion there will be as many, if not
more, cattle fed in that state than last
year. A good many of tho big fellows
will not feed as many cattle as last sea-
son, while Oil the other hand soinc of
the small fellows will feed twice as
many as in previous years. Cotton
meal is-selling at $12, while a year ago
it sold at $18, $19 and $20. The hulls
can be bought at $2 to $2.50 against $4
to $<> last year. These reduced prices
have caused a (great many parties to
feed cattle, who otherwise would not
have done so. 1 talked with a great
many cattlemen on my recent visit to
Texas and learned from them that the
biggest shipments to market would be
in March and April."
Any one who has children will re-
joice with L. B. Mulford, PUinficld, -N.
J. His little boy, five years of age, was
sick with croup. For two days and
nights be tried various remedies rec-
ommended by friends and neighbors, i
He says: "I thought sure I would lose
him. I had seen Chamberlain's Cough |
lieinedy advertised and thought I j
would try it as a last hope ahil am hap- |
pv-to say that after two doses he slept
until morning. I gave it to him next
day and a cure was effected. 1 keep .
this remedy in the house now and as
man mnur in ia-a<-iii>ui(.,
figuring with Ross & Williams for some
of Cleveland county soil, last week.
After a long and tedious trial, the
jury in the (ireen-Snvder case returned
a verdict of not guilty. The case is one
in which Mr. Green is charged with the
killing of John Snyder about a year ago.
Everybody is waiting and watching
for the Fireman's ball, which will take
place on December 31. It is given for
the purpose of raising money to buy
suits for the boys that they may be bet-
ter prepared to cope with any tire that
may break out.
A gentleman in a neighboring city
desires to establish a steam laundry in
Norman, if he can get a suitable room,
so he writes Chief Tackett. We have
looked around, and have found a room,
and no doubt the laundry will be es-
tablished. This will be a good thing
for Norman, for as it is now most of our
laundry goes to Wichita,
About 9:00 o'clock last Wednesday
night the neighbors in the vicinity of
Dr. Hudson's heard the report of a pis-
tol shot, and on going to Mr. Hudson's
house found that Mrs. Hudson had shot
herself just above the knee with a re-
volver. She says she was alone and
thought she heard some one trying to
get into the house. She arose from her
bed and took a revolver and proceeded
to investigate, after which she laid the
weapon in her lap, and in taking hold
of the gun to let the hammer down she
touched the trigger, and the result was
as above stated. The doctor was sum-
moned and dressed the wound and Mrs.
Hudson is getting along as nicely as
could be expected under the circum-
stances. The wound is very painful
but not necessarily dangerous.
From the Democrat.
Register of Deeds Clements is visiting
in Texas this week.
The grand jury indicted W. J. Wood
for cutting Parson Henry's wire.
Faank Thomas, who is charged with
obtaining $60, under false pretenses
from the Citizens bank, w as indicted.
Charley James and James Fuller,
who broke jail last summer, were in-
dicted for rescuing prisoners. The
minimum penalty is ten years.
No indictment was found against
Britt Phillips, who was arrested, last
summer for enticing away a female un-
der the age of twenty-live and of pre-
vious good character, for the purpose of
The grand jury failed to indict Rill
Jones and Burke, the supposed mem-
bers of the Cook gang, as there was no
evidence to prove that their stories
were untrue.
// interested
in knowing that
Carries a fresh and complete stock. He has the exclusive right in Lexington to
handle the Flour manufactured by the Purcell Mill and Klevator t o.,
and will wholesale and retail it at mill prices.
For the Holiday Trade
He bought heavily and is ready for the rush!
Vl'lie highest market pricef
Jpaid for Kggs and Furs.^
SAll kindsi f Feed constantly/
\ on hand. ^
Our specialties:
Bourbon and
Rye Whiskies
We have the best line of
Whiskies in Lexington.
Adams & Franning, the attorneys for
J. 1). Ward, the convicted bigamist,
filed a motion in arrest of judgment
which the court overruled, and the
case will betaken to the SuprcmeCourt.
Counsel claims that Ward slmuld have
been tried in the United Status Court
under the Kdmonds act.
When James C. Monroe, who was
charged with burglary, was asked if he
had anything to say why sentence
should not be passed on him, he made
a very neat appeal to the court plead-
ing for clemency saying that it was his
first crime and the first time the family
had ever been disgraced, lie said that
. , he had an object in view and as a few
soon as any of my children show signs | ,jayB might mean much to him, he ask
of ci oiin 1 give it to them and that is ml that lie be given the lightest sentence
ot uoup i givo ■ , ... possible and that Ills time begin with
the last of it." 2o and 50 cent bottles I ^ ^ guUty The ,ourt
f( r sale by all druggists. heard his appeal and granted it, by
sentencing him for two years from the
Tecumseh Democrat: Rev. L. J. | 27th of November. When James Smith,
Amos formerly of Tecumseh, is now at Monroe's partner, was called on he
i i i i u luinm nf thnt rir- asked for the same favor that had been
Noble, where he has charj. >f . | nt0(l Monroe, and his counsel Judge
cuit and Lexington. Rev. Amos \sasi<~ . .. . a.u .t...
with us two years and did a good ileal
South Side Main Street,
2 doors east of Isom's store.
Bottled and Draught Beer,
Fine Brandies,
Wines, Cigars &c.
berth weitzenhoffer.
Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers, Cigars.
kom: agents ron
Pabst Beer.
North Mai* Sr.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable,
.1 -f
florae, by tho day or iveok. If you want rl« or road horso como and «ce uj.
of good, and is an earnest worker. 1 he
people of that circuit should consider
themselves very fortunate in securing
his services.
Nclionl SOU*.
More school room is badly needed.
Six new students were enrolled Mon-
11 at tie, Dora and Lou Blackburn en-
tered school Monday morning.
Tessie and Mollie Crawford have re-
covered from sickness and are in school
Visitors at school have been scarce
for some time, and for what reason we
in nnb'S thev can't And
ior j<
Chamber!ai a «y« and Skin Ointmsat
Is s rertaii cure for Chronic Bore
Granulated Eye Lids. Bore Nipples Piles,
Kczems, Tetter, Halt Rheum and Scald Head,
25 cento per box. For sale by druggets.
For putting a horse in a fine healthy con-
dition try Dr. lady's Condition 1 nwders.
They tone up the nv*tem, aid digestion, euro
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney aworders and destroy wormi*. giving
new life to an old or over workwl howe. 4>
oento per package. For Bale by druggists.
Irvin Abernathy has severed his cot -
ncction with the Hog and Hominy
store at Purcell and is again staying on
this side of tho river.
l)r. Carpenter can be found night or
day at his otlice and residence, ailjoin-
ing the Richardson lumber office.
A Christmas tree for the pupils of the
Lexington public school will take pla<e
at the Baptist church on the night of
December 24.
For rheumatism I have found noth-
ing equal to Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
It relieves the pain as soon as applied.
J. W. Young, West Liberty, W. Vo.
The prompt refief it affords is alone
worth many times the cost, 50 cents.
Its continued use will effect a perma-
nent cure. For sale by all druggists.
commercial printing, that is note heads,
letter heads, statements, envelopes,
etc., we can give you good work at fair
Cotton buyers say that Purcell will
receive about 3000 bales of cotton this
season, and of these exceeding one-half
will come from this side of the river.
Don't forget that we are still in busi-
ness and are selling goods at greatly
reduced prices since the tire. Adek-
natiiy Bkos.
The building on Broadway lately oc-
cupied by Neal Smith as a livery stable
is being torn down and the lumber
carted awav.
Wo have left some buggies, carts,
wagons, sulky plows, gang plows and
hay rakes, not damaged by tire, that
will sell at a reduced price. Kki.i.kk
& Jamks.
Two more hacks have been put on
between Lexington and Purcell, making
seventeen engaged in transporting pat^
sengors between the two towns.
John Steiufort, the young man who
has been assisting Ed Bitsche in the
meat market, has gone to iiranvillt.
Iowa. Mr. Steinfort owns a lino farm
In Iowa, and if lie can sell it lie will
return to lexington and invest tin
Members of the township board are
here to hold a meeting this ^Friday)
afternoon. They are to settle with
Trustee Strickland, and his books hav-
ing been burned are wondering how to
proceed in the nirtter. Judge Moseley,
Col. Owynne and Jodie liuni compose
the board.
k in ail in metic which
well for them.
That tardy brigade. The bell rings
at nine o'clock and yet some are tardy.
The students in the high school
would like to know how a frog can
breathe under water.
IvOst somewhere between sunrise and
sunset, two golden hours. Tho loser
will need them in the future.
What should a pupil study at school?
That which will profit him most in life. ,
The history class would like for •
Cleveland's cabinet to write to the
class and each secretary give his name.
The students passed a creditable *kx- |
animation at the close of the month, |
and the following shows the first rank |
in each grade: High school depart-)
ment, A class sixth grade, Roscoe ren-
tier; B class sixth grade, Arthur Petrie;
A class fifth grade, Ueorgi* (ioodin. j
Grammar department, A class fourth
grade, Alf Cossey; B class fourth grade,
Hattie Williams; A class fifth grade,
Agnes Avev; B class fifth grade, Abb e
Brad berry.
Intermediate department, A rla^
third grade, May I'rigou; B class thiol
grade, Clay Ellis; A class second grade,
Arthur Booker; B class second grade,
Lucile Elkin.
Primary department, A reading, Jim
White; B reading, Carrene Mitchell; A
chart, Ada Propes; B chart, Eugene
On Christinas eve the children will
be met at the Baptist church by Santa
Claus, who, after distributing bis pres-
ents will take his leave for parts uu-
Adams of Oklahoma City, told th
court that Smith was intoxicated when
the crime was committed and that jt
was llis first offense and would be his
last. Judge Scott gave liiui the same
sentence that he did Monroe. These
two men look enough alike to be broth-
ers and it is believed that they gave an
assumed name.
(ius Mays, indicted for giving Ward
a fil«- and "an old shoe spring, had noth-
ing to say. but his attorney, Mr. Brew-
er, made* a strong plea for clemency.
The judge questioned Mays closely re-
garding bis past life but did not receive
very satisfactory answers. Mays is ev-
idently a bad citizen and tin; court de-
prived him of his liberty for three years,
j J. 1). Ward, the convicted bigamist,
1 made the speech of the afternoon when
! called upon to sav why he should not
| be sentenced. Ward is very smooth
and his speech was polished. He re-
's iewed his case in a very masterful
iiiamu rand said that the result was
g some brought about by circumstances, unfor-
speaks tunateto him, which lie could not
avoid. His talk developed the fact
that lie is a lawyeroften years practice.
He received a three years sentence.
We are pleased tonotethat Rev. Cow-
perthwaite has decided to remain in
Norman and serve the ( hristian
church. That gentleman is an eloquent
pulpit orator and is earnest in tin- work
ami we regard the church as very fort-
unate to secure liini.
Legal papers drawn and conveyances executed.
A brand new out lit. Job printing executed with neatness and dispatch.
I.and Ofltrc al Oklahoma, fl. T„ I
December®. l*'l. i
N'nti™ it hereby given th«t the following
named nettler ha- JlleS notice ot her intention to
muk<> 11 mi I proof in Hiiiipnrt of her claim, and
that «iiid proof will be made before the l-robate
judge nf « level and county, at Nnrniau, on Jan
ua„ 22,1*">.^RY a.colM.
for the northeast quarter of section 1, towuhip
Shc^nauu'Vie following wi*newel to prove
her continuous residence upon aud cultivation
0fO*Bl,Keo lP,'ThoiiiSi Butler, (leorge llutler,
allowance of >uch prool, or who
<ib*tantiHl ration, under the law and ine refu
latum* of the Interior Department, whjr iuen
proof • hou Id not b, si lowed, will be «ive.._ .J
iportunity at the above mentle
iMrU Published November 17 I
Land Office at Oklahoma City. O. T., ?
Novon ber 13, ls«4. i
Notice in hereby Riven that the following
named settler hiis filed notice of his intention
to in ike final proof in upp rt of his claim, and
that «aid itroof will be male bet -re the Keg-
inler and Keeoiver at Oklahoma City, O. T., on
far tho northeast quarter of soctlou l\, town-
liiin 6, range 1 weit. ... .
lie named the following witaeiiei to provo
hU continuoui reilainoe upon and cultivation
"'m"h''Mitclven-jr, W. C. Burton. W. 8. Whor-
ton, J. 0. Sprowled, all of Lexington, O. T-
Any person w o desire* to protest, ngainst tho
allowance of Buoh proof, or who knows of any
fiih'tantial reason, under the law and the regu-
tnti 'iis of the Interior Department, whv such
rd time an.I .(riM)f not bo allowed, will be g ven an
1,1,.« of said 1 opportunity at the above montioned time and
i , •vidance in rebuttal ot , ..iiu-e to cr«a«- xamine the witnesses of said
lhT.uim.ruul by Sla mint ' „ . j .'uiinant. an.l t. nff.r . v ..Icnco in r.buttal ot
mat auDmuiou j, M DILLKY, Kef liter. that su'nuitte I by claimant.
112 8 j 11. M.Dillst, Register.
Kleaant plush albums at tirillith's.
Nolle* of IllMMsilutlon.
Lkxinoton, Pec. 7. 1894.
Notice is hereby given that the part-
nership heretofore existing between W
('. Locke 1111(1 J. li. Peters lias been ilis-
solveii bv the uiutnul consent of both
parties, 'J. li. Peters continuing busi-
ness at the ol.l stand. All bills payable
to and by J. B. Peters.
\V . C. I/K'KB.
J. B. PKTKltS.
Highest honors—World's Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartnr Powder. Fred
from Ammonia. Alum or any other a Jultetant.
[First Published December8.J
i-nciuup. v, i I LandOflioeat Oklahoma, O.T.,?
v .i,. la htriihy liven that the following Deoember S, 1HK4. )
Hn.ll ■Hitler has tiled notieo of his intention | Notice i* hereby given that the following
. , nroof in support of bis claim, and I named settlor has filed notice of his intention
that shI.I proof will be made before the Iteg- t0 make final proof in support of hiiclnuu nj> I
liter *7Receiver at Oklahoma City, on January , a t snid prool w II be made before I he
>a \ui via- Remoter and Receiver at OklahomaCUy, 0. i.,
it, 18S&. vi*:.. „ IW(1UAVi 'on January 22. Iviz:
for the southwest .juaitrr of suction 10, town*
------ I west.
for the northeast qnartnr of section H, town -
-i.ii, li ti rth range 1 wost. . i ior i
II.. names Ihe following wltneiiei 0 prove |
contlnuoo", re.w.uoe upoii ndcultivation | |,o
u'l"r"«nk"Rcii U. Peffet. William Urow, j 0'f*, V.V Iwi-1
IS. .llownnco ..I .uch ptoof. ..r wlio kn.. .of Any int.
nt.* ub.tniiti l roa*" . mi.l.r the nii.l t|"i* «iInw 11 m'.
rMfulatton. nf lh 1 uU-r.-.r ll.'l nrt.ii. nl. *hy „|l„
bt, allow,';!. "I ?|" ' ami i" r
an opportunity u« the above mentloin d tiuu ana ,,r„„t
I olace to cross-examine the witnesses of nnpurtuoiiy
claluieut, and to offer evidence in rebuttal ot p ,e 10 t n
.ubiuintsi by LLEVi R,I>|MI| SSTSIMI
lli i
1 Extraordinary Otfcv to
lly spec
ml arranieineiit with th
«> ■!,. Pnrt Woith Semi"Weekly On*
1 are enabled t"
CLEVKLAM> c'IlN 1^1."
1 ' ynu free, hs a I remluii,, the
KKbY 0AZETTK for six month
iuuk«) llnnl l'i
.1 Mill proof
er iin I Ree.
i t.i the i
ww will f
M'.Ml- 1 ♦'
the fo Itiwlng witnesses t
us residence upon and cV'i
, in*fd, will ho given i .
live meutionod time a i
e the witi.esses of mid
evideuce in rcbiutal of
ma nt
I. I >I l.l.l'.Y, Register,
id Deoembtr 8.1
f!lce at Oklahoma, o. '1' , t
Docetnbcr H, IS'.U *
«,vi.|i that ih" follow'"-
' i notice of his intent i
i mipp.irt of his claim. ■■
he i i ule before the llr
t Oklahoma City ou Ja
t l'ubltiti
Ft) It
o.ler app
only to per
ouer i pp .
subscriber* to the Oalclte
1 he Semi W. vkly Jlaiet
■tage pnper. sevon column-1
on T.I..'l y !• rl;l y of >
■ crip'ioii price is 41 u ye
rfltt<|i>rs more t r thcit i
\ .irk '.r ( hi igO paper*.
Remit *\ io us for oiie «•
I ul -aid Inrul.
c page, l-stt <1
Meek its "lib
mil it gives it-
.• thall llic N ew
• lie Uum,
allowance of
^ubauntiiil i
. I-ti.
residence upon andculiiv
, l>. R. .lackson. Ilurvey Ih
■\ ii l.«-ires to prutbxt again
leIt proof, or w bo know • of
tot. under the ' *
mf should 1
I'tj a
C alio
ll Ihe
Hill W .
iibscrlptlon to
will credi' yo
from the ilui*

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