Cleveland County Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 50, Ed. 1 Saturday, December 15, 1894 Page: 2 of 4

Knlernt nt fite Pontofflp* nt I.e xlnirtnn, Okla-
homa .arrHnry. ma «««ond clam mutter, lor
<u mruu«h ail maili.
Niik «ri| lloii linlM.
One year. •
Six months, WJ
On# nqunro, ..r |«m,cents for each in «rti n
l«ocltl uolloc* ft oeuta | or line for c«ch in-
' Kate* for utmidlnf advertisements made
known on application.
Aec«unl* <lue the first of ench month.
Communications of a personal .nature. when
not i.f mtncral inierest. will be Inserted an nd-
vertiaiug matter, aud charged for accordingly.
MHIrtitl < oil ill.
Githrif, Dec. 11.—Secrotury
lxiWH to-d y completed the official
count of the votes cast nt the re-
cent election nnd reports the leg-
isl iuri' t stand hs follows: Upper
house, 8 Republicans, 4 Populists
and 1 Democrat; lower house, 10
Iter iihlicans. 7 Populists nnd H
Territorial Tf cher ' AaaoriMtlon.
The Teachers' Association of the
Territory will meet nt El Reno dur
irid the holidays nnd a very Inter-
esting program has been prepared
The annual address will he made
by President Boyd, of tho Univer-
sity. Prof. J. S. (Jrltlin of the Uni-
versity will discuss denomination-
al st hu ils. Every tencher should
attend that can do so as it will be
a very profitable session.
WimiI n Penitentiary,
Woodward, O. T., Dec. 11.—The
military reservation of -10,000 acres
attached to Fort Supply having
been abandoned by tho depart-
ment of war, a strong effort will be
made to have the general govern-
ment donate the fort and the res-
ervation to the territory for a site
for the state penitentiary.
Minmlrr ArrntMl.
Perry, Dec. 12.—Rev. O. it. Mc-
Kinney, postmaster at McKluney,
Oklahoma, was arrexted by dep-
uty niarolials and arraigned in the
district court here for tampering
with registered letters, McKinney
i a cowboy preacher from Texas,
lie 1* a Methodist minister, post-
master, justice of the peace, mer-
chant and owns the town of Mc-
Kinney eighteen miles north or
Pkrry, Dec. 10.—One of the
most prominent Populist orators
ot Oklahoma Territory is behind
the bars nt Guthrie for an offense
ngsinst the United States govern-
ment. Hen Coe, a m>ted free sil-
ver Populist and stump speaker,
vri arrested yesterday ten miles
north of here for cutting timber on
government land. A light occur-
red when One was arrested, nnd
now several of his friends are in
jsil for real-ting United States offi-
Opi>< M'il to a < lifinge.
Ardmore, Dec. 10.—The Chicka-
saw UeirisiHture met In regular ses-
sion t Tishomingo, the national
capital, to-day. The object of the
call is loelcct two special delegates
to go to Washington and lobby
congress to defeat any proposed
legislation affecting the five clvi-
liie i Irllics in the present session
of congress. The fill! blood ele-
ment, the In ixl nnd cattle men
among the adopted cltiiens and
the present office holders are bitter-
ly opposed to any change In the
irlbsl government and will fight
any measure affecting it.
fun Alit'iid Whllf Nrhoolft.
Pkrry, Dec. 11—Judge Dale,
chief justice of the supreme conrt
of Oklahoma, has just dccided
that colored children must bo al-
li'vncl to attend white schools. In
a school district in l.ogan county,
Oklahoma, the school trustees re-
fused to allow the children ot a
negro to attend white schools, and
the father of the children brought
suit, compelling the trustees to al-
low his children in school. Judge
Dale decided thst colored children
should lie allowed to atten.l white
schools unless the trustees would
build gnod separate school build-
ings, and give as good facilities for
colored children as white.
U r<l ft Hue oil ft Mo III nil.
Perry, Dec. 10.—Mary French
and Mary Cartrlght are the claim-
ants to the same quarter section
of land near Council Grove, Potta-
watomie county,Oklahoma. Some
• lays airo a quarrel resulted over
tor right nf the women to the land,
during which a deadly tight oc-
curred between Miss Cartright and
Mrs. French. The former used a
hoe and handle and Mrs. French
Nome stones. Mrs. French was
struck on the head with the keen
edge of thn hoe and the handle was
broken into splinters over her
liead. Immediately trial was had
and to-day the fair Miss Cartrlght
was held under a bond of $3,oOO.
Mrs. French, who Is a beautiful
woman, was horribly beaten up
and her face greatly disfigured.
lloldlp At Terrnl.
TKitKAti, I.T.,Dec.ll.—'The north-
bound Rock Island passenger train
was held up and robbed by mask-
ed highwaymen about one tulle
south of this station, and just on
the bank of the Red River.
Two of the outlaws climbed over
the tender of the engine nnd com-
pelled the engineer to stop the
train and then took the engineer
Htiil tireman and called to the ex-
press messenger to open the car
door, which was done. There Is no
money carried on Ibis run nnd
they secured nothing. The rob-
ber* then GBlod their attention to
the passengers, going through the
coaches and robbing every one of
money nnd valuables. At present
the report Is that shout |:!00 was
secured, and several watches. The
passenger* were awoke ami coiii-
pelle'i to h'ltiil over their money nt
the emi of ii gun.
Several shot* were IIred Into Ihe
trlan and two shots ti red at Con-
ductor Cannon through the coach
door. Pulliiiitn Conductor Brown
was rftruck by a bullet which lodg-
ed in his coat. He Is not Injured.
There were three of the robbers
and wfter comnleting their work
they left, gulng in a westerly direc-
tion. All three were masked and
xliabbily dressed and sei'ined to be
amnteurs at the business.
I illI'll Inr I,, Ip.
Guthrie, Dec. II.—Henry W
Shoemaker, who, with two com-
panions, murdered Edward Town-
send In his store at Todd, ]il im
county, twenty miles west of lien-
nessy, has been found guilty of
murder in the first degree and sen-
tenced to Imprisonment for life.
He was taken to the Lansing pen-
itentiary yesterday. Shoemaker
was the leader of a gang of out-
laws and horse thieves who terror
izen the people of this portion of
Oklahoma for almost a year. Sev-
eral daring robberies nnd hold-ups
were perpetrated by tills gang last
summer, but although hounded by
the officers, tloy always eluded
capture. One evening about (i
o'clock, several weeks ago, Shoe
maker and three companions rode
to Townsend's store in the village
ofTodd and attempted to rob him.
Townsend resisted, and he was lit-
erally shot to pieces by the gang.
Townsend was a thirty-second
degree Mason and the best known
man in the territory. Governor
Renfrow offered a reward of |600
and the masons of Oklahoma |l,500.
Tom Taylor and Jack Hubbard,
two old frontiersmen, started on
the trail of the gang, and after a
chise on horseback beting over
two months, and extending from
Colorado into tho Panhandle of
Texas and No-Mnn's-liund, they
trailed Shoemaker into llonnessy.
lie pulled Ids revolver, hut found
himself covered with guns, and
gave up.
Condition of Winter Wheat.
Chicago, Ilt,., Dec. 12.—The
Fanners' ltoview says: Winter
wheat is doing well in most of the
states. Where It has had sufficient
moisture it has pushed rapidly for-
wnrd and the warm weather has
caused a starting out that will
serve to protect it from the coining
cold. Generally speaking Illinois,
Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentuc-
ky, Missouri ami Wisconsin report
the crop as doing well. There are
counties, however, In all of these
states where drouth has prevailed
all the full, and as a consequence
conditions for the crop arc low.
Kunans and Nebraska present
varied conditions, the more favor
able counties showing a fine
growth of the cereal. From many
sections in Ihe two states come the
complaints that have been so com-
mon in the past years—ground too
dry to permit the seed to sprout
and no hope now except in the
spring rains. In Iowa little seed-
ing lias been done. As is common
ly the case, little winter wheat has
been sown in Minnesota and Dako-
ta, but what has been put in seems
to be doing well.
A Pi.piiiim Uuki,
Tecum,eh Lender.
Wednesday afternoon one J. R
Jacobs, of Lincoln county, late
Democratic candidate for repre-
sentative, second district, arrived
in town from Oklahoma City, so he
said, and offered to bet I'iIHI that
J. W. Martin would not ho install-
ed as treasurer of Pottawatomie
county and stated that lie would be
Indicted by the federal grand jury
at Oklahoma City, for stealing
lorses live years ago. Within a
short time after Ills arrival the re-
port had been circulated all over
the city. The report did not cre-
ate the consternation among the
leading Populists here that ur
expected. Said Pops liavo "liolu
of a string," and when they g> t
througli pulling it some heanlly
cuss of a high card player may be
extremely anxious to emigrate.
Lay low and await results hoys.
Tho trail is warm and will he
followed anil dont you forget it.
The NcKrn Hill M Providing
e«l Favorably.
The bill to provide for the sale of
Indian reservation lands nnd nucli
lands in tho Indian Territory a*
may hereafter bo opened to sett-la-
ment, has been reported favorably
to the house. If passed there will
be no more such affairs as charac-
terized the opening of Oklahoma
and the Strip. Tho substance of
the bill Is given in the following:
All land* Included within tin- limit* of any
Indian reservation or in the Indian territory,
the dUpOital '.f which may ho hereafter author
isod by aureeinenr, onnt ruct or treaty with uuy
Indian tribe, or by any law of the I'nitfd State*
and notalrctldy op.-nc.l, thull be opened to *ct
tlumeut and entry under the provisions of this
The president rf tho United State# may nt-
tach nny reservation or any part to any existing
contiguous land district, or ho may. iithisdi*
eretiuu, organise separate land districts. As
soon an practicable nfier the survey of 'he
lands in any such reservation or in tho Indian
territory, the commissioner of the general land
office dull cause to he put>li«hed in at
three newspapers published and of general cir-
culation in tho italoor toiritorv wherein such
binds are situated a notice in substance stating
that at the time or times ami place or places
thereiu ipecifled bids will be opened for the
nuiohasoof the right to cut r the agricultural
lands which are not includid in nny townsite
ami that such right will tin n and there be sold
to the highest bidder therefor. If entitled to en-
ter under the homestead law; that such bids
shall bo in writing and delivered in a muled en-
velope to the register of tho local land ollice
where the land is subirc to entry, srior to the
day of sale. Notice shall distinctly state that
the inter st acquired by anj p trehaser at such
sale is only the right of getting homestead on-
fry of such bind under the h<;ine*teud laws of
the United States and I lint he or site must com
ply with all the provisions of said laws as to
entry, settlement, residence, occupation, culti-
vation ami nou-alienation before the title to
the land can be acquired. It shall also contain
a general description of the lands so to be open
ed to settleiin n and the said commissioner may
iuoorporato in such notice such other geneml
Information concern inn the terms ami in ami" r
of sale n- he may ik*f*m expedient and uroper
a II ngrcultur 1 bind* in the Indian re-erva
lions or In the Indian territory not iu—I.- I <• i
allotment* to Indians >vhich me not uiiii<-nil
lands and not included in n iy townsite shall bo
oponed to settlement .n.d li-pu.H-d of under Ihe
provisions of this a t to the hitrhost bidder
therefor who is untitled to enter lands under the
houicstciid law and whose sealed written bid
shall have been delivered to the register of the
Uud district in which tho snine is situa ed un-
der tho noticc, prior o the djy of designated
At the time and place in such notice specified
all tho bids shall bo opened by the register ami
rwvivar of the proper land offloa, and In the
presence of such others as the secretary ot the
interior may designate to be present and wit
ness ,'uch opening and thereupon the rig t to
enter each subdivision of said lands bid lor
shall be uwarded to the highe-l qualified bidder.
Hut suid lands shall not bo entered in sut>divj*
ions exceeding one quarter section according to
government survey or lens than forty acres to
any ono person, except in the ease of lots or
fractional subdivisions which urose in course «.f
surveys under existing laws and contain lesr
than forty acres. Nor shall nny of said lands
be disposed of at a rate per acre less t an the
price per acre paid by the United States there-
for. Obi sixth of the purchase price of sieb
subdivision shall be naid in cash and the re-
mainder thereof in five equal annual install-
ments, at times to be fixed by tho secretary of
the interior or in general regulations to be ir"
by him relative thereto.
Lots in townsites shall also be sold to the high-
est bidder, upoll the same terms of payment ns
provided for agricultural binds, not to oxceed
two lots to each bidder, after eight weeks' no
tice, published a< aforesaid, sealed bids ir
writing to bo made and opened, as heretofore
provided for the sale of agricultural lands, and
any bis remaining undisposed of shall he sub-
ject to sale at private entry at tho proper dis-
trict land offio« at such prices as muv be fixed
by the secretary of the interior, not less than
$10 for each lot of one acrn • r less area, and nt
the rate of not less than $10 per acre for lots of
more than oue acre.
Hold Hrlek Swindle.
ilknnkhhy, Ok., Dec. 15—a piiir
of clever confidence men swindled
Peter Adkiin, ueiilthy farmer, liv-
ing ne«r Olega, Oklahoma, ten
miles we«t, nut of 13000 on the Roll!
I>ri' k racket to-day, and made
their escape. Adklns drew the
money oiitul the lunk at Kinttfl-h-
r yesterday to purchme kouic chi-
tle ami «utaken iii ton by Mm
pair of swlndleix who easily con-
vinced the Innocent Peter that lie
had a small fortune in the two gidil
hrlcks. The swindlers claimed
they secured the gold in tho Olo s
mountains west of llennissy,
where the recent go|d excitement
occurred. The men drove to win I
Unid and made good their escape.
Hearty fur Hobbern.
Wehhku's Fai. 1.8,1. T., Dec. 12.—
Yesterday evening Mar-dial Lacy
of Mils place received a telegram
from Muscogee, signed hy the .Mc-
Alester Marshal, notifying him to
have the citizens here prepared to
protect themselves, th it a com-
pany of masked bandits were
heading for Webber's Kails after
having robbed Htandefer's store, in
the Choctaw Nation. Men and
arms were kept in readiness all
last night, but peace and quiet
reigned. The robbers are looked
for most any ti
Trenailr> «ol«l Keorrtf.
Washington, 1s5.—The
Treasury gold reserve now utmid*
but $•">,<h>o,iK)0 above (lie re*erve
limit ol *100,000,000, having been
gradually reduced to *106,000,000 hy
withdrawals for export and re-
demption pur| o#i'M. Oo thene two
ti ii t s the loss xutftiiined since De-
cember 1 has been $10,662,608, or
f l,noo,(MM) a day, (Sunday* excluded.
To-day's gold withdrawals footed
11,305,714, of which $1,367,579 was
taken out in redemption of United
.States notes and $.*>,12o In treasury
Kotlco to bank robbers: Stay uway
from Husioll. Thuro ia a Bynlom of
eloctric buttons in tho bank floor* of
that town whloh will rinff a hundred
IjonffH on tho principal atreoi* and ti
doubln- barrel shotgun is kept in every
■lota All the hanker has to do wh«n
ihe robbers oomo in is to step on a
button. The citl ons will do tho rest
if they cun shoot straight onough.
Tf.UKi roill %I. MOTF..H.
Hon D. A. Harvey will look after
Oklahoma City'a Interests at Washing-
ton this winter.
Kecont advices warrant the con-
clusion that there are at least 70:
Hill C ooks in tho Indian Territory,
A young Gorman of Oklahoma City
has invontod a railroad tio for which
he has an o:for of $,">0,0 )0.
Oklahoma has nearly one hundred
convicts in tho J.ansing, Kansas, pen-
Tecumseh Democrat: The late rai i
has boon a groat bonofit to wintc.*
whoat. and that crop is now looking
romarkably well, so the farmers say.
Oklahoma walnut timber is being
shipped to oastorn furniture factcriosi
and Oklahoma cedar is being used by
Kngllsh load poncil factories.
One hundred and sixteen deeds giv-
en by the • 'Pott' Indians for lands re-
cently sold by them, have boon recelv-
od at Washington for approval
It is rumored that a white woman
at Kdmond is soon to wed a negro.
Chief Hig lloart, of tho Osage tribe
of Indiana opposes allotment.
Shawnee bids fair to bemomo a
good town, iib it has secured tho rail-
road. It is in a good country and
just far onough from Oklahoma City.
Druggists in the Indian Territory
are prohibited from selling medicines
containing sufficient alcohol to stim-
There is nothing on tho court
square to day. except a dond dog and
a couple of loads of haled hay,—Kntd
I ho colored folks at Oklahoma are
u*king lor u portion of tho school
funds arising from the salo of the res
Kdmond is aroused over the damna-
ble crime of ono Culver, in debauch-
ing two little girls.
4-irniitl Jury Itrpurl.
In the District court, Third judicial
district, Cleveland county. Territory
of Oklahoma, November term, 18D4.
To Hon. Henry W. Scott, Judge.
Tho grand .ury for the regular No-
vember term. 18!)4, of this court would
inform the co rt of the completion of
their v oric and would now most re-
spectfully submit the following report:
Tho grand jury in body visited the
county ail before finishing their labor
an 1 found confined therein fifteen
prisoners of the following name held
for tho following named olVensea:
Sidney Stall, attempt to rape: James
O. Monroe, burglary; 1 rank Thomas,
fai, o pretense; .'ames Fuller, intro-
ducing stolen stock; .(ames Smith,
burglary; 1- Morris, grand larceny,
.lamos 1 olm, introducing stolon stock;
Gus Mai o, attempt to iiborate prison-
ers; William Kouth, charged with
assault; David Eckor, rape; J. P.
Ward, bigamy; William Jones, held
on suspicion: G. Jackson, petit lar-
ceny; David J. Whitley, attempt to
kill; James Andrews, forgery.
After touching upon tho sanitary
condition of the jail and courthouse
and recommending some needed
changes they continue:
We further report that wo have
visited tho offices of the county clerk,
county treasurer and sheriff, recorder
of deeds and superintendent of schools
and made an examination of their
offices and books and find them to be
in a neat, businesslike condition, and
commend the otlicers for the faithful
manner in which they are conducting
the offices of the county.
In conclusion we desire to thank
tho Judge of this court for his kind
advice and courteous treatment in
assittting us in our work as well as the
good ofiices of the county's able and
capable attorney.
Hespectfully submitted.
John A. M< Caktney, Foreman.
I'ltilHwiiloinlP MullfrN.
Purcell Regl.-ter.
Joseph Moose, the secretary of the
Pottawatomie Itusinose Committee,
favorod us with a call this wook and
gave us a job of printing tho form of
doods used in the conveyance of lands
in the neighborhood of Sacred Heart.
He says the Pottawatomios will hold a
General Council on the 19th inst., to
consider the following propositions:
1. To petition the department t?
pay to the ( itb.ens' I'and per capita
the sum appropriated by the act of
congress approved August 16, 1891:
2. To petition congress that the
sum of $49, 000— the Citizens' Hand's
share of school fund—appropriated by
act of March ?, 1891, bo paid per cap-
ita to each member of the Citizens'
3. To induce Delegate Flynn to
have an act passed whereby all ot the
allotments of deceased allottees shall
be conveyod to tho heirs in accord-
ance with the provisions of the
Dawes act.
4. That wherein persons have tak-
en lands under tho act of May 23,
1872, such porsons .1 years old and
upwards, shall be granted a pateut In
foe simplo absolute with the restrio
tion that uut'l otherwise conveyed
such land shall be exempted from levy,
execution or taxation.
6. I'o appoint an attorney at
Washington to prosecute tho govern-
ment for tho forfeiture of tho Leaven-
worth and Pawnee I ail road company
for the original right of way grantod
and for which wo hold the govern-
ment responsible to the extent of
about $(5 ,000.
ti To determine and act upon all
matters that may come before the
Vox Popull.
We nre the people I
I he rank nnd flic of the
Democratic party,
And you can bet your eveilasting foundations
That ihe pand is iu our craws yet.
True our leaders held us up by the tails,
While the (1. O. Pier* gave it to us
Where .Vbllie wore tho beuds.
Hut, while we wore petling it in tho ncck.
The leaders were getting it in the
Lungfl and lights and liver
And other vital statistics.
And did it hurt us.
Not a little bit.
We are inclined at this date to believe
That the party got licked ;
We have even hearl it intimated that it
"(Jot licked like
Hut the Republicans didn't do it;
We did it ourselves.
We o Mlldn't lick the Republicans
And Democrats together,
So we made a couibiuo and licked tho Demo-
That's the kin-1 of a homogeneity we are
When we feel like it.
And we fell like it.
Do they think we don't know anything.
Don't we know a broken pledge when we *eo it.
Cnn't we smell sugar when it is fryiug in the
Are. mugwumps.
Don't we know the cuckoo cry.
When wc want tariff reform don't we want it.
Arc we electing men to office for our health.
Or for theirs.
Whore nre wo at,
And what ore we here for.
We may be willing to ride jackasses,
Hut when jackasses try to ride us we draw the
We drew it on Novembers last.
Did anybody feel it pull.
Our noble leaders kicke l a plank or two
Out of our platform to suit t'te few-
We kicked ihe stuffin' out of the
Whole shebang to suit the many.
Now who's ou top.
We may be damned fools but we are not damn-
ed rascals.
The Vox i'opuli is tho
Vox Dei,
And the cents who think they own the earth
Can bet 3,0>0,000 square miles of it
That wc are tho
Vox I'opuli.
Whoop la!
—New York Sun.
Lumber, Laths, Shingles, 4
^ 1 «
Purcell, I. T.
Lexington, O. T.
GEO. li. C1IASTAIX, Manager.
V. L. WOODS, Agent, Lexington.
Listen to Ed. Bitsche.
A General Market
Business, and do earnestly solicit a liberal
share of tho i am not in it to spite
any oue or to cut aud slash prices, but here a
servant of the ublie. My whole attention
will bo given to this business. Come and ex-
amine. 1 keep everything as ciean and neat
as a pin. A pleasant and sweet odor issues
from my house, rising from one, two and three
year old beeves. Also
Fresh Pork, Bacon, Salt Pork,
fish and flame in seaton. Highest cash price
School Land For I.ease.
Kxicutivk okpicr. ?
(li* TH mr, O. T., November 27, 1 • 94. )
Notice is hereby given, that bids will be re-
ceived on any of the vacant lands in sections 13
mid Cl in the Cherokee Strip, and sections lb
i and V) in nny portion of the territory until
J miliary 3, 1H!>.*>. when awards will be mule to
1 the hi*Iiest bidder. Cash luu't accompany bid.
; Lo i'es to extend for throe years from January
I. 1K'J. . For lint of vacant lands and for bianks,
. apply to the Secretary of the Board for Leas-
j in* School I.ami
Have just received the finest line of Silk Handker-
chiefs, Mufflers, Ladies' Cloaks and Jackets, Chil-
dren's Underwear, Bootees, Capes, Caps, Etc., htc.
that has ever been shown in the Territory, and at
free trade prices.
Call on Ds When in Purcell
A Full Line of Plain Furniture
j^Cofflns, Caskets, Burial Robes, anil Coffin furniture.
t.F.XlSGTON, O. '/
For Dry Goods, Clothing. Boots, Shoes,
Hats. Gents' Furnishing Goods, Notions.
Governor and Chairman of Hoard.
N. U. This notice has nothing to do with re-
Beuuro and rail anil sfjo our w
100 different articles aolil a I nicklo.
Iiat r
ami many
ilerful XlVliEL CO UXT Kit. Ov<>!
' ' Wnsh pHim .")(•, machine oil
lifferent articles aolil til o nicklo. ash pans up, mucninc on - i.
•acks large milk and bread I>ntif 3c, pair slu-ars uc, hammer oc
many other article* too numerous to mention, (live lis n call.
I*urr«'ll T< | lc«.
From the ItcKiiter
The Methodist church on Apache
street linn donned a new coat of paint
which iuKIh greatly to its neat appear-
Gov. Dick Hubbard, of Texan, in one
of the finest orators in the South. lie
will lecture here at the Presbyterian
church on Thursday night,December "27.
k child of Mr. J. If. licDevi oni
of the pair of interesting twins, aged
about live years, died this (Friday) af-
ternoon of croup. The bereaved par-
ents have the earnest sympathy of a
host of friends.
Mr. W. A. Whitenian, who was for so
many years nianageri of the Western
Union Telegraph office at this place,
died at Pueblo, Colorado, last 'lnurs-1
day of consumption, with which he
had been suffering for some time. The
remains wore burled Sunday at Inde-
pendence, Kansas.
The Odd Fellows held their semi-an-
nual election on Tuesday evening which
resulted in the choice of the following
gentlemen to preside over the destinien
oft he lodge for the following six months:
Noble (irand, .1. K. Hope; Vice (irand.
(-lias. Hubbard; Recording Secretary,
I.L.Anderson; Permanent Secretary,
J. W. Hocksi rreasuror, J M Wylis; I
Trustees, Wm, (.'lardy and 1. L. Ander-
Some elegant building lots are being
sold on Third A venue, north < f |{.
Sacra's place. l)rs. Dunn and C'hildH
have each bought good lots snd expect
to improve them soon.
Preparations for the Christinas fen-
tiviticH are aheadv being made by the
churches. The Presbyterian Sunday
school will give an entertainment on '
that date, for which the Sundav sehool
pupils are already being drilled.
Celluloid picture frames at Gritlith's. 11
'/I* -
Railroad Track,
South of the
Cotton Platform.
( <

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Cleveland County Leader. (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 50, Ed. 1 Saturday, December 15, 1894, newspaper, December 15, 1894; Lexington, Oklahoma Territory. ( accessed March 21, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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