Cleveland County Enterprise (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 26, No. 12, Ed. 1 Thursday, September 20, 1917 Page: 5 of 8

Local ami Personal
• ♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ♦
J. o. Fox made a business trip to
•Tecumseh Tuesday.
V Judge W. L. Eagleton was in Pur-
cell today on legal business.
I M. Jackson and son Carl were
visitors to Oklahoma City Saturday.
Several Purcell ladies were in Nor-
man Saturday night, witnessing
Rucker style show.
Mrs E J. Keller, of Lexington,
spent Tuesday and Wednesday in
Norman with friends.
Mrs W L. Eagleton is spending
Ric'-ard Seawright, after a two
JSS vacation spent at Tulsa and
X cities in Eastern Oklahoma, has
returned home.
Mr* Sarah Klinglesmith, formerly
of' Norman, who is now living at
Chickasha, visited with friends here
a fe-v days this week.
, Jim Shears has contracted to have
| his box ball alleys at the State Fair.
Judge J. D. Grigsby was a business
visitor to Lexington the latter part of
the week.
Mrs. Guy Spottswood did s-...e
stenographic work for the county
court at Lexington last week.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ripley rt'
home from an outing at Sluphur, and
reports a most pleasant vacation.
Miss Maude Northcutt, of Lexing,
ton, has gone to Darlington, where
sL will teach in the Masonic home
Sergio L. Esmilla has arrived in
Norman from the Phillipme islands
and has enrolled in the Department of
Law at the university.
Miss Ruby Simmons, who has been
enrolled in the university here for the
past year, has accepted a position
with the Tulsa city schools.
Carl Howerth is a busy man these
davs, drilling the city well, He is
putting down a 12-inch hole and
going to the depth of 500 feet.
Jim and Charlie Shears have made
js tins weeiw. i extensive improvements in the . itnt^
U I lunch room, the latest beinyr the addl-
Warner Bobo spent Saturday ^ tion 0f some fine, new mirrors.
from Fort Sill, visiting hi.. parento |
Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Bobo and at
VV. Van Camp home.
I a I
Mr and Mrs. John Stekley and
family visited Mr. John West and
family near Lexington Saturday and
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas,
Vectrie and Bernice Smith and Miss
BerJie Monical were the dinner guests
of Mr. C. C. Smith and family Sun- j
day. ^
Miss Anobelle Donri of Lexington
was visiting her little neice, Pauline
Stufflebean, the last of the week.
Mr. D. J. Monical was the guest of
Mrs. C. C. Smith the middle part of
the week.
* * * *
Miss Eulah Ferrell is visiting her
sister at Oklahoma City this week.
* ♦ # *
Grandma Hamilton is here from
Wichita, Kansas, with her daughter,
Mrs. H. L. Beasley.
Hs * * *
Mr. Raymond and Johnnie Wag-
goner spent Sunday with Mr. Leonzo
and Robert Murphy.
* * * *
Mr. Bill Haxel spent Saturday night
and Sunday with his cousin, Mr.
Henry Ketner.
MANUAL TRAINING We want good, lively corres-
HAS FEDERAL AID ponc|ents in every district.
r S Government Gives Financial Aid j _
- If interested, see us.
to New Manual Training
Jack George, ole.'k of the local ex- j
\V van | emption board, eo ln^
e a nf Ok day from Miami, where he was called
Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders, of UK , ^ ^ boar(1 ftt that place. ,
IV a City were here Saturday eve-
■fin "1 attending the Rucker Fashion w s,;ubbenlan returned the lat-
disnlav, and visiting Miss Jahn. , ,er part of ,ast week from a visit to
, v t i„„ | the Healdton oil fields, am. repoits
The annual outing of the New Idea | ^ ^ U'-dy in that district,
club as held Wednesday afternoon
with Mrs. Melvin McCullough, at the
McCullough farm west of town.
* # #
Sonve of the girls have dropped
their heads. Clinton Ketner sold his
* * * *
There will be a pie supper at Can-
ada Friday night, September 21, and
everybody is invited to come.
Lexington was visited by an auto-
.i - | mobile theif Thursday of last week,
, , _ .,nfi the Ford automobile belonging to
E. 0. Whit well returned home , ^ ^ {ronl his garage.
Wednesday from Tennessee, where
he has been conducting successfu
revival meetings for several weeks.
F i H. Barber writes friends here
that e is a member of the 357th
infui ' rv stationed at Camp Travis,
and that he is well pleased with army
Miss Grace Witt is home from a
short visit to Gary, Ind., and has re-
sumed he-, duties with the firm of
Si.a.' -i, Dudley & Shartel at Okla
hor.ia City.
W. Porter Jones returned Friday
from a month's visit at Nashvi le,
Tenn . Philadelphia, Washington.
C . and other eastern cities. He re-
„ ports a fine trip.
K. Blake was taken from his garage.
Cotton growers in Cleveland ^unty
sav the cotton this year will not
bc'so good as it was last. Boll worms
and unfavorable weather is given as
the cause.
Mrs. F. M. Castle is home from an
extended visit in Kansas City, bring-
ing Mrs. Mary Floy 1 home with nor
to visit her son, Prof. M. A. Floyd,
and family.
C W. Hughes, recently cashier of
the Security State bank, is now
vice president of the Home Refinery
company at the state capital. Mr.
Hughes expects to move his family
there soon.
Do You
[n Signs
If you do you are
a judicious adver-
tiser and a good
business man. ju-
dicious advertising
Always Pays
and especially when
you advertise in a
paper that is read
by everybody in
The new manual training depart-
ment in the college of engineering
i which makes its debut today was as
Listed in its establishment by the
federal government. The last con-
fess passed the Smith-Hughes bill
which authorized the establishment
of a National Vocational Education
Board for the United States. .
The purpose of this board is to os c
vocational education in the colleges
and universities of the country
President Stratton D. Brooks of tm
university is a member of the state ,
educational board. !
This new department will be |
housed in the addition to the engin-
eering building which is being
planned and will soon be under con-
struction. New equipment has been
secured for this department from the
prep school at Tonkawa and a large
amount has been purchased. Prof.
I y S Davis will have charge of this
I training. Tin* federal government will
1 assist only in the maintenance of the
department. Many students who are
| desirous in becoming manual train-
1 inir teachers in the high schools are
expected to enroll in this department.
For the past several years there
has been a demand o.i the engineering
faculty for trained teachers in
manual training and the plan is for
this department to fill this long felt
need. The exact amount of money
! that the government will give to this
department is not : 't known except
that the money mi be used for
maintenance and can not be used tor
the erection of new buildings. The
enrollment in this course is exceeding
the fondest expectations of the reg-
istrar's office it was announced to-
for all kinds of racket goods, dishes,
graniteware, and glassware, for light
4. i|i j > i| j ♦ ♦ ♦ 't' ♦ 'I' ♦ 'I' ♦ ♦ 'H"H' 'H' '1' 't' A '1"1 f
,♦. •< ♦!♦ 'I**'4 ^'
Phone tor an
Electric Iron
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Weir are in re-
Judge W. L. ®"8S>let°n... I ^aiph°
hom-" Sunday from Iowa City, '« ■ Louisville, Ky., stating that
whei on Friday, he was successfuI T..yto>r, L aml Hkes the life
in v nning a case for a client in the he ^ ^
district court in that city.
Mrs George Miller is the proud
' -<or of a fine new Chandler six
automobile, given to her by her son
Eail. Earl now lives in Tulsa and is
doing well in the oil game.
Lon Connor, of Vinita, was here
this week, arranging for his son ant
daughter to attend the university.
Mr. Connor is the Sr. G. W. of the
Masonic lodge of Oklahoma.
Mrs N P. Graham returned Mon-
day from a month's visit with friends
and relatives at her old home in
Clinton, Illinois. She had a delight-
ful visit but reports the weather as
verv cool back noith.
Miss Gloe Dorsey, who for the past
yea has been an efficient employee
of the Pioneer Telephone and Tele-
graph company, at this place, has re-
signed her position here and is now
attending a business college in Okla-
homa City.
M.. and Mrs. Hugh Worthington.
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. •
Hi!!, were over from Shawnee last
Sunday, visiting Hugh's mother, 1 rs.
N Worthington. Mr. Hill is a promi-
nent lawyer of Shawnee, and was
very much pleased with the Uni-
versity City."
The many friends of Ray
of the Nickle Store will be glad to
learn that he is rapidly improving
from his serious case of typhoid fever,
and hopes are entertained t .at he
will soon be up and out again.
News has reached Norman from
Mr and Mrs. C. P. Sloniger, former-
ly of this city, that their oldest son.
1 Loran, died two weeks ago. He was
a prominent man of Hastings, - ej.,
and visited his parents here several
Prof. J. I- Tucker and family are
now domiciled ine their home on
block east of the campus, which was
formerly occupied by the K A. 1 ra-
ternity The Flood house, formeily
occupied by the Tucker family, is now
the home of City Superintendent and
Mrs. N. H. Edwards.
, p Dellinger, distributing agent
for'the Grant six automobile for
Cleveland and several counties to the
south, returned the latter part of last
week from a trip through his dis-
trict on which he established several
5 a! agencies. Mr. Dellinger is doing
B f,'ie business with the Grant cai.
and Mrs. J. B. Cheadle, who !
bein spending the summer at
Mass., returned home
Mr. Cheadle will again
take tip his work in the Law depart-
ment of the university. He is i<
garded as one of the ablest men in
the country in certain departments.
' The Enterprise—51.50 a year.
G W VanCamp has a force of men
at work on his building, second door
east of the Enterprise office, this
week. He is having it thoroughly
renovated and the wall given a coat
of new paint, which will make it a
very attractive building.
Keith Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Miller, is home from New
York, recovering from the effects of
an operation for appendicitis. Keith
is now a member of the ambulance
corps of the United States army, and
expects to be sent to France some
time in the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carder. Sr.,
came in Saturday from Ontario, Cah.
to visit their sons in Oklahoma. It
has been three or four years aim -'
they've been here. They both luo.;
well and still say that California .3
a fine country. Mr. Carder continues
to hold his age well and is sti1! hale
and heatry.
,nls newspaper reaches the eye
of everybody wno might be a
oossible buyer in this section.
The Enterprise—$1.50 a year,
Through an oversight the Oklahoma ,j
State Fair and Exposition, Oklahoma ;,
City, September 'Si to in ™i., ®, •
up their premium list tor l^ talUiJ .
■to include awards for'0 OBD
The association now announces that .
the same premiums willbe
Oxford Down and South Down Sheep
as offered in other classes. The Ame.
lean Oxford Down Record Association
will offer the following special prizes
at the Oklahoma State 1-air to bleed-
ers of Oxford Down Sheep who ars
members of the Association, I
exhibitor must be a resident pfOka
homa and must be registered in «®
American Oxford Down Record, bear
the ear tag and certificate of Regis-
try under seal of the Association pre-
sented at time of exhibition.
Best Yearling Ram. $10. Second
Prize $5.00. Best Yearling hwe, $10_00.
Second Prize. $5.00. Best pen of tour
i Lambs, either sex, $10.00. Second
Prize, $5.00.
But in the sev/ing room, for that
difficult seam, for those clever
pockets—have you an ^xtra
Iron? .
And for a quick pressing ot
Mother's thin blouse, of daugh-
ter's plaid gingham, or baby s
sheer dimity, do you have to wait
for a single general utility Iron.
Telephone 64
Miss Dorothy Brooks left Saturday I
morning for Smith college, foi gill.-.,
where she will finish her education, j
Smith college is one of the best in ;
the United States, and second only to j
the famous Cast a l' college. Helen
and Marion P.rooks, the elder
of the Brooks girls, are members of
j the alumnus of Smith college, an<
| her parents desire that Miss Dorothy j
I be given the same advantage.
not the cheap kind
but the
good kind done here.
Save the waste and win the war.
W $ 5S$i
-v' v'' •' M . •••.
i.i-i.i• '
Tlie Dort is a wise buy.
—because its £'..s nwl tire tKri£t,low
end slow depreciation r re concrete faa
by t'.io experience ol people you
Touring Car
or Four-Passenger
Fleur de lys
Sedan, $1095
Sedanet, $845
mercKandised and lcn£-s.v<.~
■n^rc rualltv—" clear tKrou^K "
Dort qual1'-/ , v;ce_liberality makes
: des-courtesy nr.d Lct0~-.
purchase o£ a D. -1 eminomly satisfactor,
Come in today and talk itover v.-..-
or not you are rea..y to bu:.
Norman, Okla

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