Cleveland County Enterprise. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 23, No. 29, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 21, 1915 Page: 2 of 8

Harold p-wgrath
Author of "The Man on the Bex etc
With Drawings by Harrison Fisher
(Copyright 1006. by II. bin -Merrill Co. I
CHAPTER VIII.—Continued.
She slipped It mechanically over her
"Hut you, my dear Mr. Cornstalk!"
he cried, turning his shining eyes
upon me. while his fingers deftly re-
placed the gems m the bag.
"I have no jewelry." I replied, toss-
ing aside the cigarette.
Hut you have something Infinitely
better, I am rather observant. In
Frlard's curio-shop you carelessly ex-
hibited a wallet that was simply chok-
ing to death with long yellow-boys.
You have It still. Will you do me
the honor?"—stretching out his slim
white hand.
I looked at William; he nodded.
There wasn't the slightest chance for
me to argue. So I drew out my wal-
let. I extracted the gold-bills and
made a neat little packet of them. It
hurt, hurt, like the deuce, to part with
them. Hut—!
"Game, William, isn't he? Most
men would have flung the wallet at
my head."
Oh. he Is. ga*ne, sir: never you
doubt It, sir," said the amiable Wil-
"I have some silver In change
suggested with senio bitterness.
"Far be it that I should touch sil-
ver," he sn'd generously, did this
rogue. "Besides, you will need some
thing lo pay for this little supper and
the fare back to New York." My bills
disappeared Into his pocket. "You
will observe that 1 trust you Implicitly.
I haven't even counted the money."
William sniggered.
"And is there anything further?" I
Inquired. The comedy was beginning
to weary me, It was so one sided.
I am In no particular hurry," the
•rogue answered, his aardonls smile
returning. "It Is so long since I have
'chatted with people of my kind."
I scowled.
Pardon tt:r*, I mer.r.t from a social
point of View (inly. I admit we would
not he eipials In the eye of the Pres-
And then follow,* I a scene that re-
.mlnds me to this day of some broken,
fantastic drer.m, a fragment from bewildering nightmare.
For suddenly I saw his eyes widen
and tia.-di with anger and apprehen-
sion. Quick as a passing sun-shadow,
his hand swept the candelabrum
•from the table. He made a swift back-
ward spring toward the door, but he
was a little too late. The darkness
jhe had created was not Intense
■enough, for there was still the ruddy
glow from the logs; and the bosom
of his dress-shirt made a tine target.
(Resides, the eyes that had peered into
the window were accustomed to the
Illang! The glass of the window
shivered and jingled to the floor,
and u sharp report followed. The
rogue cried out in fierce anguish
and reeled against the wall. William
whipped out his revolver, but, even
from his favorable angle, he was not
quick enough. The hand that had di-
rected the first bullet was ready to
direct the second
All this took place within the count
of ten The girl and I sat stiffly In
our chairs, as if petrified, it waj all
so swiftly accomplished.
Urop It! said a cold, authori-
tative voice, and I saw the vague out-
lines of Haggerty's face beyond the
broken window pane.
Wiliam knew better than to
tate. His revolver struck the floor
dully, and a curse rolled from his
Hps. immerlately a heavy body pre-
cipitated itself against the door, which
crashed inward, and an officer fear-
lessly entered, a revolver In each
hand. This tableau, which lasted ful-
ly a minute, was finally disturbed by
the entrance of Haggerty himself
Don t be alarmed; Miss," he said
heartily; it's ail over I'm sorry for
the bullet, but it had to be done. The
rascal has nothing more serious than
a splintered bone I am a dead shot.
A fine night'"—triumphantly, "it's
been u long chase, and I never was
sure or the finish You're the clever-
est rogue it has been my good fortune
to meet this many a day. I don't
even know who you are yet. Well,
well' we'll round that up in time"
Not till the candles again sputtered
with ll.uht, and William was securely
handcuffed and disarmed, did | recol-
lect that I possessed the sense of mo-
tion Die smoke of powder drifted
across the flickering candles and
there was a salty taste
"Horrible!" cried the girl, covering
her eyes
The master rogue and his valet
were led out Into the assemblv-room
and we reluctantly followed, l ;:aw
it all now. When Haggerty called up
central at the club, he ascertained
where the last call had been Trom,
and, learning that It «ine from Holly-
wood Inn, he took his chance. The
room was hooii filled with servants
and stable-hands, the pistol-shot hav-
ing lured them from their beds. The
wounded man was very pale. He
sat with his uninjured hand tightly
clasped above the ragged wound, and
I a little pool of blood slowly formed at
Ills side on the floor. Hut his eyes
shone brightly.
"A basin of water and some linen!"
cried the girl to Morlarty. "And send
all these people away."
"To yer rooms, ivery one of ye!"
snapped Morlarty, sweeping his hands.
'Tis no place for ye, be off!" He
hurried the servants out of the room,
and presently returned with a basin
of water, some linen and balm.
We watched the girl as she bathed
and bandaged (he wounded artn; and
once or twice the patient smiled. Hag-
gerty looked on approvingly, and In
William s eyes there beamed the gen-
tle light of reverence. It was a pic-
ture to see this lovely creature play-
ing the part of the good Samaritan,
moving hore and there Is her exquisite
gown. Ah, the tender jpercy! I knew
that, come what might, I had strange-
ly found the right woman, the one
"You're a good little woman," said
the rogue, his face softening; "and a
good woman is the finest thing God
ever placed upon uarth. Had I only
found one!" He turned whimsically
toward me. "Are you engaged to mar-
ry this little woman?"
"Surely you love her!"
perhaps that was tt. They are n!-
ways behind good actions and oad
Once we were Seated In the lonely
car, the girl broke down and cried as
if her heart would break. It was only
the general reaction, but the sight of
her tears unnerved me.
"Don't cry, girl; don't!" I whispered,
taking her hand in mine. She made
no efTort to repulse me. "I am sorry.
The rascal was a gallant beggar, and
I for one shouldn't have been sorry to
see him get away. There, there!
You're the bravest, tenderest girl in
all tills world; and when I told him I
loved you, God knows I meant it! It
Is one of those inexplicable things.
You say I have known you only eight
hours? I have known you always,
only I had not met you. What are
eight hours? What is convention,
formality? We two have lived a life-
time in these eight hours. Can't you
see that we have?"
To shoot a human being!" she
soBbed. Her head fell against my
shoulder. I do not believe she was
conscious of the fact. And I did not
care a hang for the conductor.
I patted her hand encouragingly. "It
had to be done. He was In a des-
perate predicament, and he would
have shot Haggerty had the detective
been careless In his turn; and ho
wouldn't have atnled to malm, either."
"What a horrible night! It will
haunt me as long as I live!"
I said nothing; and we did not
speak again till the first of the Blank-
shire lights flashed by us. By thti
time her sobs had ceased.
"I know 1 haven't done anything
As Told in a
Few Words
Good and Newty Items
of General Interest Con-
densed to Small Space
A Constantinople dispatch says the
French submarine Saphlr, while try-
ing to enter the Dardanelles, was sunk
by land artillery. Part of the crew
was saved.
The closinf of the Dardanelles and
the shutting off of Turkey from out-
side commerce, has resulted in the
people of Constantinople being re-
duced almost to the verge of starva-
The promoters in Japan of what has
been called the "Volunteer Movement"
have issued a manifesto In which they
announced their Intention of dispatch-
ing an army corps to Europe To this
end, they are appealing to both Japa-
nese and foreigners for funds.
Seventeen automobile ambulances
for use in European battlefields have
been bought by the American Hed
Cross with money contributed by Yale
and Harvard students. Twelve will
bear the Yale blue with suitable in-
scription and five the Harvard crim-
Count Leopold Von Berchtold, Aus-
trian foreign minister, has resigned
and his resignation has been accepted,
according to the Vienna Fremden
Blatt. Count Von Berchtold will be
succeeded by Baron Stephen Burian
Von Rajeca, minister of the royal
court in the Hungarian cabinet.
The German army officers have Is
sued an order providing that in the
future troops in the field will not fra-
ternize in the field with the enemy as
they did at several points on Christ-
mas. To such an extent was this fra-
ternizing carried out that at one place
where the Germans and British played
football Christmas day, they agreed to
suspend hostilities for two more days.
An Athens dispatch says the situa-
tion of the Greeks in Asia Minor is be-
coming desperate, owing to the perse-
cution to which they are becoming
subject. Homes are being pillaged,
women insulted, and men forcibly en-
rolled in the army. At Sidonia, Mag-
nesia, the dispatch adds several
Greeks have been murdered in the
streets and conditions are so bad at
Smyrna that a massacre is feared.
An advance detachment of the Turk-
ish army has occupied the Persian city
of Tabriz. Tabriz is in northwestern
Persia and after Teheran is the larg-
Because of notoriety gained by Mrs.
Clara S. Houston of Chicago, said to
have the prettiest feet in the world,
her husband, Nat C. Houston was
granted a divorce Mrs. Houston was
I | j given $3,500 alimony.
Nine distinct earthquake shocks,
none serious, were felt near Santa
Barbara, Calif. The only damage re-
ported was the settling of a brick
building in a nearby town. The shocks
the heaviest in several years, were
felt for some distance along the coast.
The first stage of the western rail-
way arbitration was completed at Chi-
cago when testimony for the engine-
men was completed and James M.
Sheehan, attorney for the railroads,
outlined the case from the standpoint
of the men who are asked to pay the
increases demanded.
Undervaluation frauds extending
over seven or eight years and aggre-
gating $2,500,000 in the importation of
ostrich feathers have been bared by
United States secret service agents,
assistant United States District Attor-
ney Carstarphen asserted, at the ar-
raignment of Geo. Stlva, an Importer,
charged with conspiracy to defraud
the government.
Because of the possibility that the
legislature now In session may abolish
capital punishment. Governor Hays of
Arkansas has granted a respite of 45
days to Clarence Dewein and Joe
Strog, sentenced to be electrocuted
last week. Both are slightly more
than 21 years old. They were convict
ed of killing and robbing an aged
storekeeper at Benton more than a
I year ago.
An artificial rivet1, for Irrigation
purposes running through Western
Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mex-
ico, Nebraska and South Dakota, was
proposed in a plan presented to the
Kansas legislature by Representative
J. C. Hooper, of Ness county. Such
a canal, lie said, would be fed by a
series of dams across draws in which
the surplus rain and snow water fall-
ing in the winter months could be
saved until summer. The canal pro-
posed would be 1,500 miles long and
in addition to irrigating arid or semi-
arid lands, would prevent floods in the
Mississippi and Missouri river valleys.
Reserve deposits in the twelve fed-
eral reserve banks increased nearly
$13,000,000 during the last week ac-
cording to a statement of their con-
ditions at the close of business Jan-
uary 15.
President Wilson declared he was
not thinking of announcing his candi-
dacy for 1916 whn he made a state-
mnt in his Indianapolis speech recent-
ly that the people of the United States
might have a chance to judge of his
The civil service has concluded ex-
„ amination of applicants for appoint-
est city in the country. It was gar- ments as fourth class postmasters and
ptfnffoH ^ ?v. ,!U!sm" l°lCe- U being "P ,0 January 1 had certified 9,533 who
" " have been appointed. Approximately
20,000 cases referred to the commis-
sion will be disposed of in the near
"Pape's Diapepsin" settles sour
gassy stomachs in Five
minutes—Time It!.
You don't want a slow remedy when
your stomach Is bad—or an uncertain
one;—or a harmful one—your stomach
is too valuable; you mustn't Injure It.
Pape's Diapepsin Is noted for lt
speed in giving relier; its harmless-
ness; Its certain unfailing action in
regulating sick, sour, gassy stomachs.
Its millions of cures In indigestion,
dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach
troubles has made It famous the world
Keep this perfect stomach doctor In
your home—keep It handy—get a larga
fifty-cent case from any dealer and
then If anyone should eat something
which doesn't agree with them; if
what they eat lays like lead, ferments
and sours and forms gas; causes head-
ache, dizziness and nausea; eructa-
tions of acid and undigested food-
remember as soon as Pape's Diapepsin
comes in contact with the stomach all
such distress vanishes. Its prompt-
ness, certainty and ease in overcoming
the worst stomach disorders is a reve-
lation to those who try It.—Adv.
The Hyphen Explained.
Mrs. Dearborn—You say that Is
Mrs. Burke-Martin?
Mrs. Wabash—Yes; Burke was her
name and Martin was her husband's
Mrs. Dearborn—But why does she
use the hyphen between the names?
Mrs. Wabash—To show that she Is
separated from her husband.
Prof. Aug. F. W. Schmltz, Thomas.
Okla., writes: "I was troubled with
Backache for about twenty-five years.
When told I had Bright's Disease In
its last stages, I
Prof. Schmltz.
We Watched the Girl.
Surely I do!" I looked bravely at
the girl as I spoke.
But she never gave any sign that
she heard. She pinned the ends of
the bandages carefully.
"And what brought you to this?"
asked Haggerty, looking down at his
The prisoner shrugged.
"You've the making of a fine man
in you." went on Haggerty generously.
"What caused you to slip up?"
"That subject is taboo," replied the
thief. But I want to beg your par-
don for underestimating your cun-
""It was all due to a chance shot at
the telephone."
"I kept you guessing."
"Merrily, too. My admiration is
rholly yours, sir," returned Haggerty,
picking up the telephone exchange-
book. He rang and placed his lips to
the transmitter, calling a number.
"Mello! It this the chief of the Blank-
j shire police? Yes? Well, this is Hag-
lesi- j gerty. I hat idea I hinted to you was
a mighty good one. Prepare two strong
cells and have a doctor on hand.
What? Oh, you will find your horse
and carriage at Moriarty's. Good-bye!"
My money was handed over to me.
I returned it to my wallet, but with-
out any particular enthusiasm.
"It's bad business, Wiliam," said I.
"It's all in the game, sir,"—with a
look at Haggerty that expressed in-
finite hatred. "In our business we
can't afford to be careless."
Or to talk too much," supple-
mented his master, smiling. "Talk,
my friend, rounds me up with a bul-
let in the arm, and a long sojourn be-
hind stone walls. Never talk. Thank
j you, too, Mr. Cornstalk, for the saying
j grace of humor. If It were possible!
1 should like to give Miss Hawthorne
the pick of the jewels. This is a sor-
did world."
Ye'er car-r Is coming!" shouted
Moriarty, running to the window.
So tile girl and I passed out of Hol-
lywood Inn, leaving Haggerty with his
mysterious prisoners. I can't reason
It out, even to this day, but 1 was gen
u'nely sorry that Haggerty had ar-
rived upon the scene. For one thing,
he had spoiled the glamour of the ail
venture by tingeing It with blood. And
on the way to the car I wondered what
had been the rogue's past, what had
turned him Into this hardy, perilous
path. He had spoken of a woman;
situated in that part of Persia under
domination of the Russians in the
same manner as the southern portion
of Persia is considered to be within
the sphere of influence of Great Brit-
Contrary to statements that have
appeared in the newspapers of Lon-
don, Paris and Berlin that an under-
standing virtually has been reached
regarding a Servian outlet to the Adri-
atic sea, it is stated in Servian official
quarters that this will not now satisfy
Servia. It is declared such a conces-
sion would have been satisfactory two
years ago when the subject was dis-
cussed at the London confrence, but
that now, after a war in which her
life and independence were risked, she
could not accept a port or a strip of
coast. What she now claims, it is
stated, are the Servian regions pos-
sessed by Austria, including Bosnia,
Herzogovina and Dalmatia,
tried Dodd's Kid-
ney Pills. After
using two boxes I
was somewhat re-
lieved and I stop-
ped the treatment.
In the spring of
the next year I
had another at-
_ J t tack. I went for
Dodd's Kidney Pills and they relieved
me again. I used three boxes. That
Is now three years ago and my Back-
ache has not returned in its severity,
and by using another two boxes a lit-
tle later on, the pain left altogether
and I have had no trouble since. You
may use my statement. I recommend
Dodd's Kidney Pills when and wher-
ever I can." Dodd's Kidney Pills, 50c.
per box at your dealer or Dodd's Medi-
cine Co., Buffalo, N. Y.—Adv.
Prohibition in the District of Colum-
bia will be proposed in an amendinnet
to the District appropriation bill
which Senator Sheppard of Texas has
served notice he will offer. The Texas
senator served" notice that he would
offer a motion to suspend the rules to
get his amendment before the senate
at this time.
Non-partisan judicial reform to speed
up justice and reduce the cost of pro-
cedure is promised by senators before
congress adjourns. The house already
has agreed to reform measures and
they have been favorably reported to
the senate by the judiciary committee.
Democratic senators predict the bills
will pass without debate.
especially gallant to-night; no fight-
ing, no rescuing, and all that. They
just moved me around like a piece of
stage scenery."
A smile flashed and was gone. It
was a hopeful sign.
"But the results are the same. You
have admitted to me that you are
neither engaged nor married. Won't
you take me on—on approval?"
"Mr. Cornstalk, it all seeins so like
a horrid dream. You are a brave
man, and, what is better, a sensible
one, for you submitted to the Inevit-
able with the best possible grace. But
you talk of love as readily as a hero
in a popular novel."
"I never go back," said I. "It seems
incredible, doesn't it, that I should
declare myself in this fashion? Listen.
for my part, I believe that all this was
written,—my Tom-foolery in Mou-
quin's, my imposture and yours, the
two identical cards,—the adventure
from beginning to end."
"Suppose I should say," the girl be-
gan looking out of the window, "that
in the restaurant you aroused my
curiosity, that in the cellars my ad-
miration was stirred, that the frank
manner In which you expressed your
regard for me to—to the burglar-
"What?" I cried eagerly.
"Nothing. It was merely a supposl-
"Hang it; I love you!"
"Are you still the Capuchin, or sim-
ply Mr. Cornstalk?"
"I have laid aside all masks, even
that which hides the heart."
She turned and looked me steadily
in the eyes.
"Well?" said I.
"If I took you on—on approval,
what In the world should I do with!"" *■"" u,'vu,"ul'B leuam. nouses In | troops In Nicn s™ •
you in case you should not suit my ' mining camps have been riddled with ti,,, ifrmon.o.,/ u ora .have ^Ened
— 1 ---•• • U1B agreement eliminating factional
The Better Method.
The deacons of a church were dis-
cussing possible ways of ridding them-
selves of an undesirable pastor who
paid no heed to pointed suggestions
that his resignation would be accept-
able. Finally one of the deacons said:
"if we make a large reduction in
his salary it would probably have the
effect of making him resign."
"I know a surer way than that,"
said the other deacon. "Let us double
his salary and he will fall dead."
Edward DeForest Smith, wealthy
real estate operator, committed sui-
cide at New York after shooting and
probably fatally wounding his wife,
Elizabeth Ryder Smith, in her moth-
er's apartments in Harlem.
Mayor Harrison of Chicago has ap-
pointed a permanent commission to
aid in improving tlie city's morals,
the chief object of the commission
Vi-lil be to suppress and finally elim-
inate commercialized vice.
Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad declared a semi-annual divi-
dend of 2% per cent on the common
stock instead of the usual 3 per cent
'Ilvidend. A statement isued by the
company said the decline ia gross
revenues in six months had been $6,-
1)18,000, or approximately 14 per cent.
Under orders from Circuit Court
Judge Rhea, the Muhlenberg county, FOREIGN
Kentucky, grand jury has begun in- Brig. Gen. Hugh L Scott chief nf
vestlgating the operations of bands of! staff nf ■>.«
An American "investigating peace
commission" to inquire into the condi-
tions "which affect the question of re-
storing and maintaining the peace of
the world" pas proposed in a resolu-
tion introduced in the house by Rep-
resentative Hobson of Alabama The
resolution would authorize the presi-
dent to appoint a commission of seven
Americans, "not less than two of
whom shall be women*V and would
appropriate $00,000 for expenses
Provision for the construction of
two great dreadnaughts, six torpedo
boat destroyers, sixteen coast defense
submarines, a seagoing submarine, a
hospital ship, a transport and a fuel
ship at an aggregate cost of $53,168,-
828 is made in the naval appropriation
bill as agreed upon by the house naval
committee. All told the bill carries
$145,600,(100 of which $22,903,998 is
appropriated directly for new con-
> arranzn
"?ou could return me," said I laugh.
But she didn't.
(THE END.) ,7
How She Broke the Cup.
Signoi a xeronelll (seeking a serr
ant)—Why were you sent away from
your last place?
"Because I broke a coffee cup,"
"Was that the only reason?"
"Certainly, except that on that ac-
count my mistress had a little
wound on the head."—II KLso.
| warfare along the Sonora border.
Wheat stormed dizzy heights atnin I mi „ ,
it Chicago, selling at $14, per bush-' lill(J8 from a MnMhtTy'n.ile1
Look Years Younger! Try Grandma'*
Recipe of Sage and Sulphur and
Nobody Will Know.
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur properly compound-
ed, brings back the natural color and
lustre to the hair when faded, streaked-
or gray; also ends dandruff, itching
scalp and stops falling hair. Years
ago the only way to get this mixture
was to make It at home, which is
mussy and troublesome.
Nowadays we simply ask at any
drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sul-
phur Hair Remedy." You will get a
large bottle for about 50 cents. Every-
body uses this old, famous recipe, be-
cause no one can possibly tell that
you darkened your hair, as it does it
bo naturally and evenly. You dampen
a sponge or soft brush with It and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time; by morn-
ing the gray hair disappears, and
after another application or two, your
hair becomes beautifully dark, thick
l nd gloBsy and you look years younger.
A Celebrity.
"You say he's the man who put this
town on the map?"
"That's him, stranger. He just fin-
ished serving his sentence about six
months ago."
el repeatedly on the board of
truiio i xt , " -1 """=s est of
rade | Nuevo Laredo have been torn up for
and closing a, $1,10%. only 1 cents a distantof^a, m^s b" l^
reco.d j ranza troops to prevent pursuit by the
under the uppermost record
since war began.
A group of New York bankers
eluding J. P. Morgan &
j Villistas from Monterey.
in f In order to replete the revenues lost
have agreed to loan the w" « 1
e™«nent_ *'26.000.000 according uTof-j "SS^embly"" wKvWlnJ £?
j a stamp tax on liquors, tobacco, el-
Important to Mother*)
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASYORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature <
In Use For Over 3*0 Years."
Children Cry for Fletcher's C&stori*
What has become of the old-fash-
ioned man who used to predict the
weather with a goose bone?
nu ounuren, ana see that it
ficial announcement. This amount is'
subject to draft by Russia at one, two i Kars cl„ar„..„u
or three months at 4 V4 per cent, with ments nf tt ih„ i and ,iocu-
I half of one pere—t. additional for: tax of one cent 11 word n P'UOe(l "
acceptance. „ , , * cent 11 wo,d 011 " comrner-
1 cial cable messages sent and received
For genuine comfort nnd lasting plea*,
nre use Red Cross Ball Blue on wash day.
All good grocers. Adv.
Men with a keen sense of humor
never try to tell /unuy stories.

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