Cleveland County Enterprise. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 23, No. 16, Ed. 1 Thursday, October 22, 1914 Page: 2 of 4

S. J. Shultz Drops Dead
Cleveland County Enterprise
J. 0. FOX
Entered us second <-lus>. mutter October
12, 1910, at the Post Office tit Norman,
Oklahoma, under Act of March 3, 18711.
Fields Joins Jennings
A1 Jennings has fulfilled the
prophecy of those who said that, he
would be found supporting Fields.
Throughout, the primary the action
of the candidate indicated that he
would do so. That he was bidding
for republican friendship and votes
was well known. He it said to the
credit of patriotic republicans, the
ambition of the leaders and the ex-
bandit failed, because the average
man, be he of whatsoever faith, is
ambitious for himself, his town,
county and state. Jennings is an
unthinkable man for leadership.
He has none of the qualifications
of an executive and according to
the story he wrote of himself, none
of the stability necessary for a man
who seeks a place of authority. It
should not be understood that Jen-
nings has joined the Fields folks,
for Fields has joined the Jennings
the origional republican organiza-
tion compact being carried to its
iniquity height, of completion.
Jennings, the original thorn who
was to be a candidate in the dem-
ocratic primary and later make his
how! has been joined by Fields,
and he is entitled to be called the
leader of the movement From
Woodward in the northwest to the
old fields of the Indian land those
who believe that such men and
methods should prevail have now
their opportunity. Jennings, the
republican champion, the muii of
the big and fiery past, Fields, the
carpetbagger without much past,
it is a handsome pair, and those
who think that Oklahoma should
repudiate democracy and send a
message to Woodrow Wilson that
his politics are not wanted in
Oklahoma, should strike hands
together aud exultantly go forth to
proclaim that Oklahoma has put a
premium on carpethagistn an ban-
ditism and is against law aud order
in all that the term implies.
We carry a complete line of Dry Goods, Cloth-
ing. Hats, Shoes, etc., also the most complete line of
Groceries, meat market and bakery in connection.
Our stock is always fresh and our prices are the
lowest consistent with the quality of goods.
It makes no difference what you want to wear
or eat, we have it for you.
Call in and see us and be convinced of the fact.
Wednesday afternoon news
j reached Norman that S. J. Shultz.
| f Franklin, had dropped deid in
| his store about 12:00 o'clock.
Mr. Shultz was in his usual
| health in the morning, and about
11:00 o'clock a girl went to the
| store to secure some vinegar and
| fotlnd him sitting in a chair read-
j ing the morning paper. Dinner
I being ready, his wife sent his nine
year old daughter to the store to
inform him, and the daughter
found her father lying on the floor
beside an egg case, and in her
alarm rushed home. A few mo-
ments later when his wife and oth-
ers reached the store they found
Mr. Shultz dead. His death was
a shock to the people in the Frank-
lin vicinity.
Dr. lloshall was called and after
examination pronounced his death
due to heart disease, probably
from a sudden rheumatic attack.
Mr. Shultz has lived at Frank-
lin for the past 15 years conduct-
ing a country store, and was in
fairly comfortable circumstances.
He leaves a wife and nine year old
daughter and a grown up family
by a former wife. The body will
lie held until the children can be
heard from and later interred in
the cemetery at Franklin.
The following announcements
are subject to the action of the
voters at the primary, August 4.
For Governor
For Insurance Commissioner
Dr. O. S. BOBO
Office hours 9 to 12 a. m
2 to 5 p, m.
Office Phone 66, Residence 69-
For Justice Supreme Court
For District Judge, 14th District
waiting" will see the possibility of
it between Mexico and ourselves
finally pass. At least it is a policy
that will not precipitate that great
disaster.—New York Heralddnd.).
2 years old, 1000 pounds. I
weanling mule. 1 weanling
4 two-year old steers, 1 year
ling red steer, 1 big red cow.
l Deering binder, 1 McCor-
The women may imagine they I mick mower, 1 John Deere gan^
have inaugurated something new u,^0^''v^ 11."surf-ice1 attach
by announcing that they woul(l I mentj [ Tower's surface cultiva
"wear cotton garments until the j lor> l 4 Section harrow, 1 Bud-
end of the war." The editors in j long disc harrow, 1 corn planter
wearing cot- | with check row, 1 press drill, 1
of their I A^"ie pulverizing harrow, 1 hay
rake, 1 manure spreader, 1
pants for some time—111 fact, pants j |)roadcast seeder, 1 Avery wag-
have been cotton with only a trace I mlj ^ )ow wheel wide tire wag-
of wool for years—burlap is likely Ion, 1 Chatham fanning mill, 'A
to lie their next progressive move sets farm harness, I top buggy,
1 set single harness^
1 washing machine, 1 six bole
range, 1 New Perfection oil
For State Senate, 19th District
For Court Clerk
W. L. Eagleton
Office over First National Hank
Special attention piven to Probate
matters. Office over Kucker's.
Phone 221. Norman, Okia.
Mrs. L. 0. Corning was visiting
with friends in Norman, Monday.
Publication Notice
State of Oklahoma |
Cleveland County \
JamesH. Lel'.rand. Plaintiff.
;■ Defendants
Oklahoma have been
ton patches on the seats
for patches.
Wasson's Public Sale
I will sell at public sale at
my farm 3 tniles south of Moore,
7 miles northwest of Norman
and 1-2 mile west of stop 111 on
Interurban, on Wednesday, Oct-
ober 28, 1914, at 10 o'clock a. in
the following described proper-
The European War has seriously
interfered with the marketing of
stove, 1 sanitary couch, 1 re-
frigerator, 1 incubator—140
eggs, 14 feet square linoleum, 1
rug 9x14, 1 beating stove.
Several pure blood Plymouth
Rock roosters, Indian Runner
ducks, turkeys.
Many articles not listed.
The Royal Neighbors of
Moore will serve dinner.
TERMS: A credit of 12 months j
j will be given on all sums over]
1 bay mare, 10 years old, 1100 $10; purchaser giving note with j
pounds. 1 bay mare, ti years approved security at ™ per j
, . , 1 cent from date. $10 and undei
old, 1300 pounds. 1 sorrel mare | ca8h jn ,lan(1 2 per cen, di
Charles Lamontlne and hisl
wife, .lane L.atnontimv
Charles Bradley and his
wife. Jane Bradley. Stephen
\V Hutchin. and James Ses- ;
slons for Waldron-Scott Co.
•Said defendants, Charles Luniontine, Jane
LamonUne. Charles Bradley, Jane Bradley.
Stephen W. Hutchin and James Sessions
and Waldron-Scott Company, will take no-
tice that they have been sued in the Dis-
trict Court of Cleveland County, Oklahoma,
to quiet • itle as against them in and to the
West Half of the Southwest Quarter of Sec-
tion ti in Township ti North of Range I, East
of the Indian Meridian, and the said title to
said land to be quieted in plaintiff, and they
must answer the petition Hied herein by
said plaintiff, James H. LeGrand, on or be-
fore the 3rd day of December, 1 It 14. or said
petition will be taken as true and a judg-
ment for said plaintiff rendered, quieting
the title in and to the above described land
to hint as against you and each of you.
Tom Clieatwood,
Clerk of the District Court.
By Chas. Adair, Deputy.
I W. I. Eagleton, Attorney lor Plaintiff.
5 years old, 1300. I bay hot se j for cash.
the 1914 cotton crop. The Egypt-
ian cotton farmers were placed in
a similar plight as the American
cotton fanners by this war. Like
the American cotton
Egyptian cotton raiser
for government assistance. Eng- j
land at once extended relief to the ;
Egyptian cotton farmers, by pro-
viding them with government j
money, advanced on cotton, thus
saving the Egyptian cotton farmers I
from the clutches of the gamblers
and speculators. The American j
cotton farmers aud business men
throughout the cotton growing
sections of this country have been
thundering for relief at the hands i
of their government at Washington
for over two months, but have
been unable to get the ear of this
government the same seemingly
to be completely monopolized by
the baukers aud speculators and at
the preseut writing it seems as
though the Wall Street bankers
and speculators would succeed in
securing all the government relief
5 years old, 1300. 1 black horse j
4 years old, 1400 pounds. 1 !
black mare 4 years old, 1200
pounds. 1 bay horse 3 years j
farmer, the | old, 1200 pounds 1 black horse
removed until
No property
;ttled for.
G. D, WASSON, Owner.
E. H. MORROW, Auct.
Bank of Moore, Clerk.
These two words, taken from:
President Wilson's own definition
of his Mexican policy, furnished
the text for inuumerabe attacks,
sometimes angry, sometimes witty,
aud generally reckless, by those
advocates of a "do something"
policy, who are not accustomed to
count the cost—to others.
This generation of Americans
has no personal knowledge of the
meaning of war on a large scale.
The impressive spectacle of Europe
in combat has had an effect on the
public mind that it never could have
gained from histories or from tales
of grandfathers.
The President, unmoved by
clamor, has adhered to" watchful
waiting". So far we have avoided
war. It may be that "watchful
Closing out Eats
Having sold my interest in the gro-
cery department of our store to
Mr. W. S. Fleming, to take effect
about November 5th, everything in
the grocery line will be sold at cut
prices and big discounts for the
next ten days.
Ytin had better hurry and get
some of the last flour to be
sold at ante helium prices.
1.20 1.30 1.40 1.50 a
Car load of best Colo-
rado potatoes at perbu
Mill rim bran per
Yukon Best flour
per sack
Best C<
itipound per
SI .10
Pickles. Jam, Jelly,.Preserves
Olives, Catsup, Iloney and
all other good things to eat
at 80eon the SI.00.
K. C. Baking powders
'25c can for .
Prepared smoke for
vonr fall meal $1 bottlefww
Our Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoe and Furnishing Goods
departments are full of rare bargains. Your winter shoes
and clothing at bargain prices in this sale.
WhitwelFs Farmers Store
Claud Pickard
Republican Nominee
(second term)
I herewith announce to the
voters of Cleveland county
my candidacy for re-election
to the office of sheriff
(second term). 1 am not un-
mindful of the support ex-
tended me during my term of ;
office and I fully appreciate
the help that has been given
me by the citizens of this
I stand on my record as a
public official and pledge my
best endeavors to enforce the
laws without feai or favor.
Having lived in Cleveland
county sixteen years I have
; taken an especial pride in
| serving my fellow citizens as
; sheriff during this term and if
; honored by re-election it shall
; be my earnest endeavor to,
| at all times, en,orce the law,
; uphold the right, doing equal
| and exact justice to all.
! It has been my constant aim
! to administer the business of
I my office with economy, yet 1
J have spared no expense to
[ bring offenders to a speedy
j; trial. In this I have been
i* most, ably assisted by the en-
t tire citizenship of the county
t and 1 take this means of ex-
t pressing my appreciation of
T the services thus rendered me;
^ and if honored by re-election
T for a second term, I shall
Y hope for a continuation of
such help which is so neces-
sary in the strict enforcement
f of our laws. Relying on such
t help and believing that in
JL -4
T every way my services merit
T re-election tor a second term.
T 1 am,
i Very truly yours,
t Claud Pickard.
For County Clerk
For County Judge
For Commissioner, 1st District
For Commissioner, 2nd District
For Commisioner, 3rd District
Notice of Sheriff's Sale on Land—
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance
of an order of sale issueil out of the district
court ot Cleveland county, Oklahoma, on the
•<Mth day of September. 1914, in an action
wherein Pionter Trust Company. Executors
of the Estate of Millard F. Brown, was
plaintiff, and Harry H. Diamond was de-
fendant, directed to ine, the undersigned
sheriff ot Cleveland county, Oklahoma, com-
manding me to levy upon, advertise and
sell without appraisement the following de-
scribed property:
T.ots thirty-six (36). thirty seven (37),
thirty-eight i8H), and thirty-nine |3!*>. all
in block lour (4)of the State Univer
sity Addition to Norman, Oklahoma,
to satisfy a judgment and decree of fore-
closure in favor of said plaintiff and against
said defendant, obtained 'and made In said
court on the ind day of March, 1914. for the
sum of three hundred seventy two dollars
and twenty five cents ($872..5 ' with interest
from date of judgment at the rate of ten
percent per annum, for attorney's fee in
the sum of thirty dollars ($30), with interest
from date of judgment at « per cent per an-
num. and costs. $5.40. and costs accruing:
1 will on the 27th flay of October, 1914, at
the hour of nine (9) o'clock a. m. of said
day. at the front door, that is the east door
of the County Court house in the City of
Norman, Oklahoma, offer for sale and sell
to the highest bidder for cash without ap-
praisement, the said property above de
scribed or so much thereof, as will satisfy
said judgment, with interest, attorney's fee
and costs.
Witness My Hand this 24th day of Septem
ber. 1914.
Claud Pickahd,
Sheriff of Cleveland County.
By L. 1'. B auk k u
W. L. Eagleton,
Attorney for Plaintiff. 12-fit
Apply Sloan's Freely for Lumbago
Your attacks of Lumbago are not
nearly so helpless as they seem. You can
relieve them almost instantly by a sim-
ple application of Sloan's Liniment on
the back and loins. Lumbago is a form
of rheumatism, and yields perfectly to
Sloan's, which penetrates quickly all in
through the sore, tender muscles, limbers
up the back and makes it feel fine. Get
a bottle of Sloan's Liniment for 25 cents
of any druggist and have it in the house
against colds, sore and swollen joints,
rheumatism, neuralga, sciatica and like
ailments. Your inortey back if not satis-
lied, but it does give almost instant re-
('. R. Lawrence, of Route l,was
accidentally injured Monday, while
| working with a silage cutter, for
Ft. 15. Binford, who is filling his
silo this week.
Because It's For One Thing Only,
and Norman People Appreciate
Nothing can Le good for every
Doing one thing well brings suc-
Doau's Kidney Pills are for one
thing only. ^
For weak or disordered kidneys-
Here is Norman evidence to prove
their worth.
Mrs. J. H. Ripley, 324 E. Sym-
mes St., Norman, Okla., says:
"One of my family was annoyed
nff and on for several years by sore-
ness across his back and irregular
passages of the kidney secretions.
When 1 heard of Doan's Kidney
Pills 1 got a box for himat Mayfield's
Drug Store anil they did him more
good than any other medicine he
had ever used. Within three weeks
he was rid of kidney trouble."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy---
get Doan's Kidney 1 'ills—the same
that Mrs. Ripley had. Foster-
Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo. N.
Y. Banishes Pimples
Bad Blood, Pimples, Headaches, Bili-
ousness, Torpip, Liver, Constipation,
etc., come from Indigestion. Take Po-
Do-Lax, tho pleasant and absolutely sure
Laxative, and you won't suffer from a
deranged Stomach or other troubles. It
will tone up the Liver and purify tin-
blood. Use it regularly and you will stay
well, have clear complexion and steady
nerves. Get a 50c. bottle to-day. Money
back if uot satisfied. All Druggists.
We have a large line of queens-
are to select from.—Sinvthe.
Diarrhoea Quickly Cured
"My attention was first called to Cham-
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy as much as twelve years ago.
At that time I was seriously ill with sum-
mer complaint. One dose of this remedy
checked Hie trouble," writes Mrs. C. W.
Florence, Kockfield, Ind. For sale by all
Plenty of Good Ice Water
All The Time

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