The Tulsa Democrat. (Tulsa, Okla.), Vol. 9, No. 45, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 12, 1908 Page: 4 of 8

Seuator Carmack is Slain in
Street By Duncan C.
Colonel Cooper end Former Senator
Had Formerly Been Warm Personal
Friend* and Recent D.faculty is the
Outcome of Late Gubernatorial Pri-
mary in Which Carmack Wa* the De-
feated Candidate for the Office.
hi* home, but within h f**w month* r*-
'noved to Na*hvllb\
Iet Hpr ng he t>p|#ox#'<1 Q(iV«*mor
I Putters/in for thc Democratic jfuberna-
I torlal nomination, rhampioning th»*
<* of *tnt*-wi*l«* prohibition.
1 Shortly after thi* defeat Mr. Carmack
• nfTi ii-d toe eiiit'*r*hip of the N«»*h-
vllb- Tenneaoeenn He accepted and
**lm e then ha* tu rn at the h**ad of the
I T#nne**e*an
Senator ('urn ack'* newspaper car*** r
* in-Kan in 1886, a* a member of the
<*dlt<’iia! itaff «»f the Nashville Ameri-
i « an H»* founded the Xaehville Detno-
I * rut m 1889 and when It war merged
Into the American becume edltof-ln-
• h|* ' Mf th«* latter paper In ix?2 h*'
Ih .iiif editor «*f the Commercial - Ap-
peal <>f Meniphlr
H* war married in April 1*9°. to Mir*
i:ilxab*-th Cohey Ininnington of Colum-
bia. Tenn
Washington. No\ 10 Senator <’ar
mack during hi* senatorial (uri-i-r from
11901 to 1907, made a number of brll-
I liant speeches. Although inflin**d to
! i»* otica*tic In x'*Yoe of hi* utterance*
J h«- It.i*l many friend* In centre** among
both Democrat* and Republican*, who
jfj j admired hi* fearlessne*** and hi* in-
i tele* tual attainment*
lllillI i Perhap* tic most notable speech dur-
in the lower house
| courts, curiously* enough, is to declare
Illegal the commutation gianted him |
by Oovernor Higgins whereby hi* sen-
tence to die in the electric chair was j
etiang-d to Imprisonment for life
Patrick himself prepared the appeal,
and In it he made the point that life
imprisonment wa* mych severer sen-
tence than that which condemned him
to die. when Governor Higgins exceed-
♦*•1 hi* constitutiontl power* when he
I - hanged the sentence despite the pro-
j . . - - tests of the defendant and that he
U Dreadnaught Class in the (Patrick) should either l>e electrocuted)
Nashville T.m... Xo>.
Messagt* Iiv win* iim!
from variou'siM’liuiH U'>lifv to,'1'* "' '\,r' .. ,,
was hi* hrllllanl etr.irt In hi* own un-
til," trcinemlnU* >PIIMltii>ll !»■- fen... alien J"»lah Patterson. father of
, . , ,| ! the present governor of Tenneaaee con-
'"K throughout the,
stilt,' mill Sulltll llV the killing1 Ihe lug hi* ongn “«l"nal career lo-
. „ ... ..... ., ‘.nn.tantV attacked the Republican ml
of former I mtwl Nona |.notably m connection with
tor K. \Y. CiirtllHI-k llV VOUnK ,h' Indian,da, Brownsville »n.l '
. jinn revolution incidents, and executive
Hon in Jones roofer in n street i. r,,.t( hlll(.nt i„ th#* —nate »»*• wit* «»
duel here late vestenlav after-! •'< r"mmit!w on
* Philippine*.
noon. CaniiMCK a brilliant <*a- ___
iwr as I niti-,1 States Senatorj 1 U1D|CTV fit PAVING
from TeuuesH#** had made him A "Allltl I Ur rRlIllU
one of the hot known national
figures. ('tilmiel Duncan 15.
CiMi|H*r, father of voting Kohin
(',H,|ier. and who was with hisj
son when the duel (K-eurred has,
an extensive ac'|Uaintunee and
a legion of friends both in his
own and various other states.
In former years the men
were dear friends, Carmaek
having deeleared in |,uhlie
print that Cooper was his bene-
factor, but friendship had Keen
replaced by enmity wliieli was
more notieenhle sinee Carmaek
IteMime editor of the Tennes-
seean following the late pri-
mary. Then the editorial at-
tacks began which culminated
in yesterday’s tragedy.
Nashville. T* tin Nov Hi Pori' «r
I'. K s#*nut*#r P. Par nut ok. editor
• *f th* Na*hvill* Tctinrateean, one of
the b» *t know n men in the Mouth, wa*
*hi*t i«ii<I killed h'T*- laic y* 'irrilny nf-
ternoon by Robin tN»oper. in n i»«*!ixa-
tlonal -str*-**! fight lh*1 culmination of
which horrin.Ml |>nsHndiy Young
l'oojmt uh* at c**ui|»aniod h\ hi* fath-
cf Dum :»n (’ (’<***f»er, both with their
pinlolM drawn, but the lat er was un-
able to Hr** a* a woman happened to
be in the way. Tin- city 1* lit an up-
roar oyer the tragedy It l* difficult
to learn th*- detail* The aseault. It I*
«*i.lined b> some, wa* start** I iiv tit**
t '* *•( er*.
Duiutiti I’oojHr in u w«>| known
n**w*ii.i| ei matt nod politi* Inn, h iv-
ing held executive poult * n* o the
Na*i .!!•■ u*'W’ipupi-r* f«*r • ver.i1 • • tie
t '.n tme k vti< * go. pi* north t\ Si
enth nveiiur ' 1 <i,-l t'«*o|iet . iol a*‘ti
Itoltln itpppat* lilng S*-\*,ntlt .tveino- "it
1'iilon street Soon after they
In sight of one another the «lm
b*'gun Robin «*!Mi|ier. It I* *,ii*I
two slio<* and S* nut or I'urmuck
Henntoi C'ariiini k tell to lb" ff
d> lug pidunt IV Robin Coop»-r
shot in the right *h*iulih r hit
btolly hurt It p liuileist • o
trouble i* the re*ult of the r
democratic gidiernut nlal pflntni
wltlch Put m ark wa* defeated
11,11 k I .»•! -*lt, it** Im * .tin*' • dItoi of
the TeilUe*** t-4ii, he'-n quite «* miwt B- |ti
criticising what Im called the denm
• talk muihln*. and Inial printed a*ev■
**»a| rdPoritil* al»<Mit t'olodel t*»M»per
Within the |w*t f* w day* It * n»
*erted. Colonel C*»o|»er tiotlHed *‘,ir
in.K k Hint the*«‘ e«llt"tlal Cfltlcl**m*
tiaii-t ifia, Vi'n(» idai> naortaliM ail*
other editorial ref* rriiag l*» the coh*itel
It I* *Up
I mined lot
25 More Blocks Added to Dis
trict at the Council
That TiiImu will soon he the best and
most paved city of it* *lxe in the
country wa* again evidenced In the
city council meeting lu*t evening when
several n« w petition* w* r«- accepted
and favoraldy acted upon. Tin* resi-
dent* ItvlBig along Plgln avenue lae-
twi-en Pint and Tenth street* petition,
fd for u*phalt paving On South Main
from Thirteenth t«» Plfteenth oil mac-
adam will Im* u*ed and a»n Archer from
t’heyeniie t«* the Katy track* the pav-
ing will be constructed of brick. A
resolution was al*o presented for the
paving of Mouth Boston with brick This
will a«ld in tin- neighborhood of twen-
t)-five blan k* to thc paver area «>f the
A number *»f property owners petit-
ioned to have a house removed from
tic street ut North Third and Houston;
al*o to have a fence ami grandstand
ra-moied frt*m 11»«rtf«»r«l street Them*
matters were referred to the street
caiininiHsioner with instructions to taka*
any necessary netion.
The Council udaipteil resolutions uu-
thorlalng a special tax for sewer work
in Ihstrlct Na». ;h
City' Clerk CIIip* was Instructed to
Imsip* tin* remaining rertillaate* tat the
Cla-vadand Trinldaal Coni|tany folh»w-
Ing tli« pa**lng of a resolution on lie-
half a»f tile city acaeptltlg tip* paving
on Ihtntatii and lh*trolt avenues.
The Council ratltied the contract cn-
tend Into with tin* C|e\eland-Trinldaal
Company for the paving of Sauith Cha»y.
enne ind I fewer aN etiuc*
The cemetery wsrala-n, polh't* Jttaiga
and w ita i a aiintid-siaincr lll»*d r**|Hirt*
Qu t* a iiuniher of hills wa*ra' allow -
, .1
or given his freedom.
Tsnnttses, Kentucky and North Ala-
bama Districts Arc Suffering.
Nashville. Tenn.. Nov. 10.—Forest
fires are doing great damage in this
state, western Kentucky anal north Ala-
bama Timber amounting to hundreds
of thousand* of dollars ha* been de-
nt royed during the past ten years and
the fires arc reported to be burning
fiercely. An immense amount of valu-
able Umber in th** West Tennessee river
bottoms has been ruined
In Hopkins and »tiier western Ken-
tucky counties, w here no rain has fall -
*-n *»f any conse*|U<*nce since July, the
damage fr«»m fire* ha* b« en great.
in north Alabama large tract* of val-
uable timber and mile* of fencing have
been wiped out b ythe forest fires which
are still burning furiously. A dense
smoke mused by burning forest* hov-
ered over Nashville today.
Insane Wife of a Denver Drug-
gist Attempts an Awful
teat I
Cal -
|)|l|H (fldl (It th#'
|Ml»* r ii*
I#.•Mel f<s hav#*
b#*#*ti III*
Cl ||hi> of till' tf"
Yoiitui (N**»|m r
total ati'i PoloM#'
l • t*')| •*i* (
ha aallpiartSf* II
It*dun Coa'i**r I*
22 years old and
to a hns-
I .« i
made n-» »l,i|i t»)**til
i pi noth lug attorney
Ins I*.
|a Portnrr
I' si ii I*,!
Kikiir*l W
|)«trn to'
ir ('aatltllan
Him Ina
• AM i <vutil>
Town.. No*
yen tin *
x H. limi
-lh NCHil'MIlU
«*#l l|i .Af !•
111 Oil law.
l»no ti' * *1 In
la, T«*»
in . Mini w ii
M )0* ini** 1 "T
th** l**n'
i 'f 1X84
lei's ol Henry A Pugs Estate Use Ter-
ra Cotta and Asbestos for Houses
' M ini, N .) N»»\ I•» Nil unusual
mill* i taking, Die building • »f a fl|v|>ro«»f
vlllagt Is in progress at Mountain *t.»
I <*n on tin I* *rdt i line b* tween Oratiga’
and Mouth tUaiig* N .1 Six house*
ai r w • i| nil the way lo coinph tloll al
r« »dv and they ure a’! made of burned
• lux in the form of h**llow block* Th*'
I'Nif. ala cither a*la stop shlngl* w or
Now he!** else III the country, |t Is
sul't, me th**re *o mnti> fireproof
dwelling Ionises in one group The
*•» hem*' <• th»* resu't • *f the study of
improved lliettunls *»f i-onslfucttou with
In the last few years
• • I■ tin- h*•Us*** lt«»w l» gig built
.1 i 1 lia* • IgM I
I i im 'tils Ml partition*, a swell as the
I door* «nd initslat*' wall* ar«* of terra
, «•» (hat a fire could li**t spread
:roin otic room to ,iiiothcr In one of
I the house* • - a ii'H»r with a s|mn of
eighlren feet, the longest spun e\er
I itiaale with thl* t\|M* **f construction
Ten Year Old Mssico Gtrl Was Bit
tan by Rabid Dog
Mexico, Ma» No% to The 10-year-
id *lii(igbl» r *d Guv \Smi«* of tics * itv
tms It* < taken to Ht t<ouls when* *he
will undego tin* Pasteur treatment f• *r
United States Navy is the
North Dakota.
Establish** a New Rscord for Spssd m
Battleship Construction as Only 282
Working Days Hivo Boon Employed
From tho Tim# of Laying th# Keel
Until the Day of Launching—8ome
Interesting Facts About the Vessel.
Quincy. Mu**. N»v. 1ft—When the
gr.-at prow of the new battleship North
Dakota strike* the waters of Fore riv-
er. where she t«* be launched today.
tb«* Criit.d State* navy will have re-
celved formally the bulky body of the
hr*t fighting *hip of the »w>-«*alled
Dreadnought * la*s. Incidentally, a new
M-a-ai*1 for -jMcal in the flr*t stag** of
buttie*hlp c<»nstructlon will have been
•**tablfsheal. |na*niuch a* only 2vj work-
ing 'lav* hdV,- 1w***n i-mploy*ed from th*
...... ,,f laying the keel until the day of
the launching
A* the niHHsive hull a.f (lie North
Dakota *!••*»•! upon the way* ready for
launching it present **1 none *»f the war
Ilk.* ap|..*arance of the finished battle-
ship Save for a few temporary fit-
ting.-. tin* de« k* w**.c bare an«l lackeil
tit* martial aspect supplied by the
great gun* and secondary hut'erie*.
which are to b** installed later. Even
tin* gnat liollei.M .f tin* fighting ship
bad n< t h* »*ii installed, in accordant
with th* usual custom of construction,
and a* a part of the preparations for
dn* launching puffy little tug* were in
waiting to warp the gigantic yet help-
less craft alongside the pier at the
Be fort the conclusion of tin* thirty •
four and one-half months allowed by
the government for delivery, however,
ihe Im 11 launched today w ill present a
dlffa*rent aspect By that time, ten 12-
Inch breech loading, long range rill***
will have been placed In position, a*
w#*i| i»* fourteen 5-itiih rapid fire gun*;
lour .'{ pound, and a Ilka* number of
one-pound sem'automntic gun*, two
3-Inch Held pieces. tw*» machine gun*
•f 3u calibre. and two 21 inch submerg-
ed torpedo tulles Phis constitute* tlie
net tv* armament «*f th** battleship Pro-
tective armor to the extent of about
eight ina'h«\* will c«»ver practically ev-
**r\ avnilablt *|N>t w hi* h might be
reached h\ the enemy's gun-, anil as a
result • *f (lie recent nnVal cniifetence.
many details of additional protection
w 111 also Im- addei).
When placid In commihsion, tl»e
Nor. h I Bakaata will l»e Rift fi*ct long a>n
til** load water line, with n bivudtli of
*»’• feet. 2S Inches at tin* same |m• int.
Tile length over all will Im- alniut nlS
feet. !• inche** The battleship will have
a displacement of 2ft.noa ton*. 2,ftft« in
*xc***s *»f th»* original Itrltisli Dreual-
naught. It i* estlmateal that a *p**cd of
more titan 21 knot* will he attained on
her trial anal that the battleship** horse
power will exceed 22,(li>o. Pnlikc her
slrier ship, the D« law air**, now under
const rut t Ion at Newport New*. Va.thej
North Dakota will in* fitted with Gur
tl* turbine •‘itgln***. Indudltig oftl* er*
Hie crew will number more than ‘.am
m**n. It !* estimated th.«t nb-n fa*rm-
Inliy taken over l^>’ the g ivei'innent the
Na.itIt Dakota will ha\* c«»**t al led*l
I I7.a00.0nft, tiu* contract prl* •• "f h r
hull ' >1 ins hilt* n alon. I> t c i I
Althauigh tiie American liatth'shlp
i i»tia*trui lion rrcoril i- hr<>ken by lh*'
N*»rth Dakota's l»uib'*crs, t d»M *» not
•*> efv upproMi’li ttm? field b\ lh«* I. r It -
hh navy In the construction of tin llrst
Di a- • i a tight Thi- k*‘i I *«f v c**« I f
wa* laid in July lour* amt oil ()ct 2. of
the same year, the vessel wa* launch'd
«• *1 axuctly » >••*• i i ta*r lb* *1 '» ti.fl | van* ed to the state umie warden."
Its .»andsr-Ustlull ti'id. It
. iiat thi N". • h t*n a*i,i will he f'ldf t *r
It* first trial trip about the latter |uirt
of August h»1*» ulthough the actual
plm mg of ih*» Inii11111p Into comrnts-
%l*«e may im* ilclx.' •'
To f'aptain Piuirte* N Rudger P s
> |c« enllv su|M*r''il'-ndeitt of the mo al
at Ann. |s»lh wi'*. go l*»e ii
oc ><i being th*’ ',,*»| i , ,»t unal.Pg of-
Some Doubt Exists as to the
Death of J. 0. Evans,
Cow Thief.
Took Suddenly III and Was Supposed to
Have Died Over Night—When tho
Case Was Called it Was Dismissed—
Now Thought Evans Escaped to Now
Mexico and Instead of His Body ths
Coffin Had Bosn Filled With Stones.
Konawa. Okla , Nov. 10.—Did J. C.
Evans, alleged cow thief, familiarly
known a* "Old Joe" Evans, really die
some two months ag*>, a* the result
of some mysteriously sudden illness,
or did he adopt an unusual method of
effecting his escape? These ar** ques-
| tion* which are bing asked in this
city, and section. Certam it is that
Evans i* gone whether to the "Land of
the Beyond" or outside the Jurisdiction
of the local courts, is the question to
he determined. Certain also, it is that
he lias apparently escaped trial on the
charge of cow stealing.
An unusual story is told of the affair
Evans, formerly a cowboy, and plains-
man in the early days, developed into
a "cow thief" mo the court records say.
I At any rate he was up in court a
number of times, on this charge, but
of enthusiasm in his own convention,
and nominated the third time.
And now that he is for the third
time defated. what of the future?
Let n*> one think of him as a hax-
beeiij He is still the best-loved man
in America. He 1* a power; scarcely
less a power in defeat than in victory.
Let us be glad that this power is
guided by a heart that seeks only the
welfare of his fellow men, and by a
mind true to the conscience which is
its monitor.
Wise or not, Bryan is good. The
w'orld knows this, and warms to him.
And being good, we know that when*
ever Judge Taft shall seek to lead
the country Into a movement against
graft as Roosevelt has done, and as
Taft's character and promises leads
us all conldently to hope he will do,
we shall see Bryan, superior to petty
partisanship with Taft’s administra-
tion a* with Roosevelt’s holding up
Taft’s hand and giving him god-speed.
No, William Jennings Bryan is not
among the has-beens. He is still the
peerless leader of his own mighty host.
He has been the father of many a
measure for which Rooseveltlsm has
had credit; and Taft’s administration
if it carries on the reforms for which
the people look, must also be indebt-
ed to the impress of Bryan's argu-
ments on public opinion. Both the
party power and the party defeated
will continue to feel the stimulus of
hi* fecund mind. He will be a power
while he lives—and may he live long.
When the Democrats meet four
year* hence, Bryan will be the great
figure among them. He has remade
the party, and made it a thing needed
—an effective opp*jsition. This is a
great work for any man.
When he returned from Europe,
Henry Watters*»n, realizing Bryan's
hold on the party, said. "God give
him wisdom!" Indeed, It seems plain
that ho grows yearly in it. But may
he grow more. God has given him
goodness in a measure seldom seen
In public life, so full of temptation.
He has won great power over men.
Denver. CoL N«»\ 10.—The woman
who attempted t‘» kill h»*r*elf and Miss
Helen Phipps, daughter of Mr*. G.
rhandli r l*ht|.|.» nn,l two policeman af- j alway. aucceeded in setting out" ot hi. j And now,"that Vhlag^dnVaa’and pow'
er may, even in defeat, work to bless
tort twenty thousand dollars from
Mrs Phipps was identified t"day as
ter her failure bore to attempt to ex- ! difficulties. Three or four months ago
he was arrested Min the charge of
. . "vow theft" again, and his case set
Ph pp* was identified t*»day as f.. „ . , .
. 1 | *«>r the present term of the District
Mrs. Allen R* ed. wife of a druggist of, Court. Evans gut bond and retained
this city Mr*. Heed returned recently
from Spring field. Mass., whither sh**
hail gone to itteiul tin* funeral of her
father Sit** is believed to b«* insane.
Tiu* woman had f"i’ day* sought an
interview with Mrs. Phipps. The latter
came upon her today while riding in
th* park Being assured by tin* woman
that she only wanted material for a
magazine article. Mr* Phipps took h<*r
in an automobile. Suddenly the woman
produced two stick * »f dynamite, de-
manded Mrs Phipps to give her |2ft,-
ft<)0 within in hour or she would he de-
stroyed. Mrs. Phipps agreed t«* g*» to
the bank and g»*t the money, whence
tiie party headed, after stopping at
the school (o g* t tin* little danght**r of
Mrs. Phipps. Arriving at the bank, all
but the strange woman left the ma-
chine. once inside th** building Mrs.
Phipps hturledly related h»*r exper-
ience to the hank officials anal police
he4*!i|uarter* was communicated with
Tw*» detectives hurried t*» th*- hank. In
the meantime a spe lal hank detective
engaged tiie strang** w*»man in *nm**r-
satlaan. The two city d*te<tlve* lie-
tailed, *llpi»ed open the d«K»r of the
ear on tin* street side. Tin* woman saw
she was entrapped, rn alalashed the dy-
namite stick* at the two officers. They
struck the automobile and f**ll t>* the j
floor unt‘xph>d**d.
the sain** attorney who had helped him
out of his scrape* before. The attor-
ney Investigated tiie case, and saw
that Evans was "caught" this time.
"The evidence is all against you this
time, and I am afraid you’re bound fur
the pen. 1 think you would be better
off dead,” he told Evans in a Joking
And now comes the unusual feature
of the story: A few days before the
case was set for trial Evans became
suddenly ill, and died over night, or
at least was supposed to have died. It
is said here that a coffin was tilled with
stones and buried wil due ceremony, j
while Evans got out of town and left
thi country. When the case was called
in court, it was dismissed. Now Ev-
ans I* reported to be in New Mexico,
and the authorities are investigating
Th*. coffin will probably be disinterred
till* week to ascertain whether or not
Evans’ corpse i* in it or whether it is
loaded with stones, according to tiie
stor> gong the round*
the nation In the future as*it lias—even
In defeat—blessed It in the past. God
give him wisdom.
A New York paper—opposed to
him—recently said that Bryan s place
in the hall of fame is with Danton.
Daniel Webster. Demostehenea and
Cicero, and that he Is foolish to seek
to be bracketed as a president with
such small figures as Millard Pill-
more and Chester A. Arthur. He is
the greatest li^ng orator, and one of
th>* greatest, perhaps, of all time. May
he live long in peace and prosperity,
to charm and instruct and ennoble the
th « r of th* promt .*•* • |ir«;: hi
tiu 1 stui** navy.
lo (he rmtlous1
in of | v.ui t tul a
117 itat, from the
tllMru t of Tell*
\ iih distinction In
•r six yearn tM*lng
on 'n ihe primary
p* hv f»»tmer Gov*
hvilropliohhi A *iog which attack I \N i
* d and ita eruted (lie rhlld on Ouv lu*i
week tiled today of rahle*
The animals aytuptawne w*tr watch' d
cloni'lv by a iiisihIm*! of phy"Idatt* of
ihe city, all of wlioiii concurred Ibi the
oplnt«m that the d"g hail rubles of a
very pfofkitonced character The t|"i ran
tixMM* *«n the a(r«>'t« >ind l« known t«•
have hitteu a tuivnh* r of "(her animal*
City official* have ordered all d*ag*
•h**t that are found without muith-*
Consider* EUctric Chair P'sUrabla to
Lit# Impritonmtnt
| New York Nov 1ft To tirgu** be
fore the Pnlted St itea supreme court a
I moli• • ii to advance (he appeal t" that
Liiurt ill (to* * am of Albert T Patrick
I * on v let ed o ft hr murder **f William
J .Mat*it R in till* city eight veaC* »»•»
Milkmaid, attorney for
I Patrick .* ft limt night for Washington
Th*' motion la ex»M-ct**d to come up
before the tOlpfeihe i’Olirl t*»niofr«»w
! , |i*-n p.iirii c*»un***| mR he will
I furthet ioK thi* aupieme court for a
I u 111 •" hnIm in rorpii* for the prnduc-
I itoii f Patrick in Wu*hltlff(«n in order
• ' argue hit ease himself
In the ease la front a deels-
Fnlted Htate* district c*mrt
rick * it*)t'ri*oninettt constl
Rich Hill, Mo.. Nov li» \ stat • I
f -M i* warden * her* to invent gat* «v:-[
•h*mc li»' ha* that dock htitiiers In (ills
• 1 l«*n tr- violating tin gome law In
t*• Terence i* thc numbs of duck* «*nej
pa*»'»n tan legaliv kill in n day Hunters
from Kansas Pity .'nil othtr nearby
town* Imvt tl«»cktd here 'hiring the
past tw*» Weeks, and it is saiil that as
many as 2ft ml ticks have been taken
hack to n party *»f three hunters
Tit. NU h Hill Gun club adopt' d a
r« *ml utii aft .• t a meet I g Friday nigiit to
the ••ffa** t that "nny member hearinguf
a hunter or a party of hunters ki ln x
•v# i th** Uni t would r**p*>rt *ame to
!)»■ » ltd*, w'l) *h |nforma Ion will he ad-
l* a \i" ti*«I j 1M ( bHrgtMi that one independent hunter
killed slxty-llve ducks in a day. picked
the f**athci* off ami threw the carcass-
• * inti* the river.
John Mils» Was Convicttd on Evi-
done# Since Discrsditsd.
Jefferson «*lty, N«»v 1ft Gova t n*»r
Polk (Oiia> •••mmuti'il th** thlrt\ year
sent»*nce of John B. Miles of Pemlscott
coimtx to one *»r two years Mile* was
convicted of murder In the second de-
gree and was sentenced to thirty years
from Novetn t»er 27, Iftftft
L L Collins, who as prosecuting at-
torney tr|ed Miles, recommended the
commutation the ground Unit evi-
dence on which he was convicted has
* i •• b«««u dlacreallted .md that t was
his l»el|i f now that the killing was done
In Ntdf defense Two thousand c|tlx**n*
of I’* miscoR and t>unkln cmintb** p«
tlti'Uied for the commutation of Mile*>
of the
and the
ptalb <
t tit • '1
That It Thought to Hsvt Csuttd a
Drowmng in Pthcsn Bay
Mlnneapoll'* N«»v Ift Plarenei Kin-
chi I, 17 years **1*1. aa»n t*f Joseph Kin
chll t»f this rify nn da friend. John Con-
renlv of Chicago, were drowned \»»t*
t* hlii> while hunting In Petli nn bay.
\\ right count) It I* thmigbt the l**»yt
n* * Idently shot a hide m th» host
I have made up m> mind." seld
Pry an In D0i, ‘that my pluce In hi*-
t• *r> w ill )i, tlx* il ii«*t b\ w hat tha
!»• o»|,|.. do for me, hut by what I do
'ft th'* pi*i»j.l xa <1 th other day,
In one *tf thc ilraiuiit c pas*age* «>f
the ending rumpulgn. he said: The
Democratic pjirtv se<*ks t«> Inaugurutc
^ new cm In politics, and I am proud
(•> hi* runner tea I with the movement
You may vote me down «»r vote me
up, lint the time w.|| runic when
politic* will b* purified and electhms
made honest And whether 1 am liv-
ing *ir dead, history will not deny me
the credit f»*r the part I t*»ok in this
crusade f«»r new politics."
The passages show that the great
commoner i* conscious that Ills place
in history I* sec up*.
And In this, his hour of his third
defeat, let us in all parties and of
all faith* alo ourselve* the credit of
realising that his place i* secure, and
that whether »*r m*t lis ever become*
president, his name wi| have u place
in our history higher than that of
any mere president.
Prom the obscurity of tiie briefless
Nebraska law office he stepped into
congress, anal in his first sp»*e* h he
convinced the P* * 111 leal world that a
(treat new star In public life had arisen
In tha pa-rsain *»f the swarthy, hand-
"•»uje magnetic Nebraskan.
In an oration lit to rank with the
greata st of hlstairy lie won the con-
vention of h n party in 1898. anal set
in motion • revolution that mad#* *>f
tin pinto# rat ic Democracy of Cleve-
land tin* engliH' f*»r assaulting the
i ltikalels of privilege which ha* struck
ti'rror into tiie h gh places of loot In
tiie campaign Just closed.
Ife’frttted, paM»r, with no |M#wer but
his pen, his voice and his wonderously
winning character, he w**nt on uncom-
plainingly and without bitterness, suf-
ferod another defeat, whs eliminated
a* it seemed, reappeared at another
national convention, emerged from it
ng"ln tiie greatest man In his party,
fought for Its nominee, and In four
'*'ir* more, without an organisation
without patronage, |Miwi*r or money,
he was llfti’d *»n n tremendous wate1
United States Attorney Files a
Suit in District Court for
A divorce mu It of more than usual in-
lerest has been filed 1b» the district court
of Tulsa county. (Tufted State* Attor-
ney Gr# gg Is the plaintiff and his wife,
(’arrle R., the def-ndant. The suit is
loised op the statutor grounds of gross
neglect .*f duty. It i* set up that the
defendant ha* absented herself from
h‘*me for various pa-rlods dining the
.'ears 19ft7 an.I 1908 and that she now
refuses to live with the plaintiff. The
plaintiff asks for the custody of his
twelve-year-old .laughter H*• says that
he has always provided the defendant
with a home in keeping with h|*r stand-
ing in society Mr and Mrs Gregg
wa r** married In Pittsburg. Kan . Mn>
. lMi'l. They* live*! at that place un-
til about four year* .c*. when they b»*
* 'tie r* s'dent- <f thl* • ''\ !^*«t fa'I
following *taieho#'#l. Mr Gregg was up*
polnteal I 'iiIti*d Hltlle* attorney. I’rr-
vi»»us to that lie had been mention'll
prominently in c«*nnc« tlon w 'th the fed-
eral Ju lg'-ship Th** suit ".»* filed oc-
da*r 21. anti every effort used to keep
the matter secret.
Indiana's Governor to Bs Atktd to Turn
Ovtr Taylor and Finloy for Trial.
Frankfort, Ky„ Nov. 10. Arthur Got
l*el, brother of the late William Goebel
conferred here today with Robert B.
Franklin, commonwealth’s attorney,
with reference to rei|iiestliig Governor
Wilson to Issin* requistion papers up-
on Oovernor-olect Marshal of Indiana
after he takes his seat, for the return
of W M Taylor and Charles Finley for
trial u|nhi tin* indictments pending
against them In the Franklin county *
circuit court charging them with com-
plicity In the murder of William Qoe-
t ■ '
Taylor was the Republican contestant
f«»r the gaivernorshtp and Finley was
secretary of the state when Goebel
was murdered Three Republican gov-
nor* <>f Indiana since the murder have
refused to deliver the two men to the
Ketitti'k auth'irities for trial u|a»n the
grounds that they would not secure
fair trials
Boy Charged With Murder of Priori
Attempts Suicide.
New York, N"V. 10.—An unsuccessful
attempt t*» c'umnlt sole de by poison
was made late yesterday In his <••11
In Hie Tombs prison by I’.nrhpi*- D*<
Lara, a 17-year-old Ind. who stands
• barged with th.* killing of Father An-
tur.i Aoenclo. u Dmnlnlcan priest, in
Central park Heptemher H Inst It was
Will Today's Hearing Before
th® House Ways and Means
Thi. j. th. Pint of Varioy, H.iring.
During th. Month—Eighty-tU Par.-
graph. Und.r “Sch.dul. A" Dingl.y
T.rie, Und.r Haading of Ch.mieali.
Oil. and Paint. Ar* Up for C.ntid-
aration at Today*. Banian of Body.
Washington, Nov. 10.—Today', hear-
ing before the house committee on way*
and mean* on the pm|io*ed change*
of tarifT. will reflect the attitude the
busine** interests of the country will
assume with regard to the tarifT at
various hearing* during the coming
month Elghty-.Ix paragraph* under
"Schedule A" Dingley tariff under the
heading of chemicals, oils and paint*
are up for consideration of the com-
mittee at It* hearing today and tomor-
row and the attitude assumed by the
manufacturers. Importer* and export-
er* of the article* affected by thl*
schedule I* expected to forecast the
attitude which the committee will as-
sume in framing the tarifT bill to he
presented to the special session of
Congress which President Taft will call
after his Inauguration.
More Man and Batter Equipment A.le-
ad By Major General Elliott.
Washington. Nov. 10.—Major General
Klllott, commander of the United
States marine corps, in hi* annual re-
port to Secretary of the Navy, asks
for 500 additional enlisted men and
necessary officer*. The present strength
of the corps is ^6S officers and M2«
enlisted men Of this number R6 per
cent are serving in Cuba, the Phil-
ippines, Panama and elsewhere out-
side the United States,
He ask* an appropriation or $2.16.-
500 to purchase from the army lo.ouu
rifles of the latest model and I mil-
lion l>ounds of ammunition. He says
that the law authorizing the employ-
ment of enlisted men of the navy as
naval mall clerk* with additional pay
Is a discrimination^ against enWsted
men of the marine corps who have per-
formed this duty.
He recommends that the corps be
(given Its own transports to be manned
and commanded by enlisted men and
officers of the navy.
••The enlisted men of the marine
corps." say. General Elliott "have en-
dured more hardships In the last two
years on naval vessels used a* trans-
ports than they would In an ordinary
campaign on shore of the same dura-
tion." General Elliott asks that the
marine band tie declared a distinctive
organization and not a navy band and
subject to the restriction* and pro-
hibition. of navy bands
Oklahoma Oil Operator Testi
fies in Government Suit
Against Standard.
New Vork. Nov |» That the stan-
dm,| mi company had treated hint with
fairness, was the declaration made
yesterday by R s Idtehfb ld, of inde-
pendence. Ka* . hii nklnlmn a n ude oil
operator, who was a witness during
the continuation of the government's
suit for the dissolution of that corpor-
ation f„r alleged violations of the
Sherman anti-trust law
During the cross examination the
witness was asked
"What wa* the treatment you and
other producers have received from
Ilf Prairie till « lias rmnpuny?
“We huve always. I feel, received
our share of the eom|atny'. capacity to
run oli through Its lines," wns the re-
"Hi w about the price. It puv* you?"
"It pays better than the Gulf or lh"
T. xa* P||m* Line companies and niuals
the pay of thc reflnerlen," in* nr red
l.'t, hfield.
An adjournment wa. taken until to-
Wichita Man Enraged Bacau.a Sha
Wouldn't Ga Te Hutchmaan.
Wichita, Ka*., Nov. 10—Oscar K.
Holier this evening shot nnd killed hi*
wife, at hi. mother-in-laws. Mr* M
A Turner, then blaw out his brains.
Ill* wife hnd a bay four months old
In her arm*, and when she fell she ser-
iously injured the child.
The trouble is said to have been A
family quarrel, and lluhcr her,tine en-
raged because his wife would not g„ at
once to Hutchinson with hint, where he
had sreured work lluber wna released
from Jail last summer, where lie had
keen confined eighteen months on the
said that nigh, that Iw Ura would chant, of having placed dynamite on
probably r.o.v.r ||ow he obtain*! ih# h r?.il ..
•K ,n* rt* raalriMul track tn*tw**<*n
the Moon la nor known. Ihl. dfr nn<1
t other

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