The Tulsa Democrat. (Tulsa, Okla.), Vol. 9, No. 45, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 12, 1908 Page: 1 of 8

VOLUME 9, No. 45.
Friends of Carmack Promise
Some Very Startling
Excitement in Nashvill# Over the Kill-
ing of ox-Sonator Carmack By Robin
Cooper Still Continuoo—Shooting the
Solo Topic in Political Circle*
Throughout tho State—Col. Cooper ia
in Jail Chargoci With Murder.
Nashville, Nov. 11.—Excitement here
over the killing of Ex-Senator Car-
mack by Robin Cooper Monday after-
noon still continue! and the shooting
Is still the sole topic In political cir-
cles throughout the state. Col. Coop-
er has been remanded to Jail without
hall, charged with murder Young
Cooper Is at the hospital under guard
Friends of Carmack say a third party
•was with the Coopers just before the
shooting and intimate sensational de-
Famous Kidnaper of Edward Cudahy
Was Convicted and Fined.
Chicago. Nov. 11.—Patrick Crowe,
who was alleged to have kidnaped E.I
ward Cudahy, son of the .mlMtnnaire
Omaha ixjcker several Vi* * ago, (.lead-
ed guilty to a charge of carrying con-
cealed weapons yesterday morning and
was lined $25 and costs by Municipal
Judge Hlake In the Chicago avenue
court. Crowe heeatne Involved In
fight In a saloon Saturday night and
drew his revolver. He presented a
battered appearance In court.
Money and Jewelry Valued at 12,000 Be
cured During Family1! Absence.
Toledo, O., Nov. II.—During the ab-
sence of the family today two robbers
entered the home of Julius Mack,
wealthy retired hide dealer, chlooo-
formed, hound and gagged a servant
girl ransacked the house, securing more
than $2,000 worth of Jewelry and mon-
ey. The robbery was committed while
scores of persons were passing the
That is What Feur Tulsa Hunters Got
In Thrs* Day*' Hunt in
Daap Park.
Frank Rosier, Charles Page, William
Mundt and Graham Burnham have re
turned from a three days' hunting
trip. They spent the time In the Deep
Fork country' and had a very success-
ful trip. Their reward was 175 quail.
1* ducks, and a big wolf. The wolf
Jumped up from the tall grass Juat as
one of the party was about to take a
"hot at a covey of quail. The hunter,
knowing that he could get many more
shots at quail, took advantage of the
opportunity and blaxed away at the
wolf, sending him spinning around In
good shape, with a load of shot In his
hip. The animal was killed with the
second shot.
The hunters re|s>rt plenty of game In
the Deep Fork bottoms. On account of
the recent high waters, there are many
marshes and lakes along the Deep
Fork and there are overrun with ducks.
House Committee Still Consid-
ering Chemicals, Oils
and Paints.
Washington, D. C„ Nov. 11.—The
committee on ways and mean* of the
house of representatives today con-
tinued the hearings begun yesterday off
the schedule for chemicals, oils and
paints. These public hearings which
are for the purpose of gathering infor-
mation useful in revising the tariff
are a part of the tariff plan proposed
by Chairman Payne on the Boor of the
house last May.
Several New Roads for Tulsa
if the Promised Prosper-
ity Comes.
Thrs# Roads Holding Chartsrt Are tho
Kansas City, Tulsa and Southwest-
srn, Taxas, Tulsa and Gulf, and Tul-
sa, Turnsrville and Tsxat— Moons ■
Greater Commercial Importance and
Population for Oil and Gas Cantor.
With Huntort and Gama in tha OkmyL
9— Country Couth of Tulaa
Hunter* returning from the Okmul-
gee dietri« t are enthuriartlc In their
report* about the big 1,000 acre lake
we*t of Okmulgee and the amount
of excellent a port furnished there re-
cently. They *ay that |a*t Sunday the
take war a great right to behold.
"More duck* were on th.* take Sunday
than were ever *een there, or any-
where else In Oklahoma," raid one of
them. '"There were a* many nr JftO
hundred old hunter* on and around the
lake nt one time, and the popping of
gun*, the rhattrr of the gnme. made
timer exciting during the day. One
huntrr I* raid to have killed more thnn
150 duck*, and that rpecle of fowl
could be pure hared at 25 cent* a head
In Okmulgee the following day.
John Kilgore, of Anadarko, Passed
Through'Tulsa an Way to
Monts No, Ark.
John Kilgore of Anadarko, Okla..
passed through Tulsa last night and,
by chance, mrt several of his old time
friends and ecqualntances. with whom
he has enjoyed many days sport In the
field Mr. Kilgore |* a great dog fan-
cier. He is going to Monte Ne, Ark .
where he has a nunioer of hounds In
the annual chases at this time. Mr.
Kilgore Is one of the Itest known
s|s»rtsmen In this section of the coun-
Msdsm Fuat Run Thraugh Pigaa Into
Homes in That City for tho First
Tima Last Sunday.
On h'unday last, the city of Bristow
enjoyed Its first natural gas for do-
mestic purposes. The gas Is being
furnished from wells about three miles
smith of Rristuw Htfretofore, the cltl-
sens of the enterprising little town,
were compelled to use coal and wood
for fuel.
Now that prosperity Is returning In
great chunks the question of new
railroads in and out of Tulsa natur-
ally arises. Had it not been for the
panic It ia probable that Tulsa would
have had at least three new roads
before this. In 1906 a little over three
years ago charters were Issued for the
construction of three of these rail-
roads Since then surveys have been
made for at least three more.
One of the rallronds holding a char-
ter with part of Its line under con-
tract is the Kansas City, Tulsa and
Southwestern, which is planned to run
from Kansas City to Wichita Falls.
Texas While this line would parallel
mads now operating in this section
it would give Tulsa connection with
towns not on the line of these other
Direct connection between Tulsa and
the gulf coast will be afforded when
the Texas. Tulsa and Gulf Line Is com.
pleted. Tulsa and Matagorda are the
proposed termlnnls of this line.
Another greatly needed line Is the
Tulsa, Turnervllle and Texas, which
will give Tulsa direct connection with
Shawnee and the northwestern cor-
ner of the state. This proposed road
Is one of the three holding a charter.
It will be noticed that In each of
these three proposed railroads Tulsa
seems to be destined to be the center
of activity. Their successful and early
completion would give Tulsa great rail-
road shops in which thousands of men
would be employed and Increase the
Importance and population of the city
many times. W 1th Increased business
activity every where apparent It seems
as if the country is about to enter up-
on an era of prosperity unknown tie-
fore and Tulsans have reason to look
for greater things The eastern por-
tion of the new state needs more rail-
roads and It is self-evident that no
roads will go through this section that
do not include the recognised center of
the oil and gas Industry among the
cities on their route.
♦ '

♦ Tonight fair and colder; 4
♦ Thursday fair. a
♦ ♦
States circuit coust of appeals today
refused to order that CharlcxW. Morse
he given liberty on liaii pending an
appeal from Its decision of the cir-
cuit court convicting hm of making
false entries In the hooks and misap-
plying the funds of the National Bank
of North America.
No Indications of Sorioue Complica-
tions Have Appeared.
New York. Nov. 11.-Postmaster
Edward M Morgan, who was shot yes-
terday by Eric H. B Mackey who then
killed himself, was reported today by
his phyalelans as having passes a com-
fortable night. There are no Indica-
tions of serious ooniplicathiiis
Governor James M. Miller of
United 8tates Naval
Horae Dead.
Philadelphia. Nov. 11 Rear Admiral
James M. Miller, aged 61, governor of
the t’nited States naval home In this
city died today after a brief illness
He was apointed to the navy from Mis-
souri In 1x62 and emomanded the rrnle-
er Columbia, later coming to the Phil-
adelphia navy yard where he com-
manded the receiving ship. Lancaster
He had been in charge of the naval
home one year and • half.
Rear End Collision on the New
Orleans and North-
Besides Those Killed Twenty Were In-
jured—Accident Wes Caused By a
Now Orisons and Groat Northern
Train Running Into a Northeastern
Incoming Posoanger Train—Wrtck
Caught Firs But Woo Extinguished.
New Orleans. La, Nov. 11.—In a
rear end collision on the Now Orleans
and Northeastern this morning at Ltt-
Mc woods, twelve miles north of this
city nine persons are known to have
been killed and twenty Injured. The
accident was caused by a New Orleana
nnd Great Northern train running Into
a Northeastern Inc lining passenger
Iraln. All of the Northeastern train was
derailed The wreckage caught tire hut
was soon extinguished
Ur>- Lou Owens, landlady in the east
**nd dive, t«**ttftad that Jam,** cam* to
h. r houre and pulling the watch from
liir dm wo r leg. a*k<‘<l her to koep It
i'»r him Tho Owen* women rtated
that sh« refused to koep the timepiece
Trunk Draper took a drink with
fondant* on tho n'ght of tua
und C. L. Campbell u c
in Urn owou* house wh
I ho watch from a c
Jainc* had been ijti
Fit* and £
titled that |
hali when
afton tho nl 3*
camp in to g**k
und flash'’ I t\^
.nmit toil
^dt af soak,"
bill*. Tin lart
Killing of a Private at Fort
Sill Has Aroused the
Lawton, okla. N« v II Private >
Wilcox "f Battery * '■ Flrrt ftald artll-
tar>. at Fort SIP. an Innocent Nfieetator
"f a fight between Thn p *iddlerr nnd a
negro woman, war *h*»t md killed lart
night b> Paul Wdllumr, a 1« v**r <*f the
negro**, who flred from a distance info
the crowd WIU*ox died later In the
evening In tho horjiitul. Th*1 roldlerr
• rgunlxtd for a race war. hut wen* held
In check by the civil an l military auth-
or It lo*
J. C. Williams, of Ridgeway, Fi, is on
| Export in Cool, Oil and
Mins role.
| J. <' Williams, of Rldgway. Pa., is In
I this i lly for a few Hays at present. He
I I" an rxpert mine gnlngist, an.i expect*
| In locate in Tulsa If conditions arc
. such that will warrant him making
| the change. It,. |„ especially clever In
' "ll root, and minerals, and while he is
; not a government employee, has been
called Int.. cunsultatioii with gov.-rn-
tiicnt employees The great amount of
. the alsive m. ntlone,I materials w ith
I which he Is fiiinlllnr, and the enter.
, prise of the I.....|,le :n this seel Km has
, brought Mr. Williams here.
United State, Court Would Not Moke
tho Order.
New York. Nov. U The United
Emperor Can’t Be Made to Un-
derstand Constitutional
Berlin, Nov. 11.—The Flelchthreich-
»tag was again crowded today when
the dehate over the Interview with Etn-
Peror William published In the Ism-
don Telegraph, October 28th. was re-
sumed. Baron Gamp, Conservative,
said hls majesty's troable ought to be
ascribed to his responsible advisers,
w'ho since the time ,»f Rismurk have
never been able to tel| his majesty
plainly his constitutional duties
French Author and Dramatist
Who Diad November 8 is
Buried Today.
Parity Nov. It.—Vlctoreln ftardou.
the French author end dramatist, who
died November 8, was hurled today.
Although the simple funeral was ex-
pressive evidence of the place Burdou
held in the hearts of tho french peo-
ple, he would have been gladly accord-
id a state funeral hud it not been for
hls expressed wish to be burled with-
out pomp.
Wichita. Was, Nov. 11.—The Missouri
Pacific Is to open Its shops over the
entire system and employ a full force,
according to t\ K. Cranberry, master
mechanic, who was In Wichita today.
He was looking for mechanics for the
shops In Wichita. Bedulia, Fort Scott
and Kansas City. Many men, he said
are needed In the car repairing and
locomotive deiuirtments.
Stover Case Hu Bun on in
the District Court
Freight Train Collision in Wy-
oming Kills Nine
<’h»*y»*nnt Wyn, V \ M .Nme inen
nr»’ known hi»v*• **t their live* in a
<n|!|*!on between two Tnh»n Fnelflc
freight train* lart night at ftarta. Wyn.,
Mill In tlu* ilrr which broke out in the
wrut’kiiyp Onl\ four InnIIhi haw born
rsMMtv'Tt"!. It |* fnri tl that tnf' other*
w err ere inn ten.
Thrr$t hundred |»nlr« *»f huM* n
Uwi*n addition, now Indil hunt***. < •
honir rltor, that, a yegr ugu seemed
entirely beyond their reach.
Now i* Yul'K tint** Our prices |u»\e
tmt chante d within the y« ur. \Y« glw
«*ury tt rinps that allow you to ur* mort
of your ready earh for building #
Your hutgaln I* better than ever
before, rlnce today, for 1275 to $4’»o
•n '-ary ('•nn*, you ran buy a Iw autl
fu| lot tilth rtrightaira lit lug on s \ «*r>
•Ida. A your ago you would huv» been
alow# fn tlif hl«< k
Ham amber, too, you hav«* g*»« to ymii
dour, rlty watar rtrwl light*, riih
wtilkr—all convenient to achonl church
and burin*** Thl* I* your chance to
■ttp imylng r»*nt. and our 'phot* in *71
nt Firti Nit'l. Eld«.
■eat non Space, win
Less Gas, than any
Otter Steve
Marntd By Gubaar.
From Wednesday's 1 hilly
A marriage license ttnr |**u»d today
to Amo* T. Ifogue, 21 of lfa*tlngr and
Mir* Ada G. Faulkner, 20. of Daw •
ron. After laaiiifig th» prrmlt, Judge
Outirnr marrlod the *"U|»le In hi* office.
John llnnoork of tho «'uCura Com -
I'uny wont to Oklahoma City thl* af-
ternoon to ittfMid a hun<|U8’t of tin
International Journ< \ no n'» lt.n l..-r Un-
From >Vvdnea4lAy,n Dally.
The rare of Nath Stover, charged
with hfghway robbery, which war tried
la*t night and thlr morning, will go to
the Jury thl* afternoon and it I*
thought that a verdict will hr reached
b.v tho jury thia evening Stover with
Tom Crowd |* charged with having
held U|. and n>bhed 8. C. Fh trhrr and
H T. Wei]*, on Kart Klr*t atreet on the
night of February 23. lart. and it is for
that crime that Etover la being tried.
A revei ant e In the rare war taken and
both defendant! are to be tried sep-
Etover la the flrat to ha tried, and hie
trial war atarted last night on account
of the rerloue lllner* of a relative of
one of the main wltneare*. who wa«
called out of town late lart night. Thlr
wltne** wa* C E. fill. HI* father Ir
at the point of deuth. according to a
telegram received by him yertorday,
und hi* testimony wa* taken at a night
*<**rlon of the court Judge Po* I* on
the bench In the care and Attorney
Flunk K. Duncan I* defending Stover
The state I* represented by County At-
torney M. A Br ckenrldge and hi* n*
*irtant. Mr WlllinniH of Hr>>k$ n Arrow.
The wltnerrea in the cnee and the
|.»$rth iilnr part they played In the care
I* to d in the following : \\V||* and
Fletcher are the* two men held up on
the IIIa*tit above M cnt'olied Thc> W'l'
on their way to the Midland Valley d*-
I * it when two men confronted them,
one of them holding a gun In their
facer. The other man reached them
und Fletcher wu* relieved of |7I In
money, a gold watch, u pl|»e and u
pocket knife. Jc**e Walker and Kd D.
lan, two member* of th«* Tul*u |m»IIcc
fore**, were the arn *tlng ofllccra In the
rare. They arrested 8to\$*r and t'row
• II Juat after the crime war committed
The*!* officer* '• iw the ^urpe-ctec) men i g
In the vicinity of th** . en* .f the crime
immed'iitoly before und after the crime
Wllllum Neff another officer, urrert-
< d Torn* June*, an alleged accomplice in
ihe irlii e. June* U charged whh hav-
ing di*powcd of ihe watch taken from
Fletcher In the resort run by Lou ow»
• i<- in tic 1 u»t t nd the night of the i*oh
............... * oui*. in. iu*t
wltn.'ss sxHinlns\ Just before thr court
ailjourned for dinner und immediately
upon the convention of the court, tha
Jury was Instructed. After the Instruc-
tions ucra given to the Jury by Judga
I’oc. tha attorneys for the state and
defense began their arguments uf the
as,- This started shortly after 2
n clock. The frow,*ll case will he prac-
tlca’ly the same as the Stover case. In
the mutter of witnesses, evidence, etc.
Evangelist Urges " Common-
er” to Engage in Soul
Saving Work.
Burlington. Kas, Nov. 11.—Rev.
French E. Oliver, who Is holding a re
vlval meeting here, hnx IssiuhI an open,
li tter to Wm. J. Bryan urging the Ne-’
hraakan to becom^ an evangelist nnd
predicting that he would become an
equal of Apostle Paul.
R. E. Gibson, Newly Appointed Deputy
and Game Warden Martin, Oeage
Ceunty Determined.
From Wednesday's Dally.
R. K Gihann, who live* Just four
miles from Tulsa in the Oeage coun-
try, was a Tulsa visitor today. Mr.
Gibson ha* Just received hls appoint-
ment to the office of deputy game war-
den. Hls territory la the southern dis-
trict of the big Osage county and he la
under W. R. Martin, the warden In
cahrge of the county. Mr. Martin was
down yesterday to look the country
over In the southern part uf the coun-
ty and to Instruct hls new deputy.
Mr. Gibson Is an oldtlmer In these
luirts. rhlng here when the old Mow-
bray and Pettuo building. Just torn
down, were the only business houses
In Tulsa Thla was a good many years
ago. and Mr. Gibson Is writ acquainted
with the country and other old- timers.
Martin und Gibson say they are de-
termined to enforce the law which
prohibits the shooting of game In Ok-
lahoma on Sunday.
Oklahoma Find* That There Wae Ne
Appropriation for the Bapeneee.
Guthrie, Ok.. Nov. It.—It Is the cold,
gray dawn of the morning after for the
persons who furnished the supplies for
the recent general election In Okla-
homa. The secretary of slate. Rill
cross, announced today that because of
on oversight by thr last legislature no
money was appropriated to rove such
expenses A special appropriation of
$3,000 will be asked by Cross from the
legislature next January to meet thla
j deficiency.
Oklahoma'* Corporation Commission
Redured the Rate* in the New State
Guthrie, uk . Nov II The corpora-
tion commission Issued a general order
tonight fixing the lute for u 10-word
telegraph message between tsilnts In
the State at twenty-five rents, with two
cents each additional word hy day
ami one rent by night The present
rale Is twenty-five vents to points In
old tikluhomu and forty rents to quints
In Indian Territory. Newspaper rates
are unchanged
homans on Stand Declare
It Has Been Bene
Standard Subaidiary Has Stimulated
the Production of Oil in Oklahoma—
Litchfield and Barnee on the Stand—
Gulf Pipe Lino Chargee Ixeead Theae
of Railroad—-$2,000400 Ha. Boon
Lost Through tho Laok of Pipa Linee.
New York. Nov. II — Producers of oil
In the iiklnhnma field were put on the
willies* stand yesterday by counsel Tor
the Htamlard *OII Company, *| the
hearing nf the government's suit to
dissolve the company, In the effort to
show that the Prairie Oil * Gas Com-
pany, a Standard subsidiary, had a
beneficial and not an oppressive In-
fluence upon the production of oil In
the Oklahoma territory.
Incidentally, Frank B. Kellogg, coun-
«e| for the government, made a re-
newed attempt, through the two chief
witnesses of the day, to find out some-
thing about the relatione, If any, be-
tween T. N. Rarnsdall, of Pittsburg,
and the Standard Oil company. No
Information regarding "the mysteriOEfs
Mr, Barnsdall." as Kellogg character-
tied him, was drawn from either wlt-
Keiiogg's questioning regard!^
Barnsdall, who la a large
dealer, began during the
of Royal S. Litchfield, an _____
oil producer, who was asked whether
he knebr that BaAisdall had hamwad
in 1MI tha aum of t7.SM.MS from tha
Standard Oil Company nnd paid the
e impnny no Interest upon It. The wit-
ness disclaimed all knowledge of Bums
dall's affaire.
The benefits of the Prairie Company's
operations In Oklahoma worn detailed
by Litchfield, the witness deoluriw he
had never heard of dlscrlmlnhtloua ea
the part of the Prairie Company, and
that he for one, has been satisfied with
the quota of oil the company has tak-
en from him.
Edward Barnes was even more em-
phatic In hls praise of the Oklahoma
company, which, he declared, all things
considered, had made the field a para-
dise He declared, however, that ha
had been badly treated by the inde-
pendent pipe lines, characterising the
rate of It cents a barrel of the OwM
Pipe Line company from Glenn Peel
to the Gulf, ax on “outrage.**
“I can ship ell to the eoutlMra ter-
minals by car. In tanka, for I cents
a barrel lees than I can through Ote
Gulf Pipe Line Company's lines,* de-
clared Barnes.
"And I want to add right hare,*
the witness added, 'that fully $t.-
"" worth of oil has been lost to
the Indians and others because of the
lack of pl|>e lines to take It out*
The Gulf coinininy." continued
tlarnes, 'has cost me a great deal of
money. They are going xmund there
now, buying up these lands and leases
from the Indians and lease-holders
for prices next to nothing, and driving
Wills upon them hy bilking their
Fourtssn Million Gallons a Oay Is Go-
ing to Waste.
Mexico City. Nov ||—After an
outlay of lietwren $100,000 und $500,
000 In a vain endeavor to control the
burning tins tineas oil wells t'l-arson *
Sons haw decided to abandon the at-
tempt. The nil is flnwlna at the rate of
it,000.000 gallons a day.
with tils old style wooden affairs
und you'll not wonder why so
many people are discarding the
tatter and buying the former,
our mutulllc beds arv ornamental
as w«|| as useful. They set a
room off splendidly. Corns and
pick out one of any design, s ae
and price you please \Ve can
suit you In all.
The Child Who Needs Glasses
*h<»n)U hm'* thnn ut oner. Prop.
*r w in * *41» promptly i>rt,vi w*.l n>ay
rniMKly rig tit which
would liurvnrr if n> Rli ot*4.
with especial cure, though We do
it without charge. If your * hild
lias headaches, or straining uf
the eyes, bring it hors for a losses
which will prutwbly atop both at
once Neglect to provide glasses
now la apt to result In grimier
<y« troubles which will last
through nut the child's winds
d with thr moat modem Ihtiro*
competent (dietan, who is qualified to puss
uur "pip si department Is rquipi
Monte and in charge of H
stiy Blais oard of Gptntnrn
We save you so per cent on your diamonds, watches and Jewelry
RICE. The Jeweler

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