The Stillwater Gazette. (Stillwater, Okla.), Vol. 11, No. 48, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 22, 1900 Page: 3 of 8

Never for one moment forpet that vovr
constant duty to yourself, to your 1 ti*ik
ness, to your family, is a roust nut vmtchJgrV
i on your Kidneys. As the careful oiiki-A^
neer watches rnrh jmis:Li,on of his h
' daintily temh'd eu, ,m‘, so should you f ?•—
1 give tlie closest sr •’.liny to your kul- |V ,5f<
■leys, for ir 3 they net the preut enpi- gt
nee of human life? The kidneys 11 Iter Rw.'JA
the blood, all its impurities are left in P,’ If
the kidneys, to be, tn turn, passed tc I
the bladder and so (Ind escape from "y«<
the human system. Can you not readily . ,
see how with improperly working kiilnri Wl
the blood scatters its poison, and Is-fon 'A
you know it you are In the clutch ofI
Bright, Disease and death is upon you. v. .. 1
Hundreds of the .suddfcn deaths you /6.-1
bear aud read about ars due to neglect >>i in*
Signals nature gives, such as weak b .ck nnd
pains across QieamalVof the back. ir.\"ui .
have backache, don’t hesitate, but sock i c i t.
and surest and quickest acting remedy at on co.
{Dr. Holtin’s Kidney Tabled
are made from the formnlaof a practicing nh y-
aician and guaranteed to be the most ctl'u-a.
doua in all diseases of the bladder and kidneys.
They go at once to the weak spot and give quick
strength; they are vegetable, easy to take and
pleasant. Thousands owe life and health to,
thorn, and take them occasionally as a preven-
tive, and thereby forestall the possibilit y of |
the inroad of disease.
Look out for substitutes and take only the,
genuine Dr. Holtiu’s Kidney Tablets, IT ice 25'
and BO cents per package.
Prepared only by
lOLTlH CHEMICAL CO. 03 Ualden Lane, K. Y.
jyFor Sale Ip Stillwater, bv W. R. McCieorge.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
Prof. R. H. Ewing was in Guthrie
Hon. Freeman E. Miller went to
Guthrie Wednesday.
Frank J. Wikoff was in Guthrie, on
business, last Thursday.
Melvin Fairchild, of Paradise town-
ship was in the city Monday.
Dr. W, B. Brengle of Perry was in
this city for two days this week.
Miss Alta Offil, of Tecumseh, is visit-
ing her brother and friends in the city
this week.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
Mrs. Arthur Lane presented her hus-
band with a fine baby boy last Satur-
day morning.
District Court was in session at Paw-
nee all of last week with Judge Hainer
on the bench.
Attorney C. 6. Case has taken offices
soon to be vacated by Dr. Jane way,
over the Red Store.
The work will begin in about ten
days and they expect to have the sys-
tem completed by February 1st.
J. F. Brandon left Tuesdny morning
for a month’s visit among friends and
relatives at his old home in Iowa.
The Oklahoma division of the Santa
Fe is reported to be over 1,000 short on
cars. The rush has been tremendous
this year.
C. H. Stowe, the popular hardware
man of Glencoe has sold out his inter-
ests there and intends to go back to
Guthrie to iive.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
Last Friday the city council of Paw-
nee let the contract for putting in a
system of water works in that city to
W. H. Crook & Co., of FallsCity, Nebr.
J. S. Kirby and wife of south of town
are rejoicine over the advent of a new
baby girl which arrived at their house
last Friday night.
Governor Barnes appointed IV m. E.
Berry, of this city, as one of the terri-
torial delegates to the National Irriga-
tion Congress which meets in Chicago,
Nov. 21 to 24.
The new bank at Ralston received
its new safe last week and is now ready
for business. This bank is in charge of
Harry Thompson, formerly a professor
in the A. & M. college of this city
Black Cat. Black Cat.
E. G. Morrison was looking after his
interests at Ripley last Tuesday.
Drs. N. VV. and P. H. Mayginnes left
last Saturday for a week’s visit with
their mother and sister at Mound Val-
ley. Kansas.
Hon. E. W. Jones, county attorney
of Logan county was in the city Tues-
day nnd Wednesday on business per-
taining to the Reynolds murder case
which will be sent here on a change of
I venue.
The case of H. O. Bell vs. M. Slattery
was on this week again in the probate
court. For several terms of court
these parties have taken much time
and attention. Both will probably be
loosers in the end.
The chrysanthemum show given last
Friday night at the Presbyterian
church was a decided success and well
attended. This is an annual feature at
this church and each succeeding year
it grows better.
Miss Maggie Van Emnn, who has
been attending school at Stillwater,
came home Saturday evening and vis-
ited until Monday. Miss Ella and
Garrett accompanied her back to
Stillwater.—Jennings News.
A New York dispatch of last Friday,
says; “Not a train from the north or
west arrived on time today, owing to
heavy snow storms raging in the upper
part of the state.” It is just a little
colder in New York than Oklahoma.
Black Cat, Black Cat.
Richard E. Ewing, city superintend-
ent of the Stillwater schools was ap-
pointed by the governor as a member
of the territorial board of education
to succeed Prof. B. F. Nihart, who re-
signed to accept a position on the fnc
ulty of the Edmond Normal school.
The case of Lewis Lee, charged with
the murder nf Cha*. Withers at Ripley
was called for trial at Guthrie on a
change of venue last Friday, but ow-
ing to the absence of some of the wit-
nesses was postponed* until Dec. 13th
when it is likely that it will be tried.
It has been the work of half a dozen
city councils in this town to get side-
walks where they are badly needed
but so far all efforts in that direction
seem to have failed. In some spots
public spirited citizens have put down
their own walks but they do not con-
nect with each other and you can not
get to no part of the town without
wading through loud half the way. It
does seem that some effective meas-
ures would be adopted to get walks in
this city some time
The Glencoe Woodmen have decid-
ed on a thanksgiving hunt- The tally
sheets are out and include every kind
of game common to the district. Here
is the way the schedule in number of
scalps: quail, 1; rabbit, 3; squirrel, 3
jack rabbit. 5; prairie chicken, 10:
| crow. 10; hawk, 10; wolf, 50. The
lodge has been divided into two bodies
and the side that makes the highest
schedule will be given an oyster sup-
per by the losers. It is presumed the
price of game will be very high at
Glencoe thpt day.
H. D. Cochran has just brought in
500 head of cattle that he will feed this
winter.—Pawnee Courier.
The older residents of this city will
remember Harry Cochran as one of the
butchers of this city when it was yet a
[little village. Then he was poor as
I the rest of us but has grown rich dur-
ing the past few years in the cattle
| business.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
Miss Elsie Denton, formerly the
hello girl at , the Arkansas Valley
_ | ’Phone office, wae married last night
Black Cat. BlaqkCat.|to Mr. w. Ha Hand, a prominent
young gentleman of the city of Still-
water, and of which place she is a resi-
dent. Rev. Nicholas performed the
ceremony at his home.—Guthrie Lead-
For fine watch repairing go to Grady
Blankets that are worth your money
at Grady’s Mo. store.
Our shop stock is complete w ith I ho
best brands of shoes.
H.D. Price of Oklahoma City was
here a oouple days of this week.
It takes three women to shoo a hen.
but Grady Bros, can shoe 4000 men.
The young people of town had a nig
hall at the court house last Monday
The saloon belonging to Gid Irwin
at Ripley was closed by his creditors a
few days ngo.
Every pair of glasses prescribed by
Grady Bros, are positively guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction.
F. C. Corsets are guarnntped satis-
factory for wear and are perfect fitters
sold nt Grady’s Missouri Store.
Your special order business solicited
if we haven’t whnt you want will get.
it for you. GRADY BROS.
VV. E. Christie, a brother-in-law to
Harry Bullen has decided to open a
plumbing and gas-fitting establish-
ment in this city in the near future.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
T. VV. Kelly disposed of hi* resi-
dence property in college addition last
Tuesday, but says that he does not in-
tend to leave the city. He will build
a new residence and will engage in
business again.
Owing to tl.eir inability to gpf. wood
in sufficient quantities for fuel the
board of education determined to take
out all the stoves in the school build-
ings and replace them with coal stoves
The change meant the change of four-
teen stoves..
A movement is on foot among some
of the business men of Stillwater and
Payne Co. looking to the sinking of a
well for the discovery of natural gas.
These men and this purpose should be
in every way encouraged. A few hun-
dred dollars will test whether or nort
gas exists in this community. There
is every reason to believe that the ef-
fort will be successful. The Kansas
gas belt has an outward appearance no
more favorable than here—In fact men
of experience say this is the bettei
prospect. The discovery of gas here
would put Stillwater and Payne coun-
ty far in the lead, and bring about a
business prosperity and increase of
population that would make us at
once a great Renter of trade. Let the
good work go on.
Black Cat. Black C£t.
The young couple are both well and
favorably known in this city, the bride
having been with the telephone Co.
for nearly a year before going to Guth-
rie. During her stay here she made a
host of friends who will be glad to
know that she has become a perma-
nent resident of this city. The groom
is one of Stillwater’s most popular
druggists having lately pnrehased the
stock and business of W. R. McGeorge
He is a son of H. E. Hand, president
of the National Bank of Commerce of
tfeis city. The happy couple expect to
■ housekeeping in the near future
[and yyill become permanent residents
of this city.
At a meeting of the city council «
few days ngo the resignation of Frank
Harding as police judge of thi* city
was accepted and B. F. Brown was
appointed to fill the unexpired term
Mr. Brown at once took charge of the
office and the business of the court is
going on without interruption.
County clerk elect Hartpnbnwer will
have a public auction of hi* stpek.
farm products and farm impl“ments
Nov 30th at, his farm in Clear C>*eek
township. At this sale he will offer
about 70 head of cattle, 0 horse*. 30
hogs, a lot of corn, feed and farm im-
plements. The property will be sold
on easy terms.
During the trial of the Bell-Slattery
case in the probate court yesterday
Judge Burns received a telegram an-
nouncing the sudden death of his sec-
ond son, Bruce, of Typhoid fever at
Collinsville, I. T. The trial of the
case at hand was postponed until Nov.
28th and the judge and his wife at once
started for Collinsville where they will
take charge of the remains. They will
probably be brought here for burial.
A number of our citizens are agitat-
ing the proposition of putting down a
prospect hole in this vicinity to see
and find out what lies under us. The
great obstacle in the way however is
the fact that persons who would risk
their money in this kind of a venture
cannot be protected, under our pres-
ent laws, in case they find anything.
If the promoters of such a project
could be protected, capital could be
easily found for the venture.
The police court has been doing a
big business during the past week in
looking after gambling cases. It will
be rememb°rrd that at the last city
election the church element of the
city cut quite a figure and practically
elected their whole ticket. This was
expected to mean that there would be
no gambling and that the saloons
would be made to run in strict con-
formity to law. The newly elected of
fleers proved a disappointment how
ever. They not only failed to uphold
the law but never in the history of this
city has gambling been more notorious
than during the present administra-
tion. Gaming tables, slot machines
and all sorts of catch penny devices
have been allowed to run anywhere,
apparently with the consent of the
council that was elected upon a pledge
to suppress everything of the kind.
Last week however the mayor and
council took a notion that a reforma-
tion must take place and that gam-
bling must cease. They at once took
measures to arrest all persons caught
gambling and as a consequence the
police court has been doing a good
business of late. The council has be-
gun rather late to fulfil! its pledges to
the people but has a chance to redeem
itself yet.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
Coal, kohl, kole, Gorton Lumber Co.
Coal at reasonable prices at the Gor
ton Lumber Co.
Call up ‘Phone 60 when in need of
fuel : Gorton Lumber Co.
For Sale or trade, nearly new sew-
ing machine at McClain & Razey’s
Do not forget that the Gorton Lum-
ber Co. handles the finest coal to be
had in the city.
We have decided t«» clo«e out' our
| men’s and boys’ odd pant*. 750 pairs
go at price* never excelled at Gr:i iy’s
| Missouri Store.
Now is Hit opportune time to call at
Grady Bros, optical parlor nnd have
your eyes tested free and a scientific
report on their condition.
Markird —At the U, B. parsonage,
Thursday, Mov. 22, Mr. Fred K. Cook
and Miss Pearl Elliot, both of Perkins,
liev. J. Daugherty officiating,
Grady Bros, are putting in u very
large stock of watches, jewelry, silver-
ware anti novelties for the holiday*
and can please the mo*t fastidious.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
The second lecture of the course ar-
ranged for this winter will be given at
the college chapel on Nov. 26th. De
Witt Miller will deliver this lecture.
Especial attention is called ilii- week
to E. O. Stevenson’s advertisement.
Stevenson lias the lines' line of goods
ever brought to the territory and his
prices are O. K.
A Norman lass has n e-ived a box of
cigars as a present IV nn her soldi *r
be mi who is fighting in the Philippines
and she i* now fighting mad at his dar
ing to insinuate that she smokes.
Grady Bros, have added a De Zeng’s
refractometer to their already fine
equipment of optical instruments and
can detect the least trace of error in
refracting .
Wm. H. WassanianJ Eliza Fillmore
aged twenty eight and eighteen re-
spectivelv. of Ripley, were married by
Judge “Bobby” Burns Tuesday at 1:30
p. rn. By reason of a trial, a large
number was present.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
The Ponca City Times is pessimistic
to picturesqueness over the result of
the Kansas election. It notes that
McKinley has carried the state, but
says that “if next year a couple of
grasshoppers should stroll up the state
and destroy a fanner’s squasti vine,
Kansas would go overwhelmingly pop-
ulist again.
Ex-candidate Robert A. Neff emits
a final wail through the columns of
the Guthrie Leader on the result of
the late election in Oklahoma. He
says he is more convinced than ever
that Bryanism is right—any man who
can’t learn a little bit in a campaign
ought to be defeated. He further say*
that lack of money i* the source of hi*
defeat. Does he mean to say the peo-
ple of the territory can lie bought? We
presume the Hon. Robert A. still ha*
the sympathy of the Payne county
Territory of Oklahoma.
Executive department
“It Is a good tiling to give thanks unto Ilia
Isn't!, and
To sing praises unto Thy name. (>, Most High-
Oklahoma ha* been blessed with
another year of plenty ; the garnered
harvest has been most bountiful; field
and orchard have yielded an abundance
our people have enjoyed universal
prosperity ; neither famine, pestilence
nor storm haR wrought havoc withia
i ho borders of our Territory ; as Indl-
vi I tinle and u* a people we have been
most singulai ly blessed :
Tiikkkforb, in grateful recognition
of the great mercies nnd bountiful
blessings of the Most High, and in ac-
cordance with the proclamation of the
President of the United States, and a
custom in itself so fitting, nnd hallow-
ed by long and glad observance, t
hereby appoint Thursday, November
29, 1000, as a day of General thanks-
giving and prayer; and I do recom-
mend to the people of the Territory
thnt on that day they assemble in their
usual places nf worship and in joyfrfl
reunions around family hearthstones,
give thunk* to Almighty God for the
blessings with which He has filled and
crowned the year ; and let those who
have plenty remember tho*e who may
be in want, thut the day may abound
in acts of benevolence and charity—
that the hungry be fed and the Bor-
rowing comforted.
Let us observe this day with a full
realization that the stability and per-
petuity of our Government and our
free institutions rests upon the faith of
the people in a Higher Power, and the
declaration that all men are created
free and equal, and members of an uni-
versal brotherhood.
Given under my hand and Beal at
Guthrie, the Capital or the Territory
of Oklahoma, this twelfth day of No-
vember, in the year of our Lord, one
thousand nine hundred. 0. M. Babnpjl
[Seal] By the Governor: Governor
Wm. M. Jknkins,
Secretary of the Territory.
The manager of the Payton Sisters
Comedy Company Iih* made arrange-
ments to play hits company in Stit.wa-
ter fur a period of four nights, com-
mencing Wednesday, Nov. 28th at the
court house which will be transformed
into a temporary opera house. The
company came from Guthrie here and
in ail probability play to the capacity
of the court house at each performance
The play selected for the opening
night is the five act comedy dratna^
“Because I Love You So.” New songs*
dances and musical specialties will be
introduced at each performance. Dur-
ing the stay of the Paytons they will
present the latest coiredy success,
“My Uncle From New York,” “East
Lynne, and the strong society play, “A
Wife’s 8ecret.” Reserved seats will
be on sale Saturday morning at Holt’s
jewelry store.
Mir*. Lydia Doolin. wife of Wm. Doo-
lin of this city died this morning after
an illness covering a period of several
months. At the time of her death she
was 67 years old but has always enjoy-
ed good health until a few months
ngo. The deceased leaves a husband
and several children, all grown, among
them being Mrs. J. B. Brock, Mrs. R.
N. Andrews and Lee Doolin of this
city. Her remains will be laid to rest
in Fair Lawn cemetery tomorrow.
Rev. F. F. Butler of Iowa has form-
ally accepted the call of the Baptist
church of this pluce, and enters at
once upon the duties of the pastorate.
He is a graduate of Denison Universi-
ty, Granville, Ohio, and of Rochester
Theological Seminary, Rocheatcr, New
York. Mr. Butler has great faith in
this new country, and believes that a
fine class of people have already set-
tled here to develop its possibilities.
Services will be conducted at the usu-
al hours every Sunday, and also the
mid-week prayer-meeting each thurs-
day evening. The Baptist people and
others will be glad to enjoy again the
regular services of the church.
Black Cat. Black Cat.
Coal! Coal!! Coal!!!
Always on hand. Best grades and
lowest prices.
The Keiser-Lahman Co.
| Stillwater, Okla. j

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