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The County Democrat.
168 Pottawatomie county boyn left
shew nrc M outlay afternoon at 5
o'clock for Camp Cody, Doming, New
Mexico. They were in charge of Ed
O’Conner a* captain of the rompauy
and Frank Brown, Clancy Morria and
Roscoe Poddicord aa captaiuk of squads.
They were joined at Hhawnee by
■Ml men from Latimer county, 113 from
Hughes county aud 61 from Seminole
At different pointa they were to
lie joined by 77 from Cauadian
county, 35 from Kingfisher, 102 from
Stephen* and 30 from Beckhain county.
The liat of thoae from thin county ia
aa follows:
Pierce Butler Rutledge
Mason Roy Coffman
Henry Cunningham
Walter Jackson
dames Oliver Pendleton
Bill Caudle
Oscar Settles
James H. Click
Roy Parris
Thomas A. Kinnamon
Homer Cremer
Wm. T. Fowler
Theodore Edward Wolfe
Oeo. Wm. Ooley
Raymond T. Whitall
James W. Childers
Claude Watteraon
Jessie Wisdom
Clarence E. Lecompte
Guss A. Moreland
Henry Alldredge
Fred N. Snyder
E. L. Jamison
Benj. Elmer King
Wm. E. Matthewa
Jas. W. Waller
Alvin Hatfield
Oliver Casey
Karl Lery Reid
Elmer Lome Kellogg
Thos. Alfred Conaater
Lacie Neighbora
Roy F. Jordon
Gignon Macomb
Frank Clark ""ty
Ivan Francis Alexander
Wayne Rogers
Lite M. Gossage
Robert Belcher
Leroy Lindley
John H. Wilborn
J. H. Compton
Joseph B. Black
Lloyd R. Parker
Henry W. Limpke
Irby Jones
Ed V. Jennings
Owen C. Morris
Mathas R. Schiltz
Earl Maxey
Bruce Casey
Lee R. Williams
Joseph E. Campbell
Wm. B. Owen
Julius T. Parker
Drayton D. Wardlow
L. G. Ferguson
Thomas Spybuok, (transferred.)
Jas. L. Swagerty
Abbie L. Jennings
Tom Carr Copeland
Fred Allenbaugh
Washington W. Davis
Wm. F. Jackson
Jessie F. Clagnorn
Claude W. Johnson
Bert Peachethot
Thomas Panther
Baker Lee Shannon
K. H. Jessup
James O. Sullins
Frank D. Brown
Roscoe J. Peddicord
Leonard Martin
Wm. Farris
Isaac W. Batt
Elbert Miller
Albert MeCoyj (transferred.)
Clarence W. C. McMahan
James Bock
Henry Clay Daniel
John H. Whitworth
Willie Ellis
Konstantinos P. Kalamatiuos
Thomas Pappan
August B. Knabe
Joseph T. Lindsey
Jas. F. Clinton
Sami. M. Desmond
Frank A. Ray
Frank Brundage
Ernest E. Brundage
Claude Albro
James W. Stapp
Lum Robison
Thos. V. Anderson
Webster Alford
Sanford Epperson
Clay Roy Clark
Tine Falkner
Geo. W. Jackson
Chaa. J. Burner
Jas. D. Blalock
Jas. Chandler
Claud Browder
Wm. L. Johnson
Claud M. Davidson
Antonios Parrogrotiugly
James Baker
John Bruza
Jas. E. Bias
Ed. W. Lamar
Charles Jackson Williams
Russell M. Johnston
Elliott Audrew Kiinbrell
Arthur Lee Cherry
Leo Cleburn Pendleton
Viernie McAlester
Daniel Strip Ash
Joseph William Logan
William L. Holman, (transferred).
Earl Lyon
Thomas Morgan Hise
Gillia Thomas Wood
Elmer Gilbert Clark
Claud Samuel Pierqe
Roy Guy
Marion Johnston
Roy Arvii Bailey
Noel Taylor Wilson
EU O’Connor
Burdy Adamson
Walter Lester
Hugh Ketch Shawno
Roy Houk
Charles Wooderling
Roy Lakin
John Oscar Crawford
Owen Bell Tinnin
Walter L. Atchley
Charles Stenie Willoughby
B. N. Tatom
Louis Francis Keeler
Ervin Mitchell Jarvis
Marshall B. Copeland
Jessie Sylvester Gierhart
Johu Hamblin
Leo George Heise
Thomas W. Gober
Marion Francis Fry
Ben Megah
Thomas Payne Heard, voluntary in-
duction out of order.
Chas. H. Crow
Frank Cassidy, (transferred).
Walter A. McMahan
R. H. Evans, (claims for deferred
classification waived).
Claude Klapp
Randolph Pounds
Fred T. Bowen
Geo. G. Foster
Arnold T. Bell
Luther Carl Boyd
Clarence Low Kieff
Shannon G. Stephens
Fred Flennikeu
Carl Plumlee
Every day now the line is being more
sharply drawn betw.-jn the real, self-
sacrificing patriot, and the profitter
hiding under a cloak of blatant loy-
Nineteen hundred years ago the
Man of Gallilee quietly remarked to a
company of friends aud followers that
it is more blessed to give than to
receive.” At the time it made little
impression upon his hearers, and in the
centuries since that day men have
grasped it merely as a theoretical
truth, with no real thought of making
it a life principle.
But the present world cataclasm has
put the people to thinking seriously
of this statement of the great Teacher.
People with no claims to religious con-
victions are waking up to the fact that
underlying the statement is found
true secret of life. V/e are coming
to see more clearly every day that the
selfish life is the miserable life, stunt-
ing and dwarfing all the finer quali-
ties of our nature that have elevated
us as a race so immeasurably above the
human brutes with whom we now do
When the final history of this wai
is written, those whose names will go
down at the head of the honor list will
not be the profiteers who grasped mil-
lions from a suffering world; but those
who gave, and gave, and gave, till they
could give no more—who stripped
themselves of earthly possessions to
gain a crown that all earth and hell
can never deprive them of—
The proud consciousness that they
have “done what they could” for hu-
manity and the right.
Many superstitious people are pro-
phesying that the world is coming to
an end. It will—in time.
June 28
. Is the day set apart
by the President of the
United States for every
citizen to answer to roll
call and pledge to buy a
certain, stated number
of War Savings Stamps,
the amount to be in
proportion to their fi-
nancial ability.
Meetings will be held
in every school district
in the United States. In
Tecumseh school dist-
rict the meeting will be
held at the High School
Auditorium beginning
at 2 o’clock p. m. and
will continue until each
and every person in the
district has had an op-
portunity of subscrib-
Those who fail to be
present and subscribe,
unless they have good
reasons, will be regard-
ed as enemies to this
country and all names
will be turned over to
the Council of Defense.
w. s. s.
Oklahoma State Council of Defense
Interpret* Law in Few
Seditious Pacifists Place Cards Bear-
ing ‘ Confession of Faith”
Between Leaves.
Oklahoma City, Okie., Juuo 26.-—Be
ditious literature tending to inspire
the sympathies of the public toward
peace and liclieved to be a part of the
work of propagandists tu the pay of
Oklahoma City, Ok la., June 26.—
Beware of violating the uew federal
espionage act ia the warniug which
is being sent out by the Oklahoma
State Council of Defense. Guard your-
self ngainat unconscious violations. Germany who may operate in all |>arti
Promptly report violations on the part jof the state, was found in the Carnegie
' Library at Tulsa and promptly turned
uver to the Oklahoma Mtate Council of
Defense for action. The matter is be-
ing investigated by the Federal auth-
orities. The card contains “A Con-
fession of Faith” by 8. G. Panditi
and wherever found should lie destroy-
ed nnd federal authorities notified.
of others.
The Oklahoma State Council of De
feuse is making an intensive campaign
throughout Oklahoma nguinst sedition
and nil known eases of violation of
the new law should be promptly re-
ported either to county councils or to
the Mtate Council. Here are some of
the things which constitute violations
of the espionags art:
Making or conveying false reports
with into-.' to interfere with the oper-
ation or success of the military forms.
“Making or conveying false state-
ments in regard to doing anything, ex-
cept in the way of bona fide and not
disloyal adviee, tending to obstruct the
sule of Unitel States bonds or secur-
Attempting to cause or incite in-
subordination, disloyalty, etc. among
the military forces.
Attempting to obstruct enlistments.
Publishing, printing, writing or
utteriug disloyal, profane or scurrilous
language against the form of govern
meat of the United States, the consti-
tution, the flag, the military forces
or the uniform of the army or navy.
Not fee is hereby given to all person*
registered for service in the Military
service of the Government under the
supplemental registration order effect-
ive June 5, 1918, and who desire as
sintance in making out their questioa-
uires, are requested to appear at the
City Hall iu the City of Shawnee, or
ni the Court House at Tecumseh, on
Tuesday, July 2, 1918, at 8 o’clock a.
m. at which time and places represen-
tatives of the LcgBl Advisory Board
will be present to assist any one de-
siring help iu preparing his question-
Any person claiming deferred clas-
sification should have tbelr witnesses
Using language intended to bring »° '"*ke/!*" '“"**«**
the government, constitution, flag, mil-I N° patrl°tiC A""‘r“‘u h“*
litary forces or uniform into contempt,
| scorn, contumely or disrepute.
Uttering, writing or publishing
I language intended to provoke or on
a mo-
ment of time to spare and you are
urged most earnestly to be present as
uhove indicated.
These questionaries may be prepared
. . , , o, pi auy time after the receipt of the
courage resistance to the United States. I. , , , , , v ,
iu, . .. ,, . I blanks aud after being properly exe
“Willful display of the flag of an ......... ....... . «___.
enemy of the United States.
“Uttering, writing, or publishing
language intended to curtail production
of things necessary to thh prosecution
of the war.
Advocating, teaching, defending or
suggesting any of the things euurner
“Favoring by word or act the cause
of any eountry—with which the United
States is at wa'.”
This section also contains a proviso
to the effect that any one in the serv
ice of the United States government
who “commits any disloyal Hct or ut-
CIIted may he forwarded to the Board
at Shawnee.
Washington, D. C., June 26,—Report
of hunger riots aud peace demonstra
tions in Austria, while interesting, ia
not delaying the United States iu rush-
ing the war program.
Under orders just issued by the De-
partment of Labor, Mexican laborers
lunge, or who, in an abusive anil vio-
lent niauncr, criticizes the army or
navy or flag of the United States shall
be at once dismissed from the serv
.... , , , Imay be admitted temporarily for work
tors anv unpatriotic or disloyal Ian j- I ... .
ton the farms. Under the rules farm
ers are grauted an opportunity to ae
cure labor of this class if desired.
Farmers who are interested should
make inquiry of County Council of
More than 900L000 American soldiers
are overseas.
New regulations just issued by the
The United States Ci-H Service I I’rovost Marshal General require reg
Commission has anounce.l an examina '"trants engaged in non essential work
tion for the County of Pottawatomie, |"r tll0!,° wl'<’ »r0 >‘110 "•“»* go to work
Okln., to he held at Shawnee, on July I'11 essential business or go to war.
13, I ill 8, to fill the position of rural The Act approved June 14th, pro-
carrier at Asher and Trousdale and |vl,Un* for determining restricted In
vacancies that may later occur on rural I'1'!*" heirs and for partitioning lauds
routes from other post offices in the I"' District Courts of Oklahoma will
above mentioned county. The exami J ,lolP farmers get titles straightened
nations will be open only to male «-R out 11,1,1 Kiye *hom opportunity to make
izens who are actually domiciled in the I 1<ianH from Government harm Loan
territory of a post office in the county I Hanks at low rate of interest,
and who meet the other requirements I 1,110 House has just passed an act
set forth in Form No. 1977. This form [providing for deportation of all aliens
and application blanks may be obtain |wl*o advocate or teach anarchy or the
ed from the offices mentioned pbove [destruction of government. Numerous
or from the United States Civil Serv P°rsoiiH are now held for deportation
ice Commission at Washington, D. C. J1’.'- government officials.
Applications should bo forwarded to | 11 *** possible that the age limit will
the Commission at Washington at the 1,0 raised to forty-five years before the
earliest practicable dato. ,lnul adjournment of this Congress.
During the continuance of the pres- I
eut war the Commission will, in accor..- I It is a mistake to say that there
anee with the request of the Post Of- I are six candidates for Governor run-
fice Department, admit women to rural Ining against Robertson in the primary,
carrier examinations upon the same I The real facts of the matter are that
conditions as men. I there are six candidates running after
By direction of the Commission: I Robertson—a long way after him, in
JOHN A. McILHENNY, [fact, and that the race alrosdy looks
V President. | like a procession.
Communion Service at the Presby-
terian church next Sunday, June 30,
at eleven o’clock, A. M. All are cor-
dially envited to attend.
J. D. BRALY, Pastor.
The United States has made wonder-
Iful advances in the dye industry dur-
ing the past year, and is making many
dyes that were formerly procured from
I Germany. The Germans, on the other
hand, have been industriously dyiug
America’s colors—the blue field, the
white stars, the red stripes, the white
stripes—and never, never a yellow
The letter W takes prominent place
I in our alphabet. Without it we could
neither wage the war uor win the war,
I nor should we have wool nor wheat
nor Wilson.

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