The Dover News (Dover, Okla.), Vol. 18, No. 4, Ed. 1 Thursday, June 13, 1918 Page: 4 of 6

Hennessey Motor Co.
john a. ratlih'
authorized ford salhs
1 Ml announcement# undeirth«
hoadmn must be accu.iM-M.ued by
|j the caw. —
Wc ir«««i ior./«:dl a..nojmce
S(„tt I - ti is as « candidate
tn,, .«h.hC,on-
gtesstM.ial D.striet. subiec.t to the
(letnoctati< putt,'-
o II
automobile accessories
Tires" American
seat covers—any car
llasslcr and Steel Built Shock Absorbs
Cut Outs-Tire Covcrs-Any Lai
Full Eine Ford Parts and Accessories
it makes a difference
\\ a arc authorized to
I Himnee Win I' Kinterer.ol .... , lue
v,, as a « andidrlo lor represen-■( ^ piuce, menticn at which
I,iti\<- sul>ie< I to die action | ,n this paper lsst
Jthe republican votere at the pn
Imao. August ti
\N ( aie auihon. f d to
\tt' Sarah Lision 1
noun< <■ virs. - a,"V
K.nglishci as a candidal* b
election as county super,.. < n
en..sub,r«.«othe aciur.1 oMhc ,
republican voters ai .1 ■ 1 ■ • ^
Aut'"sl " j par
We are authou ed to ail
Overland Sales and
Service Station
nounce George h i king
fisher as a candidate (01 r
tion to the ollice ol com W-rk,
subject to the action al t le. r -
publicBn voters at the prinif . .
August ti.
We are authorized annol'''l <.
\ Wei. h ol Kingnshei .is a
and'idate lot the offi< e "I (punty
treasurer, subject ,«c.>ono
,he republican voters at the pri
mary August <>.
101-15 North Main
Hoyt Auto
Kingfisher, Okla.
We want t« know you and
want you to know us.
That the best way W you
while!" 'Wecallfor'and deliver clothe, m I >ovcr
Tuesday and Thursday Each Week
Lease Your Order at Fullers Barber Shop,
\\ e are authori/ed to annoum '
Sam Martin ol Downs
Cashion postofhre. as a ' ■
date for the office of sheriff
Kingfisher county, sublet t o the
republican voters in the primary
August <5.
We ate authorized to an-
nounre Russell R. he ol
nessey. as a catididan "
fiCOr,| county cltrk. subi< tt ti
the action of the republican vo-
ters at the primary. August
We are authorized to an-
nounce W • C. Brow n "I King-
fisher as a 1 andidate for . oiinty
assessor, subject to the ac ton J
,hc republican voters in the pri
mary. August 6. _
We aie authorized t o an-
nounce Geo. I . Long ol Km(
fisher as a candidate tor the
fice of sheriff, subject to the
t.l the republican voters at
the Primary August b.
Merchant Tailor
We are authorized t o an
nounce W. H. Meade ol King-
fisher as a candidate for assessor,
subject to the action of the iep ' . loul(E
l.can voters at the primary Aug- lines
Cousins Unable lo Marry End
I ife In Lonely Hut on
Mill Creek.
The following from the Rolla
Mo. Times, gives in substam e
the cause leading up to the mur-
.Uu ol Mi - Beulah Bunch and |
tT.c meido of Ben Turner at near
■ 1 ' ' 1 was'
mad' in this paper Isst week
The body of young Turner wa:
shipiK d here last Friday and was
l,un, ,l Saturday in the Kiel rem-
ot t'r
lv ..lali Bunch and Ben i urnc r
arc '.id, the girl murdered by
.eetluart and he by his own
as the result of a suicide
! ntered into because of pa-
1 objections to their mar-
Thc man is years old
ml the girl 13. They are cous-
ins. , t
Tuesday they disappeared from
the Bunch home and a posse was
at . nee organized to hunt lot
them. Newburg and Rolla were
not lied as was the county record-
er about a license. After an all
(lav ,>eareh the two were discov-
ered by Wm. Ilarnly and three
otfw r men in the cottage of Ed
Bui it ' at one of the most tnac-
cc. ble places on Mill Creek, at
about 11 o'clock that night.
II u nly 1 lied the door and finding
it V.eked he and the men retire '
to 1 he barn and kept watch un-
til morning. At Uv<) shols
were heard coming about a nun-
ut. apart. The men broke down
the door and found the girl draw
her last breath, shot thru the
lK ,rt with a shot gun. The man
hot just below the heart
ami lived only a few minutes
Both were lying on 1 ti e bed and
the gun was standing beside it.
Evidence and a last note show-
e.! that the two had tried to take
o1, in the morning but with-
out eliect. A coroners jury re-
turned a verdict of "suicide by
Following is a note that was
found on a dresser in the room:
New burg, Mo-, June tf,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As 1 am going to leave you an
tonight, I will write you
Now Here is Whet You
Want—something ieaL
p • *
CF.Dowler, -- ^ent
Kingfisher, Okla.
mickie says
oua reporter S*VS
THEN beim' MO
. - - This paper bas enjisted
period of the war
BA R G A 1 N S !!
FOR SALE:—Sudan Ura
Seed. '20c per lb. Inquire c
Id Barney.
FOR SALE Red bull, 2-yea.
old. is on the Jim fuller fan
miles north and one east
FOR SALE:-Cow Peas
$3.00 per bushel. Call at M
Barr's home place.
FOR SALE: — span ma
10 and 12 years old; will wei
1 150 an 1,250 pounds. Soui
i11 to°Udoa this I«as stationed at Camp Travis, |
intended to_ do ui'M Tuesday even-
Mrs. Lena Steen, who ha:- been
at l't. Worth while her husband
K^r-co^t jet
anything except what we have
uot now, so as v\t can
thing better we will try this.
On the reverse fide ot the sheet
was this:
We are sitting here asjhappy as
can be We don't know if this
will kill us or not, but we hone
to Cod it will. , ,
Beulah and Ben.
As this is morning 1 will close
for good. I and Ben stayed here
1 nioht. 1 Bye, bye and good
luck to all, and thank those who
look for us. Beulah and ben.
—w. s. s.—
The following Dover boys 1 eg
istcrcd with thc local boanl
JTaa5c W. Miller. Robt. G. Mil-
er \\ ilfor.l \ Dean. W ilham M
\rul.t .on. Arthur II. Burns. I
Bailcv. colored. C.rant t urt.s
" ,i,)V,,| Marshal H. Cbcncv. W in.
1. Bradbury. Mm 1\ L.berton,
Ollie Johnson, colored, John .
•shannon, rolored.
It is \ our elutv, if you know ol
anv who failed to register wh-
■"came of age between June ■
Published Every Thursday.
Entered at the postoffice at
Dover, Okla., as second class
\V. K. BARRETT I Ecnlor3
Subscription ' - $1.00 the Year
Phone 29
Mrs. John T. Bradley has been
appointed Women's Chairmanoljtlu
the War Savings Campaign in
Kingfisher county. She wishes
the co-operetion of an active and
patriotic woman in each school
district to act as Captain in fur-
thering the work. She will ap-
point suitable persons in eat.
district who will be expect*I to
servo in this capacity. -
The News this week contains
the announcement of Geo.
Kingfisher as a candi
date for re-election to the otficr
ot sheriff of this county. Mr.
Long has been serving the countj
in tlii s capacity for the p'ls' foui
years and has made for him
a reputation that has induced hi
I friends to ask him to sand for an-
other two years.
1 Geo. F. Long has had considerH
I able experience as an officer of
the law. lie served as under-
sheriff four years under Clyde
Smith and as sheriff four yeais
has beconfe pretty well known
the citizens and tax payers of
Country. He is always on the
ami has become well liked
io- following. It George gets
the nomination he will prove
anl antagonist, as he is a vote
idtcr and will beat the brush
arlv and late.
w. s. s.
\\ . 11. Meade announces
this issue of the News as a 1
. Campbell of the Wan
,mjs Hornet believes the solO-
boy should have the right t<
,tl. this fall and tve quite agree
with Buck. But we dont belicvi
it will help Buck's cause any, es
pecialh among those bo\
\avc gone across the big pon
and who have become thoroug il
innoculated with the wat, 1
\\ c under land there are bill
f them who are not 111 ht tit "
ith the administration -it
Washington and if they do cast
ballot it will be 111 support ot
that administration and the ■";} -
,1 home who are supporting it
h begins to look like the .old
ad deserted Kaiser bill an., hi
rowtl since America broke intt
tie war game.
servo in mis ew"-'v ---• .. |)Uiblicaii candidate for election as
critical yeriod, no person s iou< asses.M.r. Mr. Mea.b. has
. i'. tlioif country in | the best county asst .-soi
decline to serve their count°
any capacity to which they are
assigned. It is the loyal and un-
hesitating sense and performance
of daty by the home people tha
will sustain the armies in the
fields. Communicate with M ■
John T. Cradley, Jr.' Kingfisher,
The harvest is now on in 1 u^
blast and nearly every ablebod;
led man in town has reported for
duty With the thermometer
flirting around in the shade
we predict that some of our lei
lows, whose hardest work has
been pitching horseshoes and
playing rook, will fail in the bat-
tie against old Sol and real honest
to goodness woik.
have ever had. 1 lis ass
incuts have always tieeil fait
equal to all parties. Few eli;
es have ever been made.
lie has always looked to
best interests of both the count)
and the taxpayers and very little
property has ever escaped taxa-
tion. During the past two year
he ha- added cm.ugh ilropirty
that ha e-.aped taxation t-
s to more than pay bis sal
ary during the entire time he has
held office.
The republican voters can
make no mistake by trusting this
office to his safe keeping another
term and if nominated no demo-
crat in the county ran hope to de-
feat him.—adv,
w. S S-
Fa Ingram of the Kingtisher
rec Tress, and his man Hulay
nuirv Brownlee. were catle ■ at
the democratic caucus held in
Kingfisher last Friday, rhe b.,\.
were unable to hear what was go
inc „n through the transom tin
trip, and as they were not invitee
to I.artake of the proceedings th
fnally backed out after a survey
0{ the intelligent and masterful
looking crowd. This is a stunt
usually pulled off by b.d and Kn -
orv and the democrats would
disappointed if they duln t show
up on these occasions.
w. s. s.
At a meeting of the dem>.rratii.
coimtv central committee held at
Kingfisher last Friday afternoon
' pood sprinkling ot the unw ash-
land ur,terrified were preset
;ul(1 ed to put a lull t.n-et 1
i„ I,) tit 1 fall. Repr. • lUatn
deinoerats from all oy. 1 H
countv were present and neal l>
all of them were optomistic o\ e
the chances for a lu th
and June
the same to th
tills, to re)
local board
-W. s. s.
The editors of the
News are
indebted to Col. Pres Love and
his estimable wife for a fine coun-
try cured ham wine! has been
delivered at our palatial residence.
The ham is one of several cured
by them last "hog killin time
and as Col. Pres was at one time
a knight of the stick and rule,
he know how appreciable a gilt
like that would be to the country
newspaper man. We are now
enjoying ham and.
returned to Dover Tuesday even-
ing, her husband having left the
camp the first ol the week with
the troops for a port of embarka-
tion for France.
w. s. s
Mr. P. L Miller, of Henntssy,
will be in Dover each '1 ucsday
and Thursday and gather up,
clothes for cleaning and pressing.
Have your clothes ready
-W S S.
Mi~ Ethel llucstoii rcicntlx
came the bride of Edward I
est I S Engineer t , >rps. is a
minister's daughter, and her first
husband was a clergyman wh<
lived but a > ear after then; mar
liagc. She was reared 111 Ml
Pleasant and Burlington, bma
ami in "Prudence Says So lia
,,-ittcn a <torv of hrr own cs
„;ri,.iK-e—a tale of rollicking. lo\
ible girls in a parsonage u
will be our next serial. 1 y
enjoy gay, charming, worthw Ink
fiction, you will enjoy tin
malice hugely.
w. s. s.
Beginning August 1st the pric
subscription to the Dover Key
will be $1.50 per year All sui
;criptions paid up befejre that
. . '11 1 ,-k cont t t \"i P oil 1
Many thousands of
women suifering Irom
womanly trouble, have
been benefited by the use
of Cardin, the woman s
tonie, according to letters
we reccive, similar to this
one from Mrs. Z.V. Spe".
of linyne, N C. "Ifoulrl
not stand on my feet, ana
just sutiered terribly,
she says. "As my -
fering was so great, ane>
ho had tried other reme-
dies, Dr. had us
pet Cardut. . ■ 1 be„an
improving, and it cured
rne. 1 know, and mj
doctor knows, what Car;
riul tlid for me, fortn
nerves and health ^er
about gone."
time will be sent at the old rate
long as paid for. AH those who
are in arrears ol more than one
year at that time Will be chaigea
up at the new rate. Better give
this matter your attention^now, if
vou want the paper at tr. 01 i
—■w. s.
L. Puis was a business visitor
in Enid Wednesday.
„;r iet. Philip a,Hi Carson Hitchcock
d' ," *"""■■ y[ Oklahoma City MS.ted
,ake the race and while the cam~ Bunee ami other tnend

and put the imp
jtjuarlv up to him.
$100 Reward, $100
work The proprl-mrs III"' ■
?auh in .hn .;..'",t«1l'X offpr OtiP
ek. ' Doflart for any" - "utt 1. fn Its
vn-v. of Tulsa Is visitlng r,^rd fo&n^ot
11 ' • • • 1 Ohio sold by all DruMlit. WO.
The Woman's T
She writes iurther:
am in splendid health
can do my work, lie
owe it to Cardui, for 1
in dreadlul condilU
II you are nervous, t
down and weak, or si
from hcadache, backa
etc., every month,
Cardui. Thousant
women praise this i-
cine lor the good '
done them, and rr
pnysijians wno have
Cardui successfully
their women patien
years, endorse this
cine. Think what it i
to be in splendid \
like Mrs. Spell.
Cardui a trial.
AH Druggi

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