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Vol 10
'<> 1 It is Trulu G
• un
i over aa
O'M) !*0! j'. Ovw'IKJ'J'O'J
a . '
06 a
S Ready for your Inspection

I guitings
^ Among tin- many
M the New Suitings fu
t; and ciiht suits.
I I V\> guit-S
An excellent line of
f. They art? all good style a:
V ular cut and weave.
| (oat Sweaters
Among the many new things w nre showing are
the New Suitings for Ladies and Misses Fall dres-ea
and cobt suits.
An excellent line of Hoys Itcndy-to wear suits.
They are all good style and the latest and most
ular cut and weave.
So stylish and serviceable for Ladies, Mm and
Boys. Pretty scarfs f«>r both dressy and school wear.
A full line of hats and caps also.
In our Shoe Department we can please you in (it,
style and price. School Shoes, Dress Shoes and
Work Shoes.
IRIiW Dry Ch A* Company 10 Her
; ne*.-ey continues witli r«m.uU^I'i
1 zeal. Tiiou-ao i- of dnha • w t it
|of treasonable merchandise I ^ al
ready been sold r.iol n«-\v bargain-
:iri' spread out on the eoantei> eaeh
iduy. It is a veritable shower of
good things. All the necessaries of
life* from the grocery counter to
the swell diess suit goods at redue-
' - ti prices.
The amount one saves on even a
small purchase by going to Killer's
is worth the while. t here is no
easier way of making money than
going to this iiig Store and buying
jyour iviuter supply of clothing, car-
pets, dry goods und groceries. 1 he
I hie Piano Contest is also a great
! drawing card with every ten edit
| purchase, the purchaser gets a
ticket entitling them to a vote f"i
| the most popular lady trading at
1 that store. A count of the tickets
' i>* made each Friday evening m l
the resuit ia announced Saturday
morning. Last count found six- your
teen ladies in the race, among
uhom was Mi-a Lena Suit of this
tat hot dr1n c season
1 rir. of I '.e Aetna iivl:
un . iii'h tuts.iu-> . 10 I 1.0
•il I ,i,' |rii ,"|; ii'f o" f
1 mlu i' ami court<m iisiv
i hnsij fvs ma' 1 < rs l o ,
Tiian'.vliig von 1n iidvive
i aiu KIU oe l !:.
N (*tar
, ami
uy Uei
ot lilt
: uiiu
1 COU i
it ehuiv'i, in t tie
went n guests, all ot
relatives ot the
Serves the
i It'tifT
irs a Bad wlod mat
Blows N'MlJ Good
The deeorations were pretty, Ferns
and wlnte roses and carnations t>< iiig
used prod ileitis a beautiful i-U\*ct.
Alter couytuudut urns a siiinp*
tuous wed.niig supper consisting; ot
all Hie good Uuiigs of thu niiUKit and
the uclicacies thai culinary an could
devise was served. Tueyoung people
have a wide circle of frieuds woo wish
theui every good during a long and
happy lite, rtiuisday evening last
| the irieuds of the bride gathered at
. . . the home bunging a copious snower
ui- r you will have toe privilege | a£ beau ill ul cnina of ill) pieces. Again
'■•.;ting n siuccssf.a voentmu. !„ SalulJa> Uie Irmnds
Willi ii!i p-mtieal courw| ttlu|atfJ!lllliCl,oulttl for lUe kuuh.
eu, thus providing tlie briue with
oeauiiliu and convenient articles loi
houM'ueepiog. ^lot tne least among
tnc gilts was tlie present by the
croom's lathee ot one huudred u>dlais.
Young friend, if crops are short 1
and bu ness dull in your eomniu-
s no better time for
u practical business
which thf business I
.us to pay cash than |
toner yon qualify, th
tlie privilege j ol beautilul cuiuu
ful vocation.
nity, tin re
TI 1.
,:lDi i
%• o*o*c o*o*Ov w *o*o%
o Enid's New
o Hotel and Cafe.
iMO*opc 1*0 O
We have a new line o? blankets an 1 C unforts and
more are on the load- These cool nights make them
very desirable.
IN Ct'K Grocery Department you will find a good
assortment.ot this seasons 1 tinned goods and all staple
j city, who stood fourth, having 9 tution
: votes, the young lady in ti e lead
; only having about 2 0 more votes (
| than Miss Stitt. The premium is.
1 to be given away February 11- A 1
! long while in which for the custo-
mers to work for their favorite can-;
of Uiokkeeping-business training,
shorthand ami typewriting you are
not compelled to work at any one
thing in any ono section of the
1 nntry. You can keep books, do
shouiiaml work or both for some
one rise; you can work into a firm
as a partner; go into business for
f; work vour way through
! r.v school or any professional
mrse by doing the stenographic
work of the president of the lnsti-
in your spare n> •ments; you
THE' CXT'010)
North Grand
The Loom End
until Oct. 31.
in work yimr wny ti* the presidmi
oy of a railway tlii<'ii;.di tin* Ktenng-
rapher'.- p ■ 11• i 1 ai ni uvv ollicru haw
anno. You can work' nmr way tn
till' linn 1 of si (j oat liu-ln --s ma r:i
111at <vill proihi'1" you l.irgo <livi
(lends IwHiiles u niru annti il salary.
In ntlvr w 1 rils, you 1-ai si«'ii work
ynnreelf up to v.licro your poop ' of
linsinca «ill ho i-ufiic'ii'ntly lii"af|-
j "iiei! that it "ill not ho nial n;i;y
llTo Uovor Mi I & aftorU'il hy a I il .lr ...ill
irof cat' ic ;o VVlchi- For f.iets as to llie advat tag. s of
in** tliem iicx! morn- the alsivr nameo courses and for
o 'iit tlie same l)l1" 1 the i^amcs and addresses of many
former students who have
Post Oihce
6 -.''O
0^0 :0 :0!'0:0
Car Line
Ml RR Stations
•ir.vOvO :o :o:-CvC
DR. VOc-1-.Kiik
Uclivered An AOlc Lec.ur^ to a I ull
IIju.sw .iudlctkc i;j.> INolii-
111^ L>UI Praibcd l o;
The lect-ure on last Thursday even
iiii4 oj l>r i'aul t Vuelker was ah
thaw lne most ex iCting could wish
lo;. liaviug a very pieasiog person-
ality ana toe quality s>o essential to
I i>n, a sijeauer 111 touch witn ihm uu-
j x, tne i>r lit.d Lne attention oi
I ,,c i:. ,v>dod uouse uuruig too entire
The Best Bread is Made of
COCi .V!
0 o
♦ 8
Pi'ide o1 DOver.Elk arid Monarch v
Ateal and Ground Feed
Live Stock Dealers

•.? oc ** 0-00 ^ o<x- c o c <:> c

Sal urdav n i*-.
Puis s- ipped 1 «
I 1.1, L i'u.i lollo
The same
II n s s'tippcu t.hree cars of
I Linene lo tlie same market, Kd 1'ul.. ,
j 1'fti' anil Georue Miller going thero to a Ivareed to plaecj y(,n wim]
I do the loaning : proud to orcuny, fill in and
Farmers ouyht not complain this the follo'v:-1 t• • thf |
|\eai ;iT, the cotton as a mo:n'V maUer Citv 1 Jlisiness ('"rfrfetv <!uthv: '. Ol.
ttiar haa * :t 1 aii 1 \ *-• «v • i emp l.-ilmma Mid receive our In * 1 •.• • 1
' iiriiiK'''K a *"•<«•« , fully illustrated cat.iloguo. 'l.-tV
1 lia« since ti.i f> Imi'iiL ui ik- : ' 11. • , . .
j On ac ount oi :o little ram • nl. lo f ouwn to I *.:>• 111•; il \ >u
j inches since . 1 ami;' r.v 1st, as compare ; : a re not malting the muii'-.v I'at
I wiih it trifle evetvi for i i;o ^ame pe- will jjive vmi a c<'inf >1 tnhle living
I rto.Mli is i,'tj lli;« a,i.l ..'.Svaivaimmt. it is a . ~
lo be Lratlit'TiJ, howe.ier alia f t nas . . t , , ,
done rctiftO 11 a My II, some lields in j proposition to you t!mt yon he
this vicinity having tie -n >.u six j veInning your abihtv
| times, but. the cuutiuiieU laci: « t' iam
] i'i l.iteitVrti.g with wheat sav:.i^ lo
.-oii;e extent.
ui tlu different
siiov> eu now i
1 .imOs inaui.iuu. 1
ai.u rcUuin^
*: jiu intake /// Lut/intj your DRl'GS ill
v SAI IK'S 1 )K U( J SriM>R'li |
X Vou get purity and thf l'UJUT I 'It I < MS. You h
V will ti 1141 pretty Chlua-waio besides all other articles ♦
V usually found in a V
I First Glass Drug Store.
£ ViiA \5s Coiw'wiit \ ow. S
v G C SAUR - - - Hennessey •
J1.1L SUCll
Uvl la glV-
! 11.x 10 the. pit pi
cuucat.ouu 1 iot
i llllliOS ul till I l.ot
Prof. ). J. LA VAL.Lc y
W holesale and Retail Dealer
it a no
ecu OM
thii.j,>ol uie 1
Ittaiii-t; fcucti '
lo io us so oil
ocin to tue ium
,ney laiiic ca.'i
i;ood 10 0e
Soltl O11 Very Kasy rayinrnts
Ollle in Rear nf Firs I National
pJlvnlv liullding Prices flight.
pianos and ORGANS
The ( onr !. f t irhard, II. )'
-Nelson, Wiiiey (it-in, Hani
11 ton, A rlingS 0:1 and Raid wirt
Prairie View items
j ll «
| r.OvO .
toe l)ceuin
l ll i.i, tliC 11
i t l;v iauu
Dr. Merrill, the Hennessey
dentist is here evury Tuesday,
j doii'l forget it.
s — - ■ A ■ '■ • an vent p'l Ing
Mrs G I Stiro 1 is in Dallas, Texas, j Mr Duncan of 1 ;.<• rnrcniat ion de-; tlie '♦t ie- ' with In- -i.-.ifu; ...
for a ten dais visit. I part merit of the WicliiM i.«-_ri:• spent "Slatting a !ib;ar\V ' d a frie.i.ii^
Krank Itoneh was at home again ! s**^1"'.1 days last week m tins part or i ,4Noj e, just iitlpinu toe ro'.itf one
Sunday witli his family. | his territory looking after the inter- said th
U E C ask re'liirnnrt Frldav from a °f mat paper.
business trip m Perry anil ulher local- ' ninity -Indiic. Jjlui M Graiiain,
itfes over east. candidate on t he r< publican ticket
, l for reelection, made mis office a short
tieaj lines fur whifij. ihe
WorM p iys cash, so that you can 1 llu3 toLcnreu.
move onward and upward. What | i^joie ti
IVO ill.V- ill fill- otli. IS we ran do |, S ulu,.
for you fiii.l v e ran oo, vin.-" von ! limrfa,, tttio w;.s
ot me course
kctuie tlie auui-
w ith fact
It dnow1
tend onr
and 11
hefnre yo.11 have I10
take much money to
icliool; an honest pun
• .f dftermii at if n ar-
111 ili<
The lecture at tho school
Sunday afteinooii a as not very
a 11 e tided.
Several of
church a I I
Nellie Re. k and Rear! Shelter) re-
eetiily look dinner at. Ihe ('heck hone.
Miss Ami e Rr tfenzt'r Sundayed at
M r> Sniit lis near liennessi v.
Jeannette Beck visilcti Saturday
At l.invt !n Al£:u
I Jr.colli .li l>si;
Church lo milt
haV'' a rally on 111
onary iiaptiat Church
nar.v < o!o;e«i Itap* Nt<
if our \0u11g f« Iks attended Novrinlvr, w if • is 1
Dover Si.nuaj n >;hl.. lyVa-:,,d. V, r v.a'
Mr and Mrs 1) Fogleseng were ... , , . . . . .
Irui'.ictIt'u business n. Kintstlsher .,nfl?sl,"t ca" tow" ,as'
lust- VVe'liies lav. ' 1 ""'""a.*-
Miss Laura Werner returned last
Friday afiernooo from her visit with
her sister at Marlow.
lloy Weaver left Saturday to re-
sume his woik on the ra-lroad run-
ning west from San Ant< nio, Texas,
, after a few we^ks visit to his parents,
lteilington retnrneil one rtiiy o C Weaver and wife
man. "What are all those ! X-une
i hooks ahoia?" "liaising ci.ildren. ■ Addrc-s
i You see I'm lo address th-1 Matron's ' •"
'club next Tuesday." -<"v i. httnvi" 'v eei pation.
I The writer noes imt belou to Hie! A fine new line of Riicrs at
Mx trou's club so can not say whether >r , , , ^ ,
t hey are parrieularlv seeking iufor-1 Matlk S Plicl at priCCS, too,
m a i ion along the line suggested above .that all who desire may have
or not. nut they are "Siar-i n a Libr
^p^'«^U°r"Ktrk "6 '"'-I A'ready this s',s"n up to S.,„rd:iv
and it is to he a circulating cue, I one
and j iftt now more help is needed in
tlie donation of boons than in circu-
lating them. When it comes to an
.< Id less on "Raising C'hildrei
lie re ai. that time
meetings, and Ins
j voice rliieii ; i lis Ltr.t on tliat c'leh*
j 10,-. no one can ahoiti to in{.-,s atl,j Sunday with Nfi.- s Len
11 i.tertaininciusanu lne season
| ltj* ma i the aumiss;on very leasou-
| able. The next i umber, the .\ioisU r-
I Sing, rs ^uarteile will ue l ere Dec.
r>th, i.i u is pionouiue i b^ 1 >r \ < cIkui
as a hpiendid eincrian iiit i t. ' 1 n • y
were 111 i in^tisla i ltcently and «;au
complete satisfaction. V\..lch iae
j Iskws lor
c inch for tl.e
('nine ail! ( < n
V. •
da v.
of here is to
ill 11 Sunday in
ic 27, Ittlo, for
i avc dinner on
t 'o po paie the
wilder. Come one!
e and give >.s some
id Cod will
announcements of all tlu
niyht eight cars of cotton and two ol I nev. r saw anyone who could give as
..... . 11*11 . . ' '. ' ..... ' I * . I eli. v ll ll I Wilt *' III! .711'"
I his weok wo prm-ed Dills an: uncr had been shipped frora this piaCo much information a ong that tine as
g wieDiinllc sale of Wesley Burtoro t0 market and two more ol cotton j i ij.- woman who never had any, or t he
•rthoi Wan numa Ker NuvS. were about read> togo. who left the entire t
Best McAlester Coal at the iof hiHc.frprtii8 toiiiswite.
El Reno Mill and Elevator, ! If. you want a good wr.teh
Iir Vincent r -«nrried li'.me l.isi > tc sur^ to see I alkin^ton
Thursday troin an extended trip to) the Watch-lliakcr."
north of
Mr and Mrs O (' Weaver and Geo.
Str. h all "f near Kiel wlire uuests of
Mr and Mrs More head Sunday.
Mrs Do i Norihun returned Satiir.
day from Alva where she has been
^ her brother and family.
Ed Clump and Charles Harming
drove out l" me Saturday evening to eastern part of the slate.
.petid Sunday with their famil es. 0ponr, L Kf„B, repniiiicu. nnmin, •
W M Scjkis nlio h d a sale <'f his lor repiesentalive of this cunt v, was
household goods last Saturday has looking after his politu-ai interests in
returned to lllim is with his fami y. t}iis part of tne countv last Thursday
,'ce Young who is with the and paid ids respects to this ottiee.
K■.-;•* I land sleel gang since April
came in last week for a tew days visit.
< >kl ihonia City, McAllister and M
Ikogeeaswell as other poin s- in
While in this part of the county
Mr and Mrs Clins lilies, Mr und Mrs p.rls for election „ii the ii'j-iiWk-iin i Monday evening,
loo Biles and Hurry Bunc- were din- ticket lo the itllee of cinitj iroasnr- \irs Frank II.
icrguests Sunday « f Grandma Biles, er, he being the regular nominee,! plui14Jl. vllftt.....i,..
The W 0 T U will meet, at the Evan- Chas E Moore made us a pleasant call, i ^'
Mrs, Vincent was in
Mi*8. S. 11. Drew was in Kingfish-
er Monday
iMiss Mabel Fash was in King-
fisher Satruday.
George He a in went to lil Keuo
j eiiLertaiiiiiK uis and uou'l tail lo al-Jaunt, Mrs iielie .uartln, Sat ui day and
Teachers Examination. : tend. j Sunday.
Mrs OT Clark is on the sick list
! The regularly appointed day lor! tins week but is reported better at
the W C. T. I . meeting is tne com ^nis writing.
t' r'day, tho 21st. All members j l Mayes and E l Marks visited at
are uigeii to be present at tin
Evangelical eliuren at .*i o'clock,
____ sharp. 1 lie eounty president lias
Miss Minnie CroUn, tlie interuie. returned from the state .convention
' (hate teacher, spent Sunday at and is able t«j make this an inter
home near Hennessey. letting meeting. Ai-u the \\. ( . 1.
Miss Irene llebbe is .'main w<uk- ^ serve lunch sucli as eullee,
- ... Dr. w'u store, she havii g |.ie unit siindwicUes on elei-tioD day
' " C. Clark's meat market.
on f; r I eli h j; hi
.v il ha \ , hn t -ei moi s on Mint,
i > HI* I I | : la elves at . 1
1! \ '■! i\ Ke- i at ;> p. ni. and
I.' v 1ti:;' t. We wain in ral.-e
Stilt at D iver. |VV* onth;.i -i y aial n'c the Loid
.. n i ,lit. i.nIlf.|,1 willinV . want ■" i.O) for tho
M is ■ s ".".el ..tut .11.1 • 1.1 I."I'll v>, M iticliauison, .
attended the lectuie at this place, I'astor.
1 Sunday afternoon. |
Mr C run and famllv attended the j A C.tOO(1 l^osition
ill - near Ileum',M'> iast I ritiay. ( in he Innl hy ambitious young
I Misses Itul.h and Nina 'llackleford ni- n ami ladies in the field of
flora east of Kmgli-her visited their "4 Wirele-s" ««r Itiiluey tel graphy.
A teachers examination will he
heh| at the county t> p rintt ndent's'
nliict' in Kingfisher Thursday mil
Friday, C-ctober -7 nod 2S, 11)10.11
(ico. K. Moore,
County ."'upt.
' Gliarles llustcd.. Sunday.
Mrs Cash Iluoey of Enid is visiting
i her parents, Mr ami Mr* iiregcnzur
; this week.
t^inci- the s hour law I ecatno t-flfect-
' ivo, ami ince the Wiieiess coinpa-
nit > are establishing stations
throughout the country there is a
[great sliort-igeof tehgraphcrs. I'o-
>ii!onsp;i.v Ih ginneis from §70 tt
§1)0 per month, with good chance
| of advancement. The National
] Telegraph InMitute operates eix of-
Ik'iul ii.' tituti s in Ameriea? under
Iopcrvision of It. It. and Wireless
(JI Oliicials and places all graduates
Mrs. Frank Itoucli was in King
gelical church on Friday afternoon. Re'V Burris, who has been assisting i Hlackman went to Caldwell,
All Members aie urged to Ik^ present. jn theseri«sof meetiugs here, return Kansas, vesterdav.
Mis. Gertrude Ec..ell,erKerciii,ie iip ed to his own ork S.iJ„i.|i.y. Mrs Ti,., mill sliippefla car ot flour to
from UiugfiNher Saturd >y evenhiw' as Burriss ren amed until Mondav wnen . . 11
the guest cf tile editor until Sunday she, too, went home. They are both ^, w iork this week.
evening. good si gers and will be greatly miss- j Mrs. Anglin was shopping in
Mrs Wood and little daughter from in 'he meetings, j ut.nneBBey Tuesday.
t lerked in there last winter. |
Mrs. Maud Grilfin and children ot
Waukomis were guests ot tlie Still
families Saturday and Sunday.
Last week .John Dozie purchased
' ill" stock of tin-Tl'jlierts livery sta-
1 hie an 1 has taken possession.
E. K. Foglesong of Princeton, Mo.
wns in I>over one day recently vis 1
ltmg his cousin, 1>. Foglesong and
! family
| F. 1 j. Boynton, wife and dau. h !
ter came up Sunday in the : uto
from Kingfisher and spent the day
Must, linking powders n.ntum ltil,Ilf,. J, wi|| pay y<lU
1",," r""' "rr, ;'v-it. ti,.-,., f... fun .i.t..ii m Mem.
f'"i Mifu i" i 11 "• ALiO.N | | j Trmi.. t lllui),Ua, . C.
(lOOl)S link litH powder- 1
m tan in?e iis fear
For What Yea Now Spend to Im 8 Months
lie groceries you
.-£^111 " —J mud tu last yim* ao
size Ivory boai).
If you could bay ?:';!,.^ie- L"',"'eri,'''-v<
y/z/yy^////////////// 1 1 entir \"ear f* r v. • t it. now < ■ \ - \
i !| only m : I, \v.,uM m
- r I 48c
i& lbq] ^tv-t
white ]/..r l'> lb8.
f>tr.Aj white
i i\rtm C
voM j
<)idalioma w^WsS'lTii's Mrs''Bleu lis: Tlie best watch for thelllOll-| The Kernmic eluli met Monday
last week. ey at Talkington's. Come with Alr . Julin Miller.
Mrs A R. dinyton ef RutTalo, l^an* and see t Miss Zulah Tnvlor spent Sun.l;.\
1 sas, hus been visiting relatives in this , ... .
part of Oklalioina lor a couple oi ( W P Kimerer, Tom Sml'h, Sam '
weeks. VanGundy, Liek Itarr and George | Miss Myrtle Shenv. od spt ni Men-
Mrs Josephine Logan drove in Sat Iteams have hec'ii subpoenaed to he day and Tuesday in Euid.
urdav p. in. from near Crescent and m Chicago October -" to give testi- .
went to Enid on 24 to visit her mony In a suit in which tne United t akes, pies etc., can be v.oUy
daughter. , States Express Co is suing the Roc^ imp roved hy using THE A1/1 ON
1 with the former's parents.
Mrs. J. M. Gray and daughter, ,
Viss Helen, returned Wednesday 1
trom an enjoyable trip to Oluo where
they spent several weeks visiting '
[ slee
1 icine
> SiS"
for 6 lbs.
I'o 11 tiered
S m tar.
Lot A SUB-
for H reyn-
lur tic pt;<ja.
Gold liuxt
Wa ih ing
I'o ir tier.
Lot A twy
'3 index Brand
There was no preaching service at ihy'Sa^ri^h^wiSn i U l^,V5 spi,fs
ie Kvarut-llcal churcn Snnd i\ even- j j j j do vu u'ider a pass ■ n- Misses Ollie \N ihi.-ri
f T nr' U". '"".""Vh".'■'•VM1' i ii is ag! i Tti'v « I, n, Ii. ,n. are \ i- .t,„,
I the services at tlie l..misttan ^,>]Mtllv irt siin.l.«>. Later: The I tllj9
the 1.
rman and Via
El I
j piob
, , ... ..above parties have each received . . . „ . . o .
Payne and Charles Sherwood (i^legram not to come, the case having : Aliss Jeanette J>"ek spent Satur-
Frnnk llnuch started .Monday fori
southern Texas where he is sei t I v
the International Harvester Co. und
will he a I'.sent on this trip until
about Christmas.
duv night
Lena Stitt.
und Sundu) with
xiccoinpa.iied I)r and Mrs Anglin in postponed.
the an o to Kingfisher Saturday even- ■ t> . . .
ing to hear Senator Goi*e. lie got I 13llV your alanil clocks lit
into Kui^lisher on t he lo o clock train ' 'TcilkillK'tOll's'' nild tlicil ill M'ss Gertrude Archer returned
and spoke aft-t i that h ur. 'one year have them cleaned llonday trom Enid where she has
pisses Lou and Lora Mavnard of £rce j he en tor several weeks.
Garber were here a couple ol days
list week visiting at the home ot j j,. o# Clark, with his family, ar-
Mrs. Jnlia Mitchell. lhev went to | rivud here last week linn Carnegie
Heeding Sunday to visit their broth- j| will ttiis ti is home. lie i.
tr Frank and his family. j lining int.. tlie butcher shop with his
Arthur l'.idgley is again mingliiiji j brother Hurry.
anion},' his Iriends and Ids injuries! Mrg, o.ive Call of D.Kalb, Mo.
are lortuiiately not so serious as g( . oVt.r ,u 1)oV(M. u ,,ay (hi.
were at first, thought. llis arn> ■ first of tlie week aii.l visll«d lier sis-
1). I'oglesong made a trip to the
northwest part ot the state this
week in tho interest of the mill.
Rev. Ralph Hudson left Tuesday
veiling to attend the Methodist eon-
Mies lereuoe which convened at A!^a jes-
ter l.iy. Bishop Quayle is the pre-
siding hishop.
Dover was well represented nt
the show m Eaid yesteiday. Among
tl:ose who weut were L. Puis, wife
and diiU«_htnr, S. II. Drew, wife and
daughter and a nuuioer ot others.
Capt. and Mrs L
j j^rs, Frank Kouch returned Fri-
A 1 ( liapman j t|fty evening from Ardmore where
is g' tting
bic from
along nioelv und it is
ter, ,\jrs. llebbe. She was enroute
f lJ,rthf.,rr Hoi. f«;B Marl,, 0.l„r points! „f vui
Uom the uafortuuate a_. d«.at. I lQ Qjij.l wherc blie had been visiting. Kiugfialiei- until u.
are guests ot the latters parents. Mr. s^e VV;lH jQ attendance at the \V.
and Mrs. Boynton. Mr. Chapman , T u. convention. The trip was an
is a captain in the t . S urmy and enjoyable one ami the many good j
| will he stationed in the "hilipine derivecj Irom the as^ocia
islands for the coming year. 1 he\ tloQ g0 n,,y,y good women is
will sail lrnui San l ianeiico the 5lh inva|uilb|e ,0 UI1. cn._ interested in
v_.. ..... vi8it |lere aud at wmk_
ar that time.
euiu! foop — |[>5
.. 'KUq J* ^ .> >, ;
- \Yj
MAKCH s>ro-APr<IL y
Arc Living E*r>cnn?j 1L'..!.? J f"j
ftly, what
und wo nre ven
B'vvini: lo you. ilia
ition means U
io i«>u by
d in pro
cclcc8 kitchen
Hnpolio. Lot A f>C70
h 69!
?! etPSPJAi-l
: i-u
NontiTernorv V ard 3 Co.
or jihj
y*>u wltl Hud tiia
i :;. :J-.
tiy Jtiiix-
txHcder lea
Another intiTesfing fe2f?2rc:
fit' I llibt oili-r our
catalogue (wmch
In other I.
tiisit nre are
rT^,v 2 regular
Z\',' Elastic Starch
mack /'epjjci
112 "A 5H2~
Lot A
irom time lo lime.
ilcli you Xi
I oaerui«« on otucr Hue
Wiw Our Prices
E;d seiling
\-<,z. bottle
ir. a
do low
I till* SB
II mi ft
andlse arc unlike tn
Csr mc'.hcds ci bfcyf
in ii
atldcd" ^
95c \°/
rr. U. TT.
l.nt ,1
Ii Interest I nt;
rv aMsf
ho tl'.i«l It |
In >nl;,
t you, lOiii and Can
I add
for / «/«'.
swur I Rack Candy
Lot A 3161.
for 10 lars
reaulnr :'c tmr. Prof.
Lot .1 CZCO.
CUcago aud Kssesss Clfy

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