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The Bomb Mystery is Solved and the Story Robbed of Its Color, Looks Poor. Moral. Don t Explode Thing. B/r]^an t E p
The Shawnee news.
— S'9t0rj —
VOL. 10—NO. 141.
"5bc newspaper that. (P.MIH Wwmte J mo. -feai Ecu tlx Itnth, ant. Sbame the Bom"
Close Score Kept Rooters at Fever
Heat Through Ten Innings
League Park the Scene of Hot Scrap
for Honors Between Professional
and Business Men of Shawnee
"Play Ball," cried the umpire, and
the professional and business men of
Shawnee got in the game at League
park Thursday afternoon, each team
conHdent of its ability on the diamond
The bleechers let loose an enthusias-
tic roar and the game was on. The
fans were there to enliven things in
great numbers. Both sides had their
coterie of backers and supporters.
Victory was the thing that each team
needed to increase its prestige. The
profs, were first at bat and failed to
score. When the business men got in,
Benson and Congdon were brought
home for scores, Congdon making a
star bit for three bases.
From the first inning every fan was
on his feet and the excitement was In
tense. The game progressed from then
on with few errors and no scores until
the eighth inning. Templeton and
Sparks, the pitchers respectively for
the business men and the profession-
als, fought it out in a pitchers' bat-
tle and were well supported in the In-
field and the outfield. Catchers House-
ly and Jones stopped everything that
come their way and the man who got
to first earned the bag.
Every player was on his metal and
the fans were yelling themselves
hoarse trying to break the tie. Hal
Johnson dislocated his shoulder in the
fourth inning by making a slide, but
threw it in place without much effort.
A second time he threw his shoulder
out, and his place was filled by Chat
burn, who made a pretty field catch
as did Reed and Hefiin. Carter and
Stuart played good ball at short for
t heir respective teams.
The deadlock continued until the
eight inning, when Captain Carter of
j i he Profs, went to bat and Sparks was
on second with two outs. Carter pop-
Franks and McCullough Hotly Pur=
sued by Officers who Hope to
Effect Their Capture
Word Sent to Sheriff Grace that His
Men are There and that Further
News will Follow
(Continued on Last Page.)
McAlester, May 31.—Dirt has begun
to fly on the Choctaw, Newcastle and
Western railroad, and several hun-
dred men will be employed for some
time on the new road between Bache
and Newcastle. The contract for the
construction of the new road has been
let to Stebblns brothers of Oklahoma
CiW. ,
The Choctaw, Newcastle and West-
The "undesirable" citizen in every community.
J. E. Landon, who was arrested
Brick Mercan-
tile Business
House Goes for
rn railroad will at present be built
from Bache to Newcastle, two mining
towns east and southeast of this city.
A line will then be bul't to this city
and then on to lawton and through
the new country, which has been re-
cently opened. The purpose of the
new road is to develop a number of
valuable mining properties about 3
miles east and southeast of this city.
The owners of the property, when the
new railroad is completed, will have
a great new market opened to them
over their own road to the new coun-
try in Oklahoma.
President Underwood of the Choc-
taw Electric company, together with
a number of other Chicago capitalists,
who are now In the city, are Inter-
ested In the new road. J. E. LeBos-
quet and a number of local peop'e
who are interested In the mining prop-
erties, are also interested in the road
and the building of the line means
much to this city.
Suspicious Character Described by
Contemporary is None Other
than Prof. Blackburn
Squad Under John Burnett, who
Came Back with Tales of the
Explosion, Used Scrap Iron
Bungalow and cottage
Mitchell, the architect.
The owner needs the money right
now ,and has authorized us to make a
big sacrifice on this property for a
quick cash deal.
Ttoe two lots are worth <6,000 and
the buf dings are worth beteween $5,
000 and (6,000 which makes an In-
vestment of about $12,000 for nearly
half the price.
II you don't buy this property it
won't be because you lack nerve or
Judgment, but because you havn't the
money and cant get it.
Stee us at once for we must make
a Quick sale at this price.
Coffin & Lambard
real estate
loans and
plans by
We make a specialty of MONEY
DENCB properties, also Business
Shawnee not long ago was scared
by a bomb mystery which had its cen-
ter around Dad Sparks' restaurant,
and later a thrilling account was given
of the explosion which took place in
the suburbs under the direction of De-
tective Burnett and several others,
who took great precaution, and sever-
al pieces of Iron were brought in by
the party to show the disastrous ef-
fect of the explosion. And the police
as well as Dad Sparks and his em-
ployes were scared of the supposed
bomb, as was everyone who had any
thing to do with it. In police head-
quarters it was given a berth by It-
self until taken out and exp'Oded. But
the real solution of the in y a Wry came
last night and the suspicious and
handsome looking character of dark
complexion, described by our morning
contemporary under three column
scare-head turned up.
He proved to be none othe^ than
Prof. Blackburn of the Shawnee High
school and one of the best known and
most popular men in town. The story
came up in this way: On April 27th
the Shawnee High school took part In
the interscholastic field and track ev-
ents at Norman and Prof. Blackburn,
who 1b also coach of the team, accom-
panied them. Among other things
they, carried was the 16 pound stee^
weight used in the shot put. On re-
turning that night to Shawnee they
OUR BUSINESS Is to msks It psy went into Sparks' Cafe and had lunch
.....tic "e,n* t,red after a long ri(le and 11
you to 0lvs us YOUR BUSINESS be[ng ,ate at n(ght Prof Blackburn
l(i fj bjd gt. Phone M [who was carrying the ball at the time,
requested to leave it in the restaurant
until called for. In the meantime it
was forgotten and Dad Sparks, who
was not acquainted with the facts
about Its being left there, handed It
to Chief Sims, who took It with caro
to the police station, from where it
was taken out and exploded.
Wednesday night, with the close of
school about at hand, Prof. Blackburn
went to the restaurant to gather up
the weight along with other things to
be taken care of by the High School
Athletic Association during vacation.
The weight was gone, and investiga-
tion revealed the fact that it was the
same that had been exploded by the
police for a bomb and that the man
given in the morning paper as a sus-
picious character was Prof. Blackburn
who up to thiB time had not heard or
the bomb story. It also developed
that the bomb refused to explode and
was carefully carted back to town,
and where it is now is worrying tho
High School Athletic Association, who
paid five dollars for it. Scraps of
iron were brought in by the exploding
party as evidence of the fearful de-
structive power of the bomb and it
now appears they were procured at *
blacksmith shop for the purpose.
Prob'em, who is the laugh on?
J. E. Landon. who was arrested
some time ago in this city and taken
back to I.ebannon, Tenn., on a requis-
ition from the governor of that Btate
under circumstances that created
quite a sensation, is In the city again
His case at Lebannon was postponed
neither side being ready for the tria
He says that conditions are not near
as serious as the public were led to
believe, and that he is advised by
prominent counsel that there are no
grounds for a criminal action what
ever. He maintains his Innocence
and says It was not the fault of his
because the Frisco moved their depot
and the government moved their post-
offlce In the town where he sold lots.
He says that some of the people who
started the action are now trying to
have the district attorney dismiss the
case. Landon says he has brought
suit for (10,000 against the chief In-
stigator of the action in the federal
courts. He will make Shawnee his
Wthin the next twenty-four hours
news is expected from Lexington, Ky.,
stating that FrankB and McCullough,
the two bank robbers who escaped
from the county Jail at TecumBeh sev-
eral dayB ago, are recaptured. Imme-
diately upon their escape Sheriff ^
Grace sent photos and descriptions of
the two men to all parts of the coun |
try One of these went to lexington,
and immediately upon receipt of It tho
chief of police at that point wrote
back that the men had passed through
there and thRt pursuit would be start-
ed at once. This word reached here
this morning and the officers of Ken-
tucky are (low hot on the trail of the
'soapIn:; ronhers.
There is a determination to g< t, the
robbers at any cost, as well as their
pals, who have not yet been captured.
They wll' be traced to the ends of the
earth, and the bankers as well as the
surely companies are ofTering goodly
rewards for their apprehension. To
date they have terrorised several
bankB in this vicinity and got away
with their plunder. But now, the nut-
ter has aroused the energies of the
officers In all parts of the country
and there will be no let up In the
The two men who made their way to
Lexington were noticed by the chief
and his men because of their tough
and vllllanous appearance although at
the time they had no description or
other information upon which to ar-
rest them. Shortly after they left
the city the photos arrived from Shaw-
nee and orders were flashed to all
parts of Kentucky to seize the men.
It will he warm going for them from
now on. In addition to their crim<rof
robbing the Asher bank, the} will
[have to servo two extra yea -s Jjr
breaking jail. There Is a well organ.
Ized band of the robbers and from all
Indications they have no trouble In
gettlug money and stand by each oth-
er when one is captured. It will take
some time to break up thlB gang of
safe blowers, but the sheriff Is confi-
dent that he will have them all in
jail before long, as he Is working on
a strong clue.
Business Property.
Lytal'a kuslaess property f«r ront
at N . 821 ■. Main St. Wko waat*
It for $26 a month? See P. A. 8tone
at No. I l- Main 8t-. Shawnee. Okla
Ed O'Bryant, who was Injured sev
oral months" ago at Amarlllo and taken
to his home here, will leave in a few
days to visit relatives and friends In
Birmingham, Ala.
Railway Survey Now Complete.
Lawton, Okla., May 31—The survey
between Wichita Falls and Archer
City has been completed and 'wo hun
dred men and teams nave been em-
ployed for grading work.
President Be'lamy of the Wichita
Falls and Northwestern railroad has
juBt arrived here from Archer City,
Texas, and states that tho wor*
being pushed rapidly, it is near this
place that the new coal fields are
being developed and the company of
which Mr. Bellamy Is president
pects to extend the road from Wlch
ita Falls to the coal fields.
The owners of several large ranch-
es In the neighborhood of Archer City
are subdividing their land and offer-
ing tho tracts In quarter Bectlons to
the farmers.
Caplta'lsts of Archer City and
Wichita Falls are organlilng a nat-
ional bank for Archer City and a com-
pany from Bowie with a capital of
$60,000 is installing a general merch-
andise store.
Terre Haute, Ind., May 31—by the
xploslon of a small powder storage
bouse at FarnBWorth coal mine, Sul-
livan county, Paul Keene, aged 9, and
Claude Davis, aged C, were kll'ed and
Arthur McClure, Cecil Smith and a
brother of the iaBt named boy, all
under 12 years, were Injured, two fa-
It Is tiiought the door had been left
open and the two boys were Inside
smoking cigarettes.
I Oklahoma City, May 31.—Word was
I received in Oklahoma City last even-
ling that J. H. Hart, a notorious croon
I who got in his work In this city, had
i been captured in Council Bluffs, Iowa,
land was at the time on his way to
Washington, where he will have to an-
|swer before the federal authorities on
numerous charges of swlnd'lng.
J. H. Hart, alias H. H. Harding,
alias H. S Hartwell, beat the proprie-
tor of the hotel about six weeks ago
out of $18 board bill and swindled
him out of $i!2 through ihe issutug of
a worthless check. This was the last
heard of his until his capture He
came to Oklahoma City May 1 reg-
istering at the Lee hotel. He staid
there six days posing as a mining ex-
pert. He won his way Into the graces
of the proprietor by asking for tho
names of several bank presidents of
the city. At the time of his departure
he issued a check for $50 on a I uls-
vil'e, Ky . bank, In payment for a
board bill of *18, receiving $32 In
Proprietor Hucklns learned
J. P. Mitclell, architect iU sulUer
Plans aid ipecllcatlons furnished
specialty i« plans for reslioces, Sun 1 change
galow houses, stc. J. P. Mltck.U > later that the check was worthier.
2M North Broadway. Phons 1 7, res 1 Ho notilied the authorities, but trace
I4eac« pboss Uli. l*-tf was lost of the man.
—From reports it has been learned
MMIHIMIIIIIIIMI I that Hart has worked his
Z J i throughout the country. In Fort
Ons Dims will Start sn Account
A Bank Book With Every De-
j (lolllns. Colo., he made away with
$500 while posing as a mining expert.
Another fraud of his was exposed at
Hot Springs, Ark., where he secured
$426 from a hotel proprietor.
E. E. Hefiin G. H. layman
Up-to-Date Dentistry. All work guaran-
Officts over Gossling, Truett & Co.
Telephone S.

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