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tmntBDAY, AUGUST 81, 1916
to Hiimiaair oxjppib

Elsie H
Kcv. .1.
known n
| le mid
bors in
arc ext
best wis
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ed of h
ed a fa
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V ■ 'J S i\ "<*i* I
Jr4S!v'«i . ,/v
The New Fall
Have Arrived
It is with a marked degree of pride and
pleasure that we call your early atten-
tion to our beautiful Fall Ginghams. The
colors include an exquisite mingling of
the glorious autumn shades, with their
mellow richness, in plaids and stripes.
The texture of these Ginghams is smooth
and firm and the wearing qualities are
The school season is at hand and the
demand for durable, attractive materials
that will stand the hard strain of service
and laundering is great. We have bought
heavily of these materials and are pre-
pared to supply this demand.
Prices pei yard are —
25c, 35c and 65c
Mr. ini'l Mrs, .lor Htcriilirr^ur
lis dinner Sun.lay noun, M iss IIa
Ml Hamer and her houie goetta, Mnrv
Thompson, 11 :i • .-I Huntington an.I I'n
ti Joy Aurthnr, Mr. an.I Mrs. I. \
Fi-rrcl nil.I tIn-1r liousi jiuosts. riiilui.i
Spr«KUP, Kli/alietli Tin I'...
and Mr. noil Mrs. I,i-\ i 11 ,<rzl.rrjj and
(laughter, Florence.
TI' event of the house |> rlv
pi yen l.y Miss Hn/.d Hani.a, of wlii.ii
Misses Mary Thomson, ot' ( ;
Hazel Huntington, ol' Dni.l, and p ,11i
Joy Arthur, of Tulsa, were |aiti. i
pants, was a steak fry ati.l swimming
party on Friday evening. Additional
guests besides the hostess and li. a-
guests being Mr. ami Mrs Ro\
ents, Mrs Hurnett, Miss,.s I'hilui i
•Sprngue, of Broken \rrow ; Kli a I 1
(Ireenleo, ot' Kan as c.t\; Kli.n n
Heribera, Beatrice Jonei, Ha I
Black, (iru.e .States and I>i Swilt
A luneheon was yivon Kridav noon
by Miss Hacel Hamer tot her hou e
guests, Miaaea Mary Thompson, ol
Okartdie; llnzel m, .t' Kni I.
and Pattl Jay Arthur, of Tulaa; addi-
tional guests being I'liilurn Spiagne.
of Broken Arrow; Kli ab.tli Oreenloe,
of Kansas City; Mrs. Boj Clement-,
Mrs. Leslie Oardnei and Qraee stat.'~.
Miss Grace States enterta
day morning with a Mori
■ lay morning with a Mornin- i;l,,r\
breakfa-t for Miss 11a I llam. . -
house guests. Mioses Man Thon,
Haiti Huntington and I'ntti J.n \
thur. Additonal gut^is u,.|-t. |,
Oreenlpe, I'liilura f |>ragm'. II , I
Hlnrk and Rest rice Join-
Mi-s Flnren.e Herzberg entertained
with a Hiuidieou Saturday noon, hn\
inj. as quests the Mi-ses Hazel Hunt*
iau'ton, Mnrv Thompson, I'ntti Joy Ai
thin, I'liilura Sprague. Klizabeth
Greenlee, lla Pen, Hazel Hamer an.l
Mrs. .Sternberger,
Mrs. I. \ I Vi rol entertained with
a dinner party Saturdav evening for
ti.'i hoiiM1 yuests, Mi-s.'s I'liilura Spr.i-
-nr, ot Broken Arrow; Klizabeth
1 ■ rn iilee. ol Kansas City,nnd Ilal'en,
oi l.aliomn; Inning as n.lditional
:aests, the Mis es Mary Thompson, of
'• lie: Hazel Huntington, of Enid;
I'atti Joy Arthur, of Tulsa, and Hazel
Hamer, ilia. , States, Florence Herz-
berg and ('ani. Stnggs.
' ! i ^ w I'Kot , and Mrs. Charles
Bliss, 194 North Twenty-Second, were
hosts at a picnic party to the (loveni-
ment Springs Par*, Tuesday, when
they entertained in honor of their
guest, Gertrude Armnntmut, of Wich-
ita. Other guests were Olpha Clark, of
lleuncs cy, and Herman Thies. Miss
Xrin:. ol rout returned home Wednesday.
I ni l New- Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
I owusend entertained with a dinner
parte on Tin-.lav evening at their
In-in... liiej \\ Main The guests were
Mr ;'U.| Mrs. (' llillon, sons Arthur
.ad \lbert. oj' Hennessey; Mr. and
Mrs red IHw tlM'ihl, nnii Lavere Dil-
lon, who have been guests of the
I ow useu l tninily foi tin* past week.
I.ieut. Marion Woodworth left Mon-
iv toi ( amp Pike. Ark He expects
111 be mustered out of the service the
LMrd of this month.
jjgL Sf'' .
12 Convincing Tractor Facts
1 Burns Kerosene without smoke or waste of fuel or power
2. Develops more than its full rated horsepower
3. Slow speed motor, insuring lonji life of power plant
■1 Has simplest and most complete mechanical oiling system.
5. Hears inclosed—except final drive-and run in hath of oil.
Ij Has fewer parts and all of them easily accessible.
i- Is self-jjuidiii(j in the furrow, turns in its tracks.
N. I.ijjht weight—conserving power; works in soft ground
9. Perfectly balanced; will not upset; handles easily,
10. Powerful enough for all ordinary farm licit power
11 Stocks of Tractors and Repairs carried by all distributors.
12 Costs less per horsepower, less for operating and upkeep.
Furthermore, I.A CROSSE Tractors are manufactured in our
own plants not assembled"—and our guarantee is good
Ask us ubout our great LA CROSSE line of tractor-drawn
Hennessey, Oklahoma.
Fairview Disturbed by a Woman in
Black Who Visits Homes in the
Night .but Takes Nothing
Fairview, Aujj. 19—Fairview resi-
dents are sni.l to be greatly preturb-
•'•I, niul it is not about the high cost
ol living, but about a mysterious per-
son—a woman in black, who makes
almost nightly appearance. Flitting
from place to place, entering houses
or peering through windows, but van-
ishing mysteriously into park shrub
l>ery when pursued. She molests no one
and steals nothing! but her nightly
prowling has disturbed the community
greatly and traps have been set by
:i number of citizens in hope ot ascer-
taining the idenity of the prowl r,
j hut she has avoided all snares success-
fully and others are threatening 10
take a shot at the v isitor at the fir-t
1 opport unity.
The woman is described as tall anil
slender and wears a Mark costume with
hood and veil. She is said to move
noiselessly from room to room, touch-
ing nothing and molesting no one. At
other times she prowls through yards
land peeps through windows So far,
, she has eluded every effort at capture,
'it is aserted.
Land Will Never Get Any Cheaper —
NOW is the Time To Buy
>0 acres *of udly htuJ, 30 acres u
I'Utlivatiou, l! acres orrhard, 50 acres
timber (jack uak), well and mill, i
teiic,i hog-tight; miles to town
Price, $2,000.
V P. HhKSCHKH, Hennessey
Miss Ruth Lamb is a*>i'ting as ste
ographer at the Hennessev Ridb*r
— (Clipper)
Miss Pauline Pingray, of Neodesha.
Knns.. arrived Wednesday night and
h n guest of Miss Bee Jones.
( Clipper 1
Olpha Clark is planning to spend
a few day> the last of this week in
Drumright with Mr. and Mrs. Clvde
Miss Florence Herzberg is planning
to leave within ten days for Columbia.
Mo . where she will take up a course
in kindergarten work.
— (Clippprr)
Geo. W. Woolsey returned yester
ay from a trip over tl e state, that
includt 1 brief stops in Cherokee
Pawnee, Tulsa, Sapulpa, Beggs and
Oklahoma City.
(Clipper) —
Senior Lieut, and Mrs R. K. .Tones
arc the parents of a daughter, born
Sunday. August 17, in Baltimore. Ml.,
at the home of Mrs. Jones' parents.
The announcement was received bv the
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M
Jones, in a telegram, on Monday
A special meeting of the Cem-
etery Association will be held at
Citv Hall next Saturday, at 3 n,
m.. (old time) to discuss the pur
chase of additional ground. Ev-
eryone interested in the ceme-
terv is ureed to attend.
(Cli pper>
Messrs. .1 |>. Liebe, of Drumright,
jokla.. and J. C. Maulove, of Sheri-
'.an. Wyoming, tnutored to Hennessev,
Moiidax fr 1 111 nrumright. to cousult
j with the Boulder Oil & Oas Co., of-
h"aK relative to the oil well which
C ontractor Liebe i- putting down on
t iat company s lease, southwest of
, - Mi Liebe Btatad that the
e" v''°ald be lown on the 2400-foot
s;,nd within a few -lays, amj that pros
!,,vTs tor a good well w. re excellent
I ne fiont of* the Farmers and Mer
• hants National Bank building w..s
set back by Contractor Noll this wcck
and the workers will begin the con-
struction tif the new front of whire
| nit stone the first of the week. The
this of the work
a|,n' yesterday. The remodelling
plans include handsome panelol ceil
«ng, marble wainscoting, tiled lobby
•nd beautiful new flatarea. When the
^ completed Pan^ra aadl
1 stional Bank home will be one of
the handsumest in the county.
Obituary—Charles Willard Beck
Charles Willard Beck, whose death
I occurred Thursday, August 7th, 19P'
at Hennessey, Okla., was born June l>,
I901| :it Wilton Center^ III. He came
to Oklahoma with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Civ Beck, in 1902. The family
made their home on a farm northwest
of Dover, where they now reside, and
it was there that Charles grew t
young manhood; a boy well-loved t>y
neighbors and many friends.
His sudden death, following his in-
jury in a tractor, when engaged in
thrashing 011 his father's farm, ended
a life that held much of promise and
brought unutterable sadness to 11 is
parents, and shocked and grieved his
Funeral services were conducted
from the First Christian church of
Dover, on "Monday, August 11, Rev.
Bedford officiating. The edifice was
tilled with u large concourse of friends
and neighbors who had gathered to
pay a last tribute of love and respet
to this beloved boy whose untimely
death had shadowed so many homes.
The flower bearers were Billy Homer-
man and George Fredregill, while
Robert Harnar, William Bradbury, Joe
Goetzinger, Dewey Gray, John Egles
ton and Glenn Eglcston served as pall
Interment was made in the Dover
cemetery beside two sisters, Ruth, who
died in infancy, and Jennet, whose
death occurred eight years ngo.
Besides his parents, Charles is sur-
vived by four brothers and sisters,
who, with their husbands and wives,
were present at the funeral: They are
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fry, Chicago, III.;
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck, Philadel-
phia, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. X. Beemau,
La fount nine, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs.
Maurice Beck, Greensburg, Kans.;
Mi-s. Clyde Bernard, Los Angeles,
Cali.; (Mr. Bernard being unable to
attend); Miss Sylvia Beck, Lee Beck
and Raymond Beck. The three last
named are still at home.
When you start to advertise stick to
Goood business isu't built on lies—
stick to facts!
No matter what you have to sell,
The truth is good enough to tell;
Boo t your goods and boost them well |
—hut stick to facts!
When tempted to exaggerate—stick to I
Tell the truth; don't overstate—stick
to faets!
If the truth is not enough,
Something's wrong about your stuff. |
Anyhow, don't try to bluff-—stick to
Makers, merchants, middlemen—stick
to facts!
Pick jour points with pungent pen -I
but stick to facts!
Though others make their figures lie. j
Boasting of their values high,
Causing trade to pass you by—stick I
to facts!
—Associate Advertising.
Let the Clipper print your sale bills. J
Marshall Will Use Oil 011 Streets
Money has been raised to purchase
a car of crude oil to put on Marshall's
main street, says the Tribune. When
this work i- done it will probably put
a quietus 011 the frisky little dust
clouds that are so unwelcome in stores
and homes.
Ames Review: M. M. Tnte cIokcI
a deal Saturday wherein he "old his
80-aere farm southeast "I town to
Frank Bryan, of Ft. Cobb, the con-
sideration being 1(4,01)0. Mr R
formerly resided in this vi, ,„itv
will move back here in Deeemli'er
Bernard Nightengale Died Sundav ..
Kingfisher y "
Bernard Nightengale died Huu,|a.
afternoon at his home in KingfisW
He had been, ill only since the day | '
fort'. '
lir. A. O. Meredith, of Kino|isl
spent Friduv afternoon in Henn.-visev'
Mis. Frank Roberts, of Dover,
a Hennessey visitor Saturday.
For a Ford Chassis
Deliveries Right Now
We are prepared to deliver orders for the
Ford chassis at once. You can get no better
business car than the Ford.
By purchasing a chassis you can get any
type of body you want—panel, express with
cab, open express, top express, platform, dump,
grocery, farm or any other type.
is the price of the Ford chassis delivered in
Hennessey, freight and war tax paid.
Stop in at our sales rooms and let us show
you this chassis and bodies that will fit in well
with your business.
You can buy the chassis on payments and
make it pay for itself.
Hennessey Motor Company
Sales Service
Hennessey Oklahoma
Model 8
The Buick I4udel K-bii-44
Buick Touring Cou je
THE BUICK Model K-Six-46 is a true Coupe model, witli
permanent sides and roof, an exceptionally wide body, and
its graceful contour eliminates all open spaces between t!.e
body and fenders. From the oufside, the appearance of
the car i:j low, rakish and well-balanced, but there has
been no sacrifice of interior head room. The rear fenders
are new in design, with touring car running boards. Too
window casings and sashes, are fully metal covered'
eliminating the possibility of checks and open joints.
The deeply upholstered interior is finished in a new and improved
fabric, without bindings. Back of the driver's seat is a carrying space
with another in the rear deck. Electric side lamps arc mounted on the
cowl and a dome illuminates the interior. The double-latch doors
may fee locked from the outside.
Winn Better Automobiles Are Built BUICK Will Build Then
There is a ^reat and ^rowin^ demand for the
Buick. To be sure of getting the model you
wish when you want it,place your order NOW.
ROY. H. TIGHE, Buick Distributor
J&W tiliJbrw /ui u Wi.

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