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iHfliim in <i mi wii' I i
thttrsdat, march 14, 1918
To the People of
Hennessey and Vicinity
When tad road o, ItiShway i.
every one whose property fronts on that road as well
one who uses it.
It enables the farmers to more easily and cheaply haul, t eir
and every one in this community. lt
It benefits YOU personally, through this bank.
More the p.awie of .he Fe.ler.l
carried their reserve (mills ill New V omi-over half-
you, along with every one else felt it.
Under the Federal Reserve Act, 12 regional Reserve Banks
it works for the home community.
When you deposit your money in this Bank, for instance,
you KNOW it is going to benefit your t'on'nl!''11'tu one of
develop our tield-to help our people and u beneht one o
us. The money made in a community should first of all
the community which makes it.
Every dollar you deposit here is a stone in the "Hard road"
to Prosperity that passes YOUR door.
Remember you must make your income tax returns before
April 1st If you desire, we will help you to make out your r
turns properly. Come in any day.
During Harvest Season Being Made
By Council of Defense
Owinir to tho acute ahortaijc,
warning is lovell that no f
,,or for harvest .an he "M"''"1 ''Z
Kingfisher founty farmers, ami it J
therefor.' neeessary that a survey of a I
available labor assistance in the .on.
in,' harvest lie immediately mad. .
The founcil of Defense has until r-
taken the task of makinK tins survey
, au.l providing the neeessary extra,
farm labor .lurinK harvest from 11 .
available in the cities an,I towns
|„f the county. It Is neither expect..I
1 uor |iro|.osetl to supply_ the necea«8r
'extra help fro... the .die men of tin
towns, but the business and prof s
sioaal maa, the store clerk and mil
a..,I l.ovs whose services can be spar
fro.'., any and all bus,..ess enter
prises, must respond to the call, au.l
Eat Pork and Save Wheat ,
The supply of pork lius grea >
'creascl. Hop weigh more. and ar \
Ito market earlier than usu.ii
\ result, Hoover has lifted tin r
stri.'tions .ii, usln, pork on Saturdavs
'J,) f0r breakfast—except Tuesdays
I, is tbought that the surplus of pork
will coiHinue for about three months.
While we niav eat more pork thai
usual Hoover calls our attention to
,,, fa,.t that it is a military necess. >
at we save mote and more wheat |
f our supplv of tlour is to last until
li'ir\est He sparing with wheat pro
diets Hemember the bread rules aa.l
keep them wholly.
Warn Hardware Merchants ..
I Hardware merchants are especially
'warned l.v the administration against
I cheap can tons, there being one kind
I ti,at is made of pressed 11", wineI,i is
eovered with a lacquer, as the press
'ing at times causes the till to .rat
High Class Pianos
at Bargain Prices .
;i n f i «e must tin' lul# on*
First National Bank
Hennessey, Oklahoma
Manufacturers Farmers Merchants Housewives
Wage Earners
Security and Service for All
Four Classes Will Be Arranged-Tlie
Class to Be Determined by
Physical Condition
Reclassification according to pliysi
en I condition of the men failed in the
next army draft is provided in levi-
ed instructions for medical advisory
hoards which are being sent to the
local boards throughout the country
The new regulations require that every
man summoned before the board s i.i
be placed in one of the following fur
classes: ,
Acceptable for general unli
tan service.
(B)—Acceptable for general niilif
tary service after being cured tit cei
tain defects.
(0)—Acceptable for spec.he t.r Inn
ited military service, in a specified
capacity or occupation.
(D)—Rejected anil exempted ' rt.ui
anv military service.
It is the intention of the provost
marshal general to provide later for
the further investigation an.I classiti
cation of the men acceptable for nm
itetl or special service so that the ret-
on! may be made of the sort of work
each of these men may be assigned to
: ,1, w ithout endangering his health.
I'ntler the new regulations many ail
' Hu nts au.l defects which gained exemp-
tion of drafted men in 'he past, now
will result onlv in their being listed
'hi liraup H. Such men, if they choose
will be given the privilege of secur-
i,,.. the serves of their family phys-
ical. in an effort to remove the de-
fect. but if thev have not availed
! themselves of this privilege within n
1 spe. iticl time, they will be called into
imilitan service and ordered to a can-
it base hospital, a reconstruc-
! tion hospital or to a civic hospital, as
ilun> l,e designate,I by the snrgeou
At the Methodist Church
J 111 connection with the efficiency
I .-aiiipaigii at the Methodist Episcopal
lehurch tliis week, Rev. Deineree, of
| Waukomis, spoke Monday night,
I the • other Man and Other Woman.
Rev. fobb, of Kingfisher, spoke on
'Tuesday night on "Money and tin
! Church'," and local talent spoke
j Wednesday night on the different line
I of local church work.
No. 5473
Report of the Condition of
a, Hennessey, in the State of Oklahoma, at the close of business. March
Loans and discounts (except those shown on b and c)
Overdrafts!°secured. $ . unsecured W 4.90
L[berty"u^nSjonds° sti per cent and 4 P-r cent impled,j«i.
I ibertv Loan Bonds, 3S l>er cent and 4 per cent, pledged to
secure State or other deposits or bills pavoble
"t^Xr^an U. S. bonds (not including stocks) own-
ed unpledged
Stock o^Federsfl Reserve^Bank (50 per cent of subscription)
Value of banking house
Equity in banking house
Furniture and"fixtures
Lswful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank
f ash in vault* and net amount due from national t> inks
Check "on other banks in the same city or «..wn as reporting
bank [other than Item 17]
Tnt*l of Items 14. 15. 1^. 1' .
Checks on banks located outside of city or town of reporting
bank and other cash items u s
Redemption fund with U. S Treasurer and due from I S.
War^avrng^Certificates and Thrift Stamps actually "owned
Revenue Stamps
Capital stock laid in
Surplus fund
Less curre.u'expenses. Interest and taxes paid
Amount reserved for taxes accureil ....
Circulating notes outstanding
Demand deposits subject to reserve:
Individual deposits subject to check
State county or municipal secured by pledge of assets of
thi' bToktai demand "deposit, subject-to Reserve. Items
u 'ti 3B 37 38 39. 40 and 41 «
Time Deposits subject'to nmm (>W«bll after 30 day*, or
Total of time deposits subject to Res ^ jy
42. 43. 44 and 45 -
.. 215.673.71
58,661 06
3.656 02
task, the Council of muat
have the loval and patriotic support
of everv citizen. To assist in this
matter is as much a patrotc duty as
to l.uv I-iberty Bonds or contribute
to the Red fross. There is no law
whereby one can be compelled to per-
form his part, but to those who can-
not lie reached through their own
sense of patriotism, there is the
court of public opinion with great
moral persuasive power to whose ten-
der mercies the farm labor slack, r
will be committed.
It. is recognir.e.l that no rules can
I which will not be entitled
to criticism, but the Council of De-
fense has adopted such rules and reg-
ulatons as eme.l best «>tai>t..l
to accomplish the purpose and it
hoped that the effort will meet with
lieartv response ami co-operation of
all It' von have an idea that you be-
lieve would be of assistance in the
work, the Council of Defense will
welcome it for consideration;, but if
vour ideas are not constructive, and
merely for the purpose of destruetiv.
ritie'ism, have the heart and con-
science to suppress the idea tor tin
good of the cause.
The general plan involves the a) of an executive committee
from the Council of Defense, which
designated as the "County Labor
Draft Board," and is composed of i.
D Brownlee, chairman; F. Borelli
and R. f. Sliiflett. This board is
given full power to carry out tin
plans adopted by the found of De-
fense, and to make the necessary sub-
agent or committee appointments that
niav be deemed advisable.
For the purpose of performing a
least ten .lays service on the farm
miring the harvest season, all male
residents of the cities and towns ot
Kingfisher county between the ages
of l.i and t>0 vears are drafted, au.l
will be expected to hold themselves
i„ readiness to perform farm labor
during harvest, unless they shall have
lieen exempted under some of the
following classifications:
Ebmption Will Be Allowed To.
1. Physicians.
2 Members of Federal Draft Boaru.
3. Mfil earriers ami neeessary pos-
tal employes.
4. NeVessarv mechanics anil repair
men in shops', garages and hardware
Railway and express company
ti Emploves of cities or towns, on
•rtifi.-ate 'showing their necessity, by
the executive otficer of the city or
town. , . . .
Necessary employes of ice plants,
mills, elevators and wholesale distn
liutors of oil and gas.
Necessary dray and transfer
Physical disability.
. One man in each place ot busi-
ness, whose pla e cannot be supplied
by women.
11 Other personal exemptions in
asea of emergency, on showing to the
local committee or draft board.
Registration cards will be provided
and the local committees for the sex
oral towns and cities in the county
will, .luring the month of March, pro-
vide for a complete registration ol all
men and boy residents of the towns
or cities of the county. After the
, have been signed, the local
committee or draft board will exempt
all w ho are properly entitled to exemp-
tion. and make lists of those not ex
cinptcil. and this list will be published
in the newspapers of the local town
or fitv, ill order that the farmers au.l
public in general may know the names
of those available for the ten day
•rvice during harvest.
From the posted and published lists
of available men and boys the far-
mers are requested to make their se-
lections and also to make their con-
tracts for the service.
Lists of available men tor ten
tlavs service on the farms .luring har-
vest will als.) be kept posted In the
various banks ..f the county, and
those farmers who have neglected to
make ineir selections, may by phone,
letter or otherwise, request their local
l.ank to select harvest hands for them
from the list of available men who
have not been contracted tor.
The wages will be fixed by the con-
tracting parties, but it is suggest, i
that the farmers pay the current bar
vest wages.
The committees for the various town-
land cities who are to make the farm
labor survey of their towns and to
I Secure the registration of the avail
able men for the harvest employment,
and also to pass on the exemptions
claimed, are as follows:
the lids are used, when the acid of
the fruit eats the lacquer away, then
the air obtains a chance to get into tin
fruit and thus the fruit is spoiled and
thus one more chance of conserving
°fThis'warning is issued by the food
2,000 people in the famous produc-
tion of "20,000 Leagues I'nder tie
Sen." Will be shown at the^ Kb t trn
Theatre on Friday, March —
Aurora Borealis Visible Friday Night
Few ill this section noted the au-
rora borealis Friday night on account
„f the wind and dust. The display
sni.l to have been the brightest seen
in the southwest in 30 years. The ma-
jor part of the phenomena was over
i,v 12 midnight. The phenomena inter-
fere somewhat with telephone and
telegraph service.
. (Clipper)
Am now prepared to saw your wood.
Will. Felder, phone LR-55.
We not only pay top prices
for eggs, butter and produce,
but the goods we exchange
with you is priced just as low
as if you paid the cash for
them and good in quality as
you will find anywhere. No
boosting prices on goods here.
Get our prices on produce be-
fore selling. States & Fisher.
1st published in Clipper Mar. 14,'18,.It
State of Oklahoma, County of lying-
in'the District Court for Said County
Robert Tutt, l'laintifl
Ml and see our new piano. We 1 K
Bros., piano also the Hinkelinann an haven't it in stoek. we
prepared to sell any piano you w-"'1. 0ur ianos our
ran i>et it I defy competition on price or tone. p
guaranteed b the lac.Sy '"VT'SSiS man W
saves a middlemans profit. We have no , 05c on the
tan $73 .0$100 per month .h a eonun - ' «,
dollar, to sell a piano. 1 do it alone, this ^ l second.hand organ
lot of money. 1 have sheet mtimc also f, deal
and a new Esty organ, Call and see me belore you y
"" " ' There is a Mr. SwaUert wi.h ,u, a-
teacher He comes well recommended as a gentlema
be with me aU summer also will represent my goods. He was
sent to me by the factory. discount will
Call and see me and what 1 have, same oiu
be given.
J. J. LaValley, Mgn
First printed in flipper Mar. 7. "1. M
i State of Oklahoma to S. B. Wilson,
record owner, and to the occupants of
lots ti ami T, of section 'Jl, in town-
ship IX, north, range .S, W. 1. M., ami
o whom else it may concern:
You will take notice that the un-
lersifjned hold tax sale eertifieates of
the above described lands for delin-
quent tax sales, as follows:
Sale of Nov . 3, 1 13, lor delinquent
taxes of 1912, , ,. ,
Sale of Nov. -■ 1914, for delinquent
taxes of 19i:t, $1. '9.
Sale of Nov. 1, 1915, lor delinquent
axes of 1914, .M).
And that unless tlie owner of su.-h
lands or some other person having a
legal light to do so, shall redeem such
lands from such tax sales on or be-
for.- and within sixty days from and
after the service of this notice th.
undersigned holders of such eertiti
cates 'will apply to the county- treas-
urer Of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma,
•'or and he will issue to the undtr
signed tax deed or deeds for such
l:"l')aVeil this March .itli.
Partners, consisting of Theron Hobbs
•mil D o. Dawson.
A partner.
n \ntki, o. dawson,
The Other Partner.
Alice .lackson and Unknown Heirs of
Joseph .lackson. He,'eased Defendants
Said defendants Alice Jackson and
unknown heirs, if any, of .loseph
Jat-kson, .let ease,I will take not • e
that they have been sue.i in ti:ii ■ ■
triet court for the sum of 'L ''
rost® a in I attorney fee ot $29.9 < an i
foreclosure of real estate mo:rttta^i
and must answer the petition hied
herein by said plaintiff on or '.etore
the JTth .lav of April A 1).
said petition will be taken as tin.,
and a judgment for said plaint lit in
said action for $299.73, costs and at-
torney fee of $29.97. and fore.doBurc
of real estate mortgage will be rui
lere.l accordingly.
Witness mv hand au.l ofti.ial,
this llth day lit' March H'ls.
(SEA I.) HEORtlE II. 1'AI|N'''
Court < HMK.
|{. w., '
Attorney for I'laiutin.
(Clipper)— _ s ^
K i ii ^
215.673 71
107 60
67 50
502 08
82.398 37
$.167 835.96
S7VfEk^rkr;CMhi« oMhe^■t'veRt,n,,ied | bank, do wtemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my know .. m an. ^ (;ULKER Cn,hi„
SubserilM'd and .worn to before me this Cnrrect-Attesi
13th day of March 1918 J0„N SM1TH \
sni Floyd t. Iti.r. N"lary^ i!,. C O. CASHION Directors.
My commission expires Jan. l^i f a d1nklek )
Klovd E. Kelt.
M. A. Mitchell.
W. K. Oulker.
Cashion: —
A. .1. (larnett.
' S. W. Hojran.
Melville Carter.
Dover: —
C. B. Sherwood.
I). A. Northup.
O. W. Miller.
K. H. Brownl *e, chairman
I F. Borelli.
H. C. Shiflett.
By oiiler of the County < ouneil of
| Defense. <> L. BOWMAN.
Reaervad seats for the operetta on
sale at Saur's Drug Store. Price 3-k
i Date—Friday eveniug, Mar. it. ap. m
1st printed in flipper Mar.
state of Oklahoma, County of
tishe, IN I'OINT^ ( Ol KI
Notice is hereby given that on In
"Sth dav of February, A. D. 1JI ,
jlt-rt Kellv and Stella McCully, et al..
tile,I in t'ieCounty Court of the tou"-
tv of Kingfisher antl State of Oklaho-
ma, a petition praying lor Letters o
\dmiuistration to lie issu.'tl to M. A.
Mitehell upon the estate of •lames
Kellev, tie. eased, late of the C ounty
of Kingfisher and State of Oklahoma.
Ami pursuant to an order of wild
fountv Court, Monday, the 18th day
„f March, A. I>. 191.8, at the hour o
two o'elock p. in., of sanl .lav, that
being a dav of the regular January
term A. I>. 191s, of said <>unity l oiirt,
has been appointed as the tinu
for hearing sjii.l application when
an.| where any person interested
niav .-..litest said petition bv til-
ing' written opposition thereto
th. ground of incompetency ol tin
applicant, or may assert his own rights
to the admnistration and pray that
letters be issued to himself.
Witness, li. F. Shutler, Judge of the
fountv fourt of the fountv of King
fisher,' and the seal of the fourt affix
h.i the >th .lav of February. A. 1>-
191s. K. F. SHUTLER.
(Seal) County Judge.
notice of letting foe road
Sealed proposals will be received by
the Hoard of County fommissioners
at the office of the founty flerk for
I the . laying and grading of the follow-
! i ntr roa«l '• * •
From Station 2s:i to 320, inclusive,
living III miles CS. 11- of S^ttion —,
State Road. All in accordance with
I the plans ami spe.-ifications on tile
fountv Kngineer and County
pa in ting js cheapo*-
repairing"6r. replacing
Appcaiance is
not the only reason
for painting. But whether for
Appearance or Protection
you should use the best paint obtainable, regardless
of price; you can get the best from us at a saving.
Don't lose money in the life of your
property by neglecting to
paint it in time.
e M ¥ • M ~ — y
r^f^Aar x FURNITURE.
stoves tinware
Better Be on Time
rith tin-
proposal must be in a lump
sum for the whole amount of road
complete as shown in the plans and
flMeilcttioni. . ...
Ka.h bidder shall file with Ins bid
a certified .-heck on a county bank do-
.„i! I,u*ine in Kingfisher founty, nj
the sum of five per-nt ..f h.s total
i#i.| an a ifuarantee that he will fur
ni*h \hiw\ au«l iiim rontraet for the
building of such road as may be
• wardetl bim.
The Board reaerve* the ti|<ht to re-
iert anv or all bids.
Bv or lcr of the Hoard of ' ounty
romm".,oners. WM. -J NKWKH
founty ' lerk Kibgfifh.r 1 ounty
letting to be t 2:30 o ' lock on
Saturday, Marrh lfl, lflt.
Take no chances
with an unreliable
watch. Let us show
you one that will
get you there on
the minute.
Does lt Need Repairing?
Bring it to a competent jeweler, one that knows
his business. We guarantee our work.
Jewelry and Optometrists

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