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THE CLIPPER, Thursday, Dec. 13
Bring me your
Turkeys, Chick-
en's and other
poultry. We're
on the morket
strong for this
Christmas poul-
try. Bring it in.
T.E. Howard
The old reliable poultry man
Fund is Now Nearing $1100.00—Big Drive Is Nearing Close—Contribution*
Are Still Coming In—Read the List of the Red-Blooded Americans
Who Have Done Their "Bit" For the Soldier Boys in the
Cantonments and "Over There" in the War Zone
A Few, Very Few Refused to Contribute
Something has happened. A simple
and thrilling thing that brings Home-
thing of real greatness into our lives,
humble as they may be.
It is the observance of our first Red
Cross Christmas. One cannot have even
the thought of its appropriateness and
its significance in this world of an-
guish witnout having touched the high
est thoughts of nil the world—that
which was given on the birthday we
celebrate—"Behold I bring you good
tidings of groat joy which shall be to
all people"; ami that which was ex-
pressed in the Rod Cross Treaty made
by nations, which established that in
warfare, the sick and wounded of the
enemy snould be sacred to the Red
This is a Christmas when we cannot
sec our new young soldiers, strong
and straight of back, without vision
ing those others whom war has made
helpless. We cannot see the happiness
of our cnildren without thinking of
those little ones in Europe who have
starved to death. Perhaps we cannot
deck our children's Christmas trees
without remembering that 11c in whose
honor they are was a "man of sor
rows and acquainted with grief."
In the Red Cross campaign for 10,
000,000 new members during the week
preceding Christmas there is scope for
all our tenderness, all our richest im
aginings, nil our new-born power of
simplicity of heart, all our posibili
tics of service.
The Hod Cross Chapters have asked
all members of the American Red
Cross to take part in a simple cere
mouy on Christmas Kve the placing
of a lighted candle hi the window,
shining through n Red Cross service
Hag on the window pane. This flag is
a piece of white, transparent paper,
blue-bordered, with the si^n of the
Red Cross, five inches square in the
center, and smaller crosses to be ad-
ded for each of the household who is
a member of the lied Cross. It is an
expression of scr\ ice in Tin-, unexftm
pled time—a symbol so instinctive
that the Red Cross will glow from the
windows of our homes over the length
and breadth ot the lend, sending out
the Christmas message to the world,
and telling not only the passer-by,
but our own hearts, that just as our
boys and men nre finding new strength
in their new sacrifices, so rnav we.
through our new service.
About the Thrift and War Stamps-
Are Now On Sale at the
Local Postofflce
The sale of "thrift" and "war
savings stamps at the local postof
fice, started Inst week and the de
maud promises to increase steadily.
The "thrift" stamp costs 25 cents,
a card containing hi spaces goin
with first stamp purchase. When filled
out, the cost is $4.00. For an added
IJ cents, in December or •lanunrv, after
card is duly filled out, you can so
cure a "war-savings" stamp. With
the first of these stamps von get a
war-savings certificate, which holds
20 stamps. If filled out with the 20
stamps, the certificate in five vears
from January I, 1918, can be cashed
ill for $100. It costs you only $K2.40,
it the war savings stamps are bought
at $4.12 each. This brings interest at
the rate of 4 per cent, compounded
quarterly. In February these stamps
will cost $4.1.'I, and they will increase
in cost one cent each month through
One should keep war savings stamps
for five years to do Cade Sam tlx
most good, but if one must cash them
sooner, one will be paid interest at the
rate of about 3 per cent a year on
what he bought. If he does not buv
twenty $"> stamps by January I, 1911),
lie will receive the same interest on
what he does buy. No one can buv
more than $100 worth at one time.
At M. E. Church
Modular services will be held at the
M. K. church next Sunday. Iq the
event that Itev. Crabtree, the regular
pastor is unable to be present, the
pulpit will be supplied. Rev. Crab
tree's home at (luthrie has been un
der quarantine owing to illness of his
children, but the quarantine, lie states
will be raised this week.
With the canvass still uncompleted, there is every indication that Hen-
nessey will complete its quota without difficulty. Those ^rho have been
overlooked in the drive by the various committees can make their contri-
bution to Chairman K. K. Watson, at the Kd. Hoekaday Hardware Store,
at any time. Others who have promised donations to canvassers may do
likewise, if more convenient.
Committees have been instructed to make a note of the names of all who
refuse to contribute. Those returns are yet incomplete. The committee
is contemplating also the publication of the list after all committees have
completed their work.
The following is a complete list of contributions to date. Later contribu-
tions will be printed next issue:
(Jeorgc Clark
Lee M. dray
K. K. Watson
l>r. C. O. Gose
l>r. Newton Rector
Al. Caulk
.1. L. Murphy
John Duffy
Fred Killer
M. A. Mitchell
John A. Katliff
A. C. Black
C. O. Cashion
Chan. Pepin
Long Hell Lumber Co.
John M. Jones
Geo. W. Woo lacy
W. J. Baines
W. A. Rhodes
States A: Fisher
W. L. Hamer
C. M. Armstrong
L. A. Ferrel
F. (i. Tiernay
George C. Saur
Prof. M. E. Batten
W. T. Parks
P. L. Miller
Floyd K. Felt
Lyman Hobbs
John Thompson
1 >r. R. V. Wool wine
.1. K. Gilbert
Harry Killer
W. l>. Cupps
Oscar Cupps
Charles Jones
Slevin Grocery Co.
H. L. Jones
John Throckmorton
Win. Godlove
Richard Roberts
A. J. Fisher
R. D. Haines
Chas. Throckmorton
A. L. Murphy
C. V. Rnix
N. L. Brown
('. B. Throckmorton, Sr
Perry Clements
L. C. Vaughnn
Frank Noll
W. S. Taylor
Claude Bond
Prank Smith
Roy Clements
F. F. Bailey
B. F. ('ook
Mrs. Kli/.a Holmes
L. M. Loibenknight
Perry Mathews
I. .1. Cashion
Dr. K. I). Bradley
Jake Stiuson
A. L. Garten
l>r. If. W. Bowerman
Curt Hay huff
Joe Sternbcrger
Levi Herzberg
Dr. A. Dixon
Rankin Auto Co.
A. J. Civilians
C. C. Waggoner
Mrs. Jackson
A. M. Caulk
I. II. Thomas
Dec Dawson
Jack Leddy
Kd. Gaudin
Kdgar Hilbish
Cal Wells
II. L. Miles
George R. Holmes
L. K. Gardner
.1. C. Myers
Harry Lane
W. (). Carmer
A. B. Lamb
(). I). Broderick
Mav T. Merrill
Mabel Walner
J. Henry
W. D. Waiburn
O. K. Shoe Shop
Austin Roberts
J. W. Pulliam.
s. T. OrajfK
G. L. Dauner
Jesse Gwvilli
B. C. Morrow
Mrs. Huntsberger
O. D. Choate
('. A. Nothstein
Dr. L. A. Patterson
S. A. Snyder
Baptist church collection
James McGann
Arthur Arnote
11. N. Buck
Sam Kennett
Karl Dunlap
Clarence Bird
O. D. Miller
Mrs. Hawkins
Pete Ivan
August Sehutkesting
James Harding
K. N. Jar vis
Garret Ditmar
Mrs. George Holmes
Albert Redenbo
Mrs. /. T. Hilbish
John Walton
Arthur Cashion
Charles Johnston
A. B. Wunch
Art Harris
Doc Taylor
Archie Squires
John Draper
Clarence Robbins
T. E. Howard
Rov Mauk
W.' D. Frakes
J. J. La Valley
Mr. Swit/er
/. T. Hilbish
Will Shearer
Prof. Hall
Herbert Holmes
J. A. Shelnutt
Ernest Burke
Wm. Pray
Chas. Wilson
E. Grissoin
George Yeoman
Howard Leddv
Roy Crowley
C. A. Anderson
Joe Lee
Chas. Rensliaw
Henry Brindlev
Wm. Dunn
J. P. Felder
Stuart Farthing
S. A. Richey
Joe Pribil
Flo Felt
John Bailey
George W. Crini
Mrs. Burneti
W. K. Glover
W. A. Cooper
I. K. Crawford
W. W. Miller
E. Sherman
J. Gilliland
Jay Morgan
II. J. Ravens
W. E Gulker
C. C. Fleming
D. G, Spindle
I. N. Chrisman
Donations Promised
L. A. Bird
Martin Flanagan
F. H. Tathwell
Andv Taggart
M. L. Frakes
W. H. Zion
D. C. Clark
M. G. Dealing
Wendell Tavlor
At Opera House Next Friday Night,
December 14th
Dramatic Personae
The Duke of Venice.. Wendell Taylor
Antonio, a Senior, Captain of the
High School Football Team
Muriel Broderick
Bassanio, his friend and suitor to
Portia Dwight Young
Gratiano, another friend..Sam Snyder
Shvlock, a wealthy gambler
' Clark Holmes
Tubal, his friend and Captain of
the Belmont Team Roy Sturgeon
Lnuncelot Gobbo, servant to Sliv-
lock Cyril Dauner
The Professor, an Ex-Ray Photog-
rapher Floyd Miller
Policeman < Russell Lynch
Portia, a rich heiress ..Carrie Barton
Xerrisca, her friend... Edyth Renshaw
Jessica, Shvlock's Ward
Constance Gilbert.
Miss Abbie S. Thredice, a teacher
Werthena (Jritz
Polly, Portia's maid ... Wilma Dunn
Antonio's Mother
Mrs. Gobbo, Laucelot's Mother..
Clora Clark
ACT I.—Bessanio loves Portia,
whose father has died, leaving a will
stipulating that who weds his daugh-
ter must choose from three caskets, in
which are placed Virgil, Ciscero and
Caesar examinations, respectively;
and in that examination which lie
draws, must pass and make an aver-
age of 95 per cent.
As Bassanio is a football fiend and
not a Latin shark, he realizes his dif-
ficulty. But his friend, Antonio, helps
him by arranging to rent a pony from
Shvlock, the stipulation being only
that if it is not returned. Antonio
shall forfeit a pound of his hair.
ACT II.—Portia and Nerrisca dis-
cuss Portia's suitors. Portia at length
admits that she hopes that Bassanio
will be he successful one. Bassanio
takes the examination in the presence
of Miss Thrudiee. (Also the ponv)
ACT III.—Shvlock seeks the hand
of his rich ward, Jessica. He is refus-
ed with gusto. Antonio, assisted by
Launcelot Gobbo, elopes with Jessica.
ACT IV.—Bassanio learns that he
has passed the examination. Launcelot
tells of Antonio's elopement and the
impending danger to his hair.
ACT V.—At the football game. An-
tonio is disabled and arrested by the
policeman whom Shyloek brings. An
tonio is taken to trial, and the younp
lawyer (Portia) from Bellario, by a
clever turn of the law, saves Anton
io'fl hair and thus the success of the
great Thanksgiving game is assured.
Xmas Candies
The sweetest gift is the gift of sweetness-
good wholesome, delicious candy. Our hand-
some pretentious boxes dantily filled with the
richest Chocolate Creams or Bon Bons.
L. E. Gardner, Prop.
Dr. Clarence E. Wagner
Special Attention to Diseases of Children
Phone No. 21 Hennessey, Okla.
Get Your Christmas
Photos Early
It takes time to do good work. Our new goods
are in. Call and make your selection.
The Miller Studio
First published in Clipper Dec, 6 1917 2t
No. 1201
Publishers Report of the Condition of
The hennessey State Bank
of Hennessey. Oklahoma. Nov. 20,1917.
Loans and Discounts
Questionaires to Be Mailed Soon to
All Registrants of County
The county board is preparing ques
tionaires for mailing to all drafted
men not now in the service. Inst rue
tions provide for the mailing out ot
five per cent of the entire number
each day, beginning on the tifteenth.
The fact that the state board :s
unable to provide covers and envel
opes may delay the mailing past this
date, however. The questionaires must
be returned to the hoard within seven
dnvs after being received by the reg-
istrant. The members of the local bar
association has been drafted to assist
iu the tilling of the blanks so that
they will be Ailed in proper form.
The services of the attorneys will be
given without charge. The blanks will
be classfled by the county board as
(Cli pper)
A new ,light-running Singer Hewing
machine for the wife or mother would
be a gift to hold in joyful reinem
Inn nee for thirty years to come. \
special bargain for the holidays. Come
in Saturday. 8INCKK HKWf.NCJ M \
CHINK CO., Hennessey, Oklahoma.
• (Clipper)
Everett Llston Joins Aviation Corps
Kverett Listen, of Kingfisher, has
enlisted in the aviation corps. lie
Iiun been sent to Fort Logan, ill Col
orado, for preliminary training, but
may Inter be sent to Kurt Sam Hous
! Reeducation and Rehabilitation Under
New U. S. Insurance Law
, It a soldier or sailor is injured in
such a way tnat he can not resume
I tlie occupation in- trade in which he
| was engaged when he entered the
j service, the government of the Cnited
. States, at its own expense, will reed-
• ueate that man to some form of oc-
cupation for which he is capable and
which will enable him to spend the
( remainder ot his life in useful work,
I helpful to himself and contributing
; to his own happiness.
It' the government reeducates a dis
j abled man to a new occupation, and
lie earns moiicv, no matter how much,
because of his new occupation and
because «.t' his own effort, the govern
nicut will continue to pay him the full
"mount he is entitled to for his disa-
bility. All that he earns belongs to
hi in in addition to what the govern
1 nicut pays him.
lied Cross Christmas Seals for sab'
, at Dinkier's and Haur's Drug Stores.
They cost one cent each. Buy these
seals tor use on your < hristmas pack
ages. The funds derived from their
sale is to be used in stamping out tu
berculosis in this state,
Mrs. Klsic Young, who arrived from
Drumright Thursday for a visit with
j friends here, has accepted n position
with Cashion A Dajrhuff's, for the
holida vs.
We still have a few bushel
of those fine white Pearl Idaho
Potatoes, and this wiil be the
last week at $1.35 per bushel
Cold weather is forcing the
price of potatoes up. Buy
winter supplies now. States
& Fisher.
Five Prisoners Escape From Logan
County Jail—Three Recaptured
After a revolver battle between fiv
prisoners who escaped from the jail
at (luthrie Monday night,, and a pos-
see of deputies and home guards at
Four Corners, near Navina, Tuesday
night, three of the escaped prisoners
surrendered. Two are still at large.
The jail-breakers broke into a store
at Navina Tuesday night, and secured
guns and ammunition.
An all-night virgil was kept at the
scene of the battle and the possec be-
lieve that they will soon round up the
other two jail breakers.
The prisoners escaped after Lucius
MctJill, colored, and four white pris-
oners, overpowered the jailor of the
Logan county jail at Guthrie. McOill
is a fugitive from the Arkansas peni-
tentiary, where he has under sentence
for manslaughter.
lied Cross Christmas Seals for sale
at Dinkier's and Saur's Drug Stores.
They cost one cent each. Buy these
seals for use on your Christmas pack-
ages. The funds derived from their
sale is to be used in stamping out tu-
berculosis in this state.
Christ Flowers.
j Bom of the clouds and darkness,
Of the frost and early snow,
! When the summer blooms have faded,
| The beautiful Christ flowers blow.
j All through the budding springtime,
All through the summer's heat,
All through the autumn's glory
They hide their blossoms sweet.
But When the earth is lonely
And the bitter north winds blow.
With a smile of cheer for the dear olt
The Christmas blossoms blow.
tweet as the dream of summer,
White as the drifting snow;
When our hearts are filled with griev-
The beautiful Christ flowers blota.
Mot all the south wind's wooing
Opens their secret heart,
Blender they grow and stately.
Guarding their life apart;
But when the earth is dreary
And heavy clouds hang low,
With their tender cheer for the way
worn year
The Christmas blossoms blow.
Sweetest of all consolers!
Fairest of flowers that grow!
When hopes and flowers have failed
The beautiful Christ /lowers blow.
Bright <n the cottage window,
Hweet in the darkened room.
Fair in the shortened sunlight,
Cheering the dusky gloom.
Oh, when our hearts are lonely
And clouds of care hang low.
What blessed cheer for our dying year,
The Christmas blossoms blow!
Overdrafts, secured and un-
Stock, Bonds, Warrants, Etc.
Banking House
Furniture and fixtures
Due from Banks
Checks and other cash items
Cash in Bank -
service herein provided, the Company
shall not bo considered in default of
this contract.
Section As a consideration for
the rates herein above quoted, it is
agreed that the Town shall .In all it.
pumping, except in case of emergency,
S208.587.19 j during the off peak hours, that is to
^ say, no pumping shall be done during
7,512.92 [ the hours of five o'clock p. m. and
51,257.76 nine o'clock p. m. during the months
3,500.001 of October, November, December,
2,500.001 .January, February and March, in
214.641.20 each year unless such pumping be-
2,053.45 comes necessary for fire protection or
9,060.50 other emergency.
$499 083.02 's understood and agreed that
; the rates above quoted are predicated
$25,000.00 ul,on the existing scale of wages paid
4*000.00 | *° labor and fuel prices and taxes and
i upon the present cost of manufacture
3,735.10 electricity at the Company's plant
104 000.00 l°cated in Enid. Oklahoma, and it is
further agreed that if there shall at
any time in the future be a material
change in the cost of labor, fuel,
taxes, resulting in a change in the
•r.tun nui n«i °0st of manufacture of electricity, the
Total q>49 ,Uoj.U^ rates herein above quoted shali be
State of Oklahoma,County of Kingfisher, Ss modified to meet such changed condi-
I. M. A Mitchell, Cashier of the above, tions in the cost of manufacture,
named bank, do solemnly swear that the Section 4. The Company shall not
above statement is true to the best of my j,(, required hereunder to extend its
knowledge and belief, so help me God. feeder lines to anv well or pump
M. A. MI ICHELL. Cashier. ^ where such extension is greater than
Subscribed and sworn to before me this ojk> hundred and fifty (150) feet, ex
4th day of Dec. 1917 (,ept at the expense of the Town.'
Seal GOLDEE SMITH, Notary Public Section 5. The said Town, shall
My commission expires July 8, 1918. during the term hereof, always levy
ak rpoyHL IDirector8, ';1 su,li<'iont tax (>n {,n r.ea] a,1,l per-
A. HKUa ) j sonl property in said Town in each
(Clipper) j year, at the time of levying taxes for
other purposes, sufficient to pay all
sums of mcnev herein agreed to In-
Capital Stock Paid In
Surplus fund
Undivided Profits, less ex-
penses and taxes paid
Due to Banks
Individual deposits subject to
Time certificates of deposits
Cashier's checks outstanding
Mrshall School Closed—Short of Fuel
The Marshall schools closed Wed- paid to said Company, and the fund
nesdav evening. They will not be I thus derived from said tax shall be
able to open until a supply of fuel is
received .—Marshall Tribune
lot printed in Clipper Dec. 13,'17. t3
An Ordinance Contracting with the
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Com-
pany, its Successors and Assigns,
for supplying the Town of Hen-
nessey, Oklahoma, with Electric
Current for Pumping the City Wat-
er, and Declaring an Emergency.
Be in Ordained by the Board of Trus-
tees of the Town of Hennessey, Ok-
Section 1. That the word 44Town"
as hereinafter employed in this Ordi-
nance shall designate the Town of
Hennessey, Oklahoma, and the word
''Company'' as hereinafter employed
shall designate the Oklahoma Gas
and Electric Company, a corporation
organized under the laws of the State
of Oklahoma, its successors and as-
Section 2. From and after the
passage and publication of this Ordi-
nance, and for a period of ten (10)
years, the Company shall furnish to
the said Town, and the said Town
shall take from and pay for to the
Company, as herein provided, all elec-
tric current necessary for the pump-
ing of city water, at the following
Primary Charge:
$2.on per KW per month for the
first 50 KW of the demand.
$2.00 per KW per month for the
next 250 KW of the demand.
$1.50 per KW per month for the
excess KW of tha demand.
used for town pumping purposes pro-
vided for hereunder, and for such
purpose only.
Section 0. Said Company shall have
full right and power to assign to any
other person, firm or corporation, nil
the rights conferred upon it by the
terms of this Ordinance, provided the
assignee of such rights, by accepting
such assignment, shall thereby be-
come subject to the terms and pro-
visions of this Ordinance. Tn the
event of any assignment by said Com
panv of all the rights hereby confer-
red upon it, said assignment shall be
in writing rnd duly authenticated
copy thereof shall be filed in the of-
fice of the town clerk of said Town.
Section 7. Upon the failure of the
Company, its successors or assigns, to
comply with any of the terms, condi-
tions or requirements of this Ordi-
nance for a period of s xty ((50) days
after the .Company shall have formal
and written notice delivered to its
manager at its office of such failure,
the Town may institute proceedings
for the forfeiture of all rights and
privileges herein pros idea for, in any
court of competent ,'irNdiction
Section H. Th C. mpany shall,
within fifteen C1 * • lavs after the
passage and public,r i. m of this >nn
nance, file with th • town clerk
in writing, its unconditional accept-
ance of the obligations imposed upon
it by the terms of this Ordinance.
Section 0. Whereas, the contract
for the pumping of water between the
Town of Hennessey and the prede-
cessors of the Oklahoma (las and
Electric Company for the pumping of
water has expired; and whereas, it is
necessary that a contract for the
purpose of providing electric current
Solidary Charge:
2.25e per KW1I for the first 5,000 | tor water pumping purposes be i
KWH per month.
2.00c per KWI1 for the next 10,000
KWH per month.
1.50c per KWH for the next 15,000
KWH per month.
1.25c per KWH for the oxccbb KWH
per month.
Discount: 10 per cent if bills nre
paid within ten days from date there
mediately made, and whereas the
public peace, health and safety of its
inhabitants thereof require the town
to have facilities for pumping water:
an emergency is hereby declared on
account ot which this Ordinance shall
take effect from and after itR passage
and publication ns provided by law.
I'assed in session by the Board of
Trustees on this 22nd' dnv of Novem-
Minimum Monthly Hill: ♦1.00 net Imt A. I>. 1917.
for the first horse nower, or frnetio. Apnroved liy the President of the
thereof, tin.: net per horse pow- j Hoard of Trustees this 23rd dnv of
November A. P. 1017.
I resident of the Hoard of Trustees of
the Town of Hennessey.
Attest: ('. A. NOT1TSTKIN,
Town Clerk.
onnected capacity.
In the event of unavoidable acc
loots, tires, tornodoes, riots, insur-
rections, or other causes beyond the
control of the Compnny, whereby the
Company shall full to furnish the

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