The Hennessey Clipper (Hennessey, Okla.), Vol. 28, No. 10, Ed. 1 Thursday, August 2, 1917 Page: 1 of 10

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i. 'V-
• 'a , ■
The Hennessey Clipper
t Enters J at t tie Poitoflice at Hennea*ey •
i Oklahoma. a* Second Class MailMattcr
The Hennessey Press-Dt inocrat Consolidated with The Hennessey CHpper l«mmy X5.191«
> >UDSi ripiion rricc
• vance: fj Month*, 50c: 'J Months 25c
No. 10
First Draft is Called
Notices Summoning for Examination Sent Out
by County Board
Notice to Those Summoned for First Draft Have Been
Mailed Out. Examinations Will Begin Monday.
Twice the County Quoto Summoned.
2iiS Win. II. Lotitiuyer, Kingfisher , 13L1!)
45S Chaa. W. Stricklan, Amos
143H Homer Steele, Dover
s")4 Chest' .• A. Smith, Kingfisher
109fi Win. N. Smith, Okarche
14.i.i Indian
7S3 Richard A. Runnels, Kingfisher
1117 Geo H. Glessner, Kiel
s37 ('. E. Moffett, Lnwton
337 El-win A. Clift, Cashion
t;7ii John E. Funkhauser. Hennessey
•_'75 Johnnie C. Schnfer, Kiel
r.Oil C. W. Ketch. Kingfisher
11So T. -1. MoKinley, Kiel
564 Irvin P. Stine, Okarche
H4(i Dolden 1). Cole, Hennessey
.ISMi 1(. R. Jordan, Hennessey
1267 Lee Johnson, Kiel
H36 Preil L. Tice. Kingnsher
."•is .1. M. Grundmeir, Okarche
126 W. L. Fa!Icy, Hover
1237 C A. Stangl, Kingfisher
7'S4 Robt. E. L. Rollins, Kingfisher
7.1 r, John l'ost, Kingfisher
107 A. J. Rasmnssen, Hennessey
136!) Jos. F. Kudlac, Hennessey
6Ki Martin E. VanBuren, Hennessey
373 I jewelling Rine. Cashion
1266 LcRov .Tared. Kiel
77f J. E. Hart, Kingfisher
4S6 John I.. Bamberg, Kingfisher
692 ('has. L. Jones, Hennessey
600 fitiy 1.. Morrow, Hennessey
S10 Ernest M. Atkins, Kingfisher
507 Jos. Ti A. Kauper, Kingfisher
309 Dick Flesher, Cashion
137 Mitchell Staples, Dover
1324 Ti. E. Fox, Marshall
601 Theo. TT. Ottesen, Hennessey
43 Jerry Johnson. Dover
1261 E. M. Hanser, Kiel
1066 H. A Struck. Kingfisher
921 Jus. R. Hill. Kingfisher
420 A. E. Oswold, Crescent.
1014 .f. H. Klingsick. Kingfisher
117* T>. Woodward, Dover
514 R. O. McGrath, Kingfisher
433 Ralph Seal, Crescent
i 1031
; 4K7
: I2S2
! 7t 7
| 140
! 12:u
! a:\-2
! 927
| (}01
i :m
1 119
I osO
! 1292
(loor«rc Harry, Hennessey
.lumen H. Harrison, Omega
S. L. Ciarton, Reeding
E. M. Winans, Cashion
H. K. Henrv, Hennessey
.1 A. Bilger, Kingfisher
Abo Votli, Kiel
Ivy I>url)in, Lovell
S. A. hoftis, Kingfisher
James V. King, Dover
John \j. Standi, Okarche
Floyd Seal. Crescent
V. P. Ruud, Okarche
Earl Voss, Hennessey
Henrv A. Little, Kingfisher
Prank M .Kale, Kingfisher
Robert Moore, Hennessey
A. C Dee)arnett, TiOvell
J. I'. Weber, Kiel
(1. L. Barnes, Omega
A. S. Will, Hennessey
K. L. Ron nils. Hennessey
W 1\ "Robinson. Kingfisher
(J. 1'. Ma.rlev. Kingfisher
Arthur Orr, Dover
Dennis "Partridge, Kingfisher
K. M. Waterburg, Okarche
James A. Poston, Lovell
Daniel Boone, Hennessey
A. E. Anderson. Dovet
Robert Merrill, Hennessey
Couxie Counters, Crescent
John Bailey. Hennessey
H. L Duggan, Kingfisher
♦Tames Beinla Kingfisher
Niel Larsen, Dover
Civile Slack. Kingfisher
J. W. VanHorn. Kingfisher.
Sam B. Davis. Kingfisher
C. M. Miller. Hennessey
Arthur Rainbolt. Hennessey
c. VV. Rivers, Kingfisher
A C,. Lvni li. Hennessey
T* Ti. BiHint's, Kingfisher
R. P. Abercombie. Cashion
T. S. VanZamlt, Reeiling.
C.. H. Vail, Kingfisher
t ur>
l 12ss
; t52
si io
I 1114
| 645
| 21s
I 620
57 4
1 S3
• 1016
1 13U
J A. White, Kingfisher
June Burtou, Kingfisher
W. 11. McKaiu, Kingfisher
T>. 11. Kooken, Kingfisher
Fred Homier, Dover
1. O. Erakes, Hennessey
K. W. Edwards, Kingfisher
('. E. Aborn, Omega
( . M. Bowers, Hennessey
F C. Eaton, Cashion
R. l'arris, Hennessey
J. 1,. Crotzer, Omega
C. A. Miller, Okarche
M. M. Sehidlowski, Kingfisher
C. M. Ross, Kingfisher
0 W. Bengs, Kingfisher
J.' E. Nivison, Hennessey
1(. F. Hoffman, Cashion
W. W. Rilev, Kingfisher
C. M. Wilson, Kingfisher
H. E Fetters, Omega
1!, M'. Rnlstin, Hennessey
E. 11. Lee, Dover
\Y. E. Winters, Hennessey
It. J. Eightle. Hennessey
1 J. Kunt/, Kingfisher
Everett Best, Hennessey
II. Vost, Kingfisher
F. C. Seal, Crescent.
lieorge Osborne, Hennessey
C. E. ('allison, Kingfisher
Mack Edwards, Kingfisher
Leslie (luinn, Hennessey
T. J. O'Neil, Kingfisher
T. E Brown, Kingfisher
lieorge Pedigo, Kingfisher
T. J. Keele, Dover
T. R. Shoemaker. Kingfisher
C. E. Robinson. Kingfisher
Henrv Bilger, Kingfisher
Wilbur Phillips, Okeene
V. (May, Kingfisher
I). I, Burnett. Okarche
Ti. W. Oilbrenth, Cashion %
.1- II. Varbroiigli, Kingfisher
,L R. Brown, Kingfisher
.1. (lillis. Kingfisher
K. II OpenhotV. Omega
II. S. Taylor. Dover
Rov Lewis. Kingfisher
Flovil M. Eyncli, Okarche
J. II. Meier. Hitchcock
Peter E Townsend, Hennessey
Edw. E. Patterson. Kingfisher
Win Da.ll Mill*. Kingfisher
(llenn R. (itiinn. Hennessey
W. Witiirow, Cashion
Paul J. Allison. Hennessey
Fred Shearer, Kingfisher
Fled I., llerscher, Hennessey
Jesse E. Wan/.er, Kingfisher
Thos. W. Willey, Kingfisher
C. W. Martin, Reeding
Earl Britt. Reeding
H. T. Pooler, Hennessey
T W. (roegon, Kingfisher
p; R. Clements, Hennessey
I.. Glenn Hardy, Kingfisher
They Are Not
1305 W. Snethan, Kingfisher
341 Thos. N. Drllbridge, Loekridge
1007 Earl Haunau, Kingfisher
391 A. Docld, Crescent
1366 Thos. P. Holmes, Hennessey
183 A. E Hart, Cashion
970 Ansoi Meaux, Hennessey
637 c. B. Gilbert, Hennessey
.160 Clyde, Cashion
1217 Floyd I.. GiUilan, Kingfisher
571 K, c. Kartell Hennessey
iss | s Bamberg, Kingfisher
701 W. R. Racklev, Hennessey
72 Otto Zababalt, Kingfisher
358 Ernest Hopkins, Cashion
112 II B. Stinson, Dover
1067 J. 1.. Stringer, Reeding
12S A. M. Gray, Dover
679 II. T. Grace, Hennessey
H05 J. R. Sturgeon. Kingfisher
11 W C. Hollowuy, Omega
900 John S. Orr. Kingfisher
363 M. liOrenz, Cashion
12S7 John E. Young, Clinton, Mo.
1142 G. I,. Wood, Omega
6 A. I). Dickey, Omega
S27 Willis C. Sullivan, Cashion
id| Louis Balkenbusch, Hennessey
93 Theo. 11 Iven, Hennessey
114S Indian
957 O. (i. Holding, Hennessey
1112 Plovd Morgan, Kingfisher
..45 Edgar, Reeding
1355 E. /. Baldwin. Hennessey
103 Eugene Martin. Hennessey
1221 Ben Greving, Okarche
I1(i2 C. C. Broom. Omega
556 S. McClintock, Kingfisher
154 Roy P Templin, Dover
1281 R. E. Secse, Kiel
.11 (,'. A. Sehilde, Dover
'17 Jerry L. Yergler. Hennessey
1057 G. W. Leightou, Reeding
1073 A. M. Thorpe, Okarche
1256 J. Ehrlick, Hitchcock
:i0 C E. Wildman, Oniei'a
199 Jesse C. Bonar. Lovell
38S I.. I>. Cains. Kingfisher
1423 1''. J. Lee. Hennessey
77:'. G id icon Fuller, Kingfisher
60S Charley Robbs, Hennessey
406 L. I'. Ingersoll, Dover
519 J. E. Riley. Reeding
25 B G. Townsend, Okarche
.".02 Alva l>odd, Crescent
sMi A. II. Lindsey, Kinafisher
3S3 G. ('. Witiirow, Cashion
1116 J. H. Grabow. Omega Joe Hoiiska, Hennessey
S56 O. II. Hcwartz, Kingfisher
705 R. K Starkev, Hennessey
1346 IT. T. Thomas. Hennessey
576 Joseph Butler, Hennessey
944 L. B. fiorniaii. Reeding
122 John V Coleman, Dover
642 I. P. Nicholson. Hennessey
939 I). A. Butler, Hennessey
222 F E. Oltmanns, Crescent
006 C. C. Smith, Kingfisher
1337 Guv R. Lane, Lovell
70n Jay T. Morgan, Hei nessey
1250 G. E. Cannon, Okeene
We have purchased the Royal Bak
iv from Air. Roten and will conduct
n sanitary, up-to-date shop. We
pecinlly cater to orders for cakes and
pies, buns or special orders tor any
thing in the bakery line. A share of
vour patronage is solicited.
H. t>. BT'SBY, Prop
A,IV person having in their posses- I am going to make hog shipment
sion anv county road machinery will nu Saturday, August Dh. tt von
report same to'the Countv Clerk. (have any hogs that you wish to mar-
WM. G. NEWER, ket. phoue me at ISO, Hennessey
County Clerk. 1 GEORGE I.. 1- '
4t 10
Men's Summer Clothes
at Ehler's for the
Next 10 Days
Palm Beach, K.00I Cloth
and Mohairs
at prices less than wholesale cost now.
And just when you need them to wear.
But they are going fast be- |
cause of their nifty cut and
excellent fitting qualities.
Now is the opportune time
to pick
Your Fall Suit
Our line contains several hun-
dred Suits, made of the newest and best
fabrics cut in young men's models, with belt,
fancy slash pockets. Price? Not so much |
as you would think after seeing our line. |
Only $20.00 Us
and they look like $35.00. Come in tomor- ffl
55 row and make your selection. SS
II i8oo«
Autos Collide Southwest of Town
Gus Haulier anil J. W. Pulliant met
head 011 at the corner of the Stinson
farm, southwest of town. Friday even-
ing. with disastrous results to the new 1
Overland which Mr. Pulliam wan
bringing up from Oklahoma City. The
Dauner car, a heavy Buick six. carry ]
in" seven passengers, struck the rad-
iator of the Overland at an angle as
Mr Haulier fried to sheer
molishing it and the left fender and
shattered the front wheel on the |
same side. The casing and tube
th*' front, wheel of the Buick
torn up and the front axle bent. No |
one was injured. The accident result-
ed just between daylight and dark.
Poultry Meeting Friday, August 10th |
at City Hall
A meeting of those interested in
poultry will be held in the city hall i
iu Hennessev, on Eriday afternoon,
August 10th', at 2:30, for the purpose
of organizing a poultry association.
Anv one interested is eligible to mem-
bership. A number of poultry raisers are
expected to be present from the sooth |
end of the county.
Marion McGee Buys Nash Farm
John Nash left Wednesday for <
high, Okla., where he will look after
his farm iu Coal county. Mr. Nash has
disposed of his farm northwest of
Hennessey, on Turkey creek, Majion
McGee being the purchaser. Tim eon
sideration is given as *12,000. Mr.
Nash harvested *3,300 worth of wheat
011 the place this year.
Robinson- Paulsen
Miss Cvnthia Marsh Robinson and ;
Mr John R. Paulsen, popular young
people of Harmony the neighborhood, j
southwest of Hennessey, were united
in marriage Wednesday afternoon,
August 1st, at four o-clock The cer
emonv was performed by Rev. T. 1.
Haskins, at his home, and witnessed
by Miss Gladys ('boat and Mr. Ern-
est Paulsen
Mr. and Mrs. Paulsen will reside
a farm several miles southwest of |
Hennessey., where they will be at
home to their many friends at an ear
ly date.
Methodist Episcopal Church
The seventh and eighth sermons on
Elijah will come Sunday. The mom
ing subject will be "A Short Prayer
Quickly Answered." In the evening,
"Seven Looks Toward the Sea." If
the weather continues hot, we will
hold the evening service out of doors.
We invite everybody to come and get
all the good out of the service they |
' ' ..Ijpililfll "
. $5.50
This means 'any Summer Suit is our
stock, consisting of the very latest styles.
BACKS, Form Fitting Model and the
Conservative Model. Also the very
latest patterns. Every one guaranteed
to wash and look right afterwards.
Don't fail to see these before buying.
Panamas and Straw Hats
$(>.00 Genuine Panama, all styles, at
5.00 Genuine Panama, all styles, at
4.00 Genuine Panama, all styles, at
3.50 Genuine Panama, all styles, at
2.50 Straw Hats, all styles
1.50 Straw Hats, all styles
These Hats are all this summer's styles and are ex-
traordinary values.
All the new Dress Shirts all the time.
New Neckwear every week.
So come any time, but come.
The Store Where Quality and Price Are Both Right.

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