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mwi jwwui*1
Rosa Uatev, widow's pension, *'.00.
Mnrv Mimtulkn. widow's pension,
Free Street Fair
and Carnival
Hennessey, Oklahoma
I Mr. and Mii. A. 0. Itlaok audi
j «tnu)urht«*r and non. Miss Hazel +-n(l Master Lawrence, left Moii- j y
day morning for Carthage, Mo., *7.00.
motoring through in their llml-, .5(,(jl-J!ie Joim'
sou auto. They will visit with. . .j',"
.Mi*. Mack s sister, at Carthage. ■ j
If you are needing a farm Coun Fund
Meredith, widow'
r, widow'!
laims audited and
Tuesday, June 19—23
8—Big Shows—8
$5,000 Merry-Go-Round—A Giant Ferris Wheel
Ministrel Show—18 Good Entertainers.
SPIDORO—20th Century Illusion—Spider|"„
Head, Human Body.
Human Roulette Wheel—You don't have to
ride, but you have to laugh.
And Several Other Attractions.
loan see John Duffy. Can
furnish money as soon as title
is ready. Best rates.
FOR JUNE, 1917
The Hoard of County Commissioners
! met this 4{h da>' of May, 1917, in
; regular session; present, C. Wil-
son, Chairman; George Foster, Chas.
i Waters and Win. C< Newer, County
' CJerk.
1 The follow ing ofticers' reports ap-
I proved:
I Win. <J. Newer, county clerk,
fees collected, $525.80.
! Ous Dzur, HUpt. Greenwood Home,
| George I! Laing, court clerk,
J. A. Holmes, .7. P., Dovej justice
Sarah Linton, county superintendent.
I George F. Long, sheriff, $100.67.
! George H Laing, court clerk,
The following claims audited and
Poor and Insane Fund
Gibson & Paradis, groceries to poor.
Mary Ohering. care Fannie Living-
ston, $1.00.
Jim Dzur, extra labor at Greenwood,
C. P.. Harris, groceries to poor,
$ 1.50.
States & Fisher, groceries to poor,
$6. 10.
Mniv K. Williamson, properies and
merchandise. $".00.
Gilchrist & Sherwood, groceries to
Mrs. Humphrey, $20.00.
R. Pappe, Tr.. groceries fO poor,
Gus Dzur. salary. superintendent
reeuwood Home. $.">0.00.
Slevin Grocery Co., groceries to Mrs.
Fowler, $5.00.
George Ream, groceries to poor,
Economy Grocery, groceries to poor.
J. A. Best, coal to poor, $7.70.
Wm. H. Price, digging grave for
pauper. $10.00.
J. K. Gilbert, groceries to poor,
Mary H. Porter, chjc of Rosa Wei-
burn, $S.00.
George if . Laing, salary, court clerk,
$141. 66.
Inez L. Fisk. salarv, deputy court
clerk, $75.00.
R F. Shutler, salarv. county judge,
Robert Porter. salary, janitor,
.J. A. Holmes, 50 per cent, justice
fee*, $1.00; .50.
The following claims audited and
Salary Fund
Harali Liston, salary for May, 1917,
$110. 60.
W A. McCartney, salary, county
attorney, for May, $158.33.
Marie Vohs, salary lor May, $25.00.
Minnie Ogden, deputy county clerk,
$9. 26.
J. 0. Scheirmann, 60 per cent
criminal fees, $5.35.
Wm. G. Newer, salary, county
clerk, $141.66.
J. A. Overstreet, services board
of health, $26.12.
John Dun, salary, deputy assessor.
C. R Steele, salary, county sur
vevor, $20.00.
R. A. Frakes, deputy county clerk,
Jay Smith, salary, undersheriff,
George F. Long, salarv, sheriff,
George Cnllison, salary , jailor,
■T. R Chamberlin. salarv, secretary
election board, $6.2".
Carrie Kellev, salarv. deputy coun-
ty clerk, *60.00.
Obas. Waters, salarv and mileage,
C. M Wilson. Miliary and mileage,
W. H. Meade, salary, county as
scssor, $141.66.
Clara (."allison, salary, deputy asses-
sor. $60.00.
C. K. Moore, salary, deputy treas
urer, $75.00.
W. C. Brown, salary*, county treas
urer, $141.60.
Geo. I>. Foster, salary, county com-
missioner, $41.66.
The following claims audited ami
Separate School Fund
J-osiah Gooden, gin.1/. for Separate
school, .60.
Cora Spener, transporting children,
FREE Band Concert
Each Evening and Night
Daisy Smith, card of I- H. Heider- *12.00 elaimod; allowed, *6.30.
son. $i0.00. ; !>• Mauk,«-s for scparte
The following claims audited and school, $6.00
I allowed:
Contingent Fund
I Ed Ingram, publishing proceedings
and notices, $16.60.
Sarah Liston, examination fee and
visiting schools, $32.00.
I J. M Harrison, coyote bounty,
*4. 0.
j John Watts, coyote bounty, $1.00.
! W. C. Brown, stamps, $6.00.
: ^ " • • — ' V. R. Lawrance, coyote bounty, $2.
Many Small Losses Reported As blown down and barn unroofed. Still Plenty of Time to Plant j: iTartzA'l' !'oy !>',.> 'bounty .ft !"'''
a Result of Storm Thursday Hollenheek, barn and small Cotton r. f. McDa niel, supplies and repairs
Partial List j outbuildings damaged. Hie iii^.h winds of the past t'cu jail, $15.75.
Oorge Yeoman, silo damaged. ; w<-« k lias blown out and covered Claude BoU.Mitu.-h. coyote bounty.
Property loss ,-ih a result of| K,c| Will, silo blown down i up hundreds of acres of cotton. ,, v[ , n 0„
las! I hursda.v s storm, will ag- ,||1(1 ,Min) imll> damaged. This is true, not only around !..' A tVyo^^ bountj*, «.ao.
t; 11 • n 111 • • many thousand dollars, Thomas Will, barn damaged. Dover, hut in other localities! Frank Garten, . oyote bounty $1.00.
aeoonling to insunuie. men, who w (.• | {, r!sh)><>t-.>-.-r- burn uti | niw the cotton growing district. | F"rri n«Oront„ <trniwi«e, county «up- t
Were kept busy for sev.-ral days ,.<)oM " The surplus cotton left over from 11,1*s ;°-
recording claims of policy-hold-! , It. Curry baru damaged. ; the last crop is not large, and |
Martha Menlield, transporting chil
dren, $5.25.
J. A. Holmes, insurance, Dover,
Bettie Robinson, transporting chil
dren, $4.75.
S. B. Cornelius, transporting chil-
dren, $9.75.
Daniel Wilson, transporting children,
] $5.00 claimed, allowed, $4.50.
.). Collins, it,surence premi.uns, l $.'0|) M' '>roke, transporting child,on,
I. 8. Nicholson, transporting chil-
dren, $s.oo.
F. A. Dinkier, supplies, $6.20.
M. J. Johnson, expense graduating
class, $22.60.
L. M. Hannons. transporting chil
drei, claimed, $10.00; allowed, $2.50.
Nelson Rice, transporting children,
Frank Hinton, repairing Separate
school, $1.00.
.nag Bell Lumber Co. lumber for
Separate School, .50.
for exHm.iiHt.on, Tel. Co.,
<M'V George .Marion barn moved off! growing conditions have not
I he following damage is re- f0„mlati0n good. The demand for cot-
ported, in addition to that nited j illoj- barn damag il. ton will be greater than the sup-
I) 1'. Hopkins southeast of I plv, and cotton Ls now selling at
town, suffered snuill property | twenty live cents a pound, and
loss i it is sure to stay high.
II. (' Fosters bam blown! With the bright prospect for
down. j the cotton farmer in the shape of
Mrs. \l I. liightle. roof of the j the highest prices ever known
barn blown oft 1 for cotton, we urge you to yet
Iv O. Wilson, hay rack wreck-j plant. There is plenty of time
ed. i this month to plant cotton, and
•lr,e ,\li sis. northeast of lien , m\ one w ithout seed, need not
nesst \, in Skeleton township, lo without, as we will furnish
residence off foundation. | vou seed on any terms you may
Lena St reck, barn moved on I desire. We can supply all who
foundation and otherwise dam-! need seed. It you have no money
proper! \ in the west part °'!age(l. j with which to buy it, you will be
Frank Shiinaiiek. barn moved | supplied anyway. ('ome and see
ibout (i\. feet ol'l' stone base-|ns. or writ.- «r phone
Dover, Okla.
(lb-nil Lillibridge. Manager.
last week Man* other losses i
resulted, but a oniplete list could i
not be secured.
The plate glass window in the;
Roberts groery was blo^vti in by
the foi-ee of the wind, and many!
other pane.s shattered, a barn 011
Mi's. A lirown s property ill the.
southwest part of town, was lev-
eled and the barn on Mrs. T. M.
Seotts property, in the northeast j
part of town, w as moved from j
foundation and unroofed. A|
small barn on the I A Packard
west part of J
town, was also wrecked.
•lames Pollard, barn damaged.1
I .1 Drown machine ,shed! ,nont wnlt
bloyi, ti lo,nidation ' (l|lie Goodnight, northeast of
frank \ averka barn wrecked.. toU[1 ,,(||.n blow|1 r(Mm(tl,tion
A. IV Ku^o, court reporter, mileage, i 1 lU.* * I
1 : The following
Chnrlie [.nmbott, i-ovote bou.itvi ■
Wm. O. Newer, stmnps, $1^.74.
Kingfisher Tel. Co., phone service
for May, 1017. f 2.30.
Geo .K. Moore. days examininp
hoard, <>15.00.
Geo. It. .JenneM. jiainting signs,
$3 ,*.0.
1 . 11. Otto, coyote bounty, $3.00.
Floyd Nelson, i-ovote bounty, $3.00.
Roy Butler, coyote bounty, 50r-t-.
Herman Itedington, repairing fence
lit bridge, $5.00.
Oeor^e F. I.on^, contingent and
expense, $60.50
telephone ser
laims audited and
Road and Bridge Fund
. M. Wilson, It. 5. B. work and
freight, $3(5.97.
Oeorge Foster, ft. & B. work for
May, $ 1L'. 00.
(.'has. Waters, ft. & B. work for
May. $12.00.
K. Klder, balance due on contracts,
Canton Bridge Co., 50 per cent
contract. Kirsch bridge, $1312.50.
R. C. Craven, repairs county line
bridge. $9.10.
Josiah Gooden. supplies for bridges,
Mrs l'ownell, southwest of
town, machine shed blown down.
.1 W Paris, barn and eomcrib
Kd. Derritt. house blown
■I. P Felder. two miles east of
town had barn blown down and
I. M. liiebenkneight. silo
liimncv ! ;uu| (.(.sidenee damaged by wind
and water.
D. \1. Gray, barn off founda-
tion. roof blown off, windows
of dwelling blown out and wind
N* I. Drown, granary daiuag
ed also minor property loss.
■I. II Hawk, small jiropertj
Velieeut Drapala, small prop-
erty damage
I!. F. Cook's new barn was
..I mill wi'i
Charles Sockler,, assn't of .1. B. j Louis Iloltniier, wpairing bridges,
Jenness claim. $1.50. $25.75.
Gnoi-R,' H. Laing, money advanced I .Josiah Gooden, supplies for bridges,
for stamps. $5.00. $31.70.
•I. A. Oversteet, service insanity It. F. DeGroat. repairs and freight
board. $s 00. ' | $15.9.3.
The following . laims audited and I The following claims audited anil
allowed: Hllowed for salarv:
FOl'.NI) li>17 auto license
rag No. lir.G'J. Call at Clipper of-
The wheat harvest in now on
in full blast and the yield, it is
said, promises to exceed expect-
II II. Rhodes came up from
Oklahoma City Saturday night
and spent Sunday in Hennessey
witb homefolks.
(' D. Drown will go to King-
The World's greatest speitaele. Cost tlier to th
half million dollars to produce. Kight
big reels. Prices, Matinee 10c and 20c,
lit, 25c. This is a production for
which much more lias been paid else new tour-passenger
-ivliere. Don't forget the date! <"oiue! auto.
shifted on its foundations by the fisher this cven'ng to remain for
fori , of the wind. The large the thrashing season. He has ae-
bani on the John Taggart farm, ceptcd a position as engineer on
nearby showed evidence of a the Fran/, threshing crew.
twister It completely wreck ('„| \i ,\1 McVieker, of Wu-
ei' kom's. and Mr. J. It. Stevens, one
I. L. Smith, across the county of that city's prosperous mer-
linc northeast of town, sustained chants, visited briefly in Ilen-
a ganary loss. George Doos also nessey Tussday. They made the
sustained property loss us h re trip in the colonel's b'g auto.
suit of the wind. ,\|Hnd Mrs. Clarence Bird,
.1 K. Myers sustained a wheat Mis. M. K. lirown ami Mrs. Lute
loss of about 20 per cent from Vau^lum motori'il over to near
hail. There were doubtless other i.nwll, Sunday, where Mr. and
losses from the same eause I'm Mrs. lind spent tin* day with
northeast. the hitter's parents, Air. and
(Clippar) Mis.. Or6M| and Mm. Vaughm
Joe \'aujzhan has purchased a and Mrs. Jlrown visited at the
('hevrolet home of the Latter's daughter,
Mrs Alellie Barnes, near Lovell.
Supply Fund
Mid Continent Carbon Co., pens and
pencils, $10.00.
Ed. Ingram, supplies, $50.00.
New*-Dispateh Prtg A: Audit Co..
records, $23.31.
Trave Tr;unmell, blanks for treas
urer, $20.60.
Cooperative Bub. Co.. records,
Columbia Carbou i Ribbon Co.,
ribbons, $7.50.
The following claims audited and
County Sinking Fund
H. C. Sutton, refund of taxes.
I'Mwin Clark, refund of taxes, $4.6.".
W. (r. Tucker, refund of taxes, .71.
The following claims au«fited and
Widows' and Orphans Fund
Barbara Walt
Laura Hewlett, widow's p
Mary L. Freelaud, widow's
siou, $lii.00.
Kthel Hardesty, widow's p
M L. Goodpasture, widow's
nion. $12.00.
Josie Ludwig, widow's pi
Hattie Franz, widow's p<
$ 1 . 00.
Eliza English, widow's pi
N'ani-v L. Rasp, widow's p<
Annie Wells, widow's p«
Ethel Priekett, widow's p<
Separate School Fund
L«h' Patterson, janitor, 2 months,
II. F. Hollowav, teaching 9th month
Louisa Bolen, janitor, $7.00.
• V. King, salarv, dist. . j 1,
Wm. Holder, janitor, 9th, $30.00.
F. F. Bailey, teaching 8th month,
Alberta Douglas, teaching 8th mo..
$tm . 00.
Lizzie Luckctt, teaching Sth mo..
E. II. Hall, teaching 0th month.
Faith Morris, teaching, $45,00.
Pearl Shaw, teaching dist. 10,
II. E. Derritt, dist. 67, $50.00.
Alfa Hutchison, teaching 9th mo.,
Elmer Gilbert, dragging state roads.
S. F. Young, hauling straw, $3.00.
U. C. Beadle, dragging road«,
John Ricks, -fragging roads, $14.00.
Wm. Korgan, dragging roads, $7.00.
M. R. Beadle, dragging roads,
James He lb). dragging roads.
$9. HO.
Wm. Blankenship, dragging roads,
W. I) Pain, dragging roads, $7.70.
Resignation of <'. L. Leightner.
treasurer of Reserve Township, ap
Dragging contract of Elmer Gilbert
Order No. 292. The county treas-
urer is hereby ordered to issue cer-
tificate of error to Joseph Bregenzcr,
year, 1916, Hennessey City, $3000.
Double assessment of property.
Order No. 293. The county clerk is
hereby ordered tn issue certificate of
error on East 5 ft., lot 2, block 19,
Cashion, value, $21.00; double assess-
ment .
Order No. 294. The county clerk
is hereby ordered to issue certificate
of error on NW 1 I of NE 1 4 29-18-7.
Value, $1,000. Indian land; not assess
Upon petition. John Roseboom is
hereby apppinted as treasurer in and
for Reserve Township, to fill out the
unexpired term.
Official bond of John Roseboom,
treasurer of Reserve Twnship, ap-
Order No. 295. The county clerk is
hereby ordered to issue certificate of
error for SW 1 4 25-16-6, $4,000.00,
and the assessor to reassess and di-
vide to proper partes.
Order No. 296. The county-clerk is
hereby ordered to issue certificate of
error on SE 14 1-15-7, $1527.00. Er-
ror of assessor in transferring.
Order No. 297. The county clerk is
hereby ordered to issue certificate of
error on 8 1-2 of NW 7-4 and lots 3
and 4. 2-1S-5, valuation. $1340.00. Er
ror of assessor in transferring to the
The Board, finding from the report
of the Drainage Commissioners that
the Borelli Drainage district is neces-
sary for both agricultural purposes
and sanitary reasons, the district
judge is hereby requested to appoint
the viewers as prescribed by law.
The Board hereby orders the sheriff
to arrest all persons who are delin-
quent in the payment of auto license
foes, and the county clerk is hereby
ordered to have such notice published.
On motion of Mr. Foster, seconded
by Mr. Waters that the county appro
priate $780.00 for farm demonstrators
salary, all commissioners voting aye,
except C. M. Wilson.
Report of committee who inspected
Greenwood Home approved and order
ed filed with the County Clerk.
Contract for care of Potters Field
extended for term of one year.
Board adjourned until Thursday,
June 7th, 1917.
Board met pursuant to adjourn-
ment this Thursday, dune 7th, 1917,
at 1 p. m., with all members present.
The following resolution passed by
unanimous vote of the Board and the
county clerk ordered to tranmsit a
copy to the Commissioner of High-
WHEREAS, According to the re-
quirements of House Bill No. 620, of
the Sixth Legislature, an approprin
tion of one million dollars or any
available part thereof was made by
the State of Oklahoma to aid the sev-
eral counties of the State in the
building of State Roads and bridges
and culverts thereon, and
WHEREAS. In order to participate
in the benefits derived from the ex
penditures of such fund, it is required
that each county shall make a formal
application to the State Department
of Highways, agreeing to the terms
and provisions of such act;
NOW, Therefore, be it received by
the Board of Commissioners of King
fisher County, State of Oklahma, thnt
the Commissioner of Highways be and
he hereby is requested to file this as
the application of such Fund for par
ticipation in such fund for aiding in
road construction, and that this coun-
ty agrees to the provisions of the said
bill; an I agrees to be bound t y such
rules and regulations for the adminis
tering of such fund as may be pre-
pared bv the said Department of
Highways, and agrees to pay all
claims of sue.Ji Department of High-
ways on or before the 10th day
of ench month, provided that in no
case shall such expense exceed three
(3) per cent of the funds available
in pursuance of the provisions of the
Act; and that this County will pro-
vide the funds required to be provid
ed by it to comply with the terms of
the Act. making provision for same in
the County Road Construction fund
of such County.
Minutes read
Board adjourned.
and approved and
. M.
pension. ■ * ^-v *50.
Ada Burnett
teaching 9th mo.,
City, $60.00
h. H. Hall, teaching 9th mo., dist.
16, $*5.00.
M. J. Johnson, teaching 9th mo.,
Kingfisher, $85.00
The following claims audited and
County Maintenance Fund
Frank Homier, dragging roads.
L ('addis, dragging roads, $11.50,
Ed. Wells, maintaining roads,
$87.00. •
Cli ich Kuntz, dragging roads. $3.85.
Roy C. White, labor, maintaining
roads, $7.50.
C. D. St in son, labor, maintaining
roads, $1.50.
Jim Biehler, dragging state roads,
Countv Clerk.
State of Oklahoma, County of King-
fisher, ss. - County Court.
Notice is hereby given that on the
9th day of May, A. 1). 1917, Mattie
R. Ross filed in the County Court of
the County of' Kingfiher and State of
Oklahoma, a petition praying for Let
ters of Administration to be issued
I to Emanuel V. Ross upon th ©estate
j of Joseph Robb, deceased, late of the
'County of Kingfisher and State of
Oklahoma .
| And pursuant to an order of said
j County Court. Thursday, the 31st day
! of May. A. D. 19!7, at the hour of
;2 o'clock p. m., of saiil day, that be
ling a day of the regular April Term,
| A. D 1917. of said County Court, has «
been appointed as the time for hear
■ ing said application, when and where
| any person interested may contest
I said petition by filing written opposi
tion thereto on the ground of inconi
potency of the applicant, or may as
sert his own rights to the ndministra
tion and prav that letters be issued to
Witness, Robert F. Shutler. Judge
of the County Court of the County of
Kingfisher and the seal of the Co\irt
affixed, the 9th dav of Mav. A. TV
1917 R F\ SUBTLER.
(S«al County Judge.

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