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• .py
The Hennessey Clipper
r January 15, 1914
• Entered at the Postoffice at Hennetscv
' Oklahoma, as Second Clans Mail Matter >
i Subscription I'rice $1.00 a Year in A.I- (
' Vance; 8 Months, 50c; .1 Months 25c (
No. i{2
Build Up Your
rHE man who opens an ac-
count at the bank is making
the best possible start to-
ward building up his credit.
The fact that he pays his
bills by giving a check on
the bank adds to his stand-
ing with the business men;
he also avoids error in mak-
ing change and trouble over
disputed payments.
'>ul- facilities for handling
your accounts are good, and
we would be pleased to have
you open one with us.
John Smith, President.
H. H. Rhodes, Cashier.
t Taxpayers Must Now Go to the
Assessor to List Their
The following changes in thrjg
method of making the assess- ~
incut ' is printed herewith for
| tlie benefit of those who may not
he familiar with the new law:
f >
State School Money Apportion-
ment to Take Place Soon.
The .January distribution of
the state school moneys will be
made Jan. 15th. The largest
semi-annual apportionment that
has heretofore been made was
in .January. 1914,when each child
received $1.25 from the state
funds. Supt. R. 11. Wilson an-
nounces that the per capita fund
this January will be in excess of
that made in January, 1914, al-
though the scholastic population
ot the .state has increased from j
•j.>i,004, in 1914; to 587.134 in
1916; a gain of 30,130; hence the j
coming apportionment will be j
! the largest ever made in the liis-
I tory of the state. Immediately
I after the apportionment has
I been made, the state supwinteiid-
j cut will notify the county supei-
| intendent, county clerk and trcas-
I urer of each county of amount
apportioned and these officers
will distribute the money anions
all the school districts of the
respective counties.
School Land Lessees Meeting-
All lessees are requested to
meet at Court House in King-
fisher at 1 p. m.. Jan. 29. Impor-
tant business. A LESSEE
Means Saving a PORTION of
What You Earn
Small deposits always acceptable. Don't be afraid
that because you haven't a large amount to cle-
posit with us, that you will not receive courteous
treatment; we take especial interest in the small
depositor and fully realize that he soon becomes
a large depositor.
The president of one of the largest shoe
houses in the world began by making small de-
posits each week from the salary he received
when working in a store.. . The man he worked
for liked his thrift and took him into partner-
ship... About forty years ago he had saved Ten
Thousand Dollars. Today he is worth nearly
Ten Million. Make your own moral. Make
OUR Bank YOUR Bank, and remember this—we
have the State of Oklahoma behind us, and
whether your deposit be large or small—
You Can't Lose
Hennessey State Bank
FRED EHLER, President M. A. MITCHELL. Cash/«r
GOLDEE SMITH, Asst. Cashier
L. Cloud, Indian Evan-
Rev. 11. L. Cloud. Indian evan-
gelist of the Oklahoma Metho-
dist Conference, will begin a re-
vival campaign at the .Methodist
church at Hennessey, Sunday
evening, Jan. 161 h. Rev. Cloud
lias held many sweeping revivals
in Oklahoma, and is a powerful
preacher. Everyone ts cordially
invited to help in the work, and
if you cannot be a worker, come
and be a listener.
Come with ns and we will do
you good. \\ e need you and you
need the messages.
Services begin at 7 ;■'!().
C II. ISARNES, Pastor.
— ("Clipper) —
New Measure Would Open to
Homestead Entry 330 000,
000 Acres of Govern-
ment Lands in West
The Ferris (>4()-acre homestead
bill was favorably reported from
the bouse public lands commit
tee, Monday. The vote was unan
imous. The enactment of this
measure is strongly recommend-
by the interior department
and is expected to become a, law
arlv this session.
The bill applies to 330,000,00
acres of public domain in the
seven public land states of the
•st. and would provide home
steads n mile square to thous-
ands of prospective eiit.rymen.
Development and settlement of
the west demands this increased
area in homesteads, since the 160
acre law is no longer applicable
to present conditions.
—(Clipper) —
Nurse in Germany Tells Her Ex
Miss Kathryn Rothschild, dau-
ghter ot a New York banker,
was in (Jerniany when the war
broke out. She volunteered as a
nurse and had a year of active
service.. She has written an ac-
count of her experience., and we
are printing it in this issue of the
Clipper, nn an inside page.
Coming Attractions
The following are the bookings
by Manager ('. J. Wogan, of the
City Opera House;
"The Frame-Up'' on Jan. 31.
"This is the Life" Feb. 9.
"Pair of Sixes," Feb. 12.
Case Was Dismissed.
The preliminary examination
of Elmer and Charles (filbert
was held at 1 he court house Mon-
day afternoon before Judge Hop-
kins. The (filberts were charged
with stealing a shed belonging
to .Mott Wilkinson, from an In-
dian lease. After hearing all the
evidence, the court dismissed the
case a gainst them. Free Press.
• - —(Clipper)
0. E. S. Entertain Guest
The El Reno Chapter 0. E. S.
had as a guest of honor Monday
evening, Mrs. Annette I!. Elder,
of Hennessey, who is grand ma-
tron ol the order in Oklahoma.
After the session closed the guest
and members enjoyed a social
hour, partaking of refreshments
and listening to toasts and re-
sponses, which were a special
feature of the evening. -El Reno
See. I. That section ti, chapter
1;>2, of the Session Laws, 1911.
be and is hereby amended to
read as follows:
Sec ti. The County Assessor
shall,( on the loth day of Januarv
'of ef.'li year, proceed to take a
list ol all taxable property in the
county and assess the value
thereof as of January 1st, in the
following manner, to-wit : I'.v
posting notices in three or more
conspicuous places in each city
or voting precinct at least ten
days prior to the date the asses-
sor will meet the taxpayers to
list fheir property, and said as
sessor shall remain at each city
or voting precinct one day for
each sixty voters, or major frac-
tion thereof in said city or vot
ing precinct and list same If
any taxpayer shall fail to meet
the assessor and list his property
on the elate advertised in his
voting precinct, he may meet
him in another township or vot-
ing precinct and list same. If
any taxpayer by reason of sick-
ness or other unavoidable cir-
cumstances. shall not be able to
meet the assessor on the date ad-
vertised, he may render a writ-
ten list of all his personal prop-
pertv, including a written des-
cription of his real estate, if any.
and shall subscribe and swear to
the oath required by each tax
payer as to its correctness. After
file Coounty Assessor shall have
visited each city or voting pre-
cincts in compliance with fore-
going provisions of this act. he |
shall 'yjive notice by publication I
in some newspaper of general I
circulation in the county, and |
il there is no newspaper publish- i
in said county,- then by post-!
notices in paoli volinjf pre-
cinct that hp will hp at his nfl'ipp
at the county seat for the next
twenty days lor the purpose of
assessing those who have not
assessed their property for ;he
current year At the expiration
of twenty elavs those who have
I ailed to assess their propertv
for the current year shall be
rleclarcd delinquents, and the
penalty of $1.00 for such failure
shall be added to his or her tax
anil entered on the tax books
and collected by the County
I reasurer, and when collected,
shall be paid to the deputy as-
sessor or his department, who
assessed said delinqeut property.
I rovided. that no assessor shall
be authorized to proceed by giv-
ing notice, as this section pro-
vides. until the Hoard of Countv
Commissioners of such county
have authorized such proceedure
h.\ resolution duly passed in reg-
ular or special session, and be
published at least once in sonic
newspaper of general circulation
the countv.
McAlester Lump $6.75 s
McAlester Nut $6.25
M'AI't'r Chestnut $5.00
We Give 2000 Pounds of Coal to the ®
Ton and Guarantee Satisfaction
Prompt Delivery
Star Mill & Elev. Co. I
Phone 19
the date
sped ivc
s set opposite each re
place, between the hours
of S;()() a. m. and .">;()() p. nr.. each
day tor the purpose of assessing
the personal property, taking a
legal description of all real pro-
perty and the agricultural sta
tistics of the county, as follows,
Altona. Januan 17 and 18, at
Woodmen Hall
Park Township, Jan. Ill and
20. at Alt. I'isga.
Omega 1 Township, Jan 21 and
21. at Woodmen llall.
Otter Township, Jan. 24 and
25, at Kiel.
River Township. Jan. 2fi and
27. at voting place.
Forest Township, l'rec. Xo. 2,
• Ian. 2s and 29, at school house
in district 112.
Reserve Township. Jan. 31 and
Feb. 1. at (Ircenwood Home.
Cooper Township, Feb. 2 and
3. at s-liool house in district 60.
Coronado Township, l'rec. No.
2, I'eli. 1 and ■ >. at school house
in district No. 30.
Coronado Township, l'rec. 1.
Feb. 7 ami 8, at voting place.
Forest Township, l'rec. No. 1
I' eb. !' and 10- at school linusi
in district 9.
Lacey Township, Feb. 11, I•
and 14. at Lacey.
11 [age
Alar. 24 and
- Real Estate
Alar. 2',
I 'ash ion
2*i. at I!.
Okarche Village,
2S. at Okarche.
Harrison Township. Mai
and 30, at school house i
triet 104,
Lynn Township, Alar. :i
April I, at voting place.
I Hennessey City- April 3
I ti. 7 and 8, at Hennessey.
| Kingfisher Township
1.11 and 12. at C. L.
I farm, one mile northw
Power House.
Kingfisher City. Alar
inclusive, at the court
All persons owning
property in said, voting precinct
or having the control or inanagc-
i nicut of personal property there-
in, are required to lisl the same
i with me during my slay in said
voting precincts. Those failing
lo list their property in accord-
ance with this notice, will lie
subject to penal v provided bv
I1"**. W. II. AIEADE.
Coi-uty Assessor.
Kingfisher (.'< .iiitv < Iklahonia.
(Hi| > *r>
Teachers Meeting.
| _ The third session of the King-
fishers feache::. Association
I will be held Saturday. Jan. 15
3, 4. 5,
April 10,
est of old
13 to 22,
Hennessey Township, Feb. 15, i in Dover. All teachers arc urg
Hi and 17. at voting place. j to he present. Patrons are
('enter Township, Feb. 18 and iconic. A. F. IflSHOI' i*>
19, at school house in district
at Dover
23 and 24.
To the
('on nt v :
I will
places ii
taxpayers of Kingfisher
be at the
Countv nn
No. 1,
Villa ge.
Cimarron Township No. 2,
Feb. 21 and 22, at Kill-son's
school house.
Sherman Township. Feb. 28
and 29, a1 school house in dis-
trict 18.
Skeleton Township, Alar. 1
and 2' at Sheridan.
Columbia Township, Alar. 3
and 4. at Columbia.
I'nion Township, Afar. Ii. 7
and 8, at Odd Fellows Hall.
Manner Township, Precinct 1,
Alar. 9 and 10, at voting place.
ExcelsiorTownslil'p.Alar. 13 and
14. at school house in district 66.
Kanner Township, Precinct 2,
Alar. 15, at White Cap school
Logan Township, Alar. 16 and
17, at Wandel.
(Irant Township- Alar. 20 and
21, Olive Hill school house, (list.
No. 73.
Downs Township, Mar. 22, at
Reeding; Alar. 23. at school
house in district No. 110.
New State
Meals 25c
Rooms 50c, 75c
Good Meals. Good, Sanitary
Beds Bath Toilet in House.
Everything Strictly First Class.
We solicit your patronage and
will extend most courteous
treatment and best servie'e.
G. Burkhardt, Prop.
Condensed Statement of
The Farmers & Merchants National Bank
Hennessey, Oklahoma
Pursuant to Call of Comptroller Currency, November 10, 1915.
Loans and discounts $134,391.34
Bonds and warrants . . 390 52
Overdrafts l.BBtW
Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 850.00
U. S. Bonds (at par) 25,000 00
Banking House 6,r,00.00
Other real estate owned 7]60tf.28
Five per cent redemption fund 1,250.00
Revenue and stamp account 35.00
Bills of Exchange S 35«!l0
BANKS 34.264.04
TotaI 7-mW.79T
T1|C above Statement is Correct, FLOYD E. FELT, Cashier
Capital stock $ 25,000.00
Surplus and undivided profits 6,129.17
Circulation 24,600.00
Re-Discounts with Federal Reserve 5,020.00
DEPOSITS .156.556.47
Total 1217,305.94
L. A. FERREL, President
I. J. CASHION, Vice President
FLOYD F,. FELT, Cashlor
CHAS II BTETLER, Ass't Cashier

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