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Made from cream
of tartar, derived
from grapes, the
most delicious and
wholesome of all
l'ruit acids.
Its superiority is unquestioned.
Jts fame world-wide.
Its use a pr otect ion and a guar-
antee against alum food.
If you wish to avoid n danger to your food
and decline to buy or use any baking pow-
der that is not plainly designated as a cream
of tartar powder.
! Have* you soon those now Easter
lints at Mrs. Jackson's.
,r ,.T „ i , i iu I Civile CJosney, of Enid, district dep-
Mrs. Walter Hough vm.tpl friends , • Knights anil I.a.lU-H of He-
,n Dover lues,lay. \,- rity, atteii.lo.l the here on
Everything for the horse at Monday evening.
Cooper's harness shop.
FOR SALE—IS head of good An-
gora goats. A. F. Witto, phone 2201.
White Opington eggs for sale at a
dollar a dozen. David Martin, Hen-
nessy, Ok la.
David Martin earned a free trip to
the Panama-Pacific Imposition by writ-
ing thirty members for the Knighs
and Ladies of Security.
Curt Dayhuff returned Thursday
from Oklahoma City, where he was
FOR SALE, 600 bushels
Will sell for cash or on
six months time.—LEE
M. GRAY, Hennessey.
Karl Dunlap was a Kingfisher visi-
tor visitor the lirst of the week.
The moderate prices of our now
spring millinery arc bound to make it
popular. Come and see for yourself.
Mrs. Minta Jackson.
Mrs. Frank Taggart and children re-
turned to their homo at Hillings, Okla.
Monday after spending a few days
here with Mr. and Mrs. .lay Morgan.
under treatment for rheumatism. He
is feeling much better.
11. S. Hazard, of Annette, Okla.,
spont Saturday hero with his sister,
Mrs. Warren Brumley.
1 FOR SALE—Hand-painted china. I
will also give lessons in china paint-
ing and will burn china already paint-
ed, in my kiln. Mrs. W. O. Arman-
t rout.
More Bargains
Every day finds some new bargain prices at our store and all
goods are being sold at reasonable prices. Come in, let us show
you our prices. It will cost you nothing. Will deliver orders
above $1.00.
Our Coffee Pleases
No matter how critical you
are about your coffee we can
please you. We carry all
kinds of coffee both in pack
age and in bulk and sell it at
12^c and up a pound. No
coffee that you can buy even
at twice the money will
please you better for it is
the coffee that takes that
bad taste out of your mouth
in the morning and helps
you to forget what you did
the night before.
20c Coffee, per pound
Beans, 5 pounds for
8 bars White Russian Soap for
Corn Flake, 4 packages for.
Corn Puffs, 4 packages for
. 25c
. 25c
.. 25c
$1.00 whips for.... 65c
50c whips for .. - -
25c whips for 18c
Dnnnoi'ii Tahiti Don't miss our Bargain Table.
Bargain I HUIt? It means a money saver if you
patronize it. On this table you will fine many useful articles
for the kitchen and home. Also good groceries.
Stock Medicine at Cost
To close out our stock medicines we will sell it at absolute cost
while it lasts. All kinds are included in this sale.
/-r We have the biggest stock of
uaruen i3c>fc?lJA garden seedsin Hennessey. Don't
forget this, and they are guaranteed to be fresh and pure.
fl-,., rnn/lc We have a few articles in the dry goods
Ury fJUUU9 ijne—Overalls, Shirts and a few Notions.
Remember we redeem all outstanding coupon tickets on the C. H-
Brewer grocery with silverware.
Bargain Store
/V. F. RAZOOK, Owner
Succsssor to C. H. Brewer Hennessey. Okla.
Mr. Farmer, h*v« you lniureit your
wlieut against HAIIii See J. A. telt
Realty t'o. about it.
The most varied and fascinating as
sembluge of Easter millinery is arriv-
ing at Mrs. Jackson's.
Mrs. Clara Schlager, of Hobart, Ok
lahoma, visited a few days last week
at the I. H. Thomas home. Mrs
Schlager is a niece of Mr. Thomas.
8 bars Laundry Soap 25c.
Pepin's Model Grocery.
FOR SALE—Pure cider vine
gur, 25c per gallon. Bruce Land-1
aker, phone 3706. 39tf [
FOR SALE—Eggs for getting. Kng
lish Bed Caps, R. 1. Reils. Cornish
(Same and Indian Runner Ducks See
Robert Farwell.
A package of dry goods found near
depot Saturday afternoon by Tom Da-
vis is awaiting owner at Clipper ot
flee. It
The New Do4go cars are now on ex-
hibition at Ed. Hockaday & Co's., al
so t e Chevrolet cars. See hem beloiv
buying that new auto. It
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stetler and
Mrs. Minta Jackson autoed to Wauko-
mis Sunday and spent the day at the
Robert Hrittain home. i
Harold Brox, little son of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Brox, southwest of town,
is spending the week in town with his
aunt, Mrs. 11. E. Dunlap.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Haines left Sun
day evening for Ft. Worth, Tex., in
response to notification of the serious
illness of the hitter's mother.
Early Rose Seed Potatoes,
$1.00 per bushel. Pepin's
Model Grocery.
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Dunlap and
little daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Otis
Crook autoed over from Fairmont and
spent Sunday at the Nan Dunlap home
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Godlove, who re-
cently purchased the R. Binding
idence on South Main street, moved in
their now home the first of the week.
Miss Hazel Chartier, of Sheridan,
left Saturday evening for Arnett, Ok
lahoma, where she expects to spend a
month with her grandmother anil
other relatives.
Cape Cod Cranberries, (i
quarts for 25c at Pepin's
Model Grocery.
The hat is the finishing touch to a
woman's toilet. At Mrs. Jackson's you
will find many different styles and col-
ors to select from. Buy your Easter
millinery early.
If you are needing a farm loan
see John Duffy. Can furnish
money as soon as itle is ready.
Best rates. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Brewer enter-
tained Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mauk, Mr.
and Mrs. Russell Frakes, Miss Birdie
McKeever and Miss Qilger, of Dover
at one o'clock dinner. An elegant two
course dinner was served.
l)r. and Mrs. C. O. Gose entertained
the members of the Cafeteria Club on
Monday night. A delicious seven
o'clock dinner was followed by the
club game, Some'R' Set, jdayeil at
throe tables. The evening was much
Sweet Potatoes seed just
from the seed house at Frakes'.
Partridge Plymouth Rock
eggs, meat eggs and fancy mark-
ings, all combined in one fowl.
Eggs from choice matings. I). G.
Dawson, Hennessey, Okla.
No. 10209
Report of the condition of
The Farmers and Merchants
National Bank
at Hennessey, in the State of Oklahoma, at
the close of business. March 4, 1U15
Loans and discounts tlfc7,434.84
Overdrafts.unsecured ♦ 175 29 175.29
13. S. bonds deposited lo
secure circulation(par
value) 85,000.00 25.000.00
Other bonds, securities,
etc.. owned unpledged
(other than stocks), in-
cluding premiums on
Subscription to stock of
Federal Reserve hank
.11,700 00
Less amount
unpaid 1,133.32 566.68
All other slocks including
premiums on same
Hanking house I5.000.UU:
furniture and
fixtures 1.500.00
Hher real estate owned
Due from federal reserve
Due from approved re-
serve agentsln central
reserve cities .
Due from approved re
serve agents In other
reserve cities
Due from banks and bank-
ers (other than includ-
edln 12 or 1 3)
Fractional currency, nic-
kels and cents 100.73
Checks on banks In the
same city or town as
reporting bank
Notes of other national
Revenue stamp account
Lawful money reserve in
Specie. 9,603.90
Redemption fund with U.
S. Treasurer (not
more than 5 per cent
on circulation
Cotton Account
Stylish, Serviceable
In these three most desirable features
Duchess Trousers are supreme.
Learn what real trousersatisfaction is.
Over two million men know from wear-
ing them, that Dutchess Trousers give
most for the money the best values,
the best styles, the best lit best from
every point of view. Even twice the
price cannot secure more.
The New Spring Styles
in Duchess Trousers are sure to satisfy
every man. From the serious minded
"heavy weight" who still sticks to the
conservative, to the dapper young
chap, always eager for the "latest
kinks." In cut. and finish for every
occasion we have exactly suitable new
Dutchess Trousers are sure to give you
the utmost comfort, style and service
for your money.
We can lit you perfectly and suit your
purse at the same time!
The famous Dutchess Money Warranty
speaks for itself.
10c a Button—$1.00 a Rip
Cashion & Dayhuff
Mr. Farmer, have you insured your
wheat against HAIL! See the .1 A.
Felt Realty Co. about it.
Walter Hough and A. L. (Jarten
wore appointed trustees and also mem-
bers of the audiing committee to till
the places of David Martin and I. N.
Chrisman, at the meeting of the
regular council of the Knights and
Ladies of Security last Monday even-
ing. Mr. Martin and Mr. Chrisman
but an
A man and wife called at my store and Mrs. Owens friends in this vi
about three weeks ago and bought a ity regret their moving so far
sack of sugar and three cans of corn,
but left the corn and two empty lard
cans. They have doubtless forgotten
about the articles and we take this
means of calling their attention. They
can get them at my store at any time.
\'. F. Ra/.ook.
R. II. Owens came down from Enid
Sunday and spent the day with rela-
tives. He was accompanied homo in
glad to learn of his promoti
2,782.70 2,782.70
49H 35 ,065.03
24.935 11 25,374.09
Star Mill & [levator Co.
Best Grade McAlester Lump Coal . $6.50 per ton
McAlester Fancy Washed Nut Coal $6.00
Wilburton McAlester Lump Coal . $5.50 " "
McAlester Washed Chestnut Coal $5.00 " "
Red Rust Proof Dats . . . 62c " bti
Iowa No. 2 Shelled Corn . . 82c " bu
Total 1228.738.83
Capital stock paid in • 25,ooo.oo
Surplus fund 8,500.00
Undivided protlts 13501.97 | 3,501.97
Less current expenses.
interest and taxes paid 2.1 49 79 1,352 18
Circulating notes 125,000.00 25,000.00
Due to banks and bankers
(other than Included
In 5 or 6) .. 2,565.39
Demand deposits:
Individual deposits sub-
ject to check 101,720.05
Certltlcatesof deposit
due In less than 30 .
days 15,000.00 116,720.05
Time deposits, •
Deposits subject to 30
or more days notice 55.600 61 55,600.61
Total 1228,738 23
State of Oklahoma, County of Kingfisher, hs
I, Floyd E. Felt, cashier of the above-named
bank. do solemnly swear that the above state-
ment Is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. FLOYD E. FELT, ( ashler.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th
day of March. 1915, JABEZ A. FELT.
[sbalI Notary Public.
My commission expires July 22,1918.
Mrs. Agnes Cronehmire, of Omaha,
Nel>r., in visiting her aunt, Mrs. .lolin
Cox and other relatives and friends.
Mrs. Cronehmire was formerly Miss
Agnus Plinleu, of Hennessey and iB a
welcome visitor to her numerous
friends here.
The B. Y. 1'. U. gave a social at the
home of Mr. and iMrs. 'I. T. Hilbish
Friday night. Games were played anil
the large crowd in attendance enjoyed
the evening to the full. Refreshments j
were served by Misses Mildred Rain- j
ey, Florence Rogers and Helen Myers, i
For Farm Loan see J. *V.
Felt Realty Co
J. W. House, of Texas City, who has
been visiting his daughter, Mrs. .loe
Choat and old friends in southwest of
town, left Monday for his home in
Texas City. Mr. House also visited
his old homestead southwest oi' town,
where ho made his home for 211 years
following the opening. He removed
to Texas City several years ago and
engaged in the general merchandise
business. His old friends will be glad
to h am that he is prospering.
WANTED-2000 pounds
of poultry at Frakes'.
Mrs. Arthur ('ashion and Mrs. Rus-
sell Frakes gave a seven o'clock din-
ner at the former's home Friday even-
ing, March 12th, it being the birthday
anniversary of both ladies. The home
was beautifully decorated with cut
flowers and an elegant two-course din-
ner was served. The hostesses were
the recipi nts of many beautiful gifts
The following guests were present:
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cashion, Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Mauk, Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Dunlap, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. LeMay,
Messrs. Aruthur Cashion and Misses
Rita Mauk and Marguerite Eleanor Le-
the evening by Mr. Owens and the
children, who have spent the past two
weeks at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. Brox, west of town and
with other relatives here. Mr. Owens
has been promoted to the position of
car foreman, with Joplin as his head-
quarters. He served as assistant car
foreman of the Frisco at Enid for two
years past and the promotion is the
reward of faithful service. Mr. Owens
i left Monday for .Joplin, Mo., to as
j sume his new duties. Mrs. Owens and
the children will follow later. Mr.
John Town, colored, aged 715 years,
died at his home six miles west ol'
Hennessey Tuesday pioming. The de
ceased had resided in his vicinity for
many years. He is survived by seven
children, five daughters and two sons.
The funeral was held Wednesday af-
ternoon, the remains being intered in
Mt. Zion cemetery.
—(C or)
First published in Clipper Mar. 11, 1915,2t
No. 1201
Publishers Report of the Condition id
The hennessey State Bank
of Hennessey, Oklnhomn. Mar. 4, 1915.
Loans anil Discounts
Overdrafts, secured and un-
Stock, Honds, Warrants, Etc.
Hanking House
Furniture and fixtures
Due from Hanks
Checks and other cash items
Cash in Hank
Capital Stock Paid In
Surplus fund
Undivided Profits, less ex-
ltenses and taxes paid
Due to Hanks
Individual dc|Misits subject to
Time certificates of deposits
Hills Payable .
8,384 48
K40 37
Total .... $150,45101
State of Oklahoma,County of Kingfisher, ss:
I. M. A Mitchell, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
alnive statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and lielief, so help me Cod
M. A. MITCHELL. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn lo before nietliis
10th day of March, 1915.
Seal GOLDEE SMI TH. Notary Public.
My commission expires July 8, 1918
FRED EHLER 1)irp,.„,rs
GEO. W. GRIM ( "lrp""rs
Let Us Do Your —
We have just installed an OXY-ACTELYNE
WELDING PLANT. Bring in your broken cast-
ings, or aluminum parts, or metal castings of
any kind. We can repair them and save you
We have also installed a transformer-recti-
fier for changing batteries. We are equipped
now for the work.
Repair work of any description executed
promptly — moderate prices.
Hennessey Auto Co.
East Oklahoma Avenue

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