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„ _ HOME-
Phone 108
Freshness and Quality. "Cut price*"
often make poor bargains!
For in t&nce, compare our fresh Keilogg'i Toasted Corn Flakes
with the "mail order" kind.
Kellogg's Toasted Wheat Biscuit-
a luxury at an economical price.
J&Ayse' today
New millinery shipments at|
Mrs. Jackson's
Nice, fresh Holland cabbage at
Myers' grocery store.
Post Card Photos, $1 a d< zen—
ArmantroutGround Iloor Studio
When in town see us about
buns for ttiat sale. Vaughn's
Bakery, Phone No. 7.
Mrs. H. Brewer and son, Mas
ter Lawrence, lias returned from
a few weeks visit with her par-
ents at Rogers, Ark.
New shipment this year's pack
white tish and mackerel in bulk
and pail, also spiced tish, at John
Myers' grocery store.
Rev. and Mrs, Wm. LeMay en
Myers $ Hinds
Produce to.
We buy Poultry, Butter, Eggs,
Hides and Furs—pay either
CASH or TRADE. We are
prepared to give trade prices.
We give orders on EllLER'S
STORE, the largest dry goods
store in town. Also give orders
011 four as good groeery stores
as these are in Hennessey
ivev. aim 1, , ...... v.. Postcard photos, *1 a dozor
tertaimd the latter's mother and| Armantrout (.round tloor Studio
sist« r, Mrs. Smith and Miss
FOR SALE -'Jyx horse power
Ertua Smith, of Garber, over, Gasolinf
Ridenhour ami
inid are
"ay lor home
A barrel of imported dill
pickles at the City Meat Market.
Everett Liston, of the King-
fisher Star, spent Sunday here
with friends.
Try our Cream Bread.
Vaughn's Bakery one door
North of Post Oftice.
Rummage Sale, Ojt , 18th, at
Jordan Hotel, South Main St.
Continues two weeks.
Ralph Miles, Kenneth Blakley
and William Schleuter, of King
fisher, visited here briefly, Sun-
day evening,
The DeLaval Cream Separa-
tors are the best. Why not buy
the best? See them on our
sample tloor at G. W. Woolsey's
H. C. Fitch visited briefly at
| Enid on Saturday.
I Buckwheat flour and self ra s-
i intr pancake flour at Shearer's
1 grocery.
Charles O'Connor, of Enid,
I visited old friends here Satur-
day and Sunday.
I Don't fail to visit the Rum-
I mage Sale and see the bargains.
New aprons for sale.
Joyous Sterns, of Kingfisher
college, visited here with Miss
| Mattie Carmer, between trains,
I Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. .). B Leiben
[ berger, of near Isabella, came
over Saturday and visited sev
eral days with the latter's
brother, Noble Gray, of the
Sanitary Clothing Co.
r, nearly
Sunday. I For particulars, apply at Clipper
Needles—aren't you out now. j office.
You always need needles. 1| ^
have all kinds—the good Kinds- daui,1Utl|. Nllss Mo, ,,f En
20c a dozen at E E. Far well's the. visitiMf, ttt Ull, Uiu. Taylor
singer salesman. Uiis W(,uk
Farmer: "Say Cap-You said superintendent of
you was going to control the pro 1 ,
duce market That being so you the Jun.or League ot the M I .
are to blame for the dechne in church paid ... $ 0 to Urn chu. c
prices".—advertisement benevolence 1 u nd last week f
1 ... ... x. jj . . the League. 1 Ins is doing well
Miss Alice Maddox returned L the Juniors.
Monday to Enid, where she is'
farm loans
Office Second door north of The Clipper Office
on North Main Streot
I can loan MORE MONEY on farms
than any one doing business in the
state and I defy competition on
terms and rates.
attending school, after an over
Sunday visit with her mother, j
Mrs. C C. Waggoner, northeast,
of town.
We carry a complete line of
Monarch Hosiery for men,
women and children—none
better—and our prices are just
below the poor quality kind.
Farmers' Union Store.
E. A Thorp: who farmed the
Perigo place the past season and
recently disposed of his person
al property at public sa'e, de-
parted Friday with his family
for Ft. Bid well, Cali.. where they
plan to make their home. They
have many fr'ends here who wish
them unmeasured prosperity in
their new location
New sweet potatoes—home
grown—at Myer's grocery.
Don't fail to visit the Hiim-
mage Sale and see the bargains
New aprons for sale.
Wm Davis, of the Star Mill,
attended "The Rosary" at
Kir g fisher Saturday night.
Messrs James Liddle, Jr., nnd
Everett Miller attended "The
Rosary," at Kingfisher Satur-
day night.
[f in need of dental work call
on Dr. A F Merrill, the dentist,
Breese Building. Every Tues
day at Dover.
Mrs. Finley Pain and Miss
Pearl Dunlap were Sunday
iruests of Mr. and Mrs. E. V.
Welch at Dover.
Messrs. Earl and Russel Dun-
lap, Finley Pain and Paul Black
hum motored to Enid Sunday
and spent a few hours.
Don't forget the date and
place—of what? The Rummage
!■ ale, first door south of Brewer's
i rocery Store. Opens October
If you want to know what a
dollar will buy, read theSanitary
Clothing Co. ad on first page of
this issue. Clothing, dry goods,
shoes and gi ocer< are cut to cost
and below. And this cutting is
no make believe. It is genuine.
Miss Ethel Johns returned
Sunday evening from a few days!
visit at the Mr. and Mrs Wm.
Fox home, several miles east of
town, where she was a guest of
Mrs. Harvey Westlake.
J. V. Burt, who disposed of a
half-section of land northeast of
town, a few years ago to engage
in the mercantile business at
Kremlin, was in town Friday
greeting old friends Mr. Burt
has disposed of his general mcr
chandise stock at Kremlin and is
taking a vacation.
We are making special
prices on cloaks, ladies' dress
skirts, tall waists. You can
save 25 per cent by dealing
with us. We don't have any
fancy prices. Farmers' Union
All kind of cakes, baked to
order at Vaughn's Bakery.
Stamp Photos, 10 for 25c-
Armantrout Ground iloor Studio
Cap: "Say, Men—I think Slim
is asleep this week, we can sure
catch him now."
Rummage Sale, Oct., 18tb, at
Jordan Hotel, South Main St.
Continues two weeks.
Miss Lizzie Johns came up
from Kingfisher and spent Sun
day with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. E Blake.
Car load of Idaho Potatoes.
See us for prices in large' lots.
Farmers' Union Store.
Miss Alberta Renshaw, of Ok-
lahoma City, arrived Thursday
for a brief visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. T Renshaw.
Don't forget the date and
place—of what? The Rummage
Sale, first door south of Brewer's
Grocery Store. Opens October
18 th
McAlester Coal
[« $7.00
al Lump
Phone 84
Phone 84
FOR RENT—Good 4 room
house. See Bud lingers.
Stamp Photo, Hi for —;>c—at
Aruutntroul Ground-floor Studio
Hyacinth, Tulips and Crocus
bulbs at \V. R. Shearer s gro-
cery store, ac each.
J. M. Baker, of the Sanitary
Clothing Co, was a business
visitor Tuesday in Enid.
WANTED Stock to pasture
on wheat, also have katir corn in I
bundles for sale. J, C. Fki.DF.R
Yiiu will find a nice line of
heat.• g and cook stoves and
j ranges at Woolsey s Hardware
! Store
Mrs Frank Estop, of Enid,
came down from Enid Monday
! and attended the funeral of
j Mrs flattie Nelson.
Miss Florence Rogers was a
guest :il the Cappenberg home
in Dover Sunday, returning
Sunday evening.
Doc Taylor and family spent
Sunday out on Route 4 with
Mrs. Taylor's parents, Mr. and
Mrs Robt. Crooks.
Ralph Scott, the young son of
Mrs Ella Scott, left Monday
evening for Houston, Texas,
where lie will join his father.
Mrs Doc Taylor retu.ied la«t
Friday from Columbus, Kans ,
where she had spent the week
at the bedside of a sick relative.
Big dance at Cly Beck's ti
miles south and l.J miles east ol
Hennessey, Friday night, Oct.
17 Everybody invited. Come.
Nice new Clean Buggies up-to
date in every respect and price
right. G. W. Woolsey wants
you to call so lie can tell you all
about them.
Thomas Tittle came down
from Enid Sunday and spent, the
day with his wife, who is visit
ing with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. 0- Henry.
The Epworth League was well
attended last Sunday night and
I a very interesting session, with
John Pope leader, was held.
The League is planning to put
on a home talent play entitled
"Thirty three Famous Women,"
at the church on November I'lli
Thirty-three girls of the Leasrue
will take part and something
unusually good is expected.
Mrs .1 0 Henry returned
from El Reno Saturday where
she had spent a week with her
sister, Mrs. Ella Spiker. She
was accompanied home by her
mother, grandma Shults, who
has spent the last, two month
Miss Myrtle Colhrum,
of Russellville, Ala., says:
"For nearly a year, 1 suf-
fered with terrible back-
ache, pains in my limbs,
and my head ached nearly
all the time. Our family
doctor treated me, but
only gave me temporary
relief. 1 was certainly in
bad health. My school
.parhpr ndvkfd me to
The Woman's Tonic
1 took two bottles, in all,
and was cured. I shall
always praise Cardui to
sick and suffering wo-
men." If you suffer from
pains peculiar to weak
women, such as head-
ache, backache, or other
symptoms ot womanly
trouble, or if you merely
need a tonic for that tired,
nervous, worn-out feel-
ing, try Cardui. e-65
Burke Bros. Trans. Co.
at the Spiker
Mrs. Henry's
home. During
absence, her
daughter, Mrs. Thomas Tittle,
house for Mr.
We have a" especially good .1 A. Caulk of th-3 lirm of
Mrs 1 N Chr'sman and little j farm Loan proposition. Oil I and Caulk A: Stir.son, left Wednes-
dau"hter are visiting the for-1 see us before taking out a loan, j day evening for Bridgeport,
mer's father, O-Wedge, at Enid, j Mitchell & Pepin, at Henneseys Okla., where he will make his
and attending the M. E. Confer-j State Bank ; headquarters while buying
of Enid, kept
Hen ry.
Farmer: "'Say Cap—You told
us three weeks ago to hold our
poultry for ten days, for you
would have a car in by then, arid
we would get good prices. It
looks like ten was as many as
you could count. Everything: is
ten with you. Three months
ago vou told us you were going to
load a car of poultry every ten
days Do you remember the
old Roman law? False in one
thing, false in all."—advertise
ise for a good school this year,
Mr, and Mrs. Fred Seiber and
family visited Mrs. Soiber's
brother, Robert Turner, and
family, near Lacey. Saturday
Mr. and Mrs Oscar Fox^puit
Sunday at the Jewel VVitto home.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufe *'hoate
very pleasantly entertained at
twelve o'clock dinner Sundav
the following guests .V r. and
Mrs. Jode Choate, Mr. and .Mrs.
lames Choate and Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Renshaw.
Miss Inez Douglas called i n
Miss Pearl Ivogar Saturday
Everyone is planning for the
convention next Sunday. Be
sure and come,
Mr, and Mrs Frank 1'ivne
spent Sunday at the MrKecVi r
The little daughter of M >•. and
Mrs. Sam Kingery has been very
ill but is much improved at this
John Payne spent Saturday
and Sunday at the home of his
grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Iv
You 1 avo long wished to visit the
"Colden State." Makeup
your mind this year
and go.
Through Tourist Car Dally
— VIA—
California Short Line
— VIA—
Route ol Low Altitude
Judge—"Cap be careful; ain't
you on to slim yet-' He is get-
ting ready for one of his stunts,
we had better be careful where
we step '■—advtisement.
Mrs. Grant Harris and little
daughter spent several days
hrre the first of the week, visit-
ing with Mr.'Harris. They left
for their home at Wakita Wed
All the cabbage you want at
2c per pound. Fresh^ Tur-
nips, Parsnips, Onions, Celery,
Beets, Salsify and all kinds of
fresh fruits-at the Farmers'
Union Store.
Mrs. Joe Eliler and daughter,
Alleene, left Sunday for Lawton,
where she will visit with M r-.
Hugh Corroll. She will aho
spend a few davs before her re-
turn with Mrs. Fred Diukier, at
Ft. Cobb, and Mrs. A. A Pitney,
at El Reno.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Couch will
start for Montana this week,
where they expect to tile cn a
homestead. Mr. Couch had
charge of the old Shaw elevator
the past season. His friends
r • 1. u; _ ,.w
Rev and Mrs. McWilliams and
Rev, O G. Browu are in attend
ance at the district M, E. confer
ence at Enid, this week. Mrs.
Brown will join them the latter
part of the week. While it is
uncertain whether Mr. and Mrs.
McWilliams and Mr. Brown will
return to Hennessey, their
friends he,-e hope they will agdr.
take up their work at this place.
inquire of
fay Thompson
Div. Pas*enfc«r A$.
Oklahoma Clly.Oltlu
A. J. Clymans, Ticket Agent,
Hennessey. - - Oklahoma
the past season. - -■ - is the one that is always on time
here wish h.m abundant success ^ ^ them> k wil, nol
in his new location
A singer machine is a stand-
machine—that means you
mules in that vicinity. Mr.
Stinson has been buying in and
around Hinton during the past
week. This firm has shipped
ten carloads of mules in the past
sixty days and they intend ship
ping more.
S. R. Kennett has secured the
state sales l ight on a met,~l bat.
ten for barns and outhouses, the
patent of an Indiana genius,
that promises to be a big seller
as s< miii as introduced. The
new product is a big improve
ment over the wood strips and
costs out littlo more. Sam sold
a half carload to local parties
last week.
Keep the quality up. That's
our motto. We have the best
and largest stock of Shoes in
Hennessey. When you buy
Shoes you want your money's
worth. This we guarantee.
Shoes for men. Shoes for wo-
men. Shoes for children at the
Farmers' Union Store.
Henry Bowerraan left Satur
day for Marlow, Okla , where he
will pack the household effects j
of his parents for shipment to.
t"'?T r"O—"• I:r Hennessey. Mr. and Mrs
be the fault of a fine timepiece like U()Wcrman Uro planning to move
the Rockford or Waltham if you ba(.k l() their own residence in
miss your train, as the watches we
Everything at Wholesale Prices
Fovorite Flour, per sack_. $1.20
Harvest Bell, per sack .... 1.10
Choice Patent, per sack .90
Meal, per sack .30
and colds
are dangerous at this time
of year.
A neglected cold usually ends
in a serious illness a id its at-
tendant doctor bills, if not
death. Do not wait until you
are down in bed. Take some
tiling at once before it de-
ranges the entire system. We
have many good proprietory
remedies that will quickly re-
lieve a cold.
Preacher Creek Valley G.C. SAUR
Mound Ridge school opened on
last Monday morning with about
half the number of pupils iu the
district enrolled. We have prom
The Druggist
A watch you
can bank on
that test 30 to 35, the high
Dallvllto grade Diamond Batteries, for t—tJKs
(These batteries formerly sold at 30c and 35c each)
Auto Casings and Inner Tubes Always In
Stock. Presto-lite Tanks for Exchange
Oils and Creases—The good kinds and they cost no m. re
if you buy them here. We carry supplies and auto access >. i s
Amtfl I |i/pf*i/Good cars and capable, careful drivers. We
'■ "I" O—IVCI y arealways ready to go and always came back
Calls answered day or night. We're always ready. Remember the place
I H. THOMAS, Proprietor
tnacnino ni'v •>. ; miss your train, as the watches we; , ,h , f to™n ,lt
reg,ll8te and ^ X T a8 3CCUr"' h('nt occupied by Dr. R. V
ments for it. lJon t ouy a ate as a sun dial. We have a su- vv.mUviif. Mr Boworman Sr
piece of n®whmery for-which perb assortment of Watches in all wh() ,.;iurne(, 'tll Hennessey
you can novir get supplies kinds of cases and at all prices at . .
ronairs That is not economy—j _ stl("1
;; rspurew..te e holmes bros.
office at Miller s tin shop.
time ago, is still verv ill at
the homo of his son. Henry
School Books and Supplies!
We have all the wants for School Child-
ren. Tablets, Pencils, Pens, Inks, Book
Straps, Rulers and other needs for school

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