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i. 1 '*
Musical Instruments of all Kinds, Including
Pio os at Hard-Times Prices
J. J LaValley Music Company
Hennessey, Oklahoma West Side of North Main St.
We sharpen disks by rolling thtm
in a powerful machine We do not
take off any metal or reduce the
size of your disk—we simply put on
a new edge and the process im-
proves the quality of the metal and
leaves the disk like new. Remem-
ber, we GUARANTEE to put on just
the edge you want - we will suit you
J. Q. /1ENRY
You know the place.
Stuart Sutton came over from '
Marshall Sunday for a brief visit I
with friends.
WANTED A limited number I
of boarders. For particulars:
inquire at this office.
Try a cold drink from W. W.
Moles'soda fountain these hot
Mays. It win refresh you.
I Mrs. Geo. H Truesdell, of
'this place attended the Collins j'
Dako wedding at Kingfisher I
j Tuesday.
Mrs. Guy Collins returned the [
I tirst of the week from Fairview, j
where she had visited her cousin, i
Mrs. Lydia Bardsley.
Miss Marion Miller caine up;
from Dover Sunday for a few,
days visit with the Misses Buz I
and Mildred Mitchell.
Mrs. Lewis Herget and daugh
ter, Caroline went to Oklahoma
City Friday to spend a few days f
with Mr and Mrs. Charles;
Mrs. A. B. Cullum left Sun ,
day morning for Beloit, Kansas,
for a months' visit with herj
sister Mrs. W. C Bomifieid and !
other relatives.
The banks of Hennessey will be
clused all day Monday, Septem j
ber 1st., due to the fact that |
that date is Labor Day a ,
national holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T Young, I
Cooper's for harness.
Vern Woolsey visited Sunday
at Dover.
The cold drinks are better and
the ice cream colder at Moles'
fountain. Try them.
Mrs. Samuel Davidson is en-
joying a visit from her sister,
Mrs. Campbell, of Wichita.
The road to a man's heart is
through his stomach. Pave ti e
way with Brewer's groceries
Mrs. Thomas Tittle of Enid,
came down Tuesday for a short
visit with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Q Henry.
A little daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson,
eight miles southeast of town,
Sunday, August 24.
Scott Millinery
lytRS. ELLA SCOTT lias returned from
her trip to the South and is now in
Kansas City buying her new Fall and Win-
ter Stock of Millinery. She will open
her new store in Hennessey not later than
September 1 Oth. Mrs. Scott will carry a
larger and more complete millinery as- .
sortment this season than ever before and
will be prepared to please all, both in style
and price, if you want the latest in style,
and the best for your money, remember
The Scott Millinery leds, others has it.
Dr. Vincent of Dover
from Dover Sunday.
New Buggy Pole for
Cheap See Dr. Cullum.
The J. J. LaValley Music
New fall hats at Mrs.Shearer's
i * i , , ; Hear J. A. W ilson. Kingfisher
h° reside near Lacey, are plan-! County Farm ti ipert nextSatu r
eay afternoon, He will talk on
and the Silo."
a'.id M rs. Hornbeck, >of
ning to move to Hennessey in a
few weeks so that the children i "Dairviu
may attend school here. '
Deputy Sheriff Rutherford is
stepping around pretty lively-
he's grandpa again. A 10 pound
baby boy was born to Mr and
Mrs. Fred Rutherford at Enid, | FOR RENT, SALE OR TRADE-
Saturday. , Two room houf e on East Oklahoma
W. R. Shearer pickod up a r^ve-_ 3K bloc ks from Mai,x SeeJ.
car load of yearling steers and I *"• Wilson, or a| >ply at this o.'fice.
Cooper's for harness.
New fall millinery in street
and dress hats now on display
at Mrs. Shearer's.
Frakes' Cash Store shipped
nut five barrel of apples to Calu-
East Okiahom a avenue, are 'en - J met> 01{lil • Tu^'ay of last week,
tertamine the ir granddaughters i H. D. Brewer, Arthur Cashion
wen, Kans.
from South
lieiTers out nerrthe river the lat-
ter part of last week, which he
will sell in small hunches to
parties wishing to feed stock.
Misses Hassel and Lucile Hunt |
ington of El Reno, who had been
the guests of Misses Beatrice
and Marcia Jones for several
days, went to Enid Sunday even
ing where they will visit friends
Mrs. Otis
her home in
; mith return to
a Ardmore, Mon
evening, after a few days v *it|
here with ,.vIr . and Mrs. Ro V i
Thurlow i1
Mr. an'.t Mrs j. e Gilbert
went to Oklahoma City, Tuesday
mornin g where they spent sev
eral days this week buying
good.s for their general store.
II . IS . i « i v. v> VJ i ) i u til u I vvuo 111
and Melvin Carson motored
Kingfisher to attend the tennis
tournament Thursday.
Mrs. Lamed left Monday for
Seattle, after a pleasant visit
of two months with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E G Cash.
sold three fine organs Saturday. |
Beautiful styles in latest mil-
linery arriving daily at Mrs
Next Sunday is rally day at the
Christian Sunday school. Every-1
body come.
Floyd Felt made a business
trip to Oklahoma City, the tirst
of the week.
Harry Ehler spent several
days the first of the week in
Oklahoma City.
Mrs. C. 0. Gose went to Enid ■
Monday evening and spent 'i'ues j
day with Mrs. C. C Smith.
Mrs. W. F. Brittian and son. i
Tom, left for St. Joe, Mo., Sat ]
urday night on a business trip
Roy Jones is expected home
from West Point on thirty days
leave. He will arrive early next
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stingley,!
of Enid, were down on business-
Friday. While here tliev were 1
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W
D. Walburn.
The Hennessey Cemetery
Association are planning for an
entertainment about the 10th of
September that will be one of
the best musical and literary
entertainments ever given in
Hennessey. Watch the papers
next week for full particulars
E Fj. Farwell has just complet-
ed a fine cave at his residence
in the northwest part of town
The walls are of brick with
cement tioor, steps and arched
roof. The work was done by
Claude Farwell, who is exhibit
ing a pair of artistically calloused
hands in proof of his exertions.
Beth Near and Far Visiun ia
Oue Lent with No Liue
of Demarkation
Two piece# of £la*H arc o nkilMully
taut no Luc or betU.1 cxiit*.
Kiyptok* look exactly like regular
Binclc-visioa Tbey are •mooth
tac touch.
Holmes Bros.
Frank Sylvester left four la >;n
ears'of 1913 corn at this office
this week that would look g l
any old year. Those who think
this county raised no corn this
year should inspect them.
Elmer Brannon, of Eskrige,
Kans., is here for a visit with
his sister, Mrs. V. V. Hlodge't
and brother, Art. Brannon.
Elmer left Hennessey about
seven years ago and evinced con-
siderable surprise at tlnj nrmy
I improvements made during his
I absence.
Mrs. Jay McGee, of Steph-
enville, Texas, writes: ' For
nine (9) years, I suffered with
womanly trouble. 1 had ter-
rible headaches, and pains in
my back, etc. It seemed as if
1 would die, I suffered so. At
last, 1 decided to try Cardul,
the woman's tonic, and it
he'ped me right away. The
full treatment not only helped
me, but it cured me "
Cardui I
A The Woman's Ionic
—Farm Loans and Insurance §«
At Hennessey St? te Hank
Cardui helps women in tune
oi greatest need, because it
COnteir.i ingredients which act
specifically, yet gently, on the
weakened womanly organs.
So, if you feel discouraged,
blue, out-of-sorts unable to
do your household work, on
account of your condition, stop
worrying and give Cardui a
trial. It has helped thousands
of women,—why not yow f
Try Cardui. £-71
We have an especially
Farm loan proposition. Call
see us before taking out a lorjn
Mitchell <H Pepin, at Hennes evs
State Bank
J. A. Starkey, of Enid a bro
ther of Mrs. J. H. Elliott, visited
Wednesday and Thup^day a t the
Elliott home, and Continued on
Thursday to Kingfisher with J
H. Elliott,
Postmaster J. A. Felt has em-
barked in the fancy chicken
business and has constructed a
.park and pens in the rear of his
residence and purchased some
Rhode Island Reds.
Mrs. G. H. Barker and child -
ren, Miss Jewel and Master
Milfred, came home Sunday
evening from El Reno where
they had visited the former's
brother, Henry Bleistein and
i family.
Mrs. frank Moove, and two
S>ee R E Farwell if your sew-
ing machine is going bad. Lib
eral allowance given for old ma
chines in exchange for a new
Singer. Give us a call, or phone
.Abe Wilson of Lawton an early
day resident of Henneasey, who
conducted a pump repair shop
on north main, is here visiting
| his daughter, Mrs. Roy Mauk.
Mr Wilson's old friends here are
glad to see him back again,
;i Miss Froncie Gill of Durant, j
:j was a Sunday guest of her cou.
sin, Mrs. R. E Waton Mrs.!
ij Gill formerly resided in Hennes-1
sey, her father occuping the j
V position a 3 manager of the Ed.
I Hockaday hardware store at j
this place a few years ago
ji Mr. and Mrs John Jones re-!
i turned Irom St Joe and Kansas!
j: City markets Saturday morning
, ! after an absence of a weeaj
children, of Raton, N. M who ? where they purchased a fall and |
have spent the past month with | winter stock of cloaks, ladies'
Mrs. Moore's sisters, the Meg suits, millinery and dress goods. '
dames Gov and Ben Ren-shaw, i His purchases will arrive the
returned home the latter part of j latter part of the week.
last week. j Mr. and Mrs J. L Hines and
Dr. H G. Barker left Sunday , children will leave Sunday morn
in company with a party from 1 ing for California, via Salt Lake
VvaUKomis, for a trip to the I City. Mr. und Mrs Hines will
Cushing and Muskogee oil fields ! stop in Los Angeles for a brief
The partv will inspect the Hen-j time and will then continue on
nessey Oil & Gas Co., leases [ to other points in the «tate ami
with a view to investing. expect to be absent a month.
Dependabfle Groceries
Which Do You Buy?
r rt • I huv vnnr or. series at any old store; stating that you want so much
suflarriff canned foot \ breakfast food, or whatever you may want and just
trust tn S'fh tt therf're fit to eat and that the prices are right? D(f, yT\
trust to luck iK^ *nere re W . r expectations; and yet you feel that you
j^'iy bill each trto th always ex.. { only ordered the absolute necessities?
have not b een e< .^^nt an'v and stale goods and sometimes short weight?
Y° y°u often get Groceries. N6w we want you to try Depend-
Yis, you been bu>mfe Trusl[ lo-Luc!k , ice is jess than lor jnferior (Joods, in fact,
able Lroce nes. VV e Sv .ll them, and tht as there will be no waste. We sell fresh
you find d ependable cheape", ^e sell high quality groceries, which
groceries, which meai,s that there is no wa. groceries over the phone your vege-
means th^ t they go far/her. If you order yo. ^ are just as good as if they vurc.
tables, fs- uits, melons, bu'tter, eggs and other n ame attentjon js ^jven the order of
selected under your perse ^nal inspection, 'neb ,. |{. entrusting it to ordinary
a child as is given the gro\ w-up. Don t risk youi
.< . ... * ^!..a uiKufii
— US to gitvii "IV " ■ * ,
grocer y store selection but g,ve °u' store—where "nexj Then at the end of
FEND ABLE-your next ord^r, and the next, and the • u d , lh
the ir .onth compare our bills with the trust-to-luck gro uuVanu...„J
woo' is saved And rememl'er, t>ne dollai saved is eq
groceries are ALWAYS DP-
'ial to two earned
- d - , -irnrpnes where they seli the best
i j s also applies to you Mr. t<ay mer. y ,^[ vniir nri >duce, your poultry and
> f iu will find your grocery bills less. We also want yoi i fore vqu sel)
}* ur fruit. We pay highest m; irket pnee, alw.tys si.e u
Frakes" Cash Store
Opposite Farmers' Store
Phone Number 108

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