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Berrigan the
At Dr. Gose's Office
Kaiereu the pngtoffice at Hennessey, <>kl.
hh set*imil oluss ujuller.
subscription phict, $1.00 * yufi.
Everyone is interested in an item
of local news. If you know of any
local happenings that is not gener-
ally known communicate the fact to
this office.
When a stranger drops in town,
jolly him. Tell him this is a great
little town—and so it is. Don't
discourage him by speaking ill of
your neighbors Lead him to be
heve iie has at last struck a place
where good people live.
Why do writer and artists always from State Game and Fish Laws 'a,ed tf,at ,^re® ^ i
lay stress upon the small boy's love would build a dam of sufficient size
of base ball? It is a rank fiction a3 Section 1—It shall be unlawful I and strength to retain water enough
compared to the adult's craze for for any person to take or catch any to flood many acres if placed at the
the game You will find the real fish with a net, trammel net. seine, right point in the canyon just West
fan in a boy grown tall-a man- 6"n or trap of any kind, or net, of the city park. Such a lake would
howling in the grand stand or any weir or pot iu any of the lakes, be a decided inducement to picmcers
old place in sight of the diamond, ponds or rivers, or small streams.of j from all over the country and would
literally tearing his shirt over a 'he state, or to have in possession
good play. If you don't believe it such seine, net or appliance with
just visit Hennessey's ball park intention of violating this act, but
vhen there's a good game on. The the provisions of this section shall
small boy isn't in it. not "PPly to legitimate fishing with
hook and line or with a spear, snare
Twenty years ago or when this or gig, or to persons catching small
country was open to settlement, minnows for bait with trap or seine
there was some excuse for bad not over ten feet in length or taking
roads, for our country was poor, of fish other than bass out of the
Now that we are belter off there is Arkansas, Cimarron or South Cana-
<10 excuse. A good road is always' dian rivers, the North Fork of the
to be desired and is a source of Red River, the Salt Fork of the Ar-
•om.ort and convenience to every kansas river, North fork of Muddy
traveler. Good roads attract popu- i Boggy, and Clear Boggy rivers,
lation, as well as good schools and | Poteau River, Washita river, Gaines
churches. Good roads improve the Creek, Kiamichi River, and ReP
value of property, so that it is said I Rock Creek. Nothing in this section
a farm lying five miles from mar-
be a pleasant p'ace of recreation
fur local residents, as it wopld be
sufficiently large to make boating a
pleasure. A lake of this kind so,
near the park would add so much to j
the beauty of the town and the cost i
Perfect Glasses
"I can see better than I thought
would be very small in comparison, would be again possible." is the ex-
Boost for a "city beautiful."
Captured Two Barrels of Booze
One Lundy, of local fame, contri-
buted one whole barrel of beer last
ket connected by a bad road, is ot
less value than an equally good
farm connected by a good road. A
larger load can be drawn by one
horse over a good road than by two
over a bad one.
We are tempted to speak a word
to our merchants. We do it only
with the best intentions. We are
thankful for your "ad" in our columns.
Our many wide-awake readers will
see it and they will read it. If the
merchants wish to keep trade at
home, they must, of course, let the
public know what goods and what
inducements they offer. The great
merchants of our larger cities are
constantly advertising at an enor-
mous expense, but it pays them;
and it was by shrewd advertising
j that they became so successful. |
They cannot afford to stop, or else
What are you doing for your town?' they would. Our merchants can't
If you have no confidence in the afford to stop advertising in their
growth and importance of the town local paper. Advertising pays, even
and country iu which you live, how if yoll have no competition.
on earth do you expect other people
to move among you and cause the
country to develop and grow for
your benefit?
The farmer bends the knee to
none, and is less disturbed by the
world wide reign of graft and greed
than any of his fellows. May he
live long and prosper—this son of1
the soil, who is the balance wheel of]
the universe.
Herzberg & Sternderger's Sale
The firm of Herzberg & Sternber-
ger has inaugurated a bigmid-sum-
i mer saje at store the Chicago
Patience and hope are the ingred-1 Bazaar, commencing Saturday
ients which oil the machinery of morning, July 8th and continuing
our office—patience with all sub- ] fourteen days. This sale comprises
scribers who are in arrears more. clothing, ladies' ready-to-wear gar-
than one year, and hope that they j ments, dry goods, shoes, and, in fact,
will pay before our next issue. | everything carried by a first-class,
Without an abundance of these two i general store. And the appreciat-
lubricating articles most country atable part of this sale is that they
editors woul d commit suicide
be inmates of insane asylum.
We know some men ami some
women, who are well along in years
and somj wh > are 'nexnerienoed in
are making these big reductions in
the middle of the season when the
people can use the goods.
Pay Your Back Subscription
If you owe anything to the Cupper
life's school, who have a most insane, please come in and settle, we need
unreasonable view of manual labor, the money. A dollar may not be
They act and speak as if it was a much to you but to this paper where
disgrace, a crime and a sin to soil hundreds owe small accounts the
your hands with honest toil Their a;44regite am units t > a gre it deal
brain-i must be as soft as their bauds, Promptness in this matter would be
if they can not see the dignity and greatly appreciated, and if you can-
necessity of swinging the hammer not call, a check will answer the
or holding the plow. purpose as well.
shall apply to private ponds.
The violation of the above is a
misdemeanor and punishable by a
fine of from $!1U to $100 or impri-
sonment in the county jail not less
than ten days or more than thirty
For using any lime, dynamite,
poison, drug or other deleterious
substance in any of the streams,
lakes or ponds of this state for the
purpose of injuring, poisoning or
capturing fish is liable to a fine of
*100 or more than #500 or imprison-
ment in the county jail not exceed-
ing one year.
No boy under fourteen years is
allowed a license to hunt and no
one can hunt without a license ex-
cept on lands owned or leased by
Mrs. Morrell Married
The following artieal appeared in
ast Thursday's Ok'ahoman from a
special correspondent to that paper
at Butler, Okla.:
"One of the most notable social
events in this vicinity for many a
day was the wedding of Mrs. Mamie
Morrell to George W. Fanning Tues
day afternoon (June 27). The
groom is 65 years old, while the
bride is a charming widow of ;10.
Early in the day "Uncle" George, as
he is fatniliarily known, was about
town setting up the cigars in antici-
pation of the happy event and at
4 o'clock the bridal couple were
whirled away to Arapaho in an
automobile where County Judge
McKnight performed the ceremony.
At the Commercial hotel, of which
Mr. Fanning is owner, about 100
guests partook an elegant wedding
Mrs. Fanning was formerly the1
wife of C. C. Morrell, who was a
partner of J. Q. Henry at this place a
few vears under the firm name of
Morrell &. Henry, blacksmith and
machine shop. Mr. and Mrs. Mor-
rell moved from Hennessey to But-
ler, where Mr. Morrell died of ty-
phoid fever about two years ago.
planation of many of whom we have
New Ruck Island TimeCard
No. 12 through passengerar.5:25 a.m
No 'M local passenger ar...9:30 a. m.
No. 24 " " " 4:20 Pro-
No. 32 fast " " 9:38 p. m
No. 31 fast passenger ar. 5:58 a. m.
No. 23 local " 11:31a.m.
No. 35 7:58 P-m-
No. 11 through " ,
The fast passenger, No. J1 will
not stop here but No. 32 will stop
here for passengers going to McFar-
land, Kansas, and points beyond.
We handle
the celebrated
thoroughly, and you may be sure j Community Silverware and
that we can telll you exactly what I have many suitable pieces for
you need, if anything, inglasses. We
Saturday morning. The beer was lest yovr eyes wjthout charge
M. E. Church Notes
Owing to the absence of Dr Ran-
kin the pastor conducted the ser- j
vices Sunday morning. They were
well attended and the name of Mrs. i
Bethel Corder was added to our
church rolls
When you get onto the "fine points' of the lumber bus-
siness, then you'll beg>n to appreciaie what it means to
maintain a stock of lumber in such condition that one is
justified in harping on "quality." To the outsider who
knows little or nothing about lumber grades, and
classification, "lumber is lumber." and that is all there is
to it. But there's a difference in quality, and the sooner
rou learn this fact and demand the l>est, the sooner you'll
begin to save money anil acquire goodly chuncks of satis-
Tiie sure way to avoid inferior quality is to make your
purchase from our stock. It is the best.
A. L. RICHARDSON, Mgr., Hennessey, Okla.
Sunday school 10:00 a. m., George
Dauner, superintendent.
Morning sermon, at 11:00 o'clock.
The pastor will preach a sermon on
"Education" and this should be
heard by both the parents and
children as it will be of vital interest
to both.
Junior League, 3:00 p. in., Mrs N.
P. Barton, superintendent.
Epworth League, 7 15 p in., A L.
Garton, president.
Evening service, anion meetings
on the lawn of the Baptist church.
Your presence is always desired Guthrie Okla.
and we will try to do you good at
all of these services.
N. Paul Barton, Pastor.
captured by Deputy Rutherford and
his assistant and hauled down town
for storage. On account of the dry
weather it is supposed that Mr.
Lundy had a larger supply than
usual on the ice for the benefit of
his thirsty friends, but a search re-
sulted in disclosing but one lone-
some "bar'l."
The aforesaid E. L. Lundy and
a competitor, one Abe Harris, upon
whose premises a companion barrel
of beer was captured by Deputy
Sheriff Rutherford last Thursday
were separated from their happy
homes and taken to Kingfisher by,
the aforesaid officer, on train No. 23
yesterday, where they will be held
for preliminary examination.
It is also said that one white man
was so badly affected by the seizure
of the Harris beer, that he fled
supposedly for a cooler clime, least-
wise he has departed from our
Its free, We Even
Pay the Postage
Another edition of our moss
interesting, instructive and beau
tifully illustrated catalogue is
just off the pre*s. Any young
person interested in practical
education, for which the busi
ness world pays cash, should
read our strong endorsements
from former students, many of
them given after having several
years experience; the letters
from business men who are em-
ploying our graduates are also
interesting reading and very
convincing. The many letters
from parents, setting forth
what our institution has done
for their sons and daughters is
also convincing argument The
letters from students who have
attended other schools and
and studied other systems are
sure to convince you of why our
school is enjoying such a great
Every statement made in this
catalogue is backed by a
cash guaranty of #100 to be
true and correct. Parents who
have children to educate should
not decide upon the kind of edu
cation or the school to patronize
until they have read our cata-
logue. If interested in educa-
tional matters, we will be glad to
send you our catalogue upon re-
quest. We will appreciate it if,
when writing for catalogue, you
will send us the names of two or
three young people likely to be
interested in a commercial edu-
Fill in, clip and mail for free
Jewelers and Opticians
Hull & Shoop
At The Old Humphrey Stand
Ice Cream, Cold Drinks and
l ine Candies of all Kinds
Give Us a Call.
glassts titled CORRECTLY
wedding presents, etc. We
invite oour inspection of our
Jeweler and Optician
Guaranteed to heal without a
blemish, or your money refunded.
Price 25c, 50c and SI.00. sale
size for family use only, lor 25c
by all druggists.
William Dunn
Proprietor Of The
Hennessey Iransfer
Express delivered, baggage trans-
l'ered to and from thodepot, hurry
up calls promptly attended to.
Phyiscian and Surgeon.
Office and residence In Douthltt brlek bulM-
nc. on South Main St. 1 door north of opera
Real Estate Agent.
Farms an City property for sale or trade. In
s'iranee and Farm Loans. Also
Texas Lands for sale.
Hear Farmers & Merchants Bank
ROY v. Woolm' Roland W. Woolwim
Woolwine & Woolwine
The Ground Floor Office. North Main St. at
Waukomis Monda\s and Thursdays.
60 YEAR!'
Guaranteed to give satisfaction
and blister without pain or your
money refunded, tor sale by all
Anrone sending a nket _
quickly ascertain t'tir opinion free whether
Copyrights Ac.
> ml notice, without charge, lutha
Course interested in
Capital City Businss
J. W. Humphreys
Always gives the highest Mark-
et price for Poultry, Butter
and eggs. Come and see me.
East Side North Main.
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest elr-
• 'tilut i' ii ■ f ii11 v p. lentlflc Journal. Terms. |3 a
year: four m the, fl. Bold Lyall newsdealer*.
MUNN & Co.36,B">-d- New York
Braucll Office. 1J26 F fU Washington. d.C.
Man Wanted
We need a man at once, to
handle our business in this
county and make collections.
Gutiikie Marble & Gkanit
Works. Guthrie. Okla. 54
MmrmmiiM MB—
Off to the Lakes
and Woods!
Hennessey, Oklahoma
Phone Mines' Real Estate Of-
fice at Our expence for Dates
T. L. HUCHES, Chiropractor
Specializes on Cronic Diseases of
any form. Office and Residence
first stairs north of Clark a. Jones
meat market. Phone 72
City Lake Project
The project, which has been dis-
Dr. R. W. Bowerman
cussed for several weeks past by
some local residents, bids fair tu
become a #eality and from present
indications the matter may be taken
up and pushed to completion. Those
who favor the project have calcu- HENNESSEY, OKLAHONA
Office Dinkler's Drug Store
Phone 25
Residence Phone 174
Are prepared to do all kinds
Promptly on short notice*, freight
in cat load and small lots deliver-
Kay Thompson,,
Oklahoma City,
Division Passenger Agent
A .J Clyntnns, Ticket Agent
Hennessey, Oklahon a
See Us Before Making
Dates ! Doesn't that make you hungry
ii I iddhV DHATucnr I for the Kreen coolness of the
A\UKr n Y 15KO I rl tl<S j pines, the babbling streams of
crystal, the rippled surface of
the lakes with their white sails
and graceful canoes?
The luxurious trains of the
Rock Island Lines will take
you to many such in perfect
comfort and at slight expense.
Among the most delightful
are rhose gems in Northern
Iowa Spirit Lake, Clear Lake
and t! \e Okobojis.
Fhen rhere are the resorts cf
Michigan, Minnesota and
Wiscon ;i'n.
Let's talk it over. I know
we can ha'i> you plan.
Wo want >•■ ju to have a real vacation thi*
summer,butyom ■sn'tget
complete enjoyment un-
less you start off righton
a Hock Island train.
Island service makes ti #
going a pleasure.

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