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DEC. 3
Dollars guarded, Eyes neglect-
ed. Many a man and woman
who take great care of their
dollars let their eyes take care
of them selves, to their life
long injury. Seldom, too are
the eyes of school children
watched as they should be,
Headaches, which often mean
eye strain, are put down to
liver or stomach trouble, and
medicines given, when what
they need is a visit to a com-
petent specialist. Now I have
probably had more exper-
ience than any other man
in the state, and have as fine
an equipment of instruments
as can be found in the state
and guarantee every fit for
two years.
E BERRIGAN, Specialist.
Kaiereti ut the postufUce at Hennessey, c kla
as second class mutter.
JOHN SPltAGUE, Bus. Mgr.
Good work
The work of HujJh Scott, chair
man of the t irst Congressional dis-
trict conimitte, during the past
campaign, demonstrates that Scoti
not only has great ability as a cam
paign manager but that he kuow^
the ins and outs of the political
game. Chairman .Scott is a young
man but a sturdy one, with a far
seeing eye. He leaves no stone un-
turned but holds up his parties
candidate and party policieswithout
the slightest degree of fear orequiv
ocations. Not only should Congress
mail McGuire feel exceedingly grate
ful to chairman Scott, but likewise
should all republicans in the First
distririct feel grateful toward him.
Scott did his work well, anil th<
Events is rather proud of him. Wt
are more proud of him because ol
the unostentatious manner of his
conduct and his dislike of publicity.
He does not pose f./r applause, but
digs in. He asks not for fame but
for results. And this is ever tht
characteristic of the sincere man.
Garfield county thinks well of Hugh
Scott and <lesires the entire state ti
know it.—Enid Events
birthday. The surprise was complete,
Miss Nellie having retired fur the night
i when the #u 'sts arrived, and was v r/
much amazed when arising to find her
| home tilled with her friends. After con
, ^r.-itulating themselves upon keeping the
1 secret so well the company proceeded to
I sj entl a merry evening with games, con-
sersation and later enjoyed the daintv
refreshments served. As the guests de-
parted each heartily wished Miss Nellie
many happy returns of the evening.
I Re\ and Mrs. Paul Larsen entertained
j a party of friends at an elegant Thanks-
I giving dinner last Thursday. The guests
were Mr and Mrs. George Hinner and
family. Mr and Mrs John Nelson and
famil). Mr and Mrs. George Hobbs. Mrs.
A. B. Payne, son and daughter. 1. T.
Wheeler, of Dover
E. M Bumps and A. B. Payne started
last week for a hunt in the eastern part
of the state
F A Pyle, of Bison, has moved on the
farm he recently purchased in this neigh-
borhood. We heartily welcome Mr. Pyle
and family to our vicinity and hope our
people will call on their new neighbors at
the earliest opportunity.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell who have been
enjoying a visit from the former's sister
and children, of Kl Keno. entertained at
dinner Thanksgiving in their honor Mr.
and Mrs. K. Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. B.
Watts, of Marshall; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Ingle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Barney
Ingle, K Jones and son, Irvin; Mr. and
Mrs. Clayton Jones and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. George Martin purchased
a fine new piano from Prof J. .1 LaValiey
it Hennessey, last week, which adds much
to their already handsomely furnished
Mr and Mrs. George Hobbs spent Sun-
lay evening at the Payne home.
That the holidays are rapidl\
drawcg near is demonstrates
hv the fact that already Xma.-
fts.auti holiday goods ur\: «.r-
pearinjr in tiie display windows
about town. The one perhaps ol
greatest note at this t:ine is tin
cutlery display in the norlh
window ol" the Ed Hockaday &
Co. hard ware store. No inoie
artistic uispla.y can be found ii
the tirst class city stores thai
the one above mentioned.
Miss ('aid well's splendid stock
ut millinery is beim/ sold at bi«.-
cut in foi mer prices.
Harmony Items
John Craun and Dick Bugg returned
Thui.tday from their trip to Claremore.
Okla. i hey report a good time.
Isa Stiles, of We i"4,*on. Kans.. is in
the neighborhood c« n racting the sales
of the Carbide Itghts.
Miss Clatie Shearer suent Thanksgiving
ira Thomas has purchased some Car-
hide lights.
Wm. Bugg and family and Mr. and Mrs
Karl Robinsoa speat Thanksgiving at t*.<
Eli Robinson home.
There will be a pie social at Harr lony
on Friday night. Dec >d. K very body
There will be no singing this we<K
• in n v\i re not wry man> out .ft Sun-
day *< hool Sunday on account <ii tin
severe wind storm.
The cametery anoclation will neat with
Mi., Wit,. Hugg on Wednesday, ix-,, ■!,.■ ,
7th t vi iy MiKiiilier is urned to U- jir. -,
tut nt this meeting.
Mrs. Laura Himnshell and Mrs. N.ira
Ilii Ks Visited the last of tin- week i-.t thr
Bennett liome.
Union Items
On last Wednesday, the 23rd, occured
one of most pleasing social events, of the
season, in this neighborhood. The young
people planned a surprise on Miss Nellie
Swain, that date being her twenty-first
Union Chapel
Our protracted meeting of two weeks
losed Sunday morning with an addition
>f twelve members.
Miss Pe >rl farmer, of Coats. Kans., is
/isiting with her cousin. Ruby Trail,
Miss Edna Dole called on Ruby Trail
L. C. Allen and family left Monday
•vening for Bermingham, Alabama,
.vhere Mr. Allen expects to undergo a
.ergieal operation, We hope to see him
eturn in good health.
We will have our Xmas tree on Friday
light. December 23. so not to interfere
<vith the Methodist tree.
On account of the severe change in the
veather Sunday morning the attendance
it the Sunday school and preaching was
lot so large as usual.
Of A. & F. College Boys' School
at State Fair Oct. 3-8, 'i0
by Wm. S. Marsh
(Continued from first page)
Tlie greater number of the
counties in Oklahoma were rep
resented at the fair. There wen
a great many cattle, horses,
sheep, swine, poultry, and other
farm products. There were sev-
Mtnu: Queen's Rise Soup, Salmons
Alia Santa, Florentina-Salmon,
Sweetbreads and Fillet of
In a certain fortnightly club of young
married folk, where a friendly rivalry
exists as to who shall give the moat
novel entertainment, one youthful
housekeeper made her function a din
ner In Italian style.
The table was decorated to suggest I eral stock parades; the school
the flog of Italy. Two broad bands of J j , . „f these and
silk, one green, one red, were placed
across the cloth at the ends of the hdd (jlieir picture taken.
table. They hung over the edges of Coril exhibit was not as
the board like scarfs. The center- , , .
piece consisted of blue, rod and white j -'°°d as USUal 0,1 aCC0UUt ot ^
flowers arranged by a florist to repre* dry year, but some of the OM11''
sent the Bhleld which occupies the ,,rajns .l!S wheat, barley, oats.
central white field. ~ n a'i.i, .„„i,
At the head of the menu was writ- | "lld °therS- Were h,U'' Ahhuugh
ten the name of the guest to occupy taking all the disadvantages ol
that particular cover, thus making It a tjle year J tllink as a whole the
Oklahoma state fair was a great
Guaranteed to heal without a
blemish, or your money refunded.
Price 25c, 50c and 51.00. 25c
si/e for family use only. I or sale
by all druggists.
Guaranteed to gi\e satisfaction
and blister without pain or your
money refunded, l or sale by all
Maple Grove
A rain would be greatly appreciated by
the farmers of this vicinity.
Miss Hessie Lloyd is visiting her mother
this week.
Seventeen of the young folks went in a
vagon to the pie supper at Victory Wed-
nesday night. They were a jolly crowd
ind all report a good time.
guest card also.
The menu ran:: FlrBt,
Zuppa Regina D1 Rlso, or queen's
rice soup, for which this Is the recipe:
A tablespoonful of rice flour Is put
Into a saucepan and half a pint of |
milk Is added gradually. Boll gently
In a double boiler 12 initiates, stirring
all the time In order to have It very
smooth. Just before serving time add
a tablespoon of butt€ir. pass It through
a sieve and mix with good fowl stock,
which should be very hot when added
Salmone alia Santa Florentine—Sal-
mon. Steep a piece of boiled salmon
In oil, lemon Juice, salt and herbs for
an hour. Remove the bone and cut
the fish Into fillets or Individual por-
tions. Wipe dry the fillets, dip them
| In beaten eggs and fry them a nice
color. Arrange them In a ring on the
dish, trim with fried parsley and
serve with mayonnaise.
Anluielle Larilellate—• Sweetbreads
For the entree trwo sweetbreads are
blanched, larded and cooked very
slowly In good stock. The stock ts
skimmed and reduced t>y boiling to a
glaze to cover the meat, The latter Is
then cut into three or (tour pieces and
arranged round a dish, bat the lard-
ing must be well glazed o\«r. In the
center of the dish place a -cup made
of hollowed-out bread filled with a
macedolne of vegetables
Manzo alia Certosina —Fillet of Beef,
Select a tender rump steak or fillet of
beef and put It In a stewing pan with
two slices of fat bacon and three tea-
spoonfuls of the best olive on. Season
Owing to our large attendance,
many coming from a great dis-
tance and could not well afford to
go home to spend the holidays,
others anxious to tinish their
courses, that they may accept
positions awaiting them at the
earliest possible date, we will
give to vacation except on Xmas
day This arrangement will en-
able new students to continue to
| enroll and take up the work to
with salt and a suspicion of nutmeg/ tjle very best advantage without
Cook without a cover and turn the . , . ,,
meat from time to time. When nicely I being interrupted with a vaca-
We will five one tliante on a
$75.00 buggy with every $3.00 pay-
ment make at our store.
Will Continue Right
Through the
The Fenc? Man
Phyiscian and Surgeon.
>>ftlee and residence in Douthlti brick build-
I jntf. on South Mnin St. 1 door no'th of oD**r
II to v V. Woolwink Roland W. \v«h>lwimc
Woolwine & WooKvine
Office over First National Hank. Hennessey
At Waukomis Mondays and Thursday#
J. W. Humphreys
Always gives the highest Mark-
et price for Poultry, Butter
and eggs. Come and see me.
East Side North Main.
Hennessey, Okla.
Phone 2401 R. t. D. No. 6
Sec Us Before Making
Get My Prices On Hennessey 0klahoma
LION f~* j " j\TC [E Ph°ne Hines' Real Estate 01-
^ fice at Our Expense for Dates
And t?ois D'Arc Posts ——
i Can Save You Money Ur. F.
Charley Ross, from Kansas, is visiting browlleJ a(1J an anchovy,
datives in this nei^hborhotxl.
Mr and Mrs. Karcher and daughter,
liss Claudine, visited at the James Green
home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. McKeever took
rhanksgivinjJ dinner at the home of the
alter s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Robinson.
Earn and Will Green visited home folks
Elbert Rntli and Frank Bailey, from
Ames, visited in this vicinity Sunday.
Miss Olive Rounds went to Enid Friday.
Miss Rose Bailey visited with Miss
Nellie Green last Sunday.
Ethel Green visited her sister i
lessey the latter part of Isst week
Miss Grace Brjx visited in to'in last
mixed with
some herbs, all very finely chopped,
and a small clove of garlic with one
Incision across it. Cover the whole
with good stock, put the cover on
the pan and when tender skim the
gr«3ase off the gravy, put the latter
tttfough a sirrve and pour over the
r/ieat. I)o not. let the garlic remain In
the pot more than five minutes.
u M.-KianioU
ii Hennessey last weeK.
'isited ner s'ster
/irst published in Clipper Dec. 1. IMO, 4w
Notice to Creditors
.n the Matter of the Estate of James B.
Davis, deceased, lute of County of
Kingfisher, State v'i Oklahoma.
All persons having claims against said
estate of said Jams' ii. Davis, deceased,
ire required to exlr (>it the same, with the
uvessary voucher to the undersigned.
Inly appointed a* ,d qualified administra-
rix of the said deceased, at the county
nidge s office ir. K'nglisher in the County
1 Kingfisher ami State of Oklahoma, and four ino.itlis after the first publica-
tion of til's iK lice has been limited by
irder of the County Court of said King-
islier Count1, . ?is t le time for creditors of
said deceased to e. hibit and present their
claims agairist said estate.
Dated this 2li'd ( ay of November, 1910.
Laundering Curtains.
Soak lace curtains over n.:ght In a
tub of lukewarm water to "which is
added two tablespoons of ammonia
and one-quarter cake of laundry so.hp
He'i- 8haved tin/ -. Drain off the water, but
| do N, Hit out the curtains, as %*ie
wat WU1 make them heavy and 11-
ablo U ar. Pour In another slightly
warm water prepared in the same
w?r. stiOui auu
squeeze it, th *n drain iUid put in a
third stids. Drain and lift carefully
into a rinsing water and then into a
bluing water. Pass through a wringer,
lay over a line until dry, then fasten
Into curtain frames to dry.
To launder muslin curtains wash
them carefully, starch, and Iron on the
wrong side to make them look like
new cloth.
Do Yon Suffer?
With a Cough or A
Bad Cold?
tion during the holidays.
Owing to the fact that for sev
| eral months we have not been
able to supply the demand for
our graduates of Bookkeeping
and Shorthand, we are anxious
that new students enroll at as
early a date as possible. The
more graduates we can place in
good positions, the better oppor
tunitv we have to demonstrate
to the business men the superior | VV e have a large hne of reme-
quality of our training. Young | anyone of W.11C1 vve rec-
. commend fov coughs, colds
' U ■
located Above Nosthstein
Jewelry Store
Office Hours ft a. m. to (i p.
liiidy Attendent
Calls Answered Day And Nrijht
Dr. R. L. Carrell
First publi? .iL a Clipper Nov. 17,1910.
Puhiicatioii Notice
K li, il \ URiS. PJaintif, \
Jelly Flats or Jelly Cake.
For an inexpensive layer cake try
this recipe. Separate two <?Kg whites
and yolks and beat the wMtes to a
Ftlff froth. Heat the yolks icatil lemon
colored and thick and mix with the
whites. Add a scant cupful of sugar
and beat for several minutes. Add
seven tabtespoonfuls of cold water
and heat again. Add a scant, teaspoon
ful flavoring and, lastly, one cupful
flour sifted with one teaspoonful bak-
ing Avder and a pinch of salt. Fold
in 1flour and bakje In two or three
layers, as desired.
people interested in a "nmmerci
al education are finding out that
life is too short and time too
valuable to spend from nine to
twelve months taking a course of
Boek keeping and Shorthand,
also spending $1"2T) to £11.) more
for general expanse and tuition,
which are necessary with <■ th r
schools teaching other systems.
They are learning that it is :i
positive fact that we can givn
them a better course in half the
lime with the famous Byrne Sim
piitied Shorthand and Practical
bookkeeping that is required bv
schools teaching other systems
They are also tinding out that a
graduate who has the training
given by those practical modern
systems obtains a better salary
than one graduating from a
1 Jcnnessey.
Leave Your Whiskers
Basement Barber Shop
Neat B;ith Room in Connection
Dad & Ed, Proprietors
using old and dilticult i si|verWnre, cut gliss, in sh irt
systems Weguar; u ee a bette . tiling you may need.
course in less time, at a i-x ^ye appret iate the season's necessi-
pense, and a better job with ■'j f()r prti;Ti|,t ami tictmrate servie.'
better salary than any I jhjg time and pledUe ourselves to
school using other systems. j serve y0l, t() t|ie i)est ,,f ()ur abilities.
Fill in name, address and,
course interested in, and mail to
and the various affections of
the throat, chest and lungs.
We handle nothing but hest at
Sanrs Dru£ Store.
"TSte Secret of Success is
Constancy of Purpose"
It has always been the steadfast
purpose of this house to supply, its
customers with the most stylish,
snappiest, newest goods at prices
that are reasonable.
Constancy to this purpose has built
a system of stock and sinue which
j we place at your disposal with the
j fullest confidence that we can aid
j you. But don't lose sight of the
fact that wl1 have sup erior stock in
I watches, solid and gold filled jewelry,
Mound City Paints ma.y cost a
trille more, but!— Long-Bell
Lumber Cnmpanv.
United States Land ana
Irrigation Exposition
Chicago Coliseum
November 19 to December 4, IS19
Rock Island Lines have a comprehen-
sive exhibit showing in a novel way the won-
derful development along its lilies.
U. S. vJovernment exhibit and lectures.
A. 11A LL. Defendant. )
I Thenl'ove named defendant, C. A.Bali,
I will tnk( notice that he has been sued by
the plaint ill, K. B. Harris, in tht* justice
|«'ou*t of Hennessey City Townsl .l' >, Kin^-
j lisl vr County, Oklahoma, in an ju tion for
1 da na^es for the sum of $100.0(1 and for
| COf- ts.
You ore 'urther notified th it oroi^rty
■ .iikI moneys behm^im' to you hav • been
! it; i lad and tfarnasheed it id it i order
i gani • iheed
I imo icie uauus 01 tne court
I l;ii said cause is set for h©f.r Jifc be-
I fore i e, K K. Swim, justice of the |H ace,
ai m> ottiee in Hennessey, t^ouc tyi f Kiiul-
iisher and state ol OklaJionia, on Thurs-
day, the fifteenth dav of Deee .nber, 1910.
at ti a o'clock a. m. of said day. That
unit > you apoear and defenc said ri'tion
or ti e plaintiff that judjji lent w Jl be
rem i red against you for One tlui tired
iHiIlars, the full amount of the clain of
! the p aim iff, and costs of th ■ action and
mora ys tfnrnasheed aoplk* by the i )urt
t« il e payment of said judgment and
I costs. E. u. iahhis,
liy F. w. WYLIE,
Attorne / for FlaintifT.
e. E. swim.
Justice ol the Peace.
e Stock
I Capital City Busme
To Prep.ire a Bird.
He sure the bird Is a tender one
(squab or quail); boil it carefully or
cook It whole In this manner: I lit
into a close covered vessel holding
little boiling water and place It over
a v •" hot tire, steam it for a few rc'u
ute. Jen brown It in the oven, bast j , ,
lug \r. .frequently; serve a tomato, cur i C^Utlirit*, Okla., and leieiv 1 "
rar t jelly or wine sauce around It. A |()tr- getting forth plainly why W
vt cue I Ml MtUt j affor(j to make tie abov
claims with regard to our sys-i
terns and the amount of time and j
money we can save you Also]
) read our Cash Guarantee of £100 ,
four of our catalog,
ui sued
with a little -ftator U very
Wecordtially invite our friends
call and in 'uect our line,
S^eal tfstatc Agent.
Baked Bean Sandwlchet.
Rub one cupful of oold baked beans
througj'i a sieve, season to tastn, add a
teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley,
the of chopped celery, and a lit-
tle pre pared niust8.rU Spread upon
thin bu ttered Bllcen of bread, and cut
Into any desired form.
Sauce for Puddings.
Took one cup of mcdasaes with a
tablespoon of vlngar and a saltspoon
of salt for a few minutes . add a table^
•poon of gutter mid serva.
on pa^re
which guarantees that every
Htatement it contains is trut- and
Name .
Course Interested i .
liear FarmersiV Merohonts Hanlf
international Live
Chicago Union Stock Yards
November 26 to
December 3, 1910
Greatest Show of Its Kind in
the World
You cannot affrrj t3 niM tlicss events.
They are interesting and instructive.
Ailc Rock Island
Ticket Agent for
Kntlre ilnio devoted to the practice
Twentv-llvo years experience.
I,uive*t Library in Western okla-
Kingfisher, Okla.

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