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The Hennessey Clipper
Oklahoma Temperance Workers
Are Against Haskell's Plan.
Guthrie, Oklahoma , March 14
—There are many citizens
throughout Oklahoma who be
lieve that inasmuch as the peo
pie hive voted for constitutional
prohibition, there should be no
compromise of any kind wiih
the liquor traffic and that pro-
hibition should be as genuine as
possible. They feel that the
best way to bring this about is
to restrict the legitimate sale of
intoxicants to' the compounding
of prescriptions for medical pur-
poses by apothecaries and to
scientific purposes in laborator-
ies. This would forbid the sale
of intoxicants, except in medi-
cines, on physicians' prescrip-
tions, and compel every person
seeking to get liquor for bever-
age purposes to make his pur
chases in outside states and have
it consigned as an interstate
commerce shipment.
Such persons are asking for
the defeat of a dispensary system
as proposed in the state legisla
ture and as indorsed by Govern
or C. N. Haskell and the Rev. E.
C. Dinwiddie, superintendent of
the Oklahoma Anti Saloon league.
Governor Haskell asserts that
means fur the purchase of in-
toxicants for legitimate purpos
es are as essential as a law for
the enforcement of prohibition,
and that a dispen sary system or
something like it is imperative.
Under the constitution all laws,
except emergency laws, do not
become operative until ninety
days after the final adjou rnment
of the legislature. Should the
legislature declare a law to be an
emergency law, it is effective im
mediately upon its passage in the
legislature and its approval by
the governor. The referendum
is withheld, however, from emw
gency laws. There is no opposi
tion to making prohibitory en-
forcement an emergency, but a
dispensary system has so many
experimental features that many
citizens are unwilling to consent
to its enactment aa an emergency
law. Governor Haskell contends
that the referendum may be ap-
plied to emergency measures,
and has promised that if the
fight on the adoption of the dis
pensary system under the
emergency clause is stopped, he
will join in submitting the dis-
pensary law to the people at the
election next fall under the re
In both the democratic and re
publican parties are men who as
sert that in the appointment of
dispensers the governor would
build up a dangerous and vicious
personal political machine, and
that in every county in time
would be an organization repre-
senting the liquor dealers that
would be as powerful as the
saloon element in city wards.
Furthermore, by paying a com
mission to dispensers 011 liquors
sold in lieu of spe:ilic salaries,
as is proposed, and giving the
state a percentage of the profits,
the radical prohibitionists feel
the sting of the accusation that
they would be puticipants as
citizens of the state in the saloon
business. To provide a stock of
liquors is contemplated. This is
galling to the radical prohibi
tionists, who realize that they
would be taxed to start the dis
pensaries, or state saloons, in
business. It is practically a
certainty, however, that the
legislature will create a dispens
ary system.
Teddy's Job.
(By Harry Alexander Moore, in
Kansas City Star.)
One day he
Dined with Booker T.
And that is all
They can recall,
Or use against,
Or hold ferninst
The President.
Or what he meant;
And should he strike
Some fraud they liue,
On this event
They will comment,
For that is all
They can recall
To use against,
Or hold ferninst
The President,
Or what he Meant.
He'll dig a ditch
For ev'ry nation,
And open it
To navigation;
He mends a hitch
With just equation
'Twixt fighting kings,
By arbitration;
He'll bust a trust
Or spike a strike,
Or spot a graft
That always laughed
At those who tried '
To get its hide.
And lighting quick
The great "Big Stick"
Comes down a whack
. On guilty back;
And when railroads
Make such inroads
On equal Rights
He ups and fight,?;
He put his bill
Right through the mill,
And now of late
That old rebate
Is certainly
High up a tree;
And so with Oil
His hands he'll soil;
The Octopus
Now makes a fuss
Where once its plan
Was that no man,
Much bigger than
The President,
And that it meant
A finish ti^ht
To win the Right;
So Teddy, true,
Took up the cue,
And how he flew
Last year or two.
I haven't time
From making rhyme
To make the race
To land the place;
But Taft can smile
And all the while
Hold on the lid
As Teddy did
On those who tried
The shells to hide
When they were caught
With egfjs not bought.
No! not for me!
This job that he
Holds down so well
My head would swell
And run me daft;
But maybe Taft
Is big enough
Of fiber tough,
To hold it down
Without a frown;
No! not for me!
I'd rather be
A stander-by
And see fur My
The way it Hew
Last year or two.
Kingfisher county Normal In-
stitute from June 15th to July
10th this year.
Geo. E. Mooke.
Co. Supt.
Republican Platform Adapted at
Oklahoma City.
Be it resolved that we, the re
publicans of Oklahoma, in state-
convention assembled, re-atlirm
our devotion to the cardinal
principles of our party which
have unanswerably proven to be
conducive to good government,
national prosperity, peace and
We most heartily endorse the
splendid and patriotic adminis-
tration of President R >>sevelt.
The rights of the common people
during his administration have
been recognized and sustained
is never before in the history of
our nation.
Logically, we believe the Hon-
orable William H. Taft to follow
in line of the great Roosevelt as
the candidate of the reou'ohcan
party for the presidency of the
United States. We have in him
the ideal American citizen, broad
guaged and fully equipped with
the knowledge of the great pro
jects_ of reform1 in government
now under way. In executive
experience second to none in the
nation; witha practical knowledge
of our government arid all 'gov-
ernments, of judicial tempera
ment and experience, we cordial
ly endorse his candidacy, riot at
the behest of particular individ-
uals, thinking to reap personal
benefit, or that this endorse
ment is the elfcsct of their work,
but because we, representing the
wishes of the rank and file of
our party, in Oklahoma.' would
inform the nation at large of
our preference far this great
It is our firm conviction that
there could ba no safer or more
sxperienced statesm m to guide
>urnational destinies. And in
furtherance of these sentiments,
vehereby instruct our delegates,
"heir alternates or proxies, to
the national republican conven-
tion to cist their votes for every
proposition favorable to the
nomination of William H. Taft
fir president.
We endorse the splendid
record of Honorable Bird S Mc
iuire, the republican representa-
tive from Oklahoma in congress
We stand in favor of the strict
enforcement of all the provisions
if our constitution and our
statutory laws so long as such
.jrovisions rem lin a pirt, of the
law ol our state and we oppose
my evasion of such constitution
il provisions or statutory laws
through loose or unguarded
legislation open to abuse or con
struetion permitting the violation
>f any such l aw or constitutional
Woile the ponstitutien permits
he legislature to provide for the
s tie of intoxicating liquors
through a dispjnsary system,
ve are opposed to the state itself
Decerning a party to any such
traffic, thereby milking ou rselves,
our wives and children, j lint
jartners in the sale of liquor,
Mid our property responsible in
my way for the maintenance of
such system.
In view of the fact that the
lemocratic party- in this state
openly threatens to disfranchise
t ie colored voters of this state
by the passage of a "Grandfath-
er law," we | iin with the repjb
icarts of the state of Ohio in their
iemand for the reduction of the
representation in congress am''!
the electoral ic illege, irji all states
f this Union where white and
olored citizens are disfranchised
to the end that the fourteenth
intendment to the constitution
if the United States may be en
forsed according to its letter
and spirit.
We denounce the unpatriotic
iction of Governor C. N Haskell
n refusing the national flag pre
sented by the ladies of the Grand
Army of the republic to float
over the state house. Such re
fusal was an insult to those
noble women and a misrepre
sentation of the people of Okla
honia who stand for the flag and
its brave defenders and for all it
represents as the symbol of the
greatest power on earth.
We condemn the democratic
state administration and the
present democratic legislature
for the creation of useless officers
iVnd for these evtravaganeies in
.-'tate government burdening the
people of the state with extor
tionate and unbearable taxation.
NO. 43
Li A N K
At the Close of Business, Monday, Feb. 3,
OVKHllUArrs tt-eu ra
PltKMIlTM ON II S ItnNDH 900 00
Uank House Kitknitukk& Fixtures 10,000 in)
(Tnitki> Statics IIonim 25,000 uO
s Pkr Cent. Kbdemition Fund 1,880fu
TOTAL : iw, 20001
Capital Stock e tt.ocoun
Surplus Undivided Profits Nct 0,151
25,000 to
: : 1431.114 gH
TOTAL II99, (06 01
The above statement Is correct.
K. B. COCKUELL, Cashier.
I Circulation
1 Deposits ,
Thomas Turk of Laccy Township
Missing—Foul Play Suspected.
Waukomis Hornet: Mrs. J.
H. Croft was, in Tuesday and re
ports that her son, Tlios. Turk,
has been missing since the 30th
day of January. 0 i tint d*y he
went to sell his team and some
implements to a man by the
name of Leggett who lives near
Lacey, ten iniles west of Hennes
Say. Legget says that he paid
Turk the money for the team
and that he started to walk home
Mr. Kennett, who keeps the
store at Lacey, says that he saw
Turk at the store just before
sundown, tint,he, after stopping
a few minutes started north
followed by his faithful dog.
This is the last trace of him
Turk is an old bachelor and lived
alone, except the companionship
of his dog, four miles northwest
of Lacey, where he owns a tSO acre
farm. Not having heard from
him his folks became uneasy
and a search of his home reveal
ed his absence. Leggett told
his folks that he said he was
going out to Beaver county to
stay with a neighbor that had
recently moved there, but a
letter from the neighbor says he
has not seen him. The neighbors
have taken the matter in hand
and searching parties are look
ing for the missing man. He is
48 years old, black h iir and
beard, rather slim, having been
in poor health. Everything was
found at his home just as though
he had left for a short visit. M rs.
Croft fears that he has been
murdered. Parties near Lacey
are under suspicion and if Turk
is not found soon arrests will be
Annual Examination of Applicants
For Common School Diplomas.
Wili be held at trie following
named places in the county on
Thursday and Friday, April 9th
and 10th.
Kingfisher, at the County Super-
indent's office.
Hennessey at the school building.
Dover " " " "
Okarche ' " " " "
Omega " " " "
Cashion " " " "
Lacey "• " " "
Kiel " "
Wandel " " " "
Dist. 68 ' " " " "
Dist. 107 " " " "
Dist. 109 " " "
Dist. 23 " " " "
Dist 19 " "
Dist 25
Dist 118 " "
Dist 98 - " "
Alpha •" " " "
Examination fee is 50c. Ex
animation begins promptly at
8:110 a in. and closes at 4:45 p tn
each day. Applicants should' be
supplied with pen, ink, and
paper as the papers are required
to be written in ink.
Agriculture w'll not be one of
the required branches this year.
GEO. E Moojik,
County Superintendent
If in need of Dental work call
on Dr. Merrill the Dentist
Office in the Brees building.
Mr. Goodnight is visiting his
parents in Kansas this week.
F. Bertwell and wife art' farm
ing tliis week.
Ira Hawk is the happy possess-
or of a new covered spring wag-
S. L Thomson came over
from Stillwater last week looking
after affairs here.
Oat sowing is going to be late,
we fear, on account so much
Mrs. Francis Hughs of King-
fisher is visiting friends and
relatives here this week.
L Cross white and wife of
Bridgport came up last Wednes-
day to attend his sister's wed-
Henry John of Fargo and Chas.
John of Longdale, visited their
mother Mrs. M. Newberry and
other relatives here last week.
Ralph Burner was seriously
hurt, by one of the pupils throw,
ing ti small rock and striking
him in the head cutting a large
gash 111 his scalp last Thursday.
There was baptizing services
near the home of M r. Grissom
ast Sunday after church. Those
baptised were Henry Wright,
Harley Cline and wife, Miss Lena
and Bethel Blakely.
Clark Burdg and family went
to their new home at Harper last
week. We will greatly miss such
good people from our vicinity,
and we truly wish them success
and happiness in their new home
Mrs. John Taggert received
the sad news of the death of her
father Mr. Daugherty of lola,
Kansas, last Thursday and im
mediately started for that place.
Mrs. Taggert has our heartfelt
sympathy in this her great sor
row and loss of a good father.
School Land Commission
Absolute Control of All
School Land.
Guthrie, Oleta , M irch 7.—In a
dscisiou issued this afternoon,
Attorney General West, states
that the laud offiae shall have
sole charge of tin sale, rental,
and disposal of school and othe
public lands in the state. Also
to have sole charge of funds de
rived from school and other pub
lie lands in Oklahoma, such con-
trol to be held by rules and reg
ulations prescribed by legisla-
ture providing the legislature has
no right to dispose of the funds
except in a general way. The
substance of the decision is that
this gives the school land com-
mission absolute control of all
school and other public lands in
YEAR FOR $2.75.
Great Bargain Price for Oklaho-
ma's Pioneer Daily, Pending
Establishment of Cash-
in-Advance Plan.
On April 17, 1908, The Daily
State Capital will establish the
cash in advance policy. At that
time all Daily subscribers who
are not paid in advance will be
cut off the list.
In the meantime, to make it
easy for all to pay in advance,
PRICES have been inaugurated.
Until April 17, 1908, all who will
pay all dues at the regular rate
of $4.00 a year, can get the Daily,
BY MAIL ONLY, by payment in
advance, as follows:
Daily for one year
Daily for six months
Daily for three months
Daily for one month
Send in your check at once to
The State Capital Co., Subscrip
tion Department, with all back
dues, if an old subscriber, or if a
new subscriber only the Bargain
Price for the time you desire.
twenty-four weekly bar-
The State Capital also is offer-
ing Twenty-four attractive bar-
gains on its Weekly. Send for
circulars and particulars.
We want a solicitor on every
rural route in Oklahoma. A
chance to make some easy money.
Liberal commissions. Write for
details, giving reference.
The State Capital Company,
'Guthrie, Okla.
1 50
If you have received your state-
ment of subscription account
don't lay it aside "for a more
convenient season, "but fix up
your remittance and forward it
without delay. "Delays are
Seed Oats.
we have a few hundred bushel
of Red rust-proof Oats, for sale.
Stau Mill & Rlkvatoh Co.
1 will sell mv school lease the
NW i, 36-19 (i, 7$ iniles SE of
Hennessey, very cheap. There
are over 2 miles of 4. wire fenc
ing. Good Granaries, stables,
wells, and other improvements.
For particulars call on
MYRON SMITH, Hennessey, Okla.
Hennessey, - Okla.
office upstairs ovkr first
national hank building.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office: Oklahoma Avenue.
Office 'Phone 21. Residence 'Phone 24.
MITM v. . nvl AHOMA.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office and residence In Douthltt brick build-
In#. 011 Suuih Main St. 1 door north of opeia
Devotes Specal Attention lo Chronic
Equipped with latest Electrical, X-Kay, Static
Hot Air and Nebulizing Appliances.
office i door south of Clipper office. 'Phon^on
Stevens & Moore,
. ... Attorneys-at- Law
Notary 111 Office.
Solicits Your Transfer
Business /'hone 775
Prompt attention to Orders will be given.

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