The Hennessey Clipper. (Hennessey, Okla.), Vol. 11, No. 24, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 8, 1900 Page: 4 of 8

William He Kin ley Elected President of the
States by an increased vote over 1806.
Broke in our store last Friday night and took what they could carry of our
best Overcoats and Suits. You could hardly blame them for it though.
Our clothing salesman exposed a lot of our finest Overcoats and Suits in
_____________ the front windows and the temptation was too great.
Bryan Gains in the Cast, hut not enough in any state to chaise the electoral 1 herc is lots 'lifference in clothing, and a man who knows enough to
steal knows the difference.
Vote--McKinley Gains Several States in the West, including Nebraska.
flynn Returns to Congress
By a Majority not so Great as in i8q8.
Republicans Claim both branches of the Legislature in Oklahoma as follows:!
Lower House, 17 republicans, 9 democrats; Council, 7 rep, 6 dem.
Texas Goes Democratic, and Perhaps Arkansas.
Office, upstair* in corner bri<*k building.
trance from opera hon*" stairway |
or south side of building.
Knterni ,he! Belsha/zar is Not the Only Demo-
post office ut HennesKey. O. T.
Editor and Publisher
irat Who Sees the Hand-writ
inn on the Wall.
County Officers
Will Be
Flynn's YiajoiiLy.
The vote 011 Flynn and Neff is
estimated its follows i.t the re-
publii 1111 lieadqi arters, but we
tliinU that Flynn's majority lms
been slif^h ly over estimated.
I leaver
i Kuv
I Noble.
I 'awnee
Excepting Probate Judge, Coro
ner, Wclglicr and Com-
Co Trons II. Utterback
County Clerk J. E. Burns
lleg. of Deeds C. H. Miller
Sheriff W. 11. Ke.lley
Co. Assessor Davit! Schmidt
Pro Judge S. Saunders
Co. Att'y \V. W. Noffsinger
Co Supt G. I). Moss
Co Surveyor A. E. Stalnaker
Oo Wjjli'r A. L. Blackford
Com. Mehew
Com. Hawkins
Com. Davis
< 'oroner Share
Iiep 1 r>th dist 1). II. VanKirk
liep ltith dist W. C. Stevens
Council Nth dist 1<\ L. Winkler
As advertised the election re
turns were displayed on tli.
north side of Block's building by *,|:'ut
means of a stereo])ticon. The (<arlicld.
j machine was made ready early
in the evening and when the first
1 dispatch came in from New York
lat 7:1> it was promtly thrown 011
the screen.
| A crowd of several hundred
people had already assembled
and were waiting for news of the
"Last Battle," and when the
news came, showing a small gain
for Bryan in several precincts in
New York, the way the crowd.or
a ix>rtion of it, whooped 'or up
wasn't slow.
The macmne worked nicely but
dispatches were slaw, but the
>8 j crowd continued to grow until
there must have been seven or
> , I eight hundred people on the street
'' reading the bulletins. The first
1 .lincoln
Li >gan
Wood ward
Roger Mills
This is the first Ef-cct.
There is one thing positive, the people are going to have some of our
j clothing it seems, and we have decided to arrange the price so no one will be
compelled to steal them.
You will find no better opportunity to
cloth your boys warmly and with that
neat dressy appearance than we are just
now able to offer. REMEMBER the cloth-
ing for the little fellows are all made by
Hrs JANE HOPKINS and if they rip she
says she will mend 'em and sew on the
Bring the little boys in and fit them up; let the big boys take caie of
themselves It's like a duck going to water.
Open till 11 p. m. Saturdiy.
fred Ehier Dry Goods Co.
Can Send
Your Children
To our store with as
much assurance of
as though you came yourself.
We are never too busy to be polite
Never too tired to wait on a customer
West Side Main St., hennessey, 0. T.
\Ynew .you *aij; > uuy a niu ui
Lumber, dou't forget to c. 11 on
4^ * t.
- i«)
•1j 3 Bed Couche
1 choice *10.
-50 1 China Closet worth fcilO
.lioo $"5.00.
r,(| 4 Br.iwnley Rugs at cost.
, worth £1 I.your
Bryan's Bacon Burned.
There is considerable talk-
since the election about Bryan's
prospects. To the ordinary ob-
server of politics they are not in
Little Rock., Ark., Nov. 7.
Chief Engineer Moliter, of the
few dispatches had democratic Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf
tendencies, but soon the current railroad, to day announced that,
changed and while in some of the since the presidential election is
states giving Mcliinley big ma- over, the company will probably
jorities in !>ti Bryan made gains, begin, within sixty days, about
it was soon apparent that he 175 miles of extensions. He
could by no possible means win announced that the line from
New York. Hartshorn to Ardmore, I. T., will
Then came telegrams giving be built as soon as preliminary
to McKinley Indiana' Illinois, legal matters can be arranged.
Kansas, Ohio, Maryland and The distance will be 1"0 miles.;
Nebraska,all claimed by the dem- An extension from Weatherford;
00rats, and when in the room about fifty miles westward, will
where the telegrams were re-j be built, enlarging the com
ceived Central Committeeman 1 pany's interests in western Okla-
Blackburn turned his face to the lioma. This is the tirst authori-
wall. lie had only sympathetic tative statement made in the
friends around him. press. Wichita Eagle.
At about l:"dn. in., when there
seemed to he milv a very fewdoz-j
All odd Window shades 25c.
Some worth 75c.
1 '2 ti-foot Extension Tables, e.<
tra heavy, si. 115.
15 doz Bow Back Chairs 50c
10 dz I spindle, solid seat, fiOc.
" doz 4-spindle, perfo seat, 80c.
5 doz Oak Cane seat $1.00 each.
6 French Mirror Dressers it
$7,011 each.
Iron and Wood Beds at cost.
Carpets sold to tit your room
at " per cent above cost. (50j
samples on exhibition showing
(54 s(j. yds. of each piece in sight.1
Yours for Biz.,
Ixo ClcL ZE3©llQ,"ble
wno C'AKMK.s A FULL UNI OK -t ■
Luj-.ibef, Sash, Doors, Blipds,
D. M. Armstrong. Agent for Acme Cement Plaster.
He can and will cave you monpy and guarantee satisfaction
Physician and Surgeon.
Special attention riven to Surgery and
>FFI('K Second door west Rhodes Hotel.
Push door bell for night call only.
•©"On all bills not paid in 30 days interest will bt oh rj;f-d
Varti' \Vo«t Fourth Str.vr |I..nn, .<j
mi spectators on the street,
sight. A few still contend stereopticoii was moved into
that he will again be his party's
nominee in 1904, and will be
elected by a great majority.
They are mistaken in the first
proposition, consequently there
is no bottom to the second.
ojiera house, and then
minds the story of the tisli-
es and the loaves, for out of the
I remnants there seemed to come
more than the principal. The
opera house was packed and
jamed until it was impossible to
Another proposition was, that get in the door. The dispatches
if defeated for the presidency j were received and displayed un-
tile boy orator would be elected til seven o'clock this morning, a
bv the
representative in
the United States.
the senate
of I
large part of the audience remain-
ing until it was
from Hennessey, Monday
Nov. "ith, one sorrel mart
years old, saddle and
marks, cut in the front of the
left hind knee with wire, weight
nine or ten hundred. One black-
horse, thin, about same size as
mare. Both had halters on and
niare had chain on halter. Liber-
al reward for return to Lewis's
blacksmith simp.
A. (I. Bower.
eight The Hock Island Issues <i Valuable
through with.
The merchants and business
I here again, i men who donated to the fund for
there is no possibility of a show, furnishing the bulletins free of
as the legislature, fi
ports will he republican.
Bryan is dead, dead, dead.
His party knows it its leaders
have known it for a long time,
and he knows it now. He will
have to step down and out to
make room for a better man,
perhaps David B. Hill. A new
party is talked of being orgs.n i With Flynn in congress and
ized from the ranks of the ]>op- both houses republican it will be
ulist and democratic parties, and (jiieer il Oklahoma does not get
he njnv join that, but he will statehood and that pretty quick-
never be its leader. '|y.
'charge deserve the sincere
| thanks of the people. The
I scheme was a unique one and
everything worked nicely.
Plans had been made to have
the ti legranis during Wednesday
come tn lloppe A' Conley's sa-
j loon, but for some reason or
iother they failed to materialize.
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum.
£ powders are the greatest
health of the present day. !
Alum bakin;
menacers to
rovai baking pcwt* r>., new vopk.
which IS inni.-.lse ilerl,,* ille.l notice of h s intention named settler has llled notice of .lis Intent on
jo make ti k.i 1 |t--* >, >f m Mujiwrt of his claim, and to make linal proof In support of his claim and
to pub Hi ll-.1.1 |... rr I.C mmle before rfeisirr or that said proof will be made before lieSisler
receiver at kingfisher on January ^'M. ISHil viz: and Receiver at Enid on December 15 1IW0
Margret Plotner H. E. UilOH 1 vlz
for tho >
Book for f rec Distri-
"The <Iklahoma ()]>portunity,"
is the title of a new publication
just issued by the passenger de-1
jjartment of theKock Island rail-i
load. I he new book is a valu-! First published in thk ci.ippbr Oct. ih, moo,
able one and deals exclusively Notice eor Publication.
with the Kiowa, Comanche and
Apache reservation,
soon to be opened
lie settlement. The contents
of the book is made up of facts
regarding the reservation, its
laws, hov; to obtain a home, the
climate, resources, and contains i si-im
a general description of the coun-
try. A large map is folded in
the bat-k of the book, and shows
the location of the reservation
and surrounding country, to-
gether with towns located, course
of rivers, Wichita mountains, etc.
The Iiock Island has the only
line into the reservation, its route
lying within the reservation sev-
eral miles south of the north
boundary line. The book is for
The Eli
E. fl. BARNUM, Prop.
Transferring & Hauling^
Will do your work promptly, carefully and reasonably,
First published in the Olippvr Oct. 4. 90u.
Notice for Publication.
lice at Kinirtlsher.O. T . Sept IH.l'.xm 1 Land Ofllce at F.nld.O T . Sent II iona
is hei el>\ K'iv * i that tho following- Notice Is hei ebv wive ti that the
Abigail Howard,
for the N. W. 4, Sec ;i2. twp 20 N. It 5 W.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon ami cultivation
of. said land, viz:
\ 4 lots and 4 See. •>, 118 r8, \.,
the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. said land, viz:
William K Kobinson, William Downer, Hiram , ,,
Hendetson Mil Troyer. all of Hennessey C harles H. Urewer. Oliver Funston. Joseph
, Carson, Abner V. Uurrows. all of Sheridan.
KMOUY I> H1IOWNLMK. Uegister. q
First published in the Omppbr Nov. 1, 1900.
In .J istice Court in and for Hennessey city
twp. Kingfisher county. Oklahoma Territory,
befoi«■ Il K. \ an Trees, Justice of the Peace.
W. 11 D.-ennan and J W. Smith
Partners us Drennan Smith, I
First published in Thk Cuppih Oot.25. 1900.
Notick for Publication.
Land Ottlce at Enid. O. T., Oct 20 itioo
Notice is hereby given that the following,
named sutler has tiled notice of he Intention
to make dual proof in support of h« f •laim.aiiM
W. T. Dillon and J. D Dillon. i I te? lVl,J 5® before the regis-
Defendants. ! I ,U1 Enid. T.. on December
To \V. T. Dillon Vou are hereby notified ; '***'• v^:
that vou have been s.ied and must answer the I J HONll
petition IlleU by t he plalntlfls oo or before the , " ' i t ,,
1-tV, d i.'of recember. ifttxi. or the petition formerly SflMill J. Todd.
• ; the 8 B H moN ti0u,r6w.
: ind defendant#^ I en the foliowioK wltne^e* to ptoy
111 M n ln* !l - '. ^Vi^ou^residence upon and cultivation
? W Sperry, I*euja-
•es ...:8on, uLl of
account of
tiffs to di-
stance and
„f"- IS oi Mii.l land. \u.

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