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Entered as Second Class matter at
the Post Office at Tulsa. Okla . under
Act of March 8. 1878
three months. 85 cents
Population of Tulsa—no»----M.000
Population of Tulsa—19?0-----100,000
It ts one oi the fundamental
octrincs of this government, and
Published JReeUj on Prdlaj-t at upon which the 1 *etn -cratic
Tulsa. Otla '
Subscription Rates l,art.v has >" 1 !1« sto J anJ c ?1*
HOOayear. 50 cents for si* months tended lor a- being e"ential and
fundamental to our national exis-
tence, is that the power belong'
to the jxrople, and is opposed to a
strong centralized government.
The Oklahoma legi'taiurr now believing it to be dangerous. and
foreign to our policy of govern-
ment to place too much power in
'the hands of one man
Bresident \\ ilson enjoys the j This usury business is not alone
full confidence of the American [confined to individuals, but the
people. As president he has ask-
ed for an unusual concentration
nf jaiwer in his hands, and one
which, when granted is \eri li-
able to lead to an international
bridge funds during the (crisis that might otherw ise be
la»t \ ear. If we are not mistaken [avoided To grant the president
Si Avery manipulated the build- i power to arm merchant ships in
ing of six miles of road near Sper- its self would not be bad, but we
rv H w much did it cost must remember that when this is
g «s time will give to the readers of
l ast Mi r.dav the Arkansas t rth, with the full assurance that ;the- Critic the names of those who
.■ ,!t •, , v \d tw -t u* ts Uncle Sam will back them up are engaged in this unlawful and
■ . p . [, v iu. , . t.v had .should s me indiscreet and irre tni'criptural business. When
been in.'. cte.i "for bribery This -ponsible per* .n fire a gun into - timet "as here on earth, he
August body did not foil w the - nte German vessel. When this'dr ve these white-washed rascals
• rece lent established by l-'unny 1 wer is granted to the president, ut of the temple with a scourge
Funk. • Tulsa, .r 1 sa\ "You it results in placing the power t whip cords When we begin
an i incentive in the hands of the these modern Shy locks will set up
legislature now
< in which i
reward of $100
arine boat cap-
rican from the
to settle our differences. It is
easy to et into a scrap but it will
Cost millions in lives and morev „
. )U* E'ery oner in a »hU* you see some
get out. thin* by one of the sob squad writers
- about mother and be*r hardship* and
I Ai|k| R AMHITX anerlfiiw* Just yesterday I cam-
Lvrail U.illUl IJ aero.* one of said articles calculated
_ to bring atinrtng tears to the eyes
1 here is a law on the statutes ‘,bou' nio,h"r n*‘ver TI
... . , cations, etc
: kUh nik enacted r the Admitting tjiat all that can tx- ga.d
' • pr tecting the poor m mug atovt wtot mUir endure, u tratifb empprn
ex - ta-" -ate • iter- ’he lues nil a !anu u quite ’rue ar.d sxa‘c Via I RAUtK siurrLO
est harged by the unscrupulous Jbrn nome l reftue to accept the dole- TWENTY years in MISSOURI
' . ! p ‘ :*“* '**e. if t» chance n .Ker l.»e» while on his wav to TULSA and
i.t oandit , within the lure of tht* mow?? or th?
Old Trader’s
Old TRADER is no BENE-
BILL STONE of the show rr.e"
1,1 ' '* ' " —• —...... »unin me lure oi me mower or in- u . .v... a c-ct
' ' W ’ll !-\t a i ply their call of the club Therefore this la- ”* “J* tlJat the peop.e on
q|s| >. •: c i them Jeremiad about mother and !.»r la, a t-AKTH .:ve in the mountains ct
. . •» ,t.r cl , in of plea-ure ha- mapired ih- full, a.r.g South Missouri. Old Trader be-
V ~ ' ' ' for «hnh I offer no apoloev -- - **ras» nu .. ------ ----...
this county, ar
at ha' become
of money paid r
Who lr it rises with the dawn
And labors hard with brain and bras
From early l.*ht U!1 nucht has come
With »earv heart and fingers numb*
banks, many of them loan money
at a ruunous rate The farmers.
mo»t of them, are compelled to
lairrow money in .order to make
a crop, and on this money they
will l»e required to pay a rate of
interest that it will nearly con-
sume the entire crop.
\A e have been compiling some
ita along this one and in a 'hi,rt I Who is it carries out the trash.
Who Is tt finds the ready cash
And sews the button? on his shin
mg WELCH is very anxious to
help his cousin Lloyd George out
as soon as it is possible to do so.
But he says be fair!! Let those
who will have to die in the trench-
es say when they want war. for
he says that DICTATORS sel-
dom DIE on the BATTLE-
If war is really necessary, then
w^l all be in the FRONT
TRENCH We will not only go
where the flag goes but we will
While Mi »nh Ma-ierimca d.» - flirt * CARRY THE STARS and
Who is it tends the furnace fire.
And heaps the coal and kindling hi*n-
That Ma can sit in sweet content
With all her mind on culture bent*
Who is it sits behind a ca*e
.And carries home his little »age
Who *oes with trocer lee- ail frayed.
So Mother can aftord a maid*
t'C of the "shooting
at s
lv who lives in Tul-
a drug store a few
purchase a bath
she made the ludi-
ikc to say to the
y - c man clerk “Please give me
a -e rge hath “ The young man
collapsed, hut we hear he will
likely reo \ er We will give
tern p.
An indescreet editor in the » t>-
. »rt of the state a few .lav *
ago published the Ten Com-
mandments in his paper, thinking
they would t*e news to a good
many ■ f hi- reailer- The next
morning nine irate readers were
waiting for him at his office and
each one demanded an apology,
thinking the editor meant this j.
a personal reflection
gunners on these vessels to implt- an altitudinous howl
cate us in w ar. for should he . *t-
|rightfully or wrongfully use the
p wer thu- placed in his hands of
the president, and fire a shot, that j
of itself w uld be a declaration of 1 ... .
Iwat an I involve the whole conn- , ’ ,ne <* the ■»?* P^
try in a desolate war of destruc- *«“ ■ !" coo<nmtmg the people
tl n of Oklahoma is that ot the tenant
It is null wonder that Bill ^e often fee! v^ery reluct-
- uri, at:: A at laman •*»» truth
f Mississippi should hesitate t. |ab£* ' ur tenanti
. the president ' Jher' ,s noT ,n 'h.s state 110.-
tenanu N qxKStxm cmn be
I< f this c< on try think tl ev ^.“9" >ntport»nce than this, at
St right - . " ' : : x f»™ercan | -- ■
gress Pr 'P"" when he » compelled to
cording to the constituti na! ( r
y ision therefor. Let it lie done di
rectly and by the proper au h
ity. and not delegate this pov
to some gunner on some a”
I isten for "*' ‘l nev^r (tet» a lau(ib
1 Whene'er at home he trie* to chaff,
! Who eats the fluaM of the hen
: Who ante* the checks out with h:?
—Why —Father
Who ta it tries to pay the debts.
While Ma it is the nea clothes feu.
Who Is it aalt* the floor at nicht
Who aome* till the break o light *
Who it it. ahen the weather s hot.
And Ma ar.d children leave the spot.
Keeps i•eggin' on mid sweat and heat
So Ma can have a rest complete
Who is It when the weather's cold
Must venture out in shoes re-soled,
"ate "e-’hird of his time work- who l* ;l »rar» his las' ’ear s coat.
; In short who is the Family Loat
—Why —Father
it _ for ' > : ndlord
\\ ith 11 000 farmers paying
. j:r undlords, presents a de-
'ploralde . ’ndition in this state—-
Eld S 1 Hinkle, one of the
ablest preachers of the loiter Day
church, ha- located tn Tul-
-a a-. ! will engage m the real es-
tate ..tid brokerage busine" Eld
Hinkle is a mar. of sterling worth.
• a- ! ■. . ■ '• ie fa :« f char-
Let tt- nvvt be urged by the nr.’-
niti ti makers f the east, bey - •
the constituti nal limitations '
let us proceed according tc . ur
usual methods in the pursuits of
our commercial relation with oth-
er countries and w hen w e are at-
tacke 1 m such a manner as to jus
tify, then will be plenty of time
r aul • ■ . - • . • ..
ular way.
President Wilson should not
in a state • tling in wealth Tulsa a "hollow mockery
110,000 farmers are in stratned , -
circumsu ce—-a veritable artnv The town marshal, when
THEM in the ADVANCE or in
the FACE OF HELL Do not
call a man a COWARD simply
because he is on his KNEES
PRAYING for PEACE, for such
a man once started to fight is
vour BABIES go COLD and
CRY for MEAT and BREAD!!
If you have babies and want a
home where the babies can grow
a garden and romp and roam,
then see OLD TRADER If you
have money. OLD TRADER is
make every ice chest in the city take it!! But if you have no mon-
ey and have a baby less than 1
year old. then old TRADER will
For the past forty years. Phyticians and Chemists
throughout the world have left no stone unturned in med- •
ical and scentuic research in an effort to discover a non-
poisonous, non-toxic and non-irritating preparation to re-
move Piles without the knife or pain. This has been
made by Dr. Duncan, of Tulsa. Oklahoma, who has made
a specialty of Piles, Fistula. Fissures and other diseases
peculiar to the lower bowel, in Kansas City, Denver, San
Francisco, Oklahoma City and Tulsa for the past twenty-
five years, during which time he has employed the opera-
tions and remedies recommended and taught by our best
known authors an Protologist, viz: Gant, Ball, Tuttle
Albright, Agnew. Mason and others, but none of them
were without pain and some inflamation and more or less
danger of thrombi and auto intoxication. This condition
is produced by Carbolic Acid which is the basic principal
of all the formulas recommended by the above writers for
the injection and removal of piles. Any physician will
verify this statement.
After injecting a pile tumor with Dr. Duncan's reme-
dy it is absolutely free from pain from twenty-four tc
forty-eight hours, no danger of poison or thrombi, no de-
tention from his or her ordinary vocation and cure is
more permanent than that of any of the well known rad-
ical operations.
Rooms 545-6 Robinson Aroade Bldg.
Phone 4790 TULSA, OKLA.
Office Hours: 9 to 12 and 2 to 4
V. e Grind All Our Complicated Lenses Including
408 S. Main Phone 3473
of landle-- men. It is better to
own .. - than rent 160 What
were a kid. wore Ben Bolwinkle
mu'taches We there! re -x>n
will be the - lution of th’> grave upon Yon Hindueburg with >u
rkers tn lu -.
the city, is bo
acter reliable and b ne-t in his torget that he was elected on
dealing' with his fellow man. at the theory that the people did not
a!! t *ric' If honestv. truthful- '-her. and do not now want war
re" a-i reliability will count f * But if war comes let it not be of
us ess ”r choosing. Then if we are
■ • , . to go to war t
me- f TuHa our rights and our people, we will
_ do so cheerfully, but we can n-.t
Tate Brady, who is one
most energetic w
for the upbuild of
ing now talked o
candidate for congress on the
at the next
vably one of
in the state
a strong man t
the coming pri-
mary The:: an. ther thing in he
favor is that Tulsa is the \er\
storm center of the state and :s
entitled to the next eongre''ma-'
from this distric
hirtl fvc-rhr f.
Our guess ts that it is awful t>
pay ar. income tax. but fine to owe
let vou have a lot or home in
PARK VIEW BLACE. now call-
ed CRIB siding on Sand Springs
line, and take a MORTGAGE on
spicion and consider him only fit your BABY. Then if you fail to
for strategem. treason and >> :!s pay according to contract. Old
- Trader will take the BABY and
The bony fish, the seeds of weed- ADOPT it and it SHALL be HIS
Are both the very dickens! BABY and he will deed you
But what's the use of weedless day of sale If interested call for
L'nlesj. there
are scratchle'-
end as tor that, maybe the
w hale mistook Jonah for a mer-.
maid and didn’t notice the differ-! _
«■“ nntil :t U5tin« hun- We have often w mtefed h w
‘that gruff old fisherman. Peter,
would act if he should walk :nt
m m-
Another thing — why doesn’t
f,. forth as a ■ y.i- £e il«hionaWe chureheV
ting iron with -mg on war mgunius long -Tu!sa ^ {ine Sabbath
am nation enough to tnvent a yard stick that
\\ e are r. t try ing t. upk Id j w ill lay yard eggs.
this t slang -
- • gate t e ca-- Mr Bry^r. s idea seems t be
FREE a HOME Only one more
the Old Doper at TRADER'S
store at 106 East Second street,
or see him at his office in a
TENT at PARK VIEW place,
now called CRIB SIDING (5c
car fare) on SAND SPRINGS
REMEMBER, this is a restrict-
ed district, for you MUST OWN
or SUPPORT a BABY or you
cannot get IN. for MONEY
res - that l *ck Sun should smile even
: the w r!d : : the mghtfo! when hit on the mouth.

. - six ■ Sheriff I ■■ ( Payne coanty,
-er r.duct but as tc Eng- it is r w reported, has so thor-
mpelled - oghly eliminated the sale of
• t e e .that ’» re fr m Cushing his h. me
A bj'ket
'ear wa-
- us i : heifer . n several >cca.s-
and we do no: now feel that
we shook! rush tc her rescue sba-
r. makers in the ea't
-ee a chance to com the best blood
: this natk n into d liars 1 •
rU'h r.g up into war
W e are for war if r.ece?sarv.
but t at '-.aid be -re ast re> rt
t wn .and Bayne c. untv general-
ly, that the county jail is n w
empt'. the first time for minv
vear> Rah ! ior LUlv!
a -- S* ator St
ther senators coaid not see j.jheren*'
the r way clear to sign a blank
check t - President W • - -
One 5 room house across the street from New- High
S-r c-oL 50x150 Can sell for $4C50c>D if taker, at once
Modern throughout.
0*150 with :ne 5 room, house ar.d one 6 room fur-
grarttittg htm toll authority as ne ,preachers niust to preach
had asked tor. they are cen.ur.c- om a ln our judgment a
e.t as traitors and German sym- preacher w:ho can ^ hired •„
t athrzers It that makes them h car ^ hind to qu;:. that
u:t-America- y.u w .. f.nd many ^ ^ case monev is the nt v-
g x t a-d b rest men m the coun- .ause Pe;e- ^ys "take the
' : m,> wltb the... j oversight of the flock, over which
, 7 ‘ , the Holv Ghost hath made the
Ok.ahoma broke out with an- overseer, not for filthv lucres
" " ' ' ' sake tut I a ready ~
i Park Hill, over on the east side . .. ... ..
of hirelings the scripture says that
ir.g The preacher with rt> tau.t- DOES not COUNT in PARK
.ess attire, the nch audience with VI£W pLACE {or lt takes a
a . the "fub-dubbery tttat BABy t0 get m. Qnly one EX-
wealth can suggest -he rrea - CEPTION to the ABOVE
e- instead ot preaching, Chnst RULE_lf an old MAID can
-t m mere.' a SHOW to OLD TRADER that
'h r declamation, whne the oc- h ,s not HER FAULT BE-
CAUSE she is not the MOTHER
of a BABY, then OLD TRAD-
But OLD TRADER savs to
If you trade with the Old Dop-
er money back if not pleased
18 East Second Street,
106 E^ast Second Street
105 East First Street
And Also. Traders. West Tulsa
220 Acres in Section I I and 12, 24-18 E.
One-Half Mile of one well Producing 3
Barrels, recently brought in.
VA ill sell the same or consider proposi-
tion by responsible parties.
W. W. Breedlove,
Fairland, Okla.
cupar.ts of the pews take an in-
ventory and inspection of each
other's dress, then pass the ha:
and services are over EA-r.: y u
thir.k old Peter would think he
had got into the w- ng house'
The religion of today as
preached by the m r-dern preache-
and practiced by the fash: nable
is a nmere .. rt g-
booght ai - '
commodities of the world. The
It makes r. difference what
they g about subverting »'•
set Ir.ccm.c now $120 per month
wo- c ce good trackage property.
F::ce Sr Xv This
I have -W acre' 5 wells producing 100 bbls. per day
Pmee $120,000
Also seme gcod leases tor sale around Bilimgs. Okla seme close to Broken Arrow
Phone 6o29
b for. rot ' reach g thing' t ey
- ..... :' I skoal not for filt acres sal
Pay y reackers for rea ^ -
! ' . 1 a m xlern practice and was not in
1-‘.e ^r..I • . ' is -4Te *' the old order oi things
sts f getting t ear _
* ' ’ before yet the j Possibly no period in the his-
■ -■ world was there a'
> Sore I sn t it a sucker that I many so-called churches and re-
- '.aw ei every minute: U.igious tads as that in which we
j now !:ve It -eems that
thing'" may star, n
Sunday. February 18. 1917
Train No. 6 for Muskogee S:10 a c_; depart 5 25 a m.
. rain No. 2 for Muskogee and
Ft. Smith
Arrlre 1:44 p m. ; depart 4 00 p. m.
Tram No S5 Motor Musk gee
Departs 5 40 p. a.
Train No. 1 for Wichita
At—re 15 a m.. depart 10 SO a m
Train No. tT i motor from
Arrires 1:4s p. a.
Train No. 5 for Pawhaska 7:18 p m.: depart 7 40 p a
For farther xto.-rxio: Telephone
PBS <544
tDaHy except Sax da*
Accounts Promptly Collected in any Part of of
the United States
Reports on Financial Standing and Reliability of
Firms, Corporations and Individuals
Room 509 Robinson Bldg.
Phone 5243
And then the Baptist • f Ken- "new
t-:-'> "X* giver. 5dd- AX : - M>- name of religt n and w:’.'. get a
" rk an d must ra se S22 3001large wmg by good and' eam-
tke first May It pie too New wstitetioas
s.' a- :: the salvation : the started as a bread and butter va'.- '
■' - - gra . ass g the a: e: - r a:
high f > year
be an
1 w the scriptural mode of the
i spei. and "declare the whole
reprove spiritual
wickedness in high places, all
these rich rascals who come u
arch every Sunday and attend
prayer meeting on Thursdav
that they must quit taking
nnst not oppress 1
poor must quit lying in bnsi-
mg tl 1 itries
■ . ther ras
ca ty - which they are guilty
: - me fa: head preach- everiastm.g K . m the -he.' would stop his salary and
ers who live off the credulity - gate' f He'd shah r t are a
-■see iy. j honest ut - sgu 1 people. W'e against it Non that church is -
»a c in the Mirror that all women believe n -he old style religion existence today and :: is
-Tc w egge: How 'oes he ar.d the ohd ApojtoJic practices ta: nthat any cla ms t r auth.e-.-
sr w - We dare him l Her A ken Ike kingdom was establish- new ooe cann:-
ed here oa this earth it was given rect.
- _ such laws and rales tor its gov- -
.-'eh use w oes of Tulsa eminent as was uecessarv. and The creeds of the modern fash-
a;i- verads around the man has no right to add to oriiowMe churches are written by
u<e. cause u- to wor.cer h w take irwn tr.em When you car. the employees of the r::h a- : the
s'!' - ' • trace tr.e cmg-.n oi ary -e!:gioos powerful and is so constru
e w -t- tr.e ice ticket runs rut der. minar . n to where -. re that the preaching and :rac- - - a: n
he w tt be a preacher without a
-he d srtrine that eternal sal-
-- on : men and w omen is con-
. 1 ■ 1• . • sn - ■
- non -
and ur. scriptural doctrine. Tis
true that baptism is commanded
. e cliurch and should be com-
pile : with if the proper subject
f 'r it. But to argue men and
".'men cannot be saved without
s carry mg the importance of it
too far. we think.
We admit we are a little “old
i-i" ' ne in our views of reiic-
ton and sta'nglv prejudiced in fa-
' 'r of the old church, with the Id
' ' - * nd Id I ra [ 1 -
But we do sav that in all the
• t 'er :e:i minatkms. there are
many .if not all good Chnstia-i
men and women. W e rr.a' be
wrong in our views, we do not
*V we ARE right, but that we
:i I \*K we are. If we are wro-,
we want to be right. We w
c: cert: y give space for dtscu
- "■ : these matters in a reas
aule amount. So long as they
■ire • resented in a friend!' .m I
- - tures but . - as a |.-k - - - ........... —
condition precedent to eternal sal- , hnst,an sPl.nt.- tor the le-
'enution of information. We re-
Washing the Saint’s teet.
N tour Hi :t y.u may know t-<se churches can be earned on [taking the Sacnunent or Lord's |Srf'e ^ I® reject any at
. - at Furguson "dn -lx “.e aw it is not the church which Chnst without offending the rich
. .. ...... ... .------------------------* —---— supper is a - ..... led Batv !lKle',11 m our '-'pniion it is i t
- '-rgocgf Kee'es are liable to established, foe Hts church was to If a preacher of today should fob tism is one of the uP°n good atentiows

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