The Daily Oklahoma State Capital. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 8, No. 57, Ed. 1 Friday, July 10, 1896 Page: 1 of 4

Drugs, Paints, Oils,
Hooks Stationery
The Cigar You Smoke is Handled by Me!
IM • 0 III
No. 204 Oklahoma Ave., and First Street.
C. R. Renfro Drug Co.
New Grocery
| Pi 1 garlic;
g there is no need for yon
^ t o contemplate a w i g '
^ when you can enjoy the S
3 pleasure of sitting again !v
under your own "thatch." ^
^ You can begin to get J
(il your hair back as soon 1
as you begin to use
Hair Vigor.
Till <\ I I.ISI S Ml I sSI I V
-ci hi s wtti sus, mu isKrt,
BlINCl l; N I'll A l-'IXUS, INSKl T
The Full Text of the Resolutions
Reported by the Committee.
I.T.Y i
(1 K N I INK IN O I' H
i« i n.Ks, hi i • \\ it.\r-
I'l 118. KXTHAUT
beut by mull f* r 50 eli.
Senator Tillman Makes a Sensational
Speech on the Platform
Senator Hill In Ills Aildreim Mepreeale* At-
tack* on I limn IlllTi-rliiK on the Hub-
Jeet <>f Free silver 1 ho In
I'liinr Thi i rltlelseil.
They Favor the Klflil Maintenance of I In
1 lUtlng < old standard Until Interna-
tional I «i-Operation for Iree Ml
v**r Ciiii He Secured
CHU'A(in. Ju'v 10 At 10:Chairman White
dropped tii. gavel una c Hied the convention t. the l.u// of thousands < f voices gradu-
ully subsided uuJ the delegates t« .k then
► . iiv Vacant spaces in the blank pit marked
I t.n with lim st definite aci urucy the territory
i t thr Ni w Kngiand delegations which, with
I the exception <1 a few stragglers, had not vet
j nrrived I In- New York .'eli g it " >• headed by
Wnitnev an I Hill were in their pla-es The
bulkv form «>f Itissell. of Huffalo was. how-
WliAT \VK MAY 1'. \ I' KCT IMK1N«
I after the i
Uev. Dr.
ing pray i t
stoop of the shoulders, who announced that the
committee ..n resolutions was ready to report
and in.led to the platform Senator Jone-. ol
Has opened up a fresh and complete stock of Groceries! y£yj™.
and Notions, and Respectfully Solicits the patronage ol we.tiiedemorrauo^ tb. iinjw^s^.^1
the people of Outhrie and vicinity
• I allegiance t those great essential principles
j (f justice and hbe ly upon which our instill)
objections to Its enactment which had prevl-
lotisly overruled by the atdest judges who
have ever sat on that bench. We declare that
it is the duty "f col gross to use all the constl
tutlonul power which remains after that de-
cision. or which inny come from its reversal by
the court as it may hereafter be constituted,
so that the burdens of taxation may equally
ami impartially lcr.d to tin- en I that wealth
may bear Its duo proportion of the expenses
of the government
\v. hold that the efllciout way of protecting
American labor Is to prevent the importation
of foreign pauper labor to compete with it in
the home market, nnd that the value of tin
home inarke
ii the
ikdlng of
i order had bee
lieu Tillinai
Ml I % I
I ln> i rede
L'tilleil the eon
noiinec.l tintt
At tlio evening
hairinan l'aniel
let* aud an-
nt tee dii r • -.ohi-
port «
I'iitini!" f<-
jan, win
n ..f tlx
i if oil th.
I I lie
of South
the great debate in
Introduced himself
lounte.l the stand to open
tic half of free coinage, lie
>v say lug that he came be
•not as Hie lying news-
papers had represented him to be A round
of applause greeted this announcement but it
was drowned In a storm of hisses from the gal-
leries Repeatedly, as Mr Tillman proceeded
the galleries hissed, and several times the
sergeant-alarms threatened to
'i'he storm
i had i
of his
ml that the
of llldcpcli let
k their ap-
ere adopt -
lie cried, and
then drifted int
tar.v system, which
their products belo
and thus depriv
ently reduced li-
and the t
a stricter
of those
ion of our W
irmation of i
the pr
of pr
of the \\ i
Is upoil I
bondage of ihe south
these dry figures g
their opportunity to
Mr Tillman w
comparative eax
pleaded with • In
it will prevail.
r I he
i' b y
f the pu
I pro'
s or the intei
ml such restrii
In -s in the control of rai
ct the people from robber
tisiiiK the
I west to the east, and
ave the hostile galleries
cry him down.
permitted t" no on with
lifter the chairman had
uditors and threatened t"
in.I then he si'rprlse.i Ills
attack on Senator Hill be-
•om New York had refused
st speech on the platform and
reply incidentally said of
dsed the president of the United
since then he has had cause to
splse him and scored Hill for
of apologist for the admlnistra-
Highest Price Paid For
< 'oniii ry l roilu«'« .
Vlasonic Hall Building East Oklahoma Ave
CII R I 4 I I \N
A Heavy Nlorm lie
III IS \\ IlitM
y\ i «• r
Ileal4 Down tilt
. .1 "Wlllliton."
Washington, July 10 The collapM
of the hi-;' while tent "Williston" at
:l(nrlv this inornintr, due to the
full of rain last night and tne
severe slorin that followed, somewhat
disconcerted ti..- committee« f arrange-
went with reifurd to the formal open-
ing of the lftth international Christian
Endeavor convention which occurred
at ti : i o'cloeU to- la\ Arrangements
i the I -mil Tribute from
were hastily made to or
cupv *
elit ral
hall until the "Williston"
c in l>
e dried
and re-erected. Kxtra
hurriedly placed iu
tents, notices we
post e ti
unnouueiug the change
in pi.
in and
the work of the convention proceeded
without deiay The other tents
"Washington" and ' Kndeavor" were
packed long before the hour of open-
ing with a crowd of brightly dressed,
eager-faced delegates. Flags "f every
description, streamers, banners and
sashes announcing the various state
hd.1 district organizations were dis-
played with flourish and enthusiasm,
while the delegates waited impat ieutly
for the opening < f the session
Promptly at the appointed hour the
exercises began in each tent with song
and prayer, the gri at chorus "f a thou-
sand voices leading- I hen came the
tiVinn of welcome written for this oc-
casion by Col. John May; the addresses
of welcome by chairman \V. II M
Smith and Uev. S. II. Green followed,
and the responses by I>r. I •' Seis iee,
of Detroit, and Hishnp Walters, of New
Jersey, and the address of I
Clark and the report "f Secret
were then read simultaneously iu eacli
aged years, liv
was oiling his mov
the team ran a\\a\
the knives mid i ut t
•uing it"1" ' ' 1 v
I liri-'h,
near Musf nolia,
he ii
. death

preference to nn> oiu i,
to t he exclusion « f all others
|(ailroHd4 -
KANxttl'irv. Mo., July 10 -llailroa,!
companies Ctt no lonifer carry tlieir
Ijusinuss letters over their own road*
without paying postage to the (fovern-
ment. An order lias lieen issued by
Postmaster-, ieueral Wilson insistinir
upon Hie enforcement of the postal
laws against railways carrying their
own letters. An exception is made in
favor of letters that have to do with
11,,. business of the train carrying
them. Hut all letters to station
lis are forbidden
without postage,
mid the inspectors are directed to
enforce the law The railroads, how-
ever, will not be required to mail their
letters as ordinary citizens and «or-
Durations. They will be supplied by la„
the government with a specially j th.
stamped envelope, which they must h<>i
cancel on delivery to the train man.
The express companies have been ■
using such envelops for some years. p.
Mli.ourl I'Helllc Make* .4 lllg Cut lu < rain
i K,ten from MUnourl lllver l«rrttory
Kansas City, Mo . July 10 i'he rate
I situation and the grain movement
from Kansas points are becoming more
complicated. The Missouri Pacific
railway hasentered the flghtand states
that no matter w hat rates the Chicago
lines put in effect the rules on tile
business to St- Louis from the terri-
tory referred to are to tie liept live
cents lower. The latest rates quoted
by the Missouri I'acilic from Kansas
City, St. Joseph, Atchison acid heaven-
worth to St. Louis are on wheat and
Hour eight cents a hundred; llax and
millet seeds, nine cents a hundred.
il. and which the democratic j and oppress
party has maintained from Jefferson s time to j ^ no
our own f.eedom of speech, free lom of the mom , wiui
press freedom of conscience, the preservation taxation. .11
of personal rights, the equality of all citizens . ni repun.
before the law. and the faithful observance of taxes hi^-li
constitutional limitations. is uiiemploj
I The . ..list it .t ...II .t the United states guar-, are depr.'- to eveiy "iti/.en the right of civil and thee
lelieous liberty The democratic part has to tli
always been the cx o-ient of political l.berty belHi
and religious free.loin, and It renews its obli- In th.
nations and reatHrins its devotion to these fun- i win. )
dameiital principle'of tho constitution. \\ e .I.• 11 • 111«•.
During all these yeirs the democratic partv eral auihoritie
; has resisted the tendenoji "f selflsh Interests of the constitu
totlv centralization of governmental p over, cnine summisI
land has steadfastl> maintained the integ-I eially object ti
j in\ of the dual scheme of government istab- iu-a and highl
I lished b\ the founders of this r, public of re- by which t.-de
publics. Uihler Us guidance and teachings the laws of the stii
grea: principle of I e il self-go\ernmeiit lus come at once I
found lis best expression in the rrs and w. u
of the rights of the states and it. assertion session of the
that It is i.eeessarv to confine the general gov- j pemlin.- in tin
ernnieiit to the exeivisn of the powers granted | federal courts
by th.-constitution of the Uniti
ice the protiigate w;
from the people by
the lavish approprlat
a Hi it the
i t to all ollu
t this
r qu
s par-
i to the fact that th"
of the Ci
unit of \
age at i
admitted gold
isureit by the *
Invite | tin
No disc
llppl eclat
people n
Free Sllwer Mpn l eave Hie Repubin
venllnii \ Demoerattc Aeee««
Ahkkhkkn, S. I ., July l" -l'rom
seven o'clock last night until six
o'clock this morning the state re pub-
lican convention was in session with-
out a recess, considering the adoption j \
.,{ resolutions indorsing the st
They know from actual use that Hood,i
lithe best, l.e.,11 cures when othen fcU|
Hood's SHi'siiparilla is "till
the personal supervision of the educated
pharraneisU who originated it.
The quest ion of be' is just as posltn o>
decided in favor ol Hood's as thci|uestion
of comparative sales.
Anuth.r thing: Hvery advertisement
„l Hood's Sarsaparilla is true, is honest
platform. The session was fruitful in
Ira malic incidents, including a l.olt of
•j,l Sioux Kill Is delegates over the gold
nlanli, and the announcement by M-
itni- Tnuilinson, "f the Sioux Kails Ar-
'us-Leader, the leading democratic
paper in the state, that be would sup-
port tlie republican ticket and plat-
Month to He
. llgllHt 1.
I 111 .111I V 1. the
re that the act of is7t, deinoneti/-
l ithout the knowledge or approval
ericaii people has resulte I in the
t ..t gold and a corresponding fall
•, of commodities produced by the
.. heavy increase In the burden of
and of all debts, public and private
-hnieiit of tlie money lending class at
Mom. "d abroad paralysis of Industry and
Impoverishment of the people
We are unalterably opposed to the single
gold standard, which has locked fast the pros-
perity of an industrious p. ople in the paral) -
sis of h ird times •■oi.i monometallism is a
Jlr.tish policy , founded upon Hritish greed for
gain and power, and Its general adoption has
brought other nations into financial servitude
t,, London it is not onlj un-Amerlean but
anti-American, and it can he fastened upon
the United States only by the stilting or that
indomitable spirit and love of liberty winch
proclaimed our political independence in lTTtf
ond won it in the war of the revolution
We demand the immediate restoration of
the free and unlimited coinage of gold and
silver at tile present legal ratio of sixteen to
one, without waiting for the aid or consent of
any other nation We demand that the stand-
ard silver dollar shall be n full legal ten ler
equally with gold, for all debts, public and
private, aail we favor su-li legislation as will
prevent the demonetization of any kind of
j legal tender money by private contract
we are opposed to the t olloji and practice of
| surrendering to the holders of obligations of
the United States the option reserved by law
to the government of redeeming such obliga-
tions in either silver coin or gold coin
We are opposed to the issuing of Interest*
bearing bonds of the United states in times of
peace, and condemn the trathcing with bankinu
I syndicates which. In exchange for b in Is and at
I an enormous profit to themselves suppl) the
i federal treasury with gold to maintain the
I policy of gold monometallism.
one has the power to coin an.l
and President Jackson .Velar. .!
this power c
ve the bill p is
ite.l States s
jse. relative t
1 providing fo
I the United
tilt fact
Hid distil
ltd the substitute res
administration of Pi
Now I want you all to listen. Tillman
' shouted, and then
1 I tlon, which follow
We denounce I
i dent Cleveland as undemocratic and tyran-
1 j nlcal and as a departure from the principles
1 i which are cherished by all liberty loving
I Americans. The veto power has been used to
r thwart the will of the people as expressed by
the i representatives in c«uigr< ss Tin ap
i pointivt power has been used to subsidize
' j the press, l
go'd t" '
hlc applause
silver men on the tioor. Kx-Congress-
man John C. 1 rosby, <>f Massachusetts,
on behalf of the minority < f the com-
mittee, took the sta.-e and earnestly
protested against the decision of
the majority Many others also
spoke and the whole alTair gave evi-
dence of intense feeling. FinaUy
Chairman Daniel put the question,
tirst, on the adoption « f the minority
report to eonlirui the sitting delegates
iu their title to the seats. The roll
was culled and the vote announced:
Nays, 55H; ayes, not voting, 3;
absent, 1.
When order was restored the major-
ity report which changed the Mich-
igan delegation from gold to silver was
adopted without division.
The report of the committee on per-
manent organization was culled for,
and Delegate Finley, of Ohio, its chair-
man, made his way to the stage and
read the list of permanent officers se-
lected, which was headed by Senator
White, of California, for chairman;
Thomas J. l ogan, of Ohio, for secre
Senator Stephen M. White, of Cali-
fornia, on assuming the gavel as per-
manent chairman of the national dem-
ocratic convention spoke us follows:
< lent lemon of tfce « onveutlon i will detain
yon with no extended speech [Cheering I
see 1 am getting popular a I ready, i Cau.,'liter |
ho have coin
11(1 I
I thol
' lished i
diate ti
I the las
bus in the free exercise of
lal rights as voters A pluto-
Is thus sought to be estah-
is of the republic. We repu-
ction of the financial plaiikof
> the plal
ml Mr l ar
jauIni of Hi
had faith d
censure The issue of bo
with which to buy gold to
ins payable iu silver or gu
k- the
i defray the
leein coin
at the op-
he use of the pro-
running expenses
ih unlawful and
serving impeach-
id that unless the .l.-ui
I 'lev i laud they could iii
sultl that after one mor
• the howlers who hat
ami U
such a result, sh ill h .
an.l Impartial treatu
and del I her
should be
d by
the Atlantic
has its full
'ial. absolute
uoc rutin
in vital
hold t
rict in which the
The democratic
.rid that all publi
As he dest
mes of Arkansa
Hill He hail I
of Mr Ti I ii
Hill KppitWN
to the vol
talnly rels
When tin
when the
tali:, the (
people s i
of tho
of the
. rt of
IStlt I
plat 111
I Mr Hill I
readily rt
ist at all tiUl<
in p tt h \ to tli
r t to life
I Mil l( MO
Itnv In Hie
Omalia Ron
b., July 10
ike forth u
Mill, cou
.' i ' Party
•that I
sled half ;i
w Ith all its
L drive him
t of the de
triumph '
pi 1 fled an
Ject I wl
of Mont ti
Mr. Clarl
ti..ii adj'
levitable gt
mde by W.
is a liaudso
lilt oh
I pre-
• silver
if tho
, ve
of the cot
e bonds.
We tll'-iefo
Inand that the power to issue notes b • taken I
from the banks, an.l that all piper money
shall bo Issued directly by tho treasury depart-
ack taxes, et(
I'hich the r >a.
i'ere due for ti
icretoforc been
oad is lor. mile
ii.ler the emitr
, s pur-
vill be a
lablo t«
long u
of the
h they ha ^
sccure. The | piatfo
id had bci
to build up. not to destroy,
to plan for victories, not to tight for defeat.
New York made no apologies to South i 'nrnllnn
The cleat empire stale had stood for years as
the lilbraltar of democracy
Mr Hill said that he deprecated attacks on
those who believed in the free coinage of sil-
ver at sixteen to one He had always treated
men of that opinion with respi ct and he would
do the same to-day To him the question was
one on which men fairly differed. He believed
the best course for this convention to pursue
was to take the first great step toward Inter-
national bimetallism The United States could
not safely igtioro the monetary systems of
great nations. And yet the majority
ord favorl
e.l i
m l(
( I R I Is
i rioN
should hi
We hold that tariff duti.
solely for tin- pur| uses ..I revenue and that
taxation should be limit -d by tho needs . f the
government, honestly and economically ad-
ministered Wo denounce as disturbing to
business tho republican thicat to restore the
McKlnley law. which has b-ei twice con
demned by the people la national elections,
an.l which, enacted un lor the falsa ph a 11 pro
Three Millions Month to to home Industrj proved a prolific
Turned Oat A#iar Augu«t i- breeder ot ti
VVasi.inoton, Julv lb On July 1. the ,, , n,. „......
tr«ft urv held of the silver bullion pur-| ,,„i, l.-i 1 11 '
chased under the act o( July 14. IHWI, A an
ial, H41,4-4 ounces, costing si I s, yji., l .s
The coining value of this hulllc-
mil the
and purp<
the Amer:
Of all fill.
I lie Minority'* I'role
Until the
opposed to
■ up the deficl1
Hut f
lould I
f the supreme
by the suprei
, settled we ii
„ further ch ing
silver dollars, is $l?il.44l.4o; since
November 1, ISM. 11.457,4111 standard
silver dollars have been coined, and it
is said at the treasury that it is proba-
ble that the coinage of silver
will be increased to ss. uu.ihi or M.-
IIIHI,mill per month after August 1.
I)r Moses S. Thomas, one of the old-
est and most widely I pbvsi. ians
in Kansas, died at LeayeDivoi" on Nation "t I FTeoltli. That la u hj
• .- | th, where he had res^Ided ' ||00il's Sarsiipurilltt, tlm One Tint
are the onlv pills t*. take During the war he <vi. a surgeon Wi)oil |.ttril,,.r< HEALTH.
Hood's Pills with llood's Sarsapariila. |t|ie confederate armv
Is the One True
prepared only I
,1 Purifier. All druggists. St.
d & Co.. I.owell, Mil
piCH RED BLOOD - the fmtn
■ a iliilio
lth thl'
e x pr
if the report of
the majority Hut upon the question
vhich eng n«i at th time the ehlef share of
public attention, the view# of the majority
differ so fundamentally from what the minor-
0i/r friends
say their children have kept
strong and well all winter
by taking Scott's Emulsion.
Many children do not assimi-
late enough iat with their food,
hence they need this easy fat
food, and thrive on it. It is for
all children that arc not abso-
lutely strong. The combina-
tion of Cod-liver Oil and Hy-
pophosphites as prepared in
I Scott's Emulsion is marvelous
' j in its power to arrest wasting.
The 50 cent size is especially
I useful as a trial size for babies
and children.
Hid be done ir par
.i and cxperiini-
the grea
i-ould lio
this codntry
even if Inspire I by the
per the equ il of gold?
t The fat
the qil
went i
the q
hea le
ad van
fa von
ke is to docla
i and stop the
.,f banks
h • counsel
would pre
le aske I
ii piled pled
liol.ev Th
are.I that t
S life had opi o
of silver in
can people
i make cop
•y shut their
m of the
that the
roin Arkan
ii said what
v him to ex-
lenounced a
le of paper
Hill scatli
r Vilas of Wisconsin, and ex-Uov
""owed 111 short pee.'hc and Wll-
ftot I mnr free I oliiage.
Topkk v. Ivan . Julv l"- ' migressman
Charles Curtis, of the Fourth Kansas
district, comes out flatly with the
statement that lie is opposed to the
free coinage of silver, and that he will
not bolt the St. Louis platform.
The gentlemen who have been
circulating the petition which pledged
every signer to refuse bis vote
to any candidate who refused to
stand oil the republican national plat-
form are congratulating themselves
that they smoked Mr Curtis out, while
that gentleman Insists that he lias
never been in favor of the frco coinage
,if silver, and that bis interview, pub-
lishcil .III the day of his arrival iu Kui.
sas. has he.'i.i iir.sin ler nret.-.l-
\ v. aided
highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Giape of Tartai Powdei. Fits
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,

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