Cashion Advance. and Oklahoma State. (Cashion, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 39, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 1, 1906 Page: 4 of 4

Tto.e Old. ^Selle/tele Ii5n.plem.erit XIoviso Of
Kindly thanks the farmers of Central Oklahoma for their splendid pat-
rouage during the past year, and wishes to say to the vicinities of Cashion.
Reeding, Piedmont. Lockridge, Navina. Crescent and Wandel that they
are better prepared to meet tlieir needs tlian ever before. We are here to do
(Business and not to -wear cutckairs We will supply you with the HKs r imple-
ments of standard manufacture at prices that can not he discoi ntm>.
WE MEET ALL COMPETITION*. As a sample we sell:
14 inch, Moline "Goodenough" Gang l'luw, cutters a 4 shares, .jmmiu
Moline riding Lister a Corn and Cntlcn ord Planter, $30.00
A 2 Section, Steel U Bar Harrow, ....$11.00
A 12 inch, high arch steel beam walking plow with two shares • '.y,, 1
ttt§ty§PF*Th E M AiN DT WAC.ON, $65 tM)
The MANDT^a the best model of wagon on the market. Brains have
been used in erery detail. It is worth \our time to study thin wagon
whether you buy or not. We handle no snide or inferior goods.
We extend credit and carry our own notes.
Why go abroad when you can do better at home"?
W. A, CLIFT & CO .
1' ♦ *1* * * * I* W* *5*v * *
Choose Wisely ...
vsken you buy a SEATING MACHINE. YouTl limd ak —N at* tia* at
cwrrrponding pricm. But if you want a reputable serviceable Machine, the® take
- - WHITE,.
ma ^ Vtfar# experience ha* enabled m to briof
?lriBg|L.'. nj * j out a I HANDSOME, SYMMETRIC M. and
• I • m r-'t WEIL-HUILT PRODUCT, cotubuiinj in N all the good points found on high
gr? ic uchincs and others that arc exclusively
WK«TL -for instance, our TENSION INDI-
CATOR, a device that shows th: tcnsiosi at a
' j glance, and we have others that acoral to care-
ful buyers. All Drop Heads 1 ave Automatic
Lift and beautiful Swell Fro I, Goldeo Oak
Wookwork. Vibrator Rotary S. tuttle Styles.
cu7 elegant h. t. catalocuc3 give full particula '8, FREE.
,«yve>" •aav' /yWHA- -• v y>y> aA-'->
foe :B"sr
Cashion Advance.
tine year •VlJ.
Sli month*
Thro* months **
U>c*al notice* amniie reatllnr matter. f c«nt*
|M>r line flrnt Insertion. : renin i er liutt e«5n
mibaetpient insertion
Published everv Thtirnday, *t Cashion. Kibr-
Msher County. Oklahoma
I) u WOOIlWOKTH, Publisher.
M . F. wool)WOKTH liOCal Editor.
Kntered nt the pontofflce nt Cashion, ouia-
hot*a. hh second class mall matter.
Single copy. f> cents.
( 50 cents per inch jht month, with 2"> per cent
ilMCount on contracts for three months. Mat-
ter to be chanectf us often as desired, t. opy to
be handed in by Tuesday evenim
Cashion, O.T.
We Have
Stalk Cutters
Local News.
Got*on and Corn Drill
Discs Harrows
All the tools You Need
VsIn P" ' ind Fe^'
.Ut slv > c • istilnr
.i LJj
All Efforts May Fail.
Washington, Pel) 28. — Speaker
Cannon todav threw a heaw dam
ner on the statehood proposition
ween he announced on the conclu-
sion of Mr ^oraket's speech thai
there will he no if the
senate in*i*ls on the Foraker a
mewdnient This statement was
convened to de|ejf; te Metiuire this
morninir The admiiostration or
the other hand in>i-'s that it will
force the s iiiit to aec*nt. the Ham
• Iton hill without essential amend
meot -The Oklnhoman
A number of Wo. diD' ; amount
them tr.e Camp team and several
new canidaleb attei.tieo the Class
Adoption at Ki 'rffi-her Salurda.t
uiuhl and ah report >1 j uod time.
Miss Ruth Wootlworih wai out
from (Jnihrn1 over Suudav
Kor irte best Mall Boxes, Patft
Woe Kence a id Gates, call on 0 T
Stone, « miu'N South of Cashion
An interesting meeting of the
cluh vvni held at the iioiue of Mrs.
J. L Hou« worth Feb 23. itoll
Cull Aiis responded to bv quota
tions from American Humorists
The following programme was iu
joyed bv a'i. Select readin&f frotu
Jarnes WhHcomU Itiiev, bv Mrs
Perry. Paper: Mark Twain, bv
Mrs Welch Heading Jerome K
Jerome, Mrs Downing B«*adinjf,
Hod Hurdette, Mrs St.even« The
Studv was led hv Mrs Perrv after
which Current Bvent« was tfivei.
Mrs. Morris will entertain the Club
at the home of Mrs Stevens Mar. 2
The Portia Club Washington
Birthdav Hang net
One of the most enjoyaole
features of the season's societv
was the open meeelnk? tfiven by
the ladies of the Portia OluhTburs
lay evening February 22 1, ai the
Masonic Hall
The largo asd spacious hall was
artistically draped with the stars
and stripes, and graceful festoons
of green and white, the Portia Club
colors, Beautiful plants and cut
flowers completed the decorations.
The guests were received at the
head of the stairs by Mrs. Scran ton
aiid conducted to seats hv Mrs
George Stevens and Mrs J.L House
worth. Mrs. Stevens ushufed in
George and Martha Washington,
followed by the ladies of the Club
The literary programme then be*
A short but Very eloquent and
well delivered address was given ov
the president, Mrs J. L House
worth. Roll call was responded to
bv quotations from selected auth
ors Mrs. Sibley read, the bio
rgraphv of Washington which heltl
the attention of the audience
Mrs. R. A Bryant recited in her
usual charming a<id graceful man
ner. Mrs George Stevens then
read an interesting anrl well pre
pared paper on "What Women's
0luirs mav do for Women "
George and Martha Washington
UTsonated oy Mr Lew Downing and
Mrs F A Perry, were then introduc
ed to the audience and held a forma]

h Houseworth
thf father of
a sure enough
ol the evening
"ncial ruanni-r,
Practical & up - to - date BLACKSMITH
Does mtwiern Horse shoeing, treating and shoeing to> «*l• u ->eaese>
the foot and leg Has a complete equipment of modern msehin.o v
The Brooks cold Tiro Setter.
flnmtir sses thn meta' cold: no burn
or charred fe loe stirfac*' wear awa
t>et a hard wood surfa"-* instead; no
lU'itm a ti water Aliased feloei 'o
llirink wav Hi d toohen he tire; tin
#ii-"-n puint vti replace It gives Jnsi
the amount of dish required; no over
liisl it i', ro jtucss iork at out it.
P' v rrr si|(i t "'i l h specialty. All *|||> k'<irante(>i
f^orth side Boulevard CASHION 0. 1,
l'ir>t pu''l!slu'(l inCitshlnn Atlvuno* Mar.l.IlOO^
sill.Kll I s MALE
Notice it herwby iriven that in purtiuanee « f
mi nrdvret •*!.- iH-tueil out of the Pi«tri t Court
of KinvtlnhiT Countv. Oklnboina Territory.on
tlie JCil.ty cf February, ivt'. in an action wbvr --
III Kt^vi'HRtid t'oiiipany huh plaintiff and Pa-
vid L. 31ulllnuitd Mart, a J. Ifullln. DM' llo-
Iftni.F.W Stout, hoM.lilalr and Ida It.ltlair were
defiMidsntt. dln'cted to die the undersigned
sberitfot K ititrilslirr * ounty. ennttn it'ditiK tur
to lev > upon, uppra^e and sell the f<dlowinK
deiierlbed property ; the Northeast quarter
•4'ot seeiiun thirty five t:t^un towns-iup tlfteen
(IB), HiM< Bvi l M . Kib^H^ii
er Countv. Oklahoma Territory wan ap-
praised ut Taenty Ave It U lit tied P«'llnr
;U')"*J uOl to HatHfy a Jud^eroent and
.|«vr«M'ot foreoloKtire in fa tor of waid plaintiff
mid salddeiendent* tditalned and made
in mud Court on Hie -Ii l lay « t Febru rv imo .
for the *uin of I'wentv wren hundr« «l nlnty
one doll, i r* and twenty twoeentn t.Iuud
com fi*i> tom Dollar1* .«ti«11• rt> efitt* ("0I-4M
with I tefent thereon at S|*«re«'iit, from the
-Iday oT Fi hrnnry i^«> - o. I ii |h accruing;
I wi'l on lli«' I >t «I it \ el March I'.Milut the hour
or. o'. i< rkp iu.oI «■ r«lday. ut ihe 11< nt do- i
ol the t ourt llous<- in fite i ftv 01 l\ •lullnhor
In Mind < omit v mill Tnrilofv. offi-i ur n;ilc to
iiir i ! in *t hi- ■!' i tor '"i-ti. ttn' -iild n ,ierty
above descrltaHl or *o iiiin li Uieretd >• will
Niii^i t %"id judiieruenr. w .• !i in'ore*! and •« i t
* • ■ v.i> hud ll si t dat ol u ih
J. I* i.<
' oiint*
ret-pption Or J
iTiaiW presented
His Country wilh
The remainder
vu* I pent in a
-evi-ral li'erarv iraraea heint; intro
K-freshments were served from
'he dalntlv decorated booths:
Ice Cream Cake Fruit
TI)'' trail.v decorated rnom 1,r
sented a most beautiful Mvnc; the
raanv hanisome and elaborate
/owns, and beautifu. hapov fac
'he sweet prefume of flowers and
eav s.iunds of mirth and repartee;
•he queenlv t'race and charming
lisj'iitv cotminel vritn ni/n intel-
lectual ability made it an evening
bintf to be rememberd The invited
>.'U-St.* departed expressinff hopes
if munv more such charming
The ladies of the Portia Club
wish to extend their thanks to the
L'entletnen anj bovs Wliu In klodv
assisted them in drcoratint; the
h;tlI for their entertainment Keo.
--d 15 v Sec
U - I 1
moddTn-tir? hsiip j
to perfect coohing
Used In Hie besi *
llhs iSie world tisr
trw>i aa . t**1* *ciat
OUS Is the famous 0. & B.
brand of lard put up in con-
venint packages and sold at
a reasonable rice.
as a person must be to
grasp the full meaning of the
headline- we are prepared to oater
to all classes of people, and we
have meat and sausage that will
tickle the palate ot anyoody in-
cluding Carrie Nation. It you
don't belive it ask us- We also sell
beef cheap by the quarter, Frort
qr- 4'acts. Hind qr 5'*jcts.
Set it t a k
Married on tne eret.injj of Peb.
2j at the resideuce of S. S. in
Cashion.Mr. Klmo Wilaon ttj Mistf
Soward, l>v. Ilrid^es oflifiutirv'.
Illl ItAKKItM A!f /
If vou will pioase to listen,
1 will tell vou a tale
Of Mr Rotifers baker nhop
And the man that had a i i «
Mrs Henfj r ba^r^ both hre:id it
And "'he never hns thom stale;
She tiakrc! a box of bread anil bum
Fof the man that had a sale
w uiii went to buv and some to tt V
And some thev went for fun.
\nd nthern Went to i et a bitt*
Of MiIl.-Mifer « buns
ff vou have pair of shoeft
That have riti or two
Take them llaker Man
II" will ti x them if nod for vou
Hell Korbl*
Blaine Prickett is working in
Mrs Flovd Dolliojfes visited at
Kingfisher last week.
J. C. Blantons were ovor to
Guthrie visiting the last of the
Mrs. T. J Stringer visited home
folks Tuesday. Mrs, Gilbeatb ac-
companied her home.
A number of boys have 'jeen at-
tending Rawb trial at Kin^r
Mesdames Dunklebergpr and Nor
ris went to Piedmont Tuesday.
Will Bit.y and John Siramins
were in Kingfisher Saturdav.
J C. Gar ton and wife returned
from Iowa county Sunday.
Mr Covert and family visited at
Mr Choats Sui.dav.
Mr Lamblin is moving to Gutb-
this week.
There will be a Christian En
rleavor business and social meet-
ing at the home of Mr and Mrs
Studebaker Friday evening
Sunday was such a beautifnl da\
that we hao a large crowd at Sab
oath School and church services
Mr# Covert's cousin, Mrs Way
land, will sta^t for her home in
Chicago Tuesdav
Miss Ethel Howard of Navina.
Miss Chanev of Guthrie, and Mist
Blanche Whitman who is visiting
Miss Berness Lawson her former
teacher, were among the visitors at
Sabbath school.
Wheat is looking tine Oats dril
ing and pot a toe planting are th«
topic of the dav.
Miss Darland spent Sunda.s with
Mr*. Dow Hovt,
Tom Kedmond was over to Guth
rie Tueiday.
Mr. G. M. Watts was in Seward
Frank Wentworth's children have
the whooping cough.
Jennie Mowerv and Will Bitfield
took dinner ar. Mr. Watts Sunday.
Mr. Clarance Seyller has return-
ed from his farm in Greer Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie llobinson
of Naviha -pent Sunday afternoon
with Mr. and Mrs McFadden.
Cheap Rate to
l.ui i turn tan tfoid—they don't mine much now, Au eae j.
icr has been found than that! It is now obtained by farming. £
The alchcmv of naturn converts the oran(fes.lemons,olivet,erap«>,
wheat, alfa'fa and other products of the soil into good clothe., 'jr
cnmfnrtablp residences.and assuring bank accounts. Ti beiuf r
done everv day in California. Wouldn't it pay you to tnq jiie in- t
to this? I letter vet. why not n° there? T
25.00 j
from CASHION to almost all points in California and to many t
places in Arizona. Liberal stop over privileges.
O s i - Peiru'irv 15 to April 7 WIN! Tourist sleepers daily f
on f;ist trai' S Harvev meals. Kor particulars apply to %
E -MHieilAKIIl. Aucllt, T
The Atchison Topeka &. Santa Kn Railway Co,
Cashion. O. T. |
For Mr Ai VIrs < 1.Forbes.
Webaro U tour littledarlinK.
Hui we know i he in at rest
We folded h«T hands and laid them
Sadl> on ht-r brcunt.
She wan tin* brightest ■iiitHhlne,
She whi tne briRhtent flower
Sorrow will nev- r come to her
Like thin Had hour.
Our §orrow we can hardly i ear.
Our grief can hardly stand,
God will care for our little tine
In that heavenly land.
—Hell Forliet.
r.'turned home
> down to (iiitli-
Cha.s heif.irtl
the firsi * f he *'
Mr D< utf w
rle ov-r Sutidav.
Sher ff Love >f Ki'^fi^hel* \f
town t.o tlrtv.
J. W \-hm< ha- r nrchaM'tl
B ack^mith Hh« o m M un St
will offUp 'he sarti
rwummt'i d da* i *!•
I* * r No >. r \ un > CI
Mrs. Grant Hobinson received a
Revere injury by bein^ kicked b
a horse, I er face was badly brultiM
and her imse broken.
Mr. Geo Speer moved his boune
hold jjood* out from Guthrie last
week, Mrs Speer and children at<
-ta.vinir with her mother Mrs. D. (>
Wood worth while their home is i
in*f pt >pared
loar, on Farms. S ••
Money to
S. S Cole.
Little Miss Mar^herite Smith, a«
com pained bv her parents Mr. and
Mrs H. (J. Smith made a pleasatr
call at the Advance "ftice Saturda
uf ternoon
Mrs Hank Hart has been &u.
I'ti i Wn
I he'
and !
.me, i
Big Ftrit ill Holinu !?!ocN.
Klii^l:* hci
Caused bv t ut innw all the Tufft*
OMM* ion C un trade In the farm
iogn business 1 represent the only
tuiDiianv that inukea farm loans,
w rb.tut .t set ond moMtfaye or a
♦■ti ., ifsiot" ol anv ait.ti. No rake
i,ti no take t ff Yon yet. exactly
t bei \i ueiyh up for. !' Holing
MOTICBiTu whom It irav concern,
Mv fUrman t Beutler. a minor,
Juts eft fry Iffi eattdl will not be
r« pnnalhie fnr *n> drbt* hi may
f « pt<if r T flutter.
[ Hard limed .M i.
*|>enil it, buvititf a
Machine when \t>u can j ■' «
j one ri paired like new at i)h
Knd Barber Shop
it t «
h Mnrit 1
i rltorj of i
j, plaintiti.
For lot • in lie nl e «
S. S. Cole.
>idtl 111
For *nle
llouie 14 by 28, nlcelt fi i^bed,
five lots in fruit trees ju<t be^inn
itif to bear, rocked cave. *ira" hen
house and barn, |pno<t fel with
pump, cbrner location ll.i'^in if
takeii sn * L«w f). v • /.
Vtu' \ rtt t'ereli) tak< ••• ' • t'lif J
I N't i ■uei'i the biitrlci « et It in I
j m-ii. « i-- .-' tiKii*noti' i"ititoff, I:
*{ I em "■ • '• that iml«-* *«ti ' i«o>
. i h ii • if "t-1' • r. the at* «art • >t Maf
|ee|lO<>M ♦• ! U, taken im fftie * I
l'atil<e> f •it"i illotii• in t <*■ > r« •
troifi \ " ' «• mitiii)• i *i.ii,(i(
aal pel ;l lop I."I ( r#
The 1 .ad
w il w«rv.'
night nt
Hmittl * ii '■
a i li
of th" M E
pawnee items.
Tin' I'.'untry home of Hiss Cail.i
Craiir tbe *cene ot much un r
rim i nt. or Saturday evening, Feb
runry 'Jt'ti, when a few of her
friends assembled in hoi">r of her
L'in st>, Miss Cora Chaney of Guth
rie The as passed ver\
qui v in music and tramps, while
Mime choose opened windows and
eiiKV corners for social chats Ai
in appropriate hour a dainty lunch
mis served consisting of, beef sand
ivii-hes, pielicls hot coffee and faKe-
I'r nnptlt at twelve o'clock the
uue.t* departe'l for their respective
hoinef, t liiiiiRinw their hostess for
ii pleasant evening. Those present
Cliii. lil Misses t'oru < Ininey, Ina and
Krai ' it over from
LoeKridt" VVed • «da\ evening
W A I'l imweil's father is aiop-
int' with h■ 111 to,lav enroute tor his
home at Anadai o.
Miss Kav Kiohr was out from
Guthrie to visit met- Sunday.
A babv tfirl was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Han v H air Wednesday.
A full line of fii"'fo ik stovej at
J. W Havaut &
Mrs Statton I
position in P. I
will leave FY la >■
she has scccure
Grand Leader
,s j ivt-ii up her
Houghton's and
fur (J II' I.' e where
■I posit ion i'l the
11 ports a
Dr. A. t. llo
liaby eiri born to Mi' ntid M
Cascv Sunday tnori intr.
I'ouiul A Pocketbooli contain-
inj a sum of money, owner n nv re
covar bv proving prop r< and
pa v i n e
qui i.
> i.port'
;. • -(ling
Mr. Ilernts. ii visited near Okarche
the (i.-sl of the week.
Mr Snow of The Arkansas Lum
her I'o was out from Guthrie in-
voicing for a change of Managentent.
I here will he a teacher's uieetiu"
in Kingfisher on March 10 180C
I'eachers pleast. ut jf possible.
Geo E Moore Supt.
S S Col ■ went to Kinglisher on
business to dav.
POIt TKA DE--A red polled oull, U
years old to trade for beiferr. n
roc-Jersey mnle(80lii) to trade ...
sow John Vincent.
Mr. and Mrs Lew Downing weiu
toOnlahoma City today,
Thursday * hile flip wind was ver ■
high, the field on ('has Wasw^V
farm took fire burning fifteeti tons
of hay aud several tons of s'raw for
Albert Kenover, and burned hie
best milch row so badlv she will ri'
•iupper r-ext NVnln ■ -ilav
the Method Ut hall or
. Sapper will hr readv
lock Kvervbodv cordinllv
inv ' I Supper 25 cerN. children
undc?' ten K rni l« "be tjatll^e
ih M
Thur«dav aflertteof*.
; i '
tlute. i o|M* f%i-.
•* til IMkOl« • ! I'll
I ^Itt
ll'leii ii^iii* i •
iMlll.m f4*l .
Ilf |.
At t«H'
IK.-nl I
I M lie
It) II.M>*
• r At • rn« >
* f l *|i Iff
r U'nodr
< mi' "l^ pi rived in < nMr>■, !§atur
■ iv n\"i Mt Wnmtworth te
' i"' 1 \ 1 • >t' 11 \ t. Hhicl il.t for ||islL'
l ion j- d* ,md fain v.and n il'
i l"t>u li!" farm 2 hi Nt rtli « f
to'VM which he reee|,''\ p irrha^cd
•i ro |p*r I) ♦ Mli.
liOttie llobinjion, Zelia Porter,Delia|
and II uncock, Hade ami i
Mivme Galffln, Mvrtle Heldlngi
Meame Leaf. Ida Jones and
Craig. V.-««r«. It iv l'orter, Ora' (
M, r eerv. Hem ir (Inhhle,Kdd Grif
vehpiiin, l-'nil ttobinson. End Melton, I
Men K •*. Earnest llane. Elmer
Hancock. John Austin, Joe Chit
i .11 I fly:.- Craig. Messrs, ami « I'll 'inas, Hane and ll"dgi'
Mr md Mrs. Ilesseltoo. brother
lu law and i>l«t r of C. II Gordon ,
IL.1 Ui ni-tl to low i on Monday.
Improves the flavor
and adds to the health-
ful ness f'tc food.
J P Kellogg, Veterinary Surgeoi
of Guthrie, will he in Crescent th
the Tirsi Thursdav, and in Caahic
Hie second Thursday of each month
Denti trv a specialty. ^Jo extr.i
narge fur e itiiug or pulling tect.l
Mr. Glover from Hot Sprin <
Ark. is visiting at Prank Ratio's
Mi Welch is laying plans foi ,t
ill tv henhouse.
Mr. Ciaude Gordon formply t,l
this place was married or. Pell 7ll
to Miss M 'l-tha llnhm In Day Co.
C.aude was 'Jo years old
bride IS.
After March 1 Mrs. E. R. S, .,w
will be prepared to do sewing? at r
residence llrst door South of t „
gregatlonal Church.
Mr, Jnincs Frymire went
Klngllshet Monday.
Por the best Mail boxes, i c
fence all kind atid si?,e. wire •
Ac call on <i. T. Stone a mil, s I ,. •
of Cashi 'ti.

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