Cashion Advance. and Oklahoma State. (Cashion, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 39, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 1, 1906 Page: 3 of 4

"The Blues
Congressman Meekiscn Gives Praise
Pe-ru-na For His Recovery.
Why Grooves re lnv ri bty Cut In
the 9hafts.
| !ti making an Indian nr
I small undulating grooves
he shaft, running clown to
rom the lower end the
ciys the Southern Workn
ias attracted the attention
he ethnologists, who gave
•onslderuble study and v
•luded that the little lines
for the lilocil to run (broach or that
ihcy represented lightning. An ol.i
Omaha, who had the reimtatloa of be
Ins very skillful in cutting p moves in
arrow shafts, was called hy th chicl
to do that work for him on some ar-
rows he was making. The chief him-
self was a fine arrow maker, but he
recognized the skill of the old man in
this particular line. While the work
was in progress the chief's son. who
had reached the inquisitive age and
ras looking on with wide-eyed inter-
est, suddenly asked, "V< nerable man.
why are you making thoto crooked
lines? ' The chief gave a hearty laugh
and said, "Father, tell him. for he will
be making arrows himself some day,
and he should know how." "Every
sapling," answered the old man. "out
of which the arrow is made has some
defect, however faultless it may ap-
pear to be. The good arrow maker
takes a great deal of pains to smooth
out and straighten th<> imperfections
by oiling and heating, but the wood in
time will spring back because of its
inherent defects unless the* <• groo\es
are cut in the shaft soon aftet sea
soiling and straightening.'
Prominent Minnerota Merchant Cured
to Stay Cured by DoaiVs kidney
O c II; ' n. of (> C. 11 v.!< n &
Odd Wills Upheld.
Jidm 8 vrfti Udtoll 1 Sv 11
banker, left practically all bis esiat v
consisting of $15,000 a war and mova-
bles worth loO.tii . for the er !i<m
of statues of himself and bis relatives
and the building of artistic towers on
parts of Lis land. His si-
Both Symptoms
Women— i liOU.
cf Or'
;ands of
-.nt in
.j rind
W* ' *.;V
chlng. 1
ter coir
burgh e
I w btch .i
ed him:
oil Id
and was very un- I
comfortable at night. I
As my health w. I "
good in every other
way 1 could not un
derstand this trouble. It was just iu
If all the strength had gone from my
back. After suffering for some time
1 began using Doan s Kidney lMUs.
The remedy acted at once upon the
kidneys and when normal action was
restored the trouble with my back
disappeared. 1 have not had any re-
turn of it "
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster Milburn Co., Puffalo. N Y.
t $«;«
?n before
ested his
mrt of session:
courts have u
man named 1)*
elf iu Ardenni
of rusty iron with a nail. 11*
for the llrt; brigade at Ader
' such a carousal as was n*-vei
It is man's nature to fall, but he
sometimes fools people by refusing to
do it.
Worth Know In K
—that Allcoek's are the original and only
penuino porous plasters; all other so-called
iMtrouH plasters are imitations.
One sinner is apt to rejoice in the
downfall of another.
lion. David Meekison, Napoleon, Ohio, ex-member of Congress, Fifty-fifth
District, writes: _^^^i<_)>_n_rir>r><_ii[.iii.
• «/ have used several bottles of Peruna and I fee! greatly benefited \
tberebv from my catarrh of the h-.'ad. I feel encouraged to believe that it |
/ use it a short time longer I will he fully able to eradicate the disease of .
ANOTHEK SENSATIONAL CURE: Mr. Jacob L. Davis, Galena, Stone count v.
Mo., writes: 41 have been in bad health for thirty-seven years, and after taking
twelve bottles of your Peruna I am cured. .laeob 1j. Davis.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfactory results from the use of I eruna.
write at once to Dr. Hartman. giving a full statement of your east', and lie will
be pleased to give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of The Hartman Sanitarium, < olumbus O.
Limited territory only left. Our list
of .special representatives is nearly
complete. Answers must reach, us
immediately, with best of references.
H. S. HQWLAND. I Madison Avenue, New York City.
Workman Asleep in a Window Twelve
Stories from the Ground.
The other day in New York, Morrif
Spencer, weary of window cleaning
calmly sat down and fell asleep or
the narrow ledge of the twelfth story
of a Wall street sky scraper. Before
closing his eyes, he dropped one leg
carelessly over the edge of the ledge
and leaned his head bade against the
window frame; then he slipped off
into dreamland.
For three hours the window cleaner
slept on his narrow, lofty bed, uncon-
scious of peril. A bad dream a sud-
den start—and off lie would have tum-
bled, to be dashed to destruction on
the granite pavement 135 feet below.
The ledge was only two fe t wide.
A man In an office on the twelfth j flt>Kh would h
story of the building across the street | light discharge
saw Spencer. He telephoned to the
ground floor for Policeman Ross of
the traffic squad, who was passing.
The latter made his way to the win
I dow through which Spencer had pass
ed to reach the ledge, grasped his arn
and shook It gently.
Spencer awoke at the first sh^tcc,
got up silently like a cat, crawled in-
side to safety and without a word
went away to clean more windows.
crowd watched the "rescue
DEFIANCE Cold Water Starch
bii m laundry work a pleasure Wot pkg 10a.
■b mi 04 - f-'AGE BOOK which
Ji fwJr £* explains Ijovrtocuredeafm-
OR. W. 0, COFfEE.
at home: lu frees writ.-for It.
J60. Century Bid? . Dei Moines, la.
Our stock was grown for seed purposes
and has been carefully handled. The
quality is good and price is reasonable.
Please ask us about it.
ROSS BROS SEED HOUSE Ocpt C, Wichita. Kans
FKKK SAMI'l.KS nr our mllahln
\<l<lre** %ih<Tiii>intr P« •'
John Brnd ( (
l J.' )
JW-351 W. Norlh Astnar. CHICAGO. ILL
When one is driven to drink he
usually has to walk back.
Take I.AN \T1VI C.KOMO Vulsilno la' lets. | ruc-
irlnti" r-'funil inoiwx If It fall" to "ire. L. >V.
OUOVK S signature U on each l>ox 25c.
' One-half a successful man's success
! may be duo to good luck and the other
half to good judgment.
To Get the Best Out of Life:
i Order the life habits to conform to
the laws of hygiene, take proper rest,
food, drink and exercise, have plenty
of light, fresh air and sunshine, and
take a cup of Garfield Tea daily. This
mild laxative Insures Good Health.
Druggists sell Garfield Tea
A woman never considers marriage
a failure if her husband is willing to
pay all her bills without a murmur.
Deafness Cannot lie Cured
' hy local iUIomi«. ** thev<>t remit tlie ill-
nl tlmt U by rniiMItutI- mil r«Mi i -li« i .
.< <1 liv nil Inflmni ti • "iiilit Inn of I In-
f the ti
Terrible Scaly Humor in Patches All
Over the Body—SUin Cracked and
Bleeding—Cured by Cuticura.
I "I was afflicted with psoriasis for
i thirty-five years. It was In patches
' all over my body. 1 used three cakes
I of Cuticura Soap, six boxes of Oint-
I nient and two bottles of Resolvent. In
I thirty days I was completely cured.
| and 1 think permanently, as it was
i about five years ago. The psoriasis
I first made Its appearance In red spots.
| generally forming a circle, leaving In
I the center a spot about the size of a
I silver dollar of sound flesh, lu a short
! time the affected circle would form
' a heavy dry scale of a white silvery
i appearance and would gradually drop
I off. To remove the entire scales hy
bathing or using oil to soften them the
perfectly raw, and a
of bloody substance
would ooze out. That scaly crust
would form again in twenty-four
hours. It was worse on my arms and
limbs, although it was in spots all over
my body, also on my scalp. If I let
the scales remain too long without
removing by bath or otherwise, the
skin would crack and bleed. I suf-
fered Intense Itching, worse at nights
after getting warm In bed. or blood
warm by exercise, when it would he
and j almost unbearable. W. M. Chldester,
i Hutchinson, Kan.. April *J0, 1905
i ha\
'I It I
a ilie liifhiiiiniall •:
ycu Pay 10c. 1
for Cigars 1
Not ao Good. 1
F PiLEWIS Peoria. Ill J
Cheap Rates to
and Mexico -
I'rom l-Ybrunry 1."itli to April
7tll, lurlimi vr,Colonists' tli kots
will lu-on Mile toCalifornia ami
Mrxiro points at exceptionally
low rates:
KasitMft City
Sin Franclnco
l.<m Anted!"
Mexico City
Gujtdala i«t«
.. -s li Ot.
tMkeu oi.i uid tliU tube
. hi. lieariitK will be il.- ir )''il l->re\er; n-lie ru en
mi' -t ten urn c:ui-i <1 l y < ntarrh. wlilfh Unothlug
Inn Hit Inf Mined emiilh imi «f ;he inin-nim mirfaep*.
U will Klve Oin- Hundred l >dlar* for any « a e <-f
I>eufne-« rnu«ed l > mmrrlO I hat eanimt be riirrd
hy Hall'i Catarrh < lire, send !■>. ■ n n'an free.
K. .1 CHKSKY & co.. Toledo o
So| i liy l>riimf' U. 7".i"
Take llall'i Family IMIla for conallpatt :D.
To Discard Russian Name.
j Louis Horwitx, a Russian, aged 2S
j years, lias tiled a petition In the cii
I cuit court of St. Louis asking that his
I name be changed to Louis Hart. The
, Ilusslan Is a traveling salesman and
| represents that he Is at a disadvant-
age In business by reason of the fact
that he retains his Russian name. He
I ! says there is at present much preju-
' dice in the United States against Rus
slans. He also states that he wishes
1 to effectually disavow all connection
. with the Russian empire.
Wilson a Long Termer.
Secretary Wilson has been longer in
oltlce as a cabinet officer than any
it her member of a president's official
' family since the days of Albert C.alla-
tIn. Mr. Wilson was appointed seen •
i tary of agriculture by President Mr-
Klnley March 1S0T. and has served
mtinuously ever since. Albert (ial
latin was appointed secretary of tho
treasury by President Jefforson In
18U1, ser\ed through both his admin-
istrations. through the first of Madi-
son's and until April 17. 1813, of his
second. Gallatin was foreign born, as
was Secretary Wilson, the former u
native of Switzerland and the latter
of Scotland. _____________
Alas for the Polished Floor.
"Aunt Louisa," as the late Mrs
Louisa Kid ridge was lovingly called,
was well known as an actress, but she
was even better known as the organ-
izer of the annual Christmas festival
for stage children at Pastor's theater
in New York.
"In presenting their Christmas gif's
to the stage children," said ;'n actress,
'Aunt Louisa made the jolllest Utile
speeches. I well remember what she
sabl to me when I was a juvenile In
presenting me with a crutch, for I
had sprained my ankle badly in a
snow scene.
"She said she hoped I would incom-
mode no one with my crutch, as her
cousin, a veteran colonel, sometime s
Incommoded people with his wooden
"Her causin, she said, was once din
lug with a man whose floors were of
highly polished and costly inlaid
"The host got nervous as he saw the
colonel clumping and clattering about
on his expensive floors. He was afraid
they would be scratched up.
" Hadn't you better come over
Million.-ire Speculators.
Seven young New York millionaires
—Alfred Gwynne Va ldcrbllt. Regin-
ald c. Vanderbilt, Harry Payne Whit
ney, Charles T. Cook, Ogden Mills,
Lawrence E Sexton and Horace Por-
ter—have purchased for nearly $1,000,-
000 a tract of 1C0 acre? In the suburbs
| of that city. They have organized a
syndicate to speculate in the lots,
which are on the line of the New
j Haven railroad and a line which is
i about to be built.
Miins Denirs It.
1 A Maine paper recently attributed
i to General Miles the familiar saying
thai the only good Indian is a tlead
I Indian. General Miles, who knows
I Indians better than most people who
| speak ill of them, promptly wrote
that he was "never the author of any
I such inhuman, brutal and truthless
Baltimore, Too, Has Hopes.
The Pennsylvania railroad officials
' promise Baltimore to erect a new rail
i road station of which that city can
be proud. There is need of this, for
A Rockefeller Who Laughs.
William G. Rockefeller, the nephew
of the great oil king, and w ho Is looked
upon as the future head of the Stand-
ard Oil Company, is the only one of
the family who appears to take tin-
least enjoyment of life. John IV and
bis son, John. Jr., seldom smile or
laugh. Not so with William Rocke-
feller. One of bis chief character
istlcs is his laugh. It is all the more
striking on account of the solemn so-
briety of the other members of the
billion-dollar family. He is m arly six
feet tall and has a well developed
Poet of Parliament.
It is pretty well known that Sir
Wilfrid Lawson Is the recognized poet
laureate of the British parliament. He
I Is always on tho lookout for "inci
j dents." the little episodes that enliven
the dull routine of parliamentary life
and that lend themselves to utilization
as a couplet or a quatrain. Ills ex
teniporancous verses make a circuit
of tho house to an accompaniment «>l
subdued chuckles. They are some
times handed by a minister to the
speaker, who reads them with a pro
slonally dignified countenance and
then pays them the compliment of a
momentary twinkle of his awful eye.
Worked to Death.
The late Henry Harlund Is said to
have received J70.000 from one of his
novels. His method of work accounts
for his premature death. When the
desire to write came upon him in 1 SS I
he occupied a minor place In the sur-
rogate's office In New York, where his
hours were so long thai he found lit
tie time for literary labor. In order
to lengthen the ordinary day he re-
tired directly after dinner and slept
until 1 o'clock in the morning, when
he arose and after drinking a large
cup of black coffee wrote steadily un-
til breakfast time. It. was under such
circumstances that he wrote? his first
stories of Jewish life over the pen
name of "Sidney Luska."
McKinley Memorial Building.
The trustees of the Albany law-
school have decided to erect a new
building for its housln>r and the sug-
gestion is made that the movement
take the form of a McKinley me-
morial. The late president was
graduated there, and had he lived
would have delivered the commence-
ment address In the spring of 1902.
'/7 ; l|-
4".^ ~ '
X% Mrs. r e Hoimos J• *•: ' """ ly
llow often do wo h.-ar v.-. nsay: "It Ilium's V
sooinsas Ihouj' h my bai l: wouldbreali, J
or' Him't hiK'.ilt to imo, 1 am all out nf
sorts"? Thc >o signilic:mtrc mil U * prove
that the.-v.ti ui rcq'.in > alt. ution.
Backache and " i'<e blues" arc direct
symptoms of an inward trouble whit !i
will sooner or later declare it «-lf. It
may bo cause 1 by dlsca-s..I kidneys or
somo derangement of tho organs.
Nat tiro requires a- '.stance s: nil at once,
and Lydia K I'inkhain s\ ej -tablet «im-
pound instantly a .crts its eurai«v
powers in all t -lose p « uWv.v ailment," ••
\vomen. It lias been the standby
intelligent American women for twen'
v art, and the best iud a a • ree I
It is the most univer.-;illv sncce:
in! remedy for woman's ills known t
1 ti
, rytliii
When womi
nlar, suppre
weakness, vli-
that bearing
■n arc trouble 1 with ir:*e
,,l or painful pel'
• ulceration,
itig, inllauima-
fanSf bacl ohe,
ting («>r tla
, irrituli
-s, niel
s. tilt
••want to-t
r.ntl liopelessn
l>.-r there is « ?i'
Lvditi K. Pin
to\xixd at once rt mov< s
No other medicine li::
of curt • of female t •
medicine i: tho world I
widespread and rra n
luent. IU-fuse t«/
\ e;
rcme ly.
Mo < < .in-
ch a re
ed this
free advice to women".
Remember, every Woman Is cordially
in-.ited to \ ite to Mra. I'lnkh im n
t hero is any tiling" alnnit her symptoms
sho does not understand. Mrs. I'ink*
hum is the daughter-in-law of Lvdia K.
I'inkham, her assistant before her de-
cease, and for twenty-five years since
her advico has been freely ami ehe« r-
fully given tt every ailing woman ia ho
asks for it Her i-dvico and medicine
have restored to health innumerable
women. Address, Lynn, Wilss.
nni* ft ounea—una prlue «i"
Nicholas Was War
Perhaps the funniest feature of all
in the house treatment of tho presi-
dent's plan of a • hipping post, for
wife-beaters in the District of Col
umbia was Nicholas Longworth's vote
to table the bill. He explained that be
was altogether too near matrimony
himself to help establish such a pun-
ishment for such an ofTenae.
Mr*. Window'* Knothing Syrup.
For rhllilr.-n tecililn/. Mifli-un tlie K>irn . reduce* In
tlamijiuiiou, allay pain, cure* wind colic. 25c w liottlc.
Young "Historic Structure."
Northern California has lost its prin-
cipal antique. The oldest house in
that part of the state, built by Mayor
T. 13. Reading in the remote period of
1S44, and known, therefore, as a "his-
torical structure," has been destroyed
by wind and flood.
lle.i'l tho convincing* testimonial:! of
Mrs. lloluies and Mrs. Lotrt ly.
Mrs. .I.i' Holmes, of Lariinore, North
Dakota, writes:
Dear Mrs. rinklmm:—
" I || tvutmiren-il ov. rvthlng with bn lntcho
mid I main trouble- lie' tho on
until my -teui was in such a e. million that
1 was unable lo bo about. and tl.'-n it. w.-i
eoinnienei-d to use Lydin I'inkhu:. :
table ('oiii|H und. If I h id only l.uown 1
much wifferina I wor.l I have i-avod l shoul i
bnv'o tjtkon it. nioutlis wMiner—for a ft-w
wtvks'treatment m.-.di mo well and stron;:
My Uiekaehesand headaehesare all p ne a :.l
1 Miller no pain at mv nionildv pernnls
V.hereas before I t* oU Lvdia K. Pbil:luim"|
Ve;;etablo Couipountl I sulloix'd intense pain
Mrs. Emma. Cotrely, 109 Last 1-th
Mrcet, New York City, writes!
Dear Mrs. l'inkhani:—
'• I feel it ruv duly t<>t«'ll all wiffrHng women
of tlio relief 1 have fouu«l ia Lydia K. i'ink-1
Ask Mrs. Plnkham's Aihice-A Woman Best .a ills.
i\ T
in Weste <
C.inail;i ia
amount nvm}
farmers -v 111
realize front
their wheat
cropthisye;i .
25 Bushels to the Aero Will bo thn
Avoraso Ylold o( Wliont.
Th.1 lun.l Hint lliU wiiw i.rownon « "•<>. ltiunyof
th^ furmi'i'M ubsoluwly uoLl.ini:, whll.- l';o*.
«bo wi.sliril touild to iho liw' tiT.-H tbeio m-
mrnt Brants, can tn.y laml (-■ M
lo $10 un acic.
Climate splendid. M-hool fonvcnleni. r.i.'*ray
close at band, taxes low.
Send for pamphlet "30th Century uils"
and full purtic-ulurs reKardioit rut®, et* to
Superintendent of I in mi^ ration, nunwi.
Cunuda, or to the following uutU -
Canudiun tiovernment Agent-J. S. Craw ird.
No. liir W. Ninth St rert, Kansas City.Mil- ourl.
(Mention thin paper.j
WICHITA—No. 9— I >00.
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
J60, Century llld*., Deft Moines, le.
No doubt you'll need a
tliis season.
Malta no mi'.t.iko — it's thn kind':- guaranteed to k'* p yen dry
and comfortable In the Hardest
storm. M i le in Illttek <>r \'«-l-
luw. JSuld Ij> ail reliable dealers.
hero on tho rug. colonel?" he said. | the present accommodations are inade-
'Yon might slip out there, you know.' qUa(r an(j (he many tracks aro at a
"But tho colonel with a loud laugh Krnde. The wonder Is that there, as
struck the floor firmly with his wood- | w< n ag th0 un,on nt&xU)n in Kansas
en leg.
" 'No fear of that,' said he. 'There's
a nail in the end. you know.' "
The fnrnbrake trembles in the lifting
Pale trpnngles glance along the mellowy
Above the anelent wod n rounded l>i§K
Drops Illy petals down n dusky hay.
And eornei wise, and all a-sllp hetwe«n
The trees, soft shocks of raveled silver
The .
urntleld chiefs
make hold essay to
with their tawny
moon si < ii - v. ii
pointed shields;
From mullein tent and grassy
awa ke
The moonlight pipers of the
And nudst. .Mi. ious fragranerM
Wind through tin argent llcece*
is guaranteed to cure
f. M. Bti.n rr. X. !>., M nufaolurcr,«jiWii®J**W I.-
if night
A still, black stn-n
Asleep hi dim let
Awake with rills
i Inlaid w
f laugh to
nnd from the erest
Just 'be-
nt of th«
♦ .!4
Through tourist alceperH from .
St. Lotiin <ni Ttuj ilny earl*,
week. Vou ntcp into the car at
St. Louis and do not leave it
until you reach San Francisco.
Auk your nearest railroad agent
for rates or nddresH
Dlonaotit House, KANSAS CITY. MO.
Ti. kefs on everywhere \ ia
Misaouri, Kinsas A Texas K'y.
Railway Employes.
In the service of (he railways of th
United States today more than a mi
lion and a quarter i f men are en
ploy. d. Of tills multitude 52,451 ar
engine men, f 5,0tHi a
ore conductors. Th
glnes In active use l
her of passenger « ,i
freight cni h 1 ,7ho.0«jc
engines, If pln< etl ii
t'Uclrele the globe.
firemen, 40,uu0
number of eu-
17,000, the num-
40,000, Ud Of
These ears nnd
ine, would half
School Children Drink Spirits
Out of the forty-nine school children
in the lowe.v, SIMS At Hotdh:iIISI I),
Oormany, the 11 ««ll -aI nilln r m p ' ts
that, thirty-eight had drunk wine,
forty spirits and .ill move or k>s
beer; while out of u class of twenty-
eight girls sixIei ti confessed to hav-
ing been drunk.
Larqc?t Geo Receiver.
Tho l.on Ant-eh (Ins and K'e till
company Is ererling what tNlll l «- ihi
largest gns reC'lvcr lu tin Unltci
States. It will ho 210 fee: In high
and 210 feel in dlam-■« r and will ho d j pkg
b.wuo.000 eii':lo f< < (if gas
City, many deaths ai ^ not caused by
the existing arrangement. It is a fact,
however, that nobody has been killed
in Baltimore station during the last
thirty years, and the marvel of it Is
A College Man's Experience.
"All through my high school course
and first year In college," writes an
ambitious young man. "I struggled
with my studies ou a diet of greasy,
pasty foods, being especially fond of
takes and fried things. My system
got into a state of general disorder
and it was difficult for me to apply
myself to school work with any de-
gree of satisfaction. 1 tried different
I medicines and food preparations but
did not seem able to correct the dlf-
| Acuity.
| "Then my attention was called to
Orape-Nuts food and I sampled It. I
I had io <!n somstblng. M I Just book*
I led down to a rigid observance of the
directions on the package, and In
leas than lit) time began to feel better.
| In a few weeks my strength was re-
stored. my weight had Increased, I
had a clearer head and felt better In
every particular. My work was situ*
I. ply spurt to what It was formerly.
I "My sister's health was badly run
! down and she had bet ome ao nervous
i that she could not attend to her
i music. She went on Grape-Nuts and
had the same rt markable experience
j that I had. Then my brother, Frank,
1 who Is in the postoffice department
i at Washington city and had been *ry-
I lug to do brain work or. greasy foods,
| cakes and all that, Joined the Grape
Nuts army. I showed him what It
j was and could do and from a broken-
I down condition he has developed Into
' a hearty and efficient man
"llcsldes these I could give account
of numbers of my Mlow-Btedenti who
have made visible improvement men
tally and physically by the use of
this food." Name given by I'oatutu
Co., Battle Creek, Mich
There's a reason Head the llttlo
book, "The Road to Wellvllle," lu
Iigh Class Druggists
TV bettor clan* of druggists, erprvwherr, am mon of scientific attainments anil lngh integrity,
who devoti) their lives to the welfare of their fellow men in BUpi>lving the beKt of remedies ana
all standard remedies and corresponding adjuncts of a first-clan pharmacy and the finest and
best of toilet articles and preparations and many useful acce-sori. s and remedial appliances.
Tho earning of a fair living, with tho satisfaction which arises from a knowledge of the benefits
conforrod upon thoir patron* and Mil tano* to th* mi dical profeaalon, j ucually their grea w
I reward for long year# of study and many hour* of daily toil. They all know that , ) nip o
I FirM is an excellent laxative remedy and that it gives universal satisfaction, a i d therefore they
I are selling many millions of bottles annually to the well informed purchasers of tho choice^
L remedies, and they always take pleasure in handing out the genuine article bearing tin-lull
M name of th* Company—California Fig Byrup Co.—printed on tho fronl of «very pack ••••.
W They know that in oi*** of colds and headaches attended by blliousne** and eonitipation and
of Weakness or torpidity of the liv. r and bowels, arising from irngular hab t •, lndlge*tlon, or
over-eating, that there'is no other remedy so pleasant, prompt and beneficial in its elfects as
Byrup of Figs, and they aro glad to sell it because it gives universal satisfaction.
Owing to tho excellence of Syrup of Figs, the universal satisfaction which it gives end the
iminonso demand for it, imitations have been made, trial nnd conde■niiied, but
individual druggist* to be found, hero and there, who do not man t in ti'. di .m,tv and pi n. ipl g
of the profession and whoso greed gets tho better of their judgm. nt, and who do not hesitalo
to recommend and try to sell tho imit ations in order t-make a la; ' r profit. • -u. h pr.
or ftotitious fia ivnip company, printed on tho imckapr, but '.li n« w I
the Coinninv —<?:ilif. rnia Fig Syrup Co.—printed on the front . the naei.ji!.. 1 he imitations
oliouid llo ri iected because they aro injurious to tho system. In ordi r to sell the imitations
thev find it neO 'dsary to resort to misrepresentation or deception, and when. v. r a deu . r passe«
off on a customer a preparation under the name of >yrup of f nr- or I g H I , wll uh
do.-3 not hear the full name of tho California l-D! Syrup Co. printed .1 tin fiont of the package,
v n>ui „il«le:i.l 1 he natron who bus been so unfortunate as to entci his
to 11 i-r. presentation nnd
h" is attempting to deceive and mislead llm patron
establishment, whether it be lartre or small, for if the dealer resort-
and deception in one case he will do so with other medicinal agents, and n tho 1 g of
phvsiciais' prescriptions, „nd should be avoided by sverv one v., va Hies Ik-a. I ml h '
d225*wh2 Sllll^^wUty^ "I wsryiklnPn hu"lnoatr.a oo*blspri^

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