Cashion Advance. (Cashion, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 25, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 24, 1904 Page: 3 of 4

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More Flexible and Lasting,
won't aha We out or blow out. by uelnic
P« is ••> h jrou i Mala bctttr re-
fultt< than i oss>Me with any other
brand and one-third mora for ame
No, Cordelia, a long li adcd mau
Isn't necessarily narrovwnindtd.
The Fat Year
Writ- M! IIP.
advice * i>1 *re«- •,
'•! mi.-d. All.
KINK, lie
Our ifloa of an unpopular man is
one with a fad for collecting bills.
mQ P"rtnaner ly enrH. N t« o: nrrvnnmtN* after
O I • itn i . c N r <• - T*
• x ' • r HI I * . i i
!«■ U i.kUM . i ..I., .-.a • iv& Mr-el. ru.luO* i>h a,ia
If a woman is born beautiful she
can uiarry riches and then buy luck.
How's This V
\Te offer One lluinlr '• .lar* Keaard f r in)
«a*e ■ atarib that uti.ii it-- i •> Ha. .
talari h t ure
F J. CIIKM V & CO.. Toledo. O
We. tfefl iintier*i|{iiea. hate kaowa F. J. < hcnejr
f< r I 1 ' > • Mil.I ••• I . -IT. . I. i.
oral)i- in Mil liiii- s* irui>«a.ii iim mi.I r u.> ia..y
•Lie oui miiv . -Urn.. h s a mahvin.
Wh .>... i- UriiKifl«tM, Toledo. O.
Rail's Caianh Cute S taken at-ilnu
<!1re« . up n the 1 ••••! end ii ur , . «
Test It
• ii,'..!-# Kii
• pe
lly Pi
Bucking the tiger has frequently
brought the wolf to the tloor.
Important to Mothers.
Examine cart-fully evry bottle of CASTORTA,
a safe und cure remedy for iufuats uuil children,
and Bee that it
Bl«ii«cu.t uf }<c£&A46(
Li Uae For Over :;o V. .
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
Some men take religion as a polit-
ical afterthought.
Insist on Getting It.
Somp grocers say th *v don't k^ep
defiance Starch. Th b- .use th«>
have a st«>ck on hand of other brands
containing only 12 oz in it package,
which tii- won't t>«- t , s«'ll fit-M.
b^i uuHe Defiance contains 16 ox. for
the same money.
Do you w tnt !rt oz. instead of 12 oz.
f. r same money? Then buy Defiance
Starch. Requires no cooking.
When the flying machine is perfect-
ed we can visit our castles in the air.
broad on the prali
fflV • " v- I !., !• a III • IW. k 1! • • I U- lit
(KjJ .'i ! over th< li .untiful land
iff ,m J? I Iiut lh* t-*'an t - .,r« filled unto burst
r shall whiten the
liitr I.Iain with
le glad thought of the f
true tbanks ahall cry tipwurl
and loud.
ind of sunshine
f li
The Infinite F
ultimate need
b faith am!
The toiler vows tl-en unto suffering. 1
too. will be tei'dt r and kind.
fe; $tt
v -AjvSI
Well lv 11 ■ • W l!iST tin1 1
Spirit of Festival Quickly Caught by
Go Into the foreign quarter of any
American city ami ask nn Italian < v a
Slav, or any otli T immigrant, wheth-
er he celebrates the Fourth of July,
and he is likely to shrug his shoulders
as he professes ignorance of tlio day,
or answers:
"No; it's nothing to me."
Ask him if he prows enthusiastic
over Memorial day and you will find
that it leaves him cold. But Just
mention Thanksgiving day and his
face will light up at once.
"Yes," he will tell you, "wo eat our
Thanksgiving dinner like any other
Debt That Is Owing to the Pilgrims
and the Pioneers.
Prov x\ix -"Wli. r< then- Is no vis-
Ion. the people perish."
Thanksgiving day reminds us. year
by year, to look backward, count our
blessings and, with grat tude to the
Giver of every good gift, to look for-
ward with faith and courage to a still
better future, for the years are sure-
ly bringing with them better things.
We think to-day not only of present
prosperity, but of the men who laid
- the foundation for the great struc-
Americans, anil go to church and Klye | ture of ()Ur nat|onaI llfp The
thanks nml have a good time with sr,m Kathers ()t New K„K|an(1 nnrt
the youngsters In the evening. the p|oneer Fathers of California, dlf-
Thanksgiving day moans a lot to us. j fer,,nt as |h(,y wore lu ohMra(.„.r, hail
for we have much to he thankful lor. , many comn,un ,rai)a SUch as love of
The Immigrants catch the spirit uf iib,.rt;. daunllcss determination and
A prominent club woman, «
Mrs. Daiilorth, of St. Joseph,
Mich., tells how she was cured
oi falling of the womb and its
accompanying pains end misery
hy Lyclia II. Pinkhara's Vegetable
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham: — Life looks
dark indeed when a woman feels that
her strength is fading away and she has
no hopes of ever bcin-r re: lured. Such
was my fei lin^a few m inths ag^o when
I was advised that my poor health was
c. 11 • 1 by pr->la| : ".s or llin^T of tlio
Won lb. The words sounded like a
knell t > me, I f -it t hat i ly sun set j
but I. <li:i M. I'iiikhiini's Voffo-
table < Compound < ame to me as an
elixir of life} it restored the lost forces
anil built me up until my good health
returned to rue. For four months I
took the medicine daily, and each dose
added health and strength. I am so
thankful fqrtheht lp 1 obtainedthrough
its use."—MllS. 1 I.ol.i ... ' i • anFORTQ,
Thanksgiving day more quickly than
that of any other American institu-
tion. The new Americans show this
by their deeds and words, and the
ctory of an immigrant who caught
the spirit the first day he landed is
typical, eveft if In the majority of
cases it is not imparted so quickly.
On a bleak November morning an
old Roumanian Hebrew landed in
New York from Ellis island with his
wife and three children. The harbor
was wrapped in a mantle of fog.
which hid from their eyes the prom-
ise of the Statue of Liberty.
It was a depressing scene. The old
man's spirits sank and the hustle and
hustle of the Americans frightened
him after his quiet life in a Rouman-
ian village. But his eldest son, who
had preceded his father to Americli
and who had sent the money to bring
the family over, met him at the pier
with a warm welcome.
"Come right along. father,' he
cried. "We shall have to hurry to
get home in time for dinner."
And he rushed the old man and
the children into a trolley car and
took them over to the East Side with :
*11 possible speed.
When they entered the house, cold,
tired, wet and hungry, an inspiring I
met their eyes. A roaring fire
Se p I
; letter proving
Women would smc tiino and
much sick tic*-', ii they would
v ire t > Mlr Pli k' nui forad\ i«*«*
us soon as any iJistressiiijf symp-
toms appear* It in free, ana has
1> *i thousands*:!' wonieu ou Uie
ri^Iit road to recovery,
Wanlo-.l FOBS
If you are dissatisfied I can offer you a
splendid position with rapid advancement.
6. E. BARBER, Manager, Topeka, Kans.
Mustanq Liniment
cures Cuts, Burns, Bruises.
You rnn buy no better cift than a
DIAMOND. Our catalocue contain-
ing illustrations and prices of Dia-
monds, Watches, Silverware and Art
Goods will be scat FREE on request.
T>uy of the Importers and SAVE
tfj 1030 Main St., KANSAS CITY
blazed In the grate, the American
flag was draped above the mantel, and
a good, old fashioned Thanksgi\ing
feast was spread out upon the table.
The turkey was there in all its
glory, browned to a turn and stuffed
to the bursting point with chesinut
flavored dressing, liig glass dishes j
full of cranberry sauce and celery ,
flanked it at each corner, and two i
bottles of claret stood sentinel at |
6'Vegetable'dlsh^s^cakeg, sauces „n,l i «-tlons to Turkey an„ the
especially the faculty of looking for
ward with faith and hopefulness.
They were not satisfied with the con-
dition of affairs and they longed for
a larger life. As a result of that dis-
satisfaction, coupled with a capacity
for work and the power to see great
possibilities In the future, we inherit
the glorious realities of our present-
day lives.
Every people that emerges from
barbarism has before it a vision of
better things. A vision of better
things came to the founders of our
nation and str.te. We are grateful to
God for the vision of our fathers that
has been so largely realized in the
magnificent achievements of our na-
tion and in the glorious growth of our
Has this vision of better things
ceased? If belter things are possible,
we must make them ours. This vision
also will be realized. The church
shares this optimism. Her eyes see
the great work that is hers and her
hands are ready and her heart glad;
and the vision of righteousness which
•\lone truly and permanently exaits a
nation is urging her to larger efforts,
for well she knows there are no "bet-
ter things" without religion, which is
itself a vision of God and duty and
an enlistment in his service.
Pastime That Will Help to Round Out
Pleasant Day.
For the game of turkey questions,
get together twice as many blank
eards, carte de visite size, as you
have players. We will say that the
number of the company is twenty
persons. In this case you will need
forty cards. On twenty of them write
gravy bowls filled up the vacant
spaces on the board, while on a side
table the pumpkin pie held sway, sur-
rounded by a court of jellies, blanc-
manges and tarts.
The son laughed at his father's
"Sit down, father," he said. "You
must be hungry, and this is a day
when nobody is supposed to go hun-
gry in America. It is Thanksgiving
Turks. On the
twenty write an
tions. T
from any
iese ques*
iiestions can be taken
1 book on (he subject.
but care should be used in selecting
such as the average American could
be required to know.
When the forty cards have been
written, put the questions in one bowl
and the answers in another. Tne
question bowl is passed, and each
player in turn takes a card from it.
'i he answers bowl follows, and all
"Every man who. by the sweat of : players dip into this also. If a player
his brow, has earned a Thanksgiving thinks he has received from the an-
iinner for himself and his family is swers bowl an answer to his question
in duty bound to eat and drink and he retains the cards in hand and
he merry and give thanks for the ceases to play. But if ho considers
blessings he enjoys in this rich land that the answer he holds belongs to
of freedom." some other question he returns the
"Verily," responded the old man. card to the bowl it came from and
"you have much to he thankful for draws again. No consultation with
when you can spread euch a feast as regard to cards is allowed. Question
this, which is only enjoyed by the cards cannot he returned. All play-
richest of the people in the land of ers who succeed in answering their
our birth." questions correctly draw among
And he and all his family feasted themselves for a nicely illustrated
and made merry and rejoiced that hook of travel" TorVov
••Ail Signs Fail in a I>ry Time
In ordering Tower's Slb'ken*
n customer write*! know
they trill be all right If theif
hare the 'Fish * on them.19
This confidence in the out-
growth of aixty-nlnn years of
careful iimnufu< taring.
A. J. TOW; "It CO. T. .BImo'tb.FU!l
- " • r^cWQ?5
lVeion, U. S. A
Tower Canadian Co. "
Toronto, Canada
Mahout of Warranted Wet Weather Clothing
£YRUP cures coughs and colds.
White Men Return From That Coun-
try With Pallor.
The missionary was so pale that
his friend exclaimed
"Have you had a spell of sickness.
"No. 1 have been to India." the
oth« r answered.
"India? That sunny. sizzlins
place? HoV is it you are not brown,
"It is plain to be seen that you
don't know what you're talking about."
said the missionary. "White people
that go to India don't come back
brown. They come back paler than
ghosts. India fades white people out
I thought everybody Knew that."
■'i didn't know it, Jake. What Is
the philosophy of It?"
"The philosophy is that the Indian
sun is so deadly that we whites have
to keep out of it. In the sun. in In
dia. the thermometer will register 100
degrees. Well, with the thennoim '« r
at 1C0 can you imagine a white man
bustling about in the ^.lar> ? lie is ly
ing on a dim piazza with an ie- d
drink beside him ami a fan stirring
the air above his head.
"Yes."' said the m sionary. "white
men in India avoid tbe mid as voutv
girls at home avoid mic<\ White
men return from India as pale as you
see me. 'The Indian pallor,' we
call It."
Heroes and Cowards.
No Daylight Weddings.
A Russian bride is not submitted
to the trying ordeal of appearing in
white satin and lace in cold, broad
daylight. The wedidng takes place
by candle light in a drawing room.
No-Tip Restaurants.
Owing to the success of the "no tip"
restaurant in Piccadilly, London, other
restaurants are about to enforce the
no-tip rule. The waiters receive wages
and a commission.
And What They Mean.
When Old Mother Nature gives you
a "whack" remember "there's a rea-
son," so try and say "thank you,'
then set about finding what you have
done to demand the rebuke, and try
and get back into line, tor that s the
happy place after all.
Curious how many highly organized
people fail to appreciate and heed the
first little, gentle "whacks" of the
good old Dan.e, but go right along
with the habit whatever it may be,
that causes her disapproval. Whiskey,
Tobacco, Coffee, Tea or other unnat-
ural treatment of the body, until seri-
ous illness sets in or some chronic
Soino people seem to get on very
well with those things for a while,
and Mother Nature apparently cares
but little what they do.
Perhaps she has no particular plans
for them and thinks it little use to
waste time in their training.
There are people, however, who
seem to bo selected by Nature to "do
things." The old Mother expects them
to carry out some de partment of her
great work. A portion of these select-
ed ones oft and again seek to stimu*
late and then deaden the tool (the
body) by some one or more of the
drugs—Whiskey, Tobacco, Coffee,
Tea, Morphine, etc.
You knowi all of these throw down
the same class of alkaloids in Chemi*
cal analysis. They stimulate and then
depress. They take from man or wom-
an the power to do his or her best
After these people have drugged
for a time, they get a hint, or mild
"whack" to remind them that they
have work to do, a mission to perform,
and should be about the business, but
are loafing along the wayside and be-
come unfitted for tije fame and for-
tune that waits for them if they but
stick to the course and keep the body
clear of obstructions so it can carry
out the behests of the mind.
Sickness is a call to "come up high-
er." These hints come in various
forms. It may be stomach trouble or
bowels, heart, eyes, kidneys or general
nervous prostration. You may depend
upon it when a "whack" conies it's a
warning to quit some abuse and do
the right and fair thing with the body.
Perhaps it is coffee drinking that
offends. That is one of the greatest
causes of human disorder among
Now, then, if Mother Nature is gen-
tle with you and only gives light, llttla
"whacks" at first to attract attention,
don't abuse her consideration, or she
will soon hit you harder, sure.
And you may be sure she will hit
you very, very hard if you insist on
following the way you have been go-
It seems hard work to give up a
habit, and we try all sorts of plans to
charge our ill feelings to some other
cause than the real one.
Coffee drinkers when ill will attri-
bute the trouble to bad food, malaria,
overwork and what not, but they keep
on being sick and gradually getting
worse until they are finally forced to
quit entirely, even the "only one cup
a day." Then they begin to get bet-
ter, and unless they have gone long
enough to set up some fixed organic
disease, they generally get entirely
It is easy to quit coffee at once and
for all, by having well made Postum,
with its rich, deep seal brown color
which comes to the beautiful golden
brown when good cream is added, and
the crisp snap of good, mild Java is
there if the Postum has been boiled
long enough to ^ring It out.
It pays to be well and happy for
good old Mother Nature then sends
J us her blessings of many and various
I kinds a.^d helps us to gain fame and
I fortune.
j Strip off the handicaps, leave out
j the deadening habits, heed Mother
Nature's hints, quit being a loser and
! become a winner. She will help you
sure if you cut out the things that
keep you back.
"There's a reason" and a profound
Look in each package for a copy of
the famous little book, "The Road to
Uses Pe-ru-na j> !n His Family
For Coltie am.
- v-'-v.sri!
rinl!s it an
r>i:nr\ \ i
The Magnificent Stato Capitol Building at Salem, Oregon,
er to TI
The schooner Mi: uuri was cap.-u/.ed
off Indian head and Captain Charles
Williams and the crew of three nun
Commissisoner Wright will leave
Manila November I- for a 1!0 days'
tour of inspection of the province of
Mindanao and Jolo.
The battalion of troops from Albania
has been ordi red to proceed In hastf
to Yonida (4ii miles northwest of Salo
nica), where serious disorders are re
H. A. C.yann, Renter's chief core-
spondent in South Africa, Sodan ano
Turko-Greek wars, has been appointee
editor of the London Standard under
the new regime.
. v.,
The German ambassador
Baroness Speck von Sternb
Washington for White Plaint
where they will be the guests of Mr.
Whitelaw Reid.
The remains of Arthur C. King, a
millionaire tea importer, who died at
Berkley, Call., were shipped to De-
troit, Michigan. He came to this coun-
try five months ago.
The Novoe Vromya editorially
argues that it is impossible for Russia
to participate in a second pence con-
ference at The Hague during the con-
tinuation of the war.
At Chicago, Martin W. Burke, for
seventeen months manager of the
Brevvort hotel, was found dead in bed
at the hotel. It is believed that he
died of Bright's disease.
aron Taube, who Is t
foreign office, has
is Russian judicial
rnational commissin
onnected with
>oen deaignat-
ulviser t< the
l which is to
re into the North Sea incident.
chael Davltt of Dublin, nn ad
of home: rule for Ireland, has
I at San Francisco from the Kr
residents of the territory, arri\<d in
St.L ouis to take in the celebration of
New Mexico day at the World's Fair.
Official advices from Si Petersburg
show that the hitch which has oc-
curs d in the negotiations for the arbi-
tration of the North Sea incident Is
not regarded as serious. The main
issues are not affected, Russian de-
siring a modification of certain points
of detail. Unofficial information con-
firms the statement. The modification
r< d, relate a to the Question of tfie
punishment of the officers found to be
responsible for firing on the traw-
At Westerville, 0.; Dr. Lewis Book-
waiter, inaugurated president of
Otterbeln unversity.
Three hundred engineers have al-
ready been dispatched by Prince Hil-
koff, minister of railroads, in connec-
tion with the preliminary work of
double tracking the Siberian rail
At Tokio the emperor presided at an
extended conference of military and
navy slaffs in the palace. While the
proceedings were secret. It Is under-
stood the plans were discussed for
dealing with the Russian Second Pa-
cific squadron when it arrives in the
Far East.
Late returns from the scene of the
Union Pacific wreck near granger,
Wyo., place the number of dead at 14,
of whom 111 have been recovered and
Identified. The remains of an unknown
woman passenger are still under the
wreckage. Three or four male pas-
sengers are reported to be missing and
may be buried under the debris.
General Crozler, chief of ordinance,
in his annua] report recommended the
expansion of the machine shops at
Manila for the purpose of repairing
heavy pans of ordnance used in the
The idle plant of the CarnegieTubo
company has been leased by A M.
Byers, independent manufacturer, and
the works will he placed In operation
at once. The plant has been closed
down for two years, owing to poor
business and sharp competition. The
resumption will give employment to
500 men.
At Dallas, Texas, fire destroyed the
dry goods establishment of W A.
Green & Co. The fire Is believed to
have been started by burglars. There
are evidences that the place had beeu
ransacked. Loss, $C5,000.
I' rr.nH not only cures catarrh, hut
prcxei.ts if. I very household should ,
he supplied with this great remedy for .
counha, colds and so forth.
The Ex Governor « f Oregon is an j
ardent admirer of Pcruna. lie keeps it j
continually in the house.
j The P« rtina Medicine Co., Columbus,O. / h.ive had < it. as ion to
nse our I'eruna medicine in my tam-
il\ for colds, and ii proved to be anex-
tclient ren dy. I have nut had oo
i .ision to nsf it for other ailments.
\ ours very trnh ,
U . , !. I.ord.
It will b no' . ! tl.;.t the IJx-Gov
f■ • 111;I\ in i lie l -i t.-,1 Mi,i, should do
!.< I'en ! ; in t lu- lion . . Use it for
cou hs, c< Id - la ip-l and other
w ill be no ot . nit he house.
Such families should provide them-
selves with n copy of Dr. llurtman'K
free book, entitled, t hronic <'atarrh.**
Addres-. Dr. 8, B. Hartman, President
of The II art man Sanitarium, Colum*
bus. Oh i.. Ail . i r> -pouilf nee • hold
strictly confidential.
More Valuable Than Diamonds.
Oriental rubles are worth, weight
for weight, about twelve times as
much as diamonds.
Use Imperial Stamps.
Four countries—Bavaria, Austria.
Wurteinburg and Switzerland border
on the lake of Constance. Passengers
on the boats have heretofore had
much trouble in finding out what
stamps to use on their letters. It has
now been decided that letters mailed
on the boats may bear the stamps of
any one of the four countries named
us well as German Imperial stamps.
-f ||QCLTCl Ein«oic Stockings, etc.
I KU3C5LJ r|nuo'| 1 "1 s;.i:iwO«,,i.n,
r uivcii, , iv
P ti wivi,"::v:
Successfully Proseeu'^s Claims.
I'rlni !),al I *( ininnr i rt Prtiii..oo Bureau.
vim in civ.. \* .ii. I.> mljiulirui iiitft'liuuia. at I > o
School Teachers, Mechanics, Farmers,
I |iim'i i ■ , III.' S'-' iirlty I'riiMt nml
Mrs. Henry Story, of No.
532 Muskingdum Avc.,Z.incs-
villc, 0!ii(),:>.iys: "My husband
suffered from rheumatism so
that he could hardly stand. His
back hurt and he had such
pain in his lelt arm that he
could not rest night or day.
Tfi • doctor did him no £ood
and it was not until he tried
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills that
he /as helped. Six boxes cured
him completely and he has not
had an ache or a pain since*
We think the pills are the best j
mcdicine i:i the world/'
Pink Pills
for Pale People
cure rheumatism because they
make new blood. It would be
folly not to try a remedy with
such a convincing record of
V7t. would teach the lady
who buys.
Lesson number one.
Starch is au extraction
of wheat used to stif-
fen clothes when
laundered. Most
starches in time
will rot the
goods they
are nsed to
Defiance Starch
ip absolutely pure.
It gives new life to
// linen. It gives satisfac-
tion or money back. It
cells 1G ounces for 10 cents
at all grccers. It is the
very best.
Tie DIfi,.;ia STARCH CO
OMAlU - - NLB.
W. N. U.—WICHITA—No. 48, 1904
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
™HTEBFST^iality IF! H f^jj[ fQII £
STRAI6HT«rCIGAR always reliable
DnliTR mnnllfi'l hv tl<«*lr Joblwr or direct from Frank 1*. I.xwu l-iM-iory, I'eorm, 111.
OF. an offer t, which anyone can have the nlceat laddta in Ma
Men's, Women's, Boys' and Girls' Saddles,
Stock Saddlos, Ranch and Range Saddles,
You will eel our Ver, Lataat and Miat Aitoniahlndljr Liberal Offer, you will
jit r.ur ! rn'Tr'i r. •. *.il > ■ i Ive a aadille i'iht thai .v^ry ln>r «
owmi • ••• iwn it bone, lon'tfetllocaltbtiiAdovS
an'l M- fid to u« today ami im o what all y <>u k®t by return mull, free, postpaid.
ADDRESS. sei3s, p0e3usr & co., CHICAGO.
— o W. L. Doufilxs nrnken ant/ sails nrora mnn'm $3.BO
uhovm than i.:iy oitiar manufacturer l:i /io world.
The ren*m \V. T* I>otiulan $" r,o Mimes urn lli yrrnt«M -# llt r* In the world is
lent M l<-. • i y l.'iiiik hiiu er.i • ri< r w paring «',u. Iiile*. If I I«l *h"W vi u th« dill
Mi"- -t mule In my f!•" y . 1 th • <• nf otln-r i ken ami tin* Muh-Rrar> l Mt lu ra u«ed, /oili*i
M.unl w h) W. I. I inn -•! .n J V, r|,„eH r.iHt iu-i •• t«i n. i V * hy tln-y Imld tli. ir sh.i |'.- tit I.
loni'it, nml nr. i f (m- . r Intr i.Mr vhIiih than any fO„-r iS.bO shoe ou tlio market to-Uay, a
aalee f..r ihf y.-ar «!ii.M .'i.!t l. r«M, wore ..... ,
u . I. I'UII.-, .1 HI .1 . u: value hy e mii mt( Ida uasn® and price uo the bottom. L
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W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mmmmmohummttm.

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Cashion Advance. (Cashion, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 25, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 24, 1904, newspaper, November 24, 1904; Cashion, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 23, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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