The Kiel Press. (Kiel, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 15, Ed. 1 Thursday, August 14, 1902 Page: 3 of 8

Stands Erect in The Landau, Bow-
ing And Smiling,
The uses of adversity may be sweet
but it is apt to sour a man's disposi-
Pido's Pur© for Consumption la *n Infallible
Bedicine for ooughs ami colds.—N. W. bAJiuiLi
Ocean Grove, N. J., Feb. 17. lkHJQ.
The clock never strikes for shorter
Defiance Starch is guaranteed big-- Some people rim into debt; others
ffest and best or money refunded. 10 are pushed in.
ounces, 1** cents. Try it now.
London, Aug. 8.—Judging by ap-
pearances, the Icing not only will be
able to go through the coronation
eercmonies, but will be perfectly capa-
ble of performing all functions of the
service without discomfort. His re-
turn to London was accomplished with-
out any ill effects.
When the train arrived, the king, ac-
companied bv the queen and Princess
Victoria, stepped out of the car and
walked across a crimson cloth on the
platform some twenty yards, to his
carriage. The queen and Princess
Victoria entered the vehicle and the
king followed, apparently without
difficulty, ami four royal servants
placed rugs about his knees. The king
stood up straight, as if he had never
had an illness in his life, took off his
hat and bowed to friends on the plat-
form and to the crowds behind the
barriers. He seemed to be in the
greatest good humor and edidently was
delighted to get back.
The admiring commentsof the crowd
along the king's route from Victoria
station to Buckingham palace were
mingled with expressions of amaze-
ment at the appearance of his majesty
riiling in an open landau and much of
the time bare-headed, he having re-
moved his silk hat. The king kept
continually bowing and smiling in
response to the cheers of the people.
The long route via Orosvenor place
and Hyde park corner, and thence
down Constitution hill, was followed.
Tlie king passed through a great sea
of waving hats and handkerchiefs as
he drove up to the palace. He was ap-
parently not fatigued by the excite-
ment of his reception.
To Invest ignte Thut FoaalL
Minneapolis, Aug. 11. — Prof. N. F.
Yrinchell, president of the geological
society of the United States and a mem-
ber of the faculty of the University of
Minnesota, left for Kansas with War-
ren 1 ham, secretary of the Minnesota
historical society to investigate the
reported discovery of a human fossil,
said to be 35,000 years old. They hope
to secure valuable data in support of
tlie ounteution that the earth was in-
habited during the glacial period.
8llver Advancing.
Denver, Colo., Aug. II.—Solomoi? R.
Guggenheim, who is here lookiug after
t,he interests of the American Smelting
and Refining company, said that tin?
company had just closed the sale of
:.'Qfl>00,000 ounces of silver to tlie Mexi-
can government, in addition to 5,000,000
ounees recently delivered. He declared
that the first sale increased the market
pries ui the metal two or three cents
and predicted a still greater rise as ;i
result of the late deal.
The Strike Settled.
Topeka, Aug. 7.—The Santa Fe offi-
cials announce the strike of the boiler
makers at San Bernardino and The
Needles, Cal., in effect since May 28,
has been settled satisfactorily to all
parties concerned. Both the strikers
and the company made concessions.
The new wages at The Needles will be
30 cents per hour. Between 50 and
100 men return to work.
Mra. Wlnilow'l Soothing Fymp
For children teething. M>rten* the gums, reducea In*
flauiuiatluu. allay* cure® •
ivltid colic. J&caboltle.
Before some preachers condemn a sin
they investigate its financial standing.
noon nousKKKEPERs
Use the best. That's why tlisy Uiy Rot
(Jroar liall liiue. At leaJiug groiurs, 5 cent*
If yon would make a woman angry
abuse her physician.
Ladle. Can Wrar Khn*.
One size smaller after using Allen's Foot-
Ease, a powder. It makes tight or new
■hues easy. Cures swollen,hot .sweating,
aching feet, ingrowing nails, corns and
bunions. All oruggists and shoo stores,
2">c. Trial package !• REM by mail. Ad-
dress Allen S. O.msted. L.elloy. K. Y.
DR. J. C. BROWN, Pr~>«ne MinlKHl u.
Wichita, Kaoa. RyCiEar, Nose ti Throat.
Woman's way to liwalth. Homo
treatment-. Ken«l for fr'«o booklet.
Mii 14« : Building, Omaha. Nob.
A bigamist is a man with more wives
than brains.
To Cure a Colli In One ilay.
Take Laxative Promo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 26c.
The average historical novel can
make history look like 30 cents.
he does not have Detiance Starch, you j
may be sure he is afraid to keep it un-
til his stock of 12 oz. packages are sold. ]
Defiance starch is not only better than
any Cold Water Starch, but contains
la oz. to the package and sells for
same money as 12 oz. brands.
The difference between a position
and a job depends on the point of view.
Splendid Opportunity to Visit Red
River Valley.
From July 26th to August 20th the
Great Northern Railway will sell harvest
excursion tickets at rate of 55.00 for each
person, in parties of live or more, from
St Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth and West
Superior, anil J13.00 from Chicago, to
points on Greet Northern Railway In
Minnesota, North and South Dakota.
Also on same dates tickets to all points
on their line in Minnesota west of Sauk
Cei-tre and Benson, and in North Dako-
ta east of Minot, at following rates for
each person, in parties of five or more:
From Sioux City. la., and Yankton,
JS.OO; from Sioux Falls, $7.50.
Tickets and Information from all rail-
way ticket agents, or upon application to
F I. Whitney. G. I'. & T. A., St. Paul,
Minn., or Max Bass, G. I. A„ 220 S. Ciark
St., Chicago, 111.
Rates to Minnesota and North
From July 26th to August 20th the
Great Northern Railway will sell harvest
excursion tickets at rate of lo.Ot) for each
person, in parties of five or more from
St. Paul. Minneapolis, Duluth and West
Superior, and from Chicago, to
points on (Jreat Northern Railway
Minnesota, North and South Dakota.
Also on same dates tickets to all points
on their line in Minnesota west of Sauk
Centre and Benson, ami in North Uako-
ta east of Minot, at following rates for
each person, in parties of five or more:
From Sioux City, la., and Yankton,
J3.00; from Sioux Falls, $7.50.
Tickets and information from all rail-
way ticket agents, or upon application to
F. I. Whitney, O. V & T. A.. St. Paul.
Minn., or Max Bass, U. 1. A., 21.0 to. Clark
St., Chicago. 111.
\N'0 * ny or aril an -
Wliern. bttVMi Wcat
lMuuiita WICHITA.
I'hoiltt 49a
/ // 7 ' / thr in nil wli< wrun
SuSis and
Wnrrantetl waterproof.
. N \\V \ Kit A hUN,
Hole Mfr-..
Ku«t 4 Hmt>rlric« . M ««•.
No man becomes a jail bird just for
a lark.
The Missouri Pacific Railway has on
sale through railroad and steamship
tickets to all parts of the United States
and the world.
We are agents for all tlie principal
Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific
Steamship Companies. We invite in-
quiries, both written and verbal, from
those desiring information about rail-
road and steamship tickets and rates.
Deposits received for prepaid steam-
ship and railroad tickets from all
points in Europe
Two trains daily from Wichita for
Kansas City and St. Louis, carrying
Pullman Sleepers and free reclining
chair cars. Connections made at these
points for New York, lioston, Phila-
delphia, Baltimore and all ooints east.
For full information, time tables, sail-
ing lists, llesort books, and railroad
and steamship literature, call on or
11. C. tow.vsexd, I.R.SHERWIN,
o. p. 4 t. a., P. & T. Agt.
St Louis, Mo. Mo. 1'ac. Ry.,
Wichita, Kas.
PULL CtK Wh ^ IN Cl«r«'ct, l i tters. Rco-
I noralcsand Hi I m Art, Selene**
j Pharmacy. L«>*. C- ' vfianl'll and Elec-
trical t-ln^lnerrlng.
j I borough Pre put. Commercial
I Course*.
koonit Free to all stu<i> • com-
pie led tho studies required on Into
th'i Junior or Senior Year of ai h liegl-
hte Courses.
Rooita to Rent, moderate chair* . t"*
over seventeen preparing forColleifiau
A limit ed numtx'rof Candidates for tli«>
siast.ifttl state will be received atsperlal u " *
St. Edward'.* Mall, for boys under i:t years, ' ,r
unique in the completeness of Its • qulpment. *
The 59th Year will open September V, 1902. '
Catalogue* free Andreas
KbV. A. MOKRISSRY. C. S. C.. Prealclcr
Every tidy housekeeper appreciates nicely starched
clothes and linens. No starch under the sun gives
so good a finish as Defiance Starch. It is absolutely
Free of the chemicals which other starches contain. It
never sticks to tlie iron or causes the clothes to
break. It does not rot them. For 10 cents you get
16 ounces of^ the. best starch that con be made.
Get Defiance.
(One milo wcHt of tho University of Notre Dame.)
Thorough KnullHh ami Claxalrnt IJdiieatloij,
Including Greek. I.atin, French ar;d< iennan. On
completing the full course of studies, studouta
receive tho IteKolar rollrg-hiti* Deicrova.
The Conservatory of AliiaNi Is condurtiwl on
the plan of tho best Classical Conservatories of
The Art Department Is modelled after tho
b >st A ri Schools of Europe.
Preparatory ami Mini in Departments. Pu-
pils are hero carefully prepared for tho Aca-
demic,and Advamvd Courses- tiymnnslum un-
>'cr direction of Graduate of lioston Normal
School of Gymnastics. Bookkeeping, Phonog-
raphy and Tynewritinsr extra. Kvcry variety of
Fa noy Needlework taught. For catalogue ad-
St. Mary's Academy. Notre Damn P. O., Tml.
Attend Schcal Cheaper
ularH. Amoriotn School A. College Agency, Chicago.
Celegripkj, Shorthand, iiookkeeuiug. 12thSt., K&nauiCity. Mu.
in tho Southwest Is the
Springfield Normal Sohool
and tSusinoss Collage....
L.lf« Scholarship Nut a K'railuat« ou
of usilUAlloil. satlxraoLlon
I. n. Trt YLOR, President,
To Meet Santa Fe'. Rates.
Chicago, Autf. 11.—The western roads
have decided to meet the Santa Fe's
rate 00 live stoelt from the Missouri
riv«r aud the trans-Missouri lines will
tucet tlie rates beyond the river by
making the Chicago figure the local
rate to tlie Missouri river, plus 12.
General Fill!.tun 1. Sink.
Denver, Colo., Aug. 11.—lirigadier
Uenoral Frederick Funston, com-
inaiuier of the department of Colorado
id oontined to his home by illness,
having undergone an operation for
ftalula. His condition is not at all
alarming and his friends expert thut
he will quickly recover. Tlie gen-
errfa present illness does: not resu't
from the attack of appendicitis for
wtutfli an operation was successfully
pejjftirmed before he came to Colo-
Has Quality And (luantltjr.
Wichita, Aug. il.—O. A. Sarles of Mt.
Hope, one of the largest apple growers
in tlie county reports that lie would
have the best apple crop this year thut
he has had since coming to Sedgwick
coanty. His trees, he said, were load-
ed with the finest quality of fri^U, and
the apples were larger and more plen-
tiful than in any other year since he
set out his orchard. Last year he said
thnt his crop was not very large and of
rather poor quality. This }'e.'ir he lia;i
quality and quantity.
Syrup, pf
the-btst family
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant.
It is efficacious.
It is not expensive.
It is good for children.
It is excellent for ladies.
It is convenient for business men.
It is perfectly safe under all circumstances.
It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians.
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
Its component parts are all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable substances.
It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which are
agreeable and refreshing to the taste.
All are pure.
All are delicately blended.
All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to
the originality and simplicity of the combination.
To get its beneficial effects —buy the genuine.
Manufactured by
San Francisco, Cal.
Louisville, tyy. Now York. N. Y.
"JS-StSSSl Thompson's Eye Watai
to Kansas City to see 'he Priests of i'al-
las parade, night of October 7. More
wonders in an hour than you have
dreauied of in your whole, dog-goned.
Btdlm." Ju*t out. Hixtorr
of HeaTT-weiirht Flffhtfra ami contests. Hy W. Y*.
NiraHrow. B1(? book, $ 1. a S : agents 112 dally ; hot
neller; hetitormi; new pictures, outfltand T struc-
tiona, 16c. Aijent.x wante<i. Hand. Ir.Nallf ACn.CklraRO
We send FREF and postpaid a 200 pare treatise on Piles. Fistoia and Diseases of the
Rectum; al*o 100 page illus. treatise on Diseases of Women. )f tlie IhousaaJ* cured
by our mild method, nnuesald a cent tillctred—we furnish th ir names on application.
DRS. THORNTON <4. MINOR. 10<0 Oak M.. mm^Clly. Mo-
'■PJSO 'S.CU ffD.'f-OR to
i ^ V <? O N «,0 M F T IOM
no matter whatltlsor where located. If you wantto
buy. I have what yon want. Mo deal too l&rirc or too
■uiall. Money neat to your bank. Address with stamp
I W.N.U.—WICHITA—NO. 33—1902
When Answering Advertisements Kindly
Mention Tbiy raoer.
Suddenly. It injures the nervous system to do so. Use BACO-CURO
and it will tell you when to stop as it taMs away the desire Tor tobacco.
You have no right to ruin your health, spoil your digestion and poison:
vour breath by using the tilthy weed. A guarantee in each box. Pric*
$1 00 per box, or three boxes for S2.50, with guarantee to cure oi
noney refunded. At all good Druggist, or direct from us. Wnto for frea book!.t.
£UR£KA CMEWIICAL CO., ■ La Cross©, Wis.


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