Cleveland County Courier. (Moore, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 8, Ed. 1 Saturday, March 16, 1895 Page: 1 of 4

& ry/V r
Nl'MBKR 8.
What the Law Maker* of Oklahoma
are Doing lor it« People.
A No*l Important Hill* Piwm'O
ami lire Mow Ltiwii of Ihr Territory
—The L11M l «y « f flu- I.t jflwlu-
turn out' of l.\elt«*iiieiit.
The first part of the upnroi iution
Mil «is in trod uce.l by ('. •• Elliott, on*
titled "an iM*t in iking appropriations
for current expenses of tin- territory
for ti o yours of 1k>.* anil l*l">, ami for
other jMU'|H se ," is ao follows:
F« r superintendent of public insti-iie-
tior , us salary. the sum <<f S'~'.4<KI for
tlu your* < l liHi.l and 1*.' >; for traveling
Sloo; for incidental
The senate killed the bill to u41ow
prize tight In;, a commit tee of prvaob-
ers and W. C. T. U. ladles having
c imped with thera three days ami
The house pussed a bill leariog tike
leglslalIve district* iu they now ore*
l'H<>C CKMN<J#—PIptirth I AV.
The third legislative Inidy became
non est at 3 o'clock Saturday morn inn.
When 12 o'clock arrived it was not
prepared to die.
Governor Renfrow bent in the fol-
lowing nominations which wero con-
firmed: C. I>. Aruold, El Reno, super-
intendent of Iniurd of health; A. .1.
Ryan, Oklahoma City, rice superin-
tendent «>f the bourd of health; 11. D.
McKnight, Terry, to vacancy existing
on the board of recent* of the terri-
ribriul normal school, for four yean
ami W. W. Murphy, Alva,
triey are to receive per hundred
lints. J1 countio*. townships, cltlep. town*,
No. 112—Ilelates to duttcji of county tillages and school district* to Issue ft
conunlewloners and prohibits thein con- .>er cent iwenty-year U>nds to take up
trading del ta for any purpose In '*• ill b*Hl warrant Indebtedness.
cess of SO per cent of the tu* levied tot No. 117—Relates to roads and high-
oounty purposes for the current year | ""ays, amending the chapter on that
and imy amount issued for Indebted- , «ubject.
nefis In excess of that amount shaJl not | N< . lj.'i—Amends section ltk article
No. 115—Authorize* the territory' and THE WORLD AT LARGE
Summary of tho Dally Kowa
>f the chapti r on *chooln
I No. 125—Providing for the establlsh-
I ment of a Uses I ugrncj for the terri-
tory tn New* York City.
No. 131 — Legalise* thy Incorporation
I Jt' the viliugo of Crescent City
130—Amends the chapter « n clt-
for two
important iiili<s passed.
ex pen si
per yeai
For territorial auditor, ihe
gl.U'OO as salary; ol!ice ex pen;
cleric hire. fct;oo.
For territorial treasurer,
salary and f.'Oj for contin
i-\ r the fiverm r f« r h-gul advice for
the years 1 -Jo and 1 .. the s*im of ftWHi
pi r ve o. the ofiice of attorney general
being al olished.
For the secretary of the tenitory for
I I an Us of iii- oflice, fc'JOo and glM lor
furnishing territorial statutes for die
For defray in)/ expenses of the :,u-
preme court on the territorial side
jj ~>v a year.
For the governor in enforcing the
criminal lawn of the tc-rrioiy 81.
for incidental expenses of his otliee
For the keeping of the insane of the
territory i7o.U'XJ.
b*ot commitmetit of persons sen-
tenced to the penitentiary 81'.'
be a charge against the county, hul
may !*• collected by the holder In civil
action again*}t the county commission-
ors or their bondsmen-
No. 114—Fixes the rate of taxation at
not m« re thun three mills for generuJ
territorial purposes, one hulf mill fot
ti*rrlt*>r1aJ normal school, one half i.ilU I •>{ the first close and prescribes the
for terrltofial university, and not to manner of ness«* 0tnK costs « f street
exceed nine mills for general county nd other Improvement*.
purp.4*ete i No. 140—Provide* that where any
No. Hi)—Provides that In any case | t ernon shall obtain goods or services
v. h -T" a laborer, clerk. ff*rvant ■ i under false j n'tecuM^s t r contract a
curse Is con,jelled to nut fo obtain debt by fraud the debt Ix-comes du*
trages, they shall be allowed judgment ' ind coltei'table At once
also for attorney's fees and no property j No. 142—Amends paragraph 3A90. mic-
?hnll he exempt from hidgment ron- tlon IR. article three, chaptt t ^6. on
dered fi>r such sendees. ! dvll prlc«*dure defining the period with
No. 123—Provides for the vacation of ' 'n which civil action r*at be brought
townsltes in certain cases. | N'o. 150— Amende and .eNls.'S the Aus-
No. Us—Kelates U> flsh and gtune. It trallan election law
most Important Nils L? unlawful to shoot deer.pralrle chlcic- | N • 17ft— Empowers the governor t
-na, gnnise, quail, wild turkey, sjatr- I contract for the care <vf the Insane and
renv, wren, martin or any like Inwc- I the d«-af and dumb of th-> territory for
tlvorous blrda,except that guaJl, prairie
chlcktn and wild turkey n.ay be shot
between November 1 and February 1,
by a i^rsori for his own uj*\ i ut not
for tale; and plover iund doves l -twivti
August I .md 1V.-Cember 3L ft Is un-
lawful t« hunt, trap or li:-h on any
man's prembe-s without Ids consent
end unlawful for any transportation
company to carry game out • f the ter-
ritory. It is unlawful to take li^h by
gfg. t-i-wir. seine, net, or any other way
exct t.i t-y J ole and lire.
No. 11;- —Changing the time of llntlnt?
property from February I to Mun h 1.
No. 1113—I'iv vldes for th • iu<:e<-^m'*rit
and taxation of all transient stocks .f
goo.Is an l othe r (h rs< nul proju-rty. re-
• tulrlng them ?j bout on, ^ llptcd when
brought Into the torrltoiy and making
tie.' tux at rmee (• rj#- and collecti.'' 1 ■
when any attempt Is n....!- to move tf.e
gfx His av. a;- or sell at auction.
No. lJs— .Vmends the statutes relative
to the tax levy in «-h« ol di.-Ur1ct:i a'.d
ther ihhij/s U .tt th"
« sl at
«\a«!iim*ton hotk!<.
Capt -( en. ( vli.k.j v has demanded
he recall of the American consul-
general at liavuua. t'uba. and the
Spanish cabinet at a meeting on tho
ith agreed to support the demand.
Tin emperor of Japan lnt formally i \
•xecuted the ratilication of the new
reaty with the l>nlted State* and the j v
locumetit has Ih cu forwurdod. It was | v
•\pccted t< arrive at Washington
tlarch ','U, and the ceremony of the « x ■
diungc of rutitieations will be held j nth in u
ihort 1 v after I rry mem
ciiahiks A Dan a. editor of the New , in
>rU Sun, and William Lallin. the pub- | M.(.r,.tar\
(•uk at
rhumlh r. Ok . recently by a man who
r«nlc into town and announced that
President rievelnnd hud declared the
Kickapoo Indian country ojhmi for set-
tlement and that hundreds of people
from all telegraphic point* were crowd-
ing into the new land for claims.
Scores of people mounted horses, raced
to the Kickapoo country ami staked olT
claims. Latertliey returned to ( hand-
ler. but received no news and now they
their Informant was a joker
Tut: Toledo, o . high school building
was destroyed by tire on th
was caused by an cxplosi
laboratory. l.o*>,
rho Qrlp Almost Won Whero tho
Ballot Failed.
t From ikt Herald, U oodstoek. Va.)
There is iui old soUlior in Woodstock* Vx,
who erved In the war with Mexico and u>
the war of tho rebellion, Mr l^e\ i Mi InturlT.
11th. It ' Ho (Kissed through Isitli these wars with-
in tho oUt u serious wouud. The hardships, bow-
over, told seriously ou hiui. b r when the
. grip atUu-ked him four yours ago it noartjr
house l'-oke up on the him. Who etui look ou the inlirmi-
■d In
passed 1e :uj follows
First, the house bills paased or«v
Na 1—Provide* for the restoration of
tax tollo and iu'k ess merit records do-
stroyerl by Are or otherwise.
No. 3—Provide* for the levying of
siH'Ciol taxes In various parts of the
territory to provide a fund for the pay-
ment of the debt of tho original school
No. 4—Relates to attorneys at law,
and provides mode of disbarment and
other regulations of the court
No. G—Compels railway companies
not having their right of way fenced ti)
pay for all stock killed or Injured by
their train* without regard to the ques-
tion of negligence.
No. 7—Prohibits the obstruction of
streets and highways in any way, also
the destruction of guide or sign boards.
No. 9~ Pr« vides the manner '-if reninv
lng county attorneys and all other
county officials.
No In—Repeals the old libel law and
enacts a substitute making libel a mis-
demeanor Instead of a felony.
No. 11 find 41'—Rous* substitute f r
bills. Provides that hereafter tiia«s
shall bo paid In seml-annun 1 lnstaJl-
inents, not later than the third Mon-
day In Dcceml-er or the thlnl Monday
hi June. Parties paying the whole
year's u.xes In r>ecember will recetvo a
rebate of 2 per cent, end if tho ilrst
half bo r.^t paid In December the whole
amount becoinee delinquent at i nc \
When taxes become delinquent 2 per
cent is added at once, then 1 p^r c**nt
a m< nth for three months. 2 j- r cent
a for tiie second three months,
and per cent a month thereafter.
The till also extends the time for the
payment - f tajtes dui* April 1 <7 this
year until August 1 in every county In
the territory, unless the county com-
mlssu ner3 of the county shutl i-y spe-
cial action refuse to allow this exten-
sion in their county, in which caso
these t.a.x« a shall I«e d• i• • Anr l I IKCiX
No. lf>—Amends the statut« s relating
i period of three years
No. 196—Legalizes the o
Perry Ixwinl of education
No. 2^f — Allow* any person to prefer
> rtaln creditors by giving real or chat-
tel mortgages, or fransfering property
In gtx>d faith.
No. :i'7—Makes
lands subject to *
imminent <i« main.
ef the
i:il public
f | ower of
«rHKi:>i> :itri> TO TIII: sticiki:UH.
nhool le
♦ XLeed - jvr rent
i hull not be over
cent< r ' f the dls-
thut have b
n tN fncor]
^o rem<.sly
iding foi
)th« r In-
of terrltor-
c<-nn< ett-d
For revising the statutes of Okie- to rape, making the age of consent HI.
and rupo of a girl under 14 rape In the
first degree; but providing the irlrI to
noma 830.000.
For the board of health $2,000.
For the regent of the Oklahoma nnr
."crsity at Norman vr,no and for furni-
ure and books 8l," O0-
For the regent of the normal school
it Kdmond S.VHJand for furnishing tlio
list it ulan $3,00' •.
For salary for territorial librarian
For salary of inspector of quarantine
is provided by law i:." oo.
For expeiiM^ of -ovcrnor in relution
.(< leasing -chool land> •. l..b'>
The location of county scuts is as
The .ieat of Woodward county shall
u- ut Woodward, of Wood at Alva; of
rrnnt at Medford; « f Kay at Hlack-
vvtdl; of (iarli' ld at the government
townsite of Knid; of Dav at irrunt-; of
i at Taloga; of lilaiuc at Watonga; of
Ivinligi^her at Ivinglisli r; of Logan at
ruthrie; of Payne at Stillwater; of
Lincoln at Chandler; of Pottawatomie
it Tecumseh; >f « level.tml at N rman;
if Canadian at LI Kcno. of (i at Arupa-
ii c; of Uog.
Wn-hita at
Mills at
>ud Chief
ice at Pa-
er at
> iiiui
f Noble
iec; of IK
at i >k
PI,o' 'KKIU \ ns — Foil I' V-SI" VKNTII DAY.
lioveinor llenfrow h:i.- given out a
• tatemenl that he will not sign any
jill that is of a nature of reciprocity
md which intends to t.oueh on tho
eusimr cf school lands and the uppro-
provo she v.-as chaste ajid vit
No. ?1—Requires county s^rv-yom to
give $1,003 bond.
No. 'J4—Relates to the tiu l'-s of road
overseers in working the roads, pro-
viding that they snail wo~k t*:e rom'.s
on the north nn<l « ;st sldej of th-ir
No. IC>—Legalizes the lncorporatli>n f
all cities and tow;.s wherein errors may I)m n n.ade in making out chaiiera
No. L'7—Relat«*s to probate (>>urts re-
pealing sections 2, ?! and 4, i-rt. b",
chapter is. and enacting a fubstPuttf
greatly slmpllfvimr the procedv.n.* In
prolate courts by making It the name
as In Justh e courts and abolishing thi
regular pro! ate Jury.
No 2S—Lejrullz'-s the divorces i;iant
e<l hy jirol ale Judges rnd render^! t:i
valid I y the d<-cl:jM.n of t!ie supreme
i < ui t.
No. 38—li- Litcfl to rev- nue luws ;
omefiding theni L^nt .'1 p«.rs<ina.'
property In un< rgfail?,e<l counties an..' ,
Indian roi. rvutlo;;.! ^h;.ll be ae.-v
for Uixatlo.u In the counties to v.*hi t
they are attiu hed f- r Judicial purjK>5 -h
This taxen the cuttle in the Indian r< s
No. 41 -is ulne-1 to prevent persons
from stealing and butchering st - k by
compelling iill perrons butchering any
cattle or shei-p keep the hhles tlvv'
days in summer ond U-n lavs in winter
s«> the ovvntrs of stolen sto k may havo
a chance to ejrnnilne same and prove
th-ir ownership.
No. 43—Relates to appeals from Jus-
1 tl-x's of the peace to hlcher courts pro-
I vidlng for Juilgrner.t against the up* ,
pelhM''8 bondsmen in certain cas« '.
No. 48—Provides for the organization
of the territorial mllltla and fix -s the
salary of the adjutant general at tZ J
No. 13i>—pr
court r e.
or destroy,mI.
N- 14 j—Lei;.dip.
of tlio cit;.' of Med
No H&— Attempt
consequent upon th
public rectrrds by (In
the recording of de
No. 14s—C i ales the of
lul veterinary* surgeon t-
with tho agiiculturnl ct
\idlng stock c-firdtary r-egulatii
No. 1S2—Regulate* and governs build
Injf and loan associations
iso. it>4— I'rovides tor thv employment
• f stenographers by the Judges of thi
• upreme court to transcribe their
opinions; no Judge to be allowed to ox-
?oed 150 a year for such services.
No 171—Is the civil rights bill, mok-
ng It a misdemeanor punishable I y t
due to make discriminations agulne'S
i'.y nxf". but still providing f r
n.te fvho- ia for white and colored chlhb
No. 17Z— Prov|.irf for the e^ta bllsh-
nv .t of n iioldlcrs' home fxt Fort Fup-
No. 100—C.lves probate Judges Jurls-
dl« tlon in all divorce cases.
No I'.'l—Regulates the examination
i:nd licensing >' f pharmacists.
No —IU lutes to the Issuance «?
Illver foul Will I'ay
r<|ual to ll'. t'niU I'i r Ton.
Pirrsnt'Hoil. Pa., March li. —The
river coal operators met yesterday and
toirreiidorcd to the strikers. Thcv
agree to pay J V ccnU- per bushel in
the first three ami cents in the
fourth jvxiL This is the same as
cents per ton. The va-o river miners
on strike have gone to work to-day.
The break was caused by a rise in the
riv ers, which brought scores of empty
craft that had to be tilled at the mine.
The railroad operators say when these
boat* arc loade I the river mine owners
will stop paving the rate. Sixty rail-
road mine owners u(tended the meet-
ing to discuss the strike situation.
Over fifty of them voted to continue
the struggle. It was decided to hold
no more conference with the strikers,
Mid the conference committee was
The Annual Conference Opened i t Leaven-
worth Many Divine* l'renciit-
Li.avdxwokth, Kan., March l-. —The
fortieth annual conference of the
Methodist Kpheopal church of Kansas
began this morning. To-day was given
up to credentials work and providing
for the entertainment of the
In mes ■ f citizens.
islier, have been Indicte
.rict of c/ lumbia grand jury for crim-
nally libeling Frank l'> Noyes, pro-
lrietor of the Washington Kvcaing
Aitoi i Phi printers have been dis-
diarged from the go\ • i- ,incut print-
ing ollice since congress adjourned.
M.( ni l \liv MoKTo.N stated he
will set apart a share of se >ds for Kan
as sull'erers and parties in the and
region of that state who are in need •!
assistance should semi their request.-
for seeds at once to the nearest land
Tnrc f ost ollice department is now
making 4oo appointment- of mail
weighers in the west. They arc being
taken from eligible registers in the
mail service examined I*3* the civil serv-
ice c< muiissioncr-v
(,l.\l it ti. NKWS.
Tin: shaft iioiise of the fatuous Sul-
tana gohl mine at Kat 1 '• rtage. Man.,
caiu'ht lire on the 11th and cut olT the
I supnly of air to the mine in which
; were working about twent\ -llvc min-
ers. Four ni --' b' ! be«-n brought up
I and the doctors had been working over
riot, ;u wha
,irt icipatied.
■ prevent t h>
i delivering 1
the speaker and the democrats were
bent on having the message delivered,
lie vol ver-* were draw n. chairs and desks
broken up and t here v\ere erics ■ >f "Kill
him!" Women fainted in the galleries
and one member was probably fatally
injured. The message was stolen out
.f the secretary hands and the speak-
.1- adjourne 1 tlie hotce sine die at the
very inoinent when the secretary had
fought his way to the desk
Piti sn.rvr Johnson of the Western
I la* chill 1 league has announced the ap-
pointment of .-sand\ Mel
tt. John j
id John
L' ;
•setting «
ie of the
1 had
nat e 1
with t:
ithcr 1
1 for lo
and siir-
•outide.l t J1e.1i in a cabin and demand-
•d that they surrender, which they re-
fused to do I'he I then M-t the
op.< of resuscitating •abuion lire and the pair were 1
du ally lo death.
A nisAsrHot s lire was racing on the
miW- I b'th in the llazlcb.n *.'.ope «.f the
i Lehigh Valley t\ albo. It started six
ohl ! tveeks ago and thoiisamls of dollars
i,| in j liuve been spent trying to put it out.
was It threatens the destruction of other
reat collieries by means of f-ubt. r-
cn >
.1 re*
W. uini, the fum< u«
cr," died at i'aris, aged To year*.
FlHK bnike ..ut on the loth at ti
Abe mine at Whit*' Oak, N M . and in
a few minutes the hoist structure wio
a mass of llnines. The damage runs uj
etied to-Tilorrov
Met:. li- t F-pi
. will be for-
morning at
L'opal church
nies. Ilisl.op
>co, will pre-
into tiie thousands, but the most dis-
tressing feature was that eight, miners
wore imprisoned In the depths who-c
fate was unknown, but who were
thought b have been sutVocated. Res-
cuing parties tried U> work, but the
smoke and gases from charred wood
had pcuetrated the upper levels and
thev could not be passed for some time.
Til': cable chess match between the
Manhattan ('hess club. <>f New \ork,
and the llritish (.'hess club resulted in
a draw. When play ceased at •-i 1
o'. lock on the i th only one game was
v i 11 be ill att.
1 trlct
the r.
I rlntlng
lund and
—Apr re; , h
ut 400 uilnist
Many arrived yes
last night, whil
came in on this m
koiw:i:i> :
I he Iv Clt v 1-1
11 V.
rs, muny of
ied by their
rday afternoi
Iurge deleu
rn ing's t rains
\ iiMrt.n * i:s
i trlr I.ljyht ( ik
m l Dollars.
ooks of the I
u; military e.unmissiim
civ. Mi Kinley to in.ptii
tin / of certain clti/eir
m Court House, (>., bv
oL <"oit, while defendi
ner from being lymdicl
< olt and t ho g<ivern. >r h
■' I""'*-.
UN Swi.r.Ni:v, of \llc-
literally roa«*te«l alive a
,• on the loth. Ili^ w
v 1 timed in her eli .rt
that -he had to be t:i
i:tal, where -ii.
up poll
c into
at Wj
anean openings. It was estimated
hat sl.iHM),iM i will have to he expended
H'fore the lire can be overcome.
A i.kttku received hi Philadelphia
rom the steward of the missing Anier-
can harlt. Portland Lloyd, which left
lunin for New York, stated that while
he ship was going out of .lunin sev-
•ra! Peruvians appeared on deck and
he captain and most of the crew were
v. 1 led by t! nu and the lin n at the
a heel, seeing they were at the mercy
,f desperate men, purposely steered
he vessel on a rock and wrecked It.
Nearly all on hoard w. re drowned.
I hc Peruvians were revolutionists who
.vanted to sci /o th. •• " scl f- <r UsO
igainst t he govern men t.
UN the ballot l.ieut,-' iov. Miles
,vas nominated for bv the
h almost ev-1 ye# t,j u veteran without a ^wliug of tlta
The repul - dt*c|tcst nympattiy I Ilin townnpeople Raw
• governor's him cuullnod r his housi .• pi-oBtmUnl
i message to with great nervousness thut he could not
i icrats were | h kl a knife and fork ut tiie table s« arcely
able Ui walk too, and as he utUunpUxl .t. he
often stum hied and fell They saw him
treated by the best talent to bo had hut still
he suffered on for four yours, and gave up
finally In denpair One day, however, he
was struck by the account of a cure which
had been effected by the use of l>r. Williams*
Pink 1111b. lie immediately ordered u
box and commenced taking them. Ilo
says no was greatly relieved within three
days' time. Tho blood found its way to his
lingers and his hands which had been pal-
hled assumed u natural color, and he was soon
enabled to use bis knife and fork at the
table He has recoverad his strength to
meh an extent that he is ublo to chop wood,
shock com and do his regular work alniut
>., and his lion • He a >w says he can not only
South walk to Woodsiock, but caa walk acrow.the
mountains, lie ih able to lift up a llfty two
pound weight wit!i one hand and savs he not know what i'r Williams' ink
Pills have done for others, but knows that
thev have done a great work tor him.
Re was in town last M >n.'uy, court day,
and was loud in his praises ot the uiodicine
that laid giv. ri lam . great relief lie pur-
chased another h-.x ami took d home with
bun Mr. Mclntui-tt is willing to make
affidavit to tiicsi* t..eM
; r Williams' Pink IMlls
■t a patent nuslicine but
. r many years by uneni-
j ineiit practitioner who protluccd the most
wonderiul results with them, curing all
forms of weakness arlsiiar from u watery
condition of the blood or shattered nerves,
two fruitful causes of almont every ill to
wlil. li flesh is heir The pills are also a
Htiecitlc for the troubles pe uliar to feuialea,
such as snpi r««*siouH. all forms of weak-
ness, chronic constipation, liearinff down
pains, etc.. and in tho case of inen will >rive
s|M«edy relief and efTei't a |m man.ent cuiv in
ull cases arising from mental worry, over-
work, or i x vss«tsof whatever nature. They
are entirely harmless and can be given to
weak and sickly children with tin greatest
good and without the slightestdancer. link
Pills are sold bv all dealers, or will Is? sent
|K st paid on reeeiptol price, t SO cents u box.
or six bores for jJ.Vi— tno.v arc never sold
In hulk or bv tho l<v>) by aildressinp Or.
Williams Modicine Company, Schenectady,
■d by the
T . 1
The p
state tii
a pn scriptio
M ichigan
iblicaiis to
electi .1 senator.
Mtdrleh llubb,
up with fat
siicceoil Mr.
irks of tho
, nt Akron,
Mills. John
,s instantly
was terribly
ict that the
niaticallv rob
dollars liurin
vplodc l la
iv r
le greatest r
•elicil over t
iiships to vot
je lund. S
nst the bill
i the council
lie allowing
f. r road and
.n the ba-is that it
s u chiiuce to buy up
ly issued in the strip
.varranls ulri
for such purposes.
The house was In - t ni:rht and this
norning in cousideration of the Fegun
•ounty fee and salary bill, and inudo
ruoriri iivnos—k<>ui v-i.n.irni i ay.
Afu-r an all night's struggle thec< ui-
l inc of the house was broken and
iuie to an end over the bill to locate
the county fonts. The nill provided
for ehnii'-es from Newkirk to Illuck-
wcl!. S.uth Enid to North Enid and
l; 'iiiui P' lid to Medf id, which was
miended by Knipe that county seats
be oermunently hicited where they
now arc. The motion carried.
The house passed live bill looating
the insane asyiu n at IVrrv.
The bill as passed provides tluit
Perrv's gift to cet the institation shull
re either in city or county bonds
ind HiO acres of land. Tin institution
i> to receive an appropriation from the
territory for its in*int*-n:'
for the next two years, £1
removal of the insane ir
,-iUo. Illinois, and ?lo.(Ho
• xpenscs. The first ppr<
.ui'dings isUi be .?.-5 "«).
The .*ouncil defeated the measure
Hating public institutions. The
question came up on the the recom-
luondntion of the majori*y of the pub-
lic institutions committee that the
No. ."7—Repeals thi.t pTrt of the old
statutes which provides for the im-
prisonment of a man when any credi-
tor should ma-ke affidavit alb-glng
he frying to defraud him.
No. 5S—R. als article chapter ' 7,
which llmlt'-d tiie jurisdiction of Jus-
tleoB In suits on accounts of sums l «ss
th« n $1^ .
No. C-—Amends seetlon iu. .iiticle 1.
•f chapter es relating to ven<h rv" ll<*n
by providing that al) purchase money
liens on real <-str.te shall be subject t )
the oi«eratlrm of the recording lavr.
No. To Miik--r tiie :ate of Interest -n
Judgrmonts T per cent where no rato id
HtH<iibd, but where a rate hue been
rontrax-tod for the Judgment shall 1-ur
the ni.-? ra •. not. howf«v# r, to e*re<-ed
IJ per con in any ca-ee.
N< ; r-rtepcale fection 11^. article e.
chaptert-7. and section 17, article 1. -f
chapter Cj. and leaves the jun* In jus-
tice lourts Judges of bc th law iind
supply on-itted Ulx boo',rs and com-;
plote ar.d correct Imperfect ones
No. 2fa)— Auth.f t1zoH the bonnli In
ctnrgeof terirtorial Institutions t lay
out etreets around the grounds tber-v.f. i
N'o. 251—Allows the JUreell I'.ndgu
uid lYajisfer comi any to bridge ti."
t^iuth Cunadkui.
No. —Ora-nts appeal from deris-
ion of county superintendent to dis-
trict court in certain school mutters.
No. 262— Apportions theterrltory in
legislative .lletricttt.
No. 2t ;l— Amends chapters on crlmln- |
al pn oedurc.
No. 270—Providing for printing and ,
distribution of session laws.
No. 2T2—Approprint«?s rr.on^y for t r- :
ritoriuJ officer tn.l Institutions.
Following are the council lill^ that
so of the lire
e were called
by tramps at
A HI No liou s.
cities of the
ended >
eturns for the prln-
l'nltcd State
ready up
,1. Con lb
ur for the
IS be.
• the couipa
1th l>eing the cmbez/ler. lie
.con actually arrested, but is
survoillanoe of the American
which ib on his bond.
possession of. Who
ted at the mill the\
tin- trumps. The
;v< lvers and .1 im 1 re
iv as shot through the
Hired with the.
York the
of New v.
I 111-tantly killed; Tim Pai
o r tramp, was shot tho
,'h t!i
i thii
IKU^l.IIOl.Ur.H IMil'.lt UKK.
i.H?, 87'i.OOO
'hki for the
a .laekson-
fi.-r sundry
pHation for
N . S3—Authorizes probate judgoe ti>
eof.T the rights of majority n minors
In crtaln <uiboh upon trroper petltU n
No. V4—Prr-vldt-s for the creation and
maintenance of union graded schools
hy two or more districts.
No. >C—Makes provision for the cju-.-
and custody of Incorrigible y* uth and • better protection
the punlHhment and education of juve-
nile offenders.
No. S7—Amends the agricultural cob
P-ge act by pre.vidlng ror a Uxml of
nine regents, not more than thr«>o of
any political party, three practical
agriculturists aril throe practical hor-
ticulturists. and entirely reorganizes
the method 1 managing the affairs o
the college.
No. 91—Appropriates- $4,000 for the
payment of clerks and extra employe*
of the assembly.
No. 1>T —Provide* that county com-
missioners can send nc. t more than foui
habltuaJ drunkards tc- a K^Jey Insti-
tute f >r cure >f drink habit each year
appllcath n U< be made by families oi
friends r the parties and the count?
not to l-e bound to pay more than $10C
<xr.<MiBe In each .
No Constitutes the ft vertK.r, au
dltor aiul secivtary a Nmrd of railway
1—Regulutes f'-es and salaries of
y officials and county expenses.
3—Flxos salaries of county nt-
No. 16— Defines the duties of jiulloe
Ju .^es. giving them oiglgmaJ Jurisdh^-
tion In all cla.sses if misdemeanor.
No. 23—Amends section f.1'7, artkde
15, chapter G6, relating to civil piv-
No 24—Defines contempt < f court a:.d
pr-r.v id.-s for jurj- trial In certain caws.
N'o. 25— Relate? to nw trlnls of
urder certain conditions.
No. 27 — Pr.nidos that no fees i-bnil be
d• or demanded by a r^Jblu r
until tl.<' services for which rt> h f*ics
* n- chargable shull have been i er-
No 7,'i— ii-'pefiJs section 44f-l relating
to lvH pro<vdure which allowetl the
enforcement of a judgment under bond
P-.ruling an appo<il
No 01— Provides for the formation o/
iieh.-d districts in two <>r more coun-
flM kitiuim Senutor Hnd < h:
Sleiiilwr M y i*
Topkka, Kan.,
Andrew.-v. a former
mm for the insni
.'hiirg.'s in the oil
lgainst Mr llousch
the state board of
;r<ivs inattention t
rltle-* in
h VA. Pat Ml-
love <>f the asy-
icre, ha1- tiled
l f (iov. Morrill
■r, a member > >f
iirities, alleging
ltv, misconduct
I TI <
•e and violation
■s include twenty
Morrill is not in
.ill probably li
is iks the law prov
legislative com
d law. Vhc-
the city to-da;
ivestigate th
des bv appoin
n ittec. 1 bills.
breast and fatally wounded;
trump was shot through the arm.
Twelve of the tramps were captured
ind jailed.
A ti:hi:ific explosion of the tank of
Ihc steamer lluvvni'iore, lying nt the
Arctic oil works' dock at the Potrero,
sail 1 ruiicisco, caused great excite-
ment in that section of the city on the
-th. Two men were terribly bruised
ind burned, receiving what are
thought to be mortal injuries, and the
*esscl was badly strained.
Tim tunnel on College hill, Provi-
dence, lb I., was blown up by a gas ex-
plosion which shook the city. One n an
was killed. The explosion --eriously
•rippled the counter weight y«-t. mi
v 1th
V lit \ IN W KKfK.
Nnw OnLKANH, March 14.—'I'he thick
f< g early yestcday morning was the |
veil beiiind which <le6jK*r to white j
levee lab rers gathered and which
they peiietrutod with \Vinchc:>t< r rifle
IkiIIs aimed at the colored non-union
workmen on tiie ships loading' at tiie
docks. The causes which led to tho
troubles have lieeo of long standing,
and grew out .rf the attempt of ship
ngents and others interested to re*
.luce rates The work of rioting and
bloodshed began yesterday morning
with the killing of two men and the
who.esale discharge of lirearins in two
diflerent portions of the city. A nuin-
b< r were s. riously injured.
Topkka, Kan.. March 14— Wanlen
Chase of the pmltentiarv vesterd..y
\ Pnn*<<nger i'rut
, till
<r;t-.UeS III
, St OMllllk* "I
, March 1-
use ,.f a se
No. C6—Is entitled MAn ivl <or the
f Rtoekrulers." und
makes the stealing of any horse, cow
f t: ule a felony punlshuble by Im-
pr.enmcnt In the penitentiary from
on1' to Brven voars.
No «Vv—Fix.-? the legal rate of tnter-
e«t -^rhon no rate specified at seven
."ent and rciHtiis all usury laws.
'No. C3—An act legalizing the in irr-
jvaatlon of the village of I'ennepsey.
73—Provides for t^> Inspection "f
oilp and creates the oflice of oil lr>-
s {'^*c tor
Nr 74—Relates to tin* lilstorlraJ iV>-
olete, makes it the trustee < f the t. r-
rltorv C-T the holding of t>ooks. papern
and other hlstx rlcai matter to N- kept
at the Norman university; and appn -
piiat<-s I2.t>uu f.>r th:e use of the ^< iety
in caring f r Us historical coil «ction In
twr-i years
No. 76— Leg&1 lacs certain acts of the
of the tillage of Jamesville,
n tiie interna*!'- .al at I)ieki*tson sta-
tion yesterdov morning. Fireman 11.
.V Taylor wr.s badly scalded that he
died from his Injuries lu u few hour-,
and Engineer John 1 Kllleen severely,
though not fatu'.lv Injured. The train,
a passenger, w -s a feu- minutes late
and was making good time as it up-
n, 111.,
number of freigl
side track und tin
«ir wero budlv si
\. It crashed into a
car- stan-ling - n a
engine and the lirst
f *"UP'
A Tblrfs ClooU
'iVnMHi, Kaii., Marc
thief got away with k.
watch at Charles Love
lav. Mrs Lovell-! hm
fr'im Man iiis City, M-. ,
watch «iIT she laid it w
I' M.k containing two r
In bills of small denoi
fiarlor table, Mrs. 1 >v
U the dining r« o:n foi
\ hen she returne 1 f> t
-A sneak
,1 a gold
taking he
I ills do not pass. The bills knocked
rnit are: President Plt/crV bill re- | a^^sors to as sees the property .* all
in'win^r the «ri,ul.u,,l c.Uege from
Stillwaterb> Ei lienoj .senator Prouty s , the territ.>ry.
locating the penitentiary ut Kiugtishur; j \*(v. io-3— Pr«-v i:ief f^r the levying of u
Tib .neti i
- bills and S-'J
aati' 'ti on the
: parlo
No c7—Fixe? the comp
asalntant cl«*rks of fiich
ii^TT.bly at f-" per day.
No. 9ft.—Constitutes t^.e p.-vernor
iudltor arid secretary- of the torn" -n.- a
tenitorlaJ l>oard of equalUatl 'ii and
•s their duties arid raann.-r of
i liitn.
mi.itli's locating I he p^nitoutiarv at ta_x In certain tx-tions to pay uebt* l u their dutie3
II ii,,, locHtinir the iiwme ! ^-h"ol furniture contracted for by thf I j,n<Klure. reek. Holes locating tiie ludanc )>rlglnaJ townslilp. Xl, K.'>-Pn^'kk-s f r
i at Perr
A resolution was rushed through the
house at the night session continuing
the governor in charge and authorizing
him to lense the western lond in bulk
fr* enttlMinen. .
10S—Provides for the calling
county seat elections in any county in
the teniton' In the fall of 1S90 upon
petition of two-thirds of the toguJ vo-
ters in the county.
No. 110—Fixes the compensation <■'.
towmehlp assessors, piving tliern $2
p<«r day the p€-r diem not to exceed $40,
fr> ruan tho vi-'.rto I^tm lor?«7-t r ther>
the i T.tectlon
3f truile marks and prohibits re-
taJning of itnj- i-afent pop or bwr b<"t-
tb*s I y the publ!
No. 101—Provl
No. 103—Allows cities c-f the first
sln«™ to take fn adlacenf terrlrorv
th«> adoption if
Ul« «. May He Jme u
F-.1HT Soon. Kan., >'
J IL Lice, who for y.
the I^irt Scott Monito
that if the legislutun
phould a-ljourn wit*.out complicatiin,'
the capital removal question he would
ftart 0 dally and weekly republican
paper in S<s!ulia ifnmediately. His
j stui. TL V. lilco. also of the Monitor,
I will be associated with him.
i 10 Sk ki.i:-
invent-ir in the engineer
suddenly In Kansas Cit\
nth of heart disease. age«'
Tin-: stuainer Uosedali
Wabash near New llavi
^tli. One man wits drowned. She
loaded with corn. The boat wan-
ned lit S'.fHHk
Tin: principal of the IP.irro
school at <"hicag<s Samuel Narr
was s« verely beaten by Albert Ibd
a constable. Uolston claimed
Harrison had blacked the eye
Kolston's son und badly uiarko
boy's face. The tight lasted so
that the patrol wagon "as s,.nt
Uidston ha«l Prof. Harrison arrest,
the charge of assault and battery
t'VKfs fV.wr.v killed Hurt and V
Coleman, aged respectively J .' an
by shooting them, near Newkirk
i , nis ("owen was arrested. The
bio was over a claim of thirty
lying In the Arkansas river tiott
Mayes arid son were also arrest.-
I being Impli.-ated in the ulTair
Tnr. seventh annual coin'rc
Scotch-Irish of America will be
at Lexington, Viu, from June . i
Inclusive. The annouiicetnent,
made by the secretary of the s..<
A <- Hoyd, of Chattano'.ga. at
.'.irection of Mr Robert Home
i le*
injunction pro
rain th.
Hi th.
i. nt . f an investigating committee to
..,,k Into the penitentiary manage-
ment. The ground for the injunctb n
is in the alleged defec' In the title to
the law. conferring the power to ajs such a committee.
J,\i hs< isvTi.nK, ria., March 14.—A
Tampa sp-cial to the Citizen, says: NV.
II Taylor 'he defaulting S"Uth Dakota
treasur«>r. u its air. st^-d Tuesday nigh'
in MexW'o bv Pinkert-ou agent**- Tay-
lor. und. r the aume of Mason, and a
com pa ni' n calling himself Phelps,
d tin
a he
i*iit t^. Ha' ana an
the chief of
er bound f. r «
being out fo i
ing Sim. >: 11
the m'Xst sens
F< ,ut n vvost-
,r -d true
ed it se-.s
March 14. —After
the jury acquitted
he charge of kill-
Tl«e cn«e Is one of
il ever ti'iisi in the
; I V — At String-
the -tore kept
at the dep.
hi the count
\ ith
V. rk,
i« pre-
ent of
Tom Watkins, the negro who mur
dered T. W. O'Hannoii In Little Rock, j noted
Ark.. August 11 last, for the purpose llbey
of robbing his store, was hanged on
the -th. He tried to fasten the -rime
oil O'llannon's partner and his hist
words were: "Before Ood, I um inno- i Kingfisher
ccnU" I
TlieV stfure.l lib. ait 61"".
lH:y>nssrv. T, March 14.—Two
ntiaws iiainisl Iiichmond and
.ere captnp.'d near Preacher
eli Monday night after stealing a
load erf hay from J. W. Huffman, n
farmer. The thieves were tiilivu to
N. Y.
Tim nowa of the ei gagement of tho
•rov.ti prince c* N pic? to IVinceoa
ilaud of Wales Is confirmed.
Miss L V. Counclips, of Philadel-
hia. has devised a new way to Ik; of
■ervicc to her sex nn.1 make a living at
he same time. She is a "professional
Yvr.tte (it n.nniiT has met with licr
irst check nt Naples. Tho Neapolitans,
**ho oxfK'do.l to see her dance tho can-
ran, covered with diamonds, hissed her
>1Y the stage.
TaI'/c Sroivn is the nnme of a Japa-
n-so young woman who has been
ng lu Welles ley college f. r three years
ind who is now teaching in Osaka io a
Christian sclux)l for girls.
Ki.i-a Wmlkixu Wilcox in an nntir-
ng patron *«f manicuri.-.ts, givers of
facial mas^Jigc, chiropodists and sliam-
po. ers. She says she Udieves on prin-
?iplo In l cing as good loidang as &Le
Mrs. Parrt, tho wife of Bishop Parcfc,
>f Marj-land, is a friend of the birds,
she is trying to form a so. iety in lla.1-
Jrnore the inoiuliers of which will l «
hedged not to wear any feathers ou
heir hats except, ostrich feathers.
Enormous butterfly bows of bias vol
ret on the fronts of bonnets urn mon
fashionable than becoming.
A vi'hvet lionnet with bows go nr
rangvd that the silhouette would form
the ears of a cat, is one of the novelties
Skiiith made ivdth veiy narrow gores
each iM'iun outlined with narrow jet
gimp, galloon or other fancy trimming
ore among tf>e n.rvoltioa.
A uiicosiiNo and sensible stylo for ar
ranging tho hair la to criiirp the&idei
slightly, curl the front over the fore
head ami twist the back into a ruthei
ift, li>«si- knot, fastened with fancj
pins of vani >us Kiirtte.
Avono the p(>pnhir cailor .aunbina
tions for spring will l e yellow ant
white, yellow and black, gi-iy aac
black (Jreen and tan will be po;raiar
very pale gray, ol.nost a pearl, ami
dark blue, medium brown and liffb.t lax
end old p>fc-o in a groat variety of tints.
A iTiu.ic monument has bc>cn put uj
In U >uvain—his birthplace—to tiie mom
ory of Father iJamcio, tho priest of thi
The miwquis of nafterln is going to
erect in Dover, England, a 1 ifi*-slze and
hcr.dc statue of the Iting Ix-or al
A mosvmtsnt to Tliomas a Kempia,
author of the "Imitatiou uf Christ," u
to \*e erectiHl In the Church of St*
Mich cle, Zw >lle, Holland.
A SUB.-U'RJ i'TiON is I icing raided in
Maryland to erect a nu moment on Ixmg
Island to mark the place where the
"Maryland LVur Hundred" by their
braven- saved the American army un-
der Washington at a critical moment.
The site has not yet been determined,
but it will probably be somewhei*eneai
l'n si>ei*t nark. Urooklvn.
Tiioi'gut is the property only .if
those who can entertain it.—Emerson.
Tueiu: b an idiom in truth which
falsehood can never imitate.—Napier.
IIr hatli a poor spirit who is oot
planted above petty wrongs. — Felt-ham.
Wcll-A.REA.NOED time is the surest
mark of a well-arranged mind. — ttoua-
Tue generous heart should scoru a
pleasure which gives others puio-~

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